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Ideas for Awesome DevelopersY’all made a great app that is both practical and visually appealing. Both current challenges encourage me to log on to your app and use it to run. And the features offered with Premium tempt me daily to purchase the yearly subscription. One idea I have is for you to create “community challenges” where a UA coordinator creates a route for runners in a local area to master along with start and end dates for the challenge, and the fastest times receive prizes. An example for my area would be the Greenway that runs along two main roads in my area. I think more challenges would better keep users relevant and talking about your app, especially if the challenges each focused on a specific running aspect mentioned in the app (distance, time, pace). I’m a teen with a high gpa and a passion for running who would love to help you improve the app (and maybe earn some money in the process)..Version: 20.5.0

Great App for competing with friendsAs the title says, this is a great app to try and compete with friends. I say try because some of my friends are crazy and are able to log movement everyday. This app also encourages movement, just get out there and log something, walk, jog, run or a workout of any kind. It works so well, enjoy everyone 👊..Version: 17.9.5

Still no notification ?!After months of getting notified when my ‘friends’ run they have just stopped for all 4 of us. All iPhone users, all using up to date versions of everything. I have reported this several times to Map My Run but nothing has been done. This feature was a big part of us using MMR, and now that doesn’t work it may be time to find another app that does this basic thing for us. Really disappointing - I can’t believe it’s just the 3 of us with this problem..Version: 19.25.0

Great appOnly request is when I look a run sometimes it’s set to treadmill run it would be great if it could detect that you are not static and ask. That will push me up the 5*.Version: 17.10.0

Amazing UpdateI normally do not write reviews for apps, but I love using MapMyRun so I felt like I just needed to write one for this app. It’s been a great experience thus far: a polished interface, a organized place to look at your stats or friend’s stats, and finally I am able to use it with my Apple Watch without bringing my iPhone with me. However, I suggest that Under Armour should create a settings menu within the Apple Watch app so the user can do things such as schedule a run so you will get a reminder when you should run, have an indoor run option, auto pause option and choose whether you want voice feedback so the you can know what your stats are when you finish each mile just like you can if you use the app on your phone. I hope that these improvements will be added sometime in the near future..Version: 18.3.0

Lack of watch based GPS a major let downI have used MapMyRun for years, using the map to plot my runs on my return before I got a running watch. With the arrival of the Apple Watch 3, I had high hopes of running and recording routes with GPS data. Instead there is no functionality of supporting watch-based GPS, even though both Strava and Apple’s own Activity apps do. Okay, I’ll just record the run and update it to MapMyRun from the Apple app... nope. I can’t see how I can do that without manually inputting all the information. Huge shame really as with the MyFitnessPal helping get my diet on board, I assumed Under Armor would have got their first app sorted too..Version: 18.2.0

Lots of bugsSometimes the app chooses to work well and a lot of the time it chooses not to work. I use the app on my iPhone 8 with my Apple Watch. I will launch the app on my phone and sometimes it will sync with the app on my phone so I can see my time and distance but a lot of the time it will not. Also the app will randomly stop recording then will start back up. Today I added an extra half mile to my two mile route (a route I measured numerous times) yet when I got home the app said I didn’t even run 2 miles. Also I’ll finish my work out and save it then somehow I get an update an hour later saying my work out timed out. So instead of having accurate averages so I can track my progress all of my times are messed up because the app will randomly choose to continue running. Looking to switch apps because this app is making tracking my work puts a hassle..Version: 18.6.5

Easy to get startedBrilliant ap for my runs and bike rides Easy to get started and great feedback.Version: 18.2.5

Favorite Running AppI figured that after 3.5 years and 503 miles of using this app, I owed it a review. I run to train for my other sports. I never ran until 3.5 years ago, and my first run was with a friend because I didn't know how to run or pace myself. After that, I started using this app. It's accurate (even when losing cell service for a little while, like when I ran a race that was partially in a parking garage). It has told me what my pace is, so I've been able to gain a natural feel for what a 7, 8, and 9 minute per mile pace is. It has made me feel more comfortable about my running and enabled me to challenge myself and set goals for my pace and distance. While I use other timers (ex. for intervals), I always use this app as well. If there was only one fitness app I could have on my phone, this would be it!.Version: 17.12.2

Love this app and love the Under Armour blue tooth shoes!?I used Map My Run over 10 years ago to help me run 5 half marathons- I struggle with running but this app really helped me get my KM’s in. I loved how I could use it any where in the world and how it helped when traveling. When I was looking for a new pair of shoes I saw an Under Armour shoe that said - blue tooth and connects to Map My Run. I had to try them. I have to say, they are amazing. When I forget my phone , they still record my runs in Map My Run. Love it !!.Version: 20.1.0

Great with Apple Watch Series 5I’ve been using Map My Run with an Apple Watch Series 2 for about 6 months and thought it’s ok but a bit ‘flakey’. Didn’t always connect to my UA Infinity shoes & heart rate and slow to start up and respond to commands. Since up grading to a Apple Watch Series 5 it functions perfectly. Training plans are good and have improved my 5k PR. It’s a pity that transferring workouts to Strava can’t be done from the App and is a bit laborious outside the App. Hearing cadence coaching tips through my Aftershokz while listening to Podcasts like “Attacking Scrum” give some extra motivation..Version: 20.16.0

Doesn’t actually map your runThis app, which is called Map My Run, when I first started to use it, would map my run. But now whenever I run, the run is not mapped. Mapped is pretty much the one thing I expect this app to do with my run, given the name. It does various other things with my run, no doubt well. But it does not map my run. This, it seems to me, is not at all in keeping with the spirit of the name Map My Run..Version: 18.4.6

SprattyDoes it have auto pause feature?.Version: 17.9.1

Recent problemsUsually the app works fine, but lately it has been giving me ridiculously inflated distance readings, even when I close and restart it fully. Disappointing for an app that costs money..Version: 18.6.5

GraphsIt would be great if the App could incorporate more graphs and ways to present the data than just list form. I have to go on the website to see these and a calendar view..Version: 19.24.0

Just what I needed to get into running.I have always done sport or gym work, but never really went for runs. This app has been great, allowing me to track progress, set goals, and really kept me focussed on what I want to achieve next, in a way that is really difficult to do in any other form of exercise. I started running because of the rules around the Coronavirus, but I will definitely keep this up, and this app is a big part of that..Version: 20.9.0

Community?I’ve been with MapMyRUN for 10 years now and loved ‘’most” of the improvements. HOWEVER, the last ‘community’ feed feels at best weird, at worst a precursor to stalking. I find it really disconcerting when I log a work out to be automatically taken to a public feed of other people’s workouts, irrespective of whether I’m connected to them or not. I find random selfies of people I don’t know after their workouts disconcerting. It’s genuinely great to have so many people around the world working out but this feels like a forced community, rather then genuine connections with likeminded people. It’s forced me to make all of my work outs private. Sorry, not impressed. Happy running..Version: 18.1.0

FriendsI am unable to add friends that I know have this app. They cannot load me on either!!.Version: 21.7.0

Great For MotivationSo easy to keep track of yourself and your friends. Like the feature around achievements over the same course..Version: 17.12.2

Great AppThis is easy touse and very helpful!.Version: 21.9.0

Amazing!Great app! Using it every now and then and the goal is to use it more often..Version: 20.9.0

App crashing after every mileI have used this app for a few years and absolutely loved it, never had problems until the last couple months. Every time I go for a seems at about a mile the app crashes. If I reboot it, and start over....same thing happens. I have to keep checking my phone as I’m running to see when the app closes and catch it as fast as I can to keep my data as close as possible and not risk running too long without it. It is seriously infuriating. It’s synced with my Apple Music and I have a theory they're correlated somehow in messing something up because when I also go to shuffle songs on my Apple Music, shortly after the map my run app closes. I’ve never experienced this before until now and I’m tempted to get rid of the app forever. But I have too much history I don’t want to lose so I’m just waiting, hoping it will fix itself. So annoying.Version: 18.11.5

Good before...I used to like this app, been using it for 2 years, no problem. Recentlly, its letting me down. Lots of inaccurate distances and pace, I should notice coz im running same route mostly for my fitness. Saying 5 kms when I have not even run 1 km then after a few a seconds it will say 6 kms with pace 2 min/ km pace. Once reset for new running workout, then started running, its already saying I’ ve run so many kms when I have’nt, once messaged the app admin about my problem but never heard from them. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still same problem. Sort this out please!.Version: 18.5.0

Awesome appIt gives a lot of real data and statistics, i love it..Version: 21.6.0

IntervalsWould like the coach to talk at either distance or time, not just distance. Different motivational voices would be good too. Also a plan to maintain fitness at a certain level not just plans for certain races would be great. Would like to see run broken down in minutes not just distance. Otherwise best running app..Version: 18.8.6

Fantastic appI absolutely love this app! I’ve had it for years now and has never been disappointed. It even tracks me when my data is off..Version: 20.16.0

Something is wrong after a recent update but this is still a great app.I used to be able to start my workout on my phone, put my phone in my pocket, hold up my wrist and see that on my Apple Watch the app had already opened and showed my workout already going. The last few weeks this no longer works or only works part of the time. Now I hold my watch up (after starting a workout on my phone) and it does already have the watch app open, but now it only offers me the option to start another workout on my watch. So I start a workout there, and then SOMETIMES it will get in sync with the phone and change the time, and other times it won’t. Then I get home and finish my workout on the phone so that I can write my notes before finalizing it. After which I will notice later that when I hold my watch up there is still a workout going on my watch which I have to finish and delete. These are not issues that were present a few weeks ago. It would be nice to see this rolled back to where the phone and watch properly sync with each other during and after a workout..Version: 18.5.0

Works wellPerfect for tracking progress and to check stats while exercising. Links in nicely with my fitness pal while trying to watch food intake as well..Version: 18.6.0

Over the moon happyThis toolilure for me. I love the app I love the support I love how easy it is to use this and I am extremely grateful for what this app and program will do for me. Success is more than guaranteed and success is only a few days off.Version: 21.6.0

Good but....Find the app really helpful. It’s been great for keeping track of everything. My only complaint is that the mileage is not very accurate. I think it misses when you go around corners etc and cuts a straight line (Pythagorean theorem)..Version: 20.24.0

Best appSo good calculates your distance and running route! Also updates u every time u run a k which is perfect as you have an understanding of how far you’ve run and how many minutes etc and they don’t bombard you with talking. Highly recommend worked so well for me x.Version: 20.6.0

SolidThis app tracks your runs well and keeps them in the cloud for free. The few minor gripes I have about it are: - you can't make the app pause the song your listening to while it says your time - you can't default the sharing mode to private.Version: 18.1.0

Great but some notes... also is free which is awesomeI like this app and have found it quite useful in my conquest into getting fit. I like how it is versatile and allows for other uses such as I use it to track my outdoor roller skating sessions. I quite love the design and the features that allows you to make posts to people in your area, but I have some ideas and requests for future improvements on the app. First of all I think you should be able to impute your own calorie data for a more accurately calculate calories burned. Second I think being able to plan routes in advance then have it give you directions as you are going to stay in your wanted miles and set a pace and therefore giving you a time guess on how long your route will take. The other thing that would be nice is while planning a run you can put reminders to stop or pay attention at certain points. Other than just a few ideas I like this app and recommend a good free running app..Version: 20.8.0

Best App for your Fitness LifeBest app to have for all your activities being tracked, logged and interactively fun. It’s a great way for challenging your friends to a fun loving competition and burn calories. So wonderful to see your progress from beginning to end..Version: 21.5.0

Privacy policy agreement blocks access in middle of runI just upgrade this app; I started the app to check if anything needed to be set up after the update. It opened to the "start workout" screen. Today I head out on a run, launch the app and press the start workout button. Off i go. Every mile the hear the timing info. Great. But then I finish, grab my iphone out of my pocket - and find it on a Location screen with no cancel or exit button. I'm standing on the edge of a field in bright sunshine, after my longest run in 6 months, and it wants me to agree to a lengthy screen if fine print. To make it worse, it says it need the location to comply with privacy regulations - which means it wants to make as much use of my data as it can, rather than have a simple privacy policy that meets all requirements..Version: 18.6.0

Great appI rarely comment on apps, but this one is so good for running outside!!! It makes me even want to buy UA shoes and get memberships..Version: 20.25.0

Great When it Works, Horrible When it Doesn’tI’ve been using MapMyRun for about a year now and it’s definitely the best run tracking app by a long shot— so long as the app is working correctly. There have been constant issues throughout the year where the app becomes buggy, and I’ve noticed it’s become even worse since they updated the tracking software to give you more accurate data. The problems I’m having now are that 1) the workout is no longer mirroring on my Series 3 Apple Watch (just opens the app and then crashes) 2) the prompts (the person that tells you cadence, split pace, etc) is no longer working and finally 3) they have an Artificial Intelligence bot replying to their help desk requests and are trying to pass it off as a real person. That’s not helpful UA.Version: 20.3.0

Is good!Is good!.Version: 21.7.0

Simplicity and works!Love the ease of getting going for a run, select my fav tunes to happen every time, hit start and get told stats every km..Version: 20.5.0

Works well for me!As a longtime user of Strava, I was at first a little dubious about trialing a new app. Now I no longer use Strava and always use Map My Run app. This app has helped me improve my cadence and in turn improved my running posture. The coaching has helped me adjust my running to minimise injury and recovery time. The app’s ability to connect to my shoes has rewarded me with insightful and informative data that I can use to help me improve! As an individual who loves to run and continue to improve and get that little edge, this app is the best! Thanks UA!.Version: 21.6.0

Usually Great but lately buggingI have been using this app for years to track runs and I usually love it! But the last week or so it has been bugging? I start a run on it and when I get half way through it either has crashed (so not tracked me) or I get to the end of my run and it’s stopped tracking half way through. Really frustrating when trying to track progress. Not using it any differently to normal, wearing my phone in the same pocket, same route even..Version: 21.10.0

Use this alongside StravaHave been using MMR since I started to run seriously. It’s a great free app but I’ve never used the paid version. When my partner bought me a Garmin watch to run with I had to link up to Strava (the segments really helped me to push on in a way that MMR had not) and I was disappointed I couldn’t also sync my MMR activities. Nevertheless, I run it alongside and it has helped me on occasions where my Garmin hasn’t picked up GPS or when the battery on the Garmin dies after bad planning on my part. The voice is also useful as a reminder to distance covered and approximate pace, even if it is slightly out of sync with Garmin..Version: 20.9.0

DistanceI’ve been using this app for years and within the last few months it’s saying what was usually 6km is now only 5.6km - but annoying but otherwise it’s a completely good functioning app.Version: 20.3.0

Great appThe free option is great for runners - it’s really helped me monitor my progress.Version: 21.5.0

Great!Been using this app for running since August. The MVP upgrade is well worth it at $30 a year if you are interested in having the app create a plan for you to follow. Whether it is training for a certain distance of training for a certain time it works great. Would highly recommend to anyone. The stats are customizable, it syncs well with heart rate watches and such and the distance, speed and pace measuring is extremely accurate from what I can tell. The app is very heavily branded with Under Armour but if your ok with that it's nothing to keep someone away from it. I personally like Under Armour stuff so I don't mind it. The community is rather large as well and there are always challenges you can sight up for for free. Highly recommended for a free running app and behind the paywall it gets even better!.Version: 18.1.2

InconsistentThis app has always been fine especially for a free version. Over the last fortnight however it hasn’t. I run the same routes every time,my pace is usually the same yet the distances and tracking are all over the place. It changes from day to day,I’ve tried all the recommendations in the help section but still,today it’s mapped my run and distances different. How can you set or beat a goal when the app is so inconsistent?.Version: 20.8.0

BingoIncredible app .learned a lot .easy to use ..Version: 21.3.0

What happened to this once great app?!?I have been a MMR user since 2013. I paid the extra for the “Plus” version only to see that discontinued. I let that slide because the app was accurate and reliable. Well, unfortunately, both of those adjectives are no longer applicable. The last year has not been good. Updates have been fraught with bugs, glitches, crashes, and inaccuracies. In the past two weeks alone challenges have failed to update, pictures unable to load, comments/likes on friends workouts not taking, mileage short, and Apple Watch slow to push to the app. I have invested in the MVP version multiple times for the extra features and to avoid ads. My subscription runs through May. As much as it pains me, I am leaving after 6 years, 1,174 workouts, 7,941 miles, and 869k calories. Congrats on the partnership with Samsung and leaving Apple users in squalor..Version: 19.17.0

Use to be betterDistances have changed. Same walk is now shorter. Have checked with other gps device and map my run is wrong.Version: 17.9.5

So much data I never thought ofVery good app and lots of data about the way you walk or run which is helpful. Really cool app..Version: 21.1.0

Solid for tracking!Easy to use when tracking. Gives a lot of good data to measure and compare 👍🏾 solid!.Version: 19.23.0

Great running aideBetter than I thought it was going to be. Alternative to those fancy pants smart watches. It maps your run, saves the track so you know what you have done and can select different routes at different distances you have previously done. It is a bit loaded up with features which clog it up but other people may find them useful. Only thing I am annoyed about is you are required to sign up an account (free) but you can put it to a non-monitored junk email and still use the app; at least that way you don’t receive junk in the inbox..Version: 18.2.5

Awesome app!Awesome app, highly recommend this for anyone starting back into training. Great way to track your progress. Steve - NZ.Version: 20.7.0

Works for meI get everything I need from this app. Tried out Strava but came back. I like the audio splits by kms. Keeps me motivated and pushing myself. Plus I like connecting with friends and encouraging each other!.Version: 18.2.5

Not bad!!Have been using this for a while since another app was closed down, it’s been ok - not as good as the other but has helped me get back into running & is easy enough to read & chart progress. One thing I do miss from the other app & would be great if could be put onto this one is showing the miles/km covered in the map with markers at each stage. Also I feel like the profile should maybe be more prominent instead of hidden away, but that’s just me - I like to see an overview straight away..Version: 21.10.0

Run failed to syncGreat app, but my best run hasn’t synced which is slightly annoying. It doesn’t show up on my dashboard.Version: 18.12.1

Great appI love seeing my progress day to day Or discovering ways to become more competitive in my runs. The analytics are worth the subscription $ and the coaching surprisingly does motivate you to move your feet! Thanks..Version: 21.6.0

Great running app with a few quirksReally like this app for an Apple Watch when compared to other popular running apps (Nike Run Club) with the route benefits, especially being able to save/bookmark routes and create your own routes on the website and syncing them to your phone (#1 when it comes to organizing routes). Social feature is better as well being able to share and see route specifics with friends versus just mileage as in NRC. However, the auto-pause after 30 seconds is a little too long when trying to get an accurate pace read (vs almost instantaneously with NRC). As well would be nice to be able to select a route from a list of bookmarked routes from the watch and be able to toggle the auto-pause from your watch. Otherwise, this app is great, especially if running with your phone..Version: 20.8.0

Motivational appGreat app makes you want to keep pushing yourself to achieve higher goals.Version: 18.4.0

Super easy to useVery easy to set up and not too intrusive whilst running.Version: 20.4.0

No FussI really like this app as a simple way to keep track of my speed during a run and then compare my overall time and pace per km with previous runs. It’s also great to measure exactly how far i’m going if i’m doing a new route. I don’t use any of the other features though so can’t comment on them..Version: 18.4.0

Great appI have used this app now for the last 13 years and love it it keeps all the history so you can see your improvement over time.Version: 20.1.0

Freezes when you hit “start workout”I’d give this app 5 stars except yet again I have to wait 40 minutes for it to work without freezing when I press “start workout”. Already tried everything else and have determined that it is an issue with the app..Version: 19.11.0

Love itI love this app... it allows me to look way back at all the runs I’ve done, works perfect when listening to music at the same time and lets me know how far I’ve gone without looking at my phone... I’ve used it for ages and there’s been no problems, definitely recommend..Version: 20.11.0

I’ve loved t for long but it’s super annoying latelyI’ve used it for a long time. I’ve train for my last half marathon with it. It’s been doing a great job until just recently. Over the summer I had syncing problems just like others but this seems to have been fixed. Now on the other hand, my every workout gets doubled up. Every run, strength, yoga or what else shows on my dashboard TWICE, likely taking up the storage and messing up with my calculations of the time I have actually worked out or the miles I ran. I have tried manually deleting the fake logs but I honestly don’t feel like doing it every single time and I forget. Especially since I often log more than one or two workouts in a day. It used to be my top work out app but I have started looking at Garmin’s and I’ll probably be transitioning to their more accurate logging..Version: 19.23.0

Severe incorrect calorie countI really enjoy this app and have used it often, until recently it has not been counting my calories correctly in a significant way. I use the app to track my running on my Apple Watch along with the activity app from Apple. At first, I was able to start them both on my watch at the same time and both apps would keep track correctly until the past month. Neither one would track my calories correctly. While trying to figure out what is wrong, I have taken mapmyrun app of my Apple Watch and the activity app from Apple’s calorie count has came out correctly. I really like the mapmyrun app, so I am going to try tracking it just on my IPhone . But I am bummed it isn’t working correctly so I can track them both on my Apple Watch..Version: 19.19.0

Great but running plan doesn’t link to watch appEverything is great except my running plan doesn’t appear in my watch up. This means I either need to take my phone running or manually enter runs into my plan which is annoying.Version: 20.6.0

Great app which does weird things sometimesReally like the app and it’s ease of use. Great to get a good idea of distance, time, calorie burn etc. Feedback on the move is important to me and a useful check and motivator. Love to be able to compare route performance and activities. From time to time it goes weird and throws out a line to somewhere at great speed.. maybe interacting with a mobile mast or something. Then the data goes crazy and is a bit annoying..Version: 18.7.0

2 much needed updates suggestion!I absolutely love the Apple Watch app for tracking all my workouts. There are 2 things that bug me though. 1. You can not control the music from the app itself. Apple updated their fitness tracking app to where you just swipe left and all the music controls are there. This makes it much easier to lower volume on the headphones and change tracks without having to push buttons and going to the now playing app. 2. After using this app for a very long time, I would like to know, how often does the app track the heart rate? The best cardio that I get is from using a jump rope in between all my sets of lifting weights. It’s a bummer when I do a good job to raise my heart rate real high, then look down at the watch and the app says I’m at 96BPM instead of the 155+BPM. The workaround that I found is to leave Apples heart rate tracker app open in the background, so immediately after jumping rope, I switch to that app and click on the heart to get the updated heart rate, then I’ll go back to map my run, and it’ll be updated their too. Other than that I love how well it tracks my runs and weight lifting. I’m guessing the jump roping in between sets it something that you guys haven’t taken into consideration when tracking upper body workouts. Thanks for an awesome app!.Version: 18.6.0

Great app for recording exerciseReally like this app for logging running, cycling and walking exercise. GPS is really accurate. Like how you can customise splits etc. I have paid for the premium version as don’t think it’s that expensive (think £28 for the year) to get running training plans that have voice coaching. Works well with apple watch, but reason I haven’t given 5 stars is the removal of the leaderboards for your route (was good motivation when cycling), and when you have a plan with scheduled runs you can’t start them from the watch- once you’ve started it on the phone the watch picks it up so you can pause and complete it, but not start it!.Version: 20.11.0

Nice AppSplendid High Accuracy.Version: 21.5.0

Works but could be betterI have used MapMyRun for years and really liked it, but as one of the few apps that will allow you to run without your phone AND track your stats on Apple Watch, it needs to have a couple other watch features to make it completely independent. 1. Splits for interval training on the watch. I know there is an interval training workout option, but it didn’t seem to do anything different when I tried it. 2. Haptic pace reminders, or audio that will work with watch without phone present. (Currently while playing music during run, bluetoothed to my earbuds, the audio pace updates don’t come through) 3. Ability to put in customized workouts that alert you at a certain set distance and remind you to change your pace. Would be great for tempo workouts. I have experienced a few of the glitches people mentioned where it just stops working in the middle of a run. But I found that only happened in poor reception areas, and if you kept going it seems to pick backup where it left off as if it kept running in the background and just froze on the watch screen. Usually short lived issue. But since the update I haven’t experienced this. Thanks and keep the updates coming!!.Version: 18.8.5

Fantastic app!!!I love this app! It’s so easy to use and is great for tracking my runs and walks. The best feature too is that you can sinc it with the MyFitnessPal app which tracks calories consumed and it automatically deducts your calories burned! Love that!.Version: 21.9.0

Map my RunNice free app. Works well, easy to use and allows you to share your workout with friends. All previous data transferred when I got a new phone and reloaded the app..Version: 20.13.0

Quick troubleshootingThanks!.Version: 21.6.0

Love itFantastic in tracking kms and duration. Highly motivating for me in pushing my times and distance. Only a small glitch that if you need to pause your run for a short time it doesn’t pause altogether, it changes my average pace dramatically and can hinder me in tracking my training pace. All in all though...👍🏼.Version: 18.7.0

Good but.....I love the app overall. Good stats, flexibility in writing etc but why won’t it sync straightaway from my Apple Watch app to my phone/database??? It takes 2-3 days sometimes before I can look at my stats unless I bring my phone along (which obviously I don’t want to since I have the Apple Watch)!!!!.Version: 18.12.1

Endomondo’s format was way better!I’m bias because I have used Endomondo for 10 plus years and I really got to appreciate its format. It’s unfortunate that ARMOUR decided to “retire” that app so I just plough along..Version: 21.1.0

Using it for last 10 yearsI have been using this app for more or less ten years. Simply loving it. The best for running, walking or cycling. I have used it in more then 10 countries. Perfect for distance, time or speed. Awesome. Highly recommended!!.Version: 20.8.0

Great appActually enjoying using this heaps, me and my misses have just set up a challenge and it’s so great that you can’t lie on distance or anything because the app tells you the truth, no fudging you’re own data haha.Version: 20.5.0

Great little appDoes everything I want it to do, maps my run, provides time and distance updates, plays music with it and saves my workouts. Well reccommended..Version: 17.9.5

Map my runGreat app! Works well and keeps me going and motivated throughout my workouts. I like the online challenges. It would be great if it had a “warmup” function that would pause the timer while you do your stretches after doing the 1st km or so..Version: 17.9.5

Fantastic to useCarry it in a back pack,or in your hand. That’s it. It gives you the km times. Nice Love it.Version: 17.11.0

What has changed? Slow & inconsistent uploadsI’ve had this app since 2012. Maybe it’s the app’s success that has made it so dysfunctional or maybe it’s the coding and lack of testing and de-bugging? I really like the app and will continue with it however, it would be good to be communicated to once in a while to openly say why things are so dysfunctional in terms of activity and photo uploads. Even the help centre requests are automatically responding “can’t upload your request”. Frustrating for many customers within the community. :-/.Version: 19.17.0

Excellent - except Pause massive issue.Would love it if it would vibrate or advise if moving and on pause. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally put on pause and don't know, or forget to take off pause. This is becoming more and more an issue as it’s screwing with my stats! Come on Nike have had his feature for almost 10yrs.Version: 17.11.0

Good but...I want to use the running training program right. Since the Runners World app changed this is pretty much the only app that will generate a personalised program and it's great BUT why oh why are the intervals expressed as time and speed but not distance? So anyway I have to go and run 2 min @ 5:09 min per km now right.... so I do the maths and that's 388 metres. Please just make it a clean 400m and tell me the time AND the speed AND the distance. This is running not algebra..Version: 17.9.1

Runner travellerDon’t think just download it. Great app for beginners to advanced people. My favourite is finding runs other people have done in different cities..Version: 18.8.1

Map my runGreat voice aids. Commentary always letting you know splits and distances..Version: 20.5.0

Inconsistent distance and paceI have been using mmr for several years and loving it but hate the recent update- I now have to run between one and two km further than I used to do to achieve my 10k. I do the same run every time, one direction until 5km then turn round and run back. This 5km point changes by quite a large margin every day! Then when I get towards the end the 10k point is now always somewhere different too but always further than where it was :-( I run on a winding path through woods - maybe that’s the problem. The pace report is often inaccurate now too, All quite disappointing and frustrating. Apart from that I like the way the app functions.Version: 20.9.0

ExceptionalI have had this app for three weeks so far maybe a month or so, and I believe it is a very great way to get friends into fitness, you can send them a link, share a social media post and eat others connected. Also you can challenge friends to who can do the most workouts in a certain time frame, or burn the most calories between you both and reach mutual goals. Also the options to add photos to your logged workouts of the special things or highlights of the workout, pre or post, and add captions to the workout is also something I find creative and engaging in the app to also make people want to maybe inspire people, go to different locations for certain views, give advice on certain workouts etc... it is very engaging. However, I feel that the explore tab could be a little more engaging towards the users, as being able to create forums, like being able to get insight from people who focus on weight training, or endurance training. Also when you comment on someone else’s workout, it would be more fluid of the app to be able to tag people when replying, so the app can send you notifications as I am having to check back myself and dig for the workouts just to have a small conversation with friends... In conclusion, this app to me, is amazing! Download it, tell a friend, challenge them, and #STAYHARD like David Goggins would say..Version: 19.19.0

The music option has gone?Used this for years think it was great 5 starts but now my music options has disappeared?.Version: 20.24.0

Great app, just need auto stop after 10k reachedI’m enjoying the app and find it very useful. I would give it five stars if it had the option to automatically stop the workout once I have reached 10 kms, as it’s so difficult to get my phone out, enter my passcode and then open the app to hit pause whilst still running. My cold fingers make my iPhone unresponsive, so by the time I hit pause on the app I’ve gone way past my 10k goal and my stats are all out. If the app could automatically pause once the 10k point was reached, that would be amazing! Thanks very much.Version: 21.1.0

Makes me runFantastic App that literally motivates me to run.Version: 18.4.0

Self titled activitiesIt has been great to see what we (me & my dog) are doing as some times I walk some times we run but I mostly ride with her it would be great if we could title our own activities.Version: 19.26.0

Crc1976Easy to use. Only posts when you want it to post. Good break down of your activity’s..Version: 18.7.0

Great incentiveI'm getting back into exercise again so this really helps!! ❤️ Knowing how far you’ve gone and how long and where you’ve gone gives you incentive. This is a great app for that!! I always like to switch it up and not go the same way, it keeps the boredom away and keeps the incentive going..Version: 21.5.0

MVP works great.UPDATE from one star to five! Got a new customer service rep and she sorted it instantly. Now I’ve got my full access I’m happy with the features. Super glitchy, have paid membership on monthly basis and now yearly and still don’t have the upgraded version, support are slow and still haven’t fixed it, over 3 months now of paying money yet still not working. Membership level always stays at basic but when you click the links to upgrade says I have (which I have - money being paid), then just get an error message. Will definitely be going back to one of the other apps that actually works and can give me data..Version: 21.2.0

Great app. Good for golfI like walking on the golf course and fine this app very good to measure the distance. Also when on holidays I use the app to take my city walks and bike rides. Helps to put the photos together for my travel books. Well done.Version: 17.12.2

4 years in and happyI’ve been using this app for over 4 years and I’m very happy with my experience. I have used it literally all over the world (in 2019 I logged a 5k run in 10 countries) and never had a problem with mapping or connectivity. On only two occasions that I’m aware of the app hasn’t tracked me on an established route and given me an Olympian time, but the regular updates seem to deal with this. I only have the basic version and it fits my statistics-hungry needs just fine. Very good!.Version: 21.7.0

Used to be goodI’ve been using Map My Run for about 3 years and have always rated it but recently it’s gone downhill. Following recent updates it crashes when using Auto-pause - support advice, “don’t use auto-pause” (brilliant!). It also appears to be increasingly inaccurate. Have recently done a couple of measured events and it was 0.2k out over 5k and nearly half a mile out over a half-marathon - your pacing really takes a hit when your last “mile” turns out to be a mile and a half! Will be trying out alternatives..Version: 17.12.2

No longer works with first generation Apple watchesI have been using his app for a a few years and have very much enjoyed the feature of using my Apple Watch to record my runs, steps, distance and track my heart rate. Suddenly after an update to the map my run app on my phone, the app disappeared from my watch meaning I could no longer use it for my runs. I contacted support And was told there was nothing I could do. I understand my watch is not the latest and greatest but it costs a lot to replace just for this one app. Everything else I use on my watch works fine so this has left me disappointed with little option but to look for another app that does work with my watch and phone which is sad as all my history is logged in the map my run app..Version: 20.19.0

My coachGreatest app ever.Version: 21.1.0

My companionThis app has become my close friend to physical and mental wellness. It helps with an internal processing of life’s big events. An upcoming meeting or pressing challenge runs through my head involuntarily and sound bytes and phrasing and feelings come through. Thankyou Jesus for this app..Version: 20.9.0

Reliable and hassle freeI have been using this app since I started running, never have any issue regarding data loss or of any sort. Love this app to track my marathon records👍🏻.Version: 20.20.0

Changes with the use of the Apple WatchI've used map my run for over five years. Have been running the same running paths for much of that time. Ran numerous half and full marathons with it. Always seemed accurate with the race course distance and consistent in the distance of my running paths. About a year ago, map my run significant changed. What used to be a five mile run became a 4.5 mile run (thus my times got much slower). I often use Nike running app too and the distance on there has not changed. What was always 5 miles was still 5 miles. I thought this might be due to me using the Apple Watch with map my run but when I un-synced them and used only my phone, it still said the shorter distance. This stinks for training because I have no clue my real pace. I'm not the only person this has happened to as I've heard in many of my running groups this happening to others. Not sure what the problem is but I might start using Nike instead if this doesn't get fixed. Otherwise I love the map my run app!.Version: 20.16.0

Running around the worldFun to record my 5km runs on maps around the world. Starting at home, NewZealand then on recent trip ran around the Kremlin, Moscow, St Petersburg, stockholm, oslo and Aarhus, Denmark. Looking forward to mapping my next runs in South America next month..Version: 19.19.0

Bring back coursesWhy if why have the courses disappeared? Map my run replied when I last asked that it was because track was inaccurate..... so, they have just announced improvements to tracking. Welcome back courses and tracking your own PB on your own course!.Version: 20.1.0

Map my runMap my run is awesome because it shows u so many things like how many calories u lost your distance time and u can save the workout and after 1 week put it together and see how many km u did !!! All of that fun stuff - Kylie 😃.Version: 21.9.0

Love Map my run- especially the live map featureLove my run companion- especially the map feature when running in areas I don’t know well to plot my route back to my car.Version: 18.11.5

This app makes my Apple Watch worthlessI’ve been using this app for many years. I even bought an Apple Watch as a companion to this app for running, biking, and walking the dog. I like that it communicates with myfitnesspal But here’s the rub. When this app is installed on my Apple Watch, it starts itself, runs in the background, and kills my watch battery before the end of the work day. A watch that does before the end of your work day is not very useful. I have to go I. To the phone and kill the app, then kill the app on the watch, and even by then it seems the Watch has opened the app on the phone again already. I spend 10 minutes fussing with it when I notice it’s doing that just so that I can make sure my watch battery won’t be drained in 6 hours. It’s fine when I remove this app. It’s even fine some of the time when I have the app on. I don’t run with my Apple Watch anymore because of this app. It’s pretty annoying. I’ve talked to support about it and they basically shrugged me off and said they’ve never heard of anyone else having that problem so it must be me. It’s a great app if they can fix that glitch, but until then, I can’t use it with my Apple Watch, which I bought specifically to use with this app..Version: 18.4.0

Great for progress trackingWe walk the dogs everyday with the app. It’s nice to hear the voice come on every km to let us know our progress. Love seeing our stats at the end including calories burned, elevation, steps taken, and the map. We always take a photo of our doggies at the end. Love this app..Version: 21.6.0

Great App!!Can record all my routes and pace!!.Version: 20.13.0

ControlsIt keeps pausing and I have to hit resume.Version: 19.15.0

Great app.Have used this for the past 5 years to track running. Good for those who like to record stats and running routes. Works well when out of cell coverage too which is great. Keep up the updates!.Version: 18.4.0

AppGreat app. Thinking of upgrading once I can run for more then 1 km. LOL.Version: 21.6.0

Love Map My RunThis app works perfectly for me especially when I forget my running watch 🤪 great stats comparable with Garmin and Sunnto gps data when I run with friends wearing their watchs EASY!!.Version: 19.11.0

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