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Candy Crush Soda Saga app received 85 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about candy crush soda saga?

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Candy Crush Soda Saga for Positive User Reviews

LISTEN!I am so sick of accidentally spending gold bars when I don’t mean to!!! it’s so annoying I had 34 gold bars and now I have 9 because the game doesn’t ask if you want to confirm your purchase. it just loads and uses them without making sure if you want to. This is very frustrating because even if I exit the app before it loads, it ends up using my gold bars anyway when I didn’t even use the moves that it hasn’t officially given me. Please fix this with some type of alert (like when it asks if you want to quit the level). I haven’t even gotten to use the moves because I thought the bars would come back, but they don’t. So far I’ve wasted 20 gold bars just because there isn’t a confirmation after you accidentally press yes. PLEASEEEE I am begging fix this issue, I love this game and it is seriously annoying that I’ve wasted 20 gold bars..Version: 1.163.5

Candy CrushWhy have you changed Candy Crush Saga Have know idea what I am doing. And if I played it for the next six months would never be able to move to the next level. Used to love it now not worth playing. I think quite a number of us feel the same I agree with this comment. Have no what I’m doing where are the instructions for playing this game.Version: 1.199.2

Hate the new update with tiffys on all the overviewI love this game and play everyday, along with candy crush and cookie jam and sugar smash. I loved the graphics, but on the update I did yesterday, u put tiffys face o. The overview of levels completed and I can't even look at it. I try covering her face to find the levels that only have 2 stars because I play till all the levels are three stars. I use to be able to see each level in color and with the different symbols of the section like on octopus. Now it is just her face and I can't even see the levels I need to complete! I HATE IT! I want the update taken off!! I want the colorful graphics with the different scenes and characters!!!! I can't look at all the levels I've completed with that tiffy face it makes me not want to play anymore. I'm going to have to cover her face with s paper to try to find my place!!! Please change it back!!! Then u will be 5 stars..Version: 1.102.6

Cheating out of 2 hour boostersI love this game I can say it’s one of my favorite games, but they have been cheating me out of my 2 hours of boosters. When I open the app I get the 2 hours of booster but when I use it just once way before the two hours are up, I end up loosing my 2 hours of booster. For example last night I opened the app got my two hours of the day 2 booster I go play the board I’m on and I use the booster, after losing I went to go replay the board but my two hours of booster was gone and I only used it once and my two hours wasn’t even nowhere to be over. Even after I closed the app and reopened it the 2 hours of the booster was still gone. I was cheated out of my two hours of booster, idk what the problem is with that but that really needs to be fixed ASAP...other than that I love the game.Version: 1.102.9

Bay of Islands andHchhwoooo I love this.Version: 1.247.4

Overall it’s a great game, but…1) This game would be infinitely improved if, when you fail to beat the level, you don’t have to waste your precious time (which you have won or paid for - the finite “infinite” time) getting through all the screens again to redo the level. 2) Level 273, which I really like & keep going back to replay even though I beat it twice without boosters, has a couple of glitches. a) stage 3 - The striped candies in the uppermost left hand corner, when combined, didn’t knock out the 2 bottles they lined up to on the uppermost right hand corner. b) stage 2 - The super cool doodad with the horns all around it malfunctioned a couple of times: the other times I played, a horn would fall off whenever you banged up against it OR when you blow up the other doodad. Well, the horn didn’t fall off twice - when the other doodad got blown up. c) stage 2 - The fish missed the only thing in the right hand box: a bottle. I’ve never seen a fish dive into the water before. I didn’t know that could happen - was it supposed to happen? I realize the level 273 thing is really nitpicky, but I noticed & figured I’d hit you up on that. HOWEVER: the #1 thing is irritating and I noticed other players wrote about it. THANK YOU FOR A SUPER GAME! ♥️♥️♥️.Version: 1.212.3

La fenêtre contextuelle Chasse aux BonbonsLe «X » ( fermeture),situé le haut droit de cette fenêtre dans l’application ne fonctionne pas. Veuillez s.v.p. le réparé..Version: 1.248.1

I love it, but...I love this app! Ever since I got it , I couldn’t stop playing even if I didn’t know fully about it. I highly recommend this app to everyone but... I hate that you have to pay for so many things like lollipops, gold bars and other things. I’ve now been playing for a few months hoping things will change but it doesn’t. Please make more things free, not all people want to spend money on a game. ⚠️ This game is very addictive, so anyone wanting to play, don’t be pushed to pay unnecessary things⚠️.Version: 1.168.2

Myah McClureMyah McClure.Version: 1.247.4

AddictedLove this game, enjoy it more than thx original.Version: 1.97.2

Great game and super supportChallenging but fun, and when I had a problem super support to solve the problem..Version: 1.131.2

Candy crush Soda ( mobile)02/22/19 so did the update , now my daily login reset from 470 to back to 1. 🙃. Starting over , again. - I have over 900 days of daily log in. I’m a loyal King player since approx. 2013. ( I play most of the others ) can be challenging, that’s ok. Would like the landscape option put back please . Thanks. Stay safe!!! - Feb. 27/21 Great game!!! Seems to have mobile wifi connection issues. Have no problem on the other 7 King games I play. iPad 5th generation with latest iPadOS. November 27/22. Latest update removed ability to collect boosters. No animations on Home Screen either. Guess waiting for next theme. Still like the game. Keep on going. Good luck!!—Aug. 5/23. Great still. What’s with the 112+ hour timeout till next chapter unlock. Seems excessive. If I finish journey within duration of latest theme I’ll just continue with regular progress in main game anyway. Love it!!!!.Version: 1.248.1

Ads affecting the game of Words for friends 2Please look into your ad that is on Words 2 with friends, once on will not let you into W2, now I have 33 friends waiting for me and I cannot get into this game. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG NOW AND ALLOW ME TO PLAY WORDS WITH FRIENDS 2. I also play many of your King games and will delete them all if you do not fix this problem..Version: 1.106.7

Myahmcclure1Myahmcclure1.Version: 1.247.4

Tick the tileSo i love candy crush so so much. and so far ive had no problems except for this one, it’s giving me a new tile board to tick off and ive been trying to tick them off but it keeps saying ‘could not connect to server, please try again later’ and ive reloaded the app tons of times but nothings working. every time i complete a level it give me the new board notification again and it’s really annoying and frustrating..Version: 1.205.3

Candy Crush x 3The first time I played this my review said it all. Great game. Hard to put down. Now over 7 years later all three games I play are better and more enjoyable. Nearly 60 and always a tap away🤩.Version: 1.183.6

An excellent gameThis is the only game I play really and I love it so much. I hope they keep developing. I thought I was going to get something, like some kind of award when I got to 1000 level but nothin. That’s Ok, I’ll keep playing anyway.Version: 1.123.2

Things have changed, idk if I like them :1I, like many people, enjoy being entertained by games like this. You have levels you can traverse, things you can interact with, and it’s all generally quite fun. However, last I played this game was about a year ago and things have changed since then. For one, the design of the level badges. They’re square now instead of circular, and I liked the old design better. This is something I can live with though, so I’m not counting it as a complaint. My second issue is the backgrounds. I loved all the scenery when playing the old version of this game, but it doesn’t seem to change here. However, I may just not be high enough leveled yet to make it change, so take my words with a grain of salt. All in all, I still love playing this game. It’s fun, bright and colorful, and I would give it five stars in a heartbeat if this were my first time playing. Thank you if you actually read this far, I appreciate it :).Version: 1.191.5

Candy Crush Soda SagaI have been playing this game for nearly two years an d enjoy the challenge. I am over the 600 mark! However lately when I make a purchase in the App Store to enable me to complete a challenge, my screen goes blank and I lose the advantage of the purchase! This is extremely frustrating! Please fix this problem as I feel very hard done by and would like my money back or some compensation for this event. 1 year down the track and I’m still playing this game! Now over the 1200 mark, but whilst making purchase today lost the ability to finish my game as it would not stay connected! Very frustrating!.Version: 1.98.4

Great game. Terrible adsLook, I play this game daily. It’s my waking up routine. And also look, I work in mobile advertising so I understand the need for the ads. HOWEVER, there are way too many ads period, but especially 30 second ads. I’ve been keeping track of how much time I spend waiting through 30 second ads versus playing time and it’s nearly double. If this was any other app, it would 100% ruin user experience, but we al actually enjoy the game. But, I am finding myself playing 10 minutes and getting annoyed and quitting. I also have stopped paying for extra moves, etc because you’re already making the money off the insane amount of ads. I work in programmatic, for a top 3 social media app. Here’s some advice... make the 30 second ads all skippable, or frequency cap them by playing session..Version: 1.177.5

Sodacrush level 152Enjoying playing the game, however when the players name and score appear there is one player with a very inappropriate name,I play with my grandchildren and I do not believe your management should allow a name like this to take part..Version: 1.139.5

The app is freezing on iPadThe current version on iPad is freezing after loading..Version: 1.186.2

Candy Crush SagaOnce again very disappointed that in game purchases are not available because of fingerprint recognition problems. Have reloaded et al but no good save for loosing previous levels and credits. FP rec works in all other functions in my phone..Version: 1.101.9

I love this game!This one is my favourite in the saga. Good for passing the time and worth making an account 😁.Version: 1.232.3

Good game🙄😑This game is soooooo bad!!! Jk it’s sooooo good and an addicting game to play so you should definitely go and download it if you haven’t already xxx😂😂.Version: 1.140.1

Fun spoiled by too many hard levelsGreat game and highly addictive but far too many hard levels. Fine for those who feel the need to be “competitive” but for those of us whose self-esteem doesn’t need that kind of thing, and who play for relaxation and a few minutes of leisure, it takes out a good deal of the pleasure. The Hard and Extra Hard could be put in as optional Special events, similar to the five-tier ones that pop up every now and again, with rewards such as unlimited lives or boosters for those who choose to play them. If that were the case I would happily award five stars..Version: 1.106.7

Gold bars.I'm 10 years old, and i'm on 459 already. Candy crush is a fun game and allows you to get to know puzzles more. I'm writing this because of the gold bars..Gold bars are good and all but when your bank gets full you have to pay to empty it out again. My feelings to this is annoyed because my mum is tight on money all the time and because of that, I can't buy much or buy much games that I would like. I hope some people understand me or have the same problem. Sorry if this upset you. If you disagree just write your opinion but make it a bit nice..Version: 1.154.5

Stuck on Level 1446Been playing this game for a while now but I’ve been stuck on level 1446 for the past 3 months. If it’s going to require me to pay to get past the level easily then I’m ( and so many others are) going to get bored of the game and stop playing. It’s getting boring trying to get past the same level again and again..Version: 1.129.2

Candy crush rules!Omg! I can totally see why candy crush is so popular! It is addictive! I spend most of my weekends playing this game!.Version: 1.132.3

Money grabAfter nearly winning 4000 levels I uninstalled it. Some games got so ridiculously hard it was impossible to win without boosters which naturally you can purchase for a price. Purchasing a few things here and there for a token price would be ok for me but not the ridiculous amounts of $$s they ask. Also at the start of a hard level they will offer too you for a price boosters to help you win and progress to the next level. I asked myself “what’s the point in playing if I have to continually pay to win”..Version: 1.235.5

Great game.I am a retired person and I do love to play this game in the mornings..Version: 1.182.10

WonderfulEven though it is frustrating , I am now on level 1175 and have no competition... I have never spent money on the game but put that down to my superior intellect😏😁 Perseverance thing I don’t like is when they ‘shuffle’ the board Otherwise all good fun.. Jo.Version: 1.111.4

GameA interesting game to play.Version: 1.150.3

Great game 98% of the time!Lately there’s been a lot of opportunity for free lives, which I love and it’s what makes this one so addicting! But it’s also very easy to get bored of it when you have to wait 30 minutes for new lives sometimes. And usually that’s when I’ll stop playing for a few days or a few weeks. But when there’s extra lives, I play for hours 😬😬!!.Version: 1.102.6

Kimmys ArcadeI FINALLY just got kimmys arcade and am in LOVE with this feature!! I’ve been playing for years and this is by far my favorite!! Truly increased my rating for sure! I play just to play kimmys arcade!🤩🤩 My only gripe is I should be able to cash in my gold tickets for something. I will NOT spend money on this game, however I earn thousands of useless tickets that I’m unable to cash in or redeem! That doesn’t make sense 🤔🤔 AND on rainbow road when I have my consecutive bonus running I do not receive my double fish that I should on tier 3 and after on rainbow road which is VERY DISAPPOINTING. Also, the fish do not go to the proper place when necessary. There’s been many times when I could have beaten the level on my last move had the fish gone to the right place!! 😡😡😡.Version: 1.166.4

Love this gameI have been playing this game for over a year on & off and I love it, especially the new bonus candies if you win a game first go. The little striped bombs are even better...getting a fish bonus is my fave. My only drama was losing all my data recently due to having to do a reset on my phone, as I had passed level I have to start all over again. Arrrgghh!!! Oh, don’t love the chocolate games. They’re too fun. Love the blue gobbling turtle. Would like to see that feature more..Version: 1.106.7

Good time wasterI’ve played all the Candy Crush games at one point or another and am mostly satisfied. I’ve never felt pressured into spending real money on the game, and the ads aren’t too intrusive but I have noticed recently that some of the ads just don’t play so I end up being “cheated” out of my boosts or extra moves. If you continue to use ads to keep the game free, please review them to make sure they actually provide the boosts most people will put up with them for..Version: 1.194.6

No need to spend money if you’re patientI enjoy this game and it’s a good brain teaser at times and it’s better than scrolling FB when you’re bored. My only gripe is a few times when there has been the special beat 5 levels steal the crown and win gold, I have been wearing the crown as the time ran out but have never been awarded the built up gold. It has just happened again now. I was reigning king and the time finished yet I didn’t get any gold. 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.132.3

Fist time playingAbsolutely loving it challenging keeps you entertained Thank you so much.Version: 1.251.6

No more levels availableI love this game but it’s been 2 weeks I stopped playing because there’s no more levels to play. I am at level 8875 and still waiting for the next levels. Please fix it.Version: 1.213.2

Such a good game!There’s only 1 review so I decided I would write one too! This game is endlessy fun with many chances to pass so many levels that easily and get a high score it’s more fun when you play with your friends that way you can also make it challenge to beat them first and see who gets to the top, i would come home to play this game for hours because it is legit that addictive and I guarantee you, you won’t regret. You can unlock so many different boosters and play in many events and join teams to help your team get first place it is just one of the most phenomenal games I have ever played, I promise you you’ll love it Love this game soooo much <333.Version: 1.217.4

Love it...but latelyWhenever I have rewards to collect suddenly candy Crush can’t connect to the Internet. Every other app that I use is connecting with no difficulty. Frustrating and I’m beginning to think intentional?.Version: 1.174.5

Goods & BadsThis game is great, there are no bugs so far and everything is fine. The only thing i would say that is really annoying is they dont let us skip after playing a game. The game usually does this thing where they make lots of bombs, striped candies, fish, soda and everything after winning a game. It wastes lots of time and annoys me because we cant skip it, its really useless..Version: 1.216.4

BarbieHave ebsir.Version: 1.251.11

Problems with linking back in to my previous accountHi, I have resumed playing Candy Crush Saga after a few years off, I would love to link back into my previous details. I have several times attempted to send a msg to King re forgotten password. I have also attempted to set up a new account, however am told that some else (ME) has the same details. Where to from here please. I have always enjoyed the challenge of playing the game. Olga Walters Yes, that nickname Oggie is mine! Please solve my problem so that I can go back to where enjoying the game properly..Version: 1.204.3

Love and Obsessed, buuuut…..!Every single time I do updates I lose all my boosters… if that’s what you call them! Every fortnight nearly, I use actual cash to help in stuff and to get gold but then updates come and I lose all my freckle and gloves and lollipops etc. It takes so much work to build up a stock of them and then I lose them each time! Pleeeease can you give me some to make up for all I’ve lost? Especially as I use real money so much to build my stockpile… and then it all disappears. Last time this happened you replaced them all. Apart from this I’m addicted to this game. I play the others but THIS is the one I’m addicted to! Just love it!.Version: 1.195.6

Candy crush Soda sageI have been playing candy crush Soda saga but for the last few months, it then puts up the terms and conditions and I have to accept I cannot pass it AND then it takes me back to one again. I was over 400 games when it first happened and after taking me to game one again, now on a weekly basis…..I am getting annoyed. Can you help me ..Version: 1.223.3

EnjoyI enjoy this game but the commercials locked up my iPad and I had to start over. The commercials are very annoying and make me wonder when it locked my screen..Version: 1.134.3

Becomes impossible after level 3500While I appreciate the game designers need to provide and ever-escalating level of challenge, this game reached a tipping point for me after around level 3500 where the frustration outweighed the pleasure of the game. If I’ve reached close to level 4000 on both Crushes, then I’m by no means a novice player. But there ceases to be any fun in playing a level 12,15,20 times, knowing that the level remains impossible to beat even with the best combination of boosters, and in the end it’s just waiting for dumb luck to provide the right combination to get the level defeated. I’ve never hollered at a game before this one. I finally deleted the app out of disgust. And let’s talk about the 30-40 second long ads every time I re-start the level and want an extra booster, or want a play extension at the end. I don’t need another widget or pair of waterproof pants. I began to perceive that the game existed only to generate ad revenue for the game developers. Which is fine in moderation given that it’s a free game. But when I’ve had to sit through ten minutes of ads in playing twenty levels, it begins to become TOO much..Version: 1.186.2

I’m the bestI love this game.Version: 1.154.5

Previous Review Deleted. Let’s try again.My previous review was deleted due to my usage of some strong language. Let’s do this again. I am an avid fan of this game. I’ve been playing since 2015 and am on level 2067. This most recent update is highly displeasing. One of my favorite parts of this game was the “quest” aspect, which allowed you to earn rewards upon the completion of certain tasks. Now, the quests have been removed in favor of the team based “Mr. Toffee’s Fair”. My teammates are quite frankly, useless and are holding back my gameplay. I see no reason for a forced team aspect in this single player game. I didn’t join Candy Crush to make friends; that’s ridiculous. Finally, my main problem with this new update is the addition of ads. I do not want to sit through a 30 second long ad for the most recent pillage the village style game in the App Store. This is a racket, and it’s despicable. Bring back my quests. Axe Mr. Toffee. I will not be playing until things change. -A long time fan.Version: 1.143.8

I’m soThe first time you.Version: 1.247.4

I really like this gameIt might take quite a few attempts to pass the difficult levels but the challenge is all part of the enjoyment and I have never bought anything! The recent addition of getting extra moves for watching an advert is useful but sometimes clicking on this just leaves me with a black screen which can last hours..Version: 1.176.3

Love and hate this game!I am hooked on playing this every day, I think it’s part of my brain wind down ritual. The chocolate and bubblegum levels are my least favourite and I can’t stand how the fish don’t know where the bears are in the ice, but still the continual updates are great!!.Version: 1.163.5

Love this game! Suggestions for improvements...I love this game and I’ve been playing for probably more than 2 years now almost on a daily basis. I even sometimes buy boosts if I’ve been stuck on a level for a while or am about to lose a streak. That being said, I have a few suggestions that would change my review to 5 stars: 1- as others have mentioned, a way to skip the remainder of the level when you’ve hit your goals and still have moves left. It’s annoying to watch most times. 2- the lighting bolt energy used for different events now re-loads wayyyyy too slowly. 1 bolt per hour? Bear brawl has become one of my favorite new additions, but I’m at the point in the arenas where I need 100 energy to play one round. That means it takes more than 3 days to load... and considering that that same energy is needed for the Crown event, I have to pick between the two. I understand that there are ways to get more bolts without spending money, but I’ve been slow to get those when I’m stuck on levels and then become stuck on finding “clues”. I really like to compete for the crown and I really like the Bear Brawl, but there needs to be quicker loading times for the energy, and maybe even a split of different types of energy for these two events. Thank you!!.Version: 1.192.3

Give me more challenges love candy crush saga.Some stages are hard but love 💔 them as it challenges me with my brain injury frustration at times but eventually I get their. Coast soooo much money when your piggy bank is full at times I’ve had to ignore it till I could afford it..Version: 1.157.4

Great jobIt is an amazing game I got it today and I have been addicted to it it is so fun and I love all of the different levels and I think you should add in more of those people that talk when you go to the levels list path things and just a little question but what are they for..... But yea it is amazing and a little addictive 🤪 I would definitely get it from the App Store if I saw it.Version: 1.135.13

#1 fanJe joue a tous les jours et plusieurs fois par jours… Par contre, je suis complètement choqué d’apprendre que certains ont accès à des publicités afin d’obtenir des coups supplémentaires et/ou des bonbons spéciaux.. je joue depuis plusieurs années et je n’ai pas cette chance.. de plus je déteste la nouvelle fonction « club social » car on me peut plus recevoir de vies supplémentaires de nos amis.. je ne peut donc pas profiter et jouer sans manquer de vie..Version: 1.246.2

GoodPlay.Version: 1.245.3

Lost all my levelsSeem to have lost all my levels.Version: 1.149.1

The new update versionI have updated the game recently and can not play it at all! The new update has so many problem. Please fix it immediately..Version: 1.186.3

Upset.I love this game and play for fun. Don’t want to compete with other players. For months now I have not been able to play because the game will not open or opens then shuts down. Sometimes will open, let me get things for that day including free lives for an hour, may even let me play for a few seconds then shuts down. I have tried all sorts to see if I can get it to open properly without any luck. Won’t even let me delete the game..Version: 1.233.3

Great fun ...but...Love this, however I thing the developers may be missing a trick. A few years ago I was offered a very tempting super sweet 3 hour deal for 99p. Who could refuse?! Ever since I have been offered the same deal for £8.99. At no point am I ever going to blow £8.99 popping virtual candies, though I think it’s fair to say that I would have been tempted at least once a month to spend 99p. Over the last 3 years they could have made a possible £36ish, but their apparent greed has backfired and they have made nothing from me. I suspect I’m not the only person who thinks this way. Food for thought. Still mindless fun though without paying anything..Version: 1.186.2

GreatGood game to pass time.Version: 1.103.9

Ads are dodgyGreat game, very addictive. However in order to get extra help to replay a game you need to watch an ad. Some of these ads are dodgy - such as the ‘weight loss’ pills/drink which left me wondering about bugs and also made me uncomfortable. Some ads just leave a white screen and you are unable to play the game for over 10 minutes. Sort out who you collaborate with for your ads and fix the white screen bug and I would give you 5stars..Version: 1.107.6

What happened?For the last week I have received the ‘No Internet’ icon show up at the beginning of the game. Now I know I AM connected because I’ve just gone out of Safari (the iPad internet) or gone from the game of the day in other games, so I know I am connected to the internet. What is going on within your app? It is frustrating because I do not get the bonus’ for the day. But, when I play the first game, the adds will appear which says to me that I am connected to the internet. This does not seem right that I have to put up with adds but not get the bonuses that should come every day just for playing. Now to be fair, this started after you all were supposed to be giving unlimited access to the game because of this shut down in our lives due to the Coronavirus. Please fix this problem. Thanks you..Version: 1.165.9

Im a fully grown “adult” child!Really fun to pass the time, I get so into the game that I have to give myself a time limit in which I can play, otherwise I’d be playing 24/7. It helps that you don’t have to be connected to WiFi either! So if your looking for something simple, colourful, with lots of little tasks that can help you to win special candies than this is the game for you..Version: 1.116.2

Fun up until level 700sI played for 3 months and throughly enjoyed the game which is why I’ve given it 4 stars. The game became difficult quickly after level 700 and expensive. I left at level 737 with about 40 boosters unused. It wasn’t worth playing the remaining boosters as no longer fun..Version: 1.207.4

ReviewsTotal relaxing good pass time n enjoyable.Version: 1.142.4

JacquiI’ve been playing this game for years now and have always enjoyed it. I have managed to accumulate a nice bunch of boosters and I’m currently on my third week of player of the week to win overall. I’m also top of the leader board on Kimmys canon ball run However, over the past few days it has been a bit glitchy and today I can’t log in either on my phone or iPad, it just keeps saying ’cannot connect to server please try later’. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that doesn’t work. Please fix this as I don’t want to lose everything!.Version: 1.219.3

Best Game EverI've been playing for over 5 years...say no more.Version: 1.122.2

GameGoood.Version: 1.248.1

Candy CrushI just start playing Candy Crush I love it.Version: 1.174.5

Game won't loadI haven't been able to play for a couple of months now and nothing has changed with the last two updates. The app loads fine until I try entering my level game and then I constantly get booted, it just won't load!! Please fix this, I want to continue playing..Version: 1.102.6

This gameI really like this game cuz it’s sooo easy 2 bee play’n.Version: 1.248.1

Annoying!Very frustrating to have the game crash when you pass a level and get a "rainbow" reward. Some days I have tried to do a level only to have it crash me out half a dozen times. Get so ticked off I move on to another game that doesn't do this to me. Time it gets sorted as it appears that I am not the only one having this problem..Version: 1.114.5

A crush on soda crushDaily rewards, rewards for passing levels and increasing difficulty without being totally impossible makes this a great Candy Crush. Only problem I have is with the fish being very stupid and clearly not in the loop about what the aim is and how to help me achieve that. Often random and useless!.Version: 1.102.9

YeahNo problem.Version: 1.248.1

QuestionI keep getting golden tickets what can I do with them.Version: 1.193.2

Best game ever!I love candy crush I have been playing this for 2 years and it is so cool! I gave it five stars because all my friends and I play it together all the time and they gave it five stars so I thought I would do it too!.Version: 1.215.3

PatheticFor a company that has made as much ca$h on a game as King has on CCSS the obscene number of issues with this game is beyond disgraceful and renders the game zero fun. 1.) related to the mini game “No internet access. Try again later.” For over 5 days now. AND 2.) the race update after every completed level never changes. First, second and third place stay exactly the same as if no one is advancing. Has been stuck on the same counts for more than a week. Sadly, the app link for “support” leads to “404 Not Found”. Thus, a review was the only way to pass along this info. After achieving much but losing out on all the rewards, the irritation eclipses any enjoyment whatsoever. If you do not want product support info to be aired in a review, FIX THE SUPPORT LINK!!! Deleting this time waster. Right NOW..Version: 1.156.3

Pretty good but...Very fun and cleverly thought out. BUT...really wish there was a prize wheel too. Some levels seem impossible but the more you play that level, the easier it becomes - like it's all pre-arranged, which is kinda disheartening. Also, it would be cool if you ended a level with a Color Bomb or striped candy, that it would go into a "bank" of extras you could use later. Nothing worse than feeling that treat you just earned was for nothing! Would also appreciate Bubblegum Hill being offered more often and for a longer, more consistent period and not on a random basis. Many times I open the game and Bubblegum only has a couple of hours left, even though I've played within the 24 period that it implies it's been active but it didn't show up! I even exit out of the game to see if it's going to appear but it doesn't always. Overall, a fun, addictive game. Just know that it's a game of luck, not skill..Version: 1.110.6

StrategyThis is a game of strategy and thinking. It’s not exactly rocket science… LOL… But your decisions resultant either when you’re losing. And this silly game is fun, annoying, but I keep playing it anyway. When it gets to the point that I’m stuck, I just remove the game remote the game and start over! I also have a candy crush saga game going at the same time, so I switch back-and-forth, and when I get stuck on one game, I play the other, until I can get some more lives in the game in which I am STUCK! Strategy! Not rocket science, but fun. As a Christian, I will not play a game where people shoot each other and kill each other , So this one fits the bill do you relieve boredom, and you’re not strategizing and how to kill a bunch of people… LOL. Have a good time, and write a review as to how you feel. Got to get back to the game!.Version: 1.215.3

Too Many Pop-UpsI’ve been playing this game for years and while I will continue to play it, the number of invasive pop-ups that occur when I open the app or solve a level is beyond a joke. All I want to do is play my game. I don’t need all of the gimmicks and sales. Stop the pop-ups please!.Version: 1.225.3

Quick easy changes that will make me rate it 5 starsI love all 4 of the candy crush games Saga, Soda, Jelly and now friends. I have noticed with this Soda (which is my absolute favorite out of all of them) will not allow you to skip the animations when the level is complete and is counting your score up as well showing your bonuses. This would be a big help when trying to knock out a couple levels when your at work on breaks. I have put quite a bit of money and hours into this game and i do not mind at all. It is worth it to keep me happy. I love the infinite lives and bonus moves for the levels and that you give us free gifts for log ins and just as events. This gives the people who do not want to spend on games the opportunity to advance and win extra goodies as well! A lot of other games are not as generous as you with the paid for content. So thank you for the fantastic games and keep them coming. All i request is the opportunity to tap the screen to skip the all animations i have a short attention span so lose interest when you get 4 or more in a row. You have this feature with Jelly and friends. Can we get it on saga and soda please? Thank you and keep up the great work!.Version: 1.143.6

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