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5 starHonestly Great app but I don’t get why you have to wait an hour it’s to long be better if able to watch adds instead and be able to save up coins so that you can buy a pass to find out who likes you.Version: 1.41

Amazing app but there is a bugI absolutely love this app but there is a bug. Sometimes I go into the app and it says like 2 mins left on the timer. So then I go out of the app to wait for 2 mins. And when I go back into the app the timer says it’s on 59 mins. I don’t know why it does this but it does..Version: 1.46

Bugs?Anmazing app overall but for some reason my coins keep going down even when I’m not buying perks, I didn’t know about the perks until just a day ago but when I did I had about 900+ coins, I bought one of the 100 coin perks and then closed the app when I came on around and hour later to do my poll the app said I only had 57 coins which I do not understand. Overall a good app though!.Version: 1.41

Amazing AppThis app is amazing, It finds everybody from your school and everybody from your contacts and snap and adds them to your questions. There are various questions with a option of 4 people. Easy option to share what people said about you to your snapchat story. And completely secret ! You can only find out the first letter of there name or if you really want to find out you can get gold which cost £4. I reccomend.Version: 1.41

Amazing all togetherSuper good so I steer sting to see what people think of you although it would be better if there was an easier way to see who sent it like complete a game or something handy and fun I love the fact there is no adverts one of the best apps.Version: 1.46

Very good but very scaryIt is a really good app for people to send secret messages without anyone knowing who sent them but the scary part is that it says that I answered a question like 5 minutes ago even if I didn't have my phone with me at that time other than that great app..Version: 1.46

Another day another slayI like the app so far, but it just needs a bit more tweaking to get 5 stars, like the option to search for specific people to invite without the app crashing constantly or the need to restart the app every time something updates (the timer running out, getting a slay, checking activity, checking the amount of slays you have, etc, etc) and just general annoyances like having to change your name twice in a row to save. great job on this app regardless though, it’s well thought out!.Version: 1.14

Amazing but there could be improvementsI really love this app, you can vote anonymously which is what I like about it. But some things I just don’t really like is how you have to wait so so so so long (1 hour) to vote each time. And if you want to skip you have to invite a friend. My suggestion with this is to watch a few adds or make the wait time shorter. Also I don’t like how you can only reveal the first letter of someone’s name once. Then you have to pay to reveal the full name. Again I would suggest being able to reveal the first letter about 5 times before having to pay. Overall great app!.Version: 1.41

How good you guys areYou made made me learn so much of Ansawer them questions when I see something I will say how is your day like I never do that sometimes I do but not mostly thank you for teaching me happy ending after.Version: 1.49

I can’t even open the appI am stuck on the blue screen every time I try to open the app and can’t even get in, fix that and I’ll change my review.Version: 1.53

EnghLike it but I wish we could see who texted cause there was a person who said they had a crush but then I didn’t know and she got stolen I was so mad.Version: 1.56

It’s not badIt’s a little confusing but it’s fun when your bored.Version: 1.56

Good appIt’s a pretty good and fun app the only down side is the cool-down is 1hr long and the fact that is u want to reveal the sender you have to slide t it to someone.Version: 1.41

Long wait between scoringYou have to wait a while for more prompts but it's a cool app.Version: 1.54

Great app but glitchingThis is a great app but for some reason the poll thing isn't working for me and it’s glitching even if I delete the app and re log in it still glitches and never loads no matter what I do even if I invite a friend.Version: 1.46

I love this!These compliments are actually making me so happy about myself, knowing I can make people happy and that they trust me enough to do some things with me, I’m so glad I got this app! I might get the gold thingy so I can see who’s saying them. Thanks for this lovely’s, makes me feel good..Version: 1.54

Good but needs options for peopleIt’s good and really fun but I think you should be able to block people and like from coming up from your contacts but also be able to see who has signed up from your school (you can choose to like be shown in the list of pupils).Version: 1.35

Wish there was moreI wish you would invite people from snapchat.Version: 1.40

Luv this appA friend sent me an invite and I was kinda confused abt it.. but the app rly boosts my confidence and I like that we r being nice to each other.. definitely a great idea and I feel like the world needs more positivity xx.Version: 1.54

Amazing appThis app is so positive and really changed my view of my friends and school mates. Highly recommend. Although could be a little easier to use and a little more free stuff. Recommend adding anonymous compliments that you type out as well!.Version: 1.36

Fun and some problemsIt’s a really fun app where you can choose people on polls and they don’t even know it’s you! There is 1 problem that I have encountered tho, whenever I try to send out a poll on Snapchat the copy link doesn’t work. Thank you for reading!.Version: 1.57

Small glitchI absolutely love this app, but I can’t seem to get the play again, poll screen to load and it is jittering. It has been doing this for the last couple of hours. It’s a real shame. Would recommend though. :D.Version: 1.41

Great but annoyingI honestly love this app so much and it’s been one of the best apps that have been used amongst my friends and etc. it’s honestly so much fun but the one thing is that after you do one game it makes you wait an hour to play another and it goes over and over again and it’s honesty so annoying. Like pls can we have maximum of 20 mins cuz it gets boring. And also it would be even more fun if the questions were more spiced up.Version: 1.41

Amazing- but…This is my fav app but it’s not working properly… When I receive a compliment, half the time it doesn’t even show up, and recently the poll is glitching. The screen keeps going up and Down Otherwise I completely recommend this app it’s rlly fun :).Version: 1.41

Good reviewGood shuffle and coins.Version: 1.46

Good butIt’s glitching terrible I can’t do anything on there I can’t vote for my friends or anything. I’ve tried everything Please help. I don’t have Snapchat or instagram so can you change it so other apps are accessible through W APP because I really don’t want to stop using it..Version: 1.41

Good but one thingReally good and fun but my only issue is you cannot select the crush feature for other schools. I know it might seem silly but I saved up coins for it to say their was a tech problem. But besides that a great way to send and receive complements!.Version: 1.46

Amazing!In my opinion W App is a great app to give people you know amazing compliments that can make their day! I know the other day I checked my phone and saw I had a new compliment so I completed my polls and had a look. And it made me so happy to see all the nice things people thought about me and yeah. Overall I love this app.❤️.Version: 1.54

Great appThis app is awesome for finding out what people you know actually think of you, but in my opinion there should be a way of finding out their names for free, perhaps watching multiple adds or making it a perk for hundreds of coins, as there really is no point of knowing what people think of you if you CANT find out who they are in the first place (unless you pay ofc) Also, there is a glitch in the part of the app where you make your own poll, the copy link button simply doesn’t work. Please fix this asap!.Version: 1.46

Loooove it 😍All my friends from school are using the app 💕 big W 😍.Version: 1.54

I love this appBefore i thought everybody at my school thought i was dumb and annoying but now because of these responses I know thats not what people think of me at all.Version: 1.54

Good howeverThis is a really fun app, however improvements could be made. The improvements should be not waiting an hour to vote again. I think that should be taken away as it takes the fun away from the app. If add a time to it it should be 5 minutes.Version: 1.41

AccountNo matter what i do i cant seem to make an account it always says try later - its been 4 days.Version: 1.47

Really fun, although..I have seen reviews of people saying it is not appropriate for young children which is true, since it is made for high schoolers. Also yes this app is extremely fun to play with your friends, but there are many bugs. For example, the coins don’t work, you are able to gain them just it doesn’t allow you to spend them. Also recently mine just hasn’t been loading ever, and the poll keeps loading for a second, then going away and a poll comes from the bottom of the screen, however I have not seen this happen to any one else. In this game, I can see lots of improvements happening in the future, although now, as it’s new, is quite a buggy game. Thank you if you read this far..Version: 1.47

Payments?? Good app overallJust a question, but why you have to pay £5 a week ($6.99) just to find out some stupid name? What kind of rip-off is this?.Version: 1.41

ContactsYou need to be able to share with the same people in your contacts.Version: 1.46

Really goodA very good and well thought out app I love complimenting my friends and it being anonymous is great because I can say whatever I want to I also enjoy being complimented as it makes me feel better.Version: 1.49

Updates I would loveThis app is great I really love it but i here are some things I think could make it even better: being able to see who’s online, be able to share the who do you ship me poll throughout the app and not Snapchat and instagram, being able to take anonymous photos to share with your friends would be really fun and my last suggestion is making the wait time a little lower. Thank you!.Version: 1.41

It's midPopularity contest.Version: 1.56

Great but…I love this app and have told so many people about it. Although I do think there could be a few improvements such as: not having to wait an hour to do the next poll and I think we should be able to message our friends on it because I personally like to message my friends and I love this app too so I think it would be great and I think people will use the app more because they can chat through the app..Version: 1.41

Fun but could be betterMy friend was the one who told me to download this app and at the beginning it was great fun, voting for people and if you shared the app with someone you could find out the first letter of their name (the person who chose you) which i thought was a very good feature. after a day or 2 it wouldn’t let me share the app to find the first letter of your voters name, it says you have to spend £4.99 (PER WEEK) just to find out their name which i think is way too much. it would be good if i could still share and find out their name. another thing- i’ve collected a lot of coins on the app but whenever i try to spend it on the perks in it, it comes up with “sorry, a technical problem has occurred. our technical team has been notified!” but i have been trying to buy the perks for a few days now and the same thing comes up. overall it’s a great app but some changes need to be made..Version: 1.46

Fix the power upsThe game is good but I can’t use my gold to get the power up things because when I press it, it just says there was a technical error our technical team has been notified or something like that but it’s not worked for the past 4 weeks.Version: 1.46

Great appMost of these people you see reviewing giving it 1 star complaining that it took their details are just stupid. It is a great app and these boomers just don’t know what they are talking about. The reason it ask for your school is because it is MADE FOR HIGHSCHOOLERS not 36 year old women thinking it’s WhatsApp or something. They ask your year in school your school and your gender this is because when you give a compliment to someone (select them for a pole) it is anonymous. All it says is the age and gender and it ask school so it knows what kind of people to put on your polls.Version: 1.50

Please read!Hello! You have probably gotten a notification saying you got a compliment and you need to download the app to see how sent it! I did to. I was a little worded how it had my phone number without me downloading it. I decided to get it as a lot of people did. It asks for your school. No, not to track you down. To get you with all the other people from your school, so you aren’t voting for random people. Now yes, there are A LOT of negative reviews, I read most of them and it seemed to me as none of them were relevant to me at all that much, maybe one or two things but overall this app isn’t as bad as others have seen. Also, none of the questions are hurtful, there is maybe a few weird ones but they are all compliments and no one gets to know who sent it! So if you have a crush and they have this app, confess away! They won’t even know who you are. stay safe x.Version: 1.54

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