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Triple Tile: Match Puzzle Game Positive Reviews

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Triple Tile: Match Puzzle Game App User Positive Comments 2023

Triple Tile: Match Puzzle Game app received 48 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about triple tile: match puzzle game?

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Triple Tile: Match Puzzle Game for Positive User Reviews

Bit more?Great fun game. Since I stop going forward when all my rewards are spent, I enjoy re-playing my fav levels. You should show a little level number during play so I remember what levels I love..Version: 2.18.00

A good mind gameI like the game because after about 2-3 levels you have to I think to see where the three matching tiles are. It makes a person think..Version: 1.1.0

Time fillerIt’s more challenging than it looks and it keeps me on my toes..Version: 2.09.00

Triple TileJeu bien fait et pas trop de publicités.Version: 2.19.00

Très amusantTrès agréable et amusant! Mon nouveau jeu préféré!.Version: 2.26.00

No ads interrupting the gameI appreciate no ads p playing mid game.Version: 2.11.00

Great matching gameLove this game. I originally downloaded to iPhone and played for several days. Wanted to playboy iPad so I downloaded but I can get the two games to sync so I am on the same level on both devices..Version: 2.16.00

Pretty good game :) simple and addictive:).Version: 2.21.00

Mind RefresherAmazing.Version: 2.20.00

Great gameDefinitely gets your brain working.Version: 2.18.00

WowI m absolutely hooked!.Version: 2.13.01

No pop upsNo pop up adverts in between every level like most games..Version: 2.11.00

I love this game specially night time 💕💕💕💕💕I love this game specially night time I play this game I have a good night sleep.Version: 2.19.00

Love this game!I love this game. A week or so ago I finished all the levels, deleted the game, and started over. But now there are MANY fewer levels! What happened?? Now there are only 100 levels and I finished those easily while watching a movie. I guess I need to start over again? But what happened?.Version: 2.01.00

Better than Zen MatchWas playing Zen Match until it got impossible to play without spending a lot of money. This one’s better I just wish you could pay for no ads.Version: 2.13.01

FunI tried zen match but this is so much better. update: A couple weeks later. They changed the game this past week. Now at level 31 instead of clearing the board it gives a goal of 2 items and then it's over and moves on. I don't like this so much. It was better clearing the whole board. 😕.Version: 2.12.00

Good gameIt’s a good game but there’s like to many other plates covering the one you need and you have limited space so it makes it a little hard to do but otherwise it’s a great game.Version: 2.25.00

J’adorePlaisant ce jeux me recentre bravo.Version: 2.12.00

Great gameThis game is fun to play can play it for hours without getting bored ..Version: 2.13.01

This tile game is FUN & FREEThis is a great game especially when I remind myself that it’s totally free! I added it because the free version of my main tile game has a LONG delay when you have lost all of your lives and the options to add lives as you go along is ridiculously expensive. To be honest, I may end up playing this one just as much once I get used to the graphics..Version: 2.08.00

Great mind gameI got to 801 and the game wouldn’t let me go further. It was stuck. I had to reinstall and start all over. I like this game because you have to think strategy..Version: 2.04.00

FunI really like this game . It is challenging but still a puzzle. The only thing I hate is you can only play like 2 rounds at the most before you have to go thur WAY too many ads! Just to get back to your game 🥴.Version: 2.08.00

Hooked on Triple TileI mistakenly deleted the app a few days ago and was so upset. I kept trying to find it, but didn’t know the name of the game. I tried several but none were relaxing as Triple Tile. I don’t like “timed” games and background music is so relaxing..Version: 2.00.00

I wish I could purchase helpsI’d gladly pay for an ad-free app, plus I wish I could just buy small packs of the helps, rather than having to watch another blasted ad. I love the game, but I’m so sick of the ads I might delete it..Version: 2.09.00

Great gameCame across this game so glad I did very addictive.Version: 2.12.00

Triple tileThis game is so fun, the quick levels has caused my hubby and I to compete with each-other and try to pass up one another. Iv had the game for maybe two weeks now, he JUST downloaded it yesterday and he’s already ahead of me… by a lot. 😂 but yea a real fun game to play to pass time or even help you fall asleep at night. So relaxing and stress relieving..Version: 2.00.00

Calming and BeautifulThe graphics are so nice to look at, and the gameplay combined with the music is calming and addicting!.Version: 1.0.0

I just got this game todayThis is a fun to play you have to look for the same things to finish the game. The more you play you get rewards that you can use in the game..Version: 1.0.7

Love itIt definitely helps me on concentrating and avoiding bad habits.Version: 2.25.00

Very cool idea i have been playing this game it was very interesting game thankyouThank you.Version: 2.28.00

TripledotThis game was enjoyable until you get to the libels above 100 than every other move you have to see an ad in ordered to rearrange the board to continue. I am at level 450 and I have had it with this constant need of ads to advance. I have even restarted games to see if that would help. NO IT DID NOT. It is a shame because I am done playing.Version: 2.01.00

So many ads!Really great game but it is ridiculous how many ads and how long each ad lasts. Half my time is spent on waiting for those to be over. Would never get one of the advertised games for that reason..Version: 2.11.00

LocksLove the game I’m got up to 609 on my other phone but my game did not transfer to my new phone. N some time it locks up n you have to exit n come back in but that’s no big deal. I love the game.Version: 1.1.1

ChallengingFairly new to this game but it’s quite addictive already!.Version: 2.13.01

I just gave it a 5 star reviewAnd it now doesn’t work!?!?!? Everything is a mess! It’s giving me things I don’t touch And then not responding at all.Version: 2.19.00

Brain GameThis game is full of different strategies. You have 9 spaces to move the tiles to match. Three tiles are a match and the tiles appear on top of one another. Just try the game, you will be hooked..Version: 2.19.00

Great game! Though not perfect…It’s s great matching puzzle game with neat little aesthetics, but there are some things that could be improved on… — The game lags a good bit at times, especially when loading in advertisements or if there’s a lot on screen. It especially gets annoying when your inputs don’t register and you end up selecting a tile you didn’t want by accident and end up failing. — The game doesn’t save your progress on a level when you close out of the app. It’s especially annoying since… — The game crashes frequently enough to be irritating. I could get maybe three or six tiles away from completing a puzzle and have to start all over because of a game crash. — The reliance on ad-given abilities to solve puzzles without resetting breaks the flow of the game- especially since people are more than likely to put their phone down and ignore the adverts altogether. It just becomes a waiting game at that point- which isn’t fun. I understand ad revenue lets the app devs earn money, but it gets aggravating after a time. Overall it’s a relaxing game, but having your games be interrupted so often can get annoying. Other than that, it’s cute and I like it..Version: 2.15.00

Great and Simple GameSplendid game with beautiful graphics! Thank you for making this game.Version: 1.0.8

Such a chill and relaxingSo relaxing and fun. Love the music. Best game ever, honestly..Version: 2.08.00

Level 51I was enjoying this game until I reached level 51 and it will not open so I can play it! 50 levels completed quickly but three days later it still won’t let me play this level, thought the game was frozen but I am able to replay the previous levels.Version: 2.04.00

Love itLove it.Version: 2.19.00

CoolCool.Version: 2.17.00

GameNice game.Version: 2.09.00

FunFun game … wish I could make money doing this game!$!.Version: 2.20.00

My other was accidentially 2 - accepted too soonMy 1st attempt to rate, accidentially came out as a 2 star, meant to be this 5 star vote. I love this game, it is, my go-to game that I constantly return to - to calm myself, relax, helps me to think. Just love this game. And out of all the Tile type games I have tried in the past year, this 1 is my favorite..Version: 2.21.00

Very enjoyableI deleted a similar game. It was frustrating because it was impossible to advance to the next level without paying for helps. This game is so much fun! It keeps you on your toes. Just carefully look at the board. The levels are solvable. Helps are generously given. It is not too easy or too hard. The game makes you think in order to clear the board. Every game is a solvable puzzle. Just take your time..Version: 2.00.00

Great GameI ran upon this game accidentally and I’m glad I did. It becomes more of a challenge after you play a few games. I haven’t been able to stop playing. I love it, it has become my favorite!.Version: 2.01.00

Triple tileBest game ever ,no paying ,super easy and relaxing..Version: 2.21.00

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