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I Want Watermelon App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

I Want Watermelon app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using I Want Watermelon? Can you share your negative thoughts about i want watermelon?

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I Want Watermelon for Negative User Reviews

Long game play - fix the bugsLots of fun, but needs bug fixes. Shaking should leave the fruit above the red line. Add a pay version so we don’t need to watch the awful ads..Version: 1.0

Not THAT badThis game isn’t horrible, tbh. I appreciate the fact that the fruits all look relatively realistic and none of them have faces like almost all of them do in the other games lol. It really sets it apart, and I feel like it’s what makes it unique. Another thing is that the place where you drop the fruits is basically the whole screen, which removes various other distractions so you have a very big playing area. However.. it’s very laggy most of the time, and really hard to drop the fruits where you want to drop them, because you are unable to move them around before dropping them. Plus, I feel like the physics of the game is kind of annoying- it’s often way too exaggerated, and if you drop a fruit it will roll off one and roll to the literal OTHER SIDE. It’s kind of annoying, and makes it a bit unenjoyable while playing. So if you’re looking for a good watermelon game, I’d say you can give this one a try, but you should probably go find another one too because this one is honestly just a bit.. eh..Version: 1.0

Good and Fun game, got issuesThe watermelon game is really fun and addicting I love playing the game, all though there is a few flaws in the game that ruins the whole round and really puts a damper onto the game when I spend lots of time and make lots of progress for the game to end because of a flaw. If a fruit touches the line and is beginning to fall down the round ends because it's touching the line for 2 seconds and you have coconuts and pineapples but because of this issue the whole round is over and 10 minutes of time is wasted. If this issue was fixed lots more of players would spend more time on the game and wouldn't feel demotivated because of this flaw..Version: 1.0

YOY MADE ME WANT TO DIEI hate this game so bad I had to delete it bc your game lags and glitches I hate how the developers just sit in their butts and do nothing about this I used to live this game so much and want to play all the time but bro you ruined it for me it was my escape from economics class and now I will juste tu in class and do nothing but cry because I can’t mentally get watermelons anymore, this needs to be fixed I can’t believe these people get money from this WORTHLESS everyone is who plays this and who made this it is so childish and I bet you don’t have a life you sit at home and just eat and watch tv and laugh at peole Who lose but guess what YOU LOSE I will find who made this and I will destroy your software and everything you own you will never ever be able to ruin someone’s life again like how you ruined mine I wish I could have just gotta my watermelon but nope you have to give me stupid fruits that make me lose and I get it’s bc I was so good at the game and you didn’t like it bc your jealous and stupid and just want to eat bc your weird and stupid so I hate watermelon and I hate the game YOUR STUPID..Version: 1.0

Addicting and so annoyingTo start off strong, I enjoy playing the game and it is very good. HOWEVER, and I am going to restrain from using every single swear word in the book because I am livid, but there are bugs that need to be fixed. NOW. Every time I try to skip the stupid ad that they make me watch so I can shake my phone freezes and I have to exit the app. I know it's not a problem with my phone because I just got the IPhone 15. ALSO there needs to be more time for the fruit to be above the red line. It will be in the process of rolling or about to combine and the game ends because it's technically over the red line even though if it was given more time. Fix this immediately or I am going to find a better alternative..Version: 1.0

Love it so much but the glitches are driving me crazy!I love this game, its super fun, which is why I continue to play even though the glitches keep ruining it. The line is a problem. The game ends if a Frist touches it, even when it’s clearly still rolling. However, the most frustrating thing happening is when I shake and my fruit freezes in the air and the game ends. It’s happened on my last four games IN A ROW. In one of the games, I’d finally worked my way up to 19 watermelons and I the screen was only half full. I did a shake and the fruit froze and ended my game. But the worst was when my husband had SIXTY-SEVEN watermelons! 67! And the shake froze and ended his game. Pleeeeeeease fix it..Version: 1.0

Shaker doesn’t workAddicting game, but the shaker doesn’t work anymore. Watch an ad and nothing. Stupid..Version: 1.0

Fix the algorithm for when you die!!!When a fruit is rotating out of the red line, but it takes too long and ends the game. This has ruined so many games. Fix this and you got a 5.Version: 1.0

Update delaysWhy aren't the updates pushed in a timely manner? When playing with few people, we noticed that we have different versions of the game - aka magic fruit not being available to those with iphones.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workI downloaded the game today and I can’t move the fruit around at all, it just drops straight down from the top. Not able to do anything in the game..Version: 1.0

Annoying adverts close appBeen a great game for months. But suddenly adverts are opening web browser and closing the game app. Very disappointing. I don’t mind the in app ads but opening the web browser is really annoying. Puts me off playing..Version: 1.0

Used to love itNow before I tell you why this is the worst game ever let me first say how this was my favorite game I would always play this when I was bored and had nothing to do but as I was playing I was doing great with six watermelons in one game which is amazing to me so then I got a shaker and shook it really hard and died while they were floating in the air and I only had like four fruits at the time and it said I crossed the line when it was still in the AIR!!! I am so mad because I was really having fun playing too because over all it’s an amazing game but six watermelons is a lot to me and to die over something so stupid like that just makes me furious I hope you find a way to solve it or I am done with this game forever! By the way this game is a great creation and if you could make it better I think it will be the BEST game ever!.Version: 1.0

I am not getting the shake opportunityWhat’s up with the game?.Version: 1.0

Hate this gameI never played this game because it’s so bad.Version: 1.0

Game ideaYou should make the game have this thing called a remover. The remover and the shaker, when the shaker comes on you can choose between it. If you want a shaker or a remover! And if you pick remover, You get to watch an add and remove one thing you want..Version: 1.0

Don’t downloadRuined my life.Version: 1.0

Shaker causes game to failGood game however, when you use the shaker feature and the items shake above the line, it fails your game..Version: 1.0

Weird pop up ads when playing the gameThis game is extremely fun and addicting and I have barely gotten any ads unless I want to use the shake option. However, while I was playing the game, a safari tab popped up and it told me my phone was hacked and I needed to download an app to get rid of it. I just ignored it and went back to the game but then the same tab popped up four more times and each time I clicked install, it took me to the AppStore just to see some app that cleans out your photos. I did not download the app and my phone is clearly not hacked as I didn’t get a notification and this problem has not happened with any other game I played..Version: 1.0

Close but not the bestIt’s like the actual suika game but there’s a few things they missed, the physics in the game aren’t the best as sometimes when you put down a fruit it bounces to the other side which is really weird, but other than that the losing is unforgiving, if you are at the top and put down a fruit it gives it a millisecond to settle if your fruit is above the line in that millisecond it’s over, the game should wait for all the fruit to settle and then check if there is a fruit above the line..Version: 1.0

BrokenGame is fun until it glitches out and the watermelon doesn’t disappear and makes you lose. You’d think such a simple game wouldn’t have any bugs… I have screenshots to prove. 5 stars if the game was functional.Version: 1.0

Pls upgrade this!It’s a great game but would easily be 5 stars if you added some extra features…like an undo button, or an eraser button. Also it drives me mad that when an item is over the line but will be safe as it rolls off…but no it doesn’t wait for the roll and then I die and it makes me so frustrated I’ve now moved on to other games.Version: 1.0

This game made me lose when literally nothing was over the lineNo.Version: 1.0

Fun gameSadly the 'shake' bonuses don’t work on iPad..Version: 1.0

This game is badBro I have been playing this game and everything was going good. But then I got a shaker after I have been playing for a bit and when I used the shaker I only had like 6 fruits but all the fruits got stuck at the top and it killed me. This is making me so mad and I was trying to just have a chill evening but I just can’t with this game. They need to fire all of the developers. This game is actually so bad pls don’t waste your time play something like clash of clans or just scroll through marketplace. Like actually this game is trash and I want to kms after playing it. Bro I just can’t keep doing ts no more. Life is to tiring and my grades are starting to get bad and I just don’t care anymore. I really don’t know what to do with my life. Like what even is the point of life. I actually hate this. I just want to feel happy agin..Version: 1.0

Fun but frustrating (and predictable) mechanicsI have really enjoyed the simplicity and fun of the game, but the AI/game mechanics are really frustrating. Rather than the fruit benign randomly generate, the game appears to be choosing the worst/least useful fruit to drop depending on the situation. To me, random chance would offer a more fun, relaxing play rather than knowing where I drop the current fruit is going to completely change what the next fruit is. For example, if I really need a strawberry, it will take a long time to drop, usually not until the exposed strawberry has been covered up. I know this is to make the game more challenging, but I’m playing this game to relax not get too frustrated bc of malicious game mechanics..Version: 1.0

Just okayThe game is cute, but very rigged. The “physics” don’t make sense, the bounces usually don’t work in your favour, and there’s a deliberate algorithm to screw you over. Make it more realistic and it would be great..Version: 1.0

I wanted to like this gameI really wanted to like this game, I kept playing it trying to "get it", merge games always have a real satisfying aspect to them. But the game seems determined to screw you over and one wrong bounce and your entire 20 minutes of careful gameplay is ruined with no way to recover because some little fruit wedged between the big boys you were trying to merge, or the game decides you need exactly every fruit besides the one you were carefully setting up for, for 20 fruit in a row, until the towers you build on the sides collapse over the hole you were setting up....then it gives you the fruit you wanted, too late to do anything with it. If there was a way to actually recover it'd be different, but once your big fruits are wedged apart - especially up at the pineapple size range - there's no way to fix it. Especially the pineapple since they aren't smooth and don't slide as easily. You end up with a perfect honeycomb of pineapple wedged apart on stupid purple fruits, or limes, or whatever, piling directly to your death. Super frustrating..Version: 1.0

GarboThis game is doodoo.Version: 1.0

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