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Learned Despacito in under a weekI would recommend this as it is free and you can see the key numbers which makes it even easier to find certain keys also you can change it to different instruments like harp or guitar.Version: 3.0.6

AwesomeI loveeeeeeeee it....Version: 1.6

So convenientI love playing the piano but usually I can’t when I’m out and about and this app means I can always have a piano with me.Version: 3.0.6

Good piano appI Like how there are different selections of instruments music because some are actually good. The only problem is the piano selection is kind of not good because sustain is always on, i think there should be a sustain off/on for playing the piano..Version: 3.1.1

I really like this appIt’s a really nice app, and the sound is very accurate. I like that you can change the instruments and record. However, it’s very difficult to play anything that’s not basic. Chords are hard if you’re not experienced. There are also ads a lot. Four starts for a fun app ****.Version: 3.0.6

MrGood to keep mind occupied.Version: 1.6

Ads are Annoying, but app is Great!I don’t have money to buy a piano, so I downloaded this app and it works like a charm. I could go up to someone and say I can play piano without a physical one. Some would assume piano tiles but then they see ya playing Tetris Theme A and they... well don’t care. But you do!.Version: 3.0.6

Good appGreat for when I’m bored . The recording isn’t the best but good to have if you don’t have a piano. Should have another version where you could use more keys. Have one that’s easy to press the buttons and one to have access to more keys..Version: 3.0.6

Great App - Some Optimization OpportubitiesIncredible app and sound. However, when you record with headphones on the sound still comes through the phone instead of your earpiece. Also, I cannot play back recorded music. When these bugs are fixed it will make an awesome app..Version: 1.8.5

My Top PickBest app I have found for piano! I haven’t used the teaching aspect of it, but I do play the piano. My favorite detail is the piano sound, because the majority of piano apps make the piano sound fake to me; however, I compared this app’s sound to my $800 weighted keyboard, and there’s NO DIFFERENCE!.Version: 3.0.8

Best piano app everIt's a perfect app for me to play. I play this app everyday to create some music. It's like a clarinet except it haves more than 10 notes but a piano haves more than 30 notes. It's a easy app because it shows all of the notes. That amazing app is one of the best apps ever. Piano is my talent and I'm good at it. It's a great app for me to create music the sounds are great, the game is fair and it will be great if I play a piano in real life. Best musical app ever!😃🎹🎼.Version: 1.8.5

About you gameI really like it but it need more music thingys on it but I play nice song THANKS!!! I love piano games especially when I’m playing with it my cosion is learn guitar you have guitar we can both learn!!! Is extra good for me no WiFi.Version: 3.1.1

PianoIt’s Amazing because I’m 8 and I am a quick learner but I have never leaned fur Elise before and it’s amazing it’s anything I’ve ever wanted oh Thanku Thanku Thanku.Version: 3.1.1

Love it!I love this app!!! It's just like a real piano or keyboard, it even has the notes labeled in every key! The only problem is that with my iPhone, I can only reach about 14 keys at once, and in many of the songs I'm learning, you have to play keys that are far away from each other. I would suggest a zoom feature for the iPhone app at least, but other that's that it is great, will definitely recommend. :).Version: 1.8.5

Love it.Just needs a few lessons for beginners, but otherwise an amazing app. You get full access to a whole piano and it works great for those of us who don't use sheet music on the go. I have anxiety disorder and can't really read sheet music, so I play by ear/memory a lot to calm down, especially when away from home..Version: 1.8.5

Great game. One thingRead this review. This is a great game but there are ads every time I play the piano, luckily I can just turn off my internet and no advertisements will ever pop up. Unfortunately the developer doesn’t make any money if I turn them off so I will watch about three ads before starting so the developer could pay for rent and other kinds of things. There are bad reviews for this but he probably just needs the money and if he doesn’t then he just really likes the piano instrument. I do agree with, being on phone so you cannot play easily but that is not yours or the devs fault. Also if the dev is a woman I’m sorry I just need this review to get out. Thank you for your time..Version: 3.0.8

FANTASTICNot only can you play piano but other instruments as well! Its a great game, i really don't know why its ratings aren't so high up atm!🤗.Version: 3.0.6

I WAS ABLE...I was able to play coffin dance on 9 keys not the full thing but... I LIKE IT THX.Version: 3.1.1

Great fun 🤩Big problem I can’t save my melody 🎵 it says message save ?.Version: 3.1.1

Good App, But There are Problems with recordingSo, I mostly use the app for recording. It is a really good app though. Just recently my best recording disappeared. I don’t know the cause, I think I was testing with sharing and canceling it deleted the recording. I had worked days on it and only protected it once, please fix this. Besides that, The app is great, and I’m Really Enjoying It!.Version: 3.1.1

SkirtGood! Now golden requiem can get boosted manually!.Version: 3.0.6

Great pianoIt's a piano on my phone.Version: 1.0

Best accurate dependableSuperb tiny piano that exactly intones triads, 7th, 5th, 3rd or any combination your creative mind thinks of on the spot. This can handle your brilliant ideas and record them so that they don't fall away to where you forget that inspiration. Sometimes I feel I'm playing and expensive baby piano! The real ones. This sounds like a grand and records your inspiration. It offers 6 midi instruments such as Harp guitar bass so forth. 10 Stars **********.Version: 2.0.0

Awesome app!!!!This is a very good app for begginers.Version: 1.2

Meh pianoMy fav one is in a piano is build our machine buy it was a song by bendy dat ink demon or something like that I wanna play the game. 🦄 BENDY AND A INK MACHINE🦄.Version: 3.0.6

I love this apppI like this app but I wish it could teach you how to play a song like you need to know how to play the only ones I know how to play is “ode to joy” “Harry Potter intro” and “twinkle twinkle little star” I love this app but wish it could have more Also when you record you can hear yourself and the piano I just want you guys to change that because I just want it to record the piano and not my background Noise. Please fix the microphone.Version: 3.0.6

Great!I really enjoy playing this game and I am a phone user and there still is a zoom option in the scroll down in the in-app settings. But I wish there was an option for “alphabetical order” or “most recent order” for the recordings list. Not magorly annoyed by anything though. So I still give it 5 stars. Thank you for everyone who read this. This is my first review of an app!.Version: 3.0.6

AlmostI love this app I just wish that the keys could be a little bit bigger so that it was easier to play on the keys I used to have this same app a couple of years ago and you could adjust how big or small the keys you want them to be and I would've given the app 5 ⭐️ then but this time I just gave four ⭐️ but other then that this is a pretty cool app.Version: 3.0.6

Fix using AirPods🙁I was playing cannon in a restaurant and then I thought that my AirPods were connected They weren’t and then every one started to stare at me Please fix🙏🙏 Other than that this app is really good.Version: 3.0.6

Absolutely love it!!!!!!This month my mom got on to me for listening to my friends Undertale music, and I was devastated. But then I found this app and started trying to play some Undertale themes. And now I've recorded them and listened to them instead of getting on the internet. Now I've recorded Your Best Friend, Dark Darker yet Darker, TeM sHoP, Mettoton Resort, Hopes and Dreams, His Theme, and Megalovania! It was a really big help and I recommend to try it if you like piano or not!! -US Sans.Version: 1.8.5

This is lovelyI can learn all the songs and its lovely.Version: 3.0.6

Great AppLove the app just too many ads. Especially when I first open it I have to wait until the add stops before using the keyboard. Sometimes there is lagging as I’m playing the keys will often get stuck. Overall the app is a less expensive way to have the instrument you love in the palm of your hands without breaking the bank buying an actual instrument..Version: 3.1.1

Cool piano appThis is a good piano app for aspiring musicians. It’s good for when you think of a tune and don’t wanna forget it. The recording function lets you record what you play so you have something to work with when you redo it at your studio..Version: 3.0.8

Taught me how to play pianoI might not be able to play with "correct fingerlings," but I sound pretty good on a piano, and I never would have even tried if this app wouldn't have helped me. On top of that, it has developed my ears to be more musical, I'm now learning songs by ear on the real piano, because this app helped me! 👍🏻.Version: 1.8.5

Clutch FactorFirst off I just wanted to give it five stars but also it can be very helpful in practicing scales and can save recordings which comes in handy if your on the road and don’t have a physical piano to play. It honestly came in the clutch today because it helped me record a melody that I couldn’t have remembered otherwise without this app. I greatly recommend this app for all pianist..Version: 2.0.0

I love this app because I don’t have a keyboard or piano and I can play my favourite songs❤️😎🎹😃🥇.Version: 3.0.6

PianoReally heart touching.Version: 1.5

Amazing.This app is a life saver for someone majoring in music at college. Practicing for my voice lessons became so much easier since I don’t have access to a piano at my house! It works well even on a small iPhone screen, so I cannot imagine how great it would be on an iPad. Would recommend to any and everyone!.Version: 1.8.5

DisconectsAfter a few minutes the piano goes quiet but there is a way to fix it.Please fixe.Version: 3.0.8

Great Piano AppThis Piano app is great! I can even play some songs on it..Version: 1.2

AwesomeI can finally practice the piano on the go. Even though people say there are ads I have been playing for a few days and there has only been two or three ads! I love this app and will use it a lot!😀.Version: 3.0.8

PianoGreat if you don’t have AirPods ! Love the app.Version: 3.0.8

Love it!It's awesome!!!!!!.Version: 1.6

PianoIt's cool because you can play songs😄.Version: 1.0

Soo happy☺️I played a piano game when I was younger and I lost it a while back. Finally found it after years😉😁.Version: 2.0.0

I love piano 😍Hi imma learning piano.Version: 3.0.8

How to play the pianoIt is right like if you don’t have Piano app and I will teach you don’t have to have a piano sounds on it when you click like the weather circle thingy on the side like you could change it is such a good one 💖🤘🏻👍🏻🤣😃🤭😅😂😍🥰.Version: 3.0.8

It teaches me how to playThis game helps me play my piano I would give it a five star so you can to there’s no bad stuff there’s no inappropriate things it just it helps me go to sleep and play the piano better pls get this game and share it with people so they can get it if they don’t have it pls get it.Version: 3.1.1

ReviewGood app.Version: 1.6

Awesome😜😜😜😜Absolutely amazing I’ve been playing this for ages it is the best music 🎵 game I’ve got I love ❤️ how you don’t have to play just a piano 🎹 and you can do a guitar a marimba and the others GREAT GAME YOU SHOULD BUY IT.Version: 3.1.1

BEST! (But an idea)I LOVE this game! Its so easy to use!! But there should be one thing changed... So you know how there’s a recording button? Yeah so i think there should be a thing where you can change if the recording records outside or just on the phone. Cause then you have to be in complete quietness in order to play for fun, and I do know that you probably want to sing blah blah blah.. yeah I get it! Just it sorta limits me to where and when I can play... plus I don’t want to have to play in complete quietness you get the idea! I hope you add thiss!!!.Version: 3.1.1

Fix the headphones BluetoothI was using Bluetooth headphones, I thought it was connected but it want I was playing fur Elsie and everyone was staring at me Please fix.Version: 3.0.6

GunitVery nice I love it.Version: 1.2

It's perfectThis is the best simple piano app ever and it's perfect. Another thing, I love that they have the notes and the unit on the keyboard. The app never crashes, plus minimal ads which is always great, you can record your work. Lastly No in app purchases needed for it to reach its full potential. All in all, 10/10 love this app.Version: 1.8.5

Headphone Problem?I love this app as the notes are on the keys and has the ability to record, but when I open the app the sound does not go into my headphones so I have to unplug then plug them again. This bothers me as I just upgraded to wireless headphones and can’t use the app. Please fix this..Version: 2.0.0

Great appI was taking vocal lessons and my singing teacher told me I needed to practice pitch. He looked up a piano app and found this and said this was perfect, this is like having a piano on your phone. It doesn't have any adds which is perfect since nowadays you can't have fun on a app without a stupid ad. Would recommend to anybody taking voice lessons to practice with this app..Version: 1.8.5

6-10 stars :/This is an amazing piano app that I would recommend to anyone with a iPad mostly for the reason that with my iPhone 6s I can hardly play much notes and the sound on the low keys don't have any or little audio. If I had an iPad tho I would be so freaking happy, good thing I have a home piano :)..Version: 1.8.5

MY REVIEWThis app is making me learn on how to play the piano. I might get a piano soon because I’m so musical .Good job and keep up the good work.Version: 3.0.6

Decent app that doesn’t take up too much spaceWay smaller in file size than GarageBand which is a plus. The ads that appear every time you open the app are pretty annoying as there’s a lag and sometimes you press some keys (nothing will play) and then an ad will pop up that you accidentally press. I see how they make their money now....Version: 3.0.6

AwesomeI love playing the piano and this app is brilliant because although I don’t have a piano at home I have still learnt many songs. I definitely recommend this app for people who don’t have a piano at home..Version: 3.0.6

No bugs no nuthingThis is a really great game I have got barely adds and this helps myself calm down so much from 100- low 0 this is such a great game I always pay this if I am stressed and the recording thing is a great idea no bug no nothing y’all have to fix this is a great game.Version: 3.1.1

This is not a review but..Does this app support midi? If so, how do I send midi files to it?.Version: 3.0.8

Share the recordingsI want to share my recordings. but there is no share button in the app.Version: 3.0.6

The best oneAll the other ones are worse than this one.Version: 3.0.8

AswomeAmazing game.Version: 3.0.6

GoodIt is a really good piano app however I have some problems where if I’m using earphones and I try to record a melody, it disconnects the sound from the earphones and instead it goes to the speakers. Maybe they will fix this in a new patch or something. Overall it is a good app apart from my issue and I would recommend!.Version: 3.0.8

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