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TapTap had a Baby!I was an avid lover of the Populous TapTap Series and was crushed when it was no longer supported. Since then, I had trawled through countless iterations of these games, but never found one up to the standard of the OG TapTap games. Until Beatstar. My expectations were blown out of the water from the great selection of music, seamless interface and really high quality graphics and effects. I personally preferred the TapTap system of play (much like Guitar Hero) whereby you had a bar that dipped as you missed notes, instead of not being able to miss anything, but it was an easy adjustment to make. My only qualm is the inability to play endlessly and without ads - but understandably this is the new economy for gaming. Microtransactions are a feature in most games these days..Version:

Tired of waitingThis game is awesome and very addictive however I feel the waiting time for opening the boxes is way to long .. it’s very frustrating when you just get into the game then you have to stop because the space is full and having to watch 3 videos just to have the odd go at a song . I did purchase a unlimited play for a week that was £5 which I thought was worth the money but on the second to last day of my unlimited play the game was under maintenance so I lost two days of what I paid for. I would most certainly give this game 5 stars if you made the game play not so much relying on purchases and make the waiting time to open each box less 3 hours a time is just not worth my time .. I don’t really want to delete the game but it’s making me not want to bother with it . Please fix the problems so I can get the best out of such an awesome game :).Version:

Great game, one problemThis is possibly one of the best of these type of games. One of my favourites anyways. Great song choices, a good system to get new songs, the ability to adjust the sound to match up with earphones, quite addictive, it’s almost perfect! However, like many others have said, the playability of 3 songs and then wait 3-5 hours just ain’t it. I understand that it is a way for people to buy gems and that, and it’s also a way that stops you from literally playing 24/7, but I feel like there’s probably a better way going about it. Maybe an energy counter and you need 1 energy to play a song or something, I dunno I’m not a game maker lol. I feel like that if you didn’t have to wait 3-5 hours to only play like 3 songs then the game would definitely reach places if you get what I mean lol.Version:

I’m having issuesI absolutely love this game! My friend started playing it, and she’s also addicted. However, I have a few concerns that I’ve noticed since I’ve been playing for about a week. First, I noticed someone else pointed this out. I bought unlimited plays and have been striving to get every song under a gold metal. I’ve noticed sometimes when I play it will give me the yellow instead of green when I know I am tapping on the perfect bar. I have also noticed it is VERY hard to distinguish between “perfect” and “perfect+” which makes it difficult to surpass your last high score. It all rides on if you have perfect+ or not. Also, I know every song is a different speed and length, but some songs I’ve found harder to get high scores on due to the lack of pace. I don’t get nearly as many 200 streaks on them, causing my score to not be enough. I’ve also noticed when I didn’t get every note perfect, I got a decent score. I’ll play again and get a perfect on every note and still get a smaller score than when I didn’t hit every note. Lastly, I woke up this morning and played a bit. I went back to bed and woke up to play, and my app is NOT loading. I’ve tested my service and it’s working. My other games are working, but BeatStar won’t load. I’m not sure when my week of unlimited plays ends, but I hope this won’t mess with it..Version:

Great Game but one annoying featureI love this game probably my favourite game I have at the moment. BUT, there is one very annoying feature that seems to draw me away from playing. The fact that you have to wait for a chest to be unlocked before you can play is super frustrating. You wait 3 hours for a chest to open, then you play 2 songs and earn another chest then have to wait 3 hours again just to play 2 more songs. The unlimited play is good but $1.50 every time doesn’t seem worth it. I’d love to be able to play non stop without having to wait for a chest slot. Hope the developers find a way to change this because I’ve seen a few reviews about the same thing and it definitely will stop players from playing..Version:

The game needs more customizationI really like this type of rhythm games, especially one with such a vast array of song from different genres, as a music lover and someone who spends too much time on their phone, I would recommend this game to anyone I know who’s interested in music. The only flaw in my opinion however is that there’s not a visual difference between the rating “Perfect” and “Perfect+” as well as their color is not customizable, making them really hard to see or tell apart when there’s no colorblind setting. Thank you if any developer decides to respond.Version:

Love it- But there’s one thing…I got this game roughly 2 days ago, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. I’m glad there’s a plethora of songs to win (especially since there’s enough songs I know from 2017 and below instead of 2018 and above and I don’t know who the heck half of these artists are); however, my one issue is the case boxes. I’m glad that it’s so easy to earn cards, but I believe you should be able to play even if the boxes are full. A simple solution would be to either lower the coin amount you receive once completing a song (or just higher the amount of coins you need to unlock the boxes), shorten the time of the cases (or just add more), or finally, my favorite solution, just let us play without winning the coins. No one would be mad about it. Now, for my more stupid complaint, where is the K-pop? I have 22 songs currently, and I only play less than 11 of them because I either hate the songs I haven’t played, dislike the artists, or simply don’t know the artists. With K-pop songs, I’d play them all even if I had no idea who the heck the group is- WHERE’S MY K-POP?.Version:

Really good game but few suggestionsI love playing a lot of the songs in this game and filling up the case slots but there’s just a few problems. If your in a song, if you accidentally tap on the screen anywhere while a note is in the box to press, then it makes you fail which is really annoying and when I concentrate I sometimes accidentally move my finger a tiny bit but just enough to hit the screen. Also it is sometimes a bit annoying when your having fun playing a certain song and trying to get a good score but then you run out of slots for the cases. But over all really good and well made game.👍.Version:

A few glitches/problemsI’m just going to say that I love this game, and it is one of my top favorite phone games to play. But, while playing the game me and my friends have experienced some glitches while playing songs. The first glitch, is whenever it registers a Perfect+/Perfect as a great. Now, yes, sometimes this is the players fault, but there have been times where it most obviously is not because the players finger taped the tile right as it was on the perfect bar. This gets a little annoying, but my friends and I can live through it. The main issue I experience with normally hard and extreme songs, is that it doesn’t register my finger when it taps and then I miss a tile. This gets extremely annoying and frustrating after a while, because I personally don’t want to spend gems on reviving myself when it’s just going to happen again in the game. The last thing that I’ve experienced is that a couple of months ago now, I bought the unlimited play for a week, but it only lasted for about 5-6 days. I personally hate spending money on a game, so this personally made me really annoyed. Of course I got over it, because it was only 5 dollars but I would have liked to get all that I payed for. Other than these 3 things that maybe are just for me, the game is very well made and fun. I would recommend buying, but I would like the game to get fixed. (if possible).Version:

Amazing Musical MasterpieceImagine listening to some of your favourite songs and being able to feel so immersed into your track you feel the best… well this app does just that! One of the most amazing touch your music apps out there. I’ve been playing for a few months now, thoroughly enjoying every minute and it also makes my morning and evening commute a lot more fun! I’ve paid for season passes to gain more songs which makes it slightly more fun. However I don’t like the fact it feels a bit pay for play. Watching videos constantly to gain extra passes to open more tracks is a bit of a grind and once music boxes are full you have to wait to open them and it doesn’t allow you to continue playing unless you watch a video, as a paying player it can be annoying. It would be great if there were more features involved (when you pay for season passes) that allows for infinite play if you pay for a pass. Also the chance to gain more music passes to unlock music quicker seems like a bit of a must. All around it fun to play, but annoying to open music tracks..Version:

This Game is Amazing!I was sceptical when i downloaded this game but i was so amazed about high quality it is and how much of a fun experience it is to play! It has taken our school by storm and it's the hit new game. I am not very satisfied with the current crate system as it doesn't let me play near as much beatstar as i would desire and wish i could spend more of my time tapping to these addicting songs. Other than that, a great job team!.Version:

Great game, no issues.This game is worth way more than 5 stars or 47,500 score, I just can't give medals as a review on the App Store. I have no issues with this game and highly recommend it. Being able to almost choose your difficulty with the normal/hard/extreme is really good for when you want a challenge compared to when you want to go for a high score. The friends feature is amazing too as I am always above my friends and I beat them on almost every song. A couple of crashes here and there but they'll get patched and I don't have an issue with the crate system as it makes sense with any game that is released nowadays. Ads are a choice too, not shoved down your throat like with other F2P games..Version:

Great game but could use some changesI love this game so much. It’s quite addictive. However not all of us are musicians… or studied music theory lol. My first suggestion would be there should be a practice area where you don’t earn or spend anything. A place you can literally just practice. Second, some of the songs are a little too adult. Kids play this game too. Even if the words are edited, you can tell what the song is talking about and it’s music I wouldn’t let my little kids listen to. Third, who the heck is getting these extreme songs? I’m not terrible at the game. I’ve gotten a ton of golds, and a few platinums and I just started playing it a couple weeks ago. But songs like Trooper from Iron Maiden… IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! It’s hard for me to advance when I can’t get enough stars. I wish there was a way we could avoid getting extreme songs. I don’t like them. Way too difficult for the average user I think. For the freaks of nature of who can play them and get every note right, I salute you because wow. Please consider making the game a little more accessible for just average players who like to use it as a downtime..Version:

LOVE this game - just wish it didn’t need to be so repetitive!I’ve been playing Beatstar for a solid month now and I’m absolutely smitten. The mechanics are flawless and I really appreciate the Hard / Extreme tracks and how they bring a different pace of rhythm and skill to the game. It definitely keeps me on my toes. The game itself is super responsive and intuitive and the UI is on point. There’s a huge variety of tracks to play from various decades - some hits and some quite underground which is nice! My only criticism (constructive, I hope?) is about how long it takes to unlock new songs once you’ve been playing a while. I understand there’s a focus on user retention - needing to come back and keep playing to unlock new songs - but to gain enough cards to fill the cases is becoming more and more time consuming. I’m not sure how many more times I can play Sweet Home Alabama! I know there’s currently a daily reward (5 diamonds per day) but may I suggest randomising the rewards like a lot of other apps do? It would be nice to receive a case cards (or perhaps a song?) for logging in every once in a while. Overall though, amazed with this game. Keep doing what you’re doing. And to anyone considering downloading - do it!.Version:

Love game, don’t love the glitchesHaving fun playing this but since last update I’ve been having some annoying glitches happen. One is where I open a box, choose the card category, it fills the song box so I should be shown a new song however it just sends me back to home page. Another glitch is when I’ve had a high score on a hard song, the song’s finished but instead of showing me the song in a circle & running the score around it & giving me stars, I get an error page instead. Game is 5 stars if you fix those issues..Version:

Amazing game but glitchy after updateI just downloaded the new update and most of the songs aren’t loading so I can’t play! It will then freeze and next time I go into the app it glitches really badly..Version:

Great game, terrible featureThis game is an all round great game. No annoying ads, pressurising purchases, constant pop up screens or anything obtrusive. You get into the game and start playing. The levelling up system is great as well and keeps players motivated and excited. The design and graphics are incredible and makes me feel like I’m not just playing some app on my phone, it feels smooth and looks brilliant. To completely derail all of the above, is the one feature that really ruins the entire experience. The fact that you can no longer play when you are unlocking cases is truly bizarre. It’s like players are being told NOT to play. Of course with any game there is an option to bypass this and pay money, but that is not an option for everyone and can very quickly and easily turn someone off the game. Players should still have a way to engage with the game somehow. To conclude, this game seriously does have the potential to be one of the biggest apps on the app-store, however I just don’t see that happening while this feature still exists. I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5 but will go with 4 seeing as though 3.5 is not an option..Version:

I like the gameI would appreciate it if you were to put a cancel button on opening creates you already have cause I have accidentally done it and I would now like to restart my account but I don’t know how.Version:

Great fun, just a few glitchesThis game is very fun and addictive because it can be quite challenging at times. There is a wide song choice and the game is made in a way that does not force users to have to pay money to progress. Graphics and haptics are very good. Though the game is pretty well made, there are a few minor glitches in some of the songs. The player may start the song and it appears as though the player has missed a tile. This does not affect gameplay because the player is able to still able continue after the glitch. This is just one of the few bugs I have discovered while playing. Another suggestion would be to edit the hyperlink on the app’s update page. The link which is labelled as ‘app store’ should take you to the App Store but it takes you to the iTunes Store instead. Overall, the developers have done a great job to build this game..Version:

Fun game butThe pass is too expensive. $28 Canadian if I play for 4 weeks with it? That’s more expensive than most other passes in various games . Twice the cost of an MMORPG sub 3 song limit sucks but I just practice songs and force the app to shut down before the last tile is on screen. Decent workaround to play unlimited The game itself is pretty great even if it’s held back. The “best” design of its kind, lets just stop the price gouging.Version:

The game is great, but could use some improvements.I love Beatstar. It’s a better version of piano tiles and I would recommend this game to anybody who likes games similar to piano games and “tap to the beat is music” games. The game could use some improvements though. The mechanic that makes you tap the column, rather than the actual piano tile, sometimes makes the tiles not count when you tap on them and that makes me very frustrated sometimes. Also, you can only play about six full songs until your box slots are full, making you have to wait a minimum of nine hours to play another song. Or you can waste thirty gems to play for an extra thirty minutes. Overall, the game is great. We get real songs that are recommended by the people who play the game. But I think the game would be more enjoyable if we could play more songs (either by shortening the time for boxes to open, giving us more box slots, or making boxes take more Beatcoins to open), and if the column mechanic was tweaked a bit. Thanks for this beautiful and creative game. I hope you take some of my suggestions to consideration..Version:

Point system is annoyingFor some songs I can get good ratings multiple times and get a better score than when I execute a song perfectly without messing up once, the song Firestarter on extreme difficulty for instance, I’ve done the whole song perfect without a single slip up and can’t get a gold medal.Version:

Skip options!The gameplay and song choices are great! You also don’t get ads every five seconds! And the fact that I get a new song fairly quickly, is great! The different buttons and pressing mechanisms are good, too! They add variety and keep you on your toes! The ONLY downfall is the skip option when you fail the level. It doesn’t exist. If you fail, you get the option to wait 5 seconds to just retry, or you can just pay a certain amount of diamonds to resume and try again. Now, 5 seconds isn’t that long. But when you’re playing a hard level and you’ve already failed 15 times and you want to go again and don’t have the diamonds to pay up, IT GETS VERY ANNOYING. Needless to say, I gave up quickly. Not because I was mad at the failing. But because I was so angry to wait when I could skip and just retry quicker from the beginning! Instead of having to “decide” within seconds that I couldn’t afford to resume! It’s minimal but I think necessary. Devs, if you could implement this, I’d love the game 10x more. When I’m done being angry at my own incompetence, I’ll restart the song I failed over and over again. If I could rate a half of a star, this would be 4.5 out of 5 instead. The skip button-THAT DOESN'T EXIST-is the only issue I have with this..Version:

Very Fun Game! Has Potential!Let me start by saying you should definitely be playing this game if you’re a fan of games like guitar hero in real life, it takes that concept and mashes it into a portable mini tap game you can play on your phone. Kinda like piano tiles on steroids but in a good way. I do believe on how great of an experience i’ve had playing for the last few hours and the excellent choice of music, that theres just so much more its capable of than just that. The developers at supercell did a great job with this one in terms of quality, i know im playing a great game when it doesnt feel cheap and riddled with ads and this game provides me with none of that. My only cents that i can provide to make this game more fresh and full of improvements is within regular constant updates to also add different gamemodes to give the players more to do than the same objective, i do love the “event” feature which is a great step forward. Online Multiplayer is a great option, and apart from that side it would be neat to add some lyrics to the songs in game to add some flair to the gameplay (not really that big a difference but would be neat), and lastly I believe it could use some changes to the background, maybe a way to customize and earn live backgrounds or keys so you can grind for new prizes. But overall besides my opinion i still think its a well made game, and for that i give it 4 stars. If they keep adding and keeping it fresh i’ll provide that extra star :).Version:

Amazing game, but so much waitingI’ve been playing this game for the last 2 days pretty much anytime I have free time it’s super addicting and I love competing against my friends. The amount of work gone into this game shows, it’s so amazingly put together and just a great time all around, at least until your boxes are full, then the game starts to seem less favorable, I love the idea that you earn boxes in slots kinda the same way clash royal works, but at least clash royal doesn’t stop you from playing against others when your chest slots are all full. I think everyone can agree with me when they say they would LOVE if this feature was altered in some way, waiting 3-5 hours for a box to open just to continue playing is very annoying especially when you fill your slots so quickly. Something has to change otherwise this game will probably die out very quickly. Every feature other than this has not disappointed so please SUPERCELL listen to your audience and alter this, I think it would attract even more players to the game. Everyone loves music, no one likes waiting..Version:

GREAT GAME, HoweverOverall, a great game definitely better than other versions of the same concept like piano tiles. It has addicting songs to play along to such as I gotta feeling, Pompeii, stand up tall etc and the game itself is just really unique in my opinion. However, I do feel that as you progress through the game when you fully complete the songs you have you do have to end up spending money into buying songs to keep playing which I don’t like personally, and you have to use up all your gems to keep buying songs. If this is the case then I suggest having gems in the crates you open, so you can keep buying more songs, and not wait a week or so for a new song. I think maybe Beatstar should have keys in the game to unlock cases as well, so you can save gems on songs which I think would be a cool concept and you could get keys from daily events or songs. Finally, I think beatstar should add in more songs and variety such as drill or British rap as well as more catchy popular songs from recent decades such as blurred lines, levels, whistle, closer, despacito, temperature etc..Version:

Game is good but developers seem greedyThe gameplay is great they have so many genres it can provide for everyone’s taste but even with all they got going for them, they decide to give you boxes which take a few hours to open unless you pay but these box slots fill relatively quick so you may get to play 10-15 games if you have all slots open but if not get ready to pay or wait 2 hours to play another 4-7 games (depends how good you are) but this just seems like a very cheap and upsetting way to squeeze money out of their players I understand that they rely on player purchases as they don’t force ads on you which is great but if it’s stops you for playing the game then what is the point. I’d really like to see this game improve but I don’t think I can be bothered to keep playing when I don’t get to play….Version:

It’s Great! With just a couple flaws…I LOVE this game and I have recommended it to many others! It give option ads for additional gems or unlocking a case but unlike many other games in this genre, doesn’t force you to watch an ad between every song you play, so that is excellent! Another great thing is that the arrows in this game (usually) make great sense and aren’t just thrown in willy-nilly to make the song “more challenging”. I just have the same complaint as many others - that is the inability to continue play when all your case slots are full. From the last update, it looks like it’s a feature that might be coming soon, but as of right now, is a feature that is still current unavailable. Also, the tiniest gripe is that, unless you are playing against others, there is no incentive to get gold, platinum, or diamond on any song. It doesn’t contribute to your ranking at all, which is kind of a bummer, but it’s still something I can brag to my husband about so it’s not all in vain. 😂 All in all, it’s a great game, and if the next update does truly fix the ability to continue playing after case slots are full, it will be a 5-star game!.Version:

The best mobile rhythm game available, let down by a few big issues.In my opinion this is the best tap-rhythm game out there, nothing before it really compares. Unfortunately it’s biggest letdown is time gates and microtransactions - there to remind you that you okay only as and when they say, unless you pay the high price. They’re not all bad. The popular battle pass style system in other games is present here and works well, offering a premium option for those who want it. If you’re looking unlock songs suitor progression they you can pay for that too. The issue comes with its “Unlimited Play” option. Without it, you’re forced to take breaks of between 3-5 hours after a few songs, unless you pay for unlimited play of course. While the concept isn’t necessarily bad, the price is unnecessarily high when you consider all the other microtransactions present. £4.49 for a week of unlimited play. On top of everything else £20 per month seems a little steep just to play the game uninterrupted. That’s it’s only major letdown..Version:

Love the game not the glitchesI love this game so much, the challenge friends element makes it fun too. I’ve finally found a game that both me & my son enjoy…he loves a brag!!! The song choices are fab with a really good mix, I like that you can choose which boxes you want to fill too. I would love to see every time you tier up you get a song box as well as unlocking more boxes, unless you buy in-app purchases it takes a long time to get a new song & you could easily lose interest in the game. The other negative is how much the game glitches, I can be tapping or holding & it doesn’t register, at first I thought it was my phone but it’s the exact same place in the song & same spot each time. I sometimes get failed to tap when I haven’t even had the 1st tile yet! All in all it’s a fun game!.Version:

An Absolute Must If You Enjoy MusicWhen playing Beatstar for the first time everything felt organized and smooth. For an app that’s free there is a lot of high quality content. From the variety of songs, to your progression, to leaderboards, and so much more, this app makes the most of giving you a premium like experience at the cost of $0. Unlike other similar games where the level of difficulty only increases with an increase in tempo, Beatstar punctuates on the smallest of details in songs making even slower songs feel equally challenging. The library you start with in game feels unique covering a fair range of genres and can be capitalized upon to your liking as you play more and more. It looks just any music library you’d have on a playlist, making the experience that much more authentic. Did I forget to mention there’s no popup ads? No matter your genre of music there’s something on this app to enjoy. A definite 10/10. Huge thanks and appreciation to the developers for putting together such a fun, easy to use, engaging app..Version:

AMAZINGThank you for bringing forward such an app I love it and have only played 2 songs I love how it’s not cramped with adds. This game is sooo Clean and easy to use not complicated at all it’s something unique the idea it’s, we’ll to put it simply SMART. So much better than music tiles. How ever I used to like this song very much it’s become annoying to have to wait 3 or 5 hours just to play a few songs which makes it very hard to progress.Version:

Absolutely addictedBest app to past the time….I would however to add like more of the 80s and 90s album it seems like theirs only less than 4 songs from the album :/.Version:

Lost one star for hold + swipe left/right.This game has me hooked. I get to play awesome songs and keep my fingers tapping as I listen. I’m also discovering new songs! I’m competing against friends and it’s friendly fun, not adversarial competition. Please Beatstar, fix the hold+swipe to left/right. It seems when I hold it, maybe it’s so sensitive to the minute unintended pressure of my thumbprint that it thinks I’ve swiped left/right when I haven’t. This ruins the flow of a song, and all the songs I do worse at are all songs containing a hold+swipe left/right (Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us, Green Day’s American Idiot). Another suggestion to think about if you’re reading this, bring the “Perfect” and “Perfect+” further down towards the bottom of the screen so we can see it and gauge our progress..Version:

Latest update has ended progressApparently I have unlocked all songs available for my level (even bought 2 more with gems). I have 5 starred 139 of 144 songs and have 710 stars total (would be 720 if I 5 starred everything) BUT in order to progress to the next level and unlock new songs, I need a total of 915 stars?? Now that the events are gone, I have no way to earn more stars unless I fork over more money for gems or do the (really) slow build up of 10 gems a day and unlock ONE new song every couple of weeks when I reach 149 gems. I like this game a lot but I hate being stuck at a point where I cannot progress any further unless I BUY stuff..Version:

Great Game, Glitches hinder progressionI thoroughly enjoyed this game and found it extremely addictive. After installing the most recent update I havnt had any venue events and when I open the page it just always says that there are no events active. This means that now I have 5 starred all of my songs there is no way for me to progress further so I guess I wont be playing again until this is fixed. It would also be great if the new medals which were added in the recent update actually meant something or unlocked something because as of right now there is no reason to go for them..Version:

Incredible game with one problemI’d first like to say I love this game. Insanely addicting with a great UI. From top to bottom this game looks and plays amazing. Great songs and extremely challenging. Love the leaderboard/ranking aspect as well. My one and only problem with this game (and I completely understand this is how mobile games specifically are with microtransactions and how devs make a well deserved profit off of all their hard work) is the WAITING TIME. Not being able to play at all because I’m waiting 3-5 hours for a box to open is super frustrating. ESPECIALLY when I’ve bought the season pass and cannot progress any further. Like I’ve invested $10 because of how much I love the game but because of this feature I’m being prevented from playing more. And I understand you can use the diamonds to speed up the process and how the diamond/microtransactions thing works but I’m shocked to see the team hasn’t put in an option to purchase unlimited play indefinitely. I think they’d be surprised to see how many people are choosing a one-time purchase of $40-$50 on the game just to continue the grind. I know I certainly would. Or even just allowing players to continue playing without earning points towards boxes given they have no available space left. I’ve never played a mobile game where I’m willing to wait it out and see if an option such as this gets put into the game, but this one is the exception..Version:

AddictedNo ads super quick to play when ever I got time. Super good songs to jam to. Good score system. Honestly have no clue why this game isn’t more popular. Everyone in my school has it and we are all bragging to each other and trying to beat each other’s scores. Deserves way more attention.Version:

Amazing gameAmazing game, love competing with family and friends, it has a good range of music, and really just a well designed game. The one thing I wish it had though is a trading part where you can trade songs with friends. Overall definitely worth downloading..Version:

Fun game, good mechanics, classic lookWhat immediately sets this game apart from the rest is its unobtrusive ads. I’m the kind of player who will delete an app if an ad shows up unprompted. The song selection is appropriately moderate with a box reward system that manages to work in the game’s favor. The vibration is a nice feature and the audio sync calibration setting is thoughtful. The beats show up in one of three lines which might seem underwhelming, but this is in fact the most effective use of the tap mechanic. We only have two thumbs! Something I might consider for the game’s improvement would be an option to adjust the location of the ‘perfect’ line as some people hold their devices comfortably in slightly different locations, especially given the variety of sizes and models being used to play. Also adding a practice mode where players can begin on a select stage of a song might improve the experience, especially for players who find this game challenging; currently stages are all consecutive, so trying to improve on the more difficult stages requires a great deal of replaying through parts we’ve already nailed. Overall, this game seems to be the rhythm game we’ve all been looking for and I look forward to seeing its future developments..Version:

Best mobile rhythm game out there.First off, this game is outstanding. The UI is simplistic and beautiful while still feeling smooth and snappy. The games audio design is literally one of a kind, the blurs of audio when scrolling through UIs is incredible. And even stuff like loading a song feels amazing. The gameplay is even better, with subtle things like Haptic Touch, and the first mobile rhythm game out there to incorporate swiping. And finally the songs are ABSOLUTE BANGERS. I connected my supercell account to find some nice songs to see absolute banger remixes of my favourite games theme songs. This game is amazing, stand-alone 5 out of 5!.Version:

It's actually pretty goodI don't normally write reviews, but as a long time fan of rhythm games I feel like I should for this one. And Beatstar is a pretty good game. It takes the formula that Piano Tiles invented, innovates a little, and cleans up a lot of the issues with that game. The UI is clean and intuitive, and the gameplay and song selection is really good. However, there are a few major criticisms that need to be said. The biggest issue is that gameplay sessions only last a certain amount of time. The game has a lootbox system for obtaining new songs, and you earn boxes by playing the game. However, if all 3 of your slots are full, the game won't let you play. It's stupid, and needs to be changed. There are a few other minor things, such as the songs being cut up and there being no progress bar to show how far into a song you are. But most of that doesn't really matter. Besides fixing the lootbox issue, I would love to see custom chart support added into the game at some point too. Custom charts really bring together rhythm games because it allows people to create their own charts, and really allows a community to grow and develop around a game..Version:

Best music game outWas certainly hesitant especially after seeing this game come up via an ad from another game but I do love music games so I thought I’d give it a shot and see what it’s like, fast forward 3 months and I’m absolutely addicted to this game it is so much fun compared to any other music games I’ve tried the next thing is probably piano tiles but Beatstar is just so much more fun, the only downside is in the most recent update they’ve taken away the option to pay $8 for unlimited play for a week and changed it to 50 gems for an hour of unlimited play, honestly would be so much better if I had both options for the people who do love this game we should be able to have more unlimited play options simply to actually play the game the chest unlocks restrict people who just want to actually play your game, please give the serious players some more options so we can keep enjoying beatstar.Version:

Love it but glitchyLove this game, super addictive. Have noticed lately that sometimes when I’m playing a song it will glitch for a second and then I end up losing points because it pauses or skips forward a second..Version:

Needs to be easier to unlock songsI love this game - usually I hate rhythm games (like Piano Tiles) but I saw this advertised on TikTok and thought I’d try it. The design is sleek, the gameplay is smooth and the song selection is good. My main issue is when you get to the point where all your songs are on 4-5 stars and you have replayed them so much that you’re sick to death of hearing them, it’s still a long time before you can unlock another song. Collecting cards to unlock songs (especially when it can take hours to unlock very few cards at a time) is frustrating and it puts me off returning to the game. If there was an easier way to unlock songs (maybe a new song as a reward for unlocking a gold medal?) it would keep my interest for longer. Instead, I get frustrated because the only way to make progress is to replay songs that I no longer want to listen to (and often didn’t like much in the first place) because of multiple replays..Version:

Amazing game but could be a bit betterOk first off I’m not into that many games on my phone. I think I have maybe 2 and I play them sporadically. My daughter actually found this one and showed it to me because I was a huge fan of Guitar Hero. So naturally I downloaded it and took to it like a fish to water. I’ve played it everyday since I downloaded it, multiple times a day when I don’t have to work. I bought the last 2 tour passes and hadn’t found anything I didn’t like about it. Then a few days after the most recent tour pass release I get a message when I tried to unlock a card case that said “No Songs Left - You collected all songs available to your journey rank” so the money I just spent on the tour pass was wasted. I’m at the highest journey level with the promise of “more coming soon”. So word of advice if you download. If you really enjoy the game and end up using the in app purchase just know that you’ll end up in the same position. I can still play all the songs I’ve unlocked but there’s nothing to work towards; no goals, competitions, rewards, etc. I do love the game and still do the daily tour pass thing but it’s only 2 songs. I just wish they’d find a way to add content quicker than what they are..Version:

Amazing.This game is spectacular, great music choice, amazing graphics. Awesome tutorial too. I’ve been playing for a couple minutes now and haven’t had one ad!.Version:

Amazing exceptLike everyone has stated this game is great with the exception of a few things. Read previous reviews to see what. Now with that being the one main issue I have is when I play the game I clearly have touched the note/bar and it misses the note/bar entirely! Even on the long notes you have to keep pressed. My finger is down and it just keep going on missing all the notes/bars entirely. I hope this gets fixed and that me and my spouse aren’t the only ones with this issue. It’s frustrating cause I don’t wanna spend money or the gems to constantly revive myself just to finish one song. Edit: Although I still like the game. The inconsistency of notes being missed when you clearing are tapping the screen has become ridiculous!! Almost every song now does this. Missing a note when you clearly tapped it. I can’t stand that. I feel as if that is a ploy to get the user to buy more gems to not get messed up on a song because of the missing a note thing. Very irritating when you know you are doing so well on a song and bam “ oh btw we forgot to register your tap sorry. Good luck next time. Or you can continue enjoying playing the song by spending some gems. Do you wanna know more?”.Version:

I LOVE this gameI used to play music tapping games all the time back in middle school and high school, and tonight I decided to go looking for any new apps that might satisfy my need for nostalgia. I came across this game after redos loading an old app I had which was very disappointing haha. This game however, totally fits what I wanted! It has a good selection of music, not just today’s hits or hip hop or rock, it has a good mix of multiple genres. There are plenty of opportunities to collect new songs without having to pay real money. There aren’t any lives in this game either, you can just play the songs in your library with no repercussions for doing poorly. It’s a low stress game, however, even starting out with the normal setting, the songs still get progressively challenging to tap along to. I’m excited to unlock the harder settings, but I’m satisfied at the moment. I’ve only had this game for about 30 minutes but I’m already obsessed. Definitely download if you like games where you need to tap to the beat. Enjoy!.Version:

This game is great but a few minor problemsI have loved this game since i started playing however when i want to collect stars i can get very frustrated due to the chests issue this stops players from grinding the game and forces them to use there gems i was recommended this game by clash royal and am very happy i was but imagine in clash royal if you could not play until your chest slots were not full this also stops players from playing the game i love some of the songs you have put in and i hope there are heaps in the future. And if players have to pay for vip then everyone will get mad since lots of people here are young or may not be able to pay for things like these keep up the great work Thanks.Version:

No Ads, Highly Addictive and Super CompetitiveCannot rate this game highly enough, this is the first review I’ve ever written in my 10+ years on the App Store and this was the all that made me change that. Download it, you won’t regret it.Version:

Amazing revival of this genre!Edit: I won’t change my review, yet, but you seriously need to remove the forced adds to keep playing past level 4. I’m ready to uninstall I’m not playing a game that forces adds. I’d rather a small 1 off purchase to remove adds entirely. This is an awesome game that will really shine once some bugs are removed. There are so early glitches though that need to be sorted. When my iPhone went into low power mode in the middle of a song, the game stayed “paused” and couldn’t resume without force closing. Also, after the end of playing Sweet but Psycho, I was awarded electronic music tokens, enough for a new song, however when I tried to open the box the game froze again, upon opening the game again I was not awarded to tokens or song. Also, please reconsider the 30 second forced adds in a game that is going to generate enough revenue anyway, it’s almost enough to encourage me to put the game down. Pete#605.Version:

Great game, some issuesObviously like everyone else, not having unlimited play is frustrating but for me there seems to be some larger issues. The distinction between perfect and perfect+ is frustrating. As a player, I have no idea why I got perfect instead of a perfect+ a lot of the time. As a result, I can complete a song with 0 greats and 100% in the perfects and still only get 4 stars while other songs I can get 1-3 greats and achieve 5 stars. The game does crash and have other issues. The game crashing in the middle of a song has happened to me multiple times. I’ve also played rounds where the music was cutting in and out, the boards didn’t disappear after tapping and would just continue off screen and similar issues. On top of this, and probably most frustratingly, the game often claims I didn’t tap a board when I definitely did. This only happens in the right lane when it is a double tap (2 boards in different lanes at the same time). No idea why this is but it has ruined multiple rounds for me. Please fix this..Version:

A M A Z I N G 🔥Hands down my favourite and best game that I have ever downloaded. From the excellent graphics, professionalism and clever chosen variety of songs. It has so many options and features like a song wishlist (that one is super cool). Best of all, there are NO ADVERTS and not everything requires real money like cough cough some other apps. This app reminds me of that piano app that is quite popular, except this one is more modern, less boring and much more user friendly. This one is beautifully designed, there’s even a tool to sync your audio (the bar aligning thing) and I thought that was so clever, I have never seen that in an app before. With your earphones it is *chefs kiss* . It’s just an awesome experience to catch the beats and feel the music. I 100% do not regret downloading this app, in fact I will never delete it and treasure it forever. I’m also surprised that this app is free… the whole app feels like there should be a fee for it. Most free apps are awfully designed and you can tell the creators don’t really care for it but I can just feel that the creators of this particular app actually planned the app out with immaculate care and immense effort, and not just for money . This is coming from somebody who has never written an App Store review before, however this app was just CALLING for a 5 star review. Well done to the creators of this fabulously crafted game! 👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌🥰🥰🥰.Version:

Great game but too many adsI love this game and it’s one of my favourite ways to pass some time but the ads are out of control. Every time you want to move on it’s another ad and they’re crazy long as well, not just a few seconds. It puts me off playing when I know I’m going to spend more time watching pointless adverts for other games than actually playing the game I’m trying to enjoy. You’re already making players pay for unlimited plays and diamonds… why make us watch all that as well? It’s a double cash grab. At least remove ada for people paying for unlimited plays..Version:

Probably the best music and rythme gameI generally don’t play tap and follow the rythme games. But, I think this is one of the best. The user interface is brilliant and it’s actually looks like a cellphone music player app. I really like the choice of the songs and the demo play of unlocked songs. The gameplay is really really challenging and addictive. Its almost impossible to get a 5 star that I really like it. Also, I have a huge criticism too. I really like to listen and improve my score for the songs that ai like, BUT the song case get fill really fast and after playing for like 5 minutes I have to wait at least for like an HOUR AND A HALF to play for just another five minutes. This really bothers me. I hope that developers work on this issue as soon as possible. It can be solved easily. For example we can play how much we want and improve our scores but when the song boxes are full we don’t get any progression. Overall the game is really enjoyable. I’m looking forward for improvements and new songs. Also, a search button in the songs menu will be appreciated..Version:

PLEASE REMOVE THE RULE WHERE U NEED EMPTY CHESTS SLOTS TO PLAYThe game is great and all with the song choices and I would give the rating 5 stars but however being able to perfect 5 stars in the game is extremely difficult if you need to play which chests slots free as they constantly fill up, it kind of ruins the whole player experience, in addition they only give you 3 slots and each chest depending costs 1-5hrs which is really annoying especially when your out and about trying to kill time and the game won’t even let u play grrrr but yea Devs PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE THIS OK BYE THANKS.Version:

A fun & relaxing gameI love this game! (It reminds me of an iPhone game that was released years ago called “tap tap revenge” which I loved! Anyone else remember that?) It’s like guitar hero- but downsized. Any music lovers will really enjoy the experience of this game. My only qualm (like many other reviews) is the “case slot” feature where you can only play through about 3 rounds. To continue playing you have to pay… and there’s no way to keep listening and practicing your favourite tracks. I have paid for a couple of things in the game because I believe it’s worth it. But I will not continuously pay to play :/ so developers: please figure this out?!.Version:

Amazing game with a couple of stand out issuesI absolutely love this game- the design is sleek and professional and the choice of songs is amazing. The medal system works really well and the vast majority of songs fit their difficulty very well. Only being able to play three songs per case slot was tolerable but not the worst, although I do think there should be some free play/practice mode where you don’t earn beatcoins. Changing the number of beatcoins per slot so that you can only play two songs all the way through is a poor choice in my opinion, and removing the weekly unlimited play and replacing it with essentially £0.89 for an hour is a very obvious cash grab. I love this game, but I just wish it focused more on the enjoyment of the player and allowed you to spend more time playing through songs, instead of using the enjoyment that people get from the game and their desire to play it more as a way to make money..Version:

Best rhythm game out there!4 ⭐️ i’m so pleasantly surprised with this game! it has an intuitive UI, (mostly) properly timed beats, the actual songs instead of poor covers (i understand why other games have that - copyright) and is overall very satisfying to use. the team behind this game often listen to feedback and tweak the game accordingly. here are my issues: this is most prevalent in the normal-difficulty songs but the first few stages often have strange mapping/beat times. the timing of the tiles seem to swap between the tempo of the songs and the lyrics, with no real pattern. this gets VERY confusing as many songs do not have lyrics that line up with the beat & if you’ve never listened to that song before you’ll have even more trouble. it’s ironic that i find the hard/extreme songs *easier* than the normal songs. i’m more likely to break a combo during stages 1-3 on a normal song, than i am on stage 4 of a hard song. they also took away unlimited play. you must have a space open for a song case, but if you’re like me (and the majority of players) you just want to keep playing. however, if there are already 3 cases - which happens very fast - you MUST wait for 1 to unlock (hours at a time) what was the purpose of this?? went from a 5 to a 4.Version:

GameObsessed with this game I just have a question though I paid for the pass and I have all the songs so I can’t claim most of my pass does it get paid in Gems or what I did not realise I had all the songs.Version:

Underrated Masterpiece?Beatstar crosses the classic rhythm gaming mechanics everyone knows and appreciates with a neat song collecting hook that really makes the game quite unique and stylish. I think many who pick up this game expect everything to be handed to them on a plate. This is not the case. The skill curve is steep, and each song is challenging in its own way. What’s more, new songs begin to get harder to accumulate as the game goes on. These two aspects do not hurt the game, however. Beatstar will show you no annoying ads to disrupt your game time, but the trade-off is strong in-game incentives to spend money. If you think this is a bad thing, it isn’t. People spending money on the game is the only way it will improve. Also, you do not have to spend to be successful or have fun. I haven’t spent a penny, and whilst that means slower progress, ultimately I get to have a good time at no cost to me. As long as you go into Beatstar with these expectations, you will also have a good time. And yes, sometimes it will make you want to throw your phone through your nearest window, but that is all part of the fun (mostly)….Version:

Give this game a tryI’ve invested some time into this game. I really enjoy the music that they have available and the new feature for unlimited play is better than before when there was nothing, they give you lots of free gems so you can unlock it. And I’ve found that if you watch an ad then you can continue playing without spending the gems. What I love about Beatstar is how willing the team is to listen to you and all the reviews and implement those critics into the game. It’s not perfect, like I’d really like to unlock songs faster, but they are improving every update :) thanks Beatstar team for listening!.Version:

Well it’s so good I’m writing my first reviewMy friends and I have been playing in some “friendly competition” (three competitor perfectionists so it’s interesting 🤣) since we downloaded it a week ago. I’ve taken a star off as there are some things that would make it perfect…and turn me in to a full time hermit rather than being forced to stop and do housework (and obsessively watch the clock). I understand the importance of ads but if there are an option to pay for causal play (don’t progress and only songs you have) whilst waiting for case to open or ad-free or a combo. I’m sure you’d make a heap of money from that alone. I don’t usually pay for in app things but I would definitely pay for change to play continually even if slightly adapted to be casual play. I’ve also found that the app has started freezing on me as I’m loading an ad and then I have to force quit and I lose the slots or the chance to play 😢 Apart from those things I don’t think I’ve ever loved a game app so much, thank you from the trip of competitive perfectionists…hopefully we will survive each others competitive sides 🤣.Version:

AmazeballsI cannot commend this game enough the game play the new ways to unlock songs faster. It’s just an awesome game that gets better every update I love it. Highly recommend it for everyone! The only thing I’d like to see is a play through option to watch the song once all the way through for the harder levels. Like Macklemore can’t hold us. It’s harder than gangnam style which is an extra hard and it’s not because of the actual playing it’s because the play style changes so much the whole way though the song. To even learn the song takes days because your only allowed now so many plays a day (the only part of the game updates I hate with a passion) and every time the song and the play changes I lose and have to restart make it through that but expecting it now only to have it do it again. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the harder levels I love the way it makes my brain work and my reaction times it’s just an amazing perfectly stimulating game for adhd peeps or Dave’s if you know you know haha but I’d really LOVE the option to just once when you first unlock the song watch it played the whole way through so we know what we’re up against. :) thanks for the AMAZING AMAZING!!! game though I just love it..Version:

Awesome game but can never play due to not payingSuch an awesome game, would recommend to my facebook and tiktok friends if they would get a chance to play longer than half hour without paying or constantly watching videos. Otherwise it would be great, but when ainkept being sent away to wait on timers, I rarely return due to boredom and losing the addiction.Version:

Unfortunate updateI LOVE this game with a passion but bc of the recent update I can only play for like 5 minutes before I can’t play anymore bc all boxes are full. Very disappointing. I’m autistic this game used to help when I was having a meltdown however I won’t be using it for this anymore as it will end up causing more stress when I suddenly can’t play after a very short amount of time.Version:

Please remove thisThis games amazing but could you remove the compulsory option of needing to wait for your cases to open before you can play again? but besides that the game itself is amazing 🥱🤝.Version:

Addicting, fun, and worth a download.Let me start off and say this is a very addicting game that has a lot of potential. I first loved how this game actually has the real licensed music, not some nock off version. Second of all it’s actually hard. Most games you play now days a toddler or a 100 year old grandma could be a pro. But not this game. It takes talent and a lot of practice to get the “perfect +” the entire time. But however this game just has a lot of adds. It’s hard when you have an addicting game and make it where you can only play 3 songs max before a case is full and you have to wait 3-5 hours before you can play again. This makes it extremely frustrating when your so close but then run into the rode-block of having to wait or watch adds. Yes I understand you have to make money to cover developer cost but come on. No hate on the game I love it but could you add another chest spot or even make more than just 3 songs before a case gets full. Maybe like 5 songs. Just a thought. But thanks for making an extremely genuinely fun and addicting game..Version:

Very fun to pass time with.This game actually peaked my interest a while back, I normally don’t stick around for song related games but this one’s actually really good. It gives you a few songs a day to play to, and if you really feel up to it they were letting you pay for a weeks worth of unlimited play. Which REALLY was great. It wasn’t a bad price either to pay for the week to play so you could sit for hours at a time playing to songs you’d like. (I hope they bring that option back if I’m being honest. But either way if they do or don’t I’ll still be playing Beatstar because it’s actually pretty addicting.) the songs are well synced and if it’s not to your liking you can always readjust how it syncs (especially with your headphones in) so you have a better experience playing the songs. They have a lot of songs to choose from as well! I do find the waiting game to open crates a little frustrating. But it’s always really fun to finally open up and receive what you’ve been working towards. The game is really fun, and it’s something I would recommend other song loves to download and play as well. :).Version:

What a neat concept!Great app with some serious potential. As a music teacher, I love the ability to connect in a physical way with music. Gameplay feels satisfying and fun. The fact that you can only play a limited number of times in a set time period without paying does not bother me too much; apps aren’t free to develop or maintain. As a working adult I kinda like that it restricts me from wasting too much time on my phone! The incessant adverts are a bit of a drag, and they sometimes cause the app to crash, freeze, or “forget” any cards that you had just earned, but I’m sure that with time those bugs will be ironed out..Version:

Fun but annoyingOne of the best rhythm games out there. Seriously. Which is why it’s so disappointing that they put in that stupid timed case opening mechanic that every greedy iPhone game had about 5-7 years ago, where you can spend gems (purchased with real money, of course, or drip-fed through daily/ad rewards) to skip wait timers. I thought for sure we’d moved past that mechanic, but I guess not. I want so badly to recommend this game to people, but the steep drop off in enjoyable content keeps that from happening. The timers increase with each box you open, and discourage you from actually playing the game. And progress is nearly nonexistent, with new songs being unlocked from collecting enough “cards” from those boxes. Seriously, it’s like EA levels of gameplay interference. I’m gonna delete for now I think, hopefully they come up with a less disrespectful way to encourage player engagement/purchase. I’d be pretty cool with some sort of one-time purchase that removed the case mechanic and replaced the IAP shop with a shop where you can use coins (earned by playing the game) to unlock either random or picked songs. THAT is a far more ethical way to structure progression and purchase in a video game..Version:

Fun but don’t really get the goal?Love the game play, the graphics are great and there looks like there’s a lot to explore with this game. It’s been years since I at least have seen a great music based game like this. What I don’t get it the multitude of cases abs unlocking going on, with very long ads to watch between every single song and whenever you want to claim any cards. I want to love this and keep playing it but I feel penalised in doing so, watching minute long ads every two minutes. Now it won’t even let me watch another to keep playing. My question is do you want me to stay in the app? Purchases to jump through hoops or ads are straight up pushing me away; I’d prefer to pay a one off fee to enjoy this but right now I’m rather confused as to what the game is trying to direct me to do - it doesn’t feel like it’s directing me to play!.Version:

Some of the advertised games are awfulVery polished and nice game; I’ve had it glitch out a couple of times at the start of a song but mostly reliable and everything is done very well. The worst part of the app is some of the awful games it advertises. I wanted to suggest this game to some of my nieces and nephews but the adverts are preventing me from doing so. There’s an awful makeover app that this game advertises where you’re a woman whose partner cheats on them so you get a makeover as “revenge” and try to win him back, which he will if you’re sufficiently pretty. I can’t in good conscience play a part in exposing impressionable kids to such garbage..Version:

Great gameSeems that everyone has the same review that after you play the game for a while it becomes hard to progress waiting 3-5 hours for a box to open after only being able to play 3-4 songs Also when you unlock songs at first you only need 5-10 cards this seems to jump to 20 etc which can be quite frustrating when you only receive 4-5 cards per box that you have just waited 5 hours to unlock It would be nice to see a premium version where waiting times are 0 and you can just play the game endlessly Other than than it’s a great game, good visuals great selection of songs Update : recently game seems to be very laggy/jolty completely puts you off flow and sometimes I click a tile and it just goes past and says I’ve missed it when clearly I touched the tile. My phone is in perfect condition so has nothing to do with the screen etc.Version:

Love the game! Just a couple of issues..So let me start off by saying I love this game and what it has to offer. I spend every second I’m able trying to compete with my friends high scores, along with beating my own high score to get Platinum and Diamond medals. There are some slight issues that tend to be annoying though. For starters, I know I’m hitting it on the beat and it’ll still give me a “Great” instead of at least a “Perfect”, but I can overlook that because it doesn’t happen as often. Another issue I have with it is that it’ll stop the music mid game and then start you back over and play the music again, which really throws off the person or at least in my case. And it’s not just been me I know because I have several people I’ve gotten to play it and the experience the same issues. I would love to give the game a 5 star because this game genuinely deserves it, but I also don’t want to keep experiencing bugs that are fixable. I hope you guys can fix it so I can rate it 5 stars. Also this isn’t an issue, more so a suggestion, but I feel like you should be able to play songs you have after you cap out on your cases, just not gaining anything other than beating your high score. That or at least add a forth spot so players can play more and try to get through quicker and obtain more songs. I love that you offer the instant unlock, it would be cool to get that offer slightly more because it only happens occasionally..Version:

2 huge problems ive had but it’s a great gameI absolutely LOVE this game. It’s very addicting and has ALL types of music. BUT there is two problems..this game basically required you to either play quite literally PERFECTLY or you pay your way can not progress without getting ridiculously high scores. You can score “perfect plus” “perfect” and “great” when you hit the keys. However, even if you get 50/50 perfect plus’ and perfect, for some songs thats still not good enough to get 5/5 stars. And without stars on songs, you can not progress. And if you play the game, you’ll understand what i mean. It’s extremely difficult..Im only a few hours in and i can not get any new songs because im stuck with 4/5 on 8 songs and 5/5 on need a 40 total. So im stuck at 37. Also, the fact that if you mess up once, it ends the song and that’s very annoying. Unless you use your currency which you either have to buy with cash or you can get a daily 2 currencies..and it takes 3 each time you mess up to continue otherwise you have to restart. These 2 things really hold back what really is an amazingly fun game.Version:

Good but has a few problemsFirst of all I’d like to say how much I am enjoying the game so far, the gameplay is just like other tap the tiles games like piano tiles and is easy to learn and fun, but still requires some skill to get the best scores. However I have two issues with this game, the first one is that when you start up the game it asks you for what decade you were born 80’s 90’s after 2000 etc this is great and all but I’m fairly certain that the decade you choose dictates what types of songs you get given. As someone who was born in the 2000s and loves older music, Id love to be able to play the rest of the music entry’s like 80’s music instead of most of the newer pop songs which don’t really appeal to me. My second issue is with the games version of lootboxes. Every few games you get given these beat coins which help to unlock boxes which contain songs, these are alright at first however they soo go from being five to ten minutes to open to multiple hours very quickly, which means that once you’ve played through all your currently owned songs you either have to replay them over and over (which can be fun for a little while but soon gets boring) or wait for up to five hours for a song to unlock. If these issues are resolved I will happily change my rating to five stars as the rest of the game works extremely well, it’s just these two annoyances that keep it from getting that extra star..Version:

Amazing gameThis is like the best game created ever ever ever !!!!!!!! I love it so much it is so addicting. I love how you don’t HAVE to watch any ads they are optional but you can use them to unlock new song over time without spending money or gems… Better than any other games similar to this like piano tiles.Version:

This game is incredible, but I have a few suggestions!First of all, incredible work.. like literally this is one of my favourite games of all time at the moment. I got recommended this via Clash Royale as and advertisement and said.. hey I like music so let’s give it a go.. when I downloaded it I had low expectations and thought it would be a quick uninstall. (Keep in mind I had no prior experience or even knew this was a popular and highly rated game before I did this). Although, shortly I realised this game has amazing potential and literally gave me such good vibes.. BUT, I know the annoying BUT… This game does need a few tweaks!! Literally the only thing that annoys me the most through this 100% 5 star rated game is the fact that I cannot play songs while having maxed my chests in my inventory.. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP I would be spending hours and hours trying to perfect+ my songs. This is literally my only annoyance about the game and I know a developer is working on it which is reassuring as this game has massive potential. Sincerely, thank you for making this game such an amazing experience.. if songs are added more frequently I could see myself stuck on this game in my spare time for a while!!.Version:

Love this gameIf you love music and gaming - download and play this game. It’s a really fun, high quality game. There are no ads unless you want extra perks/rewards - it’s up to you if you want the ads. Songs are a really good variety and you can suggest songs to the app creators!! Soo cool! A really enjoyable game!.Version:

One big flaw and one tiny flawI’m so addicted to this game!! The songs are current and or very well known the cases system allows for you to earn new songs which is great however, the greatest downfall is the case system. You only get three cases at a time to unlock new songs however when your cases are full you are done playing for a minimum of an hour and a half all the way up to five whole hours. Sometimes i just wanna replay one song over and over trying to get max perfect + on every note but i cant! How are you gonna get me addicted then tell me i can't play lol! A good solution would be to stop earning song coins for the cases but still allow me to play for the sake of earning more stars or a perfect score. I do frequently use in app purchases for this app but i just want to play! Take down the pay wall to play and we will still buy the exclusive songs and gems to advance in a song when we fail! Also if you add a gem store menu mid song when i fail, to allow me to buy some gems and continue on that would be great! These two things would make this a perfect app! You would already better than the competition if i could play all day!.Version:

One of the best games BUT THE BOXESI can’t say how addicting and fun this game is, from the graphics to song choices, close to perfection. HOWEVER, after a few goes, you are back to waiting again due to their box system. It’s so close to being perfect but the fact it goes from 5 minute waits to 5 hours is ridiculous, especially with the pay wall with gems. It would be amazing if the developers could make it the same system as in their previous games such as Clash Royale where you can play but gain no more rewards after too many attempts or plays. In all other ways, an amazing game! Update: the fact you have to pay almost £5 for a WEEK of unlimited is an actual scam. At least should’ve been 2 weeks+. If that’s your way of sorting this game, you may lose a lot of players..Version:

Game is awesome, but one bad glitchThis game is probably one of the best available on the App Store, but there’s an annoying glitch on some levels. On some levels, some notes that you hold down on won’t activate the whole time your holding it, even though you never had taken your finger off, or sometimes it won’t register at all. It happens randomly, and it’s really annoying. I found that it happens most commonly in Sugar, We’re Going Down, but there are other level where it occurs..Version:

Has all the potential to be a knockout 5 starI've been longing of this type for a while and nothing has come close to an old classic rhythmic tap app. The designer of this app need an applause or better still a standing ovation. What a masterpiece of app design. The gameplay is incredibly sophisticated and adds another dimension to the standard rhythmic tab apps. I could see myself getting lost in the app for hours trying to master the perfect+. It has all the potential to be a knockout app in my opinion however, two things are frustrating me, it seems every time I can claim a reward you want me to watch an ad.... monetisation! This affects me wanting to play and trust me I want to open this app. The second is in order to play unlimited I need to pay, which to be honest i wouldn't mind but for a week... come on! The commercial team monetising this app have either too higher targets to reach in revenue terms or smoking something. I would be more than happy to pay for this app, it looks, feels and game play is awesome but I'd want to see an ad free and unlimited play option. I seriously think the commercial team need to review the monetisation strategy and offer the people a realistic price point..Version:

Bringing back memories of tap tap!First off I love this game. It reminds me of when the first games were released for iPhone and iPod touch and I’d spend hours on tap tap revenge. There are a few tweeks I’d like to see like a one off price to remove ads, and the ability to earn gems somehow not just by purchasing them. Also and maybe this defeats the purpose but a “practice” mode would be great to see. Just like guitar hero has. It also isn’t that clear when you add songs to your favourites that you only get one on the list you can use! Again maybe a premium version for a one off fee to implement some of these features. The thing that really makes this a 5 star app to me though, is that as far as I can see, game play is continuous. There are no lives to recharge or anything like that. It is basically a free game. Please keep up the good work!.Version:

Absolutely Great GameThis game is fantastic. No ads between games and I can choose from song that are trending. If I had a small nitpick, it would be that there isn't an option to change the scroll speed (note speed)..Version:

Can’t Beat It :)Best rhythm game on iPhone. Licensed tracks that seem down with the kids, but still plenty to like for an old guy like me. It gets hard (in a good way) once you get into the game. This is no piano tiles, you actually need to tap in time with the music..Version:

This game has potential…This game is deserving of 5 stars because I had minimal expectations going into it. Instead, I was greeted with a good variety of music, high-quality gameplay, and a fluid interface, albeit it might use some work. The fact that I couldn't play the songs consistently irritated me the most. I would spend hours upon hours on this game trying to perfect+ my songs, but it forces me to take a break for a few hours. This feature made me return to it less and less because it was no longer as satisfying to complete it..Version:

Ad free version please!!This game is brilliant. So addictive and it’s so fun! I’ve gone it 4 stars because the only thing that spoils it is the amount of adverts on it. There are so, so, so, SO many!! You have to watch advert videos to unlock new songs for your boxes - These adverts are meant to last 30 secs.. some don’t, and some don’t have a timer or even an X to click off after the advert is finished, so when you go to click off them, it comes up with a link to download the app it’s advertising, that if you wanted in the first place, you’d already have…! Then you only earn 2 songs for your box after watching the repetitive adverts anyway! 🙄 Of course, I understand adverts are how the developers make money, but I have paid money for unlimited play, even new songs, and would definitely pay for an ad-free version, where you gain more songs naturally without having to watch adverts..Version:

Very AddictiveI got this because it was shown to me on Clash of Clans, intending to just play the Clash of Clans theme song and then delete the game. Now im spending more time on this than on Clash. The art style is really good, I like the UI a lot. The way the colours change if you're doing well is really good in my opinion. This is really addictive, but not too addictive that it's all you wanna do. It's fun to do a few songs, then maybe play something else or just do daily stuff and if you get a spare few minutes you try another few songs. Three issues with this game. The first is that after all of the crate slots are filled, you can't play anymore songs. This is a real bummer because crates take a long time to unlock, however apparently they are making an update soon so that you can keep playing when they are full. Second issue is the prices of songs. I get that it's business but the songs are ridiculously overpriced and a sensible person should just play for free without buying anything. Third issue is minor, but in certain songs, there will be a tile for every beat in a verse, for example, except one beat, so you press one tile on this beat and it throws the whole thing off. Overall, I'd recommend this, it's fun and kinda addictive, but I would avoid spending money and just play casually..Version:

Unlimited play :(Absolutely love this game, been playing it for a fairly long time and got a fair few of my mates onto it so we could compete! Anyway, I stopped playing for a little bit (due to work and what not) and decided to come back today, I was absolutely obsessed with all the new additions and played it non stop until I got told I couldn’t anymore :( this is really disappointing to me as there used to be unlimited play and I understand micro-transactions are important and the way of future gaming however I’d love to see unlimited play return! I would sit here for hours playing all the songs until I get the diamond medal!.Version:

Amazing.The game is really addictive and fun. Buttttt….. I do not like waiting for crates due to the fact that I have filled up all my crate spots and now have to wait 3-5 hrs just to play again. It’s dreadful. Maybe consider changing that or adding more crate slots. Also anime songs???? Please thanks oh and please add Eminem songs especially extreme extreme rap god.Version:

Great, high quality rhythm game. But….I feel like it’d be great if there was an easier way to retry a level after not completing it all the way. Currently when you fail you have to keep tapping through the timer and waiting through the results screen just to click Retry but this could be made far easier by just, for example, putting the retry button below the screen as soon as you lose. Also, while I don’t mind the addition of Unlimited Play, I feel like £9 a month is a bit too high. Some great apps charge £5 fees one-time just to use the pro features (e.g. Apollo). Would be great if there was a price drop at some point. Aside from that though, the game is great and full of bangers (never thought i’d see the day where NERO tracks are included in new rhythm games, lol) and i’d recommend it to others..Version:

Annoying glitchFirst of all, I love this game. It’s got everything I want from a music standpoint and it’s so satisfying. It’s clear the developers put a lot of time and effort into this game and I couldn’t be happier about that. The only reason it’s a four star is because of a really annoying glitch that’s been occurring ever since around 5 updates ago, where if you tap two notes at once and they are on the outer columns, the left one sometimes doesn’t work. It’s really annoying as I then lose the level and it’s not even my fault. Without that, this would be an easy 5 stars..Version:

More rock songs!Loving the app already after playing it for a straight hour. And it’s one of the first games to actually have good rock songs. But we need more! Good selection of bands but more songs. Maybe Linkin Park or Green Day. Only problem is. When you reach max crates you have to wait hours to be able to play the game again which ends up ruining the game entirely when you can only play like 1 round and you have to stop again. I recommend that when you reach maximum crates, you won’t receive any more crate points but can still play and collect stars. I checked other reviews and the devs say they’re going to fix it ‘soon’ but it’s Ben a month since they responded to this other review and yet nothing has changed..Version:

Started off awesome…When I found this game, I was so stoked. I became obsessed with it IMMEDIATELY and couldn’t stop playing. I even paid five dollars my first week to get unlimited play time. The prices for premium content are outrageous, but that’s every app ever, so 🤷🏻‍♀️ I brushed it off and ignored all the paid stuff outside of unlimited plays. I have nothing but rave reviews for game play. This app is so fun and I love it. Literally guitar hero for your fingers in the best way. And the song choices have been awesome so far. Now I’m on my second week playing this game, and what’s ✨really✨ starting to get to me are the missed button/note notifications. There have been several times where I KNOW I tapped or swiped, but the song completely stops anyway and asks if I want to use gems to keep my streak going. I’m pretty convinced now that ya’ll do this on purpose to get me to buy more gems. Hate to break it to you, but I will delete this app before spending money on gems now. Maybe it’s not the game—maybe it’s my phone or something, or maybe I’m worse at this than I think I am. But either way, the trust is gone and I definitely won’t be spending money on here again for the foreseeable future..Version:

Almost 5 starsThis game legitimately has me hooked everyday coming back for more but not in an unhealthy grinding kinda way. It’s fun and rewarding and incentives coming back at later stages in the day to check up as opposed to forcing you to stay in the game for hours on end being fed small tidbits of micro-transactions. This game would have 5 stars if the developer included more “known” songs. I’ve loved playing all the songs so far, even heard some new stuff I’ve liked, but honestly if this game is to reach guitar hero levels of fandom you need to put the work in and get a large drop of well-known songs from different genres and decades. After working my way through the levels and now with not many songs left I do find myself loosing interest in the game as the songs I have left to “unlock” don’t interest me. You can’t please everyone I guess but if more instantly recognisable songs were to be added I’m sure the shelf-life of playtime for this game would be extended quite considerably..Version:

Some fixes neededThis game is awesome except every time I have to watch an ad, it freezes and then I lose my points for the boxes. I also feel like it’s not registering me pushing the buttons fast enough while playing an extreme game. There’s been problems since the last update..Version:

Favorite Music Game By FarThis game is definitely one of the top apps on my phone. It has really amazing quality and all of the songs are sung by the actual artists unlike other games where they provide cover songs or sped up songs. Another great feature about the game is the ads are optional. Most games u can watch an ad to continue and even if u press no it’ll give u an ad anyways just with the skip option after a certain amount of seconds. This game doesn’t do that, it gives u an option to watch the ads and in return u get cards to fill up to get new songs. I have NEVER gotten a random ad unless I chose the option to watch one. That’s not all though, I really love how the game provides songs from almost all genres including Rock, Latest Hits, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic, etc. The wide variety of music types really adds to the game and makes it more enjoyable for people with specific genre preferences. And with that, it seems to have endless songs from each of the genres. For anyone who loves music games or guitar hero, this is 100% the perfect mobile app for you. 5 out of 5 stars all the way..Version:

Good game +IssuesThis game is really good I really enjoy playing it especially playing challenges with my brother. But, there are some issues that tend to be very annoying. 1. Sometimes when I play a song, the music just stops and then comes back after a few seconds. This causes me to lose points since the music is the best part (My opinion 😅). 2. This is kind of like the first one I guess but when I play a song, it just lags me out of the game and refreshes the app. It gets annoying especially if I have a really good score. Okay so this isn't really an issue but maybe a suggestion? I feel like you should add more boxes other than 3 because I don't really want to pay to have unlimited trials. Maybe add like 5 boxes. Or, every level or so, you can earn 1 box which will add up to your 3 boxes. I just think its kind of unfair because after a little while you have to start watching ads in order to play. Then if you watch ads, its not going to be available for a while. Yes I know you can pay diamonds and yes I did that when I first started the game because Im impatient but sometimes I don’t have enough diamonds or Im saving up for something. But, this is just a suggestion. Overall, I really think this is an excellent game. If you haven’t already downloaded it, I recommend you try it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 Stars for me! 😊.Version:

Box’s/cratesI love this game so much but there’s is something I would suggest changing: the amount of time it takes for the crates/box’s to open especially when all three of them are full then you can’t play the game pls fix other wise outstanding game just plssss fix this. Thx.Version:

Favourite game right nowI love this game! it’s so fun and really cool having songs that i like. the only thing is i really would like to add a “restart” button in the pause menu during a game, i want to restart often if i mess up at the beginning but right now i have to quit and go back in..Version:

Bonus Levels Only for Premium?Edit: They have since returned my 75 gems! Please note for now there are no levels beyond 30. —————————————————————————— Just be warned don’t spend 75 gems to update banner for holiday mix event. So i exceeded pass level 30. And it seems like only premium can receive rewards beyond this point. I thought if I spend the 75 gems I could begin receiving more rewards. I send a message within the app along with a screenshot. Not sure if it’s being processed or they have since deleted the enquiry because I cannot find the message anymore..Version:

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