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Slap And Run app received 39 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about slap and run?

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Slap And Run for Positive User Reviews

Addictive & FunI think y’all removed the part where the ladies get slapped on their bum because of the complaints .. bring that part back because it’s the funniest part, secondly maybe you can add a longer stick option with a spin to reach the far left or right npcs .. or even have like oil slick spills or have one of the angry mob members throw something at you .. you can possibly do away with the bonus levels and add a tripping option.. I don’t know . Just adding some ideas Either way this game is fun to play 👍🏾.Version: 1.4

SLAP AND RUNSlap and run is a very interesting game keep up the good work my friends.Version: 1.6.0

I gave it 5 stars so it can be upBut i think this game is crap its just full of ads and glitches i didnt even press watch add to revive or somthing like that but an add still went i would of improved it and them put the game on app store becouse its crap.Version: 1.4

Almost a 5This game is so much fun, except one fundamental issue that needs to be fixed. Sometimes when you kick the last person, it lands right on top of the treasure quest and the game just stops and you can’t do anything. It’s frustrating because you have to start all over again. You should get the reward by landing anywhere on the square, not just on the floor..Version: 1.3

Super fun gameLove the game. One of my favorite pass times. However after you have achieved everything what’s left to look forward to? Rankings are cool but no matter how much I play, the rankings seem to never change. And I can only see a few so I do t know what Ranking goal is! Add some more fun stuff to slap and run from. More hands, etc!.Version: 1.5

UrmomIm about to do this irl😉😳.Version: 1.3

Super Addictive and Fun, but riggedI have downloaded this game and will spend hours playing its super fun and addictive, the ads are very annoying so i paid to remove them. however the only thing about the game that’s super annoying is that the end it rigged. you can never get every person. it will subtract two from your total and it kinda robs you of accomplishment..Version: 1.4

11/10Very funnny 😅👌.Version: 1.6.1

Here’s a honest reviewThis game is extremely addictive but some flaws in the game made me give it a 4 star because of how it is effecting the gameplay, the game is really fun and skillful but after every level there is ads so I spent around $2.00 to get rid of them so the experience is better but still the game is freezing every time and it gets annoying so please fix this bug I’m only 11 and this game is fun so I highly recommend you to get this game is you wanna laugh or just have some fun..Version: 1.3

BE A MANThis game is highly beneficial as it educates your kids to become a proper man. keep slapping.Version: 1.3

FunThis game is addicting and satisfying. However, at the very end there’s a chance for you to land on the treasure chest slot to gain the biggest reward. Sometimes the character will just land on the chest and stay there. There’s no way to move It. Which means you can’t actually get the reward. It’s an easy fix for the creators but it’s highly annoying..Version: 1.4

Slap gameIt is fun but the bad part about the game is that there is so many ads.Version: 1.3

AmazingThis game is amazing there is quite a lot of ads but they are helping other grow and it is really fun.Version: 1.4

Game with Hidden MeaningGames fun! I wish the levels were longer and there weren't so many ads, but the game itself is fun and satisfying even hundreds of levels in. The multiplayer element is fake, but that's expected in most of these games. One thing I noticed is that some of the people you slap are Nazis. The people you slap can be seen doing various things like talking, rapping, and now after the update they're working out, sitting at a table, buying ice cream ect. But one thing they do both before and after is the Nazi salute, if you pay close attention you can see some of them straight up heil Hitler, but this isn't a criticism because you can slap them. You also see a guy at the table bang on it like Hitler in "Inglorious Basterds", going "NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN," which was a cool detail. There's also a lot of guys with red hats that kind of look like Trump merch but this is unconfirmed. Overall really solid game!.Version: 1.4

It’s…EnoughIt’s a super simple game & a great way to pass the time. I definitely “sprung” for the ad free version because the ads are unbearable. The reason I took a star away is because of the issue with landing on top of the chest. If you land there, you either have to force quit the game or press the home button. Aside from that, I would recommend this game if you’re bored & needing to pass 5-10 minutes mindlessly..Version: 1.3

Best game!Incredible game. Quick rounds so you don’t get bored. Sounds are relaxing too. Love it! Simplicity at its best 👌🏽.Version: 1.5

Good and dishonestLove the game. Worth the three bucks. Super excited about the added stuff. Here’s the ehh… Rankings are fake. That was the thing I chased the hardest. From #25,000 to currently # 1. I always wondered why I couldn’t scroll through the rankings and the increments got smaller and smaller. I think if you hit #1 in your “simulated” rankings. Let the best actually compete rankings with the rest. I’ll even pay another 6 bucks. You took all the fun away once I figured out what was going on :( Great graphics, super addictive, give us real rankings please. Currently at 95,000 total slaps lol.Version: 1.4

No pointFlooded with ads does even let you play don’t even waste your time.Version: 1.3

Please move chestThe special Chest at the end of the level needs to be moved. I keep landing on top of it and im stuck looking at the guy without the advance of the level unless I restart the ENTIRE level. Other then that, wonderful game. Can’t slap people like this IRL so I love the concept..Version: 1.3

Best phone game everI don’t normally like phone games but this is IT! the only downfall is that sometimes after you punt the guy at the end of the finish line he sometimes lands on the treasure chest itself and not even on the box so it just freezes the game and then you have to restart that level.Version: 1.4

Very fun/funny but…The only reason I didn’t give this game five starts is because I paid the $2.99 to remove ads but I am still getting ads… A LOT of them. Is there a legit way to get rid of the ads? It’s been three days now...Version: 1.6.1

Super funI downloaded this game as a joke since I saw it on an Instagram ad, but this game is actually sooo funny lol it’s really fun and I even got my family into it. I never would’ve thought I’d find a game about slapping people 😂.Version: 1.4

Fix fallen on the chestFirst off wonderful game, slapping people is very satisfyingly great, including getting them in the traps. I just want you to change the location of the final chest or something because more often then not I will land on top of the chest not falling on the floor. When this happened the level does not advance and I’m stuck looking at a guy just laying on top of a chest. I then have to press the home button and do the level again for getting a perfect. Please MOVE THE CHEST thank you!!!.Version: 1.3

Great , but THE ADS!I fell in love with this game instantly! And that’s surprising for me because I can never find a game that I actually enjoy . But THE ADS! I don’t think I have ever played a game with this many ads . It’s absolutely annoying and it ruins the game . However, This game is so satisfying that I’m considering buying the game with no ads. I keep saying I won’t , but then I end up coming back to play the game . Great game ..Version: 1.4

Fun!Great game that makes you laugh from just slapping characters and runnning! Please fix the ending of the run to include when the character hits the wall or anywhere inside the box the level is complete, too many times the character just lands on chest and doesn’t slide off to finish level.Version: 1.3

Good gameI got the game because they played it right in the add and it’s actually fun.Version: 1.3

Fun Game, But glitchyThis game is super fun! However, at the end of the level when the big kick happens, almost every time i get stuck laying on the chest because my player doesn’t hit the ground and the level doesn’t advance. Please fix it!.Version: 1.3

Highly AddictiveI downloaded the game because of the catchy title so I have it a try. After a few rounds and saw all the annoying ads….I decided to pay the $2.99 for getting rid of the ads and been hooked ever since. It’s a simple yet great game to pass the time and I got a few chuckles out of it too, especially the final drop kick had me dying lol! I also have an idea…the green button to make the closed fist of a boxing glove annihilated the angry mob coming after you, what about adding a red button that would deploy a open death slap right to the mob? I can definitely see some improvements that can be done in the future, I hope the developers keep up with the updates and make this game great. Thank you for your great work!!!!.Version: 1.3

AmazingSlap big booty yummy.Version: 1.3

Mindlessly addictingSomething is so satisfying about slapping these people! It’s also worth spending the $3 to remove ads because watched ads for bonuses is also worth it so the two together can be a bit much. I also wish there was more to unlock, now I’m just playing to try and get out of the 20k spot and get into the 100s but idk how long I’ll be interested to get there without more fun along the way I also agree with some other reviews I saw about the chest at the end. I’ve landed on it many times but the level will only advance if you land on the ground around the chest, otherwise your stuck on the screen and have to click home to redo the level. I say move the chest as far back as you can! Because right now I only find value in upgrading my offline coin collecting since I’m already hitting the chest at the end without upgrading my kick or acceleration anymore than I have already. But overall, terrifically fun.Version: 1.3

Need more levelsSo I have maxed out all my things and stuff I got this last year and I have been pretty good all I’m saying is make more levels and also make some challenges and also make races so who slaps more people peace..Version: 1.5

This gameI would recommend this game is fun it is entertaining and it is fun and it is entertaining and I canSay that 1 million times definitely get it I would definitely recommend it I know I’ve said that a bunch but actually do it please👌😍❤️.Version: 1.3

Great Game!I really enjoy this game! It’s a great way to kill time and it’s surprisingly satisfying. My one question is why is the player character girl in a sport bra and shorts while all the other girls aren’t? There is also a version of the male player character with sportswear. I feel like having sportswear on your character should be a toggleable option because it just feels random to have the player character girl and a boss be the only ones with clothes. There also could be an option to give the pedestrians clothes. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.5

EpicThis game is epic booty!.Version: 1.3

Slapping SinisteryThis game is cool bc u can slap people💪😈In my opinion it topped all games on the internet. #1 You can hide in boxes and reslap people who you slapped. #2 you can get people punched by an automatic boxing glove. #3 you can get people killed by leading them to buzzaws..Version: 1.5

Great gameReminds me of when my dad used to beat me and my mom back in the day….Version: 1.3

Why?Why does it need to be on the internet? It just means I can’t play it when I’m not at home.Version: 1.5

READ THIS IT'S IMPORTANTI only gave this 5 stars so you have a better chance of seeing it this game deserves 0 stars if you pay attention some of the characters are doing the nati salute even if you are meant to slap them it's still not ok to promote that and on top of that some of their ad's promote s*xual assault in one of the ad's it's a dude playing and all the people to slap are girls and he's slapping them on the a*s if you don't understand why that's not ok your either dumb a kid or a monter and to the Company fix this you could get sued I won't sue you but someone out there will and they'd be right to do so from adults I expect better.Version: 1.5

Great! NOT too many adds!I have downloaded like five similar games in the last two days, and I really like this one because it doesn’t really have too many adds!.Version: 1.4

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