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DasherDirect By Payfare App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

DasherDirect By Payfare app received 10 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DasherDirect By Payfare? Can you share your negative thoughts about dasherdirect by payfare?

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DasherDirect By Payfare for Negative User Reviews

Reaching dasher direct Support worst experience I ever hadMy card was getting denied at a Dunkin’ Donuts with more than enough funds in the acct. when I tried to contact Dasher direct to resort my issue through Their app it just redirects me to regular Dasher support who can’t help me because they don’t have access to my Dasher direct account information. I get asked my issue by Dasher support then put on hold for an hour each time for a total of 5 times. 5 hrs or waiting to speak to no one and my card keep declining being stuck in the city and can’t purchase food. One support agent told me to try calling them directly and gave me the number to payfare Canada UBER support! I can’t make this stuff up. They should have a direct line and stop playing with there dashers. It felt like everyone just took off today on hold from 12pm til 5pm so far and all I heard was their cowboy waiting song for 5 hours it’s ridiculous . I wish I could leave a pixel of a star rating. I never write reviews but this was and still is (as I’m still waiting) customer service (or lack there of )experience of my life. I wish this on no one 😔.Version: 1.7.0

DOORDASH SHOULD OF TOOK MORE TOME BEFORE LAUNCHINGDASHER BEWARE: facts that I can prove. 1. When you need a new card you have to pay $5 and it take a month to receive unlike more reputable banks. 2. When you get a refund from a merchant transaction you need to keep you eyes on it because unlike with other reputable banks dasher direct card doesn’t send back your money. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks still never received a refund back to that card that the merchant sent back immediately. 3. DasherDirect support is almost impossible to contact. You will be on hold for hours and you still may not get to speak to anyone. If you do … you probably won’t get the solution you were seeking. It’s really really bad. It’s nice that you can get your earning quickly but it’s not reliable like other banks so I would honestly use your original bank for Doordash you have more coverage and better support system. They do not offer that here and I believe they launched this card way too early then what they were ready for. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED 🤷🏾‍♀️ When a merchant refund me an item it can also take 30 days to receive that money back.Version: 1.6.3

Here for an income $$$I’d like to start off on a positive note ! I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to supplement my income by being a dasher ! I am a single mom with no help and living paycheck to paycheck so some nights I literally dash to be able to buy groceries. ……. With that being said , I find it truly unfair of DoorDash to penalize us when we decline an offer due to it not being worth the $ . I’m sorry but $3.50 to drive for 30/45 minutes is ridiculous. Not to mention the cost of gas and mileage on our personal vehicles . I am here to make money not loose it . You can’t earn “top” dasher with an acceptance rate below 95% or something like that and without that too dasher label you are not able to dash whenever you want to , you also get thrown a crappy amount of orders because they go to the top dashers first ! My customers leave me great reviews , I am at a 4.89 ! There is no reason to treat us this way . We are here out of our own free will trying to make some cash . DoorDash ** please take note ! Please revise your rules . There are great dashers out here that need to be appreciated and not bullied into making penny’s so that more money goes into your pockets ..Version: 1.5.0

Mixed FeelingsVery convenient when it comes to being able to access funds, as soon as you end your dash the money is there for you to swipe (most of the time). Cash back rewards for gas and everyday purchases is real and you can cash it out to your card’s balance whenever you decide. The inconvenience lies in the fact that the app experiences technical difficulties more often than you’d like it to, and when it does, you can’t use the app. If you cash out during one of these periods you have to wait for them to sort out the issue and it usually takes a while. When they do maintenance on the app you can’t swipe your card, withdraw cash, or cash out to your account. Without these problems, I would definitely rate 5-stars but without the security of knowing I can have my money whenever I need it, it takes away from the overall appeal of it all..Version: 1.7.1

Worst app everWhere to start. First of all, the app goes down numerous times a week. It’s been doing this for months now. When it goes down you can’t access your money and the app unlocks your card so anything can be taken out of your account even if you locked your card. You won’t get refunds either. I’ve had one refund that I never got for 55$. Another refund they totally screwed up. Rather then get the money back they actually took it out of my account instead. Total opposite of a refund. They have no phone number to talk to customer service and if you call door dash they tell you they can’t do anything. So let’s recap. You can look forward to the app not working almost on a daily basis, you won’t get any refunds, and you can’t talk to anyone to get help with any of the above mentioned issues. Stay away from this card. It’s by far the worst banking app out there. They will screw you, take your money, and when your trying to get food for your family the app will crash and you will be standing at the register looking like an idiot. Trust me. DONT USE THIS CARD!!!!.Version: 1.7.1

FeedbackTwo incidents occurred while working for Door Dash the first thing was I was promised $150 for loyalty program which I never got and then when I called to confirm it no one knew what I was talking about the second thing that happened was my account was hacked and $188 come up missing off my direct deposit and I reported itDoor Dash investigate it and told me at first they retrieve the money back and they will be put back on my card in after two weeks I have not received my money they told me they couldn’t get the money back and it was nothing that they could do just left a very bad taste in my mouth but it is what it is we all need work we all need money to pay our bills sometimes we have to let some things go for the greater good Also I’m wishing that when I login to the account I can get more than an hour at a time because my pay averages out to maybe eight dollars an hour because a lot of the rooms they get are between three and 56 dollar payout and lucky if I get tips from most of the customers which I’m grateful that I do on that note I’m blessed to be employed with you I look forward to a better future and a prosperous year.Version: 1.4.1

It’s alright.I like Dasher Direct because I live paycheck to paycheck, which in this line of work tends to be Day2Day depending on volume of business and other factors not totally in my control, (and to be fair, some factors within my control LOL) being paid every day is the safest option to me, because technology fails sometimes and I’ve been stuck without pay because I couldn’t get to my own earned money that got stuck in the digital world once for a short period when I really needed it. And i have always gotten my pay deposited into my real bank account for two years from DoorDash which helps to prove my income and paint an accurate picture of my finances and budget. So I don’t like that I cannot instantly transfer from dasherdirect to my bank account instantly. It takes a couple days. And some days I need to use fast pay more than once which isn’t allowed. However, with having this Dasher direct, I can cash out after my lunch shift with fast pay, change my payout method to dasher direct, then work the dinner rush, and have that money on the dasher direct card by the next morning. Boom! Two cash outs within the same 24 hours.Version: 1.3.1

Dasher DirectThe card serves a valuable purpose by connecting directly to my dasher account and allowing my accumulated money from completing dashes onto the card which I can then use as a debit card for purchases. It gives cash-back on gas purchases which is a good feature for a Dasher as we constantly have to add gas to our cars to complete dasher deliveries. My two negative reviews are if you want to use the card at the pump for gas you must have at least $30 in the Dasher Direct account so if you have less than $39 in your account you can’t use the card at the pump to put in say $20 in gas. Also if you wanted to deposit cash onto the card at participating retailers there is a fee assessed up to $4.95. That is a nuisance and because of that fee it means I’m unlikely to deposit cash into my account to use the card to pay a bill or at another retailer. If that fee wasn’t in place I would be more likely to use the card more often where as now I’d be more likely to withdraw the cash in my account and deposit it to my bank and use my debit card from my bank to make purchases at retailers or pay bills using the card..Version: 1.7.1

RidiculousCustomers do not tip enough. gas is almost 5 dollars a gallon and almost every order they only tip sometimes two three and four dollars it’s just not worth it because of the price of gas. you should definitely let your drivers see the tip amount total before choosing to take the order. We don’t drop peoples food off for FREE or on our dime. There is already a 20% tax deduction from the amount of money we make on top of gas being extremely high. Customer should not be allowed to take tip amount back either after you drop the food off. There should be some type of organized set to come in to play so your driver still get screwed over on almost every delivery. It would definitely just be better business practices and look better on the company. When it is all said and done between tax deductions putting wear and tear on your vehicle and amount of gas along with low tips we make below a living wage. Instacart at least let’s you see the tips ahead of time and the customers that don’t tip anything don’t get service and that’s completely justified! We don’t work for free nor can we..Version: 1.7.1

Lack In DetailsIt's a good card and everything and it's very convenient that you get the virtual card and have access to use your funds while waiting for the physical card but it is a lack of information to your customers about the Google pay and Apple Pay compatibility because I've been looking everywhere online to see if I can get an answer if the card would work with Apple Pay or Google pay and I cannot find the answer to nowhere on the Internet so the only way to get your answer is to self try it and see if it works and while I was signing up for the card I was not informed that it is Apple Pay and Google pay compatible and I think as a company you guys should let your customers know all the advantages they have available to them instead of having them go and sign up for some thing without knowing all the pros and cons and they have to figure out their selves later on down the line and then they may not be so much happy customers because I know me personally I was concerned for 2 to 3 days about how I would use the card in store not knowing that it had the Apple Pay compatibility and if I had known sooner than later that I could add it to my wallet I would've been using it more excessively instead of the lack of knowledge and stressing myself trying to figure out how am I going to get the funds to use in store.Version: 1.7.0

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