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U.S. Bank Mobile Banking App User Positive Comments 2023

U.S. Bank Mobile Banking app received 27 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about u.s. bank mobile banking?

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U.S. Bank Mobile Banking for Positive User Reviews

Best Mobile Bank AppI’ve only had two bank accounts my entire 28 years. First with Bank Midwest and it was the worst few years of banking ever. The mobile app did was like using windows 98 in the year 2010. I have had US Bank for several years now and besides being one of the best banking institutions around, even though I’ve only had one other account, I can say this because I come from a large family and every single member uses US Bank. All my siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. The mobile app is so easy to use and it’s not confusing at all. The moment you log in your accounts are listed; if you have multiple they are all right there as soon as you sign in. There are not many buttons to click so it’s easy to navigate to what you need. I will forever use my mobile app for all my banking needs; you can even upload a check. I still like to go into my banks building to do some of my banking because I love to keep up with the staff. But as far as mobile banking apps go this is the one to have. So, if you don’t have US Bank as your banking institution I suggest you take all your money out of the bank you use now, head to the nearest US Bank and open an account ASAP. Then you can have access to the best bank and the best mobile banking app!.Version: 3.0.3492

Family bankI have been with US Bank for 21 years. My mom and a few other people have tried to drag me over to their bank because they think it’s so wonderful. Nope there is no way I will do that! I’ve been with US Bank for 21 years if there is an issue or a question whenever I call in and speak to anybody they are so friendly and so wonderful at US Bank you feel like you’re one big family in a goofy way after a while. But that’s so wonderful everybody is so excellent that works for US Bank every rep they are so on top of it they know what they’re doing and they are so cordial how they handle let’s say an inappropriate situation like fraud or something that may have happened. All of the reps they are so sweet and cordial and they handle your situation and they take care of it and they take that big elephant sitting on your chest off by there being so sweet while handling a rough situation. If you get passed along to another department the person who answers the phone and responds to you it feels like it’s your little cousin you haven’t seen in a year they treat you with such dear respect when you are a customer for US Bank you’re not a customer your family!.Version: 3.0.5708

Thank God for this App!With Covid things are hard enough. I am self employed and get checks randomly and sometimes more than one at a time and I live in a rural city. Our bank has been by appointment only since the beginning of COVID and the drive thru lines can be very long......so needless to say this app is a godsend! It’s very user friendly and has helped us to not worry about getting checks deposited. I only wish I had started using it sooner! I do miss my US Bank friends but I’m glad everyone is being safe! Thank you! As of late this app has not been working well. Many times it has required me to change my password for the reason that I have logged in wrong too many times when I have not logged in at all. That is frustrating!!! Also lately I am not able to deposit checks when I sit down to do so before the end of the day. It says system error on your end try later. This is very frustrating as I did not go to the bank before they close because I rely on the app. I’m not sure what has happened with this app as it used to run great………frustrated with it lately!.Version: 3.0.4807

It NEVER works!Please fix this app, it’s garbage. I get an error 9/10 times I try to use it. Which is most often to transfer funds or make deposits. I literally cannot access my accounts at all most days. It’s just a white screen or an “unknown error”. You give no options for sending issues within the app and calling customer service really confuses your staff who have no options for helping with the app. It worked perfectly until you updated to this cluttered, busy version a few months ago. Perhaps it has so much useless flair that it cannot perform the basic tasks of a banking app. I’ve updated it, deleted and reloaded it several times. It never gets better. It’s been like this for months and I am literally going to switch banks just so I can operate my finances like it’s 2019. Ahhhh. Again- still doesn’t work!!! Please fix this crappy app! Some of us actually need to BANK! My third review update: still the worst app around. Constantly crashes, glitchy functions, I’ve had to uninstall & reinstall several times- doesn’t help. PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!.Version: 3.0.1051

Banking is easy and worry free; I can do everything from homeThis is the first bank I’ve ever worked with and with how they treat the people who use their business, this will most likely be the only bank I use for the rest of my life. I always hear complaints about other banks, like availability, problem with cards, accounts, no one caring, or rude service. When I hear this I always say to use US bank because they actually care about helping you. I have really bad anxiety, I’ve been working through it, but going into public places has been hard and making phone calls with the worry the worker is going to be rude, also works up my anxiety. Using this bank I have never had a rude worker talk down to me and with the app I can deposit my checks at home. It’s so wonderful. I never have any problems, they listen and take care of your needs and questions, and I don’t know why you’d choose anywhere else when US bank has buildings all over the US. The app itself is god send and makes life easier. With just a couple taps I can lock or unlock my account, order a new card or new checks, deposit checks, check my monthly spending, switch money from shared accounts with just a click, etc etc it’s awesome and I don’t have to drive to the bank..Version: 3.0.5473

Not customer friendlyUS Bank has "upgraded" this app by increasing the frustration level for its customers. Yes, people should keep a record of their transactions and balance, but in today's era of instant transactions, there is no reason why a bank cannot provide very accurate, up-to-date information. By not showing available balance information, one begins to question the motives behind US Bank's change. You can only hope that it was not born of a desire to increase overdraft fee collections, but in today's times, such an assumption might be overly naive. As others have mentioned, the requirement to use a full log-in is also a step-backward. Security is important, but an unnecessarily rigorous log-in procedure is very frustrating. Surely, the previous PIN requirement was much better in terms of user friendliness. In close, I feel that US Bank needs to respond, and respond quickly, to ensure it maintains customer confidence. A poorly implemented app creates the impression that US Bank is not able to adequately address online banking needs, and in this day and age, that can be a devastating thing..Version: 3.0.5390

Useful, But FlawedLove the functionality, hate the forced update. Seriously US Bank, you need to add the ability to snooze updates for a set period of time. Sometimes peoples need to make critical transactions and aren’t near Wi-Fi. Bill Pay functionality also has issues for those with multiple accounts. Instead of defaulting to the account you access the most, it apparently defaults to the account you use the least and causes all kinds of hilarity to ensue…. Also, the ability to add a new account on-line and achieving full-functionality could be better integrated: I was allowed to fund a new account to my heart’s content (after the limited, initial deposit), but Bill Pay wouldn't recognize the new account without a call to CS and some hands-on back-end tweaking. Very frustrating. Also, the check deposit module hangs if you use the notation feature. At least on my iPhone11Pro running iOS 15, once you access the notation feature, there’s no “next” or “back to deposit” prompt to continue the deposit. My workaround has been to tell the app to retake one of the check pictures which snaps it back to consciousness, but that’s kind of a hillbilly solution..Version: 3.0.5473

MKEasy to use and navigate. Rarely crashes. Actually prefer it to their website which does occasionally crash. My one complaint used to be that I had multiple checking accounts and I wish they would let you name them because it is easy to get them (at least mine) confused because they contain many of the same numbers with just a few minor differences. Where as if I could just name it and that would come up on my dashboard screen it would be helpful. I have seen there is a place to nickname accounts, however those nicknames don’t appear on the dashboard, only after you have clicked on the account. I know which account is which after I click on it. It is in the dashboard. It isn’t a big deal because if I click on the wrong one I can always go back and re-do to the other one but it is a slight annoyance. But after my last review they fixed it within just a few days. Amazing!!! Other than that their app is super slick. Make things really nice and easy..Version: 3.0.5643

US Bank AppVery good App and very good Bank. I’ve been with the Gypsum, CO Branch since 2008 and I have no plans of ever leaving! The Gypsum,CO Branch treated us like family from the very beginning. We bought a house in Grand Junction but kept Gypsum as our home bank even though we use US Banks in Junction the most for depositing a few checks. US Bank is by far the best!! Great App and bank. US Bank has been very good to me and my family! Love you guys! Great app!! I appreciate everything!!!👍 I love you guys!! ❤️💕Love it!! The Gypsum, CO is the best branch and US Bank is the Best in the WORLD!! It’s awesome!! I love my Branch and every US Bank I’ve dealt with! I feel like I’m in good hands and they have advised me on all different kinds of things that was all good advice. US Bank is always Family to me! I just used a Bank Check to consolidate debt. What a great Bank!! Keep up the awesome work you guys do for us please. Best Bank I’ve ever had in my life. Love you guys!! The best bank out there! Awesome Bank! The best there is. No comparison to any other Bank!!👍❤️ Awesome for sure!!👍👍👍 Love you guys!!❤️❤️ Best Bank in America!! Awesome remote check pictures deposits!! Best bank in this country!!.Version: 3.0.5582

Unacceptable appI am very disappointed with mobile deposit app. First, I used your system to photograph my check. Of course your app stated “Success”for both front and back. I trusted my check was accepted and credited to my account. Several days later it was declined because photos were too poor. I had already written across the front of the check” deposited by mobile phone....”. After I deposited the check, I saw instructions somewhere that the check is not officially accepted until some later date. That info should have been on the main page before one deposits a check. I am incensed. I am hoping I can still deposit the check even though I wrote the above words on the front. I will be absolutely disgusted if I have to return the check to the issuer and wait weeks while they stop payment and reissue the check. It is always remarkable to me how designers of these apps miss important steps and details to make sure the users are not confronted these problems. Put the explanation about not destroying or writing on the check on the main page!!! I am incensed over this. I am continually confronted with problems at US Bank. You people are totally unresponsive and unavailable to your depositors. I will be changing backs shortly..Version: 3.0.4506

Jeanne & Charles BateyWe have had the pleasure over the course of several weeks to work with, via telephone, US Bank representative “Dan” ( Employee ID DJFINK1). Dan has helped my husband set up Zelle to do a monthly interbank transfer. As senior citizens we have been quarantined in our home since the start of the pandemic, but wanted to insure that our monthly banking transactions occurred. We were told about the Zelle application by our millennial daughter and have been learning how to use it with Dan’s help. We now have a monthly transfer between two banks (US Bank and Chase) set up and are confident it will meet our needs. We could not have done this without Dan’s patience as and expertise. We had several initial “glitches” that Dan was not able to initially resolve. Therefore, he has to set up repeated times to call us until the problem was resolved. He advised us when he would be calling back and always promptly did so over the course of several weeks. He was generous with his time and courteous when answering our questions. He is a wonderful customer service representative of US Bank..Version: 3.0.1839

Love this bank - HATE THE APP: UPDATEUPDATE: They heard us, guys! They fixed the app and now life is SO. MUCH. EASIER! Thank you, U.S. BANK for appeasing your customers!! :) :) This has nothing to do with the bank. My gripe is the new, updated app. They took an easy, user friendly banking app and completely screwed the pooch. What was once face recognized to open app, now has you log in with your user name, hit password, then face recognition pops up. After that you’re still required to hit log in, are taken to another page to hit the banks app, and then you can finally sign in. I’ve been playing with this since the “upgrade” and there is no simple way to log in. It used to be one step and done. Now it’s a process. For the love of God, change this back to the way it was. Even transferring money between accounts is ridiculous. I would give the new app ZERO stars if it were an option. It’s so bad I’m ready to go back to the old fashioned way of calling an operator for my banking needs. I want the old app back!.Version: 3.0.5339

UPDATE: GOOD NOW! If an app could mimic stubbing your toeFirst review: This would be that app. It never saves any information and it constantly refreshes the tutorial, despite the fact that I've had the app downloaded for over 2 years. The fingerprint scan never saves. There's a useless "remember my info" option that has yet to work. I hate this bank and I hate this app. If I didn't have a line of credit with them I would have switched to a credit union ages ago. It's like being in a relationship with a manipulative troll who always lies. New review 2+ years later: the improvements this app have made are far and away some of the most promising changes I’ve seen in any app I use. Face ID always works, the widget on my screen linked to my USB account is always updated, I don’t have to constantly reverify my credentials when I link this to other financial apps, and there are new features like AI recommendations about how much you could put away in savings based on automatic transfers. My financial health has improved too due to the credit simulator option on the USB website, and I wouldn’t have known about it without the app. So so happy with these changes! I don’t plan on getting rid of USB any time soon now 🥰.Version: 3.0.3492

This app is getting better!Update. They have been making improvements and it’s getting better. When using the app I always get a pop-up to rate the app. Super annoying. Well today at 8am on the third when I need to pay bills the whole online and mobile banking sites including the app are down for maintenance! What other bank would do that to you at the first of the month when you need to see your check deposited and pay your bills? I have used BofA for years and their online banking and app keep getting better and better. This one is a dud. Please make the bill pay remember special notes that you have to write in every single month for the check memo. I need to put a routing number and account number on each time instead of storing this with the biller information. Also the available amount doesn’t deduct the upcoming bills you have scheduled so you are always having to remember how much you’ve scheduled and subtract it from the amount. I can’t think of all the little things that annoy me right now with the app but there are a few more. Wish I could pay my bills..Version: 3.0.4807

Doesn’t work half the timeJust opened an account, my deposit of cash was pending...for a day! Then tried to deposit a check, pending for four hours, closed the app. They’re having problems with their Internet. This app shuts down my speech to text after 3 words. Just changed my rating down a star for that! They bragged at the bank how they keep up with all the technology... yeah... Not up here in Quincy, Ca. They use Verizon who has HORRIBLE SERVICE here, and doesn’t seem to care! The police and hospital use their service, so don’t get hurt or need a cop! US bank needs to give their banks and apps a DECENT internet connection and complain BITTERLY AND LOUDLY when they don’t get it! 3 days to deposit a check by phone is a bit anti-customer! F-d entire login now! Just deposited a check by phone worked a lot better than I expected! We’ll see if it actually gets deposited… It’s sizable. No instructions for the back of the check, the app just automatically send you to the back side to take a picture. Deposited the check, quick and easy! app now takes the picture for you! All accounts visible now! Up 1 star!.Version: 3.0.5543

The US Bank app has sucked for months nowMy husband and I have banked with US Bank for over ten years, and that’s the only thing keeping us there. We hate to start over with a new bank at this point, but half the time we can’t even manage our own money because the app is always giving errors or crashing. It’s frustrating when you have 3 checking accounts, 2 savings, 2 credit cards, and a recently paid off auto loan, but you can’t make simple transfers/transactions in the app whenever you want to because something is always “wrong on our [us bank] side.” Another frustrating thing - my husband hasn’t been able to use his app for quite a while because it won’t recognize his cell # (when verifying at login) as a valid #. He has called customer service multiple times and no one has been able to help. So, he has to do the super inconvenient and login on a desktop if he wants to view balances or anything. Basically, whatever major change (there has had to be one, because we Never had trouble before), was made in the last six months or so needs to be fixed ASAP before US Bank starts losing long-time account holders..Version: 3.0.814

Best banking app I’ve used to dateThe US Bank app makes banking super easy and I really like the feature that helps while you’re out of town. My other banks, a credit union and another mainstream bank would always shut my card off when traveling. I would barely be 100 miles away from my residence and stop to get gas and the cards are always declined with the “please see attendant” message displaying. Very frustrating. The US Bank App helps prevent this by tying your card to your phone (if you choose to) as a form of verification. When a transaction is started, and with your phone within proximity to your card the system can better determine that the account holder is the one making the transaction thereby preventing those major inconveniences of having to go into the stations or inside any store a purchase is being made because the other banks cards were declined or a security check was requested. I have not had a single problem since using US Bank as my primary banking institution. 10/10.Version: 3.0.4422

From the Bank on how to fix the deposit function. IT WORKED for ME!Please ensure your cookies, cache are cleared and your browsing history has been deleted. You may do so as follows: -Open Settings on your iPhone. -Choose Safari. -Tap Clear History. -Tap Clear Cookies and Data. - Ensure that JavaScript is enabled. - Ensure Block Pop Ups is temporarily turned off. - Make sure that Cookies are accepted. Please also ensure you have the latest version of our application. You may do so as follows: -Launch the App Store by selecting the icon. -Select Updates from the menu bar at the bottom. -If the application needs to be updated it will appear on the list. If the application doesn't appear on the list, it is already up-to-date. -Select the U.S. Bank Mobile Banking application and select Update. If you continue to experience difficulty, our Online Operations group has informed us that customers have corrected the issue by doing the following in this exact order. 1. Delete the application completely from your iPhone. To do so, hold down the application icon until it begins to wobble. Then tap the X that appears and confirm deletion of the application. 2. Turn off your iPhone. 3. Wait 5 seconds and power on your iPhone. 4. Reinstall the application from the App Store..Version: 3.0.5716

The USBANK APPI like using the USBANK app. It is convenient and easy to use. It is very consumer friendly I am not a very good technology user. The USBANK app made it very easy for me to deposit my first check electronically. Sending money through Zelle using USBank is easy and convenient. I like the services that USBank provides to its customers making banking through them very easy non technological people like myself. Thank you USBank. I have been a USBank client for many years and I am impressed with the new services they offer. Everyone is friendly and efficient. About four years ago I broke my right arm and I was unable to write checks to pay my bills but USBank made it so easy to pay my credit card bills electronically. I will be eternally grateful for this convenience. Thank you USBank. I really do not have anything more to say. I am very happy and comfortable using the USBank app. Thank you. It is so easy and convenient to send money with Zelle through USBANK. It is also very fast and worry free. I feel very comfortable doing this transaction through USBANK..Version: 3.0.5543

Great Mobile BankingI have a special needs son with many complex medical needs that's reliant upon medical equipment to live. This makes it very difficult to leave our rural home because he cannot be left alone. This also means we are or have been in the hospital more than we’ve been home the last 3 years. I’m a single mom and must ride in the ambulance when we go. This usually means I’m stuck there for at least a week at a time before I’m relieved by his dad and have transportation. I rely on the mobile deposits probably the most in the app. I can check a real-time balance, make deposits when I have them and/or need to. I can also search thru old debits, checks etc to see if I’ve made a payment when I’ve failed to get a confirmation number. I’m VERY PLEASED with the app. I think the first year had a lot of bugs, it would crash or freeze up but I honestly have not had that problem for quite some time. The only thing it doesn’t do it offer a Live Chat option. That would be nice. Your app allows me to keep banking from wherever I am. Thank You..Version: 3.0.4422

Best bank, was the best banking app, still worth it.Update: they fixed it!!! Love this app. Intuitive, smooth, fast, capable, visually coherent. Get this app, get this bank. Love it. Original: I used to love this app. It used to be smooth, intuitive, simple, efficient, and capable. I hesitated doing mobile banking but I loved using this app. The latest changes have made it much more difficult to navigate - opaque and difficult to click through - and have removed some of the important features of the previous versions, like seeing what your balance is on a credit card when you’re deciding what sized payment you want to make. It’s a lot clunkier than it was, sadly, BUT, it’s still way ahead of others, as is the bank itself. We use a few different financial institutions and despite the frustrating changes they’ve made to the app and the bank itself, USBank is still my favorite. For now. We’ll see if their next steps make it better or worse. For now, still super worth getting this app! And it really is our favorite bank. Just worried they’ll make more changes and thoroughly muck it up. Here’s hoping they preserve what makes them so special. Anyway: get the app, it’s way better than the others. Just not as good as it used to be..Version: 3.0.5014

Managing my money has never been easierI can still remember the old US Bank app of yore. A simple, list of transactions and a few slightly advanced features that mostly redirected you to their website for outside usage. At the time, this was ok, as I didn’t even know what else a banking app could do. The new app, introduced relatively recently, has introduced a lot of big changes and really taken my money management to the next level. Their transaction search is extremely detailed which has been helpful for budgeting and figuring out what I’m spending. I created a savings using the app and transferred money immediately to get a fresh start on my financial future. And on top of that the in-app bill pay has been wonderful for managing my mortgage and other various accounts. I’m super happy with this app and can’t thank US Bank for taking it to the next-level. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t even know what a banking app could do until I saw all the incredible changes they’ve made..Version: 3.0.5339

Revised: Current version gets an A+The latest version of the US bank app is working perfectly! I no longer have login problems and can quickly and easily do all my banking functions online without issues! Thank you for fixing it! I also appreciate all the new features around goals, budgeting and spending insights. 5 stars!!! OLD REVIEW: If only I could login and pay bills!!!!! Tired of seeing, “There’s a problem on our end. We’re having trouble accessing your account info. Sign out and try logging in again. Or, continue in the app with limited access.” (I.e. no access to account info or bill pay so what’s the point??) Signing out and in over and over everyday with limited success on occasion only to get an “Our system is not cooperating. The issue is temporary, so please try a little later.” when I finally get in and try to pay a bill. Doesn’t matter what device I use or day or time. Doesn’t matter if I delete and reinstall app. Calling for assistance results in smug representatives who offer no other info - and nothing that resembles customer service. Been banking with US Bank for over 25 years and if these access issues don’t improve I’ll be forced to look elsewhere. I want to like US Bank again and when the app is working I like it, but please, please please fix whatever the consistency issues are so I can give you a better rating!!!.Version: 3.0.5182

Fairly Intuitive, Developing Over TimeI’ve been using this app for almost 10 years and it’s improved greatly over time. Signing in is quick, finding my accounts and transactions is easy, transfers and internal credit card payments are instantaneous, and mobile check deposits are quick and painless as well. I’ve called US Bank’s customer service several times over the years and I’ve always had a pleasant experience. Sometimes there are long hold waits but I budget time for that when I know I want to call them. US Bank used to have an external transfer service that was free and pretty easy to manage, but now all external transfers (except wires) go through Zelle. It was easier for me to write myself checks from one bank account to another than to figure out Zelle and whether it would work with my other bank or not. Overall, this app continues to be one of the best banking apps I’ve used. I’ll give it five stars because my primary beef is with Zelle 😂.Version: 3.0.5543

Banking & credit card CustomerI have several different banks I do business with and I use mobile apps for most of my banking needs. I can honestly say that Usbank’s mobile app is easier to navigate compared w/ others. I don’t have any criticisms or constructive feedback with regards to ease of use of mobile app. I do, however, have a concern with usbank marketing & promotions. Usbank notified me thru the app that I was eligible for a new 0% introductory APR credit card. A quick link redirected me to an easy apply page where my info was automatically inputted into the application. All my accounts w/ Usbank are in good standing, my credit is good, and according to Usbank, I was eligible, so I was willing to take a hit to my credit report to take advantage of the zero interest period. I had no reason to believe that I might get denied and therefore agreed to the terms & conditions thus allowing Usbank to do a hard credit Inquiry. A few days later, I received a letter from Usbank stating that I was denied credit and the reasoning is I had “too many inquiries” on my credit report. Bottom line is that I feel misled & inconvenienced. Although I have enough credit right now at a decent rate, it will be more difficult to qualify for a similar offer if and when another opportunity or need arises..Version: 3.0.2770

Great app BUT NEEDS ONE CHANGEI love US Bank’s online banking. There is only one feature in their updated app that my husband and I HATE. If you are trying to pay off a credit card balance, the only option that is shown at first is the minimum payment amount. My husband told me that it wouldn’t let him pay the full balance. I figured out that you must hit the right arrow to bring up other payment amount options. This is not good. All payment amounts should be visible at first, under the minimum payment amount option. I TOTALLY with what this person wrote!! I would like to add one more “glitch”. When our credit card has built up cash rewards and you choose to redeem those rewards, you get the option “cash back”, which is confusing. That is what you must at first choose if you want some or all of the rewards amount to be used to help pay off the amount of the account balance. Very confusing to have to choose “cash back” up front. That seems like you want that amount of cash sent to you (by mail or whatever)..Version: 3.0.5543

Flawed Bill Pay RedesignUS Bank has still not fixed the flaws in their app therefore I will be switching banks this next month. I need a bank that has apps and services that are customer friendly. Below is feedback I sent over a month ago to US bank direct and in this review. No one has acknowledged it. From October: Recently the bill pay portion of the app was redesigned and no longer has the option to view all payments I have scheduled. I now have to go into each separate biller to see if a payment has been scheduled, then individually add up what I have projected as outgoing payments. There used to be a view option where I could see a consolidated list of payments I have scheduled. I called this into a US Bank customer service representative a couple weeks ago to voice this concern. Yet nothing has improved in the app and no one has contacted me. If the app is not fixed soon I will be choosing to do business with another bank who has user friendly products..Version: 3.0.3257

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