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Scribble Rider App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Scribble Rider app received 130 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Scribble Rider? Can you share your negative thoughts about scribble rider?

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Scribble Rider for Negative User Reviews

Good but needs developingThis game was really fun when I first got it, but once I’d unlocked all of the items it was quite disappointing because I felt there wasn’t really much point of keeping the game. Perhaps you could add more levels too please, because it just keeps repeating the levels. But it’s a good game for when you’re in the car with no WiFi..Version: 1.74

QA lot of annonce.Version: 1.80

I like this but can you make a different game this is fun thoI just downloaded this and I just love it like you have to draw something to be fast and win. Like this is the best game but there's a ad at the end of every single race and just needs like an ad after like 4 races and not 1 so I kinda find this boring. So you can make this riding game but you have buttons to drive and you can buy different cars in the game there's roads and all of that tho there's a house signal and stop signs so I would love to have a driving game and the name should be called "driving Legends"..Version: 1.200

Needs a little workI think that this app is pretty fun. It’s good for someone that’s competitive. The objective of the game is to race people and be the first to the finish line. But the “people” that I’m racing don’t give you a challenge. It seems that they are either AI or just not good at the game. Sometimes they don’t do anything at all. They don’t draw in their wheels to start the race. So you go and they stay at the starting line. Now when I got this game I expected something challenging and competitive, but that’s not what I got. I think it’s a good idea that you use AI instead of real people, but program them to use the right wheels on the right surfaces. If something falls on them while they’re racing they stay there and you get an automatic win. In theory this game sounds really fun. But put levels in the game so you’re not just doing the same type of course every five times. Maybe we can customize our own people, bikes, and wheels. Please take what I said into consideration and try to fix the problems, thank you..Version: 1.33

Ads?I paid for no ads. Why are you showing me ads?.Version: 1.200

Fun, but could easily be much betterI enjoyed this game and liked concept. It has a short life span for me though, for two closely connected reasons. Firstly, the majority of levels can be completed with a single wheel shape. More often than not, draw a large circle and you’re going to win. Secondly, the levels are too short. It would be a much better game if each race was substantially longer over changing terrain, where you had to make multiple wheel changes in order to maintain your lead..Version: 1.33

AdsOk just some ads maybe add new levels.Version: 1.90

Terrible don’t recommendSo I saw an ad and said yeah this looks cool so then I load it up and it kicks me out I restart my iPad then see if it will work and it still kicks me update that if you care about this bad game it’s not like this other game it’s basically the same but I CAN ACTUALLY LOAD INTO THE GAME WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT FOR THEM TO UPDATE AND MAYBE FIX IT ps don’t play.Version: 1.960

Worst game everIt glitches and when my friend played it she clearly won but It said Unlucky u lost and that the other opponent won which was not true because I clearly saw her past the finish line before The other player and when we were trying to draw on the wheels it wouldn’t let us and we just stayed still and the other opponent one which wasn’t fair because we couldn’t move😡😡.Version: 1.960

So.. many... ADS!!!!It is hard to enjoy the game with how many ads there are after each round there is an ad. Constantly shoving ads in your face like that’s what you’re here for. The game itself is simple yet decent at best. you have trouble getting your shapes right sure the right size. It is borderline unplayable with the amount of ads.Version: 1.80

RepetitiveI went all out and bought the no ads and the best skins for your character as well as vehicle. The levels are all repeated. Doesn’t matter if your on level 100 or 300 they keep cycling the same levels. I got up to level 381 and there’s no end to this game. Just keeps repeating. They need a desperate update. Regarding the glitch I have seen it once in a while on a specific level where the big Egyptian bricks are, the work around is to just keep playing the level until it loads successfully until the next one. Takes a couple tries. This game has great potential and is a great distraction but they need a desperate update, maybe new levels, and scenarios?.Version: 1.1

Fun Until it Stops Working!Really fun game but full of bugs. I was blasting through levels for about an hour until the game broke. The opponent was sitting at the finish line from start to finish. I never saw them pass me or even race with me, their red marker in the top was at the right during the entire race. I decided to reset the app and then it would freeze at the start screen. I tried several times to get it to work even restarting my phone, no luck.. I would like to have played this for more than an hour but I refuse to redownload and go through all those levels with the fear of the app breaking again. Since it was fun, but isn’t functional I’ll give it 2/5 stars.Version: 1.1

Pretty good a some fixing suggestionsThis game in general is fun, entertaining and simple. It’s good for just being lazy and playing around on your device. The idea of drawing your shape of wheels is very fun. My big issue though is the amount of ads. WHY THE ADS!!!!!!! I mean, I get that this game has to make money somehow but I think if you reduced the amount of ads you’d still be making plenty of money. Maybe just put up ads to get more stuff or something or make some ( meaning most) of the ads optional like the ones at the end of a level that offer you to watch an ad to get 2x the loot reward. YOU GET AN OPTION!!!!!! It gets really annoying and makes you want to delete the game if there is going to be and ad before, after and tomorrow if you know what I mean. I could argue that you spend 50% of your time on this game watching ads. Honestly us human beings will eventually click on an ad to get more stuff in your game. Some sucker is going to download this game any minute and decide to click on every optional ad that comes up.( no offense if you do this). PLEASE I M BEGGING YOU, reduce the amount of ads. If you got this far in the review thank you for listening to me complain about this game’s ad time for so long. Please, in the next update, reduce ad amount.Version: 1.90

AdsWhy can’t I just play a game without a million ad pop ups..Version: 1.200

Ads still displayPaid for the ads to be removed daughter love the game. However all the ads still display. Don’t pay for this.Version: 1.930

ShopNeed more things in the shop.Version: 1.40

Unimaginative tracks/ too easy/ frustratingTracks are too simple, unimaginative and way too easy to keep you interested. It’s very frustrating how simple and just how short the levels are. Why not make the tracks last more than 5 seconds? Tracks/levels are also repeated rather than creating new ones..Version: 1.40

Too many adsDear creators of scribble rider, I truely think that you should try and reduce the massive amount of ads, it’s quite disappointing that there are so many ads, otherwise great game!.Version: 1.991

The concept is cool, but...I feel the concept of this game is cool, but the execution is poor. First of all, game has WAY too many ads. It makes me feel like actually playing the game is an achievement because I spent the majority of my time watching ads. The game itself is horribly laggy. Sometimes it won’t start up at all, other times it won’t load the other racer. The levels repeat a lot and overall, it’s pretty boring. The mechanics are janky, the game is buggy, it lags a lot, and it’s overall easy and not very entertaining. There’s also not many options for customizing and I feel it could be improved in that regard as well, especially since it doesn’t take long to unlock the current customizations. I would love to see this concept done well, but this is unfortunately not the app for that..Version: 1.80

Money grab appWorks just long enough to get your cash out of you and then starts glitching, appalling excuse for a game and an outright scam to be honest. Works fine for about 20 levels and then it breaks at which point it keeps repeating the same level or wont even load and gets stuck on 100% loading. Extremely poor, would give 0 stars if possible, DO NOT PAY FOR THE APP grit your teeth through the obnoxious ads that pad the gameplay making it last longer than fifteen minutes and then uninstall with peace of mind you have not supported a blatant bait and switch!!!.Version: 1.1

T e r r i b l eI would rate this 0 stars because when I downloaded this game TWO DAYS AGO !! it looked fun and u was able to play it to a high level until later on I opened it and I loaded but the robot or other player had already one within literally a second so I closed the app and reopened it 3 times may I add and but it still didn’t work so I then carried on to delete it and re downloaded it this in fact made it worse it then loaded and loaded and is now STUCK ON 100 I t has been since yesterday DONT PAY MONEY INTO IT MINE GOT STUCK AT LEVEL 20.Version: 1.1

To many adsAfter every race there is an add. Sometimes even 2 adds.Version: 1.80

Too glitchyThis game is too glitchy the only reason I lose it is because it glitches or a gives me some sort of 30Add whoever created this game did not put any thinking into it whatsoever anyone who is planning to buy this game don’t do it.Version: 1.930

HATE THIS GAME FOR MANY REASONS PLEASE READ WHYHi I like the game for like two reasons but here’s the thing starting with the your STUPID ads we are here to have fun but when you stuff your STUPID games with ads nobody likes it so STOP stuffing your games with ads people don’t like your games I think all you care about is the money you get but based on the other reviews same thing they are mostly three stars and below with the WORST messages and like everyone else says you HAVE to update your DUMB games you usually make the game stuff it with ADS and post never anything else you guys are so STUPID like if you want to make a game then do it right okay like nobody is playing your DUMB STUPID games anymore because of you and like I said I bet if the game studio closes you will only be happy because of the money wow so let me tell you a life lesson DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.Version: 1.74

2 starsGood concept but bad execution. Keeps crashing, only 20 levels and generally buggy..Version: 1.80

Aggressive Ad StructureFun game and concept, but the ads you have to watch after each win or loss is unbearable. I understand you have to make money to run a business, otherwise it’s not a business. But there should be options to choose to watch ads and receive X Y Z..Version: 1.200

Would give 3.5 but can’tAs others have said, it’s a good game, ads are annoying though. Also freezes on loading screen often and glitches the same level here and there. Sort the freezing and lower the ads to maybe after every 4- 5races and it’ll be a better rating..Version: 1.11

To many adsThere is 15 seconds of gameplay for every minute of ads, might as well play something else.Version: 1.200

It is fun BUTThis game is a fun one and it’s a good idea. But when I win a round, I’ll press the next button it doesn't go and I get stuck on the win page. And the only way to go onto the next round is for me to loose so..Version: 1.990

The great idea that this game wasThis game has an absolutely amazing idea for a game, but, like all games, could use some improvement. 1. So many ads! The ads are after each and every race, which are quite short. This makes the ads feel long and frequent, and makes the races feel shorter. 2. It just gets boring. Once you progress far enough, the races repeat and you just get really bored and go play something else. 3. AI’s . Sure, the AI is hard to beat at first, but then once you get better the AI seems to get dumber. You leave the AI in the dust, and it’s easy. 4. Few customization options. It kinda bugs me that there are only 9 characters, 7 bikes, and 9 wheels. Sure, it’s enough for some of you, but I don’t like any of the options. Plus, there’s no challenge to get them. If you want one, you just beat some AI and buy it with coins. 5. Lastly, there’s only one option to play. Race against a stupid AI. Could we maybe have some sort of “build your own” race? Or maybe a huge race with lots of real people? Thanks for reading so far into this absurdity of a review..Version: 1.80

BruhThe game when I open it it closes plz fix this!.Version: 1.970

BoringThough the concept is fun and genuinely entertaining for the first few minutes, the game actually begins repeating levels after a while. I’ve spent a couple days playing and have experienced all the same levels about 3-4 times, and the fact that it keeps going with “new” levels that are just old ones over and over again is really disappointing. Another problem is that I’ve mainly read about bugs, which seems to be a big issue, and I’ve had a lot of the same problems. Some of the levels are also broken. Platforms will fall into the water and make the level unbeatable, and you have to be kinda lucky for the game not to just drop you into the ocean. It’s a fun game to try, but it doesn’t hold up for more than about a day..Version: 1.1

Broken gameThe AI driver cheats all the time. Why do L shaped wheels move his vehicle faster than circle wheels? Why do L shaped wheels even work? Why does it get speed boosts right before the end? How does it catch up on a downhill, in the same vehicle, if my wheels have far less rolling resistance? Maybe I’m getting too deep into this but why then did they make a game relying on physics as it’s core gameplay mechanic? This game doesn’t offer any challenge it’s just who doesn’t get stuck on the terrain, underwater, or stuck on obstacles. You can’t use the throttle or brake with this vehicle so it’s just luck if you’ll even get to the end of the course. The actual wheels your making dont really behave differently than normal round tires, even if they definitely shouldn’t work. Using long flat lines on any solid ground should be impossible, so should using round tires in the water. There’s just a lot of inconsistencies here, most of which end up being very frustrating. Game works fine it’s just not all that great..Version: 1.80

Promising game, but needs a lot of improvementI really liked the look of the game but when you actually play it, there are bugs, such as the game not loading, the other person already at the finish line, and the game does lag a ton. If these issues are solved, and the game runs smoothly and there are no bugs/crashes etc... then it would be a great game, but I’ve given it one star because there are so many problems. (Also there are LOTS of ads but that’s what you get normally from games like this one).Version: 1.1

Not Enough Content!It’s a pretty decent game, fun to play but I get bored of it very quickly once I have unlocked everything. Also, by around level 5 the levels start to recycle from the start and you play the same thing again. The developers definitely need to work on more content for this game, then I may come back to it, but until then I’ll have to uninstall....Version: 1.1

Ads ads adsIf you want a game with ads every time you tap the screen then this game is for you, don’t like an ad that plays after you’ve won? Think you can just close and reopen the app to skip the 30 second unskipable ad? Well you’ll be wrong since if you do that it makes you restart from the beginning.Version: 1.991

Witch glitch will you get?????Whenever I win a level I get on the podium and then I wait and I could be there for hours and nothing would happen. You stay still with some coins and gems in front of you and nothing happens but if you lose you retry. The only way to play the next round is to win and then close the tab and go back on to the game. There is no point in playing anyway because the levels are all basically the same. I have also read most of the negative reviews and there all about other kinds of bugs or just too many adds.Version: 1.201

Devs put low effort & lots of adsThis game has a set amount of levels after which it repeats. The ratio of gameplay to ads is about 2:3, which really isn’t fun at all (unless you turn off wifi). It’s simple and has so much potential but is ruined by the cash grab attempts with ads. It’s a good concept with lots of potential but unfortunately is ruined by its lack of support, features and too many ads..Version: 1.33

Feels like it wants you to draw swastikasIt’s a interring little game of about the same quality as any other voodoo game but the best all purpose design I found is to draw the old German symbol because each notch makes it great for climbing and it you round it slightly it’s great for speed and water but that said it’s not the most appropriate thing to be drawing every round.Version: 1.33

Do you like advertsThe game itself is interesting and different from a lot of others out there, though it does get a little smart after a few levels. My main gripe and reason that I deleted the app however is that the levels last approx 20 seconds each which upon completion you are then forced to watch a 15-30 second advert. So you end up viewing more adverts than actual gameplay..Version: 1.40

Bugs out end of group 2 levelsAfter the last level in the second group it bugs out - if playing just repeats same level and opponent has already finished. If trying to load up again just sits at 100% on loading screen. Do not pay them money!.Version: 1.11

Loading problem and repeating levelsThe game was very cool but once I reached lvl20 it kept repeating the level and then it got stuck on loading at 100 again I had this problem and then reinstalled and now stuck on the exact same level again.Version: 1.1

Excellent concept, serious flawsI really like the concept. Two problems - it gets stuck at loading screen after a certain amount of time. Second problem is that there is one shape that always wins - a five pointed star. Easy to draw and works on all terrains..Version: 1.11

WHO SO MANY ADSOk, so in most mobile games I turn off my WiFi and then play, for no ads. But, here when I did that… STILL MORE ADS!!! Idk how this happened but please remove some of the ads. Also why give us an option for extra loot for an ad, WHEN YOU GET ONE ANYWAY!! I think that it should be reasonable to put a ad BEFORE every race, so that when you get to extra loot, it doesn’t give you one anyway. Like, I could be pressing extra loot, AND NOTHING WOULD BE DIFFERENT FOR MY GAMEPLAY (except being op) I just really think you should remove some of the ads. And yes, I do have more complaints, but this is starting to get to long. If you made it here thanks for reading..Version: 1.970

Sooo many ads!The advertising makes this otherwise quite entertaining game painful to play. One advert in particular was totally inappropriate for my sons eyes. I have also discovered that drawing a star wins practically every level without having to make any changes which means it’s too easy. All in all a bit of fun, but short lived.Version: 1.80

Don’t botherIt’s a good idea, but with only 20 races and fake opponents (apparently they don’t think you’ll notice that there’s only like 10 names that show above your opponent’s heads) it’s boring after just a day. Also, nearly every race can be won by simply drawing a star. They’ve recently fixed a few of the bugs, but there are still a LOT of issues. The axis of the opponent’s vehicle frequently glitches out leaving them stranded. Not much fun when your only competition just gets trapped by glitchy software. Really just not well put together. They added a bunch of new races, but now they’ve added a new add button to freeze your [computerized] opponent if you watch an ad video. Lame. Why would I feel any need to freeze a fake opponent. If I lose I can just do the level over again..Version: 1.600

This is not appropriateI was playing the game , nothing serious then all of a sudden I get this weird add of girl shaking their bum, and have s3x , and obviously this is an kid game but what if a 10 year old stubbles across that ad, also I couldn’t get rid of it. It was just there in my screen, I’m not sure with that is but I don’t this this app is appropriate for the adds they put in there, and now that I think of it I don’t even think that was an ad. 🤢 that was very disgusting to see 🤮. I do not recommend this because it has happend to me a lot 🤮🤮.Version: 1.90

Great premise used for monotonous gameplay.There was a major game breaking glitch that effected my entire experience; half the time the other player didn’t spawn with wheels so I would win by default. The game is fun, and the idea has a lot of potential. The mechanics allowed me to experiment and think of new ways to navigate the terrain. The wheels burning in the lava was a great idea, and I’d be interested to see other ways wheels could be damaged or slowed. My favorite levels are the few with unique stage designs, but most of the time you’re driving across the same collection of obstacles. The concept, while enjoyable, lacks set piece variety..Version: 1.40

Today’s update killed the gameGame no longer opens, crashes halfway through the loading screen..Version: 1.503

One of the worst games I’ve played.SOOO many ads. Like come on dude? Every time after a match you get a 20 second ad. I could not enjoy the game because of how many ads there were. And yes, I know it’s a free game but that was way too many ads! Also extremely boring. It’s just the same thing over and over again and you don’t get that much to do just the same thing over and over again. The match only last about 10 seconds so you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game!! Way to many ads! I uninstalled it because I just couldn’t stand how many ads there were..Version: 1.90

Not loadingI played the game for a day and now it’s just not even loading in.Version: 1.1

It’s fun but it won’t progress me to level 10.I’ve won level 9 at least twenty times, but when I click through to move onto level 10, the game doesn’t tick over. I end up stuck on the win screen forever. It’s fun, but until this bug is fixed, this game is unplayable..Version: 1.603

Requires internet for no reasonIf this game is unplayable without internet what is the point of it? When I don’t have reception or need to save data I try to play games to pass the time but games like this seem to always prove that the marketing team is so inept in knowing how people play their game and instead try to cram as many ads into the game as possible. This would be somewhat understandable if that didn’t then make the game unplayable when you don’t have internet. There shouldn’t need to be an internet connection for a game so simple.Version: 1.80

Simple and fun for a short time, but brokenIt’s a fun enough game for as simple as it is - there are really only four or five practical shapes you can draw to be effective, and once you’ve learned what those are, it’s basically a game of Simon Says - you’re just predicting the most effective of those wheel types based on the upcoming terrain. It is, however, a good time waster - simple and easy doesn’t mean bad. I also accidentally discovered that a particular hate symbol is the most universally effective wheel shape. Oops. I’ll let any readers find that one out for themselves. However, as many other reviews note, the game has serious bugs regarding advancing levels, and I’ve encountered the bug that causes the app to hang every time it’s launched. I’ve even swiped the app away and restarted my phone - the app won’t get past the loading screen and I’m no longer able to play it. I assume an uninstall/reinstall of the app is the only fix, but I haven’t confirmed that. Seems like the kind of bug any dev would trip over themselves to fix right away..Version: 1.1

Glitching real badUhh yeah fix this if this isn’t fixed this soon imma delete the game.Version: 1.503

An advert after every levelLovely concept and a good game but I can’t stand the adverts. Literally every stage you win you have to watch adverts for other games - some you even already have installed. Kills it for me. Shame they couldn’t even let you start to enjoy it by letting you play the first three stages without an ad.Version: 1.33

Just a bit boring…I did like this game,, in the very beginning of getting it. But when i got in it a bit more, it just to repetitive. The rounds are to easy, for one, for two, you can’t name your avatar, (from what I know…) three, the person your up against, I’m pretty sure is a bot, (because he has a name, and a country…) and you almost always win. And there’s also a few glitches, like sometimes, it might just put you in a round. But, I do love the avatars, the wheels and motor bikes, I just think it could maybe have longer rounds, harder rounds, and, real people to go against, or at least the bots, could maybe try harder. (Not to be rude or anything.) and yeah, there are some adds, but they only happen after each round, but that actually doesn’t bug me as much as it sounds like it would. So yeah, if your someone who likes to play games now and then, this is probably good for you, though, if you play games often, then, this might not me the game for you. Thanks for reading! 😊.Version: 1.990

Ad packed and simple gameThe game gives you way too many ads, and isn’t fun. The game designers did a bad job making this game because one simple wheel can beat any level. Overall a greedy and poorly designed game..Version: 1.200

What an absolute waste of a cool ideaThis game, on the outside, seems like it would entertain for hours on end. While, it could certainly do so, it has been chosen to be a waste, for the sake of ad revenue. This game not only forces you to watch an ad after every “level”, if you play through enough of them, as I have done, you will soon see the pure laziness that was put into developing & designing these “levels”. I block my ads, even iAds through a modified .hosts file, so thank the Good Lord I wasn’t forced to watch 30 second ads for every 10 seconds worth of gameplay. This game could have been great, but instead has been a waste to fill an obviously lazy dev’s pockets. How do I know they are lazy? A simple 5 pointed star shaped wheel will net you a Win, every single time, guaranteed. Whoever is putting apps like this on the market, I hope your advertisers know that the only people these sort of problems will fly with, are small children. Stop being a waste & actually make a real game. Your little advertisement revenue stream off of this garbage will never, ever be equal to actually making this game a real game, which would require real work, & putting a $1.99 price tag on it. You get what you put in, & people get what they deserve..Version: 1.503

What did I just see…!?!?My son loves this game but just now we decided to uninstall it because of how OFFENSIVE the ads are~ caution: NOT FOR CHILDREN. They will have a game called “sniper3d” ad where you are an actual sniper shooting real (normal everyday type) people in a fake world but still it looks very realistic. I was in shock. Who does that. And we wonder why we have such an incredible problem with gun violence. All I can say is watch what your kids are playing and screen the ads regularly. I was horrified and will never download another voodoo app, no matter how fun it is. How dare they expose my son to such ideas with such callous disregard for the dangers of putting those ideas in a young boys mind. To say I’m furious is an understatement..Version: 1.930

Don’t waste your time on thisI have deleted and re-downloaded this game three times, it works fine the first time you open it but if you close the app and try to open it again it just gets stuck on the loading screen! Awful. Do not download this piece of crap.Version: 1.990

👎Terrible game too glitchy and waaaaayyyyy too many ads anyone who is reading this do NOT use this game it crashes all the time and may have viruses and hackers not happy.Version: 1.80

Fun but too many adsThere are too many ads, maybe one every 3-4 levels instead of EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Other than that it’s really fun and innovative..Version: 1.80

More Ads than gameplay.This game is fun and original, too bad it’s packed with ads. Like I get it, you need to make money but damn, after every race? Are you for real? 🤦🏻‍♂️ So i put airplane mode, played a bit then deleted it. Lay off the ads a bit and i bet this game would pick up. I mean I’d keep playing 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 1.1

Great game, but the amount of ads is really badGreat game, but the amount of ads is insane. Make it every 2 or 3 round, not every round. Also game stuck on 100% loading after I bought new toons and car, had to restore iCloud version but lost all progress.Version: 1.11

Really badHi ladies girls men boys gentlemen women this app is not really good I can not get on to it as soon as I get on to it I just kicks me it’s really bad now some people don’t look at bad comments but some are right like this one I highly recommend you do not get this app for your kids if you don’t want them to be naughty and bother you anyway please fix the bugs and please let people on to it , kids if you see this app the ask your mum please and tell her to look at the bad comments before the good comments trust me any way don’t let your kids have this.Version: 1.72

Read before purchase!!!See I do really like this game but after every round there’s a add so a lot of rounds a lot of ads! And I think it’s pretty easy to win and that u should make it to be able to vs people from across the world and also have computer do it but make them more competitive. Overall I give is a 3 sorry.Version: 1.33

Ad machineMore time spent watching ads than playing the game..Version: 1.90

FeedbackSo off the bat, the elephant needs to be addressed, it crashes and lags, if it could hold data without lagging all the time it would be a little bit more fun. One thing I think would take this actually great concept is having a saved tab, so when you’re playing, you can open the tab and pick one wheel which you pre-made, so you can customize, and save certain wheels which you can pull out mid-game, there should be nine slots. Last suggestion is more skins and vehicles, there are too few in my opinion and more would be good. I like the gameplay, as well alas the fact there are skins, but it needs those changes, the first one being crucial..Version: 1.11

It’s ok but there is a problemScribble rider is fun you can draw wheels for your car get new characters and move up levels and the levels look so cool they have amazing designs but the problem with this game is the adds you do a level and the level is very short like I mean really short and then you watch an add that is sometimes longer than the actual the level I’ve spent more time watching the adds then actually playing the game pls just make the adds every second or third level I just hate watching adds and I know a lot of other people do to.Version: 1.990

AdsGreat concept. Although there are so many ads that it ruined the game for me. The coins at the end should feel rewarding but it just ended up reminding me that I had to watch another ad. Uninstalling..Version: 1.40

Fun but too many problemsThe game is fun in the beginning but it’s issues diminish the fun really quickly. The game has no sound. No music, no sound effects. I thought my phone was malfunctioning. Nope, the game just has no sound. I deleted and reinstalled the game just to make sure it wasn’t my phone and still had no sound. It’ll bother you a lot more than you think, especially when the ads begin to play. Of course the ads have sound. They play after every race. The races are shorter than the ads and that’s because you’re playing against some really bad AI. You’ll almost win every race the first time. But they can fix these issues. Add some sound effects and some background music. Instead of racing against AI, just get rid of the AI all together. The fun comes from the obstacles we have to get through, not the race against the machine. Make the courses longer so the ads don’t feel as abundant as they do. I really do believe these changes will make this into a five star game!.Version: 1.40

So badThis game is garbage. There was an ad after every level, and for some reason it kept making my phone vibrate which was extremely annoying. I least I’m finally at peace since I was able to uninstall this godawful game..Version: 1.33

WAY TOO MANY ADSGame is fun but you have to watch a whole minute of ads in between each game.Version: 1.80

Nifty game too many adsI get that ads are needed for the devs to make money, but after every single damn level? Good god it’s get annoying. LOVE the game, couldn’t handle having to sit through so many ads so frequently. Not worth it. I’m more likely to spend money on games I enjoy rather than pay for ads to go away on a game I can live without. Smooth.....Version: 1.80

YeahJust draw dicks and you’ll win.Version: 1.80

I think its good but laggySo its super super duper fun and cool and not false advertising but laggy so yea anyways good but laggy and also i have a suggestion so i think you should add a toilet on the vehicle so you can poop while you ride and the poop gives you a boost because the poop turns into fuel.Version: 1.990

Won’t open after purchasing and froze on level 19This has been a very disappointing purchase. After paying the not insignificant £2.99 charge I have since been unable to play the game. It froze on level 19 leaving me in an endless loop of the same level. In order to solve this I closed the app and restarted it. However, after restarting it refuses to continue past the loading screen despite it claiming to be at 100%. A waste of money..Version: 1.1

Love this game but the adsI love this game but there is way to much ads.Version: 1.90

Super slowSince i paid for version without ads, the game is super slow. I can’t play because when i try to draw is so slow i can’t complete the draw..Version: 1.80

Pretty basic without a challengeThe whole game itself is meh, although at first glance the premise is pretty solid: you scribble different wheels to outperform against other riders. The problem is that most races use one type of wheels to win, so you scribble a squiggle, let it run, then have to watch a 30 second ad to play the next one without having to be involved much if at all. Additionally, you never actually compete against anyone, just AI bots that choose the dumbest configurations ever, so it’s insanely easy to win. The only draw to the game is the outfits, but even those are unimaginative. Definitely don’t recommend this game, it lacks in every aspect of what would make it a good game..Version: 1.603

Too many adsToo much ads to enjoy the game!.Version: 1.80

To many issuesFirst respected levels I am on a very high level but it was the level from the start level 112 is level 2 Second the person on the other side aka the bot has no wheels sometimes I can take off my wheels Third inappropriate adds my cousin came over and I let her play on my phone this game she was impressed and I was watching her then an add about a sexual game comes up and she wanted to know what sexual stuff the people in the add where doing I couldn’t tell her so I said wanna watch tv. After she went home and she told my aunt my aunt spoke to me and I explain luckily my aunt is understanding Forth there is no player next to me most of the time I play this game Fifth there is no coins some times Sixth this game needs more choices!!!!!!.Version: 1.40

BuggingIt’s a good game but after you reach a point it gets stuck on the loading screen at 100% , I’ve deleted and re downloaded the game twice and it still gets stuck and the same point , it’s a fun game so I hope this gets fixed..Version: 1.1

Sort of an interesting concept but bad executionDownload this app if you’re a fan of atrocious amounts of advertising, game breaking bugs like the loading screen glitch which has been brought to their attention many times and is yet to be fixed and a very apparent laziness when in comes to the amount , design and variety of the levels..Version: 1.11

EekThere is an ad every single race and some of the rounds aren’t fair because it’s harder on one side and easier on the other I would not recommend getting this game you should get a different game that’s like this not this game..Version: 1.90

Stopped working permanentlyThis game is really fun, however there’s an ad after every game. One game is 30-50 seconds long, after you have won or failed there’s an ad every time (which is super annoying but it’s also the 21st century YAY!). Once I reached level 3 the game permanently stopped working. Reinstalled twice and once I reach level 3 again I’m back at square one. It stays on the loading screen at 100% and never changes! If the creators charged £0.79-£1 for this game I would definitely buy it (hoping there are no ads in the game). P.s you can get to level 3 in 10-20mins of playing.Version: 1.1

Wayy too many adsYou have to turn off your data if you want undisturbed gameplay, which I find extremely annoying. How about after every 3 levels there’s an ad? That’ll be wayy better. Because. Want to delete the game for a 3 letter word: ads..Version: 1.80

Annoying IssueThe game’s great I play it quite a bit but there’s an error after you play like 15-30 it starts to stop working and glitches on the loading screen saying “100%” and I have to delete and redownload the whole game please fix it!.Version: 1.11

Can’t play it anymoreHi, first I just want to say that the game is really fun. But after you get used to all the situations to ride through it starts becoming less interesting. By the time you get to the second stage I already knew every shape of the tires that I needed for everything. And after a few stages it starts play the same stage over and over again, I don’t know if they need to make new levels or anything but I would just like that to be fixed. But now I can’t ever play the game anymore every time I click on the app it just loads to 100% and doesn’t allow me in so it is just a waste of a spot on my screen now..Version: 1.1

Enjoyable but bugs stop you from progressingI got to level 20 after a little while but the game has stopped progressing. I keep replaying the same mission and the competition is already at the finish line. I deleted and started again, same thing happened. I’m sure it’ll be more enjoyable once they remove the bugs and reduce the number of ads..Version: 1.11


Fun but too easyI like the game and coming up with new shapes is fun but there’s almost nothing you can draw that won’t win. Even as you progress you could shut your eyes, draw a random shape and win. This would be better as a multi player with friends, you could chose short or long tracks and challenge eachother..Version: 1.33

SHIIITAre you joking bruhhh ! I just want a game to play stoned 💀.Version: 1.11

Crap full of adsBetween every (short) level there is an ad. On the results screen there is a banner advertisement. And they want you to increase race rewards by watching more ads. They use terrible AI and try to fake making it look like a multiplayer game. There is basically no audio in the game at all. Even if you don’t watch extra ads to increase level rewards you will spend more time watching ads than playing the game, and that’s true even if you’re skipping the ads as soon as you can instead of watching the whole way through. This is a bad game. Is an interesting concept for a physics game. The execution is mediocre and the flood of ads is inexcusable. People shouldn’t be rewarded for making crap like this..Version: 1.33

Not enough levels and crashesOnly 20 levels and then once you get to it, it just keeps replaying the same level. After that it won’t load any more stuck at 100%.Version: 1.11

Don't DownloadThis game is amazing and super creative and I love it. I would give five stars but it seems to glitch when you get to the end of stage 2 and ready to move to 3. It keeps repeating the same level and you always lose because the opponent seems to always already be at the finish line and upon exiting the game to try and fix the problem it freezes on a loading screen. Seems stuck loading at 100%. I even uninstalled and reinstalled because I love the game enough to spend money on no ads. But I won't be downloading again until the problem is fixed. I'd suggest no one else download until it's fixed either..Version: 1.1

Don’t botherI’ve had to undownload and then redownload this game 4 times because it gets stuck on the loading in screen I’ve waited an hour for it to load in and it never did and before it does that it keeps putting you on the same last course in the 2nd level, you’ll win the course and then when you get your coins and try to start a new one it puts you straight back to that one and the other person is just sat waiting at the finish line and you just keep doing it over and over again. Wouldn’t waist you time getting it..Version: 1.1

Good gameThis game is really fun but when you play it for a while it gets boring.Version: 1.80

I am a robot bleep bleep 🤖This game has a lot of things good and bad. First of all, it’s really obvious that you are not playing against real people. The people don’t load until after you draw your wheels, I’m on level ten and I’ve never been freezed ONCE, and the other player has a name and country above it; I have pressed every single button In the game and I have never figured out how to do that! You could be on the second level and won first place every time and you only would have just gotten a new bike, whereas the other player (really robot) has the most expensive bike, wheels, and person imaginable. Really the only good thing about this is that the ad was truthful..Version: 1.74

Fun but...Too many ads obviously, I paid to remove ads only to find out there really are not many unique levels, but is a fun game, hope it gets updates.Version: 1.80

Why?Every time I went to the next level it would give me an add.Version: 1.33

TOO MANY ADS. I DELETE GAME!!!!Why waste your & my time?.Version: 1.990

Needs more…First of all, the game needs more to unlock, and instead of watching ads to blast, freeze, and boost, you should just pay coins. Cause if you dont the coins, and points are useless. Last thing, it would be cool if you could play with friends like add a freind then invite to game! Also, canyou make more kinds of obstacals? Like a jiant chainsaw, and you have to jump through the cracks of a window when its open (it opens and closes) and jump on a fan while it spins and jump off at just the right time so you land on a floating platform, anyways, thank you for reading this reveiw! The game would be awsome if you add these little changes. Thank you!.Version: 1.930

There is ads every time ur done the level its annoyingLess fun.Version: 1.90

So nearly great....The game play is fun and engaging for while Unfortunately if you don’t remove ads you’ll delete this game after 5 minutes. Shocking amount. Also it makes you feel like you are racing others, but you soon realise these are bots with flags next to them. Lastly after about a day of playing, the levels just start repeating themselves. So if it looks like you’ve done a level, you probably have. This is where you become bored. Couple of big improvements and this game would be great..Version: 1.40

I don’t use it a lot….🌸This is a good game! Actually to be honest, I don’t use it a lot. I like different games way better than this, But it’s good for when you sit in your bed and look at your phone, with nothing to do. Basically you go in, and you can design a character and pick a car, than you race. And you can make the wheels! You can write a “W” or a “O” or really anything you could imagine. It has barely any adds at all. I highly recommend this game. But if your all in, want an all day game.. I recommend roblox or among us. Thank you so much For reading! Have a sparkly day!! 🦋.Version: 1.930

If you like ads then this game is for youI would love this game and I would rate it 5 stars but THERE ARE SOOOOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡 Every time I finish a race I have to watch a ADD. I CANNOT TAKE IT!!! When I have not much screen time left and I play this game I want to do one more race and then the ADS come in and then I don’t have any more time to play!😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎 So I would recommend this game but mostly to people who love ADS..Version: 1.90

GoodGood but too mich ads like theres one after every game Just put airplane mode.Version: 1.80

Makes no senseHow does circle wheels not win in a straight line against triangle wheels ? Lol.Version: 1.80

Good concept but....It runs out of levels and then sends you back to lvl 1. It tells you that your on level 69, but your really on level 1 . Also too many ads. Got deleted..Version: 1.80

Good, but I would like some changesThis game is really cool and fun, I would defiantly recommend it. But in the game, once u do all the levels they just play over and over again, I want some NEW levels. And they never add new characters in the “shop” where u buy ur avatar/character and bikes and wheels. But other than that, I think it’s a great game! It’s really cool that u can make ANY shape as a wheel! Oh, and as a tip when playing, if u make a square shape as the wheel it makes it over almost ANY terrain!! But since square can make it over almost anything, that makes the game a bit to easy. I win like every time (not trying to brag)! But I would still recommend this game! Scribble rider is great!👍🏼.Version: 1.930

Fake People? Boring but OK..So the game itself isn’t terrible. I downloaded this game and started playing for a while. And it got SUPER boring in 4 minutes.🤦‍♀️and this game needs a lot of fixing. There should be more space to draw the wheels, and add a few more obstacles. After playing a while I noticed the names of the players I was playing with, aren’t real. For example “Sam” the name was repeating throughout the rounds and I started to get suspicious. Then i found out they are just BOTS. I got a little mad but kept playing! Its not a bad game but it needs fixing. And there really isn’t anything to do except draw wheels and expect everything to go okay 👍 but it was getting really boring to just draw a shape and watch the car drive along the obstacles, please fix these problems👏 the game is pretty good, just needs fixing!😅❤️💕.Version: 1.80

Too many ads and competition isn’t thereI like this game and I recommend downloading and trying this, but the ads are so annoying. Yes I know this is how they make money off this but either way one match takes like 30-60 seconds and then you immediately get an ad. It’s just really frustrating with all the ads and does not make you want the game. Also the competition just is not good. It’s like playing with recruit black ops two bots, unless you can’t draw circles your winning almost always winning. If there could be more competition and less ads this would be a easy 5 star it’s a fun game that I recommend downloading,.Version: 1.603

🙄🙄🙄Too many ads 🙄🙄🙄So there is something wrong with this game, it was my favourite game but now not so much because this game is suddenly giving me 2-3 ads after each round ( and the ads are about 30-35 seconds ) and this game is advertising way TOO much... I play cube surfer a lot and every time I finish a round this ad comes on ( its very annoying ) 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Don’t bother downloading If I were you I wouldn’t and anyways before I even played it the first time I had to download it like four times each time it took an hour to come on 😳. If I were you I would look for a better game this one NEEDS A LOT of improvement !!!.Version: 1.33

Great game, remove ads not workingThe game is a lot of fun, but 20sec between levels on ads gets tedious. Bought No Ads option and I still get those 20sec ads between levels..Version: 1.80

Bugged out after 19 levelsI played the first 19 levels fine, and the game was pretty enjoyable. But when I clicked play on level 20, it was identical to level 19 but the opponent started at the very end and instantly won. I was a bit confused, and clicked next level. Level 21 was the exact same again, and it just kept repeating 19 with the opponent automatically winning instantly. I tried closing the app and reopening it several times, but after closing it it would freeze on the loading screen and is now unplayable. It’s just a loading screen that says “100%” and never lets me play. This game is horribly bugged and needs a lot of work before it can even function as a form of entertainment..Version: 1.11

Fun but way too many AD’sIt’s an enjoyable game, however the amount of AD’s is unnecessary. Per round you have two 30 second advertisements shown for me each round is around 15-25 seconds so I do actually spend more time watching ad’s than playing the game. Seems to be a common thing now forced upon users of small, fun, time-killing games. Are the ad’s worth playing the game? I’m going to say a solid no on this, game is fun admittedly but it’s not worth almost a minute of ad’s every 20 or so seconds. Rounds are possibly made easier to make you finish quicker to watch more ads, more money to developers. Overall: Quick Poorly Put Together Money Cash Grab. Nothing more. Will be removing the game..Version: 1.11

Crashes are unbearableThe first day I got this game, it worked Fine, sure there were a lot of ads, but that didn’t really bother me. I was enjoying the game until I started playing it on the second day, in the first 3 minutes of gameplay, the game crashed and I was forced to restart the level. After a while, the game began to crash almost every time I tried to go to the next level, first there would be an ad, and when I press the X, the screen would go black and I would be sent to my home screen. Even though this was beginning to annoy me, I tried to ignore it because the game was still somewhat working for me. On day three of using the app, I tried to go into the game, and I couldn’t even get past the loading screen before the game crashed, this is still happening to me and I am not even able to play the game anymore..Version: 1.503

Half BakedThe games is fun, challenging but you can quickly pick it up. The coins and character mods are fun but there’s no real sense of earning them and there’s not a lot of options, some “coming soon”. Terrible rating cuz I paid $5 to remove ads, played for a few days and now I can’t get past the loading screen. Tried deleting and reinstalling, still nothing..Version: 1.11

It used to be fun...The app was good and it was really fun I understood the pop-up ads but they didn’t really make sense but let me just get straight to the point. I don’t understand that a few days with me playing it I can’t get past the loading screen they say they fixed bugs in the game but it’s really nice and I was playing yesterday and it took me hours to get past the loading screen and I had my phone on while I was cooking and then it just exit the app so I deleted the app it was actually really good experience but then after a few days it just crashes entirely and I hate it now fix it idiots..Version: 1.11

StarI gave the game one star. That’s all it needs. Draw a star as your wheel, win. Every time. The ads make it seem like maybe you gotta figure out how best to play each level... nope, draw a star and win..Version: 1.80

Scribble riderIt’s a good and fun game but it has a ad after every level.Version: 1.33

BugsWon’t open anymore as well as it won’t let me past level 20 it keeps replaying itself.Version: 1.1

Glitch centralThis would be a great game - if I could actually play it! It glitches and freezes like crazy, and slows my whole phone up whilst the app is open. It freezes during gameplay badly meaning it’s impossible to play because you can’t complete drawing your wheels - the whole point of the game!! Seriously, sort it out. It would be great if it was even playable..Version: 1.603

Bugs and please add moreAfter a while i cant get past the loading screen but i like rhe game sm ive redownloaded it prolly 15x at this point and its really frustrating bc i keep getting far and having to restart im writing this after just reinstalling it again, If you would add difftrent wheel types of more ppl and more rides that would be cool but if anything please make it load past the loading screen so i can beat the game 1 more idea i think would be really cool i think this could be added or be apart of a scribble riders 2 if you could make it to you can draw a front and back wheel speretly anf have 2 diff wheels.Version: 1.11

Inappropriate adsLots of inappropriate ads for a kids game Fairly repetitive not enough designs to buy with all the coins easily made Other than that something to pass time if you’re bored.Version: 1.33

Just another garbage ad farmIt’s seriously too many ads. The game is obviously designed to be an ad farm because you are seriously watching an ad every 20 seconds. I timed it and spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game which is terrible. Save your time, skip this game. It’s unfortunate because the game concept is actually pretty interesting but it’s just pure garbage to have to watch a 15 second ad in order to play a 10 second level..Version: 1.33

Ads after every raceWouldn’t recommend downloading as it’s full of ads after every race..Version: 1.33

Okay no.I’m at level 28 currently and the “NPC" or “Player" doesn’t even move at all, takes all the fun out of it. I’m deleting the game and moving on..Version: 1.80

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