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Bridge Constructor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Bridge Constructor app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bridge Constructor? Can you share your negative thoughts about bridge constructor?

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Bridge Constructor for Negative User Reviews

Engaging Game butForced to spend money to buy additional game coins.Version: 7.0

Crappy gameNot only did i have to copy and paste this since it wont let you type but the stupid game even when i save it, i reopen it and have to redo the second island every time. I had to spend money on coins to do hints because im sick of redoing the same ones over and over and over again.Version: 11.1

Love it butI love this bridge building game! It is so much fun and stressful to see if your bridge will break or survive. The only reason why I gave it 3 stars is because they show you that you can build up and down in the pictures, and I thought, “oh this will be fun to build and unlock that feature”, but in reality, when you finish the game, they tell you that it has to be bought. I paid for this game and it does not even have a feature that they proudly present with the bunny and the man. Great game but very disappointing.Version: 5.10

Rip-off! Bought game but still have to payI bought the game thinking that you earn stars and unlock extra materials and the bridges will get more complicated. No! Right from the start you still have to buy stars to unlock the right materials to build a bridge that doesn’t fail! None of the Bruges are possible unless you have bought more stars to get materials. Plus, I bought hints but the partial hint said a strut was concrete. My bridge still failed. When I paid more and got the full solution that strut was in fact wooden! I wish we could give zero stars!.Version: 11.4

Pay to playYou can only play the first map. After that you have to pay if you want to play further..Version: 7.0

Bad gameI spent most of my coins on a tip for the home and it didn’t even work..Version: 7.0

Pretty good, but needs workI love these physics type games, and this one is good in principle, but no where near as well written as Simple Physics for instance which is very similar. The UI is flakey in this, there is a very obvious need for a delete button, and maybe a tutorial, or at least a better introduction to each material. Certainly not worth £1.99 anyway, there are a load of games cheaper and better than this one. if they ironed out the problems, and made it a bit more 'iPhone' looking, then maybe it'd be worth £0.69.Version: 1.0

Not made for iPad. Just a resized phone appLooks bad on a large size iPad. Obviously made only for small sized iPhones..Version: 7.0

Can you add a new island that adds hydrolics?Hydrolics and if you buy it you can get it for all the islands and there’s a button to control it. And on the special island there’s ships and you need the hydrolics to lift the bridge and you can make a joint be halved so it splits with hydrolics.Version: 5.10

Game is BROKENGame works fine until I load up a level and I just can’t draw or make anything. IPhone 12 Pro Max, very annoying!! Fix it!!.Version: 11.1

Poor gameFor $2.99 AUS, it's a terrible game. Not only for people who don't know anything about bridge making, but also my brother who is a bridge draftsmen said that the game has made up it's own physics. The game is way over priced for the dull gameplay it provides. Also, it has zero replay value, and it might crash if you own an iPad 2. I wish there were some positive things to mention about this game, however, it amazes me that people enjoy it, so you never know..Version: 1.0

Cheap version of PolybridgeTouch controls are janky, menus are oddly positioned and don’t make much sense. No explanation on how to achieve the third weight option for bridge testing (Not sure what it’s called). Just go download poly bridge- especially if you paid for this..Version: 11.4

Apple ArchivesI canceled and removed it from my IPad, but few days later I found out they have charged me. Be careful, they are bunch thieves,and steel your money without telling you it send you receipt..Version: 11.4

Rip OffRecently redownloaded this after paying full price for this and now find I have to pay even more, greed is a disgusting trait and it’s killing this industry..Version: 5.10

Stick with the playgroundI bought this because I enjoyed the playground for many weeks. I was disappointed. The absolute budget ceilings prevent you from experimenting and discourage creative or elegant design ideas. You can’t design over budget and then go back and improve. The extra-load feature is fun, but again it’s hard to experiment. As with the playground, the scoring is completely mysterious, with no hint of what your scores are based on. I’ve deleted it. I would buy another round of the playground, but none of the further editions like this one..Version: 7.0

Good game, needs improvementsGraphics are a little poor on the bridge and cars, you can't delete a part without erasing the bridge all together or undo-ING back to it and the alignment with the touch screen seems to be off by about 5 or 10mm, where I put my finger isn't where the piece goes. Need fixes... This game is barely worth paying for without these being fixed..Version: 1.0

Not that creativeNeed too work on game.Version: 5.4

EliGreat game but I paid for coins and did not receive any I canceled the transaction through my bank but they charged me again in a different date but still didn’t give me any credit So don’t pay for anything guys.Version: 5.10

Needs bugs fixedGreat game but keeps crashing on my ipod, please fix the bugs!.Version: 1.0

MeanThis Game is fun but you first need to pay 2$ then you can not use the last truck unless you pay again!.Version: 5.10

BuggyI love the concept if this game. However, it often freezes and won't load any saved games. Tired of going back to older constructs just to get to where I left off. This problem needs to be fixed. Otherwise, it's a waste of a great idea. Also, an undo button alone is insufficient. it would be nice to select a part of the bridge you want to rebuild. For a thinkers game, not much thought has been put into this one..Version: 1.0

Not enoughI brought the game thinking it would have a ton of bridges to try, but finished in about 8 hours. some bridges had same concept so was kinda poor if you ask me, and the cost for this app is far too high I think it should be 99c max.Version: 7.0

No easy way to get exit the game.Game is ok, but there seems to me missing an easy was to exit the game….Version: 11.4

Rip offI downloaded this game 2 years ago and bought the levels and recently downloaded it again, now all my levels are gone and it’s wanting me to buy it again. This is so stupid, just lost a player.Version: 7.0

Hard to work within budgetPlay is good. But is hard to stay within budget and rather than just letting you be creative, go over budget and lose points, instead your just stuck. In this way it’s more a puzzle game. Figure out exactly what they want you to do before moving on..Version: 7.0

Very frustratingGame crashes every time I try to play and won't save where I am up to, therefor making me go through each level (even though my bridges that I created are still there) to unlock the next level, it's very frustrating and needs attention fast. otherwise a great game 5stars and I hope to see expansions and more dimensions to the game. Cheers,.Version: 1.0

Glitchy and I played for 5 minutes before giving upSometimes it just pans the screen instead of drawing the line for the bridge piece. Super annoying. Not worth the $0.99 I paid for it..Version: 11.4

Too few levelsThe game is good fun, but the number of levels is rather measly and without additional in-game purchases, the fun is quickly over – not very good for a paid game!.Version: 5.10

Needs iPhone X supportPlease add iPhone X support..Version: 5.10

Stole my moneyIt offered 1.39$ or 1.69 to unlock unlimited materials paid it 2 times it told me already purchased but nothing happened this is after I purchased the full game ? Was going to buy the other games too but forget it.Version: 5.10

InfuriatingBudget seems unduly tight. Also hit an impossible level that kept collapsing. Used their hint feature and even following the hint schematic exactly collapses. Infuriating..Version: 5.10

Rip offI thought this was a witty game and quite fun although some levels can be tough so hints come in handy, but like most apps you have limited coins and need to purchase more. I paid for coins 3 times thinking it was not registering only to realise that I was still being charged but wasn’t receiving any coins. So all in all just another rip off app that is only designed to scam you for money. The designer can EAD and die slow. I want my $6 back or 60 coins as promised. A current affair will cream over this story..Version: 5.10

Dose not saveEvery time I opened the game it rest me to the start.Version: 11.4

Not challenging enough.Good game but needs more levels.Version: 1.2

AddictiveAddictive and frustrating..Version: 1.1

Fun game, but crashed and lost progress..Good game, but it crashed on me tonight and put me back from island 4 to island 1, frustratingly. I have the trophies to show from the other islands, but would now have to play all the way through it again to get back to where I'm up to. Don't think I'll be doing that...Version: 1.0

TerribleThe game it’s self is basic and there’s many other games like it which are better. The game runs at garbage frames. It’s not worth the 2$. definitely not worth it get poly bridge 2, for 7$, it’s definitely worth the extra cash..Version: 11.1

Won’t LoadTried the free version. Spent the $2 for full version. Now game won’t load and stuck on “syncing with server” and at 8% and won’t move..Version: 5.10

Good but does now work with family sharingGood game, but does not work properly with kids accounts. Shows different names as game accounts, but still shares builds and levels, bit annoying.Version: 5.10

Great, couple of nigglesHaving played a PC version of this years ago I was very happy to see this come to iPad. Overall this is a very well done port and improvement on the original, the only downsides are * the touch controls are a bit prone to accidental placement of bridge parts, would be much better if moving was done by 2 fingers and placement was done with 1, this would cure 100% of input issues I think. * very short, would be nice to have a sandbox or something as reward, infinite budget bridges etc. Check out cover orange if you want to see a dedicated developer when it comes to levels..Version: 1.2

Gee this game is badThis game is bad because you can’t even use the last truck one star till you can use the last truck.Version: 5.10

Great gameBombarding you with adds isn’t enough they want to much money for the full version.Version: 12.4

Won't loadThe game won't load when I play it, it gets stuck at 8% even when I deleted it and re downloaded it, waste of Money for me, be careful buying games sometimes....Version: 5.10

UnrealisticAt first this game is fun, but then it gets very frustrating, and all the fun just goes away from it. Why is it that, a bridge that you build which in reality, would be able to work and support vehicles going across it, doesn't work? The bridge just keeps sagging and breaking when it wouldn't actually do that. The game will only allow for one, very specific solution on each level, so forget about any other ideas or methods you may have! Also, the game will not allow you to build on the ground, or have a bridge support on the ground, and when you try, it won't let you, or again, the bridge will just break apart. Absolute nonsense, and actually it's because of these things, that the game becomes very difficult and frustrating and from there it quickly loses all interest. I wonder however, if the game is like that on purpose so people will be more inclined into seeing what the "hint" is and paying out 69 pence or more for the in app purchase, which oh so convieniently tells you how to build the bridge. Well, I know where I stand on this, it's not worth paying 69 pence for this app in my opinion..Version: 2.6

It Crashes nowI like this game a lot and it worked great until the update happened. Now this game crashes every time I try to open it so if the crashing could be fixed I would be very happy. If it stopped crashing, I'd probably give it another star, but it's not possible to play now. Please fix it!.Version: 1.5

Rip offI have purchased game thinking it’s a full game but have to buy levels and coins to finish the level. However, It was a fun game. Simply, ripping off nit recommended..Version: 7.0

Don’t waste your moneyHasn’t seen an update in years. And far too few levels..Version: 5.10

Fun but needs a few reality tweaks...Fun, addictive, time consuming! I rarely have patience for games apps but this has outlived by far every other game I've tried. One criticism I do have though- a full suspension bridge with concrete pylons would fail disastrously in reality with no cables outside the pylons; concrete is excellent under compression but not too good under bending loads, yet in the app it seems unnaturally indestructible. Also, in reality, wood is stronger in tension than under compression but this is not reproduced in the app. I'd like to see a 'free build' option too with adjustable mounting positions and no budget, just to mess around with. Good effort though!.Version: 1.1

FraudLoved this game until I tried twice to buy the bundle that unlocks all the levels. Charged me twice and doesn’t update onto the game. Seriously frustrating and taking my money for nothing!!!!.Version: 5.10

Not realisticPretty disappointed in how unrealistic your bridge designs have to look in order to pass and stay under budget. Mixing wood and steel beams? Cables under the bridge? I don’t get it. Why not allow me to create some cool bridges you might actually see in the real world? Worst $2 I’ve ever spend..Version: 5.10

For educational use must be ad freeBridge Constructor is a brilliant educational game which my son loved and which taught him a lot about engineering concepts a few years back. But now it is full of ads including for gambling games. If it wasn’t it would be great for schools..Version: 5.10

The building is brokeOnce you choose one material you cannot choose a new one. Meaning it's impossible to pass certain levels. The building needs to be fixed?.Version: 5.9

Don't mess with my sound!I like this game, it's really fun. But the fact that it lowers the volume of the music player while I'm playing, like a bad pirate radio DJ, massively grinds my gears. How is that fun?.Version: 5.9

Waste of moneyCan't get past the 2nd level because it doesn't offer me any options to make the bridge solid!!! Waste of money 😠.Version: 5.9

Fun for a short whileWhen I pay for a game I expect it to last more than 2 nights. If you want more to do you gotta pay more should be free.Version: 7.0

Low quality, issues with UI.Low quality graphics. Issues with game board running off UI. Can’t complete some levels due to this..Version: 11.1

OkIt's ok, the controls are a bit clumsy and perhaps should be given more thought It crashes from time to time for no apparent reason and is a bit slow on an old 3GS at times It's a bit overpriced basically, although three dollars isn't exactly expensive. I don't understand why it's three instead of 1 that's all.Version: 1.0

Good builder, too few levelsGood basic bridge builder, nice graphics & sound. Game features are introduced at a good pace for the first 4 or so levels but then the game stagnates, becomes repetitive and is ultimately only just worth the effort..Version: 1.1

Great game but..Another good bridge constructor. Nice graphics, but the mechanics of the game could do with some tweaking. It could REALLY do with more options to remove connections than just "undo" and "trash". Needs a rubber or something so after testing designs you only change what you need! Also, because of the lack of an eraser, saving unfinished designs is a waste of time - you can only undo what you have done in the current "build session" and when you switch the app off it doesn't save the undo data. If one connection is of the wrong type, or if you accidentally place a random one but don't notice it for a while, you have to destroy the entire bridge to "get at it"!.Version: 1.1

No compatible with iPhone XGreat game but has not been changed to facilitate the iPhone X, will this ever get updated ?.Version: 5.10

Broken NowAll the bridge constructor games are broken now. Ugh. One on my favs but it needs a serious update..Version: 11.1

AwfulFull of adds every minute.Version: 5.10

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