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Domino Dreams™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Domino Dreams™ app received 65 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Domino Dreams™? Can you share your negative thoughts about domino dreams™?

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Domino Dreams™ for Negative User Reviews

What’s the point?Waaay too many pop ups as soon as you load up the game, you have to sit and close through them all for an age before you can play. You can collect enough free currency to have one turn and if you fail it you have to wait another hour. So basically you load up to close pop ups and play for 2 minutes before you’re done.Version: 1.20.2

Impossible to play for freeI loved this game for the first day I had it, but now I’m convinced it’s a scam disguised as a game. It impossible to enjoy this game past the first few levels without constantly paying for more coins - coins you HAVE to pay in order to even play another level of the game. Without those, you get enough coins to make one attempt at a level that will take many many more to beat once per hour, if that. Admittedly, I first downloaded this game off FastCash. I regret even doing that. The money it would take to get to the level I need to get to would be far more than the reward I’d get for testing this game. DON’T DOWNLOAD IT..Version: 1.21.2

The Chapter 6 wallIt’s a fairly well put together game with a simple and effective gameplay loop but the economy management and incredibly quick rotation of events every 2-3 days makes progressing past chapter 6 very slow and I quickly became uninterested when you have to wait an hour every time you want to play a single level. Even then the levels are heavily rng-based so you can’t guarantee you’ll get a star to progress. The progression wall you hit is detrimental to the experience. I do not recommend..Version: 1.19.3

Absolutely disappointed.LOVED the concept and look. BUT I Had over 50,000 coins. Played a couple rounds and noticed I was down to 20,000 coins. Thought that was weird because I knew I didn’t play enough games for it to have gone down that much but thought maybe I had accidentally spent them on something. I stopped playing and logged back onto the game later on and I was paying more attention to my coins and realized they were DISAPPEARING. I am now at 7,000 coins after THREE games. So I went from 20,000ish coins to 7,000 coins after THREE 2,300 coin games? The math AINT math-ing. Do better..Version: 1.17.3

Forces you into purchasingVery obvious that the game chooses whether or not you succeed in a level rather than the puzzle being randomized. You will end up with one or two tiles left, with 5+ in the reserve and they all end up being duds. You are forced to either wait an hour for a single chance at playing again, or you can purchase coins from the shop at a ridiculous rate..Version: 1.1.1

ImpossibleIt is impossible to beat this game without waiting an hour for more coins or spending money. Fun, addictive but incredibly frustrating.Version: 1.21.1

It’s riggedThe only reason why it’s not a 1-star review is because the mechanics of the game are actually fun. However it’s obvious that the game rigs certain levels to be impossible without the use of powerups. I had 400k coins at some point and the next 10 levels had one tile remaining that no matter what I did I had to get rid of using the wild card. On top of that the new events I got needed WAY more wins to complete just because I had more coins, which makes no sense. Normally there’s an XL variation of an event that occurs after completing it a first time, but it gave me that variation immediately before I could even complete it. If you’re planning to play this game don’t spend a dime on it, since it’ll just take your coins away just as fast as you can buy them..Version: 1.21.2

UnfairIt would be a really great game except you make it to hard to level up and win. Some games, doesn’t matter which card you play you lose. It’s frustrating rather than challenging. It feels like all you want is to make us spend money to play …over 1000 levels and I’m just finished chapter ten…and it probably took me 2500 rounds to get to there..Version: 1.19.3

BadBum ah game bro why tf do u have to wait an hour for more coins.Version: 1.21.1

ScamI really did like this game up until the more coins you earn, the more it cost to play. It costs almost 12,000 coins to play and if you don’t pass the level you’re all out. The only option when you’re out of coins is to purchase more of them so of course it doesn’t hurt to buy a package of 30,000 coins for a couple bucks just to keep playing but unfortunately that only last you about 2-3 games until you’re all out of coins again. The game is fun until you have to continuously keep buying more coins if you want to keep playing. I’ve wasted too much time and money on this game just for my coins to run out within seconds. If it didn’t cost so much to play a “free” game, I would probably enjoy it more..Version: 1.21.1

BadThis game is such a pay to win game! I need to pay to play, and then I need to pay for any power ups, and then I need to pay if I lose and want to play again. and there are 1 million pop-ups when I enter the game. it's so dumb..Version: 1.18.10

Not too impressedI downloaded this game only so I can obtain points via swagbucks. But I am really disappointed in the game play here. You collect coins but those coins are taken away at each level as you have to ‘pay’ to play which kinda defeats the purpose of the game and doesn’t make me want to play as everytime you lose you have to pay to play again. The graphics are good and I do like the story but totally put off by pay for each level to move on to each chapter status. There is a chance to win coins via the free giveaway every hour but who has the time to log in every hour just to get a few coins?.Version: 1.21.1

The game…While the game itself is fun there are no less than 7-8 offers to make in app purchases you need to fight through in order to actually get to play the game. It almost makes me not play as it is so frustrating. Every. Time..Version: 1.21.2

Love this game but…Truly love this game but hate how much it cost to play each level. I would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for this. I’m constantly running out of coins so then I have to let it build up for weeks to then play again. This is a massive contrast from the dice game that I can build coins daily and play for a while until I run out of coins and play again later. With this game I can’t play too long or too often, it’s sad..Version: 1.19.2

FrustratingI probably wouldn’t bother unless you’re willing to pump money into the game. Once you’re down to zero (which is a lot) you get one shot at a level PER HOUR. Decent gameplay, but let down by greed..Version: 1.20.1

Don’t play if you saw any 750$ rewardFake Promotions.First they make you download this game and say complete 3 chapters and you will get 750$ in paypal but when you reach near to complete chapter 3 then the game said that this is level one deal you have to complete 20 different deals to get 750$ ..Version: 1.22.2

Was having fun but…..Was really enjoying until got to level 45ish and now just keeps coming up to restart..just won’t work now and after..spending money in it too..🤬.Version: 1.1.1

Too many pop upsI love this game but there are getting too many pop ups to buy stuff. I just want to play the game and not have to close twenty pop ups every time I play.Version: 1.17.3

Kinda badThe game is fun but for every level you need to pay with coins and after winning it you don’t get enough coins to continue playing.Version: 1.17.3

It’s AlrightSo I do actually really enjoy playing this game. It’s fun and cute. The biggest problem I have with it though is how difficult it is to earn coins through game play and it’s so expensive to play a level and the help features (i.e. the gold tile or extra 3 tiles). You loose more coin playing a level than what you can gain. To play a level cost 2600 coin and there have been time when I couldn’t break even in coin return for beating the level..Version: 1.21.2

Too long between playsThe game is fun for the first day, after which’s you can only play once every 1-2 hours without paying money..Version: 1.0.4

Don’t waste time or energyI’ve done about 120 levels and I’m over the game the amount of time I’ve gone from having 7-8 domino tiles and one left on the board and not having a single match until I have to buy an extra 3 for coins, or the fact it seems like when you try to use the x2 multiplier for paying twice the coins to do 1 game it seems I go through about 4-6 tiles before I can even get the first one off the board usually leaving me with around 4 tiles to complete an entire level. I can tell when I’m going to fail a level from the start because I have to throw away a bunch of good tiles at the beginning of a game and of course you’ll need the tiles you just threw away right after. If I wasn’t being paid to play your game I would never have downloaded it, at this point I don’t even think the money is worth playing such a terrible game i might as well just delete and play something I decently enjoy because this game is just frustrating and pay to win oh and the pop ups get stacked about 10 on top of eachother and of course the x’s are in different spots for each one so no quick removing of the pop ups..Version: 1.21.1

Pay to winA pay to win game disguised as strategy. You can try your hardest to think about your moves but at the end of the day if you don’t spend all your money on boosters, the game won’t let you win. Half the time you still don’t win using the boosters! Awful game.Version: 1.21.2

NEED MORE COINS!!I have to say I LOVE this game, but after playing for only one week I am officially out of coins at level 162. As many other reviewers have stated, there should be easier ways to collect coins other than getting on the app every hour to collect a bonus. And I’m sure like many others, I don’t have extra money laying around to be spending it on a game either. I think rewarding both wins and losses would be efficient due to the fact that I have to play some levels multiple times before I beat it usually by spending even more coins for extra dominos or a wild domino. Daily log in bonuses would be nice also that increase each day you log in. If changes can’t be made to the coin system I sadly don’t see myself keeping this game much longer. I would have given a 5 star review on day 1, so please don’t disappoint!.Version: 1.19.3

Pop upsWay too many pop ups when you open the game. takes like 2 mins to go through them all😭.Version: 1.22.1

Deleting appMy 12 year old granddaughter found this game, and it looks pretty kid friendly. She enjoyed playing it, but she said the daily coins sometimes allow her to play 2 games. She wanted to buy 1500 coins for $1.99, which seems rather inexpensive until you realize this will only get her one (maybe 2) extra games. We would have to do this several times a day to get her to get enough points to “get down the trail.” My daughter then realized her 12 year old was trying to log in each hour, even at night, to get more free coins. It’s just ridiculous that each round of the game uses so many coins. Developers need a better way to keep people playing their game..Version: 1.13.4

Great game but…..I’ve been addicted to this great dice game for months …but plz don’t buy anything…other games I’ve played n purchased things from give you lots of free extras n you can play for hours on end …this takes your coins straight off you …like 15 attempts to win one level and the coins you bought are gone in minutes ! the more you buy with these the less you get …won’t be getting another penny…very greedy …it’s a shame because it’s a great game.Version: 1.17.3

Cool Game But.....So I downloaded this app and it worked for quite a while until I got to level 70 and then it started crashing so I uninstalled and reinstalled and it is still crashing so I can’t open it up anymore. Also when you are signing in through Facebook there needs to be a way that you can sign in manually that way you can sign into the correct Facebook that’s on your device. I have the game also on my phone but it signed into a different Facebook account because there wasn’t an option to sign in manually. Otherwise cool graphics and I’m sure it’s a lot of fun.Version: 1.5.3

From fun to frustratingGame starts off quite enjoyable but quickly becomes practically unplayable. Aside from the game’s currency setup, the gameplay itself is fun and the visual design and animations are pleasant. The amount you need to “spend” far exceeds the possible rewards for completing a level. There are numerous examples of this imbalance throughout the game. The frequency of times you’re left with just one domino feels less random and more intentional in design, and the little extras necessary to finish out a level cost 2-3x as much as the level itself. I get the idea of coaxing players into in-app purchases, but this level of doing so is just so blatant that it’s a turn-off entirely. I miss the days of simply purchasing a game upfront and being able to play the game, at least in its most basic form (and often still having the ability to make in-app purchases for an enhanced gameplay experience). I can deal with the frequent pop-up offers for in-app purchases, but I cannot get past the way the game becomes virtually unplayable unless you fork over cash to make regular in-app purchases. I’ve never reviewed a game app before, but this game has impressed me in its ability to delight and infuriate me. I think it’s time to uninstall..Version: 1.19.3

Pay To Win FailSo I love the concept and gameplay. It could be so much more fun but I just get frustrated. You only win a few coins for completing a level which is near impossible first time. You have to use so many coins to beat a level. You have to buy more dominoes and then they don’t match what’s left. You rarely get a good run on dominoes and the bonuses are a joke. You can never really build up a good coin reserve. It built so you pay to get more coins. Shame..Version: 1.4.2

It was fun…I was enjoying the game at first but now it’s ridiculous! It takes a ridiculous amount of coins to play or to get help in a level. And now it’s become almost impossible to win I’ve been playing the same one for the last two days because I run out of coins and can’t get help or I’m down to 1 domino and flip the last 8 with absolutely no matches! There needs to be more opportunities to earn free coins, I’m not going to spend money to buy coins especially when it’s almost impossible to win!.Version: 1.6.2

Vanishing CoinsI first loved this game and I would have rated it a 4 or even 5. However, there are some things seriously wrong with the game. I first started playing Domino Dreams a few weeks ago. All was great until I got stuck and I had to purchase coins to finish the game I was playing. I received the coins and continued playing. I played another game and I noticed my coins dropping in number. Before I finished the game, I was needing additional coins again! I played the game again today after not playing it for a couple weeks. I did t have enough coins to get through a gain and lo and hold a popup showed up! It was a Summer Pack with 60,000 coins for $4.95. I purchased it and after I received them I started a game. All was going really good and I even won about 45,000 coins! That didn’t last long because my coins dropped from about 100,000 or so coins to about 32,000 coins in a matter of minutes! I thought, something’s wrong in Denver!! So, again, I wrote an my second email to Domino Dreams. I never received a reply from the game about the vanishing coins. I hope the respond this time! If not, I’ll have no other choice except to delete the game! I just can’t keep spending money on coins! Is anyone else having this problem? Post a message if you are! 🍎🍌🍃.Version: 1.11.1

Fun game but you have to payThe game itself is fun, and I enjoy it, but the way they make their money isn’t from ads, it’s from making the game unplayable unless you pay money for more coins.. JUST to play the game. It gets frustrating when your luck/rewards runs out after the first couple of days. It costs more coins to get any extra cards than it does to just re-try the game. They make everything cost more and more coins so that you’ll hopefully give up and just spend actually money for more opportunities to play. Not worth it. I’d literally rather watch ads 👎🏻.Version: 1.21.2

Money- it’s way to obviousThe game itself is pretty enjoyable as you try to match the dominoes and complete the tasks. Of course it should progressively get more challenging to complete the levels and the tasks, however every pop up and every element to the game just asks you to spend money at level 50-60. That’s pretty early on honestly. I was there within a day and a half. The treasure trail feature is specifically rigged. No matter what power level I use it always selects a number of spaces right before or after a “prize”. I can get the checkpoint prizes but not the in between ones. what’s the point in playing if you can’t actually gain anything from it? I hate this part the most! When a game makes you ask, “what’s the point?” more than “let me try again”, it’s time to part ways. Maybe the developers will rework it so you can play for free with in app purchases sprinkled in to motivate you to play more. It’s a shame.Version: 1.21.2

I thought this was supposed to be a Domino game!Yes, there are dominoes in this game but the fact that there’s bananas leaves and apples? I mean that’s just pure stupid. Every time I join the game it takes about I don’t know 10 minutes just to get through all the pop-ups and it’s basically impossible to play sometimes because it cost so much money to play the game. The only reason why I even have this game is because my sister needed coins to play the game. every time I join the game there’s a new thing I have to collect like toast or something stupid. Also, I kind of feel like this game is staged, considering almost every level you have to pay extra so that you can get more dominoes. There’s energize cards and cards that flip to get to the other side and there’s also the level where the mat rules to reveal more cards? I mean I thought this was just a plain domino game but turns out it’s just a game where you have to spend the money..Version: 1.21.2

EhHonestly it was really fun at first cuz it was more of a thinking and strategy game. but as you progress through the levels you end up with a single card at the end of the round then your forced to replay over and over and you can’t really get anywhere unless you spend money on coins (obviously that’s how this game makes their money). so overall it was very satisfying but now it’s just pissing me off when i play lol..Version: 1.21.1

Don’t bother spending moneyPlayed the game for a while so thought I would spend some money while the x4 chapter completion was active. Only received the x4 1/3 times I should’ve. I went to support and they told me I didn’t complete the chapters in time. I sent them proof of me completing a chapter that I supposedly didn’t complete in time and they came back saying they will recheck the logs. I have now received no response after a month of chasing and I can see that they are closing down my requests every time as when I reply, a new request gets created. Just super unprofessional really..Version: 1.19.3

Waiting, waiting and waiting.Never get to actually enjoy this game as you have to wait an hour to have another try at each level. Either make the levels actually possible…or make coins easier to earn. I’ve deleted the game through pure frustration. Which is a shame as I actually enjoy the game play, I just can’t wait hours for a single chance.Version: 1.21.2

FAKEI was told that I would “win” a free Sephora shopping spree if I reached level 4 and once I reached level 4 surprise surprise it’s fake..Version: 1.21.2

Payment confusionsSo I’ve made a couple of payments on the game and I’m wanting to know why when I pay 7.99 for a deal and the game then takes 18 something dollars from my account. Taxes are only 1 something so the amount that should be like 8 to 9 something dollars. This isn’t the first payment I’ve made where more than just the taxes have been taken out. And I don’t like being scammed, other than that this is a decently addicting game..Version: 1.21.1

Fun but Impossible Game!This is one of the funnest games on iOS - and yet one of the most impossible games to enjoy. I spent the first two days playing this game frequently and looked forward to playing it. But around level 50 it became a grind. Now, I can’t get through 1-3 rounds without running out of coins and being forced to quit. Each level takes 3-5 minutes depending on how fast you play. That equates to roughly 5-15 minutes of play each DAY unless you constantly pay real money. Where’s the fun in that? Once I got up to 25,000 coins and had them drained to zero trying to complete ONE level ONE time - that’s a loss of 25,00 coins in about 5 minutes. The bad thing about it is that it’s obvious that the developers made the game this way to purposely drain your coins to force you to spend money. I used to think freemium games were fun because they allow you to play them without paying upfront, and some still are. But, most of them have become such money grabs that I’m starting to miss the days when we could just pay one price and enjoy the game as much as we want. Games such as Domino Dreams is a bottomless money pit and you have to empty your pockets to progress and enjoy the game. It’s too bad because it’s such a fun game; but I’m not a millionaire and I have bills to pay. It’s time to move on to another game..Version: 1.20.2

Not goodThe constant pop ups when you load the game up is annoying as hell, spend a good 30 seconds pressing the x to close them one after another. Animations when completing a level are also unnecessary and annoying and take too long. Can only play 1 game an hour and most of the time you can’t complete it so waiting hours to even pass 1 level. Plus money driven game, even if you spend money you aren’t getting far..Version: 1.19.3

A lot of in-app purchase addsThis is a decent game but every time you open the app, you are bombarded with multiple pop-ups for purchase. I also feel that bonuses are limited within the game and it constantly nudges you to earn coins(or purchase) to continue. I also feel that the app is not doing enough to keep a player hooked or spend more time without showing these irritating pop-ups. The game could be so much better..Version: 1.22.1

Money GrabI normally don’t write reviews but after a day a playing I already noticed this game is a money grab. As you move up each chapter the cost of the levels increase. Most of the time you’re just winning what you spent and some change. The game seems to purposely make you pull a domino even at the start of the level. One level I didn’t pull until there were 2 pieces left and somehow I never got a color/number I needed. Ended up using coins to buy more just to finish the level when I was practically done. It is a cute and fun game, I’ll admit but not worth giving them real money. Also you get a certain amount of money every hour I believe, but at the rate you lose money it’s not worth much. If they were to fix these issues I would probably download it again, but I’m sure plenty of people are still willing to pay and keep playing..Version: 1.19.3

GoodEntering and mind changing.Version: 1.20.2

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!I have had many issues with this game and their developers. I downloaded this game because I also play Dice Dreams, and I loved that game. I enjoyed my experience with this game enough to encourage my friends to play by sending them the invite link. When your friends download the game using your unique link, you’re supposed to get rewards. My friend downloaded the game using the link right in front of me, I literally watched him do it. I never got my rewards. I contacted customer support to let them know I did not get my rewards, and I’ve spent three and a half weeks going back and forth with them about this issue. Numerous email sent and I would get a reply once a week (maybe). Today, they let me know that their team “looked into the issue and found that no one used my link to download the game”. Ridiculous. All of this over a 1,000 coin credit. It costs 3,800 to even play one level on the lowest multiplier! It’s the principle of the matter and I won’t support a company that treats their PAYING customers so poorly..Version: 1.19.3

Great game but hard to earn coinsI love this game but it quickly becomes tedious when you run out of coins and have to wait an hour to get just enough to play one more level. There should be more ways to earn coins that don’t involve paying for them, such as watching ads..Version: 1.18.7

Fun but frustrating.Don’t download this game unless you’re prepared to spend money on it. At a certain point, pretty early on, you’re unable to progress without buying coins. Unless you want to wait an hour to play a round you’ll probably lose. And then pop ups galore. One time I counted 11 pop ups. If I want to buy coins, I’ll look at the promos but why on earth do I need to spend a minute closing out of pop up offers before I even play. I enjoy the game when it’s going well but I get so frustrated when it’s not, which is often..Version: 1.21.2

ScamThis game is a whole scam. No matter how you play or what your tactic is, the game just wants you to spend copious amounts of money in order to continue playing. The game is programmed to make you lose more than you in so you will buy more coins. Everything about this game is a well thought out scam. It’s a fun game, which makes it addicting. Do not get this game, you will at least have the dilemma of spending money, there is a reason why the app has no ads..Version: 1.22.1

19 Attempts to pass a level R U Serious?I’m in the 400 levels and had over 90,000 coins. It took a ridiculous amount of tries to beat this one level and I’m not talking about getting down to one domino left. At times I would draw from the stack pile or your hand or whatever you want to call it constantly and wouldn’t even get one that matches. Now I say that’s a bit much. Your doing great through the levels and all of a sudden it won’t let you win nor give you something to match. I liked playing the game except for the in game pop ups until this point. But now with all the different things going on in the game with different events and there never being enough time to finish any of them before it’s changed it’s just not fun. Why would the game rig you to lose 19 times in a row. That just blows my mind and officially has me wanting to delete the app..Version: 1.20.2

Hard to progressIt’s really hard to progress in the game, you really need to save over 10k of coins to play a game in case you need to buy extra cards or a gold card. And that might take over a day with only 2000 coins given away every hour but you have to claim them, they don’t automatically get credited like in dice dreams. It’s a shame as it’s an enjoyable game when you can actually play.Version: 1.21.2

Ripped me offDidn’t pay for free cash so I wasted my time on this dumb game..Version: 1.22.1

Can be fun but can hardly play lolThis could potentially be a great game. However it’s a bit unfair to play the coin system is unfair unless you pay to play. Which their prices are outrageous for what you get. It’s hard to progress without a plethora of coins and since they make it next to impossible to gain any I find myself passing over the game. There isn’t any pop up adds which are nice, but a good idea for this game is to add a feature where you can watch ads for coins. You get something they get something..Version: 1.20.2

Not enough game timeYou get bonus coins once a day and then after that only enough coins to play once an hour unless you spend money..Version: 1.22.2

Fun, but…Levels appear to be designed to force you to use coins, ends up becoming a continual cycle of waiting hours before you have saved up enough to get through a level. A slightly fairer balance would be appreciated.Version: 1.11.1

Horrible money systemUnfortunately you are forced to spend money on this game to progress any further and what you get for purchasing is enough for a couple of games before your coins are gone. Levels seem rigged to force you to spend coins and so you actually lose coins most times you play and there are no good ways to earn coins other than spending or waiting 1 hour to get enough for one level where you are likely forced to spend extra to complete that level..Version: 1.21.1

Never a way to start with a streakAs I have gone on to level 20, evert level starts where the starting domino doesn’t match any of the ones ready on the board. This means I have to go to the next dominos and then I lose them if they are not a match either. This leaves me HAVING to use coins. Not because I haven’t made a good choice but because it’s impossible to. I get that as you go on that will happen but to start straight away every time with no options is frustrating..Version: 1.21.2

Deleting after less than a weekThis game is fun but it is too difficult to progress without spending a lot of money. Each level is more expensive and the ROI isn’t there. If you win the level you may earn a few hundred coins and each level cost well over 1k and gets higher and higher as you go. Great concept but a total scam to players. The special side games are also way too difficult to earn. Each level you pass should be worth way more than one star. I’m on level 130 but haven’t processed more than 3 areas of building. This game is Dice Dreams but scammier..Version: 1.14.3

One of the worst games ive ever playedCompleting the levels is fully RNG dependent. No matter how good you are, most of the time the game will just make it impossible to complete a level. I spend more time waiting to get my hourly coins so i can start a level than actually playing the game..Version: 1.22.1

The worst game I’ve ever played!!!!Games like this suppose to be fun to play.. but this game make you feel frustrated and angry. Because It’s impossible to get through chapters unless you are willing to spend a fortune on buying ‘bonus’ coins. The rewards system is discussing. Every time you play a level you loose coins because you only get a fraction of coins back. So it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on buying coins, after few hands you are sure to loose it all!!!! The ‘trail’ rewards are such a laugh… 🤬🤬 The puzzle rewards are the same.. for you to complete a 12 piece puzzle, you need to play at leat 200 levels 🤣🤣 Sadly this game is all about making money from you. Not for fun!!.Version: 1.19.3

Beautiful but extremely frustratingI wonder what kind of game makes its players play for 10 minutes and then forces them to wait one hour until they can play the next level. I guess the people who designed this fiasco thought this one was the only game out there in the app stores.Version: 1.21.1

I wouldn’t.I wouldn't waste my own time writing a review unless this game really bothered me. The reward to spending ratio is just so off, and the game feels rigged to make you spend a lot just to progress. It’s probably my favorite mobile game I’ve ever played with the adorable graphics and charming mini-games. But it’s gotten unenjoyable to play because I get more frustrated at the low chance of getting what pieces you need, vs having fun. As others mentioned, developers got over-zealous with the daily event pop-ups too, and they’re not easy to close one after the other. I wouldn’t get too attached to this one if I were you. It’s a shame because there’s a lot of potential..Version: 1.21.2

Domino dreamsA great game to relax and have fun simple but good.Version: 1.20.2

Interesting game, but real money consumingThe game is really entertaining, however, as many other people noticed at some point you will have to donate to continue. Farther levels - especially the carpet ones - usually leave you at one tile and in many levels there is just no way to pass through from the first attempt since it is so randomised. Similarly, farther in the game all of the rewards you get after a level practically bring you to zero gain and in many cases to losing coins. So you are left with two options: waiting long enough for hourly rewards, or donating..Version: 1.21.2

I would give 5 stars butThis game is really fun honestly, BUT after level 50 it gets harder to win and not that the levels are hard. You have to pay coins to play levels, which makes you lose more coins, than you notice you start to lose more even if it looks like you’re going to win. You can tell the game wants you to buy coins with real money. I was able to play a few games through the day. Now I can only play like 2 because you lose coins so fast. I think this game would be a lot more enjoyable if we could just play and not pay to play..Version: 1.21.1

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Welcome to Dice Dreams! Roll the dice, attack your friends, steal coins, build your MAGICAL kingdom and become the Dice ...