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Dice Dreams™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Dice Dreams™ app received 94 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dice Dreams™? Can you share your negative thoughts about dice dreams™?

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Dice Dreams™ for Negative User Reviews

UhmGame is fun but I can’t steal more than 40thousand of someone but others can get over a million from me!! Can’t get anywhere in the game unless I purchase things, it is getting ridiculous now..Version: 1.45.0

Love the game but it’s priceyThe game is a lot of fun. However, you do not get enough rolls and sometimes you will use all 80 rolls and maybe get one attack or one steal. The challenges are fun but impossible to complete in the short time frame given unless you spend loads of money. Not to mention that every time you level up the cost of cards goes up and it’s rare that you get new ones or gold cards. As much as iv enjoyed playing this game it is rigged to get you to spend loads of money if you want to spend more than 5 minutes. Last thing, I sent two new friend requests to get the prize and both people joined who have never played the game and I received no award. Customer survive did respond but it took a little over a week saying that one of the players downloaded it 2020 which the player said they never did and I had to teach them how to play..Version: 1.48.2

Needs some tweakingI'll start off by saying that I like Dice Dreams, its a fun distraction and keeps me from scrolling social media all the time. But there are two things I think really need to be fixed for the game to be more enjoyable: If you only have one fb friend who plays DD the game constantly pits you against that person in attack and steal challenges. With attack there's a way to change it but not with steal. I'm sure it's annoying to my friend that I steal from them like 3 times a day because I have no way to change it. The second thing is being able to skip some of the animations, especially the shield animation. If I already have full shields and I hit three shield dice two times in a row I have to sit through the whole animation each time even though I gain nothing. Being able to skip that and the ending animations for attack and steal would be great..Version: 1.47.0

Love the game/hate the support teamI actually happen to love this game it just seems like it always crashes on me when I win for a big tournament or something I recently messaged support because they had a tournament of champions tournament going on, and I was one win away from completing the tournament of champions and winning the grand prize but what happened was when I came in first for the last tournament I was never paid out my winnings, so of course what is the tournament of champions it looks like I never completed that tournament so instead of getting my 12 K in dice that I had earned the support decided to just give me 2K and dice as a sorry for the inconvenience but I don’t feel like that’s fair because they told me that they could see that I wasn’t paid out my winnings, so you see that and you still only pay me out 2000 dice compared to what I would’ve had ,hadyour game not glitched it’s just not fair to me and when I messaged them and said that they didn’t respond to me after that, so so basically, you don’t care or like you’re just trying to get away with giving me the bare minimum and said that I don’t think that’s fair and that’s what I’m rating this game 1 star because why have support if your not going to do the right thing I literally used all my dice trying to win that tournament for you not tho give me what I earned is colder than they do me on monopoly and I thought this games was better than that.Version: 1.68.1

Pop upsGet rid of all the ad pop ups every time you run out of energy! So annoying when you just want to play the game..Version: 1.68.1

Money money moneyThe only way to get further is money they force four ads every time you run out of rolls only gives 5 rolls an hour so 10 hours waiting you get less then ten minutes playing time this game is nothing but a money grab and anyone who endorses it either spends money daily or has a cashed up account from the company to show how good it isn’t.Version: 1.38.0

Fun game, but could use some updatesThis game is fun for sure, you could spend hours collecting coins to build your village while destroying friends villages and trying to prevent them from passing you up in building, lots of fun collecting sticker albums for rewards to continue playing and building your little kingdoms, HOWEVER, the sticker album really grinds my nerves. Once you reach a certain level you can basically forget about getting anything new or being able to continue. And the duplicates are worthless beyond trading with friends, but once you’re where I am, you literally have HUNDREDS of duplicates of EACH sticker and there’s NOTHING you can do with them. I wish they would make it to where you’re able to trade in your duplicates for extra dice , or have a shop that you can sell your duplicates to friends for coins to continue building…. Something!!!! Pleaseeeeee do something about the sticker albums and the thousands of duplicates ???? Please??.Version: 1.40.4

Sort your game outWhy on earth does this game keep kicking me off was enjoying it until as soon as it loads it kicks me straight off sort your bug out whatever it is it’s annoying!!!! Honestly why can’t I see my review on this page sort your bugs out 3 days I’ve been getting kicked of off this game was really enjoying it until it’s constantly kicking me off sort it out.Version: 1.17

DumbStupid rigged game, gives me sht fking spins. Duck you.Version: 1.60.4

No prizes rewarded after tournamentsTwice i have placed in top 3 of tournaments and both times i havent received the prizes. Getting rather annoyed now. I enjoy this game but if it wont give rewards. I will have to stop.Version: 1.60.1

Game is great 3 star rate would be 5 this is why it ain’tI had issues with my “Iphone” & could barely hear people speak’n unless I put them on speaker.. (Mind you I also had been connect’d with my “Facebook Account”) Well I got the same device & transfer’d it on the “SAME EXACT PHONE”... Needless to say it made me start all over & when I had the chance to connect bacc to “Facebook” as I was previously.. I felt more cheat’d because that hadn’t made a bit of difference.. I have been play’n this game for a hot minute, quite awhile before they updated & collect’n cards for “EXTRA DICE” became part of the game.. Even so I had about 8 plus card pac’s give or take finished.. If didn’t enjoy this game, I’d be bitter.. Next time I’m delete’n it.. The nxt review will be “why you shouldn’t play unless you like start’n over any time you change your device”, & “Facebook is useless because even connect’d on your original game a reconnect’n won’t bring you glory”!!!!!.Version: 1.15.1

Invasive Pop-ups!!Literally everything you do on this app causes 5+ different things to pop-up. It is REALLY annoying..Version: 1.55.1

I can see why people delete this gameI’ve been playing this game for over a year and probably spent around $2,000… buying this and that to finish a kingdom…and the endless duplicate cards then they just upped and changed the card packs so now I had to start all over again…. A waste of money that I spent to acquire the old cards… that’s fraud and predatory …I feel like the developers don’t respect the players money. It will go from a $5-$99 price for stuff that’s crazyyyyyy.. then after you spend your money you still can’t complete the side challenges. I spent over $100 yesterday and still won’t be able to complete the side challenge that is very disappointing and I think I’m going to delete this game because of these same scenarios keep happening…. Like make your customers happy and not feel like they got played! The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because I invested so much into it… but honestly will do it soon because there’s no end in sight… the reward for paying or even playing is grossly unsatisfactory..Version: 1.50.1

Totally addictive but..This game is really addictive to play, no ads if you don’t want them, and just all around polished. Though they are very intrusive about in-app purchases. Once one appears 5 more appear after (10-15 in worst cases), and it only takes running out of dice or a “new offer” to appear to start the cycle. Great game, just wish there was a way to stop them appearing all-together. TL;DR Polished game with no ads, but has over intrusive in app purchases..Version: 1.64.0

Fun and addicting but it’s a money sink.First I have to say the game is really fun and the concept is greatly addicting and the developers are geniuses in getting people to spend money. unfortunately once you get the dice rolling (pun intended) the game becomes next to impossible for people who don’t spend money. I’ve spent somewhere between 50-80 dollars total, and I’m really ashamed of that. Because really I didn’t get anything out of it. My complaint comes really that I have been playing for upwards of a month and have never once been offered a video to watch to earn free dice, but my wife who has been playing the same amount of time gets videos daily. Customer support told me “ You are using a stable and strong internet connection(WIF|<->LTE/4G). No ad-blocker is installed on your device(jailbroken/rooted devices may automatically encounter some instability while playing). Please note that the same applies to special events involving videos: "Video Quest," "Video Mania," etc. These events may appear from time to time while playing, and as the game is tailored to ensure proper and fair play, as mentioned before, the game automatically unlocks it as you continue playing.” ” I find it funny my wife gets them daily but I get none so none of those reason make sense. I will be uninstalling this game as to save myself money and frustration. Save yourselves money and time and play something that is less cash grabby..Version: 1.55.1

Dice dreams glitchesDice dreams is a brilliant game the only things that really bothers me and my wife is the game has loads of glitches when you go on the steal mini game in the game it freezes and you lose rolls and don’t get anything out of the steal mode and the pet is so hard to get because you don’t get enough food to get to fed it up and get to keep it because you don’t get the food much without purchasing it dice dreams can be such a better game if they can sort out these problems.Version: 1.56.0

Love the game but to expensiveI love this game it’s very enjoyable and my son enjoys playing it the design is very engaging and great quality. However it’s only real let down is the cost to open items such as the piggy bank ridiculously priced and the additional packs special offers for dice and coins again way over priced for the amounts offered. Just means you have to wait endlessly for free refills if it wasn’t so costly I think more would play more often The cost between being able claim free coins and dice is rather expensive too.Version: 1.39.0

Worst support everI didn’t get rewards for inviting a friend. When I completed the quest, they didn’t give me the two sticker packs as well. Contacted them in the support through the app - no responses at all for more than a week. Contacted them through mail - waited for decades for my request to be reviewed. Playing this game is basically a waste of time..Version: 1.68.1

Awful game, in game purchases don’t work and customer service is non existentPlayed the game for a few weeks, bought an in game purchase which took money from my account straight away, never received the purchase. Emailed numerous times and raised tickets but still never heard back. Account was then suspended for no reason and again raised another ticket and have had no response. Would not recommend at all. App was linked to a website promotion too which paid out when reaching kingdom 14, funnily enough my account was suspended 2 kingdoms before. Coincidence much?.Version: 1.55.0

Don’t botherDon’t bother playing this game. You’ll spend money which they are more than happy to take but when there is an issue they refuse to do anything to help. I won a tournament and did not get my reward. After contacting them multiple times and submitting the form multiple times I still did not hear back or receive my reward. Absolute scam..Version: 1.43.0

Constant Tournament GlitchesI used to love playing this game I’ve even done In app purchases but on many occasions now I have come first in Tournaments and I don’t receive any rewards! (guaranteed new gold card >1K spins plus a large amount of coins) or the rewards aren’t given correctly (eg guarenteed new card was not given) I have contacted support team on multiple occasions on multiple platforms (from the 8th of December) yet no response. To say I’m beyond disappointed is an understatement… EDIT** I have actually contacted the support team on numerous occasions to no avail :(.Version: 1.38.0

Too many pop ups’sTo many things pop up to buy in game stuff! U get down to three dice and three pops up come up that I have to get ride of them I go to two dice and three more pop up then down to one dice and three more pop up! That’s 9 pops ups I have to clear befor I play! So because of this I am quitting cuz that’s super annoying and I don’t have time for that!.Version: 1.52.1

Good game but…..Good game and very enjoyable, apart from the multiple spamming of the ads trying to get you to buy more rolls after you run out. Yes I get that I’ve ran out, and if I want to buy some, I will, I don’t need it pushed in my face every time I run out. If you could take that out, and put in a ‘shop’ where you can go buy them, then you would be getting 5*..Version: 1.53.1

Money robbing game1 star I paid for rolls as there were epically events where in would have won more prizes, but you’ve decided not to give me my prizes, instead wait for the events to finish and then credit me with less than what I would have won at the tournament, not taking into account the missed prizes from the additional events which I would have won at the time. I was at the last level of puzzle and trail. Many people are unhappy with the way the game is managed as I am. Unless you fix it and pay more attention to the players, you’ll lose many of them..Version: 1.53.2

Won tournament, didn’t receive my 1000 dice…Been waiting like 4-5 days to receive my winnings from a Tournament and still yet haven’t received it. I’m disappointed..Version: 1.47.0

I Hate Pay to Win GamesI thought it was a nice game at first, something casual to play and have fun with, but now I’m getting tired of it. There are way too many adds, I think you should be able to trade gold stickers, and the tournaments are not enjoyable (people have to be paying for more dice and then they just dominate the tournament even if you have done well with you regular rolls). I don’t want to delete this game because I do enjoy rolling the dice and the cute characters, but if I continue to get annoyed with these issues, I’m going to delete. (I know the developers have to make money somehow, but I’ve never payed into games like these, but I don’t mind getting dice for watching adds) Edit: I am also displeased with the trading situation on Facebook. I was looking through other complaints against this game, and I’m glad I did. Someone mentioned that after you become friends with another person in the game, you can’t delete them. I am very careful who I “Friend” on Facebook and am not comfortable having to “Friend” others just to have my stickers completed. Furthermore, I continue to agree with other comments that I am getting way too many of the same stickers over and over again..Version: 1.37.0

Please don’t waste money!!Such an addictive fun game, but they tempt you to spend money and once you do, they withhold your prizes. You contact support and wait 4-5 days for a response. Once they respond they give you a fraction of what you should have had. That’s if they deal with the messages. As on occasions my messages have been deleted and ignored. They say there’s a ‘glitch’ that they’re looking into, but it happens time & time again!! Please, please, do not spend your money on this game. It’s really not worth it. As glitch happened again on 9th October, send another email to support. Only to find it had yet again been deleted this morning. Such a waste of time..Version: 1.67.2

They bribe people to sign upThere is a man named Alexx Garcia on Facebook and goes by @tapg on Discord bribing people into giving review for this game..Version: 1.60.0

You don’t get what you pay for.When you charge your card the game glitches and they won’t give you your prizes. It happens when you win a tournament..Version: 1.47.0

SCAMThey have taken money- a lot!- from me without giving me the reward. I decided to make a Break The Piggy purchase- what a mistake! It kept coming as ‘something went wrong’ yet the money has simply been taken out every single time - stupid me, tried 3 times 🤦‍♀️! No support contact available- have been trying for days! They only replied when they thought I didn’t receive my tournament reward, the minute I mentioned purchase, nothing! ITunes will not accept my refund either- I’m guessing they’re telling them no coz I don’t see another reason. I don’t ever post reviews- not the negative ones anyway- but I felt totally robbed, cheated and disgusted!!! Will definitely not play or ask my friends to join, as I originally though I would. Shame on you!!!.Version: 1.46.0

Bugs bugs bugs and then some bugs.The game is fun and has so much potential, what lets it down are the bugs and constant lock ups or rewards not being given. Plus sides are the playability is fun and the graphics are good. If you like these types of game then it will be right up your street, if you try and progress in the game too quick by collecting rolls the game is unbelievably harsh by making trails unachievable and challenges too difficult, so there’s no reward for collecting rolls. The upside is the game does give rewards often and is generous in giving you daily rolls, but I would think twice before paying for any extras cos any benefits will be lost when the bugs wipe out you hard spent cash and any rewards you were supposed to receive aren’t given or the game locks and things vanish. when you contact support they just close down your case and don’t respond. So I’m afraid it’s a 1 star until those issues are resolved. But give it a go anyway cos the game is still fun..Version: 1.68.1

Would be a great game if you got the rewards you won!Love the game but time for me to give up! Won the tournament and didn’t receive my rewards! Its Not the first time either! Contacted support and no reply! Made many purchases of extra rolls well not anymore wont be wasting my money on this game!.Version: 1.42.1

Great game but customer service is appallingI rarely write reviews but I feel as though others should be aware. I love this game, it’s highly addictive and it’s a great time passer. I won a tournament around 3 weeks ago, the reward never came. After doing the suggested close down the app.. restart and wait 5 minutes. Still no reward. Contacted customer services who took an absolute age to reply, they agreed and offered me compensation in the form of free roles. No where near the amount I lost out on but hey ho, better than nothing. Of course, I never received those either.. Now normally I would just think ah it’s just a game, no point being silly about it. But I have actually spent a substantial amount on in app purchases for this game as I enjoy it so much. So it just seems like a real kick in the teeth!! So my advice to anyone is, enjoy the game for free. Do waste your money on it!.Version: 1.65.0

Sadly, this app does not conform to the equal opportunities actI downloaded this app only to find that again this is another developer that has not thought about people who might want to play their games using VoiceOver. As a blind person I rely on VoiceOver 100% and I want to play. This game is impossible for me at this time. you need to use a screen reader such as VoiceOver, please do not download this game as it is not compatible at this time. Developer please can you make this accessible for us..Version: 1.60.4

Bad Customer service but good gameI very much enjoy playing Dice Dreams, it’s passive and is relaxing with the tapping. I’ve also invested money buying rolls, etc., HOWEVER, the latest promo of “Guaranteed NEW STICKER” and rolls for purchase is false advertising. I spent $6.99 for guaranteed new sticker to complete a collection and I got all duplicates - nothing new. I reached out to their support team in the app and am fairly certain the response is automated. It directed me to report not getting credit for “invite friends” which has nothing to do with my issue. I replied back stating as such and haven’t heard anything in 24hrs. I’ve tried starting new convos and as soon as I hit send, the app “closes” my ticket. So now I can’t get in touch with support about my issue and I requested a refund based on false advertising. You guys have a great game here, but SERIOUSLY need to overhaul your customer service and make sure your purchase packs live up to your guarantee claims. I’d appreciate if someone from the dev team reached out. Thanks..Version: 1.52.1

Costumer support is non existentI have missed out on so many rewards due to glitches in the game. I have contacted support and it has been near 2 weeks and no support. You don’t always get your purchases either. Even though I was playing the game to complete an offer, I would have kept playing if there wasn’t so many glitches which make it impossible to progress. Very disappointing 😒.Version: 1.56.0

RIDICULOUS amount of Pop UpsThis would be a 5-star review if it wasn’t for the pop ups. How can the developers possibly think that this is appealing. I’m at the point of deleting the game. It’s just not worth the frustration. And I, for one, won’t ever think of buying any perks when the developers beg so much for it. DO BETTER.Version: 1.67.2

Lovely game shame about the crashesBoth my partner and me love this game but fed up of it keep crashing. It’s better than it was but when you got to go through several adverts before you actually play the game, makes you not want to play the game. Then it crashes often after attacking someone or something happening like collecting your bonus from the side game. It was updated a few days ago but still crashes and fed up of keep having to contact support as you lost dice as the game crashed before you able to collect. I been playing this game for a year and spent money on it, but now fed up of keep having to restart it all the time. My partner giving up playing it and I will be soon and won’t be spending any money on the game..Version: 1.54.0

Good but glitch’sI love the game it’s really fun do play and have enjoyed playing, but it glitches me out and I am unable to play for like 2 days and is very annoying pls fixe but still love it.Version: 1.44.0

Rubbish customer serviceI enjoyed playing the game until I won a tournament and I did not receive my prize for this tournament. I contacted customer who never came back to me or resolve the issue. I again have spent my own money and won another tournament and not received the prize for the tournament. There is no point contacting customer service as it will likely be ignored again. Do not play this game they will take your money gladly but then ignore you when you have a problem..Version: 1.54.0

HohohoHohohohohoho.Version: 1.36.0

Love the game butI play this game daily and have spent my own money for it. I love it great game but have had to delete and download again so many times cause it kicks me out or doesn’t let me in keeps coming up with errors.Version: 1.65.3

No means of contact and refusal to communicateMy niece was playing this game over New Year’s Eve. I was busy with family and didn’t realise she was making over £200 worth of purchases. I made a claim through the App Store, and even on a review where I explained explicitly what happened, the refund got refused. I was advised to reach out to the company, which I have done several times through every avenue I can think of, and have been ignored. This game has, at times, up to 5 adverts/offers that pop up on opening, before you can play and in between play. My 10 year old niece was savvy and made the purchases without my knowledge and am now in major financial trouble because of this. Please be careful of the settings on your phone before letting any minors play, and for the love of God, as a company please make it easier to contact you so I don’t have to leave a crappy review on the App Store..Version: 1.53.2

Great game until you find an issue/need supportGreat game, totally addictive and I would have recommended it to anyone until I started having problems with the dice rolling and the rewards not being awarded or the app freezing, resulting in me having to crash out and restart. I submitted a support ticket on 13th March and followed it up with another on 14th March, this is now 21st March and they are yet to be acknowledged, I have even messaged on their Facebook page to have the posts liked but no other action taken. I have also discovered a glitch in the trail where the character wasn’t moving the amount of spots that had been spun on the wheel, but there’s no point in reporting that either as it will no doubt also be ignored. Really disappointing considering the game is brilliant, but when you are spending money to play a game you expect support to be there when needed, sadly it isn’t with this game so I won’t be spending another penny on it and will be deleting it from my device..Version: 1.55.1

Shot for shot remake Monopoly Go!Exact Replica but 90% 5 star ratings are by bots which is scary.Version: 1.63.1

It’s okThe game is good but you have some bugs to fix every time I land on “steal” the game freezes and I can’t do anything about it.. I get out of the game hoping it’ll take me back to steal, nope it doesn’t wasted my spin and missed out on 2 steals.. and it just continues please fix this bug 😌 thank you other then that fun game!.Version: 1.16

Terrible app would not let anyone playI am very disappointed in this app and the scam it seems to be. I originally enjoyed playing this game a lot but from the App Store in app purchase pricing lies, to the app trying to get you to click in app purchases that poo up while click on the roll button, seems to me like a unethical tactic to get people to play a ton of money. I let the girl I nanny play on my phone and without me knowing she racked up over 80 purchases some single purchases nearing $80 that apple will not refund. I would recommend changing your “prices” in the App Store if you are going to mislead people into thinking your in app purchases will only cost them at max $7 rather than $97. Another issue is that fact that this game encourages you to bid higher to get bigger rewards, which causes you to use dice a lot faster aka spend a lot of money very fast, with little to no actual return like promised. It’s sad because this game was actually fun but I am very disappointed to see apple having such an untrustworthy app on the store without having the customers back when issues come about, like the one I have experienced. I would not recommend anyone getting this app..Version: 1.35.0

Addictive but not worth it.I’m solely about to delete the game off my phone just because of the stickers. Why does it take me so long to get a single gold card or any new cards for that matter. I’ve spent around 10 million coins in the past week purchasing sticker packs hoping to at least complete the 11 sticker sets that are open to me. I’ve completed one single set of stickers since starting this game over a month ago. I just feel like if I have to pay out of pocket to keep up with this (because you basically do or your a sitting duck and people will either steal all your coins or destroy everything you just worked on building) Then I should at least be able to get AT LEAST a new card, it doesn’t even have to be a gold card, just waiting for any new card at this point. It’s honestly just ridiculous how when you do get a gold card, they basically spit in your face and laugh and give you multiple gold ones of the ones you have and you can’t trade gold cards unless they’re having an event to trade them and today you can only trade 2 certain cards and guess what? I do not have a single one of them. It’s numerous players who go thru this, I have 4/5 other people I know play it as much as I do and they’re getting as frustrated as I am with the stickers. I just feel like if I’m willing to give so much money out of my pocket I should at least get something out of it that actually benefits me in the game..Version: 1.43.0

Not getting reward and sometimes stopped workingThey said you will get rewards if ypur friend joins and i invite my friend and they start playing but i haven’t get any rewards till now and also problem with the game that sometimes it stopped working.Version: 1.55.1

Good gameGreat game but having to wait an hour for 5 rolls every time is really annoying can you change it to ever half an hour please love this game but starting to get over it because of the wait for rolls.Version: 1.29.1

I would recommend Coin MasterThis game is the exact same to coin master but the difference is coin master actually gives you rewards, unlike this game you get through 2 challenges then you can’t even continue cause you’ve run out of rolls, I thought coin master was bad for being rigged but this is even worse. You go through kingdoms by restoring building with coins but as you go through the game it’s more n more expensive, in this buildings are so expensive so early on you can’t progress so often, say 2 days to progress on to kingdom 12.Version: 1.24.3

Nate D.I enjoy to play this game, when I 1st started playing it I was like oh wow this game is really fun to play and it really helps pass the time. It was really addictive to say the least lol and I was even starting to spend a few dollars to buy more dice!! That’s when I realized that I was playing the game way to much, so I decided to play the game less. I would spend my money to buy more dice to be able to play more and when I FINALLY made it to a point in the game where I made it to 1st, 2nd or even 3rd place and when it was time for me to get my winnings…I NEVER DID! That was very frustrating and disappointing to me because, I spent a huge amount of time playing and I also spent a nice amount of money buying extra dice, just to be disappointed in the end!!! I felt extremely cheated , and when I reached out to you all about what happened I was NEVER reimbursed either time which was even more frustrating, because I felt as though you all didn’t care about what happened. I was so frustrated and upset about it I stop playing your game, because of it for at least 6-8 months!! I would like for you all to reimburse me for the dice I never received both times I reached out to you guys, but I’m more than certain that you guys WILL NOT suffice. Signed Very frustrated.Version: 1.68.1

Can't contact anyoneCustomer service is lacking I can't contact anyone to let know I didn't get my prize for placing 1st in a tournament. It kept bugging out on me and I can't get it at all. So upset. Please work on your contact and app so it doesn't do that.Version: 1.56.0

Used to love this game but now I’m on the verge of deleting itHello Dice Dreams Team, Not happy team, for some reason I can’t get into this game. Every time I try it says connecting at about 1/3 of the way in to the connecting bit. And if this team hasn’t sorted it out in 1 month I’m going to delete it..Version: 1.29.1

Very bad customer supportI’ve spend so much money on this game and end up didn’t receive my tournament reward, have contacted customer support many time about the issue for many days and had no reply. Don’t spend any money on this game, not worth it..Version: 1.47.0

Customer service teamThe worst when it comes to fixing issue with in app purchases. They ignore your request for review of awarded prizes and rewards. Currently been waiting 5 days for them to contact me and pay a reward which I got with purchases. Continue to shut down my requests. Happy to take your money but not to rectify their errors..Version: 1.49.0

Impossible to succeed unless you spend hundreds of dollars.The game was really fun the first few villages to build. Now when I’m on village 144 the buildings cost upwards of 100M-800M to build, the piggy bank costs $95 to break, the offers are $30-$80 to buy, the current tournament I’m in that just started has the top player at 1,500 (which is impossible unless that player has spent tons of money on offers to get ahead/no shaming just saying), and I only can have 120 rolls in my deck after hours of waiting for them to refill. I wish I could afford to spend all this money just to succeed but unfortunately I don’t. The game needs to be more “free user friendly”. I would spend money on the cheaper offers that would be like $2.99 or $4.99 but I can’t spend almost $100 to break the piggy bank. The daily rewards aren’t really that great, the cookies you need to feed your pet to get to the next level is over 800, and all the offers you have to click through after you’re out of dice is ridiculous. I counted 8 the other day. 8. I can’t play this game anymore because I just can’t afford it..Version: 1.64.0

Becoming too difficult!I read some of these reviews, and I agree, completely with their concerns and difficulties. The new update, which includes pets is much too difficult to achieve. I have used probably 600 dice and I am still only on level two with my pet. Also since the buildings are costing much more as levels progress, the amount of coins and dice a player earns should also go up to match. I’m absolutely addicted to this game and it is so fun for me to play, but I just cannot deal with the outlandish cost of the buildings, to break the piggy bank, of purchasing dice and coins, and how difficult it is to get a pet. Players should not have to spend more than a few dollars of their money to play this game successfully. Change this or I will find a new game. also, please start listening to your reviews from people who play this game often. We know more than you think. Thanks..Version: 1.55.1

It was fun in the beginningI started this game and another that had the same layout as this one a few months ago. That game I made it to higher levels faster than this one. I noticed around the mid 20 level the game starts to slow down. But as I am I’m currently in level 46 the game is nearly impossible to build and move on to the next level, especially if you don’t spend money. This particular game is designed to be a money gobbler. Given other comments from consumers that have been playing the game, I saw many complaints about paying and not receiving what they paid for. I too have spent money on this game but I haven’t experienced those issues. But won’t spend another dime not only because of those other complaints I read but because the game is starting to have really bad glitches. Now when I roll dice I don’t get any coins or compass when it lands on it. It just doesn’t make sense to spend money on this app for a various reasons one being that the app is too glitchy and you would just be losing out on money. I suggest fixing the app..Version: 1.53.2

Fun games, but needs some updatesI usually don’t write reviews, this might be the 3rd one I have ever wrote. But I am writing in hopes that I can be heard and that some changes will take place is this game. I have read the many reviews all the way from last year and it seems that I am having the same issues they spoke about. The main issues that I have are not being able to add or delete friends in the app or in game! Please change this!!! It’s a COMPLETE hassle to have to go through Facebook all the time. Also as you get to higher levels the prices skyrocket and the rolls and coins don’t increase in comparison. Please change this!! Also the side games are either to short or to difficult to complete without having to purchase coins or rolls. And the trading cards!!! I can never get the one gold card that I need and I have to wait until I can trade gold cards and then I have to go back and forth between Facebook to do it!!! I mean are you dizzy yet??? Please find a different solution!!! I really enjoy the game and I understand the “challenge” but I also know that when things are too “challenging” most people walk away… and also people steal millions from me while I’m in the game trying to earn enough coins to finish a building, but when I steal from others I am only allowed up to $750K. Why can’t I steal as much as they stole from me from other people???? Please fix that!!.Version: 1.43.0

DisappointedThis game use to be good until it started cheating me out of my stuff the first time I let it slide then the next couple I hit up support and got no response it’s been since may 23 and still no response they tell you to contact them when it’s no one who really gets back to you an once they finally do they might not even solve the issue. I was planning on uninstalling the game and not play anymore more because we are spending real money just to get cheated. Update I’m very annoyed after waiting for a response from may 23rd I finally got one today june 15 and with no option to reply saying it was unverifiable and they gave me a small token! 100 dice compared to the 1.8k dice, 50k in coins and some cards if I won and since it took them so long to look into it, it’s unverifiable that’s crazy we are spending real money on these games to keep playing too win these ridiculous hard to get prizes just to be scammed and it’s not even the first time. It’s a great game but don’t put any money into it or you’ll be upset!.Version: 1.61.0

Good game too many add on pop up :(Too many pop up add on purchases.Version: 1.68.1

So fun! But…This game is incredibly fun, and easy to get addicted to. It does have a heavy “play to win” presence, but it’s only a few dollars at a time for specific things and it’s possible to play the game completely free and still have fun! One of the biggest issues with the app (and the reasoning for a 3 star rating instead of 4-5), is the absolutely ANNOYING startup. As soon as the app is opened, it’s screen after screen of “one time offers” and “purchase packs,” if you close one you get 5 more right after it. It takes so long to simply open the app and play! Not to mention, even if you DO spend lots of money (…I’m guilty of that), the screens still pop up and it’s frustrating. Sometimes I’ll plan to open the app and play, but there’s so many different offers and screens and pay-to-play things that I just end up closing the app for the day! This getting fixed would probably increase my score, it’s just an unfortunate annoyance..Version: 1.61.0

🤷🏼‍♂️I like the game it’s fun to play vs friends, but I just finished first in a tournament and have not received any of its rewards, what is the point of playing this tournaments if the rewards are not sent? in the past I have also not received any rewards from inviting friends. I’m not sure how common this problems are but if I see this problems are fixed I will change my review..Version: 1.24.1

Pay to PlayThe game itself is good, similar in style to Monopoly Go. However for you to make any significant progress, or be able to compete in any of the competitions you will have to make purchases. Without spending money you will always make very slow progress, having to wait hours for more rolls. I am never against in-game purchases, but this title is so heavily one sided in this regard I ended up deleting the game. My money is best spent elsewhere..Version: 1.67.2

WAS good but now not so goodI invited two friends and it stated I’d get more dices once the friends downloaded the game etc, both friends did so and are now playing, I didn’t revive any dices for my friends getting the game. I contacted the company but still waiting for any contact to be made back, it’s been at least a week now, I will not be inviting any more friends. Also on the game it’s asking to update to a newer version which I have done and still popping up to update again even though I’ve done this so many times, deleting the game as it’s bugging me, also don’t buy and packages as you don’t get them once you’ve paid..Version: 1.34.2

MehLong Story Short: Dont get this game if you want something to continuously play and dont want to make in-purchases. I am not much for games but downloaded this to play because I was sent an email that gave info to yields funds at certain levels completed within a certain amount of days. I completed the first portion and receive money my paypal account. It is a fun game but in order to advance continuously and play regularly you will have to make in-app purchases. The increase on cost of the purchases as the levels advance is like a $20 gap and then like a $40 gap. You will see these increases whether you make purchases or not because as the levels increase the costs do as well regardless of the fact that yield of purchase doesnt increase. Piggy bank accumulates dice which are a necessity in the game and they make you pay to get the dice that YOU ALREADY EARNED! They increase due to how well you doing during each turn. The game is cool but dont get it if you dont have impulse control because you will wrack up charges on the in-app purchases..Version: 1.65.0

TerribleI love dice dreams and play it all the time invited all my friends to join it was fun to attack each other however I’m upset that I got 1st place in the Egyptian tournament with 680 something pyramids then I waited till it was over to claim my 1.5k dice 6m coins and a 4 or 5 star card but just to find out it didn’t give me my rewards if you could please respond and send me my stuff that would be fine, I’m extremely dissatisfied at the moment..Version: 1.56.0

Trade gold cards 👍🏻I’d be even better if a game if you could trade more than 10 cards a day and trade all gold cards not just specific ones.Version: 1.29.1

:oUnable to roll the die I try to roll but then it comes up a ad to buy extra then I go to crack open the piggy bank on level two I have to pay £4 which is really annoying because I’m trying to enjoy an actual game advertised by a YouTuber but I always go through this and I only just installed this super annoying so please fix in atleast a year beacause I just want to play in peace for one so please👏😱😭😇😅 other wise I’m uninstalling this because I’m really mad!🤬😡.Version: 1.20.0

It’s okayAt first I really loved playing this game!! Very addicting but then it started playing up. I’d win tournaments and not receive my rewards. I’d invite heaps of friends and not receive my rewards. I have written complaints and asked for help but have only been told they can help and they have given me a small gift which I did not receive.Version: 1.55.1

Terrible gameI would give 0 stars if I could. This game is one of the most pay to win things I have ever seen, and once I started doing well without spending money the game just repeatedly crashes whenever I opened it. Plus everything is rigged, terrible app waste of time DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 1.56.1

Dice Nightmare!This game is great fun HOWEVER it has gone from a dice dream to a dice nightmare! It takes a long time to load and freezes during loading so after several attempts I give up trying to play. As a result of not playing my kingdom gets attacked, my treasure stolen and by the time I can access my kingdom again I have all of 26,000 coins left of the 3 MILLION I accumulated. Then while I was locked out of the game my kingdom was being attacked, I run out of shields which then leaves my Kingdom to be destroyed. When I do have luck getting into the game to rebuild and win back coins, the hame freezes and crashes EVERY time I roll an attack or steal. When I reenter the game not only have those rolls been lost but so has my chance for the steal or attack. This is BEYOND frustrating and I’m beginning to think it’s the developers doing to make players purchase coin packs in order to rebuild. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS! I have about one more attempt left in my patience for this and then Dice Dreams will be just that-delete!.Version: 1.16

HorribleThis game started out fun, was it from finishing card sets to get dice?! No, it was from the decent prices to build and the side missions were decent with coins and dice. The further you get in the game it’s harder to get dice and becomes near impossible to build. When you don’t pay for a game you would think the developers would make things possible for all to attain, not the case with this game. The further you get you can’t get gold cards you need to finish sets, the winter trail they’ve come out with is virtually impossible to finish unless you pay for the game, you can’t trade in duplicate cards for card packs or dice, and you can’t unfriend someone in game. Those people you can’t delete think it’s funny to attack you numerous times because they’ve got nothing better to do. I only keep the game downloaded in hopes that things will change. The developers of the game have made it clear via gameplay that this is a PAY to PLAY game if you want to advance further. Does it need to be so easy that you’re finishing quests, card sets, and the trail on a daily basis?? NO, it just needs to be a little better with the longevity of some things and after 6 weeks of getting the exact same gold card, give one every once in a while to finish a set. That’s why I think the trail is so long, y’all don’t want anyone that doesn’t pay to finish to get a guaranteed missing gold card. I wouldn’t download the game until it has better reviews and better in-game play..Version: 1.21.1

Game is riggedLast night I spend over $60 and was number 1 in the tournament with an hour left to go and I was about 3000 points higher than anyone else. I get up this morning and no mention of that tourney - a new one has begun and I have no rolls - when I expected to wake to 2200. That was the last cent I am giving you all. I have reached out to support but no response..Version: 1.68.1

Literal theftThis game has a trading card group on Facebook where post explaining bugs and not receiving purchases items are not approved for posting and if an approved post has conversation about the game being a rip off and not paying out rewards and delivering on advertised purchases are censored and deleted. This game takes your money, doesn’t care how much you’ve spent regarding the issues your having and it’s straight up has no in app support that is efficient and helpful. Tournaments don’t always pay out and the game flow is intentionally designed to get you right below the threshold for rewards and then bleeding you dry if your rolls which are needed to play. This causing the player to have to spend real money to “win” Total rip off. They don’t care about the those that pay them, personally I’ve spent over $1000 dollars over 4 months because I did enjoy the game but not all the purchase are over $25 upwards of $100 that are offered to me. Why so much? Because they know me to spend on the game and are gouging the prices which I believe should be an illegal business model. In fact I believe that it is. We’ll see what the law and a lawyer has to say.Version: 1.55.1

Not getting my rewardsEvery time I pay my money for your game I don’t get all my rewards. I send message after message and all I get is automated messages. And you guys say you value your customers. I spend my money and I don’t get what I’m supposed to. that’s not valuing your customers. Have a great day.Version: 1.47.0

Fun butHonestly this is just a money grab. The challenges are nearly impossible to win without you having to buy a bunch of rolls or just anything really. As you go on it gets harder to get money to upgrade buildings and almost every single place you “attack” always has a shield which is honestly annoying so you don’t get nearly as much money. Honestly this game is only fun if you have a ton of money to spend. Don’t recommend if you like the money in your wallet. Another thing I’ve noticed about this game is that they don’t like it when you try to save your rolls. If you save them they have more people attack your kingdoms meaning you have to use rolls just to get more shields to protect your kingdom. When I hardly has any rolls(which was zero) I hardly got attacked and now that I have over nine hundred rolls saved up people are attacking me left and right. I like this game but it’s really annoying having people constantly attack me or it’s hard to even get a shield too. Also the fact that I use all my money and then I leave the game and suddenly I have more money than when I exit the game. So then people steal from me when I used all my money and don’t have any left🤦‍♀️ it’s ridiculous that it doesn’t save that I spent my coins to upgrade buildings..Version: 1.53.2

TornI actually really enjoy playing this game, but I would have to say my biggest complaint is all the ads to buy stuff within the game. Like 4-5 ads for different packs you can buy pop up one after another as soon as you get on the game, then when you get to a low amount in your rolls, or when you come back to the main game from trails, boom there’s ad after ad after ad. Also, at times the game flows really well, you get rolls, you earn coins to build the kingdoms and feed your pet quickly and then times like now you barely get any free rolls, and the little bit you get from your rolls isn’t enough to build anything and you never get food to feed your pet. How can we feed the pet in the allotted time frame if the game literally lands on dice that give us nothing and never gives food either. I’ve used my spins in 5s today as I usually do any other day and I’ve literally ran out of rolls and made no coins or food. Please fix this cause I do love to play this game..Version: 1.66.0

Dice Dreams… more like Dice NightmaresThis game currently has major problems. For 3 days now I haven’t been getting the correct rewards from challenges and events that I was supposed to get and I am not the only one… many, many other players are experiencing the same issues as me! The game preys on people that become addicted, the developers are money grabbers and the support team is useless when it comes to responding to complaints. 3 days ago I contacted them and I am still waiting for a response back… I won’t hold my breath while I am waiting. The developers need to develop a game that isn’t full of glitches and problems and the technical/support teams need to be sacked because they can’t do their job! My advice is don’t download and start this playing this game. The issues I am currently having with this game have turned me from a quiet placid person that once enjoyed playing the game into a frustrated and angry person that just wants to throw my phone against the wall. I have given the game 1 star, based on my current experience, but realistically it doesn’t deserve any stars..Version: 1.68.1

This game is a rip offI enjoy playing games and this one was a lot fun at first. I spent some money on it and moved pretty fast BUT then I started getting error messages several days in a row several times during the error message other people playing wasn’t getting them and was able to attack my villages and steal my treasures (accumulated because I spent money). Then my screen started freezing only when I had millions of dollars of treasure, the screen would freeze so I could spend the money on the village to continue the game. One time someone stole $14m another time $560k another time $1.4m I wrote the the manufactures each time my game wasn’t working and at first just want it fixed but they didn’t respond so finally I asked for a full refund due to the game not working correctly. They didn’t even try to fix it or offer solutions they just denied my claim for a refund and said they need more reasons. Well how about you game isn’t working, my screen keeps freezing all not my issue. SO DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!! Because the manufactures don’t really care if it works correctly or not..Version: 1.62.1

No winningsAbsolutely love this game but very disappointed right now I won the Adventure tournament I came first the prize was 4.2k rolls 400M coins and 2cards and I never Received my winnings I spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of rolls to win that if possible could I please have my winnings.Version: 1.54.0

Love game but fed up with crashing so deleting itI really love this game and play daily. However, it is constantly crashing. It always seems to crash as I’m about to attack or it crashes when I win. I have to start the game back up and I lose all the prizes such as spins and other bonuses apart from if I win card packs. This means I’m constantly losing on larger wins in the tournaments when I fill several bars at once and I lose it all but it doesn’t go back to where it was before for me to win them again. I’ve just lost a really big win on the pixie bit and missed out on a new pixie and I think 500+ rolls. I’m really fed up with the crashing every few minutes now and going to delete this game..Version: 1.68.1

AddpocalypseSo I’m playing having fun and then the adds to buy things start popping up on my screen. I’ve been crossing them off for ten minutes completely unable to progress because it doesn’t even give me one second to roll the dice. Might uninstall if this doesn’t get fixed..Version: 1.60.0

It’s good but have a problemOk so it’s good but idk how to change my name or change my profile picture if there is a way to change this please tell me.Version: 1.30.2

It’s fineSo long as you enjoy half a dozen popups every time you open the app and whenever you run out of spins trying to push in app purchases into your face. Otherwise, it’s your typical idle push button game.Version: 1.34.1

Love it but.....And it's a BIG but.... there are so many ads it's sometimes painful!!! The 5 little pop up ad things when you run out of dice take forever to go through and it's so very frustrating..Version: 1.60.0

Eh, Frustration GrowsI’m not one to usually review but this game has gotten under my skin for a few reasons. First, the game itself is great! I love the constant updates and new challenges, but, you rarely have the rolls/opportunity to actually complete the challenges and get the rewards they tease you with. The further along you get it seems harder and harder to actually make progress. Buildings cost most, rolls disappear faster and the “add on package” pop ups are out of control. Buyer beware on these chances to buy rolls and open chests, they are generally not worth the money and sometimes don’t even give you want you’re offered. Plus they are usually $2+ I’ve requested a refund from Apple once on this app. On average I’ll have a solid run of 10-15 minutes in the morning after my rolls fully refill (you get a handful each hour depending on your level, I’m currently at 7) then it’s a few minutes throughout the day with the small rolls you’ve earned waiting. I really wish they would focus less on making it all about the money grab and give us an opportunity to actually play the flipping game and complete the side quests that appear every 2-3 days. Ugh.Version: 1.52.1

Boring frustratingThis game when I first started to play seemed ok but now I find it really boring I’ve spent millions upon millions of coins on sticker packs and I haven’t had a single new card in over two weeks you get naff all for your rolls and this game is not worth spending real cash on the rewards are not worth it coin master and pet master are way way better than this game you need to step it up to be able to compete with the likes of coin master and pet master massively update the game make it better or I’ll just delete as it’s not worth taking up the storage on my phone 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.33.1

Dice dreamsI try to help people with cards and its letting people join on fb but there not in my game ive logged out and logged out of fb and still nothing disappointed that u can only sned 10 cards and uu cant send gold cards unless its the ones they choose its a good game but it could be so much better not happy at the moment.Version: 1.46.1

Decent time waster, but annoying ads.I understand the need for ads in mobile games, that’s normal. My issue is EVERYTIME you use all your rolls, even if you have like 3 rolls left but you are on the 8x roll, you’ll get the multiple ads to add more rolls. Then when you use the 3 rolls you have left? You guessed it. More of those multiple ads you need to X out. There should be a timer, it’s annoying..Version: 1.29.1

Buggy and Helpless TeamWhen I first started this game, I REALLY enjoyed it. However the further i got, the more I found myself angry at how buggy the game is. Today really pushed it over the top for me. I had won 850 rolls from the special event and I was going to wait a bit before using since I was busy. After about 20-30mins I came back to the game and noticed that the 850 rolls I had JUST won were gone. Completely gone! And it’s not like it set back as if I never got it and went back into the progress bar above, allowing me to win it AGAIN(even though that would’ve been just as annoying), instead the bar/prizes itself continued on(the next prize being 20mil). I contacted support team IN game and only got one message back that described nothing that I was experiencing. When trying to explain that the issue they were giving me wasn’t even the problem at hand I got no message back. I went to the site itself and filed a request and still nothing. Now in a game like this, especially beginners like myself, 850 rolls is A LOT and it took a lot of time and rolls to get that prize so I was a little upset. I’ve even put money into this game because I was genuinely enjoying it, but now I’m furious that I’ve lost that many rolls as if they just vanished and the Dice Dream Team are doing nothing to help resolve this..Version: 1.53.2

Full of Issues and fraud and scams this game is not a good one always what your to spend as wellVery poor customer service nothink but issues for the last few months game constantly freezing have to leave the the game to go back in to it not get my rewards for complete quest and if you purchase an item you don’t get the full item and you contact them about it and refuse to refund when you didn’t receive the good you paid for this game is a fraud scams you out of money pay for something yet you don’t receive or o to get part of it fraud fraud scammers don’t download uless you wanna loose all your money and not get what your ment to receive.Version: 1.53.2

Missing rewards - no customer service helpI invited my friend to this game and she had never downloaded it or played it before, I didn’t receive the inviting friends reward so I contacted customer service. No one responded to me so I messaged again, nothing. I contacted them through Facebook messenger and still nothing. Customer service is terrible if you need any help. I would give this game 5 stars but having no customer service for issues is a big let down for me!.Version: 1.66.0

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