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Great to see it on the iPadI played this game on the PC so it’s great to enjoy it on my iPad, great gameplay, entertaining.,.Version: 1.2

Great game!Nice work - AI is challenging and lots of variety in the missions! Looking forward to more!.Version: 1.3

Good but bad tutorialGreat game once you figure out how to play on your own the tutorial dosent cover everything for instance you can’t walk past land that you didn’t clear yet lvl 2 you hav em to save some one but I didn’t know I had to clear the previous enemy’s before trying to save them or that in lvl 3 for instance i had to look it up it dosent tell you to scope an enemy owned land you have to upgrade scout building and a few other small things but the tutorial could use some work.Version: 1.2

Love this gameNot a mindless mass produce more troops than your enemies RTS, this one really makes you think several steps ahead and things happen at random that can mess up best laid plans. This is sometimes frustrating and I am still learning the game. Having a hard time understanding the victory points to win the game but it is not impossible and I look forward to learning as I play more and more. I bought all the clans add on hoping that they all play different and so far the ones I have tried do so that adds to the replay ability of the game. I began having trouble with the sound on my copy of the game, thought it was my device iPad mini, so I began deleting apps thinking this might help, as you can probably tell I am not very tech savvy. Anyway this did not help and the sound has continued to get worse. But the game still plays good and I like it a lot so I don’t know if it is the game or my device so I won’t let it affect my 5 star review awesome game!.Version: 1.2

Great ButFinally a really good game but cuts out during play iPad Air.Version: 1.2

RTS greatnessWorks fantastic on iPad. Only 5 missions in to campaign but really enjoying it so far. Only didn’t give 5 stars b3cause I feel like it could have used a few animated cut scenes thus far..Version: 1.3.2

Excellent port to iOSI liked the PC version of this game very much and was a little concerned about the touch screen controls and how they would be implemented. In my opinion, it’s been done exceptionally well. The controls are intuitive and the subtle changes to the mechanics are smart..Version: 1.2

Make sure u scale up in settings menu to 2x !Wish the font could be a little bigger and zoom in further, the 2x option is not bad its passable but i can tell my eyes are going to be tired from all the squinting I’ll be doing and I'm using 12 pro max. Still an amazing game glad it made it to ios! UPDATE!- they added a new scale 2.25x that is a big help for larger screens Loving the updates shows the devs care 🙌🏻 If i could change anything I would detail and polish the borders of text boxes and change the Color to something more appealing or options.Version: 1.3.1

FantasticThis is a game which I’ve enjoyed playing on PC which has been ported beautifully over to iOS allowing for a touch screen experience. Most games are never the same without a keyboard and mouse, but this game plays like it was always intended for touch. The storyline and graphics are fantastic and this will provide hours of play. I could play the storyline countless times! (And I do!).Version: 1.3.2

IncredibleAbsolutely love this game but it keeps crashing. Mainly at the beginning of the new year but not always. Still a 5 star game anyway as I’m confident this will be fixed. Great game guys.Version: 1.2

!!!The game is really nice , but it drain the batery of the mobile so quick .....Version: 1.2

Amazing Port. Please add multiplayer!As a fan of the PC version, I at first had some doubts at how well Northgard would transition to iPad. I now enjoy this game even more while sitting in bed or on my couch! Absolutely amazing job! You guys knocked it out of the park. PLEASE add cross-platform multiplayer! I would love to be able to enjoy this game with my friends while playing from my iPad..Version: 1.2

Plays well, just needs keyboard and mouse supportYou can play with mouse but it’s the crappy iPad circle thing. Doesn’t feel right. And why can’t we use our keyboard cases to control the camera and have shortcuts to build buildings etc? It’s obviously a PC game so you would think that would be a no-brainer. Anyway apart from that it’s a pretty good game. High production values, graphics and music are superb. Haven’t finished the story yet but I’m happy with the purchase..Version: 1.3.2

Love having this on iPadPlayed some on PC, but like it more having it on iPad so I can play anywhere, and without the fans spinning up. It’s really great game play. Nice survival/building/strategy game. Would love to see a few improvements: I am hearing the music issues others are talking about, requiring a restart. Would be nice to be able to make the map a little larger (width of the season indicator) on iPad. It’s just really hard to see. Feels like adding buildings could have a little tighter UI. Right now having to tap build in the menu, then having the rotate/ok/cancel buttons in the opposite corner is a bit awkward. Keep up the great work though, it’s nice to have such a quality game on iOS..Version: 1.2

What I’ve been waiting for!If you grew up with or love Age of the Empires and have been looking for a game like it; then this is the game you’ve been looking for. You can control individual villagers-warriors-scouts, build buildings, hunt enemies and the story is actually decent and easy to play. Absolutely worth every cent! There are a couple of buggy things (The music and voice over glitches sometimes and if your playing on iPhone the space between your top bar and the character/item information doesn’t leave much room for viewing even if you change the settings - which you can do and it is Fabulous!!) I’m 100% certain that these are just things that need tweaking. I’m a few days into playing now and haven’t encountered to many glitches. If your tired of playing Co-op, pay to play, time limiting games then this is what you want. You can even play it offline and coming from someone who lives in the country with no wifi and limited service I say THANK YOU!!!!! Love it!! Give it a go! You will not regret it!.Version: 1.2

Proof that proper strategy games work on mobileSame as the pc version and amazing! Finally a proper strategy game on mobile..Version: 1.2

Battery drainer - solved!It took me a hot second to figure out how to assign workers but overall I am pleasantly engaged...until I got the low battery closing down message. It’s a bit of an energy user, but I got 3 hours of play time in, which felt like 3 minutes. This one is a charmer and worth the $ so far. edit: Changed my rating to 5 stars. There is a high performance checkbox in the graphics setting. Unchecking stopped the battery drain. Now I can play all day. :).Version: 1.2

Amazing GameThis game is a gem. It can be very challenging and requires you to ensure your always paying attention and always ready for anything to happen. No matter how many resources you have they could all be gone in a moments notice if your not paying attention. I've played many strategy games and hands down this game sits within the top 10 of strategy games I have played. Highly recommend and my hats off to the creators..Version: 1.2

Excelent Game/Excelente JuegoI like this kind of games, This game is awesome the graphic is cool! But have somes little problems, some time my game crash but that happen not many times, is a little problem, and I’d like to play multiplayer or coop....Version: 1.2

Great game!Love this game, reminds me of the old style games with great concept of space and growth. It’s a little clunky at first but with a little lore you figure it out. I’m enjoying the journey and that’s what counts. Thanks to the team..Version: 1.2

Pause?Great port. Plays clean and smooth on iPad Pro 2015. I’d love to see a speed slider and a pause-to-give-orders function implemented..Version: 1.3.2

Meilleur jeux mobile everRien à dire de plus que j’adore.Version: 1.2

Reminds me of my favorite: Age of EmpiresI had this game on Switch and I bought it again on iOS. It has a similar vibe to the old Age of Empires mixed with civilization. It’s a lot of fun and I really love the game. It takes the old style RTS games and makes it fresh and new. Thanks for making this game for iPhone so I can enjoy it on here too!.Version: 1.3.1

Amazing GameA fantastic strategy game from PC. IOS is missing actual and good strategy games, and as a service member, I don’t always have the ability to have my pc. So, my iPad is fantastic to use/have. I wish there were more strategy games, but this one is a great game. I’m waiting for some of the other updates from pc to make it over!.Version: 1.3.2

Finally an actual RTS for iOS!I grew up playing games like these on my pc, and always wondered why they never released something similar for iPad etc... but seeing this weeks ago in the upcoming section made me very curious. Finally playing it for hours, this game is fantastic and well done. I hope you guys stay consistent with new game content, and bring multiplayer about, but awesome game so far!!!.Version: 1.2

Absolutely stunning game and job well done!!!This game man, it has had my attention for over a month now and it still hasn’t gotten old, from how challenging the game can really be to casual and relaxing is amazing and very well pulled off. I would love to see future updates from the game and i can’t wait to play more..Version: 1.3.2

Great RTSSo hard to find an actual RTS game on the App Store. Came across this gem! No ridiculous timers. Can play a full game in one day. So happy I found this. Hope they add multiplayer! Please developers add multiplayer! It would be so cool to play with friends. Still easily worth 5 stars.Version: 1.2

What an epic gameBeen playing this game for the best part of 4 hours now nad have had a chance to get familiar with all the new menus and the game mechanics, and damn am I shocked with how good it is. It reminds me of the good old days playing age of empires, but the mechanics of the game are so much cleaner. I love that building can have people assigned to it and the battling is really clean. Looking forward to playing some more with it and discovering more about the game..Version: 1.2

PC brought to mobile! Amazing!Reminiscent of the Age of Empires series on PC. Awesome campaign mode great free play options! No online multiplayer required. I really like the freedom and gameplay Northgard offers. It does get buggy now and then. The game will freeze up or crash sometimes so save progress often. Other than that no complaints. Please keep adding content and updating this app..Version: 1.3.1

Nice GameIs long time I was lucking for one game like that hope in the future can play in multiplayer versus other people. Is gonna be perfect 🤗.Version: 1.2

Why won’t scouts investigate other clan?I would give the game five stars because it is really fun to play. Very addictive. However, it’s got two glitches that are big issues. It crashes periodically for no apparent reason so saving often is a must. The worse issue for me is that the scouts won’t penetrate the other clan’s land so I can never fully conquer the island. The only time it’s possible is if I find and heal one of the flying creatures. If that doesn’t happen, then I can never penetrate the blackness to get to the rest of the island..Version: 1.2

AmazingAmazing game, well worth the money. Reminds me of age of empires. Love it!!.Version: 1.2

Great investmentI play this game from my Apple TV, I truly enjoy that I can pick up any device and continue from where I left off...can I be part of the beta team???.Version: 1.2

Brilliant.This game is the perfect example of how mobile platforms should be developed and monetized. With the core game having tons of content and plenty of engagement with the full experience, the additional packages are worthwhile for anyone who plays the PC game. Northgard has a fantastic UI that works on both phones and IPads, engaging gameplay and countless hours of worthwhile variants keep players engaged. Buy buying it once and not being forced into “$.99” continual purchases it offers next-level fun and impressive, beautiful visuals. Finally, a mobile RTS game that doesn’t nickel and dime players into oblivion or make you wait hours for new buildings or character development..Version: 1.2

Incredible GameThis game has so much charm! The Scandinavian theme with battling clans is so much fun and adds such a creative dynamic between games. The gameplay never gets boring because there is always something to do and work towards. Honestly the game can be deadly! Surviving winter is a challenge itself, not to mention other clans battling to take control of your areas. If you like strategizing on how to take down your opponent through brute force, higher advancements, or just pure intellect, then this game is for you!.Version: 1.2

Great, except for crashing!Great game. Constant crashing is an issue. Very distracting!.Version: 1.2

MUST PLAY!Fantastic game design! This game brings the thrill of a console/pc game to mobile perfectly. There are a few things that could be added, like maybe an online mode sort of like COC. Greatest experience on mobile yet.Version: 1.3.2

Fun but has bugsIt’s a really fun game but it does eat your battery very quickly and the game will randomly crash at time. An auto save feature would be nice and a report bug option so you don’t lose progress after you’ve been playing a while. Other than that the game plays very good and is enjoyable to play.Version: 1.2

Great game!I love everything that is about the Norse mythology and this game is exactly what I wanted for a mobile game. There’s one thing I would like to be added in this game though. It would be cool if we could make our clan without any competition. Like being able to expand our clan slowly and take our time without worrying about losing the game. Either way thanks for this great game.Version: 1.2

No Longer Crashes :DI have an IPhone 8, and the game used to crash after about an in-game year, but after the latest update, I played through a full game without any problems. Story mode map is still broken tho..Version: 1.3.1

Very Good but in much need of multiplayer/cross platformI have really enjoyed my experience on mobile of this game but it needs multiplier, conquest and cross platform just like pc and it will be even better.Version: 1.3.2

Scouts bugLove the game so far! One thing I found is that the scouts cannot scout enemy territory, which makes it hard to win a domination match if you can’t enter the enemies territory to fight them. Hopefully this gets fixed soon..Version: 1.2

When have Chinese language?....Version: 1.2

Fantastic but buggyFantastic and i’ll definitely recommend getting it. 4 star because it is quite buggy with audio messing up and game freezing after sleeping if game is left open. on a 2020 ipad pro.Version: 1.3.2

Awesome game!I love it! Are you guys planning on adding multiplayer? I think itd work perfectly to be honest..Version: 1.2

HotWhat can I say, it’s really good. Especially grateful it isn’t Apple Arcade exclusive. I can wholeheartedly say it is worth its price. My only gripe is that individual people can be hard to select and group sometimes..Version: 1.3.2

Very good so far but need moreThe game is the same as the ones in console and PC. The game needs more MAPs and features like multiplayer and even bigger maps. It’s should have this features since it costed us $11.99.Version: 1.3.2

Missing linkThis is a great little game but sadly with no ongoing progress to transfer into a subsequent challenge it is finite. Once the story is finished there seems little point in playing. Game centre achievements are hollow and don’t return any satisfaction. Heroes are desperately required which can be slowly built up. Every time a map is completed that progress, (however small)would provide meaning to the effort expended and thus offer a reason to keep playing past the games storyline end..Version: 1.3.2

Great port of an amazing game!I have played this for a good long while on PC before they have made some of the changes that the game currently has on PC. This phone version has added some good quality of life improvements due to the nature of being ported to phone! Honestly some of these changes would be a welcome addition to on the PC. This is a great RTS with survivalist elements, it’s a slower paced game so if you want a quick game you probably aren’t going to like this. This game is a cross between civilization and some of the RTS like Warcraft, it’s simple yet challenging at the same time. It even has modes to make it more challenging than what it already is. It hours and hours of fun. Every Clan has it own perks, advantages and downsides that change how you go about playing the game. Considering I have payed over $40 for this game and all of its DLCs’s getting it minus the DLC’s for $8 is an absolute steal! I gladly bought this game again and will buy its DLC even if I won’t play it anywhere near as often as I would on my PC!.Version: 1.2

Love this game must have for rts fansI have been playing this game for years now have it on pc switch and now my phone. Switch it gets really choppy towards end game so hopefully this isn’t the case with my iPhone 12 Pro Max since it had more ram and a more powerful gpu cpu. Runs amazing so far. I consider this a top tier rts along with the likes of Starcraft and age of empires. It does it in a different way that really shines and is really immersive and fun. Worth every penny as long as the performance can hold out..Version: 1.2

Awesome!Well made and very entertaining game, if you like age of empires or similar then you will like this..Version: 1.2

Great! Just some small improvements.This is almost exactly the same as the full PC version and just as fun! The only small drawback is the UI is a bit clunky for touch based control..Version: 1.2

Best real time strategy! Till now!I was waiting for so long for a game like this. I don’t know why no one have made a game like this, classic real time strategy like age of empires or old school rise of nations....Version: 1.2

Absolutely incredible!This is my first review in 15 years of playing IOS games. I adore this game! Deep, complex, huge replay value, spectacular campaign! One important and persistent issue though; I am operating on iPhone 8, and the game crashes for me randomly between 5 and 20 minutes after starting at any point during that time. As near as I can determine, it’s a heat related issue, because even at minimum graphics it’s a pretty resource intensive game. However, 5 to 20 minutes after playing (the physical phone only bend a bit hotter than usual) the game crashes, always. I’ve had some success with incessant saving every 2 minutes of gameplay; that seems to delay the crashes. Furthermore, sometimes it tends to shut down while you’re saving, which deletes your entire save file from the device instead of saving properly. TL:DR- Three issues: iPhone 8, iOS 13.3.1 1: heat-based random crashes (5-20m between) 2: crash while saving resulting in game save wipe Apart from that, rated a fair 4/5 because the game is 5/5 but these issues are gamebreaking, and I don’t like having to save obsessively and play in front of a fan to not have it crash. Introduce a low-graphics mode maybe? Thank you for a great game, stay awesome devs!.Version: 1.3

Good GameI like the game so much, but the game uses too much battery. My Ipad die very fast although I use the newest Ipad Pro 12.9. One more problem with the game is that the game’s functions is kind of difficult to use, especially to control the units. I hope you guys improve as soon as possible. I love the game so far..Version: 1.2

Been looking forward to this!Fantastic to have this incredible game on the iPad! Well done guys!.Version: 1.2

Good game.. “overpopulation” mechanic is a bit oddWhy would villagers become “less happy” as a result of population increases provided all the other resources are adequate? Maybe another clan could be designed around bypassing or reversing this mechanic, as in “the more, the merrier.” With so many external foes, it would make more logical sense for the society to value population growth as an indicator of present success and future security. Just a thought!.Version: 1.3.2

Needs some touch area refinement, but such a great game!Buttons are hard to hit.Version: 1.2

Mostly faithful port of PC GameI love this game. I played it on PC and was ecstatic when it came on iOS. My biggest gripe with this is that there is no 'Conquest' game mode. I hope it will be available.Version: 1.3.2

Good Game with Some Small DrawbacksThis is basically the PC game on mobile with an altered (albeit clunky) UI. Lots of fun and enjoy exploration and villager controls. The biggest con is the lack of graphics settings (specifically reducing options). This game absolutely DEVOURS your battery and the phone will get very hot. I am using an iPhone 12 pro max and the game will just eat your phone after a short while. Recommend using an ipad or if you use your phone, play in short intervals to not overheat your device..Version: 1.2

Very well madeThis game really reminded me of a game I was just playing on my computer called becastled, but this game has some very key differences in it that make it more challenging and more fitting to the type of game it is. I also gotta say that I love the look of the game and it’s design. Maybe a multiplayer mode would be a fun experiment..Version: 1.2

So much funI hadn’t actually played the game on PC but from what I can tell, this is a perfect port to mobile. Some ports are barely functional, sadly. There is a little bit of a learning curve but I actually found it a little easier to understand than something like rimworld, for example. UI is nice, I like that you can change the text sizes. The only problem is that it crashes, not sure if this is just on iPad. It doesn’t seem to auto save frequently enough because I lost about 30 minutes of progress..Version: 1.2

Worth the pennyI loved the game. I just don’t like when it crash and lose your current data so a “save” is highly recommended every now and then. Hopefully they add multiplayer and I’m looking forward for more Clans..Version: 1.2

Fun game but....Where’s the tutorial? Have to learn as you go. Also, selecting characters is annoying. Sometimes it selects everyone and I can’t seem to unselect them all...have to keep playing around until I get it. Otherwise I like the graphics and concept..Version: 1.2

Great game, but the port is a little buggyLove the gameplay, runs great, but there have been some notable bugs I haven’t seen in the pc version. Like the beginning of chapter 5 of the campaign (idk if anyone but me plays it but whatever I enjoy it) seems to bug out with an unending cut scene. Also I wish there were better options for selection and deselection, as well as character assignments. Ultimately minor gripes, but I hope they don’t ruin the experience of a newer player. Probably will all be fixed in like an update though.Version: 1.2

Just some minor bug problemsThe game is great and I truly find it enjoyable. However, the bugs will kick me off and I have to start the mission from the beginning. The game won’t let me even buy the bundles, but what can you do it is still early to tell. So far, I find it fun and it does need small touch ups here and there..Version: 1.2

Great PortIt is unrealistic to expect this port to match micro controls with that of PC, but it is good enough. I managed to complete all chapters in extreme due to Save Spam Trick. Extreme difficulty might NOT be doable in a straight play through because of how easy it is to fat finger the controls. Enemy AI needs to be toned down slightly to allow for such mistakes and still have a chance to win..Version: 1.2

Really should’ve been a 4.5 star but they don’t offer that.The game definitely deserves maximum stars. It is gorgeous well done. My only complaint is it clearly was a port of some sort from windows. When you click certain icons it shows you a little mouse that you have to hit the right button on which I have no idea how to do on an iPad. It would’ve been nice if they made the game a little more iPad friendly also. The buttons on the left are really out-of-the-way on my large iPad when I need to constantly switch back-and-forth. A little bit of redesign in the I would’ve been huge for me my only complaint is it clearly was a port of some sort from windows. When you click certain icons it shows you a little mouse that you have to hit the right button on which I have no idea how to do on an iPad. It would’ve been nice if they made the game a little more iPad friendly also. The buttons on the left are really out-of-the-way on my large iPad when I need to constantly switch back-and-forth. A little bit of redesign in the UI would’ve been huge for me but aside from that it is just too good Not to give it five stars..Version: 1.2

Fun game, but crashes a lot for nowI’ve really enjoyed playing this game and beat the story mode. However, the game crashes more than every 15 minutes and I have to save quite frequently to try and avoid losing my progress. Even so, it’s frustrating to make up for five minutes of gameplay every fifteen to twenty minutes. I know it’s new, so the kinks are still getting worked out, but I would appreciate it if the crashing got fixed. In case this helps, I am playing on an iPad Air 2 and have IOS 14.4.2. Thanks for the game and hard work!.Version: 1.2

Great gameExcellent fun, Hopefully we get an expansion. 🤞.Version: 1.3.1

Great game crashes a lotAs the title says , great game but the crashes make it unplayable at times.Version: 1.3.2

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