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Convenience Stories App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Convenience Stories app received 9 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Convenience Stories? Can you share your negative thoughts about convenience stories?

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Convenience Stories for Negative User Reviews

Looks cool, hope it gets fixedLooks like it could be a fun game, but it doesn’t work on IPad, significant parts of the ui are out of frame and the ratio is very strange looking this is true for both portrait and landscape mode. From what I was able to play the game seems a little over priced but that’s neither here nor there.Version: 1.16

Game doesn’t fitI hate rating low stars but this game I paid for I can’t play. When I load up the game doesn’t fit to screen and I can’t see all the options when playing….. please fix and will 5 star again..Version: 1.16

Please, please, fix the screen.For people wanting to buy: The screen size is not good (at least for ipad). It will show black bars on the sides and cut off part of the game no matter if it is in portrait or landscape mode. Honestly I’m not sure if I could focus on the tutorial because i was trying to figure how to sort of fix the screen size. So warning the screen size won’t work properly. For Developers: Please fix the screen size issue because it makes the game less enjoyable. I’m not sure what device it’s made for but it clearly is not made for an ipad. I don’t know if it works for iPhone or not but please at least change it to work on iPad..Version: 1.16

CrashingKeeps either freezing or crashing wiping out all my progress.Version: 1.16

Worst kairo yetErgh, so bored..Version: 1.16

Game doesn’t load on screen properlyThe screen is off centered...Version: 1.16

Not as good as the othersMeh..Version: 1.16

Needs more workI own almost all the games and I had to stop playing it as the format is bad. It won’t centre on my screen and the buttons don’t seem to work half the time. Paid for a game I can’t even play. Very disappointed.Version: 1.16

I like it, it’s just the same as the other KS gamesI just wish that KSoft would challenge their regular players. It’s a lot of waiting around for money to build up and researching further items. It’s an ok game I suppose, pretty harmless, but why can you buy add-ons to progress & invest in other businesses; not just convenience stores. Do more KSoft- every game is moulding into each other now….Version: 1.16

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