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OnX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

OnX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using OnX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps? Can you share your negative thoughts about onx hunt: gps hunting maps?

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OnX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps for Negative User Reviews

We The NorthJust a heads up to On X...Canada is part of North America. App is useless until you add Canadian maps..Version: 5.10.1

No Canadian land owners?Got the app to try instead of the iHunter app and paid for the elite membership mainly for the landowner maps which was included in that subscription. However not one single parcel of land in my province in Canada that I could find had any owner listed. Will chalk that up to a loss and stick with iHunter..Version: 23.37.3

No CanadaWish it had the public and private land for Canada..Version: 20.38.2

Useless outside USAIf you’re hunting in Canada move on totally useless..Version: 23.31.0

Need this to work for canadians tooWe have alot of nice territory here too and many hunters! Even meat eater comes hunting up north Plz make this available for canadian maps too.Version: 21.3.1

App sucks for CanadiansPretty bad for Canadians… if you’re Canadian use the HuntStand app for free...Version: 23.31.0

Works in canada?? what part???Please bring a complete product to Canada instead of just saying "oh yeah it works in Canada now!" I mean Google Maps still works in Canada and this is basically all you're offering us. Even with the premium features this app is still designed for the US only. All the fancy layering only works on USA maps, so why would I pay for a subscription? Also anyone in Canada should just download iHunter, they've been here for a lot of years working with us not trying to sell an unworthy product that's not ready for our country! The meateater crew loves it for the states but I guarantee they don't/can't use it up here!.Version: 23.37.3

Doesn’t work in CanadaCan’t choose a Canadian province. Should tell it before downloading and registering !.Version: 20.40.0

Too expensive for CanadaMake a canada version that isn’t $139 a year.Version: 23.11.1

NO CANADAIf it’s been over 4 years add Canada!.Version: 22.11.1

Recent app changes make it almost unusableI’ve used OnX for a few years now and loved the app. It was reliable, responsive, and had a lot of great features. But recent app updates have made it difficult or even impossible to use. When launching app it will just freeze. Can’t tap on anything. 5 minutes later it will start working for a while again. The constant ad pop ups are very annoying. Why do I see pop ups for ads when I pay to use the app. Put those message in a notification screen in the app and let me look at them when I want to and have time to do so. Don’t force me to close several ads each time I open the app. When doing map updates the process used to work smoothly. Now the app freezes during downloads. Used to be able to start a download of a map and then scroll to find another I wanted update. Not anymore. Now it will freeze and I just get to wait. If things don’t improve soon I will be cancelling my membership before next hunting season. Right now it’s not something I would rely on in the field when on a hunt..Version: 23.9.0

WeirdThe app weirdly skipped the membership page when I was creating my account. I just wanted to check it out and I was forced into a trial with membership after that. I’ve deleted my account after that, but it says that it will not cancel memberships. What? My account won’t exist anymore but membership will? Again, very weird. Felt like money grabbing and I will make sure I don’t pay a dime..Version: 23.11.1

No Canada eh?I used it in Montana and loved it only to find out it doesn’t work in Canada.Version: 5.1.0

Doesn’t support Canadian huntersTitle says it all..Version: 20.6.0

JunkWhy would this even be on the App Store in Canada. Can even pick a Canadian province, it’s junk.Version: 21.31.0

Useless for CanadaComing up on a year since they launched in Canada with all sorts of fanfare and OnX still can’t do the most basic and important thing: tell its users whether a piece of land is public or private. It’s like paying a fortune for a toaster that looks real pretty (and the influencers all rave about) but the manufacturer didn’t bother to include a heating element. The satellite imagery for Canada is third-rate, too. For this you pay more than $100. Don’t..Version: 24.1.1

Parcel lineBought this for parcel details and owners . There is no info in Québec Canada. Just wasted 70$ for nothing.Version: 23.33.0

Only works in USASo it’s in the Canada App Store but does not work outside the US. Looks like a great app but not for Canadians..Version: 4.35.2

Doesn’t include Canada at all. So it’s no good.Too bad it doesn’t include canada maps. Strongly suggest they include it so we can download it..Version: 20.38.1

New Update/ Serious IssuesUse to be my favorite app on my phone. I do all of my e-scouting through this app and have never had an issue. Since the last couple of updates, the app has been nothing but glitchy. It freezes on me for minutes at a time, whether I’m in the woods or on my couch. Once it loads up (after freezing up, probably taking 3 minutes just to get the app usable) if I ever exit back to the Home Screen or I turn my phone off the whole process starts over. I can’t even do tracks anymore without glitching and just being one straight line from where the glitch started to when it started working again. Like I said, I’ve always loved the app. But what good does it do for every hunting pin I have to no longer be usable? These issues need to be fixed ASAP!!! And I’ve never had these issues until the last two updates. But since then, I’ve all but voided the app because it leads to more frustration then use..Version: 22.37.0

OnXNeeds to be made available in Canada.Version: 20.38.2

Not Made for CanadiansA fine hunting app, but there needs to be a far better membership option for us Canadians. We Canadians very seldom hunt outside of the province we live in and practically never hunt in the US, so having to pay $129 for the elite membership just to get map access to the province we live in is a complete rip off..Version: 23.9.0

Canada pleaseeeThis would be an amazing app but I live in Canada....Version: 21.13.0

No Canada option!!How long do Canadians have to wait for this “North American app” to be fully functional in Canada? Ridiculous.Version: 20.46.0

Basic service property boundaries are inaccurate.Be aware the properly boundary lines with “Basic Service” are almost always inaccurate by 20 feet up to 55 yards (maybe farther?). A great deal of reasoning and common sense will be required on a users part to stay legally where you believe you are, much less tag an animal there. When I started my service, the property lines were nearly always within 10-25 feet of accurate, sometimes within five feet of survey pins. As upgraded service was suggested, eventually highly advertised while using the app, the accuracy declined. I began noticing errors around National Parks. At times showing private property within park boundaries. Upon contacting the Missoula office to report these errors, I was told it was because, “We only use the records each county provides, if that information is incorrect we cannot do anything about it.” Really? What’s the point of reporting an error? I’ve declined the upgrade, records are records - correct? WAIT! So why would record quality deteriorate over time? I’ll let you come to your own conclusions….Version: 22.47.1

No CanadaJust downloaded the free 7 day trial now that it is available in Canada. Once I downloaded it and signed in it does not show the ability to choose any Canadian provinces..Version: 23.11.1

Useless!I anted course this for my custom contracting business and also my personal hunting for seeing land owners of quarter sections and whatnot and in Canada here it doesn't show landowners! It just says "unknown" so for me this app is useless I cancelled my free trial gonna try a different app.Version: 24.3.0

No CanadaNo Canada.Version: 20.14.1

Needs a Canadian VersionIt’s to bad that all we have for a Canadian hunter app is iHunter. Wish this app would focus some attention to Canadians..Version: 20.34.1

OkApp is ok. Satellite imagining is just ok compared to other apps that do the same service. Every other app is a lot cheaper also. I have been an on x user since they released the app. In my opinion they pull some shady things when it comes to billing. Most apps remind you before they automatically bill you for the coming year. OnX doesn’t. They send you tons of marketing emails but nothing to remind you your billing is going to renew. On top of that, if you already have a subscription, don’t bother taking advantage of any sales or one of the discounts they offer on multiple social media/podcasts. If you’re current subscription is still active the new subscription will just replace the current one. So really you just lose months of already paid for service if you renew before your subscription is up. All of this was figured out by trial and error which is fine but customer service and or more transparency would be nice. From a long time user, who has relied on this app for a lot… there are a lot better apps out there now that offer the same or more for a lot better price..Version: 21.45.0

Not very good...Expensive yearly sub. Not the best app for this sort of thing, not to mention it only works in USA but hey Canada, you can use the GPS 👍.Version: 5.2.1

Would be 5 Stars if worked in CanadaWorks great for the 1 offline ore-downloaded map. But if you want to save anymore you have to upgrade but no Canadian option.Version: 4.2.0

Doesn’t work in CanadaWhy is this even in the Canadian store?.Version: 21.3.3

Canada?Canada?.Version: 21.35.0

Needs work stillOld version worked well. Newer version has been problematic. Can’t import google earth waypoints (yet)... old version would. Layer transparency has been a big issue. Can’t control the roadless layer transparency offline so you can’t see the dang map underneath. Can’t even turn the layer off which caused a lot of headaches 2 weeks ago in Montana. Hopefully fixed now. Would like to be able to download larger blocks off high detail or custom shape of high detail maps for offline use. Downloads in 5-mile blocks are a PITA and take all day for large areas. Downloads should include all data layers and give user control over layers offline. Instead, if it’s not on when you download you don’t have it. Bottom line is that the new version was released prematurely before bugs were worked out and functionality was verified. And it was released right before bow season... nice timing. It’s a fantastic app when it works right yet incredibly frustrating when you’re depending on it and it doesn’t. Please keep working on it. I know you will get it dialed in soon..Version: 4.2.0

No Canada ?Was pretty disappointed to find out this app isn’t available in Canada, what’s up with that ?.Version: 4.32.1

What about Canada eh?Was so excited when I saw this App advertisement in North America White Tail magazine. I guess North America doesn't include Canada!.Version: 4.7.0

Canada eh!This app does not show you any information pertaining to public or private land in Canada. I have been using it on private land to mark trails tracks and scrapes and it seems to work great..Version: 20.44.0

Not for CanadiansApparently you have to be American to be considered part of “North America” because this app doesn’t support Canadian hunters or land maps. Pretty much useless in the great white north..Version: 20.18.0

Where is the canadian maps!?!?!?!?!?That’s awesome seven day free trial but it would be great if it indicated USA only where is the Canadian maps let’s go!!!.Version: 21.29.1

Nothing for CanadiansI was told it’s offered for Canada now, clearly not. Absolutely ridiculous.Version: 23.37.2

Not for CanadiansDoes not work in Canada! Wish it did..Version: 5.2.0

Works great but could be improvedAs a Canadian user, i have yet to see a property owner listed when land is private, would be great if it was.Version: 23.37.4

Forces you to choose a state…I live in Canada , this is unusable . The app forces you to choose a State. FYI there are other places in the world other than USA.Version: 23.37.2

Why I cancelledI was initially excited when I purchased OnX two years ago and found the app helpful. However I will be canceling my membership and going with another service after many failed attempts to have issues corrected. I own a large parcel of land that is used primarily for hunting and fishing and often invite friends and family to hunt. I noticed the property lines on my land had switched to outdated lines from years ago. Also the land owner information was incorrect and displayed the previous owners information. I attempted to contact OnX and tried to tag the land with the updated ownership many times over the last year. It is very frustrating that after a year I have not got any response from OnX. I’m not paying for an outdated app and non existent customer service. I have found other apps that have the correct boundary lines and land owner information so I will be taking my business elsewhere. I will also be canceling the five other accounts I pay for that family and friends use. I am disappointed and frustrated that I have to start over with another app but I can’t justify paying for a service that isn’t correct..Version: 20.46.0

Terrible app for CanadiansTerrible app for Canadian hunters shows no info on Canada at all… including elevation or anything else for that matter.Version: 23.9.0

Not good offline and having to constantly re-downloadSame story different version of the app. The offline maps take forever to download, they don’t download at the same quality. I have major issues when I can scout from my phone or computer but download the map section (yes at the highest quality) and all I see in the field I blurry objects. It takes a lot of time and energy to download large portions of maps for offline storage and half the updates ONX comes out with deletes the saved maps you have stored. You have to turn on every layer to actually download that data which i guess isn’t the end of the world and maybe some guys don’t download all data to save room on their device? Not sure just make a button to click to download all available layers so you know your covered. I have always liked and used ONX but I could be so much better. They do a lot for land access and certainly have made a good name for themselves. Hopefully someone like basemap can put out a functional offline mapping version so those of us who utilize the offline version especially across multiple states and/ large portions of states for different species can easily download and access the data later..Version: 20.34.1

Has no purposeAll of the features this app offers are available on Apple Maps for free. I guess the only thing that’s missing is historical forest fire locations..Version: 23.33.0

Love it, but…I downloaded the free version at first, and really enjoyed using it. In fact, the waypoints and scouting data I was able to record helped me bag my first turkey in 7 years. I wanted to get a subscription but had been laid off at the time. I received a free 3-month trial for the full access version with the purchase of a tree stand, and was very impressed with it, to the point I decided to pay for a subscription once it expired. It was expiring before Christmas and I asked my wife to buy a subscription as a gift. The trial period has expired and I am now unable to edit the maps, add waypoints, or even interact with my established waypoints like I was before I had the subscription. I find this supremely disappointing and it has made me second guess whether I will choose to buy a subscription. I put in way too much time and effort scouting to lose all of my data, and I will go back to using an inferior but free app if I feel my scouting data is safer there. If the app makers could let me know what I’m missing or if this wasn’t supposed to happen I would appreciate it. I want to love this product and will adjust my rating and purchase a subscription if this issue is addressed..Version: 23.45.1

Waypoints not accurateI subscribed to onX hunt for the last three years. In this time, the app has been a rollercoaster, sometimes good and sometimes not very reliable. Several times I have had to close and reopen the app because it freezes. Last year, they discontinued the “landscape” view that I used on my iPad, and upon contacting them, they assured me that it would be restored at a later date, but never was. Most recently, the last straw was on my archery elk hunt. I loaded offline maps before I left home, when I opened the app, it would show I was about 60 miles from where I actually was. I put an arrow in an elk, and immediately marked my position where I stood, and where I found first blood. I started tracking blood spots, and then went to backtrack to find my arrow and where first blood was, only to find that my waypoint was not accurate, and I never did locate the first blood spot. There are better gps apps available, do you’re research before subscribing, I will not be paying for this service anymore..Version: 4.25.1

Canadian hunter reviewLove everything about it but am disappointed on the lack Of detail in Canada regarding ownerships. I’m Sure they are working on it but I did think it was going to be like what my friends from the states had when I purchased it. Some maps where I moose hunt are winter satellite imagery which is also a failure as you can’t see what’s going on at all. These are remote Canadian areas so I understand the flaw but it’s just a suggestion to eliminate those with real summer or fall images. Otherwise, I love the interface and it’s very well done.Version: 23.17.0

USA ONLY not North AmericaApp should say “USA Only” the term North America is misleading marketing. There is awesome hunting in Canada but not enough market to map it. Thanks guys..Version: 4.35.2

Costs 129.99 a yearIt’s ridiculous that you want us to pay you $130 bucks a year just To use your crappy gps app i could buy a gps that does the same for less not to mention the other apps that do even more than you for free. What an absolute ripoff.Version: 23.7.0

USA OnlyApp is useless if you’re hunting in Canada.Version: 23.35.1

Usa only….Wish i read the reviews … does nothing for me that google maps doesnt do here in canada … was hoping for land ownership and crown land boundaries but its got none of that for canada …..Version: 23.29.0

App is starting to freeze upBeen using this app for hunting for the past few years its been great i pay for the elite membership and for the most part its gotten me to where i need to be i have been out in the backcountry and the app sometimes cant locate where you are at and just wont work even with offline maps this past elk season a buddy of mine who also has the elite membership couldnt even use his offline maps when we were out in the backcountry somehow mine was working and his wasnt. More recently iv noticed the app completely freezing I couldn’t zoom out or in it wouldnt be able to locate you i would have to basically restart the whole app and it would still have issues personally i dont really know if this app is worth the money anymore worked amazing when the app would work and i had zero issues I suggest checking out basemaps unless onx can figure these issues out i will probably be unsubscribing due to constant issues.Version: 23.3.0

Property Ownership Updates SlowBased on my direct experience using the app as well as providing correct land owner information to OnX, they are very slow to update land ownership changes. I would venture to say that the land ownership is one of the most if not the most important map layer that hunters want to see. For the price that users pay for this subscription, this is the information that needs to be as current as possible, especially when the app is showing a property as open to the public when it is actually privately owned. I own property that was shown on the app as open to the public when I purchased it nearly a year ago. The app showed the property that was previously owned by a University Foundation as open to the public even though the foundation had it posted as private. I alerted OnX to this error and provided them all of the information they requested but the error still remains today. This land was never open to the public. If this is the speed at which the company handles a critical map error, as a user I would not pay the extra for “elite” membership. Just my personal opinion as a hunter and subscriber..Version: 4.23.0

A few things missing in CanadaI’ve been using OnX for a few years now. Many complains about the app not having “Canadian maps”; which is not completely true. Every GPS features are fully functional; this is the way I’ve been using it since day 1. But a few things are missing north of the border (in more that half of North America you know) : 1. Cities and roads is a must. It would be so much easier to find our way when eScouting a new area. Scanning satellite imagery is painfully and requires using another map tool on the side to locate an area on the satellite maps… The hybrid view is useless until roads are available! 2. TOPO maps! This is to me even more important than the new “trendy” 3D imagery available in other outdoors GPS apps. 3. Share areas/waypoints/tracks with my hunting partners one item at the time is painful and conter-intuitive. Even for someone with an IT background like me. 4. Fix the unit setting! The weather unit are inconsistently display throughout the app even when the setting is set to Metric. Until then, I’ll keep using the app all year long, but can score more than 3 stars….Version: 20.34.1

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