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King's Choice App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

King's Choice app received 91 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using King's Choice? Can you share your negative thoughts about king's choice?

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King's Choice for Negative User Reviews

BoringCopycat of those “Episode” games just with the king theme. Graphics are cool not gonna lie, but the game is boring. I downloaded it just to get the stupid adds to stop playing for it during other apps, but then I tried to give it a shot. I can’t sit there long enough to play. Maybe 10 min and I’m already feeling done. To each there own. My low stars is mostly because the content isn’t unique and the game glitches like crazy and it doesn’t save any choices I make. Literally every time I opened it it would start at the beginning all over again asking what gender I want to be. It saved once but the second it loaded, it crashed so hard I had to turn my phone off and then power it back on. Definitely isn’t worth it for me.Version:

Lacking representationPros: The game itself seems pretty good as it does keep me entertained, having played it since Winter 2021 as a king. It has a nicely flowing mix of individual/team activities and storyline, following the characteristics of the inspired era. I like that you can choose your lovers’ gender and either way still end up with a child. Cons: The only reason I put it as 2 stars is that I think the lack of representation is a big problem. 99% of the characters are white men… like really come on it’s the 21st century. Those who aren’t a man or white are usually ranked very low. Most of the women (which are also mostly white) are used as lovers and baby makers only..Version: 19.6.1

Fake gameNothing like the ads. False advertisement. Should be illegal. Utter disappointment..Version:

So…..what if I wanna be a queen?!This game is called kings choice but what if I’m a girl?! It also has insulting rude words and is really hurtful.Version:

A Decent RPGKing’s Chooce is essentially a solid medieval RPG, which encompasses the usual litany of stats and levels. This, of course, typically incentivizes the player if executed correctly. King’s Choice accomplished this and effectively compels the player to advance. However, the gameplay itself, chiefly among the quests themselves is tedious, as a narrative is simply juxtaposed with superfluous battles every two seconds. Incorporating side quests or incorporating an adventure aspect, for example a lord deploying a night to navigate and acquire an item, might liven up the gameplay. In addition, the other issue is the copious charging for certain items. While it is understandable that monitory gain is necessary, stipulating more clearly when it is required would certainly benefit the user. Decreasing or eliminating charges for certain items would also be optimal, as the user is subjected to becoming roped into perpetually forking over these funds..Version: 1.19.20

Horrible!!Absolutely hate this and I’m very disappointed. This is click bait and is nothing like the ad, it’s just stories to read, it’s also a huge money grabber and you can’t customize your avatar..Version:

Please read! WARNING BEFORE YOU DOWNLOADHorrible there is no other skin colours except white and I know it’s 12 + but I’m younger and was still allowed to download because it says there’s nothing about the swearing at the beginning a person calls her a b and I think you should put it in the description.Version: 1.19.19

Absolutely nothing like advertI downloaded after it being advertised repeatedly in another game. In the advert it shows animations and you make choices and the outcome is either good or bad and you start again. Like a choose your own adventure book. This is nothing like that, nothing. There’s a story somewhat and a few choices, no animations and before long you can’t get on with the story because you can’t get the supplies to do so. I’ve you’ve came here from seeing the advert, don’t download! You’ll be disappointed..Version:

Good game, just becomes slowGame started out great. Lots to do, keeps a person entertained. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. However my rating is because, Once you reach a certain level, it begins to drag on and then the only way to advance steadily is by purchasing large packs, so I worry I’ll just become bored of waiting and stop playing. Like so many other games, it no longer is fun, just starts becoming a huge money grab and ends up deleted..Version:

Bullying is acceptable in this gameThe game itself is very enjoyable. I do appreciate the constant updates and changes the developer makes to increase the enjoyment of the game. There are a few discrepancies but I am confident they will work all the kinks out. I am mainly writing this review because although I enjoy this game and I have made many friends, I am bullied. Specifically, public humiliation - name calling, threats of being beat up, insults about my mother, and constant gameplay attacks on me (between 30-50). The bullying is coming from the same people. They also gang up and bully others so they will stop trying to win. When we send in screenshots of the behavior, the response is the same, they “do not interfere with gameplay”. I find it disappointing that they feel it alright to allow people to name call, message threats, and degrade people on a game that is meant to be fun and exciting. What happens when this cyber bullying gets out of hand? What if someone gets hurt? Would they then take cyber bullying seriously? There are other games like this one that take this thing seriously and I would invest in playing those games. I hope this review helps people..Version: 1.19.5

Few things wrong with this game.When I saw this game in ads and reviews I thought it’d be fun to play, by it it’s nothing like ads- very hard to understand and you don’t do anything but start a war when your knights step 2 feet it’s over. There are also no black characters and is nothing like it describes..Version:

Great game except for the part where they steal money from people….The game had a BAD glitch today and everyone received a message that they were given more game rewards than they were supposed to receive. The developers took THOUSANDS of items that people had been stock piling for events and we were in the middle of multiple high-stakes events which man it worse. They acknowledged that the issue what THEIR FAULT and still took thousands/millions of items from players that had spent REAL MONEY to obtain said items. People have been reaching out to them all day and nothing has been acknowledged on their end. No one has been reimbursed with real money or even the objects that were taken. After all of this had happened, people also mentioned and reported that they had received unauthorized charges in varying amounts from the game. Whatever is going on, it is absolutely ridiculous and it needs to be fixed..Version: 19.6

Uncharted waters eventI am enjoying this game and in particular the uncharted waters event, which I have tried so hard to have it incorporated as part of the regular game. Strategically, it makes sense to have that be a part of the game. Failing the return of this, I’m probably going to look for something similar elsewhere. Follow me!.Version:

Annoying adsJust downloaded this so that I can say screw this application and companies ads. Just because of how annoying and repetitive the ads are I plan on never playing this “game”..Version:

Ok gameTo be honest it is not as I expected it to be. In the ad it is much more interesting then in the game, but as well as saying that this is my opinion so yours might be different..Version: 1.19.2

TextingI think that people should be able get married through meeting on the chat. Why? Because then they could be more powerful and have more resources. It would help a lot. If you could change that, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!.Version:

Alliance informationDoes anybody know what the purpose of the deputy leader and elites are in the alliance?.Version:

Somethings gotta changeNot gonna lie I do really enjoy playing this game but to barrier between players who spend hundresds of dollars a day and those who grind hard is immense. Don't get me wrong still a fun game but if you expect to win in anything destroy that expectation now. Players who have been around for longer and spend money everyday will win and continue to win until the game puts some type of barrier to this. I saved my materials for a whole month and still lose to the same guy who spends hundreds of dollars a day. Which obviously if you have the means go ahead but it's ridiculous that the average dedicated player can't compete with the players who pay to stay at the top. Hopefully this changes before the games loses a ton of players because I'm already at my wits end for trying to compete with kids with daddy's credit card.Version: 1.19.5

Teamwork driven fun, but costly and no customer serviceI downloaded this game originally due to the ad to see if it was in fact a ‘style based’ game. While the ad is nothing like the gameplay, I stuck around due to the fact that I was still very much entertained by the story itself. As I kept playing, I realized there was a teamwork base to it as you are required at one point to be part of an alliance. I had the chance to be part of the best team on the best server- s429, and had the chance to talk through the chat system to some of the best people. It’s only with a strong alliance that you can really progress, and lots of cash! Once I started to spend money (not a lot, but some to help me boost quicker than if I didn’t) and I realized the billing is a bit funny. At first it billed you automatically, then if you subscribe to the weekly pack, all your purchases will come in one bill which confused me at first. Since I thought I was automatically billed the day I made a single purchase, when I received a bill that I thought was duplicated- I automatically requested a refund, only to then realize I made the error. You cannot cancel the support request (that’s an apple problem) and when the refund comes, the app automatically mutes you from the chat function. If you don’t make the payment back that they refunded you through PayPal (goodluck if you don’t have one) then you get banned from the game for violation of the ToS. There is no customer support. I have waited currently over 72 hours and no answer even though I made a payment. Suffice to say, its probably easier to not spend money, or spend it and don’t get a refund.Version:

A fake gameIt’s didn’t like what the add shows online. You can’t do much about the game. Not worth to waste your time.Version:

On the fenceI truly enjoyed this game, so I’m on the fence with my review. The game is fun, you can advance in the game to a certain point without spending money. Key words there, to a certain point… For those of us who don’t want to, can’t afford to, aren’t allowed to or whatever the situation is as far as money goes, I feel like we should be able to advance in the game the same as those who can or want to spend money in it. There was situations in game where I couldn’t do something in the game cause I didn’t have VIP status. The levels of VIP weren’t crazy expensive but my point is some of us have reasons as to why we couldn’t buy VIP in the game. I truly enjoyed the game but because I wasn’t VIP and couldn’t do things ppl with VIP status could it held me back in certain areas of the game and got aggravating to the point I just decided to delete the game and find something else to play..Version:

Nothing like the adsTo be completely honest, this game was not what I was expecting. Based on the ads, I was planning on playing a game where you customized your queen and then had to go through a series of choose-your-own-adventure questions. But, after downloading it, it turns out that it’s kind of like a kingdom-design/building thing! It was not what I expected and not the game I wanted to play. Also, I am not a fan of the bullying, name-calling, and constant threats. I would appreciate if you took out some of the bad behavior and language so younger kids can play. Granted, this game would have been fun had I had wanted to play the kind of game that it was. Unfortunately, as I expressed previously, this is just not my kind of game. I am giving it a three-star rating only because the ads were falsely advertising, but it truly is a great game if you like those sort of games. Thank you for taking the time to read this even if it was mostly negative. God bless and have a great day..Version: 1.19.5

ClickbaitI downloaded this app after watching the ad and it was completely different. The game itself isn’t bad but it takes a really long time to complete. Waste of time!.Version:

HorribleThis game was horrible and nothing like the ads..Version:

Great game, butThe game is genuinely great. very addicting, lots to do, easy to make friends within the community. however, it is entirely IMPOSSIBLE to win an event if you don’t spend a ton of money. skill doesn’t matter, what matters is whoever makes the most in-app purchases. second, you have to level up to rank high, which is great, but once you start leveling up, the entire game just becomes a waiting game. you can barely even play. you either stare at the screen for hours waiting, or you just don’t get on. aside from that, there are so many great features- alliances, community, lovers, heirs, storylines, battles, community, etc. but none of these features are fun anymore after you start getting the hang of the game because the waiting times are outrageous..Version: 1.19.20

Fun at first, now frustratingThis is not the type of game I usually play but I signed on to see if the story would be interesting. It’s been pretty good so far and for the first 60-70 chapters or so, I could complete 2-3 chapters a day (each chapter is pretty short). Now I have to fight through all the standard battles while my ranks of soldiers continuously go down and the enemy ranks increase after every battle. Um, if we’re battling each other over and over, shouldn’t BOTH armies be taking losses?? Also, the final bosses for each chapter are now way stronger than my army of over 20 knights can deal with - I mean, I understand a challenge but this is just rigging the game against the players now. You can buy challenge badges to replenish one knight at a time but the in-game stores only sell them every few days and you can only get one or two a day at most when they are available. So I spend hours waiting for my armies and knights to replenish so I can advance the plot. At this rate, I might as well read a book to get a good adventure story. At least with a book I could go at my own pace!.Version:

Clickbait igNgl it’s a good game but don’t download it cause of the ads, clickbait mfs. tho i’m hella addicted to playin but u should seriously do proper ads based on the game.Version:

No representationJohn Blanke was a famous black musician and is known for being one of the first black men on record to have lived in England. The game developers chose to make his character white and erase any mention of his significance to British society. The lack of representation in this app is absolutely appalling and ruins an otherwise well-developed and entertaining game..Version:

Lack of diversityAll the characters are white and so are the nobles. shameful to see no variety in characters..Version: 19.6

It’s a lieIt’s a scam dream.Version:

Too much backstabbingThis is a complex and intricate game with great artwork, but it suffers from a split personality. On the one hand, you’re encouraged to work together to achieve goals, to make alliances, and to negotiate. On the other hand, you’re encouraged to backstab other players, even supposed allies, to get ahead. I don’t like games that pit you against other players. I get enough of that bs in real life and I don’t need it in a game. So, thanks for the few hours of fun, but I’m taking my money elsewhere..Version:

Threatening Legal Action Against PlayersOneMT is now threatening legal action against players who benefited from a glitch in one of their events. Their response was to go after thousands of top players who have spent $1000’s of dollars on their gam, King’s Choice. Instead of making other players whole who didn’t benefit, they froze certain players’ items. These players’ legitimately purchased many of these items. Players understandably felt defrauded because they didn’t revive the items they paid for or didn’t have the benefit of those items. They requested refunds through the apple store. Now, the game company has sent messages to players saying they owe OneMT between $500-$2000 to be able to play the game again. They are threatening further action if players don’t pay them with PayPal within two days. I was not affected BUT this company has lost any good faith I had in it. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEARTACHE & SKIP THIS GAME..Version: 19.6.1

Not like the ads.As much as I like this game, it is nothing like the ads and requires spending your own money to level up fast..Version:

False advertisingThe ad showed shirtless men with rose pedals all over them.. but there was none in the game?!? Very dissatisfied 😞.Version: 19.6.1

Costumer supportCustomer support is none existent! Contact them twice! Once about a purchase that didn’t deliver every item another about a glitch resetting my current level in outposts instead of moving to the next level and got no answer at all!! I now regret having spent money on this game!! Frustrating!.Version:

MoneyMy thing is..whoever created by this app. It’s addicting BUT why do you have to constantly spend money to do more in these apps? Can we just watch surveys and get certain items? Milk for the heirs and it’s 100 gold coins per bottle. It’s relentless to say the least because they’re going into teenager and adult hood. They skip easily from newborn to teenager but there’s really no way to get milk or gold or gifts. Why are the university spots so expensive when gold is rare to find? You don’t have access to that amount of gold unless you purchase it with your own money. Do these developers already get paid for being game animation developers or am I missing something? I stopped playing because all these games require something out my bank account. It’s a fun game to play but you can easily count me out for 8 hours. Holding bank quest require money, going to other bank quest require gold. this game needs more access to gold, milk and university spots. Once your knight reaches 100, they can’t upgrade without certain things and you can’t unlock them because you have to reach a certain level. That’s disappointing and annoying. All the knights will be on 100 but can’t upgrade..Version: 1.19.2

More false advertisingGot it, found the ads were a lie, don’t care what the game is like, if it was any good you’d show the real game in the ad. Deleted.Version:

BORINGHi! This game is very B-O-R-I-N-G and that spells boring. It’s boring and when you choose your character you can’t change it back. Do not download this game..Version:

I hate the updateI love the game, found amazing friends, personally we need to be able to get more gold without paying real money: also the update is realllyyyy making the game slow down, this I’m getting annoyed by!.Version: 19.6.1

So boring and not like the ad also sexistThe app shows a very boring line and how the characters interact with the MC is very sexiest I recommend you don’t download cause it’s just a fake scheme to an app that looks like it was made in 2 days..Version:

Bad representationI can’t lie, the game it pretty good, it was a bit difficult to understand as a beginner - there’s just so many buttons - it can be quite intimidating. Although I do quite enjoy the fact that they drip feed you the things to unlock, it makes the game for fun to play. I like that you can talk to other plays and compete in challenges alongside them, it’s quite competitive and the game does shower you with rewards. The reason I gave it only three stars though is because of the bad representation of women and the fact that it has zero black people in it, male or female. Bad representation for women because in the game they are just seen as baby makers and they wear only dresses - you don’t see the men in the game showing off so much of their body like that! And I mean, no black people?! It’s the twenty first century - what are the creator’s thinking?! Overall, I think this is a game everyone can enjoy, pretty simple once you understand, but keeping it mind that this is not what the real world looks like, there are such things as black people and not every women shows of so much skin. It’s a game I enjoy I will continue to enjoy until there is an end to the game (if there is one). Thanks for reading..Version:

ComplaintsEverything in the store is way too over priced and when you do buy things, it gives you as little reward as possible, for example I bought 5 items that have a chance of giving 3-400 intimacy and charm and all five gave 4.Version: 1.19.5

Downloaded just to give 1 starI hate seeing this games ads popping up everywhere.Version:

Not like the advertsWhy is this game everywhere??? Have to watch this every time you watch an ad??? It's nothing like the actual game and you never play as the princess that way???... Misselling and rubbish game... Gets old quickly and why would you spend money?? What for???..... Can't wait to not see this pop up again with weird face ad???.Version:

Don’t waste your storage.The games pace is too quick to understand the storyline, the voice acting is mediocre at best, and there is almost no tutorial. The combat system is utterly disappointing as you start, wait two seconds, and it’s over. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t wait for you to register what’s happening, it automatically starts a new round. From what little I have seen of the romance it just,, doesn’t have any. You simply press a button and suddenly you have a kid? I don’t understand the overall rating of this game. Oh and the graphics. Not great. Terrible actually. Yeah 0/10 don’t waste your time on this one..Version: 19.6.1

Fun but lacking customer serviceI’m having a blast in this game. I never spend money on mobile games, but I made an exception for this one because I’m really enjoying it and I think the rewards are well-priced. I’m already up to VIP4, so I’ve spent a decent amount. The only problem is, when I first downloaded the game, I was put into an Eastern European server... I’m in California. I don’t get to participate in most events because I’m not awake in the middle of the night. I asked customer service if there was any way to keep my game progress, or at least keep my VIP level/inventory, and they said no. I can’t get a refund either. The game is really, really fun but before you start playing check which server it puts you in!.Version:

PROMOTES BULLYING FOR THEIR PROFITFirst, don’t be mistaken, this is a pay-for-play game which is absolutely fine. I am more than willing to pay for entertainment as long as it is fair and winners are not determined solely on the limit on their credit card. And that is the problem, there are absolutely no controls in place to prevent 2 or 3 individuals in an Alliance from completely dominating an entire server because they can buy every win. I am on my 2nd server, wanted to be fair and give the game an honest chance (way more than it gives its players). Each server I invested hundreds of dollars, but in both cases a single Alliance dominates the entire server, they gang up on players as a group stomping them down, while their credit card members take every win. It could still be pay-for-play and profitable if they put a limit on number of titles/wins at a time or put in a few fair-play servers. The number of people I know that have quit or at the very least stopped spending any money because there is no point is getting ridiculous. My advise is to pass, don’t waste your time, but if you do play then do not expect to ever win and DO NOT SPEND A SINGLE PENNY until they put in some bully controls and make it fair-play..Version: 1.19.20

Features women abuseAll said in the title, this app should be removed..Version:

Not a fanI was expecting a choice-based game based on the advertisements, but within about 2 mins of first starting the game I was marrying some random dude who I would not have chosen to. There are some choices in the game, but it's primarily a battle-for-power game where you wait to collect resources and increase your army's power to defeat enemies. It is ridiculously complicated (patrol, lovers/heirs, battles, trading ...) and not very intuitive. It took me a long time to understand where to go for different aspects of the game or how to unlock certain features. Finally—and I know this is a super nerdy criticism—but it is WILDLY historically inaccurate! They mix together real historical people from well over 1,000 years of history, and most of them are not actually even from the medieval period (most are from the Renaissance era, which in England started around 1500). And it seems like they were just taking wild stabs in the dark as to how rulers gained, maintained, and increased their power in medieval Europe—which, also, was pretty different depending on the time and place (800s England is very different from 1300s Italy, for example). It's modern medievalism at its absolute worst!.Version: 1.19.21

Was fun at first……but now, not so much. If you don’t spend hundreds of dollars you can’t compete. Simple as that. The same people win everything and they are all in the same alliance so their alliance wins everything. They are High Level VIP now and the rest of us just can’t compete nor should we have to. I don’t want to have to spend hundreds of dollars just to win a game. I don’t mind 99 cents here and there but when it becomes impossible to win anything unless you pay big bucks to play? No thank you. The game isn’t fun anymore. Why even participate in the events when you already know who is going to win before it starts? Are these players getting paid to play the game? Is that how they can afford to spend hundreds of dollars a day? I mean our server hasn’t even been open that long and these people have spent thousands of dollars. Big thumbs down..Version: 1.19.5

Hard to understandI know that some people people could understand this game but I couldn’t I could only do one thing and it was not like the add at all I never got choses I there was only 2 option’s to be a king or a queen.Version:

UghhI’m ashamed to say I love it.. I’ve seen ad after ad for this game and I was going on a download game spree one night and after this one popped up for the 200th time, I was like fine let’s try it. I’m so glad I did. It’s fun, the rewards are continuous. It’s easy to get the resources needed even without paying for VIP. I might give in eventually and purchase VIP packs but for right now I am completely content! I recently left this great review! Today I get on the game and I have two messages about how I conducted a refund for packages I DID NOT receive and they’re saying I owe them $15! I think NOT. There was about two nights in a row I tried purchasing VIP packs and it just wouldn’t go through, even though I had money on my card. Out of nowhere I get charged but still did not receive my packages because I’m still only a VIP 2! I’m honestly upset and if it results in deleting the game and having an “outstanding balance” then so be it!.Version: 19.6.1

Nothing like the ads. Hard to usePlaying the first 20 minutes of this game and I still don’t know how to play it or what I’m doing even with a “tutorial”. Not to mention my social media was bombarded with ads for this game so I gave it a go and it looks nothing like the ads at all. False advertising. There are battle sequences that take place where you do absolutely nothing to contribute and they last literally a second. Not exactly eventful or entertaining. Do not waste your time.Version:

InterestingBut save your money I’m requesting refund I was dying to speed things up so I end up spending 70$ in 2 days no thanks with little effect .and I think it missed some xp so I’m waiting again to move on. And I quite waiting the video advertisement of full. costume editing is a lie it gos kinda free first day if you’re lucky then you spend 30$ one day 40$ the next nope i need refund these were low improvements for the price you pay and they show their on sale but showing crossed out original prices like . 134$ to get you to believe it’s a deal but it’s useless. it gets you no we’re most games you spend $70 on actually do something worthwhile this just leads me to more waiting till I have to use more real money to buy crap to speed it up to little to no improvements not a dent and what so I can actually play. Instead of waiting several days to continue after paying 70$ that’s the price of a new game I want refund I can’t afford rip offs. Nothing like the add.Version:

This game is amazing! Don’t let the cringy ads fail youI’ve given three stars because of the cringy ads that are made which initially put me off from playing this game Glad I gave it a chance though It’s very addicting and you make insane amount of progress in just two days…that is if you keep playing haha The ads I’ve seen so far are very sexist, they show the princesses begging for the kings attention…very ridiculous The game itself is nothing like that.Version:

Trying to get in contact with supportI have tried to get in contact with onemt before with an issue no company or email is on the website. I’m more concerned that I can’t get in contact with my alliance during alliance chessboard. I also don’t want to start all over again as I am at VIP5 and it’s one of my favourite however it’s frustrating that it is taking so long for support to contact me back regarding reason for muting and I am also unable to use the transfer email to pay them back and I’m a bit stressed out that my acc will be shut down. Could someone please assist, much appreciated. I have requested for a BSB in the support channel it’s been over 48hrs. Thanks.Version:

SCAMAfter playing this game for days and spending almost $40 on it, I decided to slow down my playing and stopped spending money because I felt bad for wasting so much on an iphone game. After about a week of barely playing and not spending any money I checked my email and I had a receipt saying I spent $5 on the game, on a day that I hadn’t even been playing, so I checked the game for any recurring payments or if I had somehow accidentally (?) bought something but found nothing in my account. I requested a refund, and now my account has been banned. I’m not mad over $5, and I’m not mad at being banned (despite them completely wasting my time and money), because I didn’t feel like playing anymore after being stolen from anyways. But I’m going warn you all in advance that these people are thieves and have no morals. It’s so sickening to know there’s people out there who think it’s okay to steal from you after getting so much from you already, that’s greedy and twisted..Version:

Fals advertisment...The game is nothing like what the add display. 1- You can't customise your avatar like in add. 2- If you want to see some graphique like in the add you are in a lost as it is just static drawing. 3- Boring and sensless fight mode. Over all, quite underwhelming. The add and the game is literally two different game. If i could choose a minus star rate to give, i would....Version: 1.19.18

Frustrating experience with mixed messagesThis should be a great game as it’s got some great elements, but it’s highly frustrating. There’s very little help to tell you about certain game aspects, eg alliances, outposts, visits; and if you miss naming your character on the very first screen, you get to play a number until the game lets you PAY to change it. On its face it’s lgbt+ friendly, but while it allows some things, it bans others, sending mixed messages. Deleted after three days..Version:

Very money-driven and not accommodating of female playersFirst of all, game is nothing like the ad. It is, indeed, interesting but I hate deceiving adds. Another thing is: all the ways I’m being directed to are with male Titles (baron and not baroness, for instance). Can’t switch female lovers to male. The ad seems to be targeting a female audience, if you are going to lure us in, at least give us the choice of how we want to be addressed. Outpost fights get annoying when they tell us troop causalities are minimal but we lose them all in 2 runs. Very (real) money-driven game. There should be a balance to it..Version:

It’s a good game but Needs more diversity and more action to itHey! This game is pretty cool but there a only white characters, it would be nice to play a the queen and able to choose my skin tone and maybe if we can even customise the character it would be pretty cool.Version: 19.6.1

MehThe text is so small on every card/screen and some are worse than others. There doesn’t seem to be any strategy or much choice to the game. Two stars for graphics only..Version:

Limited customization…Why can you only make yourself white?💀.Version:

Why am i in debt?I have spent over 15k in this game, made vip 10 and play this game daily. The devs unlocked an event that requires in game gold that can be purchased with real money to recieve valuable rewards. The KC team screwed up the coding and did not take the required amount of gold when used for the specified event. A lot of players took advantage of their mistake and recieved more items than they should. When the KC team found out they froze the event, took all the gold from their accounts and wiped their inventories clean of rewards u could get from the event. They also sent a message saying we wouldnt get the items back until we paid off our debt if we used some of the items associated with the event….So my question is why put YOUR customers in debt for a mistake YOU made. I spent thousands of dollars on this game and you take my items….ok ok….i guess you wont be getting any more money from me or a bulk of the KC community….You shouldve just taken the losss…..piece…...Version: 19.6

Boring, Falsely Advertised, Low tasteI downloaded this game to see how stupid it would be because the ads for this game are ridiculous, which might be what they’re going for. All of their budget went into the ads and they used what was left over for the game. The main part of the game is so boring, you watch your army kill another army over and over and over, and every couple hours you create babies that do almost nothing for you. This game also lacks any diversity, in the game I was able to choose between 5 white characters and one asian character. None of the other characters are diverse either. The only people I can see actually enjoying this game are people who have never touched the green grass of earth or lonely people who never got an education. The story of this game is also bare bones, it’s the most over used story but written in a way that a toddler can understand because there is no depth whatsoever. I gave it two stars because the 2D graphics are smooth and pleasant. But this game is just so boring and there’s already millions like it..Version: 1.19.21

Rip off and charged doubleDon’t waste your time on this game. Randomly decided to buy an in game purchase. After I looked at my bank statements I saw they were charging me twice for the transactions, I requested a refund on what they overcharged me and got It back. A couple days later my account was muted along with a message stating I had already been awarded the items then requested and received a refund. I sent them screen shots showing that they charged me twice and I got my money back for what they overcharged. After I sent them the proof they stopped responding and a couple days later I tried to follow up asking why I was still muted. Again no response. Then a couple days after that my account was banned because they aren’t aware of how to process their accounts. I reached out again asking why I was banned for a mistake that was made on their end and again never heard back. Their Customer service or lack of is terrible and they rip you off. Okay for free if you want but Do not download this game and spend money it’s a joke.Version: 19.6.1

White washing???So I recently got this game and unlocked the knight John Blanke. In his bio he is described as a royal trumpeter, for those who don’t know he is a real historical figure and worked for King Henry the 8th. HOWEVER he is one of the earliest recorded black people in England and he’s completely white washed. There’s also the fact that so far I have seen no people of colour. I am not very far in the game so maybe it improves??? It’s a good game and I really enjoy it but that really annoys me. Pls stop white washing people thnxx.Version:

Completely different from addIt’s an amazing game but don’t waste your money. Every time I see the advert I’m like I need a game like this where you have to level up and try to become a queen or the crown prince/princess but the game is not about choices or anything that is shown in the ad and I’m very disappointed.Version:

App doesn’t workI downloaded the game, and it won’t even load. Keeps saying the version is out of date, I did every til it suggested to get the game going; nothing worked..Version:

Le jeu était amusant…Jusqu’à l’évènement aréna. J’ai utilisé des items pour pouvoir faire plus de batailles mais ça ne fonctionne pas. Résultat : 4 tentatives que je ne peux utiliser. Réglez ce problème s’il vous plaît, merci. Je changerai ma note de l’avis une fois le problème réglé. The game was fun until the arena event. I was using items to be able to do more battles but the game won’t let me do even, if I got 4 attempts. Please fix it as soon as possible. I will update and change my rating once the issue fixed..Version:

Even worse than the advertsThe adverts for this game were driving me mental because they were just so stupid. The game itself is not stupid it’s just incredibly slow and boring..Version:

Copy and paste. like the rest of the mobile gamesThis is why I hate modern mobile games. because market is being shift over time. because one game, copy another will got so popular it copy another and cycle continues. As a kid I was worry that game of war will be the first game that copy that crappy p2w style including cringe ads that I hate. Why still come back with old school style of mobile instead of this we having. I’m sorry what I said but that TERROR IS REALITY..Version:

Crap. Don’t waste your timeComplete crap. Nothing like the ads. Absolute garbage game..Version:

It’s a good game but it needs more variety.The game is good so far, especially the story. My only problem is that there’s no variety of skin colors in people and that our heirs look so similar, each gender has only three skins. There should be more variety in skin colors in not only our lovers but also in the story and our children, and more looks for them. It gets boring when I only see those few looks on each of them and doesn’t make me wonder how they’ll look, and after I get them married, there’s also no variety at all as well. I also wish we could spend time with our children and actually spend time with our lovers. We don’t do much with them other then patrols but we still don’t even see them half the time and all we focus on is the story! Other then what I have said, everything is actually pretty good. One more thing I complain about is how people can take our seats in negotiations..Version:

You liedI saw the add and I was interested but when I got the game it was nothing like the add why did you lie about the game?!.Version:

Bait and switch false advertising… beware!This game is *NOTHING* like what it advertises. I wish devs would stop doing *FAKE* ads. If the game is really as good as they think it is, why would they hide the actual gameplay? Instead they show gameplay that *DOES NOT EXIST*. Game has been uninstalled..Version:

ReviewVery upsetting that as soon as i open the game (first time downloading it) there isn’t options of different skin colours of choice for the characters. As usual there is only ever one. Whats even worse is that there is the same skin colour with loads of different faces..Version: 1.19.18

AckI’m gay but now all my starting companions have turned into the opposite gender.Version:

Sexist, And outdated.So basically, the female characters are in the debt and under the eye of all male characters? And the whole point of the game is to gain the favour of the king? Cool. Super forward thinking. Not to mention the complete lack of any ethnicity other than white. Brilliant, really inclusive guys, well done..Version:

HmmmThe game does save progress but I find that annoying. I made a mistake and it doesn’t let me change my name!.Version:

Better than the ads but some issuesSo far the game is fun and interesting. Some parts are difficult to understand but I work it out eventually. The main issue I have, is that the game is obviously catered towards men, not women. This becomes clear when it comes to the lovers particularly- the lovers you choose from are either women, or very feminine looking men. There is maybe one or two more masculine looking men, but you can’t choose them! So it doesn’t feel like they want straight women playing the game, just either straight or gay men. Also, Some of the elements of upgrading are not explained properly and you’re left guessing what to do, which is frustrating. Not sure I’ll keep playing..Version:

MY ACCOUNTHi, I have been having troubles logging into my account, i have binded my account, tried to log into my account but it does not work. So when i click on forgot password, it says verify your email which is shocking because my account is verified and binded. Can developers help me out with what i have to do, i really love this game and i do not want to give up :(.Version: 19.6

Deceiving adI’m not gonna lie and say it isn’t fun, cos it is. It’s simple, with visible progression on a bare-bones RPG-like game. The most frustrating part is that the ad makes it look so much more immersive and complex than it actually is. Don’t go into it expecting to play a game anything like the advertisement..Version:

AngryNot as advertise..Version:

DumbDumb game.. Ladies ,..don’t try to impress a jerk who doesn’t like your clothes and likes to embarrass you in front of everyone. Dump him!!.Version:

Wrong audio in an area I foundI play as a queen so I have only guy characters in the lovers area but when I go in it it has female voices saying welcome back my lord instead of male voices, it’s so awkward.Version:

Not what was advertisedWhat’s the point of advertising a game if you don’t advertise what the game is?.Version:

Banquet problemWhen I try have a banquet it doesn’t last very long for some reason. Asides form that overall the game is ok..Version:

Why so many lovers?I don’t know why this game’s called “King’s Choice”, it’s more like “Polygamous Lord” 1) You’re not a king, you’re a Lord 2) You don’t have any choice in how many lovers you have. They’re just forced on you in such an excessive amount that it made me delete the game 3) you’re always asked the same things when you talk to your counsellors 3 stars because the graphics are good & there’s no lag.Version:

Please more gameplay like the adsIt’s a good game and I had a feeling it would be something like that. But I was hoping there would be a type of mini game full of adventures like the ads where if you make the right decisions you’d make some rewards because the gameplay gets a lot slower the farther you get because of how difficult it is to level up the knights.Version:

I paid for rewards and never received themThis game is super fun and strategic, but when something goes wrong and you need to contact customer support, be prepared for a lot of radio silence and frustration. Last week, I attempted to purchase a $20 reward pack within the game, but the rewards did not unlock after my purchase. I have purchased this reward pack in the past with no problems, so at first I figured maybe I didn’t hit confirm or something, and made a 2nd attempt. Purchase went through, rewards did not. I filed a few reports with customer support, which promises responses within 24 hours. Turns out “customer support” is just a bunch of game veterans or mods who have no access to the financial side of things. At one point I was told to contact a Game Master, but there is nowhere to do that within the game, every help button I pushed took me back to the veteran forum. SOMEHOW a Game Master contacted me 3 days later and asked me to provide receipts/purchase info, which I promptly did. That was 4 days ago, and I have not received any other communication from them. I paid these people $40 and got nothing in return, and they don’t seem to be very interested in helping me resolve this issue any time soon. Some people might call that STEALING..Version: 19.6.1

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