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Bright - Crush Your Card Debt Positive Reviews

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Bright - Crush Your Card Debt App User Positive Comments 2023

Bright - Crush Your Card Debt app received 21 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bright - crush your card debt?

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Bright - Crush Your Card Debt for Positive User Reviews

Love the Idea and The methodology behind Bright.So far I have used it for a month and it feels nice that it collects small deposits throughout each day to make one big savings to be used for my credit card minimums. And still have the option to edit the minimums so if you want it to pay more than the minimum you can. And then the option to withdraw the extra money on bright is also pretty satisfying. It’s equivalent to have a savings account for CC payments. I hope they can add more banks so I can add additional credit cards to bright so I can have all my CCs on the app. Does a great job of choosing days to pay them and always early. I think it was worth the try and keep..Version: 1.24

SUPER HELPFUL SUPPORTI love the concept of this app but based on other reviews wanted to make sure I had a full understanding of how it works. Bright’s lovely tech support Andrea was great and explained to me that the app doesn’t pay cards off directly from your bank account throughout the month. It ACTUALLY pulls amounts from your bank account using Ai Moneysmart tech and puts it into your Stash account set up by Bright. Then as long as you have each card you want bright to pay off ‘activated’ and ‘verified’ Bright will use the money from the Stash account seen on your home page on the app. Love this idea and loved the quick & informative support! Can’t wait to start crushing my debt I got throughout grad school!.Version: 1.32

A M A Z I N GThis app has been nothing short of amazing! It works for me especially because I’m busy being a restaurant manager. I don’t even feel the money it takes out of my account. It’s like having your own personal assistant to pay all your bills. What’s best is I don’t even realize when bright puts in more than it should to whatever credit card is on file! It gives me peace of mind know that I don’t have to worry about a thing. I highly recommend this app to anybody. Even if you’re already great at paying your bills, this just makes it even easier, and for $10 a month, you can’t go wrong! Get it NOW!!!.Version: 1.28

Awesome AI paid down my debt automaticallyThis app is awesome! Really helped me pay down my debt, without me even noticing! Today I checked. Only been using Bright Money for 3 months and paid off 1 card. Thank you xoxo! Bright automatically saved money from my checking account, and paid my credit cards at the background! The AI worked so well, never overdrafted me. They even got all the due dates right so I never missed a payment. Credit cards are so easy to get, but so hard to pay off! Geez how would I know that credit card minimum payment is meant to keep me be indebted forever. And every card has a different due date. Sometimes I went to vacation and forget... then boom got charged late fee of $39 and then interest rate! I felt I would never pay them down. Then I joined Bright and I feel hope again. There was a couple of times I had to contact customer service - so nice and patient. Highly recommend for everyone..Version: 1.27

Bright helped me…a lot!We moved to another state and incurred a LOT of debt as I had to charge on a lot of different cards to pay the trucks. I could barely manage all the different payments and kept being late. I was skeptical about Bright at first as I HATE recurring fees - but finally decided to give it a try. Bright organized all my cards in one place and made payments to them ALL throughout the month without me having to even think about it - actually saving me a lot of interest and stress! I got five cards paid off and only have one left. I couldn’t have done it that quickly without Bright. Thank you for this brilliant app!.Version: 1.32

Great App!Very happy with how it manages my credit card payments. Love that I can set a monthly goal of how much I want to pay towards my cards over and above the minimum and the app figured out the best way to apply the extra. It really does make managing my money easy. I also like that I can change my monthly goal as needed and if necessary, I am able to move money from Bright back into my account. Now I wish they would look at adding other types of debt like Student loans, car payments, PayPal. I currently pay these in a similar manner as Bright Money does for my credit cards. It would be nice to add these accounts to Bright Money..Version: 1.26

Amazing Customer ServiceWhen I signed up for Bright I was immediately impressed with how straight forward everything is. From the layout to the detailed debt management plan. Everything was very clear and understandable, which is sometime rare with these things. What impressed me the most was the immediate human representative response I received. I had a question about my account so I opened the chat window to contact support. This was all done at 2am so I expected to go through a lengthy auto response but was shocked that within seconds I was connected to an actual person! My questions were answered quickly and it was nice to actually get a response that wasn’t automated or simply directing me to an FAQ page (especially in the middle of the night). Can’t recommend this app enough if you’re looking to manage your debt and know that they have your back!.Version: 1.34

Great concept, just not right for me right nowI’m giving 4 stars based on the potential i feel this app has. I saw Bright on the Pennyhoarder blog & thought I’d try it out. I really like that it sets up a plan to best pay down your credit card debt. Seeing it laid out in concise steps was convenient & easy & cool. I picked the “Smart Pace” option & just let it work. The automatic withdrawals were fine & never overdrafted, but with my current financial mess it just wasn’t the best fit for me. I didn’t try the credit builder option but that looked like an awesome benefit. The whole thing kind of gamified paying down debt which I really liked. I was super happy with customer service when I was able to stay connected (my issue, not Brights). I will definitely consider trying Bright again once I have things back in order..Version: 1.33.1

So far, so good!I downloaded Bright a few months ago to see if it could help me pay down my debts as well as it advertised, and it’s been pretty smooth sailing ever since! The app has made great improvements to really let users hone in on the best method for paying off their debt, and even has ways to pause the AI or set a limit for your bank account where Bright won’t take more money out so you don’t overdraft. It’s nice to know that money is being saved for me without having to do anything, and that I can combine it with my own manual payments to really crush my debt fast! Their customer service is also great, they are quick to help answer any questions I’ve had, or work to resolve issues if they come up!.Version: 1.30

Awesome app to fix debt!!I was a dumb teenager with a credit card, and spent way more that I should have. Feeling overwhelmed with 2k in debt (I know not a whole lot but still quite a bit. With bright, I’ve been able to drop that debt from 2k down to 1300 in just a couple months without having to even touch anything bank wise. I’ve had two issues that needed to go to customer service, and they’ve been absolutely amazing. Once it made my account go into overdraft and they fixed it immediately with crediting my account back in less than an hour, and the other (just now) I needed help removing a bank account, and the support lady names Sophia helped me in less than 10 minutes!! Amazing app with amazing customer service. Only complaint is some of my debit cards don’t connect (kohls card) but they’re working on adding more accounts as soon as possible..Version: 1.28

Absolutely great productI was sad that I had to discontinue using Bright but due to some personal circumstances and higher priorities, I had to delete my account. I WILL say, however, that for the few months I used this app, it was GREAT. I never had to worry about where my money was going to since it was taken out for the bills that the Bright prioritized for me. Everything was paid in time and I saved a bit of money on the side because of it. I spoke with a rep (Samuel) to delete my account and he was SUPER friendly and accommodating. Never tried to hard sell me on keeping the app or anything - just verified some info and that was it. I’ll be coming back to utilize Bright again that’s for sure!.Version: 1.33

Santander Bank customers read this!I think this app serves a very nice purpose for me. I can link all my bank accounts and credit cards and view real time balances while also creating and helping me maintain course on my current financial goals. However there’s an issue when trying to link your Santander account (only account I had issues with) THERE IS A BYPASS for this issue. When searching and clicking on Santander US it says bank unsupported. Proceed to click on find on plaid. It will connect for you and proceed to provide data to your bright money account. You’re welcome 😌 Bright, please fix this issue. You guys may have accidentally used an incorrect link! The link I saw did not seem like the one I use to connect..Version: 1.39

One of the Best Apps ever!I love this app! It does exactly what it promises in the best way. It takes small amounts from your bank ( in little bits that I don’t even notice or affect me) and just sends them straight to the CC companies to pay down your balance. I literally don’t have to think about it at all, ever. I’ve tried other apps that try to take small amounts for payments or savings, but their systems are so irregular and annoying, they end up taking bulk amounts at the most inconvenient times. Never had this problem from this app. Bright has got it right. I’ve had this app for less than two months have it’s nearly done paying off a $200 balance. My only suggestion would be to be able to manually add other types of accounts to save to or pay off. I just want to use this app for all my financial needs!!!.Version: 1.20.1

Great credit card app!It took me a while to figure out exactly how Bright was going to work and I didn’t exactly understand based on what I was seeing in the app. However, they withdraw money from your bank account in small chunks throughout the month as long as the money is available and then make all of your minimum monthly payments on time. If you set a goal of savings that is above your monthly minimums, they will pay that extra toward a card to get it paid off. I’m very close to paying off a card that I have been trying to pay off for a while and have paid at least the minimums on all of my other cards. It has been easier having them do it than me doing it on my own!.Version: 1.21

Good app, some UI issuesI’ve been using the app for almost a year & I’ve had a great experience! One of my cards is almost entirely paid off, my credit score has gone up 20 points, and I feel like my finances are very in control. I can see where the money is going, and the auto-pay feature has made this process much less stressful. If you’re trying to get the most out of this app, I’ve had lots of success by: setting a realistic savings amount per month, set a higher “safety” balance so the app can better judge withdrawals, and follow the recommended pay off strategy. The fee is nominal for the service provided, but definitely make sure you’re paying attention & reading the TOCs when you sign up! Why I didn’t give the app 5 stars: there could be more banks that the app should be able to work with (connectivity with the Apple credit card would be ideal!), and there’s no way to refresh your account balances manually. I also think it could be helpful if there was a feature to put pay dates & other bill due dates in to help prevent the app pulling too much at the wrong time of the month, but overall a good app & great service..Version: 1.36

Try this app! You’ll be happy you did…I downloaded this app with the intention of just scrolling through it because I thought the description seemed intriguing, but I ended up signing up for the whole deal and I’m so glad I did. Also it’s late at night on Christmas Eve right now and I had opened up their chat bot because I just had a quick question, I wanted to verify something, and to my complete shock I immediately reached a human being who was extremely friendly and helpful, honestly it was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. So for anybody who wants to save money or maybe you want someone else to take care of your credit card payments for you, or maybe you need any of the other countless helpful things this app offers, you should try it!! Trust me there’s nothing to lose, if you don’t end up needing them you can just delete it, truly there’s no downside :).Version: 1.32

A financial SOS lifelineI haven’t been the best with my spending habits and it has gotten me into some debt. When I realized I needed help I went on a search for something that would truly help me. “They” say that there is an app for everything so I starting comparing different debt reduction apps and found that most of them wanted you have you take out a loan or pay for them to help you. Then I stumbled upon Bright! Bright Money is one of the best things for me to pay down and reduce my debt and keep me on track. No longer do I worry about making on time or even extra payments to my credit card because I have a friend who’s got my back. Thank you Bright so much for helping me be more responsible and become a financially smarter person. One thing I hope to see soon is spend ability feature on the app that tracks your bills and tells you how much you can spend and not go over budget to help pay debt off quicker!.Version: 1.20.1

Bright money reviewI want to start off my saying that I love and definitely believe in Bright. It’s a great service. However, after downloading it shows the correct amount saved, but doesn’t have my smart pay card there. So I’m thinking that it’s off. I check online and it’s there as it should be... The application not being able to accurately display correct account info defies the point of an app as I still will need to check out the web app to provide accurate info. Hopefully this is updated at some point... but I would DEFINITELY get bright if you need to pay off some debt. I’m loving the service so far.Version: 1.32

One of the best apps I have foundI don’t want sure how I would like this app, I have tried many different apps to build my credit and only a few I have liked. I was pleasantly surprised by what a difference bright has made for me. I don’t even notice the small amounts they use to pay my card, and couldn’t believe what had been paid on my card, and what was saved in my stash without me even having a clue! They only use small amounts that you won’t notice and I have never had an issue. Low balance-no withdrawal. I swear I haven’t noticed a single withdrawal! But my FICO score is up 39 points so far because my credit usage decreased so significantly, and I have extra money saved in my stash for a tough week or month. I recommend this to anyone needing to get ahead on their credit accounts or improve their credit score..Version: 1.28

This app has a few quirks, but it’s absolutely being a lifesaver for me.There are a few bugs in this app, and I’m unsure how the algorithm that’s being used is determine the amounts it does on the days it draws on my account. Some days, I’ve had two withdrawals taken out of my account on the same day. Others, they take a few hundred (which seems extreme, but based around my pay schedule, actually works out just fine for having enough leftover to last me until the next payday). And the fact that it automates the payments to my cards, so I’ve grown accustomed to the balance I see in my checking as my *actual* budget is so extremely helpful. This app has a lot of promise, but over the last month, it’s been really helping me a lot. It’s lowered interest charges over pay periods and even refunded the minimum payments on one of my accounts by the way it handles payments. If you’re struggling with managing debt and a budget, this app is really worth a try. I do hope they develop even more features and fix some of the bugs. Will be keeping my eyes on how this helps my credit score!.Version: 1.24

Helps Tackle Debt!This app has been really helpful managing multiple credit cards. I can see my total debt in 1 place and know exactly where the money is going. With the membership option, you’re able to set a balance you do not wish your checkings account to fall beneath. After you’ve reached that, Bright does not take money until you’re above that balance again. They do a great job at sending reminders when you have an upcoming payment (which they have usually taken care of in advance) and also sending encouraging messages about knocking down your debt. This app is like having a financial advisor right at your fingertips!.Version: 1.32

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