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Adorable Home app received 68 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about adorable home?

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Crashing and unable to access the game.It's a really great game overall. Every time I open the app, I'm stuck on a black screen and then the game crashes. It's been like that for months. I've been reinstalling and rebooting, hasn't been fixed..Version: 1.10.1

ImprovementsThe game is good, it’s just slow to begin with should have more interactions. petting and feeding also cleaning the litter or treats. Instead of just a tap should be more interactive and more things to do should be able to play with the cat more. Also I think you should be able to do more things around the house like feed the plants clean or even go to work and be able to do stuff at work with the character. Overall a nice game and has a lot of good qualities..Version: 1.8.6

BugCan’t open the app.Version: 1.6.1

Lost all my love(more than 250,000)I dont know what happened since I’ve been playing this non-stop and have been racking in all the love points and all of a sudden, yesterday when i logged in all of my love points (MORE THAN 250,000!!!) was all gone except for 2,000. I thought it might just be a glitch but even today, it’s still around the 3,000 mark. Please give it back to me!!!.Version: 1.8

Cute game but annoying adsPlease add an option to remove ads..Version: 1.8.6

Good but still needs workI think overall this is a cute and creative game! I really like the fact that you can get lots of cats and the bento box! There are some things that definitely are a draw back, however. First, once I got all the cats I couldn’t interact with them anymore. It’s a bit frustrating because that’s the main source of love in the game. Also, the owl in the bedroom is really annoying. Like I paid 4000 love to just watch more ads? That get me like what, 35 love? The visitors don’t make you watch ads for the love, so why should the owl? Like I’m fine with watching ads to get bonuses but like this is a bit much. My biggest frustration though is the fact that you don’t get one egg per chicken and one milk per cow. I spent 1200 on two cows and I get one milk still after 9 hours? I spent 1200 on two chicken and I get 1 egg? Milk and eggs are the most used ingredients in the game (also wheat) so you could at least give us one per animal? Also there’s a glitch in the bathroom with the large bathtubs and the sinks I recommend looking at. They disappear and remove all my items?.Version: 1.9

I can’t play!!!I got the game after reading all the great reviews and was very excited to start playing, but it won’t let me play! The screen is black for about 10 seconds then it goes back to my home screen! I give it a 3/5 because I can’t play but I’m sure it’s a cute and fun game! I won’t delete the app but I really hope this can be fixed! I haven’t even been able to start because I haven’t gotten farther than a black screen! PLEASE FIX!!!.Version: 1.8.6

Ipad mini doesn’t workI open game and it just goes black for a few seconds then closes the app. please fix this 🙏🏻🙏🏻.Version: 1.8.6

Great game, but inevitably in ruinsI’ve played this game for month, decorating my home and enjoying it IMMENSELY, aside from a few minor glitches. One day, I open the game to see everything gone. All my furniture, all my cats; every single thing I bought was gone. Please fix this; because I really liked the game and was disappointed to have this happen..Version: 1.8.4

App keeps crashingPlease fix the bugs.Version: 1.6.1

UghIt’s cute the art style is amazingly but the cat is so annoying when u try to pet it.Version: 1.8.6

Great StartThe game is super cute and I love the concept. However, there seems to be some glitches in the game. The “earn more love” button is erratically broken. Sometimes multiple items take up the same space so you cannot use them both at the same time. There is no way to contact the developers in-game. You must send them an email. There is no real way of knowing where to get codes or how to invite RL friends to play with you. Also, there are long waits of time with nothing to do in-game. Where does the in-game partner go and is there a schedule? The skin tones available just color the same cartoon sketch. This equates to every time having the same Anglo-Saxon facial features. Also the hair is the exact same color of the skin which is weird. I’d also like it a lot better if something other than more cats came out of the cat boxes. I had to delete the game because it started giving me a black screen after watching an ad and it not coming back afterwards. I’m going to be frustrated if I have to start over from scratch. Mostly because I like the game..Version: 1.11.2

LolGet rid of the gay couple :).Version: 1.12

Money GoneI purchased 5000 hearts, and i paid for them but then the hearts never arrived. I emailed twice but the developer did not reply. Not even refunded. My money was just wasted..Version: 1.6.3

I kept loosing my furnitures and cats ughI kept loosing my furnitures and cats ugh every time i buy new ones and this happened 2x.Version: 1.6.1

Wish there was more to do in the gameThe game is cute, but there’s very little you can do..Version: 1.8.6

Bugged or somethingI started up the game fine, the first part where they just moved into the house and reorganised everything was fine until I had to take a picture of the cat. After that the game would just crash..Version: 1.6.5

It’s a little plainI wish you could edit your character and be more involved with them and the home.Version: 1.8.6

Gone..It was a great game there was cute characters and I spent a lot of time playing it and I wish that I could of given this game a 5/5 instead of 2/5. But one morning I went to check on AdorableHome and a lot was gone, my cats and all my furniture all that was left was the girl and the boy. I went to the shop then clicked cat boxes to see if I could buy back my cats and it was completely clear so I couldn’t even buy my cats back. But I still thought it was just a glitch so I kept on trying to get it all back but none of it worked.. I kind of think that the girl and the boy were sad that everything was gone since they were just sitting out in the rain I really enjoyed this game but when this happened I was really disappointed because this was one of my favourite games, please fix this bug....Version: 1.6.4

The GLITCHESLove this game so so much. I unlocked all the current rooms and had all decorated and was so excited for the kitchen and farm update.. until I go to open my game and it’s stuck on the lakequeen loading screen. apparently this is a common issue that you’ve never bothered to fix— as the only way you can fix this currently is to completely re-install the game. hoping maybe the new update will fix my game.. because theres no way I’m deleting all my progress..Version: 1.8.6

It feels incomplete.I just recently started playing and like my “boyfriend” has been gone for so long smh does work rlly take irl days, there’s isn’t much to do. Without paying benefits rn all I can do is Watch videos, wait for hours, hours.. and hoursssss.Version: 1.8.6

Cute but??It’s super cute !! lgbt & skin colour inclusive which is amazing ! but i can’t get past taking the photo of snow as it keeps on crashing >:(( please fix this.Version: 1.6.1

Black screen!!I saw a review which was like mine which I thought it was only my phone but they have a iPhone 5 and I have a iPhone 5s and when you open the game it only shows a black screen and then exits you out. I hope you can fix this because I really wanted to play it!!.Version: 1.6.4

:(It won’t load.Version: 1.8.6

ReviewThis is such a cute game but I have a few suggestions. Possibly make the main characters interact and perhaps add a door to the lounge. Why do the cats get lost and how come visitors are able to enter the house? Also another suggestion let the characters interact in the garden or even the lounge. When is the kitchen going to be built as well as the farm? On that note, thank you for creating a good game!.Version: 1.8.6

🤠I dont hate this game but I don’t like when they say “accept my love” cringe 😬 it’s really weird maybe y’all can fix that so it’s less wierd🥴.Version: 1.8.6

Bug in the gameThere’s a bug in the game which i hope will be fixed sometime soon. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this bug because i saw some other people complaining about this as well. I don’t know what happened but for some reasons, my furnitures and characters keep on disappearing. It’s either the furnitures from the bedroom or the bathroom that keep on disappearing from time to time for no reason and it’s happened multiple times already. The characters disappear sometimes too..Version: 1.7.3

Fun but lacking some thingsDon’t get me wrong, I really like this game! It’s relaxing and fun. My problem is that there isn’t enough choice. You can buy things with love but there’s not enough room to place things and there isn’t much choice in where you can place them. I also think there should be a couple more things added to the store like curtains and things like that. I also think it would be fun to be able to customise our characters with appearance and outfits which we could buy with love. Also a fun feature would be to name the cats ourselves. It’s little things like that which would make it all more fun and we would have more choice and options. Just a suggestion. I still like the game though!.Version: 1.8.4

Amazing art but game play could be betterThe effort made with the visuals are amazing! I find myself wondering how me and my partner will interact with the items which is fun to see and wait. Would be great if some items I can sell for love points cause I just end up buying / collecting but wish I could have like 2 items of the same lamp design. As for the cat tasks, the petting game can get a tad stressful especially when there is one more heart to go but end up tapping the wrong cat body part. I understand that it’s the game but maybe make it less random like have each cat get a ‘personality’ where this cat like to taps on it’s head and paws while the another likes taps on the tummy and tail? This way players get to explore the which cat works. Also, is there really a bento combo?! And is there a clue on socials or within the game that helps players figure out the combo instead of looking for cheats online? Aside from these, LOVE THE GAME! I don’t mind the ads, though I wish the ads can be interactive. I think the game is worth really playing and relaxing with than another time filler. Thanks loads to the illustrator, coders and devs who made this game. Keep moving forward! Your fan base are finding much value in what you’ve created..Version: 1.7.3

Not goodI find this app pretty boring and the quizzes you can take to “earn hearts” are scams. Their quizzes lead to really sketchy websites that always say “You have just missed the amount of correct answers to earn your prize”, even if you get them all right. I think they get money from you repeatedly doing the quiz which is why they keep telling you you lost. Overall really bizarre and stressful.Version: 1.8.6

Wont let me inI was curious on why so many people are liking this. I was trying to find out why. Only to see i cant get in. When i try to open it. It puts me on a black screen. And then back to my home screen. I want you guy(s) to try and fix it. I dont want to assume this app is bad because of it.Version: 1.6.1

All my cats are gone.Hello, I just checked adorable home to see if my cats needs food and to my surprise none of them were there and all their food bowls were gone. Is this a bug? Because I’m really sad and the cat boxes in the shop don’t appear. It’s all just blank but everything else is in great condition. I would give this app 5 stars but I’m so so so so so sad that all my cats are missing so I’m giving it a 3.Version: 1.8.6

I LOST ALL MY STUFF- WHERE DID IT GO???I really loved this game- it was fun and cute. It was fantastic- I had unlocked almost all of the rooms and every cat but this evening I went into the app and it was all gone. My furniture was gone. I now have no cats, can't find any of my characters-apart from visiting animals- everything was fine until it froze on an advert so I restarted the app and my phone. Two minutes later- all my money, cats, characters and furniture are gone- and they aren’t in the ‘mine section. This may not be due to the app but if this hadn’t happened then I would have given it 5 stars. Please don’t let this discourage you from installing it as it is a wonderful game. If the makers of the app read these comments could you please explain why this has happened. I feel so awful that I have to give it a bad rating so I won’t put the one star I was going to give..Version: 1.10.1

Ah, why?I loved this game SO much, it was so cutesy and fun!! BUT, after a while, all of my furniture AND cats disappeared... I couldn’t even get new cats at that point. I’ll be deleting and then redownloading the game to start from scratch, because it really was just that much fun, but it’s disappointing and dissatisfying to lose all progress..Version: 1.11.3

Nice concept but not good for impatient peopleI’m giving it 3 stars for the aesthetic and concept but I was at a loss of what to do after I finished caring for the cats and buying furniture. I was really excited to play until I found out it suggests checking in the game after a few hours so it really isn’t for those who want to spend a lot of time on this one app. I love the art style and the concept is intriguing; I would play it for hours if only there were activities that would last hours instead of making you wait hours..Version: 1.6.5

Has potential but frustratingChoosing furniture and foods is fun. On day 2 I am already finding the cat care mini games to be repetitive and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep playing them. Also, the cat patting game often takes me about 20 tries to pass which I think might be a bit too difficult since I’m trying to pass it on multiple cats in one sitting. Plus you have to get through 30 second ads every few tries. It’s quite tedious. I couldn’t say fun! In fact between pop up ads and ads to maximise rewards, there are a ridiculous amount. There isn’t much to do on the app overall. Might have been beneficial to do some more developing and gameplay testing before releasing to the public. It’s a shame because the art style is so lovely and soothing..Version: 1.6.4

:(It won’t load at all for me:( I can download it but when I try to play it, it doesn’t load and crashes. Am very sad because it looks like a heckin cute game.Version: 1.6.5

Cute, but gets to a boring stage.I love this game! It’s so adorable, aesthetic and claiming! It’s definitely stress-relieving, 💖✨😌 but... I’ve seen so many reviews of people having problems but these makers don’t even do anything about it! It’s actually quite rude and annoying when someone loves your game but they’re having a problem with it, and you just ignore it just so you can get your money!!! So I recommend sorting these problems like other app creators do. Now, I like having fun with my pets and all, but where is my husband!? I’ve been playing for ages now, and my husband has been gone for weeks! I really wanted to play with my kittens with him, but I guess he’s never going to come back! Please sort this out, or I’m deleting this app. (And I really don’t want to, because it has really cute graphics and I play it when I’m anxious). xxx - blue 🦋✨🤍.Version: 1.11.3

Lovely game but needs moreI’ve enjoyed playing the game so far and I find it relaxing. However, I think it could be better if there was more to do. After caring for the cat and making bento boxes, there’s nothing left to do. So I usually only spend about 5 mins playing and the almost half the day waiting till it’s time to play with the cat or re-fill the bento box. I love the aesthetic of the game but I just wish I could do more, like maybe walk around, change outfits etc..Version: 1.8.6

Save dataI wish you guys could make it so that you can save the data that you’ve worked so hard on. I recently bought a new phone because I lost my old one and I have to start from scratch when I already have all the cats and have been playing since it came out in 2019. I’m just very disappointed honestly..Version: 1.11.3

建议能不能在下雪的时候,看电视的时候和睡觉的时候把门关上,睡觉的时候怎么只有女生自己好凄惨.Version: 1.12

Didn’t receive rewardsI purchased the lowest tier of love (x1000) since it claimed to remove ads as well. Payment went through fine, but despite restarting the app multiple times, I’ve not received the purchased love and I still get ads. The game itself is cute and has a promising premise, but there’s really not much to do. I’m not sure if it’s also a bug, but I got a notification saying the husband has returned home, but I’m still left with only the girl and the cat. You care for the cat, make your partner lunch, then close the app until hours later when you can do something again. This can work in some games, so I’m trying to give it a chance, but it looks like the furniture is literally just for appearance? Everything costs love, but you have very little methods of getting love..Version: 1.6.3

BoringThere’s not much interactive stuff to do. Unlike other games I can not play this for a long time. All there is to do is chores for the cats and make food and then when that’s done your character just sits on the couch..Version: 1.11.3

Fun but...Really love this game. Super cute, but it’s way too hard to get love. The whole thing with the offers is a little bit frustrating, as I am getting every question on the quizzes right but every time it says you haven’t gotten a good enough score. It then makes me do another quiz and another to get my love. It seems like they are just trying to get me to have so much time in their quizzes, it’s quite misleading. It’s never ending and I can’t get the love. I love the whole concept of the game, but I think it should be a little easier to get love. Maybe there could be mini games to earn love or something like that. I want to be able to play the game more but I can’t do anything without love and I can’t really get it. Also, I think it would be fun to customise your character. Love the game but I just have some things that could improve it. Please listen and thank you.Version: 1.7.2

Gotten worse over the monthsThe game deleted my 30k+ hearts that I’ve collected for MONTHS. It keeps glitching and the furniture keeps disappearing. It also doesn’t sync with real time anymore, so when it’s daytime in real life, the game would be in night time and vice verse so I don’t know what happened there. It also never gave me the hearts I bought, and it’s happened to other people before so I’m pretty sure this game doesn’t deliver what it promises to, which is pretty scummy and rude. I’m done with this game, the developers need to learn how to fix their game and learn to fix the glitches because no one’s gonna wanna play your game if you can’t even do that. Never playing this game again..Version: 1.8.6

Disgusting.Love this game but here’s a warning, DON’T invest time in those STUPID surveys and quizzes. Such a shame, this great game paired up with these people, so money hungry. First off, the quizzes are way to long, the surveys get way to personal, the games are ridiculously long and even though I haven’t tried it I feel like those “offers” for subscriptions and other items are scams, just a feeling. So disappointed, would’ve been a 5 :/ (I’m talking about the offering page when you click on the “more love” icon.).Version: 1.8.6

Can’t see visitorsThe new update has made it so that i can’t see my collected visitors :(.Version: 1.12

A glitch?This game is so cute and charming, and i really enjoy popping in every so often to see what my cats or “myself” are doing, but... i wanted to see my characters in a different spot in the morning, so i took away the bed and they moved now time has basically stopped in the game, my partner hasn’t gone to work, and the cats haven’t eaten their food (i didn’t interact with them so idk if that has stopped too) hopefully it fixes itself, but if not, this would be terrible since my house is already fully decorated with all the cats.Version: 1.8.6

???I saw the reviews and was super excited to play this but when i opened the app, I only got up to the point where we take our first picture of snow and then the app freezes and closes. Is there something I’m doing wrong or??? Pls fix, I really wanna try this game out.Version: 1.8.6

Buying CatsWhen ever I buy it doesn’t show up in the lounge nor the bedroom for garden. Sometimes my furniture just disappears and then I have to store them and replace it. It is very annoying. Please fix the bug.Version: 1.6.3

Black out!Not trying to complain but every time I try to play the game it just goes black and kicks me off! I have a old iPhone 5 so don’t know if it is just my phone or is the game! Was a bit disappointed cause it looked like a really good * adorable * fun game so yeah... going to delete it cause it has no use to me if I can’t play it! Hope I can play it soon!!!.Version: 1.6.1

PLEASE READ THIS AND REPLY PLEASEThe game is cute and aesthetic, but, you can get bored very easily After you’ve shown affection to your cat and done the lunch box There needs to be more ways to get harts then just thoughs things. Also i bet everyone would love 💓 if there was an upstarts where the bed and bathroom would be and down stares just add a kitchen. Also it would be nice if you could control your Carter’s and change there clothes, instead of them just sitting outside and on a couch. I just said everything that everyone wants to add in this game. Please consider adding these and please reply so I know. Also I will leave the heart earns to you. Peace ✌️.Version: 1.10.1

😭😢😭😢😭I wish they sped up the game I always have to wait like 4 hours to play with the cats and the people just sit around ,sleep, or play on there electrical devices, you tap on them and it tells you their name so all you do is play with cat(s), buy more stuff and make bentos😡 I want to interact with the people😭please make so I can interact and the girl works one day and the boy works the other!!!!.Version: 1.6.5

Ad grinderI’d really like this game if I didn’t have to dedicate my free time to watching ads every minute just to get enough in game currency to actually enjoy the features. The game makes a profit by tricking you into thinking that you’re having a lot more fun than you really are. 2 minutes of gameplay for what feels like 5 minutes worth of ads. To put it into perspective, you have to watch 10 ads to get 50 “love” (the in game currency) after you’ve exhausted all other in-game methods of obtaining “love”. The features to unlock such as the bedroom, kitchen, etc cost 3000 love to make available. You’re basically just waiting days to unlock a feature if you’re not paying into the game or watching ads/taking the surveys/buying RL items to obtain the in-game currency. If you’re into that then this game is for you. I have no idea how this ended up with multiple 5 star ratings. I’d say the game is a 3 at best, for gameplay and aesthetically pleasing art. It gets a 1 star from me resulting from the way they use their players for their benefit. The time that they require for you to enjoy all the features of this game are a giant red flag..Version: 1.9

Updates please!I love this game, although it’s a bit hard to earn love. Other than that, the game is really fun and nicely made the only thing I would request is updates. Here are some ideas of things you can add to the game as it can get pretty boring at times. 1) having kids (and being able to look after them) 2) collecting other animals 3) being able to decorate the outside of the house, that’s all I can really think of but my point is to just add more please! (Oh and maybe make other ways to earn love other than ads?).Version: 1.7.3

The possibilities are endless...It is a very calm game about cats, but it would be great if your character could actually do stuff too (like get pregnant, have kids, talk to your partner, have fights with your partner, go out from time to time, move houses or cook the food instead of buying it? I enjoy the cats part but too many cats makes the house a little cramped. I think cats shouldn’t be the main source of hearts. Things such as taking care of kids, interacting with your partner/ objects in your house or cooking (from paragraph 1) should earn you hearts. Maybe you could own up to 3 cats but other things give you hearts too so lack of cats won’t affect your earnings. I also dislike some of the cat games. HATE THE CAT PETTING! Very annoying and based on pure luck. Supper frustrating, should be replaced! This game has so much potential. I just hope the developers listen to my, and other people’s suggestions... it is still a fun game though, but could be way better. 🥰.Version: 1.8.4

Good idea not so good executionIt’s genuinely an amazing calming game, I got it since i liked games like animal restaurant and it’s very calming. It’s a very simple game which i see as more of a weakness rather than strength. You go on, feed the cat and your partner then do the same 3 mini games. Then occasionally buy a few items, which you don’t even have that much space for anyways. I would love for more things to do in here and activities that would enable me to feel a sense of duty (going on my phone because I know I need to bond with my partner ect). Other than this, it’s a wonderful game..Version: 1.13

There’s nothing to doI just downloaded the app yesterday and liked the idea of it and how you decorate the house but after packing lunch and doing the things with the cat there is nothing to do for another 2+ hours and I don’t get enough love to pay for anything.Version: 1.7.2

Ehh...It’s Okay!So I started out fresh and my friend had to go to work and then I had to get love from the cat! And then here is the real struggle! It took me ages to do the activities they were so hard! There were only 3: cutting the cats nails, taking it a shower (which was the hardest) and stroking it! I would like these to b improved to much easier content! And then I bought stuff with love and I wish we could place more beanie cushions instead of 1. And then it doesn’t tell you how long your friend is at work I can’t wait really long! So plz improve the following things I just wrote!.Version: 1.8.6

Has a lot of potentialThe art is very quirky (reminds me of Neko Atsume, but better) and the gameplay is really smooth and relaxing. However, after you acquire all the cats, the game does feel a little grindy and repetitive. I definitely wish the developers would change up the minigames among cats instead of just the same pet, cut nails, and wash mechanics for each one. I can think of so many possibilities! Secondly, there NEEDS to be a preview furniture feature. I have NO idea what anything looks like in each room until I purchase it, only to realize 1) it doesn’t fit in the slot I wanted, or 2) it doesn’t look like what I expected. There’s no way so sell furniture you purchase either so this becomes super frustrating, as I ended up with a lot of furniture I don’t like and will probably never use. Thirdly, there needs to be a “fill all bowls” mechanic for feeding the cats. I don’t consider myself that impatient but manually filling each bowl with the same food every single time gets tiresome. Fourthly, there needs to be a backup feature. I was so frustrated with Neko Atsume after I got a new phone because all my data disappeared, and for this game, there also is no social media or email account link. I want to be able to check in on my cats on other devices! All in all, I ended up buying hearts to support the developers since this game has a TON of potential, and I wish that supporters who made in-game purchases aren’t inundated with ads left and right still..Version: 1.8

I wanted to love the gameThe game is so cute and so calm but I wish their were more interaction between the animals and characters. That we could choose outfit and that the main character could do stuff. In resumé, I was looking for cute version of sims and sadly didnt found it in this game..Version: 1.8.6

I LOST EVERYTHINGI’ve been playing this game for a year!!! I had every cat and almost had my dream house and when I got on today I saw I had the starter furniture. I only had lounge and garden scene. Idk why I had the garden and not the rest of the scenes (I bought). I saw there were no cats so I checked the bowls and there wasn’t even 1!!! I went to see if I could buy more cats and the screen only has the background but no cat boxes. I checked mine and only started furniture. I don’t know if this is a bug or something but I spent REAL MONEY!!! I’m deleting this game if it doesn’t go back to normal UPDATE so I got back on to see if I can make it work and I got the press shutter quickly thing so I did and I had a picture of the black cat meaning I had cats. I’ve had this issue a while ago when my partner would never leave even thought I prepared the bento box I never thought anything of it because this used to be a great game but now even if I wanted to work for everything again it would be harder. I could only get love from the tv and weather and maybe watch videos all day for love But that would be seriously annoying. Please fix this and respond to this and I’ll consider giving a better review.Version: 1.10

Small inconveniences, crashes and rotating the viewThe game has a cute and simple art style and the concept is nice but the gameplay itself is rather bland. In particular, the “Stroke Cat” gameplay. The success of failure of the mini game is completely random (or at least feels completely random) and undermines my input on the game as a player. It doesn’t feel loving rather than a chore to continuously replay and hope to be lucky. Most importantly, for me, is that I really wish the game could rotate both ways. Right now, I can only play on one horizontal rotation which is generally an irritating side as it makes the phone difficult to hold when I wear earphones. In terms of the UI, it would be nice to be able to change furniture without needing to re-open the menu each time. Being able to select the furniture from your inventory or cycle through furniture whilst looking at the scene you’re trying to decorate would make it much less tedious. Also, I tend to have a bug where when there’s a camera event, my game always crashes after pressing the shutter. It runs well once I load it up again but still an inconvenience. Altogether, I love the concept and style of the game but there’s so many small inconveniences that make it difficult to want to play..Version: 1.8.6

It has so much potential // BBY KIT 🍥🐱I enjoy the aesthetic of this game however I find I’m not enjoying the cat duties, it feels like a chore rather than a loving experience :( at least make the patting part enjoyable .. as someone who can’t have cats irl it would be nice to be able to have fun patting them rather than getting frustrated when the cat scratches and I have to start again.. I get that it’s supposed to be a game but it really kills the ambiance.. would be awesome if you could interact with house items and partner. Another improvement should be you can “give / donate” your purchased items and receive “love” for this action because I find I’m buying things and changing my mind once I see it in the home.. ‘try before you buy’ would help with that) Shopping for your character would be awesome too! Other than the above mentioned I really enjoy the game and hope in the future these features can be added along with being able to interact with real people online.. like online friends, visiting them in there homes 💭💭! Good luck developing this game, it could really go places if you take on the feedback from your users :).Version: 1.7.2

What’s Next...???🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I really liked this game until about a week ago after I filled up ALL my rooms and garden and had purchased more furniture and items than I could fit in it. Now I’ve just been going on a couple times a day to just feed the cats and the partner 😕 A bit boring now. I’m just collecting more and more hearts 💕 Have over 10,000 now and I don’t know what to do with them all? I could probably buy a new house with that much! Maybe a bigger one that gives me more rooms to decorate?? I would love to see more rooms added. A garage? A gym? Ability to buy a car or bicycles? Maybe a different tv available to buy? Maybe another front yard area to decorate? More characters to interact with? OH, and I would really like to be able to switch from room to room by “swiping” left or right!! That could be pretty easy. 😊.Version: 1.7.3

CrashingIt keeps on crashing especially when i would take a picture or decorate my bedroom. it's annoying me sm, i think it started when i updated it. btw my phone is an iphone 6s plus. please fix this ! i enjoy the app sm and i don't want to delete it.Version: 1.6.1

RubbishI downloaded the app thinking it was really cute and i clicked on it but the screen goes black and then goes back to my home screen. i then deleted it and reinstalled it and it did the same thing. so i checked my storage on my phone and it told me that THIS APP was using the most storage on my phone when i haven’t even played the game yet. they definitely need to fix this game ASAP because it seems really cute and fun to play🤦🏻‍♀️😭 p.s: i forgot to add that it uses up my battery A LOT. just before this, i was trying to get onto the game and my phone was at 42% and then suddenly went to 28%. i’m not sure this is just because iphones have short battery life but this has never happened to me before while using an app😞📱🔋. i hope that you can fix this game as i REALLY want to play it💔.Version: 1.8.6

HelpI don’t know what to do and it’s boring.Version: 1.13

Why should I report an issue with Adorable Home?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Adorable Home to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Adorable Home customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Adorable Home.

Is Adorable Home not working?

Adorable Home works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Adorable Home.

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