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JetBlue - Book & manage trips app received 54 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jetblue - book & manage trips?

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JetBlue - Book & manage trips for Positive User Reviews

Great app!!!Used the app for everything involved with my trip. Very easy to use..Version: 3.1.3

Great appWorks well with my true blue account.Version: 3.2

Does not work cannot sign inI get the same error as another reviewer. Every time I try to sign it says oops an error please try later..Version: 3.1.11

JetblueGreat.Version: 4.8.2

JetBlue appThe old version of the JetBlue app is not working at all on my I-6 phone. It won’t let me update the new version because I don’t have 13.0 iOS. I have 12 point some thing on my I-6 Phone. I spoke with Apple and they said that Jet Blue did not update their app properly because it is not allowing many people to use their app because they don’t have 13.0 iOS on their phones. Please resolve your app issue immediately so I am able to use it like I have been using it for 15 years. I don’t have iOS 13.0 so I cannot use the JetBlue app for anything, even though it says that I can download the other version. I already have the original JetBlue app and it’s not working at all because you have a new App that requires iOS 13. Many customers including myself do not have iOS 13 on our cell phones, so we cannot use the old app or new app! Please resolve this ASAP! I’m extremely frustrated and have a JetBlue flight in a week so I will have to download my boarding pass and cannot do so at this time..Version: 4.21

Can’t get boarding passThis latest update is broken. I can see my trips and check in, but can’t get an electronic boarding pass. I get the message “Bummer. There was an error creating your mobile boarding pass. Please try again later.” I have flown 3 JetBlue flights in the past 2 weeks since the app update and I get this error every time, no matter how many times or how much “later” I try. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times, logged out and back in again, and even updated the iOS to 12.2 (and deleted/reinstalled and logged out/in the app again after). THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED! There are a lot of other features JetBlue really should add to be competitive with other airlines that other reviewers have noted, and I agree. But at the very least you need to have reliable access to mobile boarding pass, this is an expectation of any traveler today to bypass checkin or kiosks..Version: 4.7

Flight 655Everything was great with app so far , flight was comfortable and smooth if the return flight goes as well. 100%.Version: 7.0

Great flying experience in this day of not so great flying experience!Years ago when I flew from Montréal to NYC on Eastern airlines, I was in awe of flying. Especially settling the plane to cruise above the clouds when it had reached cruising altitude. Most everyone was dressed “to the nines” (whatever that means?) and everyone, to a person, shared a sense of “awe” as to what we were a part of…in the air. That was long ago! Air travel has been normalized and offers flights to everywhere from everywhere with everyone taking part. Nothing gob smacking or awesomeness any more-just get me there! With all that progress from awe to aaahh! one is left with not much to care about except when an airline like Jet Blue comes along and works towards efficiency and reliability-it works. So that’s what we do now we fly JetBlue!.Version: 7.3.3

An easy to use time saver and information sourceOne of the best travel aides around..Version: 2.9

AMAZINGI’m not really sure how to express properly how wonderful JetBlue has been to us during our flights to and from Cleveland. The staff is amazing so kind and caring. The food was good… loved the scones. They let me have as many as i wanted!!! The wine is very good. The plane is comfortable and everything that is needed is there. We actually had a small issue that we would have never known about but the airline credited us $$. Walking down the runway to the plane it is all smiles and happy people. The crew greets you warmly and makes you feel special. It was the best experience from food to ticket agents to booking to flight attendants and everything in between. I look forward to the flights… it’s like being pampered after a long trip away! I’m excited to travel again!! Thank you!!.Version: 7.2

Right to the phone!The only airline app that has my flight info right there on the first screen when I open the app. No searching for confirmation numbers, etc. Perfect..Version: 4.7

Crashes and times outI tried to book a ticket through the app but finally gave up and booked on the website. The app kept timing out when searching for flights so it took me a while to find a flight. When I finally went to pay for the ticket, the app would take a long time to refresh when I unclicked “same as billing address” to put in a different physical address. After I had put in all of my credit card information and clicked the link to pay, it just kept bringing me back to the credit card entry page. There was no error message saying that I had missed info, just a bug. When I finally got it to submit the payment after multiple tries, it went through the “verified by visa” process and said that my purchase could not be completed! I was able to book the ticket on my phone through the website with no problem..Version: 4.8

Steve AustinFriendly Flight Attendants, plenty of Leg room and comfortable Seats..Version: 4.1.1

Customer friendlyNeeds space for ESTA large number.Version: 3.2

Slick appJust used this app for the first time, apart from having to wait until check in opens before the app would recognise my flight, all good. Scan feature on passport and credit card really saves time..Version: 3.1.12

Fabulous app!Love this for easy check in- scans passports and cards effortlessly!.Version: 3.1.3

Great appEast to use , recommend.Version: 6.1

Can’t get passed the sign up.I tried this app for the convenience factor but there is non. First thing that bothers me was ,when you try to and your personal info, they ask for your birthday and a scroll with the month day and year pops up. Cool, wrong NOT COOLl! It won’t let you change the month unless you change the year or days first. Really??? Took me a few mins to figure that out. I was ok with that, but then after I entered all of this information in and agreed to the agreement, BOOM it won’t let me sign up. It says check your connection. So I turned the WiFi off and went straight to LTE, put all of the good ol info in the right places and. DOUBLE BOOM, (sign in failed, check your connection) Fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice shame on me, you won’t get me again! Uninstalling....Version: 4.7

Jet Blue ApA1. Best airline to fly ...period 👍👏.Version: 3.1.11

TripWe have had issues in the past with jet blue delays and such. Today we were held up at TSA for a long time, as were seven other people. When we got to the gate the lady was very rude and said could not open the door. We understand but she was not willing to do anything for us at first. Said she was the supervisor when we asked for one. Asking her for another flight she said they were all full but could get us on a four o’clock flight. I went onto the jet blue app and found flights even though she said they were full. She did help us in the long run which was appreciated. We booked this flight as an emergency and my husband has health issues which was the hold up at the TSA area. She did pull through. We love Jet blue even through all the cancellations and issues we have had along the way. But we still come back..Version: 7.1.3

V 3.2.3. Fixed CrashUpdate version 3.2.3. Fixed the previous crash issue. Thank you!.Version: 3.2.3

SeamlessThis app works perfect! Very very user friendly. Looks great, easy to navigate. Never glitches..Version: 3.1.6

Jet blueExcellent app , would have been lost without it 😆👍🏻.Version: 2.9.1

SimpleEasy to use. Anyone can use it (by anyone this includes my gran).Version: 3.2

Gate update on mobile pass in WalletGetting notification of gate change and also in the app the the info in the wallet mobile pass don't show the gate update. This must be fix in future version..Version: 3.2

Great airline and Great AppRecently flew from London to New York. The service is superb. Love this airline and will fly regularly between these two cities in the future..Version: 6.2.2

Application and 1800 numberI have flown on JetBlue since it’s creation and have never experienced so many tech delays as I do now. I have flown several times this year and if you experience an issue with your flight, covid testing arrangements or the need to extend your on hold for 3-5 hrs before you can reach a person or your disconnected hours in. The app is continuously under construction and fares you reserve spontaneously disappear! We have been on hold today for over four hours trying to reach a representative. The flight we tried to book kicked us out upon payment and went up over 200 dollars. We have pics to validate. What is happening with this company ? JetBlue has always been my go-to airline but now I am rethinking my preferences..Version: 5.1

Extraordinary serviceDue to the Covid-19 pandemic our travel plans were put on hold until a safer time. When my out of town grandchildren needed me to come care for them I decided to take every precaution and make the trip from Florida to Boston. After 14 days of isolating, 2 negative covid tests, registering with the state of MA, I began my journey to Boston Equipped with protective gloves, masks and sanitizer, I was delighted with the precautions that were in place through Jet Blue. The plane was completely sanitized, flight staff wore masks at all times, passengers boarded from the back of the plane to the front, they even took an extra measure by preparing sealed plastic bags for each passenger that contained a water bottle, napkin & snacks! I was overwhelmed by their kindness and genuine care for everyone’s safety and experience as they travel! My heart overflows with gratitude!.Version: 4.17.1

Great appGood app.Version: 4.3.1

ReviewMy experience with JetBlue has always been relatively good. On my flight in July from FLL-Newark we were delayed 3 hours and there was not even a “sorry” for the in convenience... I missed dinner with my family and it ruined that entire evening. The most recent flight I was on was on time etc... BUTTTTTT what is going on with all the animals being allowed without carriers on board????? Besides the 4 or 5 small lap dogs that were on the flight there was a Labrador 3 Seats in front of me- I could not believe it! I am so allergic to dogs and if this dog was sitting in the seat next to me I would have had a huge issue. Dogs , cats etc need to be in carriers if they are going to fly. He was allowed to sit on the seat and then peak over to the sit in front and back- just ridiculous..Version: 4.5.3

;)Finally! Awesome app!.Version: 1.0

Very simple check inI found this check in to be straight forwarded and easy Thank you JetBlue.Version: 4.4

Always A Great experience!When I fly it’s always JetBlue if they are a carrier where I’m going. It is the easiest process ever to make reservations, get to the airport & get where I am going without stress. I had my first ever horrible experience where I got held up in TSA. I hear customer service calling my name. 3xs they called me with the final call being the gates are closing. I can’t go to the gate. I missed my plane. I finally get to the gate. I explain my situation to Dominic, the JetBlue representative. He was sorry for my distress. He asks if I’d like to fly with another carrier. I said “No, JetBlue is the Best!” He gave me excellent customer service, rescheduled me for the next day’s flight & I was on my way. All JetBlue needs to do for me now is fly into New Orleans! 😜.Version: 4.6

Last 2 Flights were HorrificThe last two flights on Jet Blue were the worst flights I have taken in the last 20years of flying. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jet Blue and Love Animals, especially Dogs. However, there has to be some enforcement on pet travel policy. The first flight I mentioned, I was watching a movie and the middle seat was empty and the passenger in the window seat took her dog out of the pet carrier and placed it in the middle seat and it started to paw me and lick me and I asked the person to please handle the dog and the flight attendant could have cared less after I asked what the jet blue pet policy. The second flight I mentioned there was 10-12 dogs on the flight they were all out of the carriers and that was if they even had carriers and it was like animals planet. Again, I love dogs and all animals, but on a flight Im paying for I would appreciate if folks keep their pets in the carrier as one dog ran down the isle and they were jumping all around the seats. One of these pets wasn't small. I feel like its unsafe and there is a reason jetblue has a policy to keep pets stowed and secured for everyone’s safety. When did this policy stop being enforced???.Version: 4.9.1

A simple fix.On several flights I have noticed that only one of the bathrooms at the rear of the plane (in the flight attendants area) was being used even though there was a line of people waiting. It seems that the position of the flight attendants seat on the port side of the plane encroaches close enough to the bathroom door that people are hesitant to use the bathroom when the attendant is seated there. It effectively renders only one bathroom operational while the attendants are seated. I have also noticed that attendants on occasion flip the bathroom door lock to the occupied position in order to make it appear that the bathroom is in use so that nobody disturbs them as they rest. Perhaps if you moved both of the attendant’s seats to the starboard side of the plane (away from the bathroom doors) you would gain the use of the other bathroom and cut the wait time in half and make your customers significantly happier. If your customers can sit elbow to elbow, i’m sure your attendants could sit with their chairs a foot apart instead of 6 feet apart. I know they have a hard job, and they need their rest in order to perform well. Repositioning the seats would accommodate the flight attendants and serve the passengers better as well. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. I always fly JetBlue wherever possible..Version: 7.10

So excited!I'm so happy about this app! So easy so very cool! Thanks JetBlue!.Version: 1.0

Poetry in motionRoses are red, Violets are blue, This app can do some things, But poetry it can't do.Version: 2.7.3

Flight inaccurately indicates canceledSince two app updates ago, a flight purchased several months ago shows canceled. I should also add the flight also indicates canceled on my laptop. Customer service says it is not. Each rep has very nicely directed the problem to my end in their “bless your heart” voice. For example, restart my phone or clear the cache on my computer. I’m not computer illiterate. I use two every day 8 to 12 hours a day. I also tried querying for the confirmation without logging in on both my laptop and cell. Very frustrating..... I’m tired of these updates that add more “features” than making your customers lives a bit easier with travel planning..Version: 4.7

Easy peasy 123easy!Great app very modern and easy to use it really takes the hassle out of flying. Could do with an easier way to add a checked bag but got there in the end, really pleased with the app and the process.Version: 3.2

MrsEasy to use. Great to have all details you need on your card.Version: 3.1.4

Solid appHas always worked without issues. Nice, clear simple interface.Version: 3.2.1

Delay flightWe were traveling from Heathtrow london to JFK New York,,, due to some issue flight was delayed by 4 hours and i was flying with my family kids even little kids they were exhausted tottaly but yourr crew member didnt seem to be friendly ask us or offer us something or even for our kids so im totally disappointed with this situation.Version: 7.6

Best airline appEven compared to other apps it is great Seamless, easy to use and super fast!.Version: 3.1.5

Love Jet Blue appI love their app. It is so easy to navigate and find the best fares. I get the best deals here compared to Expedia, Kayak and other apps. They never have the deals the Jet Blue app has. Of course you have to fly to a city they serve. We fly often to Washington DC from Hartford to visit my daughter. We have gotten fares as low as $34 per person. Cheaper than driving or taking the train! Of course you have to be flexible with the times they offer and the return trip is a higher fare usually but they still are pretty cheap. And also we have never had a problem with their flights from Hartford or Reagan and the planes are clean and comfortable and flight attendants and other staff are always very helpful and courteous. It’s our first choice for an Airline! Keep up the good work Jet Blue!.Version: 4.1.1

San juan flight 2131I had the worse situation on that flight! Aside from the flight being delayed from 6:00 am to 9:00 am the Jet Blue Counter, is extremely slow and it takes about 45 minutes to get attended with perhaps 15 people ahead of you and to go through customs with maybe 50 people takes 5 to 7 minutes!! Also, Kimberly who was in charged of flight 2131 made it impossible for my son and I to take the flight because i did not have the eticket!! I understand, i had to have it but may son was already inside the plane and she called him back out of the bridge! The etickett would not go through cause one of the passengers was already checked on the flight! So, she took the decision to make us stay!! For another flight!!! The doors were open and she took the decision making a bad comment against my son, as she said: “i don’t deal with people who aren’t of good faith, close the doors” With out any consideration! I know that there were other passengers that made it on the plane with out it as well!!! Now that I remember Today is not the first time I personally have had a situation with Kimberly and I feel discriminated..Version: 6.4

Best Airline everJetBlue will always be my first choice when flying. They’re airfare is beyond competitive with other fares. I actually SAVE money flying JetBlue. And it goes way beyond the airfare. I’ve never met a flight attendant who wasn’t kind and and wasn’t willing to go the extra mile to take care of passengers. I love the option of assigning myself a seat with extra legroom without having to fork out tons of money for first class. And the entertainment- One of my FIRST must-haves when flying cross country and JetBlue certainly offers more than enough current television and/or movie choice, as well as music. I won’t fly any other airlines unless absolutely necessary..Version: 6.0.1

Happy to fly JetBlueJetBlue employees are nice and don’t seem to mess around - they helped me when my kids were little and loved running around. They helped me recently when I had a serious medical condition and I am forever appreciative! And thank you for being so strong each and every one of the JetBlue employees who had the courage to keep us all flying during COVID and the pathetic antics of Entitled Americans standing one their misunderstood civil liberties while fighting about a mask. I wish Americans had the interest, patience and fortitude to learn about the laws that keep our American civility in operation. Time to get edified… seriously, once you know how civil societies operate, maybe then we can be the country will were less to believe. Until then - be warned. Hard days to come..Version: 6.1.1

Awesome and easyGreat app. I'm not technically inclined however I can book flights, cancel them, check in and do just about anything I need to do without my computer..Version: 3.1.1

Great App, even Greater AirlineThe app functions great and you can book flights, check in and access your boarding pass - even add it to Apple Wallet. But…. Even better than that is the modern efficient jets, great crew and awesome flying experience..Version: 7.4.3

Handy appReally pleased with this app. Just checked in from the hotel bed. Added luggage very easily too..Version: 3.1.6

COMMENDATION FOR SERVICEAppreciation and gratitude for an exemplary flight experience to and from Orlando, Florida U.S.A. under the public health advisory. When my wife and I had to rebook our return flight to New York to an earlier date it was most convienient using the Jet Blue App. The flight was pleasant indeed. We expect to fly on Jet Blue for every trip. Since I am over 65 years of age I am expecting to undergo medical examinations for various conditions and when my health is improved I will be better prepared to take the journey. Passengers and crew alike need to rest and being a senior citizen is a reminder of my own health awareness. Once again best regards to all of the crew members and staff at Jet Blue Airways. Francis and Mirian Von Muller..Version: 6.1.1

TravellerzzGreat app.Version: 3.1.4

TSA PreApp doesn't seem to recognize TSA Pre status after adding "Known Traveller". Led to an embarrassing moment at gate security. Otherwise, app seems fine..Version: 4.6.2

Easy-PeasyEasy to use!.Version: 2.9.1

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