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AmazingGreat app only problem is sends a lot of emails but nice app for people looking for workplace with no experience. love it ! 👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽.Version: 45.0

Missing featuresAfter signing up for zip recruiter “ZR” and applying to jobs, I have to admit this app makes it a lot easier than others I’ve been using. However, I get too many duplicate emails that make me confused on what jobs I actually applied to versus the suggested jobs. In the “applied jobs” tab it shows that I applied to more jobs than I actually did (big flaw.) Only once (because of my inexperience using the app) I accidentally applied to about 3 jobs with one click. I didn’t want to apply to those but I take full responsibility for that mistake. Because of that, I really wish there was a “withdrawal application” button to clear up the applied jobs tab. Also, as many other have mentioned, I receive many suggestions for jobs that I’m either over qualified or way too under qualified or plainly not interested in. And for some reason I started getting other companies job sites updates on new jobs , which I never sign up for. That makes me believe that zip recruiter sold my email address without my consent. NOT COOL!.Version: 3.11.2

Best App to Reach Employers and get NoticedI have been using this app for only about 3 weeks now and the majority of my interviews and employment related communication has been a result of utilizing the app ZipRecruiter. When they notify you regarding your application being viewed by a company more than once as well they offer tips and options to make sure you get contacted and they market you as well to employers looking for candidates where you are great match for. I love how employers trust and have high standards for ZipRecruiter when it comes to finding the right people to do the job they have to offer. I have tried many job search engines but this one by far is the number one site and app that’s will put you in front of hiring managers every time..Version: 3.30

ManufacturingVery convenient to apply.Version: 8.0

I got a job in 3 weeks!!!Zip recruiter worked great for me! I simply uploaded my resume and easy applied to 10 or 15 jobs and the very NEXT day I was flooded with phone calls and emails from companies asking me to interview. I was very skeptical because I put little effort into the process since it was easy apply. Fast forward 3 weeks later and I’ve landed a position that exceeded my expectations in terms of benefits, compensation and company culture! Another nice thing is that you are notified when a company views your application and contact information. I loved zip recruiter because it was so easy to use and I only had to use it for such a short time!.Version: 40.0

Definitely my go to job app!I absolutely LOVE this app I’ve tried a lot of job apps and this one is by far the best, though I haven’t gotten a job yet due to the fact that I just got the app, they have a lot of jobs that go with my qualifications, the job shows how much they pay either weekly or annually, the requirements and tasks and the best part is you don’t have to apply to every single one answering a thousand questions and what not, all you need to do is press the “1-tap apply” button and your set and you can apply to as many as you want, they email you or text you letting you know when your resumes been looked at and reviewed and well if your lucky you’ll get a email for an interview, this app is definitely the best I recommend this to everyone, hey and the best part is is free!!.Version: 3.11.1

Owner/ ProprietorVery easy to use. Learning curve is virtually straight up for the end user. Darrell Flegel FLEGEL ENTERPRISES Inc..Version: 9.0

Results based!ZipRecruiter helped me to obtain a full time position after being in the part time career field for over 4 years much faster than indeed or careerbuilder. ZipRecruiter’s 1 click apply seemed to result in contact and offers of in-person interviews at a higher rate than indeed or careerbuilder - the app is also much more user friendly and easy to navigate - it is much more intuitive than indeed or careerbuilder. I had great success with job opportunities and obtaining interviews within just one week. Although it did still take several weeks before I was offered a position, it was through ZipRecruiter. I am very satisfied with this job-seeking website and mobile app..Version: 3.32

Would be 5 star rating if not for one minor issueFirst of all I must commend this app for being excellently streamlined and user friendly. It brings the available jobs to you and sending in applications is as simple as it could be. The issue that knocked off a star and kept it from being a perfect app was that I could not verify my account using only my email address (The app sends a confirmation email to set the account up but every time I tried this method no email was sent—even after hitting resend multiple times). This, however, is not a deal breaker when considering the app because you can set up an account using Facebook or Google accounts. In short, despite the small glitch I ran into I would recommend to anyone job searching!.Version: 3.33

Effective!This is one of the few apps that hasn’t even nagged me about a review. After 3 months of job hunting, my best leads and interviews have come from Zip Recruiter, I think in large part because of the ability to have people add letters of recommendation “on file” to set you apart from other candidates. I am (hopefully) down to my last few interviews and narrowing down a new job and career of my choosing. Job hunting is always a nerve wracking experience, but it feels like Zip Recruiter has had my back with updates on employers reviewing my application, notifications of new possible jobs, and a very user friendly interface at all levels of the job hunt process. I highly recommend Zip Recruiter for your next foray into new career possibilities!.Version: 3.11.1

UFNGreat app.Version: 7.0

Easy to use - with perks!I applied to my first job posting on zip recruiter 4 days ago, after weeks of using google jobs, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and countless others. Not only did the service notify me when my resume was opened by the employer, zip recruiter also let me know my resume had been favorited. I’m a natural skeptic and saw those notifications as marketing ploys. Yet the following morning, I received an email from the hiring manager requesting a phone interview. I had the phone interview which resulted in a second in person interview next Wednesday. This was my first submission via the site!! I know it’s probably luck. It’s possible that by me being a new user my resume was pushed to the head of the pack. However, the entire experience has been almost effortless and the “1 click apply” is unmatched by other services I’ve used. If I receive no further interviews from zip’, the one I did receive was totally worth signing up. Wish me luck on interview #2 🤞🏾.Version: 3.17

App is great, could use some filtering.The app operates very smoothly, my comment is on the service itself. It will be very useful to have some kind of reporting feature to weed out pier mid scheme's or get rich quick scheme's. i've had three interviews in the past week with companies that put together very professional looking advertisements, but upon research we're little more than shell companies interested in garnering door to door salesman dressed up in the title of regional managers. Some sort of feedback to be able to flag certain companies would be very useful. Glass door comes to mind in terms of what I had in mind. If it's as easy as it seems for employers to sign up with zip recruiter, there are bound to be a number of companies that Mislead users..Version: 3.3

I love this app !I use this app everyday. This is the best and easiest to use job finding app that I’ve seen. I love the one click apply feature, but I wish there was a button under every vacancy that could verify if this is a real job or a scam. Though I’ve gotten many legit calls, during my time I’ve come across many scammers calling and emailing me after pretending to be a company. Hopefully Zip can crack down on these people and have the verify feature to help us better apply..Version: 7.0

The Best, Bar None!This Company is set up with the mission to get a good job, and they never stop. I don’t go a day without being able too check my email or texts without getting many messages that I have another possible job that is going too fit in perfectly well with the type of job that I have specified, and that I should take a look as soon as possible. They run like a well oiled machine, and they have the best setup for applying for a job out there. Most of the time I’m not asked for more than three questions, but I’m often asked to click yes to signify that I am interested, that’s it. I’m not going to be out of work for long. Thanks for your help and professionalism.! M. J. Pierce.Version: 3.37.1

Unmatched and Worth Signing UpPeople, the site is free to sign up! In addition, the jobs come to you so no more heavy searching. The most valued part of this app is they actually advise when your resume has been reviewed, so your able to work with some measures. Twice, my resume was reviewed for a second time and even a third time from another company, and those results were returned to me stating the value behind a secondary or third review! Even if you’re not chosen for the position, it’s great feedback and great for your spirit. This App is all that I need and all that I use. The progress in my job search has been fruitful and I am very pleased. After saying that, let me reiterate, it’s free. Don’t wait another moment, sign up and make your search simpler! Great Job Hunting and Good Luck on your find! -Val.Version: 25.0

Better than Indeed and Careerbuilder! Hands Down!Best app for employment search. I got hired within a few days after posting my resume AND cover letter to a law firm. Just remember that nowadays, cover letters HELP as it shows you took the extra time to do it. Plus, it sends a more personal message. This app notifies you when or if the employer viewed your resume for the first, second and third time. It also shows if you got favored. The best part is the messaging directly between you and the employer. Just remember to check the messages on a desktop or desktop version on your phone because the app might skip a few. I learned that the hard way lol anyway, I wish the best of luck to you in your search!.Version: 3.18

Good app for quick applyNice app for quick apply, Zip does a nice job. I find that some of the jobs don’t live up to their expectations in their ads so beware of this. This is no fault of Zip. Zip does their best to post decent jobs. But again I must caution the applicant to ask questions. A recruiter called me about a truck delivery job position and informed me it would be a contract 90 day position that would lead to a permanent position. I asked her what was the variable hiring rate, she informed me it was 90%. That variable is very low. The actual variable should be 97-98%. Either she didn’t know her numbers, or was not prepared to answer that kind question or there is something wrong with their client companies that have a discriminatory excuse to use people trying find jobs and are let go for no reason. How do I know? I have an MBA and studied companies and their hiring methods. I’m only informing you to be aware of companies that use talented individuals for their own gain..Version: 3.8

I agree w Alexander in the middle -I have received several job offers from my 1 tap applies, then realize most were not in the areas I chose, as most only list the larger city we live in, and are too far away or not what I was looking for. There should be more personalized options. I’ve updated my search areas several times and continue to receive and view many that are again, not what I requested - I am happy to have an app that is so helpful, yet wish it was one that allowed more options. Thank you for a great job search app - I do look forward to seeing updates on these issues soon. It will make my job hunt much less stressful..Version: 3.9.2

Excellent!Easy to get resumes to the right employers. I’ve had a few interviews. The one feature that I would like to see is a way to reiterate your interest to an employer post interview. This I believe would be helpful for both parties.Version: 67.0

Here from David and Jason's podcast!!Hopefully the app works.Version: 3.3

Zip is a must haveZip has help millions of people just like me find not only a job but an opportunity for a career. Easy to use and easy to apply for opportunities. Stop stressing and make your life a bit better with the Zip app. You can only go up from that point on. Thousands of businesses use Zip recruiting to find the perfect employees “YOU” to fill important areas of their business. Don’t let that perfect career slip by from using other apps, use Zip and I promise your life will change in a zippy. It’s a great feeling when you receive employment opportunity’s daily and have the chance to have multiple opinions at your fingertips. Please don’t go by what I’m saying give it a try for yourself and see for yourself what Zip can do for you..Version: 3.35

Very please and what a surpriseWell I came across the app by accident and to be honest I was kind of skeptical at first but also I was bored so I started filling up all my resume slots, the app made me some questions and within the next 5 minutes I had in front of me a bunch of matches with my resume and the way to apply was so easy that literally I didn’t notice I applied to over 50 positions. This morning I got up to check my phone and email and I had two interviews already scheduled... FOR TODAY and also one for tomorrow, I’ve received emails telling me how great of a resume I have lol, let me tell you that is the first time I really make one. And let me tell you that it was all thanks to this app. Now let’s talk about the application structures? Ok, it’s very simple. All you have to do is read the navigation tips and that’s it. Start applying and go get that dreamed job. I loved it in here. All the positions I’m currently aimed for are managing positions and I didn’t even know I could do that. Thanks once again to the app for showing me the best of my potential..Version: 3.19

Far better than other job sitesI’ve been on the hunt for a job ever since I graduated college. I been actively hunting for four months and in all that time I got 1 interview. I was using Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster... anything I could. I’ve been using ziprecruiter for less than two weeks and have gotten 3 interviews. It’s so much easier than and simple to use than any other app. I like that you have ONE resume, rather than spending hours creating unique resumes for each position and never hearing back. I like that your references are included in your profile and are automatically sent. I like that I get notified when my resume is viewed, so I know whether I’ve been lost in the pile or not. It makes applying for jobs feel less soul-sucking and hope-draining. My only gripe would be that I receive WAY too many emails and the notifications setting are little confusing/difficult to access..Version: 3.5

One click resumé submissionI love that this app has a one click submission of your resumé feature. I can easily submit my resume straight from my phone.👍.Version: 8.0

By far the best recruiting appAmazing platform !! Unlike other job sites. Zip really looks like they care about what they do. Very good employers who gives straight answers. If it’s a yes it’s a yes. If it’s a no it’s a no. They don’t let us hanging. And the best of all is we get actual response..Version: 7.0

This app has become a waste of space and energy.I used to like the app way better when temp agencies weren’t a plague on this platform, almost no direct hire options anymore. Not to mention there is no moderation for spam; out of 10 listings 8 belong to the same stupid agency. Why would I need your app if I can just walk into an employment office and not have to wait for a call back? Also why fill out a job history when I still need to fill out an app? Even with 1-tap I find myself still having to go to a different site and put in applications! As far as I’m concerned the advertising is a complete lie, just go to a temp agency and save your email the trouble. Many many reasons to use another platform since this is essentially just something to riddle my junk folder with jobs I’m not even qualified for. Waste of time and storage space, LinkedIn wins again, good job Zip! 😁.Version: 4.0

Nice appEasy to use just need a lil polishing on the google drive usage for iOS.Version: 3.3

Helpful!!!Yes.Version: 7.0

So far so goodWhat a tool! Seems like best way to get yourself “out there”.Version: 3.33

Give it a shotThough at first it may seem daunting, and seem like it gives you the same job openings every time you log on, you have to remember it gives you opportunities based on what you look for. My advice is be creative in your searches, and step outside your comfort zone when applying. You never know who will get right back to you with the job you dreamed of. I only use ziprecruiter to look for jobs, and I’ve had success thus far. The app has a great layout, it’s easy to add resumes, information about you, etc., anything you would want someone who’s looking at your application to see. The one tap apply option is fantastic for when you get cold feet when looking into a job, because it applies for you before you can even rethink. That’s how I ended up at the job I’m getting right now, and believe me at 19 y/o I had absolutely no expectations to be making $18 an hour and having great benifits. Give it a try, and go for anything you like. Thanks ziprecruiter for helping me when I was questioning my pathways and the rest of my life!:).Version: 55.0

DOWNLOAD THIS APP!I got a job interview and secured within a matter of 2 consecutive days..Version: 7.0

Great App - mostlyI love the 1-Click Apply feature, makes it very easy to submit your resume without filling out the same information over and over. What I don’t like about the app are the constant emails and texts from [email protected] who almost certainly isn’t a real person. That’s what annoys me about job searching these days altogether though. There is little to no actual personal contact!! Some people don’t have impressive resumes - they haven’t gone to great schools or even finished college but that doesn’t meant they won’t make great, dependable employees. Having a single conversation could help you communicate your intelligence and knowledge about certain things that just can’t be on a piece of paper. I’m sorry but there are just some things in life you need to be able to discuss with another living human being. Wow that was a definite derailing of my thought train, apologies. As far as job search apps go this one deserves its 4 Stars!.Version: 8.0

Better then the others!Alright job seekers, it’s time for a better interactive platform for career/job hunting! Well, you’ve came to the right place! If you’re tired of the same old, boring platform that tells you that every job is a match, well ZipRecuriter is right for you! The platform is awesome! It shows you the salary of that position(and if needed request it for you with one click), its job searching algorithm layout is easy on the eyes, and so much more! You even get notifications of jobs that really matches, and not only that, they’ll advise you when your resume has been view, via email and through mobile texting (SMS)! Check’em out, I give my stamp of approval over the competitors!.Version: 3.7.2

I don’t usually write reviews!I’ve been avoiding this for a while, but I see so many critical and skeptical reviews I’m in shock. I’ve had this app for a few years. Initially I was getting interviews and hired the same day, but the jobs weren’t really a good fit. I came home one day and updated my resume with just the positions I was looking for and voila, I had real options. Then I happened to obtain the position I have through a friend but, I acquired all of my documents and ended up offered a position through her earning more in 2 days then a week with my job and the hours allowed for me to work both. Now due to life I’m still with my original company which happens to advertise through here as well, and within an hour of updating my resume I have 5 interviews set up. I’ve yet to have to pay for anything unless requested by the employer which is a no no, and over all the app is helpful and informative. The same as an employment agency without taking 60% of my actual earnings. I think it’s worth the effort if you want to get working, you don’t have to struggle as hard while you’re still searching for your perfect job..Version: 3.38

Easy to useGreat App. It’s very easy to use and all the information is there at your fingertips. It’s a comprehensive and useful design..Version: 7.0

I GOT THE JOB!!!I had no idea how to transfer my skills and experience from a different market/city as well as from a different field. I mean, how does one combine non-profit for program management, mental health advocacy, early childhood education and spiritual work. Well, low and behold, zip recruiter helped to ease this transition. Not only did they make applying east (one click wonder) but they identified themes within my qualifications and experience in order to land me the perfect job leading a team and mentoring youth and adults. So much so that the CEO, after interviewing me, offered me an entirely different job (not even yet posted) that suits me even better. At the start of my job search I knew I wanted a job that combines my passion with my skills, experience and innate talent. I’m grateful for zip recruiter for doing just that. I also really appreciated how the AI kept me updated on the progress of my applications so there was less guessing. Thank you for making such a stressful experience into a bit less work on behalf of both the candidates and employer. I’m thrilled for my new job!.Version: 64.0

Did work, but now crashesWhen I first downloaded this app, it was working without any problems. Now, and for the last week or so, every time I open this app to check the notifications, it immediately crashes and the screen goes black. Hopefully the next update for this app includes a fix for this bug..Version: 56.0

FINALLYI’ve been applying to various jobs since February of this year and after using this app for a few hours I was able to get set up with an interview for a position. When they say responsive employers they really are responsive..Version: 3.25

I got so many Interviews!This app is really easy to use once you get all set up. The ability to "1-click Apply" is invaluable. You can really get your name out there. Plus they even let you know once a hiring manager has viewed your resume which is comforting because even if they dont contact your for an interview you at least know your not shooting your application off into a void. Lastly I have to say, I've never had as much progress in my job search as I've had once I started using Zip. I've been contacted for three different interviews in the first week and I've been using Indeed for ages without those same impressive results. I definitely think this is an amazing app, worth the try 😊.Version: 3.7.2

Incredibly useful, missing some desktop featuresThis app has been incredible, and I’ve been able to consolidate my job application materials with ease. I’d give it a 4.5, because taking a whole star off doesn’t feel right. But I want the team to know it’s incredible, it would just be helpful if there was a notifications icon, with notifications showing the time I received them. Maybe I missed it, but I’d also like to see how much of a match I am for a job on mobile. Thank you for what you’re doing, zip recruiter team. At long last, I’m confident that I’m going to find my dream job through your services in no time. I hope you all find this helpful!.Version: 37.0

Easy to use, love 1 click applyI love the zip recruiter app! I have been looking for work for about 4 months to no avail. Started using the zip recruiter app after I tweaked my resume and got instant results. Zip recruiter lets me know when a possible employer opened and looked at my app/resume that I submitted, indeed and the several staffing agencies do not do this. The 1 click apply is awesome, just make sure that the resume you saved on zip recruiter is the one that you want to use, there is not reviewing your app or resume with the 1 click apply. I would however recommend to zip recruiter that they require companies to post pay/compensation ranges they are are willing to offer instead of forcing potential applicants to search on their own. This gives the companies free market research on what they can get away with paying people and it basically will make people devalue their potential pay at a future employer in the chance that they will obtain the position. Also, there are companies that like to mask sales jobs under different names. Just take your time to make sure you read and know what the expectations from you are and how your pay is based, which I have noticed a lot of the companies have done that..Version: 3.30

BEST EMPLOYMENT SEARCH SERVICE ONLINEI really like this service. They do a pretty good job of matching jobs, although I sometimes get weird jobs sent to me..example: I am a social worker and frequently get nursing jobs sent to me. But it’s not a big deal. I haven’t come across scams-those tend to be in sales and some customer service. I like that Zip keeps you up to date on your application status such as emails each time a prospective employer views your app. It’s encouraging, which I like since job searching can be a blow to your ego. I’ve had times my app has been viewed 3 times and Ziprecruiter gets excited with you. Love that! Their job pool is kind of small compared to Indeed and Career Builder, but I like that. I’m just putting my toe in the water in looking for a job after a long time of not working. I think once I get more serious I will make Ziprecruiter my first choice, but I will most likely use Indeed too...adding more search help as needed. If you want personalized service and encouraging emails along the way choose Ziprecruiter. Plus their 1-tap apply is a great feature too!!.Version: 3.18

Businesses pretending to hireI loved this app but the scammers need to be removed too much of them and businesses who are pretending to hire need to be removed as well cause everytime a zip recruiter tried to set them up with me on the phone since I was a perfect fit telling me the client will call me to set me up an interview… the client never called me never responded at all never kept their word even when I tried to call them never got a response, Discovered that client after doing research they pretended to be hiring just so they could take advantage of the government fund and then discovered even more how other businesses are doing the same, Can yall pretty please maybe figure out a way to make sure businesses like that don’t ever get service from y’all? cause it’s time wasting and very annoying when it comes to clients like that so called “looking for employees”.Version: 62.0

Works wellLove the app.Version: 7.0

With today’s “crazy” AI in the HR field — ZipRecruiter WINS!I have independently studied the biased-effects of machine-driven scouring of online pools of talent for well over a decade, specifically in the infosec arena. Everything always came up short. Monster started out offering me Secret Service analyst positions and then quickly devolved into home health care/warehouse worker positions. Not! This company has created an amazing platform for hiring leaders, CEOs, HR departments or even startups looking for fresh talent. It provides a very good two-way matching process and provides the end user job seeker a refreshing glance as to where they fall in the open career marketplace. ZipRecruiter is amazing. You won’t be disappointed. Oh... and it’s EASY to import/upload your resume. Unlike those other places..Version: 32.0

⚡️ Found my first job in my field! ⚡️(Not Sponsored by ZipRecruiter, I just wanted to share my experience! ☺️) I have been job searching since graduating college five months ago, and I finally found the one! 🎉 I was using all of the top job search apps (ZipRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor), and was getting a consistent flow of interviews. But between all of them, I got most of my interviews through ZipRecruiter! Before I knew it, I was accepting an offer for my first job in my field! ZipRecruiter is easily my favorite job search app, because it really goes the extra mile to help you find the job! For one, the emails you get will either suggest more jobs to apply to (which I was in no position to refuse 😂), or they will give you updates about your applications (which are way more common than other apps). These updates will tell you when an employer views your application or when they give you a “like”, which I hadn’t seen in other apps. For the job I recently got, I was notified that they had viewed my application THREE times and they even gave me a “like” as well. So, I really felt like my chances were good, and it was nice to be updated! I feel like ZipRecruiter does a great job at creating a connection between the employer and the applicant, and I would highly recommend it!.Version: 3.36

Just started this AppI really like this app, very easy to use and also a lot of job opportunities.Version: 8.0

Easy app to useGreat app, you can really do anything on it from updating your resume, applying with “1 click”, and even getting references to add notes about you with a link sent directly to them. I haven’t done a job using the app yet but I’m sure I will. Something I really like is that is notifies you when your resume is viewed each time and the probability of how often that happens. There’s also a ton of other things you can add...your skills, format changes for your resume...the list literally goes on. My job matches aren’t always on point but it points you in the right general direction. There’s also way more jobs on zip recruiter than any other app or website I’ve least for the restaurant industry..(comparing to CL, Instawork, etc) I think my only issue with zip recruiter as a whole is that they email me a little too much about “jobs they think I would like”... Overall a great app! Highly recommend even if you are new to job searching or have no idea how to use technology 😉. Good luck to anyone searching for a job! You definitely can’t go wrong with ZipRecruiter!.Version: 3.37

Almost Perfect!This company provides an exceptional service. I’ve been contacted by about 1 out of every 4 jobs I apply for. Applying is very simple and most of the jobs that this app recommended for me were accurate, other than a few that were a little comical actually. (For example it suggested a job as a Chief Financial Officer when I have almost no experience as I am a recent college grad) but other than that everything has been great. My only suggestion would be to integrate the messaging system into the app. If an employer uses the message system you can currently only reply to the message if you go on the ZipRecruiter website and sign in. It would not allow me to view or respond to the message in the app. It would make this app much better..Version: 3.11.1

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