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Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner app received 67 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about drumtune pro | drum tuner?

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Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner for Positive User Reviews

AwesomeWorks great.Version: v2018

Can’t scroll to add floor tom…Deceiving!.Version: 2.0.30

Solid app!! It’s worth the money.I was a little skeptical that this would actually work well, but considering a good drum tuner is close to $100 I figured it was worth a try. I’m glad I did. Solid app and it really does a great job. Occasionally, it might have a weird reading but it’s really not an issue..Version: 2.0.33

Great app!Does what it should, allows you to tune drums wherever you are, with heaps of options for drums size, lug numbers, different heads and tuning combinations..Version: V 1.1

Better then the rest!!!I went through a lot of these tuner apps and this one is in my opinion the best one out there..Version: 2.0.5

Great appGreat tuning app, lots of updates the metronome is also excellent. If you are a drummer or need to tune drums this app is worth every penny!.Version: 2.0.14

Amazing app!I have both a drum dial and tune-bot. Add this app and oh my I have this old Ludwig accent kit with less desirable shells sounding like it’s dw grade lol. Really tho great app. And thanks for making the process of understanding the fine art of drum tuning..Version: 2.0.29

Powerfull app! Great tool for drummers!This app is just amazing, fun to use and the look is amazing. If you consider the importance of a good drum tunning, it's a powerfull tool. Just take a time to read the guides to know how to use it efficiently. Real good customer service by the way if you need help. Drumtune Pro, love it ;-).Version: 2.0.6

Tuning is everythingI use Drumtune Pro all the time. By being on point continuously I’m now one of the local go to drummers. Skill is one thing sound and being in tune is everything..Version: 2.0.7

The tech support is the best!I had initial issues with this app. I ended up with a 15 email chain until this issue was resolved. The app works great!.Version: 2.0.22

Accurate, consistent app w/great service.I have OCD tendencies, and I hate just ball-parking tuning settings. This app allows for extremely accurate and consistent tuning. When changing heads, you know you can achieve a consistent pitch. Your scales from high to low on your Toms will never sound uneven, and, when you find your drum’s sweet spot, you can identify that precise frequency for future duplication. Regarding service, the app assigned a personal customer service rep to me, Bram. He always answers my questions in a prompt timeframe. I truly feel the small cost of this app is well worth it..Version: 2.0.16

Finally, a great app that works..!My kit has never sounded this good, once you get the hang of it, makes tuning so much quicker and ACCURATE, when tuning the snare had to baffle the resonant head, also a great feature are the presets always there when you need them. Looking forward to add ons. Recommend to every drummer. Well done guys..Version: 2.0.6

Love this app!I tried it and I absolutely love it. It took me a minute to get used to getting the tension right on each lug, but I got it. When I sat down to play the entire kit after tuning I was soooo pleased with the sound and tone. I got rid of all my tape and towels and now have great sounding drums!!!!.Version: 2.0.17

Best way to tune my drumsSince using the Drumtune Pro app, my drums have sounded their absolute best. I can select pitches for each drum, even intervals, etc. plus store it all. I especially like the organizational functions for creating various tuning presets. I create my own, but you can download more options. I play Gretsch USA Customs, drums known for “That Great Gretsch Sound”. This app helps me get that sound I listen for. Once you learn how the program works, it becomes a more and more useful tool. It takes time to learn and understand what it does and why. It’s great when I change heads and need to re-tune to the same fundamental pitch. Fast. UPDATE from customer: Why drummers should jump on the Drumtune Pro app: I just bought a second set of Gretsch USA drums and used the Drumtune Pro to tune them up. I’ve used the app for many months, having discarded other tuners that weren’t nearly as useful. Having already learned how to effectively use the app (users must understand overtones), I was able to tune up the new kit in minutes! I used the same tonal settings as my other kit to compare the results. A perfect match! This app is as good as $100 tuners using similar technology and saving me 90% of the cost..Version: v2018

Awesome App!!I have a 7 piece kit and was having trouble getting the correct pitches to match up with the band. I have tuned by ear but that is time consuming especially when changing heads. Other apps don’t even get close to the detail that is available with DrumeTunePro. In addition it is a fraction of the cost of buying another gizmo. You cannot go wrong with the app and it is easy to use. Support was quick to respond to a couple simple questions I had. Also the ability to save multiple kits with different tunings makes it easy and convenient to store. There are great videos and much more, you will be amazed. I highly recommend this app..Version: 2.0.22

Great appIt took me a while to figure out how to use it but once you get it it’s extremely useful. It very accurate and once you get it you will be able to tune your drums very quickly. All my drums sound amazing now!.Version: 2.0.16

Huge time saverIt is a very handy device. I used to spend hours just trying to get one decent coherent tuning strategy for my toms. Lots of trial and error. With this device I can try different tunings in minutes I was never very good at tuning by ear. Now my kit always sounds good. Huge time saver..Version: 2.0.16

Excellent App and Customer SupportI am so impressed with DrumTune Pro. Highly useful to get your drums sounding great. Really helps you to understand the process of tuning which in turn helps you to dial in the sound you’re looking for. Highly recommend..Version: 2.0.10

Drum tuningThis app is exceptional at getting a precise note from the drums! My drums have never sounded better! I especially like the piano keys used to tune the drums! Thanks so much!.Version: 2.0.23

WOWCons: Every once in a while I’ll have trouble finding the pitch of one or two lugs, but by that point it’s already super close to unity pitch. I mean this is an app on a phone, I don’t know what else you could ask for! Pros: Literally everything else! I’ve never been able to tune drums, and I feel like I’ve unlocked super tuning powers! It is amazing how accurate and fast the tuning is! 95% of the time it is right on!.Version: 2.0.16

Amazing and full featured drum tuning app even for newbiesOne of the first AppStore reviews I’m writing but just had to as this is a 5* app and really helped me sort my secondhand drums out. I’m a newbie and had no clue about tuning. Bram personally helped me sort an issue out, literally in the middle of the night! And since then my drums have been perfectly tuned. Look forward to what the next version brings! Keep up the great work! 💪🏻.Version: 2.0.17

Great tool.Great app, and great fast support when I had issues reinstalling app on a new iPhone. Only minor frustration is the speed at which the drum head packs download; they seem to take forever, and I’m not sure why. Everything else works really nicely..Version: 2.0.16

IncredibleMore people need to know about this app. I was thinking about buying a $200AUD tunebot, then I found this and thought I’d give it a shot. You saved me $182… plus the fact that’s on iPhone means the UI and functionality is just miles ahead of the tunebot. It took me a little bit of time, but my drums sound better than they ever have. Developers, thank you! Please also add Pearl’s new ‘President Deluxe’ series as a kit option..Version: 2.0.31

Drumtune PRO ReviewThis is one of the most excellent tools a drummer could come across, even if you are only getting to know your drums you will instantly learn the fundamental frequency range of each of your toms, as well as the correlating musical note(s), sound engineers love it when you walk in with a kit and can communicate like this (if they have the time, LOL). You can also send your resonant head frequencies to someone who may tune your kit b4 you get to where you are going. I sent one of my non-drummer friends some fundamental freqs to tune a kit he just purchased for his space, then told him to download the app and how to use it. The next day he sent a video of his kit sounding good enough for any drummer to play on it. -My only complaint is it wasn’t available when I was a kid….but neither were cell phones, LOL! Thanks for this! Dave Weidenhoffer.Version: 2.0.29

Thank you, very happy!!!When looking at this app I was a bit skeptical but for the price I decided to give it a go. Wow... After getting some tuning information from "overtones" I was able to effectively tune and teach myself to tune my drum kit. For someone who is not a professional drummer (such as myself) it is overwhelming when you start learning how to set up your kit as there is no "standard" way to archive a base setup. If you are like me, get this app. Google overtones and set you kit up in this app to the recommend notes/frequencies. Then tune away. I have learned so much about tuning with this app and give it a big thumbs up. Rock on! Play loud and sound awesome doing it. Thank you Drumtune Pro!!! Jaddon.Version: V 1.1

Strong Support for BeginnersThe app is great. Very comprehensive. In learning how to use the app, I’m learning a lot about the science of tuning drums, their relation to intervals, and drums as an actual musical instrument, not just a percussive one. The strength is in their support. The response came in less than 5 minutes with detailed instructions on how to solve my problem. Personal service is second to none....Version: 2.0.22

For the best sounding drums!This is the best app ever (IMHO) to help drummers get a well tuned kit. It assists the ears in homing in on the frequencies you need to get in tune. Lots of great tips and advice to help you find each drum’s sweet spot that gives you the sound you want. And once you’ve got it, these tunings are saved, and you can quickly tune-up anywhere, any time. I’ve used it since the early days, the current version is just awesome..Version: 2.0.16

I am blown awayI got this app pretty skeptical as to how well it would work with iPhone microphones. I was incredibly impressed with this app's performance. I am a music student in school and have always struggled getting perfectly tuned drums but this has helped significantly! There are still a few bugs but overall, once you get a drum pretty close to what you would think is tuned, this app will help you tune with precision to get the sound you want!.Version: 2.0.7

Great appI think it is a great app in comparison to tuning device you can buy I also use a tune-bot but with this app when I'm travelling it save having the extra baggage and works I tuned my toms with it to minimal resonance and the intervals sounded good another good feature is you can find your brand heads and kit so I advise setting up your kit and the sound your going for first then selecting what you set as guidance when tuning and every time you tune your kit the settings are there to get that same sound. For live applications there's a sensitivity setting which is great to have..Version: 2.0.6

Excellent AppThis is a fantastic app I found it works really well after you get a basic tone in the range that suits the style of music you are playing and then using the app to fine tune your kit. It was also really good for fine tuning top to bottom head overtones. For a 1st time user you need to have a clear starting point for what tone you are locking into especially with the sound between top and bottom heads as you don't need to isolate the heads for the app to work correctly. I have my bottom head slightly looser than my top head on my toms so it Definitely helped to get an accurate reading and the result was a really clear tone. Also I received the best support from the app designer. I had a few issues to start with and he took the time to troubleshoot my problems..Version: 2.0.2

Great app!Very good for any drummers especially amateurs who struggle to tune their kit. It takes most of the stress out of the tedious process that is tuning your kit..Version: 2.0.6

Great appHi, great app. Please fix as it crashes very often making it unusable atm. Update Works great now, really happy with it.Version: 2.0.10

Drummer's best friendVery nice app. Handy for storing your settings for multiple kits. Tuning function works really well and support is fantastic. Keep up the great work guys!.Version: 2.0.6

AMAZING DRUM TUNING APPI bought this app after getting a mapex armory 6 piece having no idea about tuning drums. I tried to learn the app but didn't hesitate to ask for some help. I facebook messaged Drumtune PRO and Bram was extremely helpful in so many ways. I gave him my drum sizes and explained how I wanted it to sound then he helped me with a preset that I'm amazed with. There are many other drum kits sounds to choose from too. Highly recommend this app. Honestly..Version: 2.0.7

Mind blown 🤯I’ve been planning it since the 90s and have always turned my drums by ear. In the beginning it was a struggle. But in time I begin to learn what I needed to do. The first time I used the app I found its guidance taking me right to where my ears would have lead me. The final outcome was a drum that sounded as good as, if not better than I would have turned it by ear in the past. Being able to check each lug really speeds up the process of determining who needs the attention. I only had time the first day for one drum. I cannot wait to finish the rest of my kit! Oh… one more thing. The support. Incredible! Did not see my 80’s Tama Power Metal brass snare in the list of available snares so I sent a message asking if it mattered what I used. Got a quick reply with the news my snare would be available later that day. And it was! Thanks Bram!.Version: 2.0.16

A great app but lack of support with the developers!I use this app on a daily basis, I can agree with many reviews here that it can be confusing, but after watching some youtube videos and just playing around with the app I got it going easily! I love the presets feature, its just so handy and easy to tune your drums! On the downside, I have emailed support with a bug of the drum packs not downloading at all :( sometimes the app just force quits when you try to download them! but no ones got back to me with the issue im having! Therefore making my 5 star review a 4, just because of the fact that no one has contacted me back after having an automated email to say that they recieved my message! Please please please! Fix the drumhead download issue and just optimize the app to make it more stable and bug free! Update: 01/03/18 The app is very stable and I can download all the drum packs perfectly! I have now added the 5th star! Cheers to everyone @ Drumtune! :).Version: 2.0.10

Great app with great service.I was skeptical to purchase this app at first (I mean a drum tuner on a phone) but it was much cheaper than a real tuner so I went for it. I did have some problems at first (and appears to be that this is not the case for everyone). I contacted their customer service and boy was I surprised! Bram has and is continuing to help me utilize the app to its full potential and the app works wonderfully. He even went as far made as to make custom video in order to help me. Bram is a true spectacle of someone who truly cares about his app AND customers! I’ll be using this app for as long as I can!.Version: 2.0.16

Works super well - fantastic app!I’m a pro drummer, bought this app while setting up a new kit to have a reference of which tones were working best on my drums. This app has really been super helpful and has really exceeded my expectations! The design is great, it lets you clearly plan out different setups and check the intervallic relationship between the drums, and I was really happily surprised by the accuracy and the reliability of the lug pitch measurements (it doesn’t get confused by overtones!). I’ve found it super educational to use on drums I’ve enjoyed playing, to see exactly why they sounded so good, and it’s a really good tool to start replicating those sounds on my own drums. 100% worth buying for drummers :) P.S. it seems like the negative reviews on here are just people who didn’t really understand what this app is for. If you want to learn how to tune your drums, this app has all the information you need..Version: 2.0.17

Great appTuning drums was something that I was never very good at but this app has completely changed this. Really easy to use and definitely a must for larger kits where keeping even increments between the toms can be tricky. Perfectly tuned drums every time and no more moon gel. Good support as well for any issues.Version: v2018

Great AppI have been searching for a way to fine tune my drums and this fits the bill nicely. The interface is great and the app looks nice too. A lot has gone into this app to function at its best. I am a happy buyer. It is a great deal and I feel confident enough to recommend it to others. Thank you for your hard work on such a well thought out app..Version: 2.0.7

Brilliant AppFantastic app, so glad something so effective and affordable!.Version: v2018

Excellent app for tuning my drumsAs a studio owner (not a drummer), this app has enabled me to have consistently great sounding drums from session to session. I love being able too save kits. I also love being able to adjust tuning on the fly to better fit a song. I reached out to Bram when I had a question, and he returned me email quickly and was really helpful..Version: 2.0.24

Totally Sweet.This drum tune pro app is lush. My tubs have never sounded better. Great features, including specific skin tuning. I recommend it!.Version: V 1.1

Version 2 - big improvements!Had this for quite a while as version 1, which was a bit gnarly to get good results from - the new version is far, far better and makes the process much easier. Don't expect to download this and within 5 minutes have a perfect tuned kit - it takes time and trial to get a great result, but this App will get you there quicker than most, and once you're there it's saved for good. My 8-piece has never sounded so clear, ring-free and awesome..Version: 2.0.10

Great app!This is a fantastic app at a great price! I have been having one issue though. I cannot see any lug frequencies higher than 382 hz when I try to tune the snare redo to 400hz. The lug pitch goes up but the detected frequency remains stuck at 382hz. I have seen references on the net regarding a high frequency mode preset, but cannot find it in the app. Any suggestions? TIA!.Version: 2.0.22

Works great and awesome technical supportI never leave reviews. But the app works great lots of kool features and easy to use. Had a little issues at first. But turned out to just be me. But the app creator helped me out. Hes super friendly knowledgeable and replys fast. So great customer service also as a added bonus.Version: 2.0.31

Tune bot alternative w cool bonusI have had this app a while and loved it. Updates happened and lost my info and Bram (developer) came along side me for a few days to give me the royal treatment. App is back and running as usual with some personal enhancements! This is a must have app for the serious drummer. I have a tune bot as well and this app gets the job done just as good and is way more convenient. Plus you get all the bonus features and customization options with this app. Don’t hesitate to buy this app..Version: 2.0.12

A great tool for tuning!I really like this app. I use a Drum Dial to get my lugs evenly tensioned then use the app to get the heads in tune. I’ve gotten compliments from drummers and sound guys alike about how good my kit sounds. And I don’t have a super expensive kit. Time, effort and good heads will get you a great sounding kit at most price points. This app helps big time!.Version: 2.0.31

Awesome App and Great Customer Service!I’ve been playing drums for a while, but admit that I hate how they sound as I’m just not very good at tuning. No one notices the sound as being bad, but I do. I purchased the app in hopes to help makes things a bit easier. I worried about seeing some bad reviews, but tried anyway. I looked and learned my way around the app and learned how to tune, but did t really know what frequencies/notes to use for each of my three toms, snare, and kick. I messaged the app and inquired about some tips about notes to use. Within a half hour the developer, Bram, had written me a long message and gave me some great tips! He had done so late at night as I’m in N.J. and he’s overseas!! Thank you Bram and for everyone else who is on the fence, get the app. You won’t be disappointed!.Version: 2.0.16

Mostly great.I have had a lot of success using this app to tune my drums. I’m a fairly decent at tuning drums and I know what sounds good but this app has shown me where my skills break down. It has made my tuning significantly more consistent for each drum itself and the intervals between drums. It can be a bit finicky with fine tuning each lug but patience and persistence provide excellent results. I think the kit / my drums organization could be improved and it does take some work to understand how the app works so 4/5..Version: 2.0.33

ExcellentGreat for beginners and also average players. Would love couple of kit sounds to see how they sound.Version: 2.0.10

Keep it coming dev!!Love the update! NOTHING available on the market, not even the $100 tune-bot does what this does for $10. Zero complaints. Thanks fella. The app interface is not only designed well, it also works - really well. With the inclusion of the major (and minor) drum companies alongside actual name brand heads you have an incredibly powerful tool. I NEED you to keep this alive sir!! Also - your “DrumtunerEZ” aside from needing an update, is a go to app for a quick peek into my batter head’s attitude regularly so yeah - awesome too. Ty..Version: 2.0.26

Great tool for any drummerI have been using this app for over a year now. It really gets my instrument sounding it’s best. I have been playing and tuning drums for 30 years at least, and have always considered myself to be fluent with tuning. This app takes it to the next level. Extremely accurate, and nice to have “melodic” tom tuning. Thank you for the work you do to make this app great Rick Mailhiot.Version: 2.0.22

Simple and great!Use this for our drums at school cuz our conductor has no idea how to handle drums..Version: 2.0.11

Works quite well!After a little trial and error with getting my phone in the right spots this app works really well! The app really helps you consistently tune a drum to perfection. I’ve really enjoyed exploring different tunings with this app!.Version: 2.0.16

Not storing my kits or drums.The my drums/kit section is not storing my settings. Every time I try to add a drum and press save. It goes back to the first section but no added drum with my settings. It was fine until I updated to the recent version but if u can fix this in the next update that’ll be great thanks.Version: 2.0.17

AwesomeUsed many tools, torque keys, tension dials etc. always got the sound I wanted, but this app makes quick fine tuning a snap. I play guitar as well and having a tuner for my kit that functions like a guitar tuner is awesome.Version: 2.0.10

Good stuffUsed this app to tune up my friends drum set. Having experience with mixing drums on the pc. It was extremely easy to set up the drums to a pitch using this app. Good stuff..Version: 2.0.10

Petty goodPetty good for what it is but it’s dose jump around and you need to go in and out of the app to reset to get a true reading has everything that you need I like you can put in what skins your running just see I own an Australian made kit I couldn’t find my kit.Version: 2.0.31

Great AppThis app has come a long way and works great. Version 2 was a huge improvement over V1. Have been using it steady for a while now to tune my drums. I recommend to anyone looking for a drum tuner app!.Version: 2.0.3

CommentLast time I gave 4 stars because I didn't find out how convenient it was. This time I'll give 5 for the accuracy. Just don't forget to mute the head opposites to the head you are tuning, which can be done simply by a towel..Version: 2.0.5

Great app and great support!This is helping me get my once “difficult to get to sound even decent ” kit, sounding great! I had some hiccups (user error) and thought there was something wrong with the app so I emailed tech. Not only did I hear back quickly, the reply was extremely thorough and helpful. We have gone back and forth now numerous times, the support has been well above and beyond. The app won’t tune your drums for you but honestly will make you better at it because it really demystifies what’s going on. Highly recommend the company and this app..Version: 2.0.16

Amazing customer serviceApp was not working but they created a video for my exact needs to help me.Version: 2.0.22

AmazingI can't believe I never thought to do this in the past with smarrt software. This just works, plenty of options with head choice, size and lug configurations, I had a 14" floor tom that I could never get right, with the help of this app it now sounds amazing, I wish I had found this app months ago..Version: V 1.1

CrashesI really can’t give a good review. Worked great at first but then started crashing on opening up. Tried to reinstall 5 times but still crashes. Tried the link to support but even that crashes. Waste of money. After some frustration and determination not to waste my money, I finally discovered the issue. My Bluetooth hearing aids that connect to my phone where the app is causing the crash. Not entirely sure how but if I turn them off, the app doesn’t crash but as soon as I switch them back on, crash. Apologies for the original poor review but I hope this may help others with the same issue. As for the app, it takes some figuring out but once you do, it works a dream. I have some issues with incorrect readings but I’m sure that this is due to the position I’m holding the phone. A phone clamp for the drum ring would be a great accessory so sort this issue….. For anyone that struggles with how to use it, I would suggest watch the videos..Version: 2.0.33

Great tunerI installed this on my phone about a year ago and am really happy with it. It works as advertised and is extremely accurate. I use it all the time, especially the frequency function to find and match pitches of the heads and fundamentals. Very useful tool to help quantify where your drums are tuned at via frequencies, making it easy to replicate the tuning. Great app!! Thank you!!.Version: 2.0.26

It's a great appThere's no doubt about his being an awesome app. Of all the reviews I have seen, this is just an awesome app. Only thing is that I need to learn how to use it. Do you by chance have any tips on how to use it properly. Thanks Other than that it's a super app. It picks up the tone really well. Recommend it to every drummer.Version: 2.0.6

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