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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles App User Positive Comments 2023

Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles app received 74 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about woodoku - wood block puzzles?

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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles for Positive User Reviews

Fun with ads… except for oneLook, I will *pay* to have ads taken off. This game is fun, and I like filling out my daily puzzle calendar. But I am so tired of seeing the ads with the mom and her child suffering from poverty and the cold. I know woodoku likely has no control over the ads that rotate, but the homescapes (or gardenscapes idk which one) ads are horrible and also happen to be the longest ads on top of that. Finished the daily puzzle? Watch a sick trembling bed-ridden mom receive ice cream, her shivering daughter beg for the player to fix the fireplace (it stays broken), and them both stare at the player to fix the open window that’s been letting snow in this whole time (it also doesn’t get fixed). The viewer can’t actually do anything but watch. And there’s also ads from the same game where you watch the player purposely sabotage the mom and daughter from getting money from a puzzle. When they only get one coin out of hundreds, we watch them sob. This game is my favorite nighttime thing to wind down with, but it gets ruined by these ads every time. They’re cheap, emotion farming, long, and so frequent. Please do something woodoku team, I like this app but it’s not worth seeing that same ad multiple times a week. I’ve been playing for 10 months, and I can’t imagine how many times I’ve seen that ad by now. I’ve reached my limit. I can’t do it anymore, man..Version: 3.00.00

Me: *Removes data and all content from iPhone due to ads.*BEGINNING OF THE DESCRIPTION - Hello. I would like to make a report for Woodoku. There has lots of reports from people because the only one thing that’s been reported is from ads. REASON - Sadly, I won’t be playing Woodoku for a day or a week because of that. When I come back, would you add a purchase button that removes ads for a amount for like £1.99 or £2.99 or more. It’s great that my favourite game Flow Free has a purchase button to remove ads but I also want to pay £4.99 to remove ads and it also includes to unlock all of their levels to complete. But for Woodoku, they forgot that payment button to remove ads. Remove ads button to pay might be their next update. APOLOGISE - Developers, I am very sorry that I would not play Woodoku for this reason. I hope I will be playing this until I get a button to get rid of ads. GOODBYE MESSAGE - Thank you for making the game stress-free! And for all people, thank you for reading. From: Me..Version: 3.14.00

Love game but annoying glitchesI love this game and especially the challenging “journey” but I spend half of my time trying to reopen the game after it shuts down or freezes after an advertisement. The ad comes on, I wait click on the x- nothing, shut down game, reopen - black, try again- okay time for a break try again later. Grrr.Version: 1.8.3

ThinkingI enjoy this because it makes you think.Version: 3.06.01

Now, no more ads during game playUPDATE—They seem to have fixed the ads so they do not pop up mid-game. (At least I haven’t experienced any more, and I log in every day.) Thank you. PREVIOUS REVIEW: I understand that you have to show ads to offer us free games, but I have recently noticed they are now occurring also during game play. This is irritating because while I am in the process of placing a piece, an ad causes me to drop it in a place I didn’t intend. This totally defeats my strategy and ruins my progress in the current game. I do not want to play if I am concerned about losing because of an ad. It makes it not worth it to me. Otherwise, I find this game very relaxing as there are no timers or opponents. Please reconsider you ad placements..Version: 2.11.03

Calming & comfortingThe only app to provide long term calming and comfort to this Long Covid sufferer with cognitive impairment. Especially love Journey - but the difference between levels 1 & 50+ is just too great and becomes too hard. Otherwise a great tool!.Version: 2.12.00

One quick question and complain (what happened to me)So I started playing this game yesterday and I found out about it from my grandad and he asked the same question I want to ask right now. He said “the thing is you get on levels and it glitches do you know how to fix it?” And then I played and started to glitch I don’t know if it’s cause it’s probably my internet or something but if it isn’t pls fix it..Version: 3.04.00

Love the game…and a few suggestionsI really do love this game! It can be frustrating at times but totally satisfying when your pieces align correctly. I’ve been playing this game on and off for a year or so, and there’s one thing I can’t wrap my head around: what is the purpose of the gem collection and the journeys? I think it would be really cool if you could trade your earned gems or journey awards for a specific block during a game…you know a shape of your choosing. And I understand that diminishes the challenge a little and takes away from the “randomness”, but it would really increase each player’s personal satisfaction. Let’s be honest here, those are what others reviews have reported being the most frustrating and annoying… It seems like the biggest complain from other players is the ads. Is there a paid version that you can buy or subscribe to that turns those off? Also, I’d like to see how I rate with other players. It shows you your personal scores, but I’m curious what other people’s high scores are. My best score 1787, but is that a low score in the grand scheme of the game or a high score? Anyway, I still love the game and will keep playing it regardless!.Version: 2.00.00

Addictive in a good wayReading the reviews below I of course agree with those mentioning too many ads. What I don’t agree with necessarily is that the game is set up to give you the wrong piece at the wrong time. I did think that for a while but I’ve found that there are points in the game where correct placement is crucial. Around 5/600 , 1000, 1300, 1700.. my top score is 2800. In other words there is a rhythm to the algorithm that gives you the right pieces to get you out of a tough spot if it identifies that you’re close to moving on or the wrong piece when it identifies you’re going to close out soon. Well that’s my theory. Generally the game is satisfying in either a meditative sense or in filling in a few minutes that you might have. One thing that’s interesting is if you’re right into a good game and you have to close it, when you go back to it, it usually ends very quickly. It’s like you get the rhythm but have lost it when you return. The other thing is don’t make moves that leave awkward gaps, it’s a sure way to fail. The game rewards you for being careful to not do this..Version: 2.00.00

It’s funThere are so many annoying boring ads it’s a fun game definitely recommend getting it but you can make it better but I like it and it’s pretty fun it’s also quite hard when you run out of room on your thing but it’s quite fun me and my mum player and have competitions I wish you could have a part in the game will you could challenge someone do you like like a fun thing where you go up against each other that would make the game even better.Version: 1.8.7

Tim Hortons AdI play Woodoku frequently throughout the day and thoroughly enjoy the game. Recently a Tim Hortons ad has popped up advertising to win a gift card. I cannot get rid of the ad unless I enter to win a gift card. I have deleted and reinstalled the Woodoku game a few times but eventually the Tim Hortons ad reappears. I am tired of deleting and reinstalling the Woodoku game so may just stop playing it. Really would like to continue playing if you could help me out..Version: 1.8.4

Glitch problem.Bingo cash ad keeps blocking Woodoku, so I have to delete the app and start again, while at high stage of journey. Happened twice on my iPad. Good game so I am playing for hours. Newer version where you can rotate the pieces too easy. I went straight up to 4000 and then had to go to bed. Haven’t tried again..Version: 2.10.01

No knowledge of wood needed to playWoodoku is as much of a teacher as it is a game. Its smooth, soothing wooden tiles invite us to think about creating space - on the board as well as in our lives- the randomness of the tiles reminds us that despite our efforts to organize everything into little boxes, the future won’t always fit neatly into our plans and we must remain flexible. Whether we score hundreds or thousands of points, Woodoku displays a message of encouragement while providing accountability in the form of measuring us against our past performance and celebrating our successes as we best ourselves. Finally the ads between games show us that we really could be wasting our time in worse ways..Version: 3.07.00

Great Brain ExerciseEnjoyable if you like puzzles.Version: 1.7.2

Woodoku puzzlesThe Woodoku puzzles allow you to clear Your mind and recharge this game can be helpful to play before bed it can also Make you snuggle up in to your warm blankets and have a deep sleep I highly recommend Woodoku puzzles Download now on App Store!.Version: 3.16.00

Wonderful but full of bugs and adsIt’s great fun. A good challenge. But some ads refuse to shut down when the X is touched; woodoku itself often hangs up and, worst of all, when it finally returns, it frustratingly plays the piece in the wrong (and most inconvenient place)place. Nevertheless, it’s still good enough to addictively keep playing it. I hope one day the bugs will be fixed and it will be wonderful. I had written that some time ago. Now I want to add that the ads that take ages to go away are the same ones that one hates. Why don’t you set up a paying option ad free..Version: 3.06.01

WoodokuMy OT and I downloaded this game and I am currently sitting on game 84!! I love it as it keeps my brain in the game!! I do however wonder why my hubbys game has coins to be collected and rockets to destroy thing on the board (specifically journey) whereas I have none of these and our versions appear to be the same? I am going to update but terrified it’ll wipe out progress of my game when I’m so close!!!.Version: 3.09.01

Fun app, but too many adsI love this game but there are just too many ads - one ad after EVERY game! I get sick of closing the app every time to get rid of the ads so I can keep playing. Please make a paid version so we can do away with the ads. I only ever keep this game for a week or so before the ads kill me. Then I uninstall for a few months before I forget how annoying the ads are..Version: 3.02.00

Great daily challengeLove my quick daily challenge. Easy to use and very intertaining!.Version: 3.07.00

Addictive & time consumingLove playing the games, however it could use some tweaking! The drag & drop on the pieces sometimes locks up for a few seconds & will drop the piece in a spot not intended. There are way too many long ads to watch between each retry. Some of the journeys are too long. But mostly the end of the journey puzzles are way too difficult to solve with the pieces given. The Journey to Japan is ridiculous and I spent way too many hours on re-trying to solve the puzzles. I just wanted to make it to the end!! It shouldn’t be so frustrating, it should just be fun. Great concept which is why I keep at it but come on guys, make it more fun! Also, the game will lock up after playing for a while so I just have to close it out & try later. A game for someone with lots of time on there hands..Version: 2.08.00

Does this game have an unfair edge?!Hi. Sorry if this has already been brought up before. Although I very much enjoy this game and play it frequently, I can’t help but feeling that, as currently designed, the app has a distinct and unfair advantage over its players, by the simple fact that each new set of pieces is generated after the previous one has been placed by the gamer. As the game progresses, it will always come to a point in which it should be trivial for the algorithm to come up with a set of figures that are impossible to accommodate, thereby ensuring you lose. It seems to me that it would be better if each new set was created and displayed onscreen after the first two of the previous one have been placed, but before the last one is. This way, the player can’t benefit unfairly from viewing the next set in advance when placing the first two, but neither could the game gain an advantage, not knowing how the last piece will be placed on the board. This would also add an element of skill in deciding how to place it in order to maximize its effectiveness, considering what pieces will follow. I hope this suggestion is clear enough..Version: 2.12.00

Ad free optionLove the game! BUT why don’t you have an ad free option? The ads are infuriating! Annoying enough to make me want to hit delete..Version: 2.07.01

GoodI like this, I appreciate that there are no in game purchases, and don’t mind the ads, but something has recently gone wrong. The music for an ad ( Star Trek Fleet Command) keeps starting to play but the advert doesn’t. It’s annoying to me as I like to play while listening to a podcast and suddenly there is loud thumping music playing. There’s no way of stopping the music. Can this be fixed?.Version: 3.07.00

Fun, I never get bored, or hardlyNot exactly sure how long I’ve been playing this game, but it’s been a long time! It keeps me from getting too bored during a long day at home. I can’t walk much and in a wheelchair most of the time. The various games or puzzles that Woodoku has, I love the variety! In fact sometimes I’m playing the game so long that sometimes it’s been all day long playing the various levels! It’s free, you don’t have to add any money or anything, but sometimes the ads are too much, especially when you finish one level pretty quickly! Other than the ads, I’m very happy with Woodoku and recommend it to anyone that loves puzzles! You won’t get bored!.Version: 3.07.00

Addictive gameI absolutely love this game and wish that I could pay for an ad free version of it. It does drain my battery really fast though.Version: 2.04.00

Great GameI love this game. Initially, I was going to write that I had zero complaints until I read some other reviews and I agree with what someone else mentioned: that it would be nice to know where I stand. Is my score good or bad? I would not mind if there was just a chart where I could judge myself but better yet, would be knowing where I compare to others. And better yet it would be nice to know where I compare to others and a breakdown of age groups (or some other breakdown: education level? Etc.) I did also like the idea of being able to collect the tokens and trade them in for something. As for the pieces not being random as some say, I have not run into that issue, they appear random to me. And what incentive for the developer is it to not have random pieces? I do not see any reason. Overall, it is an addictive game and I really enjoy playing. The ads are short so they really are not a hassle. Thank you!.Version: 2.01.01

Great Game BUT Why False Ad?I have been playing this game for many years. What I like most about it is that it is just like Sudoku. It really changes the brain to make you think of every possibility. I would recommend a delete one shape each game like a skip button? Sometimes it is literally impossible to use all shapes even though you have plenty of room left. One thing that annoyed me was seeing an ad for this game. It was a diamond shape trying to fit all the shapes into the diamond and fitting so many increases your IQ. This game is NOTHING like that. It is completely false advertisement. Plus, why do a fake ad for a truly awesome game. The ad has nothing to do with the OKU of Woodoku. Please don’t be one of those apps.Version: 2.04.00

THIS IS HORRIBLEThis started out being a great game but, either as I played more or as the developer saw fit, it gets more and more difficult. I can understand making the game harder as you go, but it has definitely changed for the worse in the months I have been playing. The developer has added more and more figures like diagonals and, as you progress through a game, you only are offered very large and unworkable figures. Three months ago, my high score was 1527 and now I am lucky to get to 800. I will delete this and search for a new one. As to the different games which give time limits for solving, they are interesting but the developers make it so difficult (actually impossible) to progress enough to make one delete the game icon entirely. That is exactly what I have just done..Version: 3.08.01

Glitchy advertAds show in between each game that you have to click out of each time. One of the ads goes to a black screen that freezes my phone. Have to restart every time. Very annoying. But the game is simple to play, enjoyable and very addictive..Version: 1.8.4

AmazingI love this app it’s so fun you get to connect the pieces and it’s really good for kids to learn about their different shapes as there is many different ones that they give you. This app is almost a game I always play and they include all the different holidays and incorporate them in the game E.g- St’ Patrick’s day and lots of others . This game is so amazing to play . I recommend this game fir everyone to play ..Version: 2.01.01

WoodokuVery challenging game. Thoroughly enjoying it!.Version: 1.3.0

Fun and addicting but they can’t seem to fix the bugs!I love these puzzles and I muttle my way through the freezing and crashing to finish a puzzle and move on. I don’t understand why I can’t listen to a podcast at the same time I’m doing the puzzles? I’ve asked support before and I never heard from them. It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to fix this problem given the amount of complaints about this and it is your program! I feel the same way about your ads as the rest of the people. There are too many ads and I always get bumped off my podcast because of the audio of the ads! So back and forth I go! I just want to de-stress and work on my puzzle without having to work so hard to actually complete one without being interrupted by freezing and crashing..Version: 2.10.00

So AddictiveThis game is extremely addictive, I would stay for hours trying to win the harder levels of the journey. It got really difficult and challenging, but fun, I loved the game. However, there an extreme, extreme lagging problem. It can be really frustrating how slow it is, there’s such a delay between when you try to select a piece to move it and when it actually moves. Also, playing the game drains my battery like no other, it absolutely depletes my battery quickly. Also, the ads for the game are misleading because those scenarios don’t exist in the app at all. But I did still like playing it, great challenge..Version: 2.06.00

Fun gameThis is a fun game however, the advertisements are way too long and so annoying. You should have the right to opt out after 30 seconds and this is not available. Considering deleting the app all together due to the ads.Version: 1.8.1

FunThis is a great time waster or a great way to spend some time..Version: 1.8.4

Awesome GameVery addictive. Keeps me occupied..Version: 1.8.1

Great game, lousy for your phoneLoved this game from the start and became quite addicted. Only then did it become obvious that the adverts (etc) were playing havoc with my phone. It is NOT an old phone; I do NOT use this phone for much more than calls, email, messaging, Facebook and to date have not had a second’s problem.... until I installed this app. I suspect that the constant adverts are responsible for the app failing/freezing etc. I have, regrettably, deleted it. Phone behaving properly again. ‘Nuff said....Version: 1.8.3

I’d rather pay than have the adsI love this game! But the main reason I stop playing it is because I get so frustrated waiting for the ads to pass by. It ruins the lovely meditative experience of the game. PLEASE give us the option to buy the app if we don’t want the ads. Thanks for a beautiful natural themed game, my fave..Version: 2.02.03

GameI love the game, not an overwhelming amount of adds and the graphics are beautiful. I like that there are different types of challenges: collect jewels 💎, reach a specific score and so on. Maybe you could create more block patterns like four across and three up or something. Also, maybe win coins in each game that you complete then use them to change the board that the blocks fit into ? Thanks for reading 📖.Version: 3.12.02

Ad Free Version Please!!I love this game, but the number of ads is ridiculous..! I would gladly pay a small one time premium for an ad free version….Version: 3.08.00

Too addictive 😂Love it, But never managed to get better than the best I achieved within a week of starting to play many months ago. I noticed one of the other reviews mentioned ads. Keep Wi-Fi turned off and don’t allow it to use mobile data and the problem goes away 😉.Version: 3.10.00

Great game BUT …Ads keep crashing the app and making my phone really hot - software issue?. Would love it if you’d make an ad-free option..Version: 2.00.00

Too many adsThe games are great but there are too many ads, which go for too long, and no ad-free option. The ads often take longer than the individual game. It is easier to close the app and reopen it than to endure the ad..Version: 2.03.00

Good game but crashesThis game is so much fun and I wish I could give it 5 stars but the games crashes every few games and it freezes every time I play it. Sometimes it freezes every 30 seconds and then crashes. My phone and iPad are updated, so this problem is definitely with the game. Please fix it because the crashes make it impossible to play..Version: 1.8.5

Great Brain Strategy GameLove this game so much. Such a great brain strategy practice and gets more and more challenging as you play (especially the journeys) which I’m grateful for. Love the good graphics without constantly flashing or creating “screen noise”, making it a good game to be challenging yet relaxing. The only thing I wish was different was the time allotment for the journeys. The levels sometimes take several attempts to complete/pass to the next and with busy life schedules, even playing a little bit everyday when I am able, I always run out of time before getting close to level 84 - which is a goal I’d like to achieve. I wanted to send TripleDotStudios an email rather than write it here in the review, but there is no contact info on the website unfortunately. Can Woodoku journeys be extended from 6 days to maybe 12? Or even 8 would be better. Please and thank you! 🙏🏽.Version: 2.10.00

Doesn’t seem randomIt’s a very addicting game, but also frustrating. I agree with the last reviewer totally. As the game progresses, it refuses to give you even one shape you need to keep going. It boxes you in. As the game progresses and the space gets tight, it never gives you the small shapes you need to clear an area to keep going. I can always tell when I’m screwed. Once I get to about 700 points it starts giving me the opposite of what I need and starts giving me 4 or 5 block diagonal shapes etc. I have never started a fresh game and been given a diagonal shape. If it were truly random I assume I’d get a variety of shapes throughout the game. I also notice anytime I need an L shape or a single block deep into the game I never get those. It’ll give me a backwards L that I can’t use over and over. If you play it enough you’ll notice right away..Version: 1.7.1

It would be 5 stars if….I love this game, it’s so addictive, the only reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because of the journey, I think the time to do the journey should start when you play the first level. The hours start when I’m sleeping and then I have work so I am missing like 15 hours of play time and I want to get to the end levels. I find that annoying, at least give me a chance. Otherwise, love it.Version: 3.14.00

Way too many levelsI like this game at first, but when I saw there there are 40 levels and you only have 6 days (or so) to get as many awards as possible, I stopped playing as much. Maybe I want easier games, but there are so many games to play that I am not going to spend that much time doing the same thing over and over. Also… The one big annoying issue I have with any game is that I like to play in silence but the ads are super loud and some even play through the speaker even though I silenced my phone!!!!! This is a terrible situation when you are trying to be discreet! It’s bad enough I have to be tortured with repetitive ads for other games but to make it super loud makes me want to throw my phone. Ads should be silent because if you do like the sounds then you tend to look at your phone when the sounds stop, so the ads have the opposite affect if they are so loud and disruptive that you are trying to get rid of them the fastest way possible..Version: 2.08.00

Great game….BUTAwesome game, each puzzle is different and works the brain as it should. Unfortunately the ridiculous amount of ADS takes the shine out of this game, not even an option to purchase AD-Free..Version: 2.08.00

Love the app, but game keeps freezingThis is an addictive app. I have different versions. I like the brain challenge, but it is so annoying when the game freezes for 5-10 seconds and I can not move any of the pieces. Often I have to restart the game. I’ve tried closing and reloading, doing a forced shutdown of the iPad, but nothing helps. What causes it to freeze when it’s time to move a piece? Also, the number and frequency of ads is so annoying! And some games like Brains n Balls don’t have a “silent” button, and so can’t play this in bed or anywhere while waiting! Why not offer a paid version w/out ads? Let us buy it once, not a monthly charge. Also, I HATE all the FAT ads! They are not true and there is no pill that can create those results. PLEASE eliminate these ads!.Version: 1.9.1

No option to switch off advertsI like the game. It is quick to play but not repetitive and keeps the brain working. There are too many adverts though; one after every level. I’d be happy to pay for a non advert option but there doesn’t seem to be one. As a result I only play this infrequently and not for very long because the adverts get annoying..Version: 2.02.03

HiHi.Version: 1.8.0

BRILLIANT GAME!!!I just wanna say, please never shut this game down! I love playing it so much! Great job to all the team! It’s a great way to make ways of completing a level by helping me to use my brain with thought through every step! (Plus I must say that for an injured guy bored at home relaxing 24/7, it is the best way to pass through my long hours)! I’m used to the ads, no big deal, you can easily skip them within seconds!.Version: 2.10.00

The ads are killing this for meI cannot tell you how much I love this game. I love the graphics, the gameplay, the fact you don’t have to buy power ups or lives, it gets progressively more challenging. It’s got everything except for the problem of the ads. I really want to pay to be ad free. I would be very happy to do that. I now have to sit through an ad after every single game. When a journey first starts the first few levels can be cleared in a minute so I’m having to sit through ads literally every other minute. It’s so frustrating and is completely killing this game for me. I love it but I am going to have to stop playing because it is driving me insane. You have got an amazing game on your hands here but it’s ruined by the sheer amount of ads we are expected to sit through. Please offer an ad free version in exchange for money. I’ll be first in line..Version: 3.10.00

Fun while it lastedWhen I first started playing Woodoku I quickly became addicted and found it a good way to pass the time, but now the app has started to glitch and the un-removable ads have become a pain..Version: 2.05.01

Fun, yet frustratingThe game is fun and challenging. I just wish we could still attempt the daily challenge games if we miss days. I feel like that would be more fun. After reading some of the other reviews and see other players only have 45 levels to get through on their journey is a bit frustrating because every single journey I’ve had has had about 84 levels to get through in only 6 days. That’s not enough time and it eventually gets boring. The ads that advertised this game showed shapes you had to fill just right, but this game has absolutely no shapes. Add the shapes in. It’ll make for a more interesting level/game. I do wish there was an ad free option for this game because those do get annoying to watch every single time you want to go a new level after completion. I understand and appreciate that this game’s revenue is made off of showing ads, but I also feel like the amount of ads shown between levels is a bit much. If a player is able to complete the level they should be able to go to the next level without seeing an ad. But if they fail, then an ad is appropriate. But the ads do make it annoying when you’re trying to complete several levels at once in order to obtain as many rewards as possible within the six day journey period..Version: 2.08.00

Ad glitched and hv to reinstall n loose best scoreGreat game if no glitches.Version: 3.01.00

WoodokuTeaches you to look for the detail and strategize on that..Version: 3.09.01

Deleted due to the ads that you cannot stopThis is a good game but became unbearable to play due to the myriad of ads that appear after every round which you cannot disable. There is also no way to purchase the game in order to stop them (which I would gladly have done as I liked it that much). Such a a shame because the game itself is very enjoyable..Version: 1.9.4

GORGEOUS(No, I was not paid by the company to write this review) I have seen other reviews for this game yhat ha e been 4 stars because of reasons such as ads or the journey thing. Im rating this game 5 stars because all I do is play the regular game mode. I always play this game, when im bored, when im about to sleep, or even while im eating. This game also has an elegant layout, its vlean and not complex. They also have multiple languages othee than english which you could find the settings tab. Also, an ad will play after every match, at least most of the time. That doesnt bother me though, I will continue to play this game as much as I can. Its seriously the best game I have. Its so simple but fun, and its definitely relaxing. So yeah, this game definitely deserves 5 stars. Thank you for reading my review 😇😇😇.Version: 3.08.01

No option to end AdsIs it a good game? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Can you pay like $3.00 to end ads forever? No. Man these ads are long as heck sometimes and it just makes you close the game instead of waiting to skip the ad..Version: 3.06.01

PleaseGive me 3000 to beat my dad in Woodoku I gave you five stars for a reason.Version: 2.01.01

Great game BUT Too many addsI love this game and play it for hours. The journey feature is awesome and I challenge myself to get all the awards. BUT I have to sit through unwanted ads after every game and every time I lose. I would happily pay a one off payment to get rid of the ads. Please listen to your fans and get rid of the ads!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Not a bad gameGame is pretty good but the ad keeps popping after each game is pretty annoying.Version: 1.9.0

It’s addictive.......Trying to better one’s own highest score..Version: 1.9.0

Fun gameAddictive!!.Version: 1.0.1

Love all but one thingI LOVE this game. My husband and I both play it every day. There are constantly new puzzles and we compete to see who can get farther at on the Weekly Journeys. I just have one problem, ADS. There are so many, one after every single try. If I lose in 3 moves I have to watch an ad to play again. If I play for a full minute, I spend at least a quarter of it if not half watching ads. Of course I got a message today saying I need to allow the game to track me. Right now, the game won’t open, because I have all my tracking turned off. I would be willing to pay for the game, I love it that much, but the ads are driving me crazy. Even if it does allow me to play again, I’m afraid I will end up deleting it because of the amount of ads..Version: 1.8.3

Great game but...Great game but there are far too many adverts and they last too long - 30 seconds is far too long when you want to get on with another game rather than look at a gross advert about body fat or a game youre not remotely interested in. The game also freezes frequently after the ad's so you have to force quit the game. I usually lose interest at this point..Version: 2.09.00

Great game that’s wonderfully addictiveLove this game. Nice and simple, no need for flashy ‘extras’ or ‘cheats’ that sidetrack you from actually giving your brain a workout. You just compete against yourself basically. Do the journey or the daily jewels or just don’t and play to get a high score! I can just zone out of everything else and focus on one thing. Almost like meditating. Only thing that’s irritating at the moment (May 2022) is that it’s a little glitchy. Puzzle pieces seem to lag/freeze across the screen and then drop where I didn’t want them to be. Tried closing all open apps, closing the game and re-opening but still happens. Otherwise it’s my fave game on my phone! Cheers guys..Version: 2.04.00

Ads ads adsA great game but please give me the option to purchase and remove ads. As it is I play the game without sound on and when a level finishes I just walk away and let the ad play. Useless mindless irritating interruptions.Version: 1.2.2

Love with reservationsI’ve been addicted to this game for six months. BUT there are a few things I wish could be changed or added. 1) an ad-free purchase option. I would certainly spend my money for that and I don’t really buy apps. 2) if you’re not going to offer an ad-free version then maybe reward the clearing of a level with no ads. Ads only when there’s failure? 3) level options. Each week starts a new challenge and it’s tedious to have to begin at level one over and over. For experienced players it would be nice if we could choose a starting level or if the challenge had experience levels to choose from, something like Easy, Challenging & Pro. Or just skip the weekly & keep leveling. Also HATE the ads that take over my sound because I’m always on silent so out of nowhere the sound comes on loud & now I can’t play this game in bed or in quiet places. Please please please eliminate those ads. Thanks for a fun game..Version: 2.07.00

Good game except I need internet connection now…I love to play Woodoku every day but now suddenly I need internet connection to play and I don’t have access to internet connection much. If this is something that can be fixed, I’d love that. If not, I’m afraid I may have to uninstall the app because it’s taking up my storage space which I need. I don’t want to uninstall the app but unless I can get this app to go back offline, I’m going to have to uninstall it. :/.Version: 3.01.00

Fun well-designed game, but has flawsThis is a really engaging game, fun to play, challenging and rewarding. I also really like the simple, clean design and aesthetic. It’s quite attractive. Hence the four star rating. However, most annoyingly, there is no option to remove the ads from the game. I’d be more than willing to pay a fee for the game, whether one time or monthly, to avoid the obnoxious ads. Another flaw is it’s a bit annoying that the groups of three block shapes provided at a time do not appear to be randomized, but instead seem to have an algorithm to provide block shapes that specifically DON’T fit in open blocks needed to complete squares and lines. The lack of randomization in block shape provided is also apparent in that, having played this game almost daily for months, not once has a diagonal block shape come up early in the game, and not once have I gotten a single block later in the game. This makes the single block completely irrelevant as it’s never needed at the beginning of the game. Why include a meaningless shape? Finally, although I like the sub-games that make up the journeys, the journeys are much too long for the timeframe a player is provided for completion, and once the player has played a few journeys, they just get repetitive, and I find it boring to have to complete the same easy rounds over and over again to get to the more challenging rounds. Despite all these flaws, I do still enjoy the game and have recommended it to other folks..Version: 3.01.00

Confusing scoring & no rewards?This is a nice distraction but could do with a few improvements. You shouldn’t be congratulated for a “Daily Best” if it’s way below your highest score? That’s just annoying! First thing in the morning you play your first game of the day, get a terrible score and the game goes wild for a “Daily Best”?? Pointless and annoying! Also, why have a special game with the jewels if there’s no rewards?.Version: 1.8.3

😕 Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles Negative Reviews
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