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Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF Negative Reviews

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Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF app received 155 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF? Can you share your negative thoughts about adobe acrobat reader: edit pdf?

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Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF for Negative User Reviews

Integration with iCloud notes and search brokenYou cannot create pdf files from iCloud notes. The feature is there but is not functional. The performance of the app suffers greatly if you are using lots of local storage. I had to offload all of my local files because the app lags so badly. Offloading is no easy feat because you have to plug your device into a PC launch iTunes and drag the files to your PC, worse is that you cannot do this efficiently if the files on the iPad are in a folder. Folders cannot be moved from the device to the PC. You have to first move items in the folder to the main/root location of local Acrobat storage in the iPad and then go back to iTunes and drag them to your PC location. The only good thing about this is at least iTunes will tell you which folders are empty. That helps for cleaning up. In the end I had to follow this process to offload my local files and reinstall the app. I wish Adobe would fix the fonts in app. Having to tap multiple times to change from a font size of 20 to 10 is ridiculous. Worse is you have to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU EDIT YOUR FILE!!! Document closes if you switch to another app for a few seconds, this also causes loss of recent changes! Does not support Apple Pencil. Latest update won’t clear search feature after you open a file from a search result! Missing iOS feature that allows you to move your cursor by sliding your finger across the iOS keyboard..Version: 24.01.02

New update causes issuesPrior to the latest update I would have given this 5 stars. Now I am unable to print many of my files. They are showing as read only/protected, even though I purchased them from a reputable place and prior to the update they didn’t show this and printed fine. This is causing many issues as a teacher. Please fix this ASAP !!.Version: 21.10.00

I used to like it...It used to be so simple to get onto this app and use it. Now it logs me out every time and when I want to open a PDF in the app I have to jump through hoops to get there. Doesn’t like my log in details and takes forever to load. Just downloaded a different PDF reader.Version: 20.05.01

What is the point of PDF editor when you can’t edit ?This app says it can edit but when you get into it read only documents are exactly that - read only. You can’t edit read only docs and that was the whole point of me purchasing this app so that I can edit read only documents but the description in the App Store says it’s an editor and is misleading as this detail is hidden somewhere.Version: 22.01.01

Consistent Annoying PopupsForces you to sign in to spare yourself the constant popups when you load the app. Forces you disclosure your birthday which is privileged information. Why can’t I just use your app without having to risk my personal info. You also can’t delete the welcome pdf, cluttering up your files list. Annoying and poor quality. The user experience is terrible. I just want to view a pdf not sign my life away. Terrible invasion of privacy. Just because you’re used to it, doesn’t make it right! Shame on Adobe..Version: 18.10.00

Taking so much money.Be careful in subscribing in this app and specially online. They will charge you so much money for cancellation..Version: 22.12.00

Was good once.Used to he the go-to pdf application. Latest update has pretty much changed the entire interface from one which was easy to use to exactly the opposite. Fewer files displayed per page, took ages and many tries to stop it demanding I log in to either Adobe’s cloud or dropbox - using either my Facebook or google log in details. Why would I even want to do this? Why does Adobe want my social media login details? To make things worse there’s no iCloud support. A huge step backwards. Just like how the desktop application (Mac and Windows) has been butchered by the latest updates for that. Time to find a different pdf reader..Version: 18.10.00

Terribly slow and far too complicatedI used to love this App. I’d transfer PDF books, music, letters, etc. from email or internet. I’d set up an intuitive directory structure so I could find them quickly and easily. It would start almost instantly and was the perfect reading app. It’s now so slow to start up it’s infuriating. The import function is bewildering, I have no idea where stuff is stored anymore. I get a linear list of stuff that’s so long it’s unmanageable. Sure I can still see my old files but I can’t seem to add new ones to the directory structure. I have finally given up with Adobe. It’s dreadful!.Version: 20.09.01

What happenedAs a subscriber of the Adobe creative cloud I am very displeased to see the industry standard for PDF software become practically unusable! In fact Adobe Acrobat no longer works on my iPhone XS! When I choose to download or simply view a pdf file, Adobe Acrobat nor the Adobe Creative Cloud app appear in the list of apps to choose from in the iOS share to/open menu! I tried a workaround by saving the PDF file to "files" both locally and via iCloud drive then attempted to open the saved PDF file via Adobe Acrobat which incredibly failed to open with a message stating "File type unsupported"... This is unacceptable! Can't open the very file format Adobe Acrobat is meant to not only open but create and manage! Wow just wow! Not sure what is going on but Adobe is slacking with other apps as well! I'm contemplating canceling my CC subscription since $50 a month is a price only worth paying for the best and I am literally seeing more and more apps that offer more! The mobile apps are terrible besides a select few! Out of all, I never thought Acrobat would ever lose the crown but here I am having to find an alternative in order to save the PDF I need! Verbal apologies won't change the fact that I'm dishing out money for software that isn't working properly!.Version: 19.02.01

I personally feel cheatedI had to download this as an intern in the summer of 2021 just to find out that you cannot cancel unless it is the 1 year mark. I’m a broke college student who can barely afford food and this comes out of my account every month. I forgot to cancel this summer so I continue to pay for a service I haven’t used in over a year and a half. Keep trying to cancel however cannot pay the full fee to cancel. What kind of practice allows this. I think it’s such a money grab and don’t understand why this is the only subscription service that does this. Product worked great when I used it however it is very clear to see that this is how they get you to continue to eat away at peoples pockets. Please someone from Adobe see this and cancel for me or give me some refund because I haven’t used this service in so long and the money you are taking each month could be much more beneficial to me who actually needs the money at the moment..Version: 23.01.00

Don’t subscribeDon’t subscribe to this app. Even when you cancel your subscription, they are taking money from your bank account. They tell you to cancel it in your app store but you can because you’re not subscribed anymore, so you basically can’t do anything..Version: 21.03.00

Not a fanNot a fan of the new layout..Version: 18.10.00

Adobe cloud still won’t open documents in this app.Having been forced to download this app to open a document shared with me on Adobe Cloud, the document will still not open “You need to update your version of this app to open this file” This is the most recent version of the app in the App Store. But Adobe’s own system won’t recognise that. Pretty frustrating..Version: 24.01.02

Dislike new updateDislike the new update very much- was easily able to click on highlighted items with a page link in my documents or in the contents page be able to go directly to the page via tapping the section I wanted & now can’t do any of that. Can only go to certain pages via bookmark..Version: 18.09.14

Not compatible w ipad pro 2020REFUND REQUEST I have been experiencing issues when using my ipad pro 2020. Like pencil not being able to be used as you use it w ipad for eg tap to edit the doc using type not to draw (a main use for buying this app mind you who draws to edit a pdf doc??!) emailing - not all pages are included, not being able to save the pdf to optioned folder google drive, jumps out and I have to go back in to name a few. It’s clunky and I would like a refund until bugs are fixed. So in short not syncing with google drive, apple pencil, email and more. Tiring and expensive waste of time. I have just been billed my year subscription. Not worth paying for the things I it says it does when I am doing everything correct my end. Would not recommend it for new ipad pro 2020 buyers. I feel you owe me a refund until it is compatible and you should be upfront with ipad pro 2020 users what specifically will work and will not! :(.Version: 20.06.00

Don’t bother…I’m already biased against paying for subscriptions for apps like these because I’d rather pay a one-off purchase price. Anyway…I needed to convert a docx to pdf so I could sign it and email it back. Should be a quick job, but Acrobat takes longer to load than it reasonably should. Loading into the app, loading to access files, loading to…you get it. Adobe Acrobat may have been the cream of the crop once, but now they’re being outclassed by newer apps that are easier to use, quicker, and don’t beg you for money before you’ve had a chance to get acquainted with it. Until we get Preview on iPad, I’ll be using Xodo from now on..Version: 22.10.00

Hate the new user interface.I loved the old user interface, everything was where it needed to be and within reach. This new UI is horrible, clunky and annoying. I especially hate being asked constantly to sign in/up for something just to use a PDF viewer. That’s all I need this app to do, look at PDFs. Not link it to social media so I can share things in the cloud with people who don’t need to see what I’m looking at. Why did you need to move the bookmarks button behind a menu at the top of the screen? It was perfect at the bottom right corner. Why do you feel the need to have me fill and sign every PDF? In case you didn’t know a manual for something doesn’t need to be filled out. Finding the right chapter in a manual or using the search function is more important than filling out non-existent fields. I especially dislike when I go to send someone something over airdrop it brings up a blank screen and reminds me I should log in for no reason, and then hit another greyed out button to bring up the native iOS transfer menu. Guess I’ll go find a new PDF viewer..Version: 18.10.01

App can’t create a pdf with imagesComing from desktop I was expecting to be able to create PDF’s out of multiple images. This doesn’t seem to be the case. After attempting to create the file it gives an error and crashes. It can’t access the photos app but can access the files app. Some images it will let you select while others are arbitrarily greyed out despite being the exact same file type. I then learned that this is a simple process in the files app. As a result this app serves little purpose for my workflow on iPad OS. On PC it gets the job done. Not being able to create PDF’s with multiple file types is a huge let down. Not to mention the process of combining a large number of files is slow as there doesn’t seem to be a way to mass select. Overall, the app isn’t trash, but it doesn’t do the things I need it to do that it’s PC counterpart can do faster and with ease. Hopefully these issues are remedied in a future update..Version: 21.09.01

Hard to use. Money scamCan’t edit my pdf file. It charged the first day instead of a 7-days free trial. Rejected to refund when I tried to ask for refund in less than 10 hours..Version: 23.09.00

Good app but useful feature removed.Useful app. Would have given 5 stars but once they changed it so that you need to download a separate app to use the scan feature it makes it more annoying to use because I use mostly to mark up scanned paperwork or photos. You now have to scan in the other app then wait for it to load into the cloud then use the scan app to open in adobe. 90% of the time i have to load it twice because it doesn’t work the first time when pushing the open in adobe app. Wish they would bring back the scan feature in this app it makes no sense. The scan app alone is good for some people but when need to scan and edit it makes it more difficult. Overall you can still accomplish the same task but it’s now more difficult..Version: 18.09.14

Needs more integrationsThe app is clearly a standard in the industry but it is missing some features that quite frankly are no-brainers, e.g. the possibility to insert customised bookmark or to change the characteristic of the pen stroke/highlighter before actually using them on a portion of text. Also, it would be awesome if a full integration with Google drive were implemented, just as it has been done for Dropbox, in order to be able to modify my PDF’s offline without creating a copy to be then re-uploaded on the Drive..Version: 18.07.30

In-app purchases may be shareable with your family - or maybe not,,,Standard Adobe reader combined with Adobe scan is a great combo worthy of many stars but to unlock all the features for creating and combining PDF’s, etc. requires an in-app purchase - actually a monthly £9.99 per month subscription. I tried this as there is a statement that In-app purchases may be shareable with your family. Well it turns out a premium upgrade is not shareable with my family and so immediately cancelled. £120 per year for single user licence for the upgrade. Come on Adobe - come up with a family licence pack like what Microsoft and others do. A Microsoft365 family licence is better value than this. I’m sure with all the home schooling going on around the world you could do something to entice more people to upgrade. Otherwise - great product. We just need to keep looking elsewhere for an app that allows us to build a PDF from combined separate documents - any recommendations anybody?.Version: 20.09.01

Mr RhodesNo contact support available, email or phone number. Tried opening the app, download unavailable. Tried the App Store which said it requires IOS 13 or you can download an earlier compatible version. What they don’t tell you is that doing the download deletes all existing files. I have lost 5 years of files which will be at a cost to me in thousands. There is no support to try and help retrieve these files. How they cannot warn you that this will delete everything is ridiculous. Surely you shouldn’t be at risk of losing everything on an update. No other app does this on an update. Destroyed !!. This has happened again. All my files deleted on my iPad with your latest download. You need to sort this please ASAP !!...Version: 22.08.00

Sneaky newsletter sign upWhen I open the app for the first time it asked me about my personal data (no idea why I have to register to read a pdf). There is a checkbox “don’t send me spam” - of course I didn’t want to receive any emails from Adobe so I didn’t select any checkbox and read it after it was too late and I clicked submit. I don’t have to tell you that there is no option in the app to revoke it so I’m waiting for first email to mark it as spam. This is evil development, your content is so spammy that people didn’t sign up so now you have to use tricks to get people registered..Version: 20.01.00

PDF file opens them shuts after a second on ipadVery poor - cannot find any information to solve this issue.Version: 20.04.00

The best but crashesAugust 2022 updates seem to crash a lot when importing files. It often takes 6-7 restarts to get the file imported! The best for reading pdf files - adobe invented the format and still have the best rendering. But a bit light on features. How about adding tags to files, so we can group them into different lists. At the moment a file can only be in one folder, where as Apple Books allows it to be in several collections..Version: 22.08.00

I Do NOT RecommendSince August of 2020, I’ve tried to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro and their bundles hoping to be able to compress documents, convert PDF’s to Word, etc. I’ve been billed monthly, and each time I try to use their options - I am asked to purchase the apps I have paid for and am logged into. I’ve tried to get through to customer service multiple times. Their foreign accents are so thick that I cannot understand them. I’m guessing they either don’t want to reimburse me or don’t know how, since they ultimately just disconnect me after I’ve wasted more than 10 minutes. That is not good customer service! There should be an email option for customer service! I finally notified PayPal to see that I no longer get billed, and I’ve asked them for their help getting me reimbursed for months of payment without receiving the service. I have a health issue and certainly do not have the time for all of the nonsense. Again, I would not recommend Adobe..Version: 21.04.00

Premium seems to be a wasteI pay for a Premium subscription yet this app and Adobe Scan continue to identify me as a free user. Whenever I attempt to use Premium features such as “Create PDF” or “Edit PDF” it takes me to a screen and asks me to subscribe. Whenever I choose the subscribe button it informs me I already have a subscription. It then processed indefinitely. I’ve checked for updates of the app. That does not seem to be the issue. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I’ve logged out and back in several times. I’ve tried to reach out to customer service representative (which does not seem to be an option). I’ve turned to Adobe troubleshooting forums to fix this issue. Attempts to troubleshoot are infuriating to put it lightly and result in no helpful resolution. This seems to be a consistent problem for Premium users as there are numerous posts on a few different threads all posing a similar issue. The options offered don’t seem to be helpful. Some of the posed options under these threads were buying PDF packs, not using Reader and instead downloading Adobe Acrobat Pro on to desktop computer to use features from there, etc. Yet these all do not fix the issue and defeat the purpose of a Premium subscription: why have a Premium subscription for an app when the user cannot use the Premium features using that particular app? Disappointing.Version: 23.04.01

Apple Pencil support is hopelessThis is a good app....except that its support of the Apple Pencil is useless. You can’t annotate in different colours (every time you change colour it changes teh colour on all the current comments) but worst of all there is no eraser. So if I am writing a comment and i want to rub out one word etc....I can’t! I find it hard to believe that anyone at Adobe has actually tried to use the Pencil on this app because, if they had, they would realise it is awful. The main reason I bought the iPad Pro was to be able to mark PDF’s up with the pencil etc. So now I have to find another app to use.....Version: 19.05.00

The Apps Limitations Are InconvenientThis app works OK to get work done, but it doesn’t include some features that would make it much more convenient to use. One thing that slows me down using this app is that it doesn’t have a multiple file selection when adding files to an existing file in the page organizer. Also the thumbnails in page organizer did not show the notes I had written in with the stylus. I included the notes to help me identify which pages to move or delete etc and all those labels were just a waste of my time. I realize that I am accustomed to using the Adobe DC Pro program on my computer. As far as I can tell there is not Adobe DC Pro app for the iPad. It would be great if there were, so I can take advantage of the convenience features that are available to me on the computer..Version: 21.09.01

Issues with sharing pdf filesI’m not sure what to rate it because I know that nobody’s perfect and updates often times have bugs that need to be worked out. I’m not sure how many others are experiencing the same issue I’m having with sharing pdf’s, but whenever I fill-in some information on a pdf. and while I’m in the process of sharing that file........whatever information I fill-in the pdf with will normally look extremely out of place as far as where I originally placed it. Aside from that, there’s no way of knowing if I’m sharing a “flattened copy” or one that can be edited like the options we had prior to the update. I love using Adobe for what it’s previously been able to for various things. Thank you for this app but if at all possible, can someone check into this matter as soon as possible please? Thank you in advance. 🕎 Shalom.Version: 18.09.14

“Update” is a massive step backwardThis was a useful app until the latest update which has completely ruined much of the functionality. Editing with Apple Pencil, exporting files, editing file names or deleting files, all of these basic actions are much more cumbersome and frustrating now than they were before. You can’t even do basic things like swipe to delete now! If I could revert to the previous version I would do so in a heartbeat, I really can’t understand why this was changed, it doesn’t even feel like an iOS app anymore..Version: 18.10.02

Scam your moneyI guess Adobe is biggest scammer because they want money even after cancellation. So, I have cancelled my membership 1 year ago and still keep charging me 40 dollars every month. No support at all and deleted my account and still charging. Finally time to go to court to show my evidence and get rid of this scammers. Didn’t deserve 1 star.Version: 22.10.01

Adobe pro stealing from meFYI be careful when signing to adobe free trial’s don’t be to quick filling out your information this is a huge mistake that I made. After my accident all I remember is to try this for free but when random things happen you can’t think any of this when you’re in bed in pain. Automatically I’m charged monthly for for more than a year without using it..Version: 22.06.00

Premium features DO NOT activateDo not buy. Paid for subscription and the premium features will not activate. Says “waiting for feature activation” and never goes completes. Checked online and this is a known issue that has not been fixed. Cancelled the subscription, but cannot find any way to get a refund for the month. I still should supposedly be a premium user until the end of thirty days, but the app still claims I am a free user, and when I try to activate premium features it starts to put another payment through. Forget about it..Version: 20.07.00

Basic features don’t workI’m hoping a future app update fixes these items as I’d really like to be on my iPad as much as possible and not have to revert by default to the desktop app. Certain features never work, most importantly the ability to upload a .png file. It seems only .jpg is supported. Also the scaling is all out of whack when trying to re-size an image which is very annoying having to settle for an image that doesn’t quite look right. Save issues are a consistent problem with the native iOS files app, not so much with the Dropbox app (again needing to find another solution that involves a work-around). Navigation to find most tools is over-simplified & not readily available on a sidebar like the desktop app. If I have to revert back to the desktop version then this the app does me no good, by default. Would it kill the developer to make the iPad version consistent with the UI and/or layout of the desktop app? But oh well… It’s not like I need/want to adapt since basic features renders it incapable for real world mobile use. I tried to like it…I really did. Please don’t respond to me with a frown emoji or try to apologize, for as much as I pay monthly for the full adobe creative cloud suite, just let me know when it’s fixed..Version: 21.10.00

Adobe App for my iPhoneCan’t figure this say it’s free and in order for me to use the app I have to subscribe ...very misleading and I am confused and very disappointed😖.Version: 20.05.01

Can’t highlight?Reader view is great, but hate that I can’t highlight or edit or make comments at all. If there is a way, I haven’t found it..Version: 20.01.00

Cannot updateDear developer, it's impossible for us to download your app or buy new ones from iTunes Enterprise MAC that is used both by businesses , schools and individuals who can't afford to download the same app several times for each device. Please let Apple know about this issue. For the time being till the issue is going to be resolved, we will not be able to update your apps. Thanks for your support!.Version: 20.03.01

Subscription FatigueLots of successful software companies offer their product for a ONE TIME PREMIUM. You’re not reinventing the PDF once a month..Version: 21.01.01

MISLEADING: Said 7 day free trial but none provided.When subscribing it very clearly said 7 day free trial, hence why I trialled it to see if it met my needs. Within a few minutes I could see the software did not. Slow, clunky and a bit more limited on features than what I expected. Fair enough. So within 10 minutes I sought to cancel my free trial to find the money already taken from my bank account and no option to get it back despite a near immediate cancelling. There is no free trial. I was shocked and distressed to be mis-sold from such a leading brand and will be reporting this. DO NOT TRIAL THIS SOFTWARE..Version: 23.12.00

Please change it back!I love this app and have been using it for a few years to annotate PDFs, especially loving the pen function so I can scribble away all over the document. However, in the recent update the shape of the pen has been changed to a more square like shape and this makes it hard to write notes on the edges of the document as it changes it after you’ve written it! Please put it back to how it was before as it was better! Thank you for a great app though:).Version: 20.09.00

Horrible updates!!!,I’m super upset with the latest update I can’t make any of the corrections I need for editing and am forded to print and fax the old way! It’s very time consuming and hard on me with the schedule I keep ! I hope they fix it!!!!!!!.Version: 19.09.00

Not sure what this is anymoreIt still works as a solid PDF reader, but editing is not as solid as before. I can't seem to annotate and draw over my PDFs for class anymore..Version: 19.11.01

Slow on iPadThe app is slow to load, slow to open a document, slow to let you move around in a document once it has opened, slow to close a document; each of these steps takes ten seconds or so. The app also does not have obvious features like a "recently" deleted bin or the ability to merge together documents (eg pages scanned separately) I know it's free and one should not expect much. But even so, it does not seem to me to be worthy of a firm seeking to be market leader..Version: 23.03.01

Garbage App Which Attempts to Take as Much Money as it CanApp is incredibly difficult to use on a phone, and if you sign up for the free trial- you have to sign up yearly (which is almost 100$ CAD!). This isn’t too bad on paper as you can just cancel before you’re charged right? Thing is, as soon as you cancel- the trial is taken away early. I’ve never seen this done before and frankly it’s quite stupid. I’d have maybe tried the monthly subscription after- but not anymore. It’s clear the app wants me to essentially spend 100$ immediately, and I’ve got MUCH better uses for that cash..Version: 23.02.00

If you care about backing up your documents, steer clear!I paid $10 for this app probably 6 years ago or more. I remember when the newest $10 version came out a few years back and I didn’t have access to it, that was a pretty big kick in the junk but I kept using it because I liked some of its features and it’s what I had been using for years. The most annoying part about using this app was that when I changed IPads, I had to find some creative way to transfer all of the documents that I used in the app to the newest device because they aren’t saved in the cloud anywhere. Well, I knew I should have changed after that but I didn’t because it’s what I had been using and I have a hard time changing. The worst case scenario just happened and I changed my iPad passcode after years of using the same one (again, don’t like change) and I forgot that passcode. I had to restore my iPad from my iCloud backup today and the worst thing happened. All my most important documents were lost, many of them for good. It will be very difficult, in some cases impossible, to get those again. Don’t use this app if you want your important documents to be secure and safe unless you’re manually backing them up every time you bring a new one in..Version: 21.10.00

!!!horrible update!!!Zero stars if that were possible. I’ve never written a review before for any app, but this update is so awful that I had to comment. I have an iPad Air 2, which is not old enough to be the problem (I think). A handful of user comments after the last update are positive, but I echo the vast majority—the app freezes at the home page and I can’t access any files. At least I can open the app to see a home page with a recent files list; apparently some folks just see a spinning circle with the opening icon and never get to the home page. At first I thought my files had been deleted, as some folks complained, but since I can still see some recent file names listed on the home page, I can’t tell whether some or all files have actually been deleted. Either way, I can’t even sign in or sign up because that link on the home page doesn’t work either. Bottom line, fix it or I’m done (as are many others probably), obviously, because I can’t even access my files. Now I’m glad that I saved at least some files in other formats/apps..Version: 18.09.13

Be careful of their terms and cancellation charges!Its an annual contract, they will charge you $57 for cancellation. So before subscribing, specially on trial. Make sure you cancel before the trial subscription ends. What a scam!.Version: 23.11.01

Delete function is now hard to find, and doesn’t workThis used to be a great app for storing PDFs, but the latest update/version of the app has hidden away the delete function. When I did finally find the delete function and tried to delete a file I no longer required I got an error message telling the file couldn’t be deleted! Have tried deleting several different files, on various different occasions - I keep getting the same error message! Please fix this bug ASAP, or I will have to find a different PDF application to use on my iPhone. Thank you..Version: 20.07.00

Not opening many PDF filesWhen I tried to open some PDF files, it’s not opening at all. Thanks.Version: 19.01.00

The subscription is a SCAM!!!!Once you sign up for yearly subscription, your DONE for!! It automatically renews yearly and if you miss the 14x days trail period at the END of your subscription, it locks you in for another year. Website states there’s no way to turn off “auto renewal”. Like wth!?! Big tech company can’t stop “auto renewal” of yearly subscription? Don’t think you can simply “just cancel” they hit you with a early “termination fee” which can cost $300+ depending when your trying to cancel. Never again will I use ADOBE!!!.Version: 23.06.01

I preferred it before the last updateBefore the last update, I was loving the app for reading and annotating papers. The only complaint was that I couldn’t annotate in latex. Since the last update, the nice purple I was highlighting with is gone, switching to annotations requires choosing annotations rather than automatically switching via a tap to the page and switching between cloud documents that have been downloaded, takes a lot longer..Version: 18.09.13

Overall good but need a few improvementsThe app itself is good for iPad user but still need a few major improvements. I am a student and I frequently use it to mark up my PDF using Apple Pencil. The app doesn’t have palm rejection that is seen in OneNote, which is definitely a bummer. Also, what what really makes a difference b/w a good and a great app for student is being able to scroll with finger and write/highlight with Apple Pencil. I find myself being slowed down my task whenever I want to switch b/w scroll and write/highlight. OneNote somehow has this feature figured out. Lastly, whenever you try to add a text in your PDF, we can’t type directly onto the PDF since we are brought to another window. It will be way more convenient if we can do that. Thank you again! Keep working at it :).Version: 17.12.15

Refund requestI clicked through on a trial link from my iPad app within the app and was charged immediately, and then the app didn’t perform to minimum expectations when filling out a government form. I have canceled the subscription, after only 20 minutes. I am not satisfied with this product and I believe i am entitled to a refund under Australian consumer law, please respond. Hopefully I hear back soon, otherwise I’ll have to dispute it via PayPal. I’m confused why there are no obvious links to customer service from this app page..Version: 22.04.00

Features don’t workIn principle this app should be great. It’s good the way you can link to different document sources, like DropBox, but simple features like highlighting text work spasmodically. Surely this should be simple and reliable in such an app. It’s enormously frustrating when its a key purpose of having the app - to review, highlight and comment on PDF documents. Please fix this quickly or we’ll all need to be looking for something more reliable. Any suggestions anyone?.Version: 18.11.00

Intrusive!I have used this app for years, always found it to be helpful and effective but suddenly it wants me to sign up for an ID with all kinds of personal info - I’m looking for a new app so I can delete this one..Version: 20.02.00

Adobe ProCan’t create new documents..Version: 23.12.00

Total BS, charge extra with full creative cloud subscriptionNo way to use full feature even with a full “ all apps “ creative cloud subscription. No sign in area. Nothing. Adobe wants to STEAL 13 bucks more a month ! Adobe you are a bunch of greedy a holes, I will be leaving your subscription scam soon enough ..Version: 19.11.01

Just a feedback on one of your featureHi developing team, I realize that a feature in this app is that while reading through a pdf file, a click on the top panel (where the time and date is) will send the user back to the first page. I understand the convenience this feature provided, but at the same time would like to point out that a sloppy user like myself often touches the top bar accidentally quite often. For instance, when I read intently, I hold the top and bottom side of my iPad together, or have my elbow over. This accidental touches send me back to the first page. It’s an exasperation to try to find my way back. As you can see, when reading a document hundred pages long, worse with an added deadline, a few of this trips certainly translates into frustration. I wonder if you have a switch somewhere to turn this feature off. If not I know your engineers will take this feedback and come up with something way smarter than we expected. As I enjoy using your app and plan to use it in the long term, your consideration of this feedback will tremendously improve my experience. Thanks for providing this useful app, as well as taking this feedback into consideration..Version: 19.04.00

Very slow on scanned booksIt seems that each update of Adobe Reader on IOS gets slower and slower. I read a lot of scanned books and articles from various archive sites and I’ve noticed that each iteration of Adobe Reader keeps getting slower. Something needs to be done or I may be faced with purchasing an opposition product. This after many, many years as a faithful Adobe Reader user, makes me quite sad indeed. 😭.Version: 23.05.01

Update is really a downgradeThey’ve made the app much more difficult to use and much more frustrating. Everything is much slower and less streamlined. Plus they’ve made the welcome document undeletable or movable which is really annoying. Adding text notes or writing with the apple pen is much slower than before. When clicking a text you’ve already written, the right corner of the screen becomes covered which is annoying. Resizing text boxes or drawing annotations is very difficult now. All in all, a very poor update and makes me want to switch to a new app that would be better for my work.Version: 18.10.00

An unintuitive waste of spaceThis app has a 4.5 star overall rating, but it should be much lower. The latest major update makes it slow and unintuitive, with clunky boxes everywhere, and a four step process just to edit a text box. In order to do anything which you actually want to do, you have to pay £7.99 a month. You can’t even create a pdf without paying for it. You can’t export and you can’t organise pages either. Text functions are useless. There’s no way I’ve found to copy and paste a text box. If you try to place a text box in a particular place, it will appear a good distance away from where you want it to. Object alignment doesn’t even exist. I’ve given up using it now, and instead I just use Pages, which is almost hassle-free and doesn’t cost anything. I’ve had bother with crashing issues as well. Don’t buy it. It will cause you pain..Version: 20.04.00

I have to PAY a SEPARATE subscription fee??It’s absolutely absurd to charge existing Adobe subscribers an ADDITIONAL $30/mo to use this app. I open Adobe Fill & Sign and get a popup stating that it will be gone soon and to check out Acrobat. I download this new app and immediately I’m prompted to start a 7 day free trial and subscribe for $30/mo. I closed the pop up and sign in with my Adobe login, tapped restore purchases, no such luck. Turns out, I’ll need to pay a second subscription fee. (Unless I’ve missed something?) No thanks! This is intolerable. I get that you want to charge for your products and ordinarily I’d fully support that. But this is a bridge too far for me, especially since you’re getting rid of the free version. In fact, I’ve got half a mind to cancel my existing Adobe subscription, I barely use the products anyway. If you’re going to use the subscription structure to keep the lights on, then y’all need to remodel the pricing and offer something like what Apple uses, a scalable “cherry pick” option that allows subscribers to bundle only the services they want and save verses paying the individual fees for each..Version: 23.09.01

Retention Plan is a scamDuring the free trail, I wanted to cancel it, then they offered me two months free, with a yearly plan; and during that two months I didn’t even use it....then after two months they charge you without notifying you. When you contact the customer success, they say you signed the terms and condition :) it’s automatically charged, nothing written in there says you’ll be charged. Okay, so it’s all my fault? This is the kind of company that doesn’t care about customers, they only cares about money, even in this Covid19 period. So, if they offer you something, don’t accept it :) they just want to make more money, they won’t care about you..Version: 20.03.01

New document opening problemHad to ditch the app as too troublesome on the Ipad. When you click "open with" for the first time, the app opens the last document you viewed. Good luck trying to find the new document, as you don't know what it was named. You then have to go back and click open with a second time. Then it finally appears in front of you..Version: 22.12.00

Premium subscription doesn’t workI’ve paid for premium but it’s not letting me access the features! Very frustrating and no help available!.Version: 20.10.00

Getting thereAdobe didn’t really have to make a good app. Their position in the market is not that dependent on having a good PDF reader on iPad, but they made one anyway, and that’s really encouraging. Being able to edit files from Dropbox in place is great. Feature request: let me scroll with my fingers while I’m annotating a PDF with the pencil. Having to turn the annotation off every time I want to scroll or zoom out is extremely frustrating and is about the only thing that makes me think of getting a different app at this point. OneDrive Integration would also be great.Version: 19.10.01

CANCEL Adobe ReaderI am unable to CANCEL Adobe Reader Free Trial because of a mistake in signing up with a third party,.Version: 22.11.01

BadVery amateur design..Version: 19.11.01

If your PDF’s have JavaScript in them use PDF Expert insteadWe have many PDF’s that have JavaScript built in to calculate fields etc. We created these on the desktop version of Acrobat of course. But Adobe can’t seem to support these features in their own IOS reader app. We have to use PDF expert (a fantastic app from Readdle) instead. Every version released we re-check to see if they have managed to add this functionality. But unfortunately to this date they have not been able to mange it..Version: 18.10.00

Way overpriced for limited featuresYou can’t edit headers or footers, etc. The free alternatives are pretty much just as good..Version: 23.12.00

Why?Why have you changed what was a simple to use app with side swipe pages to the ridiculous upright scrolling system?.Version: 18.09.14

DisappointedDown loaded this thinking I could use it to edit things. What a waste of time that was. Everything I wanted to do says I need to pay and down load something else. Should have just gone to the computer and kicked kid off her on line learning to get the forms filled in in a hurry. Missed the deadline thanks to trying to figure out how to use this thing 😡.Version: 20.04.00

Hard to recommend with the little it offersA data-mining service that gives more options on the sharing of personal information rather than organising PDFs. Terrible waste of an application and resources that would otherwise be amazing if it just offered the same configurations as its desktop counterpart..Version: 21.03.00

So hard to cancel my subscriptionI am running around in circles trying to cancel this subscription that I no longer need (not to mention it’s over $30 a month)..Version: 23.12.00

HelpI have no trouble signing in to PDF on my iPhone but this app on my new ipad won’t accept the PW that I have been using up until now. Also, there is no question asking if I’ve forgotten my PW. I simply cannot open the files sent to for my signature. There is also no Help icon..Version: 21.05.00

Makes doing anything harder - and your help page is no help at allI am yet to see a positive review anywhere.Version: 23.08.00

Only a basic readerThis is only a basic reader and not much more. I find that it lacks the ability to select multiple PDF files that you may have stored in your cloud account and then transfer them simultaneously to the device. A good example would be I have about 35 files I want to transfer to my device from my iCloud account and I have to go through and manually transfer each one of them one at a time. I have Google searched trying to find a way to batch move files but I cannot seem to find that I know the option used to be there before and be very easy. If it’s something that I have to pay for and I will continue using my dropbox account in the same manner it just will only take one extra step and stead of 35 extra steps. To sum it up basically you get a basic reader with Adobe acrobat reader and that’s about all you’re going to get. You can Open, read and share files but in my opinion I don’t see a whole lot more unless they’re not really advertising their products..Version: 20.09.01

Data collection tool!!!It requests all your personal use the app and if you try to do anything beyond reading a PDF you have to subscribe and pay!! There’s a million other FREE tools out there to read don’t this one! Prepare for misc spam emails and phone calls after handing over your info. Shame on Adobe...I thought they were a reputable company. Nope..Version: 19.09.01

Dumpster Fire pure blood-boiling frustration- Landlord send me “Adobe Acrobat PDF File Share Link”lease contract to review. - I tap open and see a preview. - I want to download a copy—DENIED. Must sign in to do that. - So I have to make an account—FINE I’ll play ball. - I tap Sign in, and it takes me to a landing page saying that I can only view shared files if I create an account or sign in—Damn you Adobe you already broke me into submission, you really gotta rub salt on the wound? - I tap continue. - Spinning wheel of death. * Uninstall * Reinstall * Reboot iPad * Use LTE, * Use another wifi. In conclusion: Can’t download a copy of the PDF because I can’t sign in to Acrobat, because when I try to, I get the spinning wheel of death no matter the work-around I try..Version: 20.01.00

Completely ruinedPrevious version of this application was polished and usable. Redesigned latest version as of October 2, 2018 is completely and utterly unusable. Adobe first really needs to make a decision if this reader is a social app first, PDF editing app first or PDF reader first. The name suggests it should be a reader. But open any PDF and you get giant edit button where you would normally press to scroll, instead of something useful like bookmarks/document outline to you can quickly get to table of contents and navigate your document by chapters or sections. But these are relatively minor annoyances compared to performance issues. As it is now opening any folder with several pages of documents completely hangs the reader on iPad Pro. Document previews are dynamically calculated, which takes quite a while, all the while scrolling is not possible until the documents in view previews are rendered. Worse still previews are not cached once calculated. Scroll back and previews have to be calculated again. This makes the app unusable on anything but a handful of documents. Forget managing a library of a few thousand documents organized in folders that contain perhaps a few hundred files each. Gone is the ability to scrub view alphabetically to quickly get to document you know by name. In essence, you now need alternative to actually read PDFs and manage your document library..Version: 18.09.13

Acrobat Premium ScamDo not opt for the Adobe acrobat via the Apple Apple Store or any a mobile device. They do not clearly state that if you subscribe on the mobile version, you will not have access to the desktop version. You can only use a premium subscription on the computer and your phone if you buy the subscription directly on the their website. It’s an absolute scam, considering the subscription is so expensive. I will be cancelling my subscription and finding a better alternative that I will happily pay for. Don’t give Adobe your money for a half assed service!.Version: 24.01.02

Compatibility with iOSFunctionality with iOS could be improved.Version: 23.10.00

Please add 2 page view mode on iPad version!Really would make this app as great as its desktop brother if it has 2 page view! As iPad Pros are being used more like laptop equivalent these days, 2 page view will only enhance the workflow! This is the only thing that’s holding me back from using this app regularly. Thanks..Version: 19.02.01

Poor updateThe new update makes searching and organising a lot more difficult. The folders don’t stand out and you can’t access the bookmarks easily. Worst part is navigating through a document where even the touch screen stops working properly sometimes. I would definitely prefer the previous version..Version: 18.10.02

Too many bugs for commentingI used this app mostly for editing and commenting papers by using my Apple Pencil. However, there are too many bugs that need to be fixed. It deleted my comments that I spent several hours to do it. That made my very angry about this app. So I decided to buy a notability app. Please. Do not use this app to comment things. I do not want things that happened to me to occur on other people..Version: 20.03.01

Decent reader but…Needs to support night mode and stepped dimming and or be able to change background page colour tint to make viewing in low light more comfortable. I use this app in low light environments often and the lack of night mode functionality can be quite harsh on the eyes..Version: 23.05.01

Not updatedI couldn’t download the Adobe reader dc on my iPad.Version: 21.04.00

Adobe in the cloudI used to love it now I hate it.Version: 19.10.01

Be Careful!!! They steal your money!I’ve never had this happen on any app before. They advertise 7 day free trial but when you do it, they just charge you instead!!! I don’t mind paying for a good app, but not when they are dishonest!.Version: 22.06.00

They are deliberately hiding Standard plansWhen I was subscribing (from Mac) the Standard version did not show up (!!!) - so only affordable option I could se was PRO! Now when finally standard version is showed up on my account (!!!) - I ve changed my plan, and of course you charged me again! You know what - this is calls scammers. Update. Went on their FAQ site, no information about that. No wonder..Version: 23.09.00

Stay away as they keep taking paymentEven a year after cancelling sub ( which they won’t short term) they “accidentally pop up again “ to take a subscription payment. Like “Hotel California” you can check out but never leave their grab for a monthly payment- 12 months since last dealing they have debited again & you need to chase them over hours & hours to “fix” their mistake. Dodgy as organisation. One star because you can’t go lower..Version: 21.10.00

New update hindrance to annotationFor users annotating PDFs the pen tool’s thickness has been scaled up with no smaller option, making it impossible to write small annotations in margins with Apple pencil. Further, comments and drawings are not saved automatically. Previously users could go between local copies of their documents and have all annotations saved. Now we have no choice but to save in the cloud to retain changes, and see two copies show up in our library? Lastly, tools have an added step and have been miniaturized and placed on the top pane, after tapping the blue pen icon in the bottom right. This update totally baffles me; why make an update that reduces functionality save the addition of cloud improvements? If this isn’t fixed I’ll be using a third party app. I had loved Adobe Reader for its clean UI and superior aesthetic when annotating documents. Why this update?.Version: 18.09.13

Can’t fill a basic from from IRS.govIsn’t this supposed to fill forms. I downloaded a form from opened in this app and when I tried to fill, it told me to use a Desktop PC. What?!? What a joke Adobe! Continually disappointed with how Adobe has failed again and again..Version: 19.09.02

DisapointedA short time ago the app I use started showing strange messages in the e-mail link. In the fields for subject and message it start asking me to download the app from some link. Well, the same app I already have. So, to send an email with attached pdf file I have to delete two texts in the two fields. Every time I want to send an e-mail... While I looked for a way to solve rhis stupid and pointles advertising, I decided to delete and reinstallbthe app. Grave mistake! I deletee all my pdf files stored on my phone for a few years! Thanks Adobe! Great customer relation interface and services! I am looking to simplybreplace this product with an alternative. There is some. Something that I was using for countless years is no more reliable service. Indo not even understand what exactly you ask me to do.... Two stars for the long positive experience I had so far..Version: 23.07.00

App does not update my subscriptionI’ve had this app for a while now with the PREMIUM subscription. Recently I tried to edit a file sent to me that I tried to fill in and edit(and yes it was sent in a format to fill in the Blanks), but I would not allow me to do so. I then purchased an upgrade and went to the PRO, I did this purchase through my Apple Store and have the purchase confirmation to prove it, yet none of my devices and accounts will update to pro and they all still say PREMIUM. I have already checked for updates and logged out and logged Back in on every device and accounts and still nothing. I waited for over an hr to talk to customer service and they were no help and my problem have yet to get resolved. The app is ok But if I don’t get to access a PRO ACCOUNT, with all the things it comes with then I’ll have no choice but to cancel my account and ask for a refund since I can’t use it. My Laptop is a Chromebook and I have a iPhone 13Max and yet still don’t work on either device. I’m hoping this review gets me the answer and solutions that I need..Version: 23.02.00

No longer the app I grew to loveI’ve used this app for many years and had a wealth of files and documents stored. BUT...after this update when I opened it, most of my files etc had vanished. Since I’ve never had a problem like this after updating I was silly enough to not bother backing up anywhere else. So annoyed! Also, navigating through files is now so much more cumbersome. Before, there was the vertical alphabet on the right hand side and you could quickly access files beginning with a particular letter. Now you have to keep scrolling down the page. Moving a folder to Adobe cloud - once you've got the box up to move a folder you don’t have the option to cancel if you change your mind. You have to close acrobat reader. Backing up files to iCloud - can’t do this from the app. You have to email it to yourself. All in all I’m not happy..Version: 18.10.00

Worst app everYou can create a pdf 13 bux a month stonks.Version: 20.03.01

RubbishAwful expensive app, can’t edit pdfs without having pro, and can’t access it on computer without pro, bring back the basic sign and fill app..Version: 23.09.01

App crashes and don’t openTried to contact the developers via Adobe website: totally unable... They force you to post to their forum, so other people will answer your problems. That doesn’t give me a good feeling about buying their products..Version: 19.10.01

Acrobat Adobe freeAggravating! Cannot simply move files from older phone to new upgraded phone - not too old, same iOS systems iPhone 5s to 8. Really stupid interface, no airdrop options, completely ignores apple attributes..Version: 19.10.02

Failure to launch appSo far I can’t get it to do anything but offering other connected adobe subscriptions that I could purchase. All I wanted to do was open the installation and use instructions for a composting toilet. This has so far not been productive. Can’t find the document in what I could access. I have no interest in purchasing other subscriptions when the free one doesn’t seem to do anything but tell me about the wonderful options in the services I could pay for. Even though I don’t do much of anything with this type of activity now that I have retired. If my download is here somewhere than it might be better if there were titles/instructions that non technical user could access and understand. Difficult to work up enthusiasm for purchasing one of the more advanced subscriptions when the free one that I only needed to be able to read one document, was unable to provide that service for me. Thank you anyway C R Zook.Version: 20.06.00

Free trial is a scamDownloaded adobe to sign a form, wouldn’t work on my phone or laptop, got the “pro” version free trial on my iPad, still no luck. After 6 days I logged in online to cancel before end of the trial. Nothing anywhere showing the trial, only the option to upgrade to “pro”. Next day I am charged $29 for the month, wrote 2 emails without receiving any response. How embarrassing that this is how Adobe needs to scam for cash. Make it impossible to cancel without paying for a month, for a product that didn’t function. They also rejected my request for refund through PayPal, citing that the item was “delivered”. What a joke..Version: 23.04.01

Does not workThis app does not enable me to read a PDF. It mentions instructions but there are none and I cannot access them as I don’t know where they are. I want to simply read a PDF document and I can’t. It is a waste of time. Do I have to somehow copy a document and save it to the App? Unsure. I did manage to copy one document but when I opened in the app there was just the title of the document and nothing else. Why have an App with no instructions on how to use it? A lot of blurb on the four page attachment about tutorials but no mention how to access them. Very frustrating. Will have to access the document on my computer at work..Version: 19.02.01

Back in time !!!!Hi! Just download the last version of your app. What a bad surprise !!!! EVERYTHING BLACK AND WHITE included folders !!! It is not 1960 any more !!! Before was everything IN COLOUR, nice coloured folders, bold written... well more than now this tiny think !!! My eyes are Ok do not need a glasses but I’m not a teenager so for this I need almost magnifying glass and everything black and white !!! SERIOUSLY !!!! You can do better than that. Any chance to fix that or any chance that I can get previous version back on my phone please..Version: 18.09.14

So incredibly frustratingLet me start by saying, adobe makes the toolset so easy to use. They are great as a PDF READER. Filling out and saving a PDF however is an altogether different story. I can download and print a PDF all day, every day no issue. But if you have to make a change to a PDF, fill out a form, CREATE a PDF, or anything where you have to save when you’re done, Adobe falls flat on its face. Any file Adobe saves is completely blank. Gone. Spent an hour crafting a form? Great! Want to save or print? Here’s a white page. What’s worse is if you download a form, fill it out, save, then the original form is gone and cannot be recovered. I deal with government offices on a daily basis and have to fill out forms daily, usually with repeated information on identical forms. I wanted to be able to save a PDF as a template but any time i make an edit, I lose the original scan! Completely and utterly unacceptable considering EDITING PDFs IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PROGRAM! You had one job and you failed. Would give zero stars if i could..Version: 22.05.01

Useless password security settingsIf you have a password protected PDF that you need to edit, it just shows up in “read only” mode and there’s no where to input the password so you can edit the document. Even if you’re signed into the account you protected the document with, it’s useless. The only workaround is to go back to the computer you protected it on and remove the security? Why would I need the app if I had access to my computer to edit the PDF on there in the first place? The whole point is to be able to access it while I’m away from my computer. This is useless..Version: 22.05.01

Not workingDoesn’t save the signed and commented files to drive since the last updates. Just stay blank..Version: 18.09.14

Adobe Acrobat iOS app and Windows Pro versions plus Scan appThis review is for Adobe Acrobat iOS app and Windows versions plus Scan app for iOS. The Adobe Scan app is 4 to 5 stars, and of note has been significantly improved in functionality. The scan quality using the phone camera seems much better than my HP and Brother multifunctional printers, with the main issue being scanning from a phone doesn’t give a flat bed or feeder that keeps the paper flat and centered so images aren’t as well centered and square cornered. The Adobe app has also been improved significantly, to where it does nearly everything or everything the Windows version does. One significant continuing shortcoming of the app as compared with Adobe Acrobat Pro Windows version and something I’ve wanted to do on several occasions now is the inability to create or capture content to create PDF files from apps like Word or web site content as a “printer.” Another is not being able to have the Bookmarks on the iPhone app be at the top of the screen to get to that by one click, but instead in a menu that requires two clicks and a motion to access. The Windows version is now 3 stars in that at times and on a computer with 32GB ram and fast processor runs slow and of late I’ve seen cases where file content doesn’t show up and lags in showing up as I page down (white space in a file)..Version: 24.01.02

Beyond angry.Your new update to the app wiped away my entire pdf library along with many important documents required for my work and documents of a personal nature. After spending an age waiting for adobe to load, it suddenly froze out and would not do anything else. Restarted my iPad and now everything is gone. All that I have on display is a small number of random files that I have apparently used recently which is incorrect and then after I clicked to download one from the cloud the others disappeared without reason or warning. Like I have said, I am beyond angry with this, with no other option but to say my piece here and try and rebuild nearly two years of work from scratch..Version: 18.09.13

“Free trail” and cancelation fee scam alert!!If you even receive adobe promotion like “free use for one month” and “cancel anytime”, DO NOT TAKE IT!! They not only charge you monthly fee but also charge you pricy cancellation fee. Term and conditions? They are hidden and misleading. Shame on Adobe doing this to their customers. This is a disgusting business practice and whoever doing with this scam to their customers, need to STOP IT. SHAME ON ADOBE!.Version: 19.08.00

I can make it workBut I miss the functionality in the desktop version. Here I can select text to edit, but not the background. This means if there is a line I am deleting and there are background lines to show something was deleted, then I am out of luck. This same issue applies with watermarks or logos in the background. There is no way to move or delete them. When I add a line, I need to be able to realign the background. I also don’t see a way to copy and paste logos. Ideally I could select a section and everything in that section would be able to be moved, cut, or copied. Also the copy and paste doesn’t copy color, font, or font size. This means I have to manually fix pastes each time. Sometimes that is not even possible. If the document happens to have 12.8 font in gray for example, there is no way to enter a decimal in font size, and gray is not one of the available color swatches. Also renaming a document is not possible from the document page, you have to exit and go to the main page for that option. For simple edits, this works well. These missing features meant this software didn’t work for me..Version: 22.06.00

Nice but....Ive been using Goodreader in the past but due to the fact that app does not open some pdf files correctly (images missing) i started using this. This app opens all files i have opened in it will all images shown. Can create folders and it uses Apples Files app so files can be accessed. Only downside is some files seem to take a long time to open? Fastest app i have found so far to open pdf files quickly is PDF Viewer which opens files blazingly fast. Goodreader comes in second. But this app is just slow.Version: 19.04.01

Could not understand customer service repsI had to call in 4 x until I was able to get someone who spoke slowly and pronounced their words. I could not understand what they were saying because of their accent. I had to ask several times can I cancel without being charged a cancellation fee I did not know about. No one answers my question and kept beating around the bush trying to get me to use a program I did not understand and continues to freeze and crash. I had been billed several months for a subscription that was supposed to cancel. I asked for them to cancel the subscription without more fees and they refused. I used one program and I didn’t understand it. It was too confusing for me. I also was not informed when I signed up there was a cancellation fee. I shouldn’t be charge for a cancellation fee if I did not understand the product and only used it once. It’s like you’re holding a customer hostage for something they don’t want. Even if I wanted to try adobe again in the future or try a different program I refuse to, because of this experience. I didn’t ask for a refund or free months. I just wanted to cancel the service because it doesn’t work for me. I should be able to do this without forcing me to commit to something I don’t understand and continues to crash and freeze on my computer. I shouldn’t be charged $200 in fees just to cancel. That’s insane..Version: 22.12.00

Service issuesWorst service. Paid for the full month, i am not able to access adobe premium. Called the customer service, the agent said it is accessible only on phone and i tried on phone as per he said, it isnt even working on the phone.Version: 19.11.00

Irritatingly ClunkyMoving files around is extremely aggravating. The "drag & drop" functionality is essentially non existent. Moving files within the apps different sections (ie. one cloud source to another) is virtually impossible. Moving files over to the appropriate folder from Adobe Scan is an absolute nightmare on its own. Placing the files in the correct folder in Adobe Acrobat, as I’ve already said… I’ll just say you’ll pull your hair out by the time you actually get it in the right place in Adobe’s Cloud. There is a “Move” File function that does absolutely NOTHING!! You can’t even select the file you’ve just created via Adobe Scan to then move it. Even worse, if you were able to select it, you CANNOT actually move it anywhere. That’s right, there is no functionality to actually move the file…. With Adobe’s money and clout as a PDF-centric company, I’m shocked. They have the money to design their app properly. But they don’t..Version: 22.04.00

Less intuitive controls / visualsLatest update has removed a lot of the speedy functionality of the previous version. No swiping on an item to move, rename, delete etc. Can’t find how to transfer files via Bluetooth within the app any more. Can’t delete the “Welcome” pdf. Each file seems to use a lot more height, so less files visible on screen at a time. It still opens PDFs. Update: trying to change directions while scrolling and stopping scrolling both have significantly delayed response times, I assume because of the way they make the top bar appear or disappear depending on the direction you scroll. Frustrating..Version: 18.10.01

Why did you destroy a great program?This is the worst downgrade of a five star program ever. Sure programs have changed and no longer worked for certain devices or operating systems. But this no longer is not good for anyone. If you do not use it - do not download. Very very difficult to edit. Now I struggle to edit forms or to fill in forms. Used to be tap and add writing, drawing, or text. Now I must click and click and click to stumble into adding text. Also I must email a copy to myself to save unsigned version. Before I easily would make a duplicate of a file then have customer sign the duplicate. Now you do not have duplicate function. It is harder to email a copy to customer it tries to get them to view or share a cloud version. I can’t imagine how it appears to a customer. New version is also uglier on screen with less color than old version. They are also trying to force us to use their cloud service. Please fire the idiot who did this - the CEO if need be. Then bring back a version similar to the old one..Version: 18.11.00

Useless AppI have used Adobe products for many years and some may be better than others. I had a subscription to the Acrobat Reader/Editor and this App has never worked properly. Trying to contact Adobe in any way is like going through a black hole. They do not have any customer service. Everything refers back to their ‘support forums’ which are not supportive and not used by real people. This company used to have a good reputation and provide a reasonable service, sadly this is no longer the case..Version: 22.08.00

ScanOnly some scanned receipts are saved and now all have disappeared but about 5. Very inconvenient when it comes to tax time. I’m not happy at all..Version: 20.06.00

Hoha signing tool idea😤So much time spent on research trying to figure out which tool to use for digital signing re: enable family joint account to access withdrawals from home, seeming both signatories live on different islands in NZ. One on the south island and the other in the north. The bank informs “there are 3 options to signing but you have to choose the right format yourselves and the bank can not explain or tell you what to write or which abode form to use. Seeming they couldnt make it to the bank together at the same time, only one needs to go into the bank to verify their withdrawal info and signature in front of the teller, then they email or pm the other signatory to sign, then sends it back to the other who wants to withdraw”, but only then can they withdraw it a very complex process in my view, depending on the situation in this case one party request to withdraw, the other declines disagreed to the purpose of the withdrawal. I subscribed to the premium plan to try help the family resolve. I called the bank to make enquiries and revise what was said by the south party but all they said was “we are so sorry to hear this but we cannot help”🙄 I rated 2 out of 5 because the app doesnt actually work properly, iv been experiencing difficulty with my devices since accessing the download! Theres no options to ooen a new pg, document/ file, it has to be writing and saved to cloud first before you can upload them from the app. Im willing to change it to 5 stars if fixed. Also Its not as easy to sign a form with ya finger like it is with the postmans parcels for example. I am startled with that fact no matter how hard i tried to sign it jst doesnt look right, and the same with both parties who have tried also the more u repeat an action, the more problems seem to accure on every device connected. I am not happy about that function or the fact it costs so much to operate such a difficult looking feature. Therefore may i request a refund as the refund option is not showing in the app store, since last updates alot of features n the app store have changed. Something is causing my ios devices both ipad/ iphones to suddenly crash and make the screen look smudgy and blurry which i hadnt noticed before. Not sure if its due to the last big updates, but it needs attention please, thankx.Version: 22.09.00

Inconvenient and poor user interfaceGiven it’s an Adobe products it’s very disappointing. First it constantly asks you to login to access your subscription services. Second it is clumsy if you are trying to read a proposer document as you have to zoom in to read the text and then zoom right back out to change pages. Most annoying though is it looses the document you are reading most times you open the app (but not all). So you have to go and find it and reopen it and then find where you were up to. I a, sure this is just to force you to save the document in their cloud presumably so they can appear more valueable and charge you more. I can assure you it’s having the opposite effect and I’m about to cancel my subscription..Version: 21.10.00

Fill & SignI have acrobat as a part of a wider adobe subscription with some of there creative apps, which is a nice touch, which lead me to use adobe on my iPad for all those work related documents. My main use is to fill and sign, which is the only thing I use this app for apart from reading the odd document. The fill and sign function on this app is rubbish. Completely rubbish, to the point that I use my laptop if I need to complete a document. It’s clincky, you press on one part of the screen and the box appears 27 miles away, and it’s very, very slow to process. I’m not using an old iPad, its a 2021 module, so I don’t think it’s a power issue. I don’t send PDFs to people using this app, nor do I request signatures remotely using it. I wouldn’t pay for this app as a standalone, there are better apps out there for the everyday PDF power user..Version: 23.06.01

No iCloud Drive support or limited support.. . Suppose this will be updated soon I take it, cant move files from cloud drive to iCloud Drive either for some reason . . . Needs some tweaks t the interface to make it a bit more intuitive - for instance that blue circle should be at the top not on the bottom right corner ... needs thumbnail view as per the desktop app etc, hopefully Apple will release a “ Preview “ iOS app . . . And then Adobe can release a Acrobat Pro app or something . . . Can we also have distiller and Indesign for Pad Os as well ha ha ha.Version: 20.03.01

Pdf Document handler par excellenceAdobe Acrobat is the bees knees in producing and managing pdf documents. It is the de-facto standard in storing a host of information in a common access environment. I believe its access is enshrined in law with perpetual right of access to pdf formatted documents by the US Government. The sheer storage capacity of Acrobat is outstanding, along with its search capacity. Tobacco companies thwarted successive attempts at litigation by over loading defendants with tonnes of documents close to trial. The solution: turn all those pages into pdf documents and the defendant team had no trouble knocking the lies that are spread by tobacco companies out the door. Well done!.Version: 23.05.01

Latest updates killed meI use this app primarily for work purposes. I save all my service receipts to this app and also fill out and submit safety and order forms daily. The recent update changed alot of things. First of all, the new design I don't like. That I can get used to but it's made it more difficult to use in my opinion. Some of the buttons are not labeled now, they only have icons so I have to guess what they do until I press them and find out if I'm right or wrong. More importantly, there are functions/operations that changed. For example, sharing a file through email no longer takes the file name and automatically makes it the subject line of the email. Also, when you sort by name,files with letters now follow files with numbers. I have to scroll through a hundred files (which have dates) to get to my template (which starts with letters). So I had to through a random zero at the beginning so it's at the top. There is more I could write but I think you get my point. I realize it may sound like nitpicking but when you use the app as much as I do it becomes very annoying. I am disappointed you made such a big change and it doesn't seem to be for the better. Let's get some of this fixed so I can change this back to 5 stars..Version: 18.10.00

UnintuitiveHaving downloaded a PDF file in pages onto my iPad, I then discover that I cannot open it and have to download the app. Having done so, the app invites you to select a document from several locations, including “on my iPad”. The downloaded file is nowhere to be seen, the only file available being a “welcome” file. Navigating to “open other files”, there the file is, in all it’s glory, on the iPad, and, yes, it can now be opened. Why is is not shown on “on my iPad” from the opening menu?.Version: 21.08.01

Doesn’t do what it says on the tinI received an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and could not open it using the built in reader on my iPhone 7. So I downloaded the Adobe PDF reader app, only to be informed that only a desktop version can open this PDF which was generated by Adobe software. Therefore the App fails to do what it is advertised to do, open and read Adobe PDFs. I’d like to remind Adobe that the whole point of the PDF is to have a “Portable Document Format”, and Adobe is falling behind on this lofty goal. Furthermore, I did not appreciate the requirement to link the App to a social profile, before I could use the App at all. The level of trust I had to provide was not earned by Adobe in this particular instance. Also please check the write ups on the review of your App. Some of them seem quite robotic, repetitive and irrelevant when providing a positive review ie: Keyword search “Westpac” and “20 years”. via the Australian Apple App Store..Version: 18.09.13

Terrible privacy practices before being usableThe app requires your first name, last name, and date of birth before you can even read a single PDF. How absurd....Version: 19.10.02

Needs To Integrate MoreA good PDF reader. However once your documents are in the app it is difficult to get them out. No internal ftp server, open in other apps is limited, cannot upload to network drive, sftp server etc, uploading to drop box is pretty much the only option and it is painfully slow. In fact uploads of anything greater than 3MB fail as soon as your phone sleeps which is basically 30 seconds of inactivity ? Also doesn’t seem to remember your progress anymore. It keeps sending you back to a random page no matter what you do.Version: 17.11.30

Useless junk and erraticTried printing a document questionnaire with this and it failed to print the second page of my document,the details I filled in are missing .I had no choice but to manually fill it in the good old fashioned way with that thing called a pen. Microsoft Word is more reliable than this and that’s saying something.I paid for a monthly subscription to this and consider it a waste of money and a rip off . Adobe ,stop producing substandard software for iPads,it looks bad for you and if you can’t do it right then please don’t do it at all..Version: 22.03.00

I want to give Adobe 5 stars but I’m not able to yetI want to give Adobe and Adobe Scan a 5 star rating but until a recent bug is fixed I’m unable to do so at this time. Usually when I want to share a pdf I can easily and conveniently share via iMessage (among some other convenient platforms such as WhatsApp). However, rather frustratingly and inconveniently I am no longer able to share via iMessage, which is the most convenient way for me usually. Now every time I try, rather than the pdf exporting to iMessage it is just copying and pasting the file title as text. Please can you help as I need this essential feature fixed.Version: 20.02.00

Stealing money from my accountAdobe have taken multiple packages from my account. We’ve tried to get to the bottom of this but adobes customer service has been so slack in replying. We’ve shared that we have never bought packages and products from Adobe as we have the free accounts. I suggest you go elsewhere. As you cannot trust a company that steal and have no integrity to atleast respond with helpful answers. They said we have other account and emails. We asked which ones but no helpful answers at all. So so bad and have never experienced this from any company. Giving 1 star is too kind.Version: 24.02.00

A few improvementsThis is an good app for school. We use it all the time to fill in worksheets on our iPads. However there are a few improvements that could be made. Firstly ,if you tap off something you lose everything in that text box. It would be helpful if that wasn’t the case. Secondly , once you press done and come back later , you cannot edit anything that you typed of drew before pressing done. This is really annoying if you make a mistake. And lastly , moving text and changing it size and colour is hard. You need to go onto edit then change all the setting and it is a big hassle. I hope this has helped anyone who wants to get Adobe Acrobat.Version: 21.05.00

It’s complicated to use itIt’s complicated to use it , more and more, even I can’t do the simple things like zoom, I’m not interested in editing or converting files, if it can’t read a PDF files, I don’t need it anymore, So I deleted from my Laptop and phone..Version: 23.12.00

Filled with bugs/poorly implemented features.It’s amazing how little Adobe cares about this app, especially its apple pencil features. You’d think a company as big as Adobe would have a decent adobe reader?! NOPE. This app has the worst apple pencil experience. Comments randomly get deleted when I’m deleting something else; changing the colour of one thing ends up changing the colour of something else; trying to scroll with my finger, in pencil mode, draws a line instead of scrolling; sometimes the edges of letters written turn sharp after I write them, and re-writing doesn’t fix that; my writing looks worst on this app than any other app. Yes, I know that there’re work arounds for some of these bugs, but they’re unintuitive. I shouldn’t have to hit “done” before changing the font colour to avoid it changing the font of things already written. I shouldn’t have to write with my pencil, erase that, so that the app knows that I have a pencil and that my fingers are for scrolling and not for typing; something I have to do way more often that I’d like to..Version: 20.09.01

It’s okay, very hard to edit notes, go back!Too many steps to click before you can make notes, unlike before just press screen on the iPad you can make instant notes, Very in cumbersome to edit notes, very irritating, can’t display the last page when you open the PDF again, so many bugs, how can you roll back the app again? Sorting of PDF notes is in shambles!!! I like the old one better: iCloud files and downloaded files are easy to find, very messy, seems like I’m looking for better PDF app. This app needs to be fix! Terrible!!! Much worse result is on the iPhone, can’t see notes properly, before, you can see you notes beautifully on the screen then close it, they both share the screen, messy, hard to edit. I used to consider this PDF app as one of the best, I’m very frustrated!.Version: 18.09.14

Please fix - what happened with the last update?As a teacher I use my Adobe App almost everyday for work. Since the last update I have found that practically every time I try to open a file the App crashes. I have tried re-booting etc, but am having no success. Very occasionally a file stays open - 90% of the time I am kicked out as soon as I open. Please help - I think your stability fix has de-stabilised my app - and I desperately need to use it. *Usually this App would have a 4-5 star rating for me - it is very useful. But I need this fixed please..Version: 20.09.00

Too slow to render semi-complex vector graphicsAcrobat can take more than a minute to render a page of e.g., vector text handwritten with a stylus, leaving the PDF blank in the meantime, whereas the iOS reader displays it instantly in low resolution and renders it fully in under a second. This makes it almost unusable for me..Version: 20.04.00

Apple Pencil?I’m not sure what happened with the new update, but it’s become frustrating to use the app with the Apple Pencil. Why can’t I draw ONLY with the pencil and scroll with my fingers/multi touch? Why is the comment system hidden under two tabs and why does the sidebar show up by default? Where is the SETTINGS menu?.Version: 19.03.00

Not an improvement.What on earth have you done to Adobe since the latest iOS update? Annotating my files is now so clunky and time consuming I’m seriously looking at alternatives. Previously you could just write (type or hand write), now you have to choose this, then the other, then move the irritating little pop up box which is blocking the space you want to write in. Then when you do get to leave your note it’s way out of place and has to be tapped and dragged back. Is this supposed to be an improvement?.Version: 18.10.00

So upset with new versionI had been using this program for years for my business. Built al sorts of smart pdf’s on the adobe pro on Mac and I used the iPad version to do paperwork on the job site then send a flatten version of the paperwork to my clients. Now adobe removed flatten PDF making this useless :( with no option to fix this. I paid for a subscription hoping it’s just something I need to pay for but no it’s gone. With my only option now is to email to myself and flatten on the Mac at home very upset with adobe..Version: 18.10.00

Couldn’t get it to workAdobe Acrobat Reader requires a login. Why is a whole other story. Actually logging in was unsuccessful using my Google account. Firstly, the field for entering details does not bring up the keyboard. Secondly, providing my Google ID failed with an error message “your browser does not allow cookies. Enable cooking to continue.” Chrome on iOS enables cookies by default, you can’t turn this feature off. I even enabled cookies on Safari (even though Chrome is my default browser). Couldn’t get past the error message. Did a quick web browse to see if others had this problem, tried a few additional suggestions which were also unsuccessful. I’ve stopped investing time and removed the app..Version: 22.11.01

BookmarksWhy is the bookmarks selection buried in a submenu? This is annoying..Version: 18.09.14

Decent but features being removedThe app works well enough, though it can be a bit slow to load documents at times. This was my main pdf reader (I read a lot of pdfs) and used it between my desktop, phone and iPad, but I am now switching to another reader since Adobe announced they will be discontinuing Adobe cloud (which I currently pay for as part of a photoshop subscription - no word of the subscription going down when they remove this service, obviously). It’s really frustrating that Adobe have chosen to remove this service. I would have continued to use Acrobat otherwise..Version: 23.08.01

Was a great app but not since a few months ago after a firmware upgrade.This was a great app, however since the last updates I am having a couple of problems,. 1 When opening up a spreadsheet document if you enlarge the document a little it then gets stuck so you can not pan left to right etc. 2 if you copy an item and when you paste it, it appears in in a very small font . This never used to happen before. Hope the next update resolves these problems..Version: 19.10.02

UselessIts useless im only trying to remove a page but its still needs to pay ….Version: 24.01.02

Note Taking Function Seriously LackingMany of my professors use PDFs for their lecture slides. I was hoping to use this app on my iPad to directly take notes on the slides with my stylus, but the note taking functions are lacking and pretty impractical. There are no multitouch functions, like using 2 fingers to scroll while in the note taking mode. You are stuck on the screen you have when you enter into note taking mode, and have to exit every time you wish to scroll. Most infuriating however is there is NO ERASER. Why is there no eraser? The only way I can erase is by hitting the undo button over and over. And if there is something I wrote early on in my notes that I would like to erase or edit, I can’t find a simple way to do so. These are simple, essential functions to taking notes. I can’t imagine they would be too difficult to implement..Version: 18.09.14

How to cancel a subscription?I have tried to cancel my subscription for around 30 minutes. It says free trial, no other options to use, I am not happy with my purchase, it doesn’t even allow me to change the level of subscriptions. I am trying to use this app, but it is very difficult. I am looking for support or contact details, and nothing is helpful. If I get charge I will charge back to the account. Please can you assist me on this issue..Version: 23.06.01

UnuseableUnfortunatley I can’t even get this app to open. For some weird reason I can’t fathom it asks for my microsoft password but won’t accept it when I enter it. I have given up and are using alternative solutions..Version: 23.09.00

Terrible app updateThis was an awesome app i was using it for work an since the last update you can no longer annotate PDFs the functionality has become very confusing and no longer the intuitive app it was..Version: 18.11.00

Unable to save documents to the cloudLoved this app - until a week ago. “Save to Document Cloud” suddenly stopped working, no explanation, and the support link listed is to user forums, where nobody has been able to help me either. Rendered useless for me if I can’t save the documents I’ve downloaded. Disappointed ++ with the performance & the lack of support from Adobe. UPDATE - I’d be changing the rating to no stars if I could, for this helpful response from the developers telling me to reach out to the community forums which I’ve ALREADY SAID I’ve done with no response 🙄 Pathetic when I’m reduced to trying to get support by posting in the reviews because all other support options lead to community forums so the developers themselves don’t have to try & fix their problems!!!.Version: 21.07.00

Not worth itI really don’t like how you have to pay to be able to edit pdfs or really do anything..Version: 19.12.00

This app used to be wonderful, but’s terrible. It was extremely user friendly, from its organization (folders first, then separate files - this made so much sense, why would you change it?! I don’t want to have to put a number before my folders so they display before files) to its editable features (highlighting...the new colors and transparency options are terrible, seriously). If I tapped the screen while on a document, the superfluous information would go away until the screen was tapped again. Brilliant. Now, every time you scroll that information is displayed, what if I just want to read the raw document!? And seriously, it’s a PDF reader, why are you trying to fit some new mold with the design? And for the life of me, how can I delete the STUPID “Welcome” document out of my files? And why will this update not “find” text when I search through documents that the previous version would? Please revert this “improved update” to the way it was when it was useful and simple. Will definitely be switching apps if this isn’t changed..Version: 18.10.01

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