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Angry Birds 2 App User Positive Comments 2024

Angry Birds 2 app received 103 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about angry birds 2?

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Angry Birds 2 for Positive User Reviews

Angry birds go way better than thisI’ve played a small bit of this game and from what I know too many ads it’s a mobile game so it’s all pay2win cash grab stuff but I feel like there’s a lot of way smaller rovid games that make it way more fun for no reason AT ALL wink wink for a instance or two angry birds go ridiculously less ads way more fun gameplay and game itself it’s small but a great pocket sized adventure however you cannot download it anymore they removed it for some reason second instance the transformers game it’s simple run and gun angry birds game but believe this big catch ROBOT BIRDS was the entire mind set for that game even if they both sound weird or dumb a cart racing angry birds and run and gun they are weird but way way way way better than this hot trash but however it still fits the angry birds quota so if u want more download this game but just don’t think about the annoying parts also if any sort of rovio review reader well reads this tell somebody to bring back go it is so much fun.Version: 3.12.1

Btw sorry if I texted the one about my brother twice….I actually leave a better report Mabe you could like make on Roblox an Angry birds 2 game like this and you can pick who you wanna be that would be cool for my little brother as he plays Roblox allot everyday she’s obsessed with it now but Mabe if I text her what I said here then show him what happened on Roblox I think that would make him very happy! You wouldn’t be able to do that so pls could you just Mabe like update the game from like what the other person said about the glitches and at the end when you have to face the master piggy Mabe you could Make him like easier to kill because he goes thorough AlLoT and still doesn’t die so I would say a great THANKYOU on my next report and give it a five star but now I’ll Mabe give it a 4 or 3 for reading this Thankyou!☺️🐷.Version: 3.0.0

Gambling in the fortune elevatorWhy. I had 116 gems and now i have 6. This is all thanks to the gambling elevator mini game. I patiently waited 24 hours for the game to become available and to win some chikin feathers or a lovely new hat, until wham bam yes ma’am they were gone. I am spiritually and mentally hurt from this experience. I gambled?! What would my parents think???? Little old me gambling in angry birds, scandalous, outrageous. I am currently one heck of an ANGRY HUMAN!! Sent with love Yors truely.Version: 3.13

Nasty bugThis bug is still a problem! It froze on me yesterday morning just before the end of the arena and I’m still locked out almost 24 hours later. Not good for clan relationships! I love this game and have often given it great reviews but this time I have a complaint. Far too frequently the game freezes at the point where you need to spend gems to keep playing. This can't be good for Rovio any more than the players. With the new clan system, it means that not only are we let down, but we let our clan members down as well by losing points that we would otherwise not have lost had we been able to actually spend the gems for which we have paid. In the past, I have been locked out of the game for several days by such freezes. This is not good enough. PS it is not my internet connection. Everything else works perfectly..Version: 2.17.1

BugsAngry birds is and has been quite enjoyable through the last few years. However, the experience would be much more exciting if the game would not freeze or crash. For example, when entering the colliseum and getting ready for battle, the game would crash. This error continued until i reinstalled the app but would come back after a while. Please fix this bug. Thank You..Version: 2.33

Game not loading on iPad AirI’ve been playing AB for many years. Love the game to help relax me after a long day. After your last update the game is not loading on my iPad. The Rovio logo comes up for a few seconds but nothing. I’ve tried a few of the tricks I’ve read about, disabling wifi, using airplane mode, hard reboot, but nothing works. Can you do another upgrade to fix the problem please. I don’t want to delete and then reinstall to start all over again. Thank you..Version: 2.53.1

GoodKills some time.Version: 2.15.1

Standing ovation👏This game has stood out to me for YEARS now and I’m pretty sure I downloaded it... must of been 4/5 years ago and ever since then (you may be reading years later🙃) I’m still picking my jaw off the floor 😮in amazement. If you are reading through the reviews about 2 download a new game to shatter your boredom or just for the fun |” DOWNLOAD THIS GAME “| this is an immensely fun fun game with challenges, H2H sling-offs, hats for extra power, and amazing rewards, this is THE BEST GAME (also if you have seen the editors pics, the birds don’t get concussion. As red says, “pain is temporary, anger is forever” anger will (sometimes) come at some of the hard levels or boss piggies, but I have learnt, leave it for a week, and you will succeed. THANK YOU ROVIO KEEP MAKING GREAT GAMES 💯.Version: 3.12.1

Won’t loadStuck on loading screen. Game just hangs and won’t load up. On iOS 12. What a waste of time. Tried to uninstall and reinstall but just get the same every time. Rovio you really need to sort out. Angry birds2 was the best ya ever did. You never listen to people anymore. I wouldn’t even give 1 star. Rovio support is terrible. Ya send a request for support and all they do is email you stupid stuff by saying to access support via the game.....ummmm it don’t load.Version: 2.31

Hatchling featureI think it’s an ok game but the hatchling I hatched and spent weeks looking after, I accidentally didn’t feed him enough and it said he would leave in 59 minutes. 4 days later he was still there, however when I missed one day he left in the afternoon. I think making you get 5 apples before you get to feed it is bad and I think you should be able to feed him no matter how many apples you have and to fill it’s hunger, so it only has to eat 5 apples but doesn’t need to eat them all in one meal P.s I was very upset when he left.Version: 2.64

Great game .. but really weird bug ruined progressI used to play this game a lot and loved playing it, thus why it's rated 3 stars, but then I stopped playing it for a while. After I came back I could not go into the game at all as it kept saying "You are not connected to the Internet" even though I already was. Naturally confused, I thought it could have been an update and updated the game. However it still didn't fix the weird bug, so I had to reinstall so it would work properly. Very disappointed that all my progress on levels are gone.Version: 2.21.2

This game is too goodThis game is Angry Birds but with more features which makes it more fun. More characters, game modes and different hats to put on the birds. The only difficult thing about it is the hat shop. Whenever I go to the hat shop, my game always crashes afterwards, I don’t know why..Version: 3.11.3

Good game, but ads stickWhy do you allow ads that users cannot close out of when they’re finished (Lingo Ace). The app has to be restarted. Not a great user experience..Version: 2.59.1

Good game. Relatively fair monetisation.Given how some mobile games developers/ publishers have veered off on a tangent when it comes to monetisation schemes, I’m pleasantly surprised by how (relatively) fair Rovio has conducted business with Angry Birds 2. At heart, AB2 is a fun, sometimes-challenging experience; and to date, it is one of only two games that has managed to stay on my device for more than 30 minutes. To Rovio and other publishers out there: it pays to be fair in the long-term. If you’re gonna spam me with 30-second ads after 30 seconds of gameplay, then I WILL delete your app within 30 minutes (irrespective of the quality of the app). Think now: just how much ads/ MTX revenue you’re missing out on because of those 30 seconds… I really hope other devs/ publishers take note..Version: 2.56.1

Loved the first iterationYep, I loved the first iteration. This one is ok for a while, but the whole pay to play? Thanks, but no. You got...maybe $30 from me today. We’ll call it quits..Version: 2.39.1

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME NOW I STARTED 5 MINUTES AGOSo, I got this angry birds 5 minutes ago I started level 1 and moved onto the next one I got a bird key I looked at the birds and chose the last one Terence. I bought him with the key cause this morning I watched a person have Leonard as the boss and he had Terence and Bomb. Terence is so OP because he is the hugest ever In angry birds! I’m now at the first boss level at level 5 and then I came to level 7 I got a bird key again and accidentally got Matilda but then I used her aswell in game and she is OP like Terence and they are sooooooo much better then Red. I use Terence and Matilda every single first round and every time I got 3 stars!! And I love how you all used the pigs to look worried while aiming this game is so animated too! And I keep ranking up so this is sooooooo amazing!!! If you want to get 3 stars or rank up join this community! I also rate this 5 Stars!! Angry birds is amazing and the 2 movies join this game now!!!Also now I’m goT last another boss level and got a ducky spell and blizzard spell I used them and they are very helpful! XxTheSecretClubxX.Version: 3.2

Fun, but annoying at timesI really enjoy the game and there are so many levels so it means it would take a while to finish and get bored and on top of that you get extra game modes like the arena! But what annoys me is that one of the daily quests is claim your gem letter, AND THAT COSTS MONEY! And I think the devs made it hard to watch when the hatchling leaves and I feel that younger players might be upset by this, seeing the cute hatchling take one last look at you before it goes...... also I wish you could use power ups in boss levels! Like at least limit the spells you can use in one! anyway on a positive not it’s really fun and I enjoy the clans in the game and I saved up to get one. It’s called: ThePlasmaSparkz . Anyway, fun game and I do enjoy it, but at times it’s annoying and a cash grab.Version: 2.55.1

An issueI like angry birds but an issue is I bought the fantasy hat when it while it was an event but it kicked me out of the game and when I got back on I didn’t have the hat anymore and my currency was gone so I bought it but I DID NOT GET IT.Version: 2.44

Absolutely insane game, and you can add a level editor!This has to be by far the best game that I have ever played! It was such an upgrade from the original! The graphics are amazing, the birds are awesome, and it is for FREE! Can you believe that? And its gameplay is great, too, because it has 3400+ levels that you can play, but just one improvement will make your game absolutely phenomenal. Behold, a level editor! This would be an insane thing to add because you could make your own levels with however many rooms you want, the materials for the buildings, your theme, surroundings, and all those pigs! And you can even make your own boss levels! This is an absolutely amazing idea for your game and I would love for you to try it! Oh, and I wanted to remind you, there are just a few bugs that you need to fix. When I play the Daily Challenge if I exit it without completing it the sound effects are removed and you can only hear the music. Please fix that. Other than that, you took the time to make this great game that everyone loves..Version: 3.11.3

Just a requestHello! I looooooooooooove angry birds. I was just like to do a request. Maybe in it there could be a gifting thing. Where other players can gift gems pearls spells and chests to other players, because currently I’m on no pearls or gems and my mum as a looooooot of gems and pearls and we were like I wish we could gift. So hopefully you get this and could maybe add it to the game. That will make angry birds so much more amazing, although it already is😊 Can you please consider this if that’s ok. Thankyou!!!!!!😃.Version: 2.33.1

Great, but.. ❗️PLEASE READ❗️I personally really enjoy this game, but there is something I would like to mention. I’ve noticed the game has potential to be a bit money hungry at times. For example, if you run out of birds, it does charge a lot of gems to only get 3 birds extra to work with. But if you put some time into the game, you will find yourself quickly earning gems. The thing I think everyone needs to know is this: if you decide to get a hatchling to boost your flock, it will urge you to feed it every day to prevent it from flying away, and the longer you leave it, the sadder and more dejected it looks. However, I have left it for weeks at a time, and when I open the game again, the timer says I apparently have exactly an hour before it flies away. My point is, you do not need to feed it every day. The only bad thing that comes from not feeding it, is it stops giving the flock a boost. Overall, a touch annoying but still a great game :).Version: 2.52

Nice game Rovio 🥰Hey 👋, This game is an awesome app! I’ve been a big fan of the original AB and I love this new style of the birds and pigs! I really liked how you kept to the concept of how the original birds abilities were (for example, Matilda laying an egg bomb and bubbles blowing up)! Next off, I would personally rate this app 4/5 because it chews up my data and battery life on my iPhone. It would be appreciated if you could use a setting where it reduces data and battery usage. Another thing is that you could add more extra birds in this game! For example, Dahlia and Willow from Angry Birds Stella! I really missed them! Also, remember when Stella had a different ability called “pink flash” in ABS? You could add that in and add the feature of switching her ability from blowing bubbles to having pink flash (and vice versa, if you get what I mean) Yours sincerely, Emily 😁.Version: 2.43.2

Enjoyable, but extremely riggedThis game is enjoyable, and too and extent I’d say it’s one of my favourite games to play. However it’s not just those birds that are angry. I, too, am extremely angry with the outcome of this game, most of the time. From the rigged mini games, and more so, rigged levels which are near enough impossible to complete, what’s the deal with those? Additionally, having the daily challenge locked behind a pay wall is a huge turn off, why should I have to pay £10 to complete the daily challenge? Furthermore, the arena matchmaking is broke, putting me against equal players on a low streak but as soon as it becomes high I can never beat anyone I’m against as they’re near 20+ power above me. Changes need to be implemented to make this game less P2W, and definitely less rigged..Version: 2.29.2

Great game, can't get enough of it.Sometimes though, it does seem to be manipulated in the background. If you going to loose in the battle it will normally be 4 or 7 consecutive wins. If you won a tournament, you will find it very hard to win back to back tournaments. This seems a little difficult to handle if your paying for lives etc. sometimes all of a room will fall easily then the next time it takes 3 or 4 birds because they don't want you to beat the opponent. just saying... Tournaments are also rigged, all of a sudden there will be a player that appears just one point behind you when you are over one hundred points ahead of everyone else. I smell a rat!! There is no way I would spend any money getting advantages in this game. It’s all rigged..Version: 2.16.1

Not happyHave been playing for sometime now really injoy relaxing and playing but lately the game has started to annoyed with the game I know adds pay for the game but the adds glitch and I and losing gems and the game crashes almost ready to delete.Version: 2.30

Problems with version 3.21There are a few problems with version 3.21 On iPad you can’t play Arena or Clan Battle. The cogs on the bottom right hand side don’t move and the game freezes and drops out every time forcing you to log back in,but you still can’t play Arena or Clan Battle even when you do. On iPhoneX the bonus rewards cards freeze and you have to reboot the iPhone to collect the rewards. You’ve got some bugs and they’re a problem. Please fix them..Version: 3.21

Absolutely AmazingAs a person who was born in 2010 which was the peak of angrybirds I obviously have nostalgia. Since I was younger I played all the angry birds games, Angry Birds 1, That one Angry Birds RPG, Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies and the list goes on. When I got my new iPad at the age of 10 Angry Birds 2 was one of the first games I got and it’s my favorite mobile game which may seem kinda weird judging that my favorite console game is Dark Souls. Now I’m 12 and I still love the game being that I was playing it before the notification to write a review came on. The pvp is amazing, the new features such as breeding are also cool, the level design in intuitive and the addition of bosses only makes gameplay better. The new birds are also cool same with the level up systems, upgrades, hats and more. The mechanic where you can get an extra bird card if you do good is also cool. I think this is peak ab andI think Rovio nailed it. My only feedback would be if you could add some characters from the angrybirds show. Also later on the gameplay is kinda repetitive so like perks and builds for birds could also be sick but that’s about it..Version: 3.9

My hatchling, MuradI named my hatchling Murad and I got a funny result. I got a white bird who seemed funny. But seriously, this game is more fun than many other games I have played. It is a strategy game, one where you have to plan your next move but it is a strategy game in a very fun way, and in a way that I enjoy. You can play hundreds of levels, with varying levels of difficulty, but the thing that I like is that no matter how hard they are, none are impossible. Overall, A really great game with a fun theme and easy to understand mechanics..Version: 2.20.2

Last updateI have loved playing this game for over a year. But since the last update, I am unable to open this app. What a shame.Version: 2.24.0

Better than other angry birdsThis game is more 3D , less boring , and harder than some of the other angry birds . I like it. Good job angry birds team I say.Version: 2.38.2

Put the apples back in the shops!I have spent thousands of gems for the 50 pack and it is really resourceful. Ever since it got removed, everything started going down. Even while completing the daily challenge everyday, the apples weren’t enough for my chick that needed only 10! Also, remove the lego ad that says ‘play the bonus game, receive your reward.’ Every single time I use the tower of fortune and get on a super high level, I use an ad to continue, that ad that was previously mentioned shows up and there wasn’t a game, so the screen is pitch black and I have no choice but to lose everything and reload my game!.Version: 3.4.1

Very disappointing.The only reason I have given this game a five star review is because if you don’t it gets hidden. The new version of Arena cuts out every single time I try to play it and I have to start at the beginning again. This game constantly freezes at crucial times, causing the loss of hard earned gems, pearls and progress in the game. It’s also very frustrating to have no response from them about what can be done. It looks like this has been an ongoing problem for years..Version: 2.48.1

If you bring back angry birds epic it be very good ratingsIf i would have to rate i would rate it 6.5/10.Version: 3.6

Misty McGlideLove the game but I’m Soo Sick and Tired of the videos NOT playing when you need to watch a video to get another bird to try and win the Arena battle, ESPECIALLY after I’ve spent money on gems getting to the stages I’ve been at!! I’ve lost my streak so many times because the app won’t let me play the video for another bird! I’m OVER it!! 😡 Secondly, if you want us to keep playing, you need to make sure the levels can EVENTUALLY be passed without buying gems!! I’m on level 1026, so not a newbie, but I’ve played the level over the last THREE WEEKS! and I can’t pass it without gems!! REALLY GUYS????.Version: 2.18.0

It’s alright…Angry birds 2 is a fun game with many levels but after a while it starts to get repetitive. There is an arena battle but most of the challengers you face are bots and you need to be higher up on the weekly leaderboard to actually get seemingly real players. And arena tickets are kind of hard to get. Angry birds also has their own gambling system “the tower of fortune” where you get rewards but risk losing them every single lvl you go past. The closest is you click on a card and you get the reward but if you click on a piggy you lose everything. The thing is you can spend gems on it and when you spend gems you just end up losing them and then kids go to their parents to ask for money for more gems to keep playing. They also have a clan thing where you can join or make clans with friends. The only problem with this is they cost gems witch most people don’t want to spend on a clan they are probably only going to get 1 or 2 players on. If the devs of angry birds see this please change this feature. In short angry birds is an alright game good to play when ur bored 😑 but they may need to change a few things..Version: 3.4.2

Ok.I like the older games better, but still a good game. Although, with the hatchling, and if you don’t feed it enough it’ll run away thing, kinda scares me. I know it’s just a game, but it still freaks me out, so instead of playing the game, I just don’t because then the hatching won’t go away unless you start playing. Scares me. Anyway, I also don’t like the fact that this game has fake ads. I saw one where it was like: Red had to reach the bathroom, and there were obstacles, and you had to pick the best tool to get rid of the obstacle. So, yeah. That does NOT happen in the actual game. I also saw one where it was a playable ad, and it was 3D. The actual game doesn’t work like that. Angry Birds is a franchise close to my heart, and I know you guys only care about the money, (Like virtually every company ever) but it hurts me when you misguide people. It didn’t misguide me, seeing as I already had this game when I saw those ads, but I hate that your misguiding other people. But, anyway, it’s a fun game. But it gets boring after a while..Version: 3.14.1

In app purchases failed and then you took money from accountHi please can you refunded me my money you’ve taken from my account, my purchases in the purchase of gems failed so tried again and it failed again but apple support said you’ve charged me for 5 purchases which I didn’t do and you’ve put the gems on my account, please take them off as they said they’d failed so I don’t want them just return the charges on my card and you need to look into this as it’s wrong that this has happened to me, when this is done I’m going to delete the game as there is an issue with your game. Thankyou Mrs Veronica wood..Version: 2.47

Addictive and entertaining, but small problem.So I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s amazing. One of the best games to pass the time, up until you’re out of hearts. My only issues are that when you run out of birds for a level and depending on luck for such. So let’s say I’m playing a level, on the last room and I fling my last bird. Most of the time, I just barely succeed. Other times, it’s either the bird misses completely or it forced me to pay gems just so the scene can play out even though the bird’s shot was perfect. I’ve wasted at least 180+ gems just to spare a few seconds for the scene to play out and it gets really annoying and agitating because I’ll be doing so well, only to be crushed by disappointment and frustration. And power ups and extra cards cost so many gems, it’s almost impossible to save up. Especially with the tower of fortune; I haven’t even made it past the 20th floor because the pig keeps catching me off guard. I’ve been robbed so much to the point of where I actually have to pick cards at a random pattern and hope I don’t get looted because it feels like a 8/10 chance of losing the rewards..Version: 2.60.2

I Love the game, but please fix issuesI love this game, but there are glitches where birds would not shoot from the sling and just die by the sling. I have checked my iPhone, there are no issues with screen response to touch. Also sometimes the birds don’t shoot on the actual way that I choose to shoot..Version: 2.20.2

The Coolest Game EverWhoever made this game is fab like omg I always love to play this game it is the most addictive and fun game I’ve ever played and guess what,U told my whole family to download this amazing game hope you guys come up with another version and another amazing game.Version: 2.41.2

Great game but it could use a few fixes.I love angry birds and I always have. Me and my dad would play it together when I was little. But Rovio could change a few things. First thing, it’s pay to win. Black pearls are hard to get for hats unless your a good player, but to be a good player you have to buy hats with black pearls. Then along with everybody who plays the game, I don’t want to wait a half hour to play again if I lose my hearts. It is very clear Rovio is trying to take your money, but maybe I would spend it if you let me play the game well without spending money. Now, I know I have said a lot of things, but this will not stop me from playing this game. Overall very good game. I love angry birds and I always have okay, for real for real. Also, when are you going to come out with the new angry birds game I took a servey about to see what I would like in a new game. It’s okay if you take a while to make it, I’ve waited years for another game, but I’m dying for AB game baby! And I would also like if you could find a way to make another Angry Birds movie, it would be awesome! Other than all the things I said up top, (I’m still gonna give you 5 stars) AB2 is a great game. don’t stop making great entertainment Rovio! Love you Rovio, keep doing what your doing!.Version: 3.12

Love tossing the birdReally enjoy this season or segment of Angry Birds. However, the ads are ridiculously long, disappointing and a nuisance of epic proportions. I get it, just not going to accept it for much longer.Version: 3.9

My honest reviewI like this game it’s a good call back to the original version and it’s done right. However not every game is perfect it comes with issues. The jump in difficulty seems a little unfair at times slowly start to get crazy don’t even get me started on Pigsenyland. You could restart but they will either required an ad or the stupid currency that is really hard to obtain and he wants to spend like thousands of dollars on it which I understand and I can’t get too mad about micro transactions because they’re optional but having a limited amount of ads to just get a free try again as well as the modern life system which I hate modern life systems which instead of feeling a level I’m running out of lives I have an restarting from that place you have to wait an obscene amount of time. I feel like some parts are incredibly RNG based which is annoying. However I do appreciate the new contact that it produces like bringing back previous birds or having a connection with the second movie. Final verdict it’s pretty solid it could definitely be better it gets a 8/10 for me.Version: 3.6

😁🔥😡🔥🤬Fun at first until you realise that there’s a point at which progression requires your hard earned cash. The two times black pearls which give you 2x the amount of pearls doesn’t always work especially when you get higher amounts of them 🤑 shady. When playing multiplayer you start off with opponents at your lvl, towards the end we’re the loot is good you get matched with opponents 10x even 20x out of your league. Not only that it’s not live so matching algorithms are obviously rigged🤑. All the levels are basically the same, each lvl has a chance at being two layouts meaning in each lvl the lvls have that chance. The game doesn’t reward you enough for progressing through the campaign, just a couple chests every now and then that give you 150 or less feathers, we marketers call it drip feeding- a little keeps you always desiring more as human nature deems it so. Perfect game for kids to be drawn into transactions even adults😉 but hey what can I say do whatever is necessary to make outrages amounts of cash that probably appears as 10 figure numbers on the devs screens😂😂👌🏼.Version: 2.21.0

What an incredible gameReally fun and it makes me wanna keep on playing sooo much. I realllllly enjoy playing this and I play it most of the time. I’m really happy that they made this game. I think everyone will love it and I really agree that anyone reading this should play it..Version: 2.35.1

Pretty goodThere are a few problems related to the game, however. The gameplay is a bit repetitive. No matter what, it is just slinging birds and knocking down buildings. It would be nice for something different once in a while. I would also like it if the game crashes in the middle of arena mode, you would lose the round. This is to prevent people taking advantage of the system, but it has prevented me from playing that mode. Also, please add an auto feed feature to the hatching. I have so many apples it doesn’t matter. Make it cost twice as much, I don’t care. Other than that, I’d say the game is ok. If you are stuck on a level, use all your spells. I got up to level 500 this way. If you are patient with the game, it can give you good rewards. For example, I have nearly 4,000 gems from tower of fortune and daily quests..Version: 2.53

Predatory business practicesThis game has very predatory and cunning ways of ensuring the users who are free to play are cast aside and forced to wait egregiously long periods of time to access features, or make them pay for multiple items in order to play the game. The consistency of this monetization across the entire app will leave anyone who plays the game frustrated and stunned at the scale of pay walls within this app. It is disappointing that the greed of Rovio has consumed every facet of this game to the point it is at. Whether it be gems, apples, replays, or the lack of choice to view ads in order to have access to features that should inherently be free, this game seeks to force its players to spend money in order to enjoy it. Do anything but download this app. You will find the hardships and frustrations of the corporate greed from this app less tolerable than almost any other hobby you could replace it with. It makes me sad to see the corrupted and predatory practices that are used on AAA games be used to a more extreme degree in this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, unless you want to waste time and money..Version: 3.14

It gets boring and I don’t like it too much but it is goodGive me a few more minutes to confirm with your team members that you have received a message from ME.Version: 3.1

Inconsistent but has some positivesI enjoy Ab2 but it does have a lot of problems with inconsistency. For example, the tower of fortune will crash on exit or after watching an ad to continue you can’t click on the cards for rewards. Now this is one small bug stopping you from playing hat dress up of getting a bird leveled up but my main problem is the arena. The matchmaking system for the arena is (from my understanding) based solely of your league and arena points that you get by winning matches. This seems fair until you realize that that has absolutely nothing to do with your bird or flock power and if you just unlocked a bird, It makes it very difficult for you to compete fairly if your opponent’s flock power (which is basically multipliers) is 320 and yours is 280. Another issue is it being pay-to-win. Want to get higher bird levels? Buy some feathers for 10 bucks. Want to beat story mode? Dream on. Still fun if you enjoy the same old thing over and over and over, and winning by watching seemingly helpful ads and some twice a year event where you get more [insert item here]. But if you enjoy classic angry birds, it’s a very good, subtle twist on it with new birds and boss pigs, which I love the concept of. At some point, you will spend money on this free game, so be warned, but have fun!.Version: 3.18.3

Definite 5 StarThis game is rated extremely low at 4.6 stars. They do have in app purchase but there isn’t a single part of the game that you need it for. You could play this game for 3 hours straight per day without having to spend a penny. If you are someone that rated this game 1 star because of adverts and in app purchases then that would suggest that you cannot complete a single level with 5 attempts, then 5 chances at adventure, then free tickets for the ranked side. You could lose 15 times in a row and still get more gameplay. There are real people that go to work every day to maintain and improve this game. They can’t pay their bills with goodwill and fairy dust. Give them a few quid you peasants..Version: 3.12

Excellent gameplay, the majority of games out there, Angry Birds 2 very quickly becomes ‘pay to play’ and quite repetitive. There are plenty of different ways to keep you entertained for an hour or so each day, if you play them all at least once, but as soon as you get to any decent power level you’ll find that your progress will be impossible without buying diamonds. Stronger birds just mean tougher levels and opponents, so you’re never going to experience any enjoyment in the game. If you’re like me and you find this incredibly frustrating, then you’ll probably end up deleting the game, as I will most likely end up doing with this, rather than continuously throwing money at it. I don’t mind spending a little on these games. It’s my show of gratitude to the developers. But $20, $30, $50 dollars a week or more? They’re having a laugh at my expense and I’d rather go play June’s Journey, where you don’t have to spend a cent unless you really want to. - Update. Level 250 and it’s become both laborious and extremely frustrating. Any enjoyment from playing has just about disappeared and rather than subject myself to this each day (even though I am now only playing for half an hour) I’m done with it..Version: 2.49.1

Help meI reinstalled the game today and it saved all my previous data from like a year ago. I want to reset and I don’t know how help..Version: 2.38.2

Awesome!I'm addicted. I love all the new features!.Version: 2.15.1

Angry Birds 2 reviewI have still awarded this game a solid 4 stars as I have been a huge fan of this since I first downloaded it in 2018. As of recently though I have found my interest waning with a handful of changes. Firstly why can’t you upgrade event hats once the event is over? You used to be able to but not anymore meaning I have accumulated thousands upon thousands of black pearls which I simply cannot use in game rendering them pointless. The hats which are left to get are usually the ones very late on in the Tower Of Fortune making it practically impossible to complete the set. I also hate the new rewards system where unless you purchase a treasure pass (which to be fair is extremely overpriced) you get next to nothing especially for a player who has religiously played the game for nearly 6 years. I still enjoy the game and the challenge plus it is as addictive as ever but these changes are making me consider is it still worth my time and effort..Version: 3.18.4

Brilliant 🤩 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩I have played for 5 years and I love it. I’m on level 1213 and I think the arena rewards are brilliant since I’m heading towards emerald 3 stars. Daily challenges are challenging enough for me. The king pig panic is quite challenging but good. My clan gave me a clan battle and my clan won all of them and the rewards are op. The mighty eagle thing is really good value. The spells that are good are mighty eagle, pig pumper and hot chilli because I have had strikes with all of them. The others are quite decent. At the moment I think the levels are a bit easy but the boss pig levels are challenging enough. I am 16 now and I can’t believe how amazing this game is. Thank you rovio for making this game..Version: 3.0.0

It’s great, but could be better !!!I love the Game, it’s concept & the Characters !! I can’t work out why the Pigs are green, as I’ve never seen one, that colour !! But overall, the Levels are fair, with some, being as much as 6 Scenes (or ‘Rooms’ as You call them), so You often don’t have sufficient Birds, even if You WERE frugal with them. One or two niggles tho’... When launching thru a tight space, often the trajectory Dots show good clearance, but upon firing, the Bird sometimes hits the Rocks when it should go straight thru !!! ☹️ Also, some Pigs fall to the far-right of the Scene, where even the furthest Flyer can’t reach it & the same often goes for the Boss Pig, Who gets knocked out of reach of ANY Bird. A bit more annoying, is that if You decide to choose a Spell, but then don’t need to use it, can’t it go back to the Spell Store & not get forfeited !? But I can’t be completely negative, as I HAVE to say, that the Graphics are faultless, with the dodgy Structures moving & falling EXACTLY as in real life & way the Piggies react, blink & look around, makes You think They really ARE alive !!! My favourite Scenes, are the subterranean ones, with the Rock-spitting Gargoyles !!! 😆 All in all, I’ve had many happy hours playing the Game !! Thank You for making it !!! 😀.Version: 2.50

Impressive, but bugs 👎Okay here comes my first ever App review: I am seriously impressed by this app, it’s free, there aren’t many adverts and the overall graphics and challenges, are, as the titles says, really impressive. There’s so much to do, it’s almost heard to keep up. Daily challenges, battles, as well as the actual game, of completing levels. It’s both easy and hard, it’s challenging and rewarding. Overall it’s very fun. However, with all of that comes a bit of a cost. No app is perfect. Unfortunately I am constantly finding new bugs within the app, on every update. Some of the examples would include: 1. No sound if you play the level more than once. 2. The app crashes if I repeat a level/game 3. Unable to gain apples to feed my hatchling. 😓 (poor Dave) 4. Unable to load game, then crashing. I have done everything in my power to rid these bugs. And yet I always end up with the same result. I think my love for this game causes me to show more frustration when it simply will not work! Otherwise a 5/5. It’s great. Just please get the bugs to go! 🙈.Version: 2.40.3

I want JoWhen is Jo coming??? i would like to know.Version: 3.14.1

Energy livesI have been playing this game for quite some time now, and I love it. A group of friends all play it, but I went on today and I’ve gone on my daily, and the usual lives have changed to energy. I personally do not like this as it doesn’t refill for 12 hours and costs 300 gems to refill early. This is unrealistic unless you spend money on the game there’s no way of gathering that many gems to do so. I think it takes the fun out of the game as the daily is something you can always play! Also admittedly it is a game designed for children but with the levels being higher difficulty the further you rank up, this energy doesn’t give much of a chance to the young ones!.Version: 3.12.1

Genuinely FunThis game is amazing. I’m finally able to play it after 5 years it due to getting a new iPad, since the last one didn’t support the required version of the game. 1 star ratings are more and more common for the reviews of this app due to it “being pay to win” and stuff like that, which is just overreacting. This game is a little more or a grind than other Angry Birds games, which is completely fine. People don’t realize that Rovio needs to make money off of the game, and proceed to say it is bad for that reason. Don’t take their word, and know this is a game you won’t regret downloading. This game isn’t perfect, like all others, having small bugs like certain power ups not working (like the golden ducks), but other than that, there’s really nothing wrong with this game. And if any other people reading this are about to make a 1 star review that all of the Angry Birds games are gone, and it’s Rovio’s fault, don’t and just be patient. Also, I’m sorry if all of these thoughts are jumbled up, I tried to simplify things and I didn’t read it over because I’m lazy, so it might not make sense..Version: 2.60.2

Bring backAngry Birds rio and angry birds go and angry birds epic and angry birds Star Wars and angry birds space 🥺 I miss those dames 😞.Version: 3.12.1

🎵🎶(They long time be) close to youuuuu🎶🎵Somehow I have this classic Carpenters song at hand when I desire and addictively pick up my mobile to see what them vengeful birds are up to and see if they can continue to do their dirty with them porkers. “ Why do birds suddenly appear? Every time you are near?” Well thats poor ol ’ me observing those sneaky annoying oinking pigs that deserve a bit of attention. Seriously, I played the first edition long time ago and bounced to this version about 11 months ago. I’ve been in my home ever since and I’m sure that detectives are out searching for me. This game is fantastic and I’m always excited to see the evolution of this journey take place. I understythat people are turned off by the in-app credits but the game allows for free play with options . There is great value in this development and it needs to be compensated to the creative team. ......anyway thanks for entertainment. It’s been a ride of a lifetime..Version: 2.38.2

Freezing birdsssssOkay so the game is nice; graphics and all. Actually I’ve been playing since last year so basically it’s been like a year. Although i lost my old phone last December n didn’t get to play for a while until January. Now, there’s this thing that happens esp when I’m playing in these tornaments; weekly challenge or king pig panic or any of the online part of the game, when i draw my bird to take a shot at the pigs, the slingshot goes back as normal but then it never releases the bird, it stays like for like seconds and when it eventually releases, the bird ends up using it’s power midway (where it’s not needed) or while on the sling shot or even goes backwards n i end up getting no shot at all, most of the time i lose almost alll my birds n still won’t get any shot successfully. It’s quite frustrating. Unless i press the powerbutton or home button, it doesn’t stop. That’s just like a major problem I noticed of recent. It wasn’t like that the other times so.. But overall, it’s fun playing. Smashing things n popping pigs lol. Hope you get it fixed pleaseeeee, thank you!.Version: 2.62

Cool but hardThis game is great but incredibly hard! I don’t really have anything else to say other than you need to make this game easier for younger ones who would have this game. I mean, I’m 9 years old, and even I find this game incredibly hard! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean, well... Again, all I have to say is this game is great but you need to make it easier for little ones ( etc, 4, 5 year olds ). Thank you for appreciating my message xx 💋 Oh, also ( this isn’t for the makers of the game ), if your reading this then I hope that your having a good morning, afternoon or night ( I doubt that you’ll be playing this game in the night ). 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 ( sorry about that. I got a BIT excited 😊 )!!!.Version: 2.36.1

Good game, but…This is a great game and I really enjoy playing it, I have been playing Angry Birds since I was very young. The downside of this game it that is have a lot of ads, I understand that games can earn a great amount of money out of it, and I can accept a little bit of ads, but it is becoming very annoying. Another thing it that it is getting to a point where it is becoming a ‘pay to play’ game, the harder levels are becoming very frustrating to complete and it is very hard to not pay for the diamonds to upgrade the birds and get extra birds, you can’t get a lot of fun out of it. At last I want to say that Rovio should decrease the amount of ads and make this game not so money hungry..Version: 2.54

Just a favourAh yes angry bird 2 a re-creation of my childhood dream from the sequel .angry bird 1 It has been a long journey isn’t it? ( ^w^) ( owo) ( o-o) why? Why Why Why WHY?! Why must the original must delete from the AppStore? Not just the original... but also Bad piggies Angry bird rio Space Race And epic And Stella And the classic itself This game angry bird 2 got Notting with it classic although it’s still good. But... Where is the mode? Pig invasion Super bomb Golden egg And red stop an army Where ARE THEY? So with the other they bring so many imparasion to your cominuty Like bad piggies all about creation And angry space and star about exploration And angry bird Stella an alternate timeline where red isn’t her brother. Oh same with rio btw. But why are they gone where did they go? You didn’t just sell your game to make a second movie didn’t you? Hope not! Cause these are still popular to this day But now they have disappear :< I was lucky enough to download all of them when I was a kid but it’S unfair for the newer generation I mean new is fun and all but nowadays nobody make good game except Nintendo epic game whatever. Sometime old game is a way to go. Bye.Version: 2.36.1

Great game but one thingThis game is beyond description as to how good it is. I remember playing the original Angry Birds when it came out and now that it’s back I love Rovio even more. But the only thing I have wrong with this game is that there a liiiitle bit to many micro-transactions. Whenever I run out of birds on a level, it’s likely that I don’t have enough gems to get more birds, and I don’t bother watching an ad to get a single free bird, that won’t get me through three rooms. So I have to pay money (which of course I don’t do because I’m not dumb) to get more gems. But other than that, great game, 10/10. P.s, can you please bring back angry birds Star Wars? That was an amazing game..Version: 3.0.0

Angry? How are they so cute!!!???Hello. this game is really fun. The pigs, the birds and the little hatchlings are so cute and funny. I will tell you why I gave it 5 stars: Reason 1. Good quality. You’d expect a game like this to have an “okay” graphic but this game is almost perfect. Some glitches here and there but I just swipe out of my iPhone and enter the app again. Reason 2. Updating a lot. I have looked through a lot of app reviews to see what they say, if I shouldn’t or if I should get the app, lots of them said, “update please” or “there’s no updates, ever!” This game does not have this problem. BUT! I do have one tiny problem in this category, you update too much… now I know this is a very good thing in some cases but if you have to stop the game you love most to send a request to your parents for them to update… that may take several days. Weeks even! Plus, when you need an update you need an update! That means you can’t even play the game without the update! So if I have a hatchling, I must let it leave and take those levels away from my birds… at least can you pause it? Reason 3. It’s not (very) social. I like how this game you can have your own privacy about talking on the internet. If you’d like, go ahead, if you don’t want to, oh well, it’s not necessary. Reason 4. The lives don’t count if you’re playing in the actual pig and bird world. This game is good that the lives only count when you play “beat the boss and get a prize” (I don’t actually know the name) I think it good if I keep losing on the world, it won’t take your lives. Reason 5. Ads are limited. The ads are limited and I love it!!! Ads are boring and it’s kinda weird honestly but this game does not let ads go while you’re in your game, NO! No ads!!!! Tricks and tips I’ve collected through the way: Tip 1. Instead of hatching your hatchling right away, wait and collect apples, don’t just hatch your hatchling because you won’t have enough food, I have lost 3 of mine so I’ve been collecting, I have 53 I think and still haven’t hatched my hatchling. Now there is a choice of buying apples but I don’t like to spend money in game. Tip 2. When you fling an angry bird don’t fling another one right away, wait. Why? Because it will work its magic and will knock more stuff than you assumed. So don’t be flinging. Thank you so much angry birds, you have another HAPPY customer! 🤗 (😡🕊) angry birds!!.Version: 3.1

Amazing gameI love this game!!!!! It contains all the characters of angry birds,you can even select a bird to launch! Not only that but YOU CAN PLAY PAST ROUNDS!!!!(If my memory is correct). You see I really recommend this game and if you don’t download it you live under a rock so if you download this game and enjoy all the fun you have you can even upgrade birds with colored feathers rainbow feathers you can do any birds. All you have to do is aim launch and Waymore if you hit all of the buildings in one bird you get a strike if you take more than one birds you get a birdie..Version: 2.49.1

Advertisement issueWhenever i am done watching an advertisement for a new bird or a new life...the screen becomes completely white..n it remains the same until I close the app from background..please fix this asap.Version: 2.16.1

Great game but...I feel like most of the reviews here are true, this is a great game and I have spent countless hours into it. Rovio (bad speller alert) have really gone out there way to say “hey this a free to play game so please buy our gems so we can make the 3rd angry birds movie”. I bet half of the angry birds movie 2 budget came from people spending hard earned money that goes to waste on this cheesey game. Now angry birds games have never been taken seriously, these are cheese and silly so take this review with a pinch of salt, but I do agree that this much money asking in a kids game is disgusting, I mean kids are gonna want to play this and your shoving money in there faces, it disgusts me how much money app developers ask for and yes I’m looking at you MARIO KART TOUR.Version: 2.32

Angry birdsThis app is my lifeline. I play it all day everyday and get anxiety when I don’t see the birds flying across my screen making wonderful noises. Those cute pigs popping on my screen. This game is my life and if I didn’t have it I would cry. I wish that everyone could see how truly wonderful this game is and enjoy it with me because it could change everyone’s lives for the better. It could almost end world hunger. It could end hunger if people could feed on the pure joy of those popping pigs it soothes the pain of being a loner because I never socialize this app is my everything I don’t know where I would be without angry birds 2 I’ve improved for the better I know longer swear and I now say things such as slap a sheep to sooth myself this app is everything I would give those birds the biggest smooch I could muster and even those pigs as well my heart hurts at the dying phone battery knowing that app and I may soon part I rush to the cable for my heart to shatter all in all this app is my everything.Version: 2.64.1

Return of the ClassicsHey Rovio major fan of the Angry bird franchise loved all of the games. But I’m just wondering will we ever see any of the other older angry bird games return like Angry birds space - Angry birds Rio and Angry birds starwars are you planning to bring them back like what you did with the Classic Angry birds will they ever comeback…..Version: 2.63

OvPretty fun game but makes it hard sometimes but still fun.Version: 2.55.3

My favourite ever, until it freezesI love this app and have been playing it every day for more than a year. Just lately though it freezes when playing the arena, just when I am close to winning it. Very annoying! If this could be fixed life would be perfect! :-).Version: 2.17.2

Falcon gaming gamingTruth is.. I'm a giraffe.Version: 2.15.1

They’ve spoilt what was a great gameI’ve been playing since this game first started but the updates have gradually weakened your birds, the towers are much harder to knock down and the proliferation of micro pigs on balloons or in inaccessible places spoil the game. That, together with the need to pay more and more to play the game well means that the deeper your pockets the bigger and stronger your birds will grow. Yes you need some skill to play well but money is King in this game. The latest update has really caused an uproar. It makes the game so much harder for everyone even seasoned players. The fun has been knocked out of this game for me and a lot of players. Updates are churned out without testing on a test group therefore the game is full of glitches. The latest update has radically changed every aspect of the game to its detriment. What a shame. It was a great game..Version: 2.48

Great funThe game has the odd issue, but for the most part, works fine. It is a awesome amount of fun and easy to play a few quick games when out and about..Version: 2.34

Rovio updates their greed!Do not download this game until you see new reviews that say rovio fixed the game to NOT be a money sucking, monkey on your back, vampire! The newest rovio update revamped a great game into a money pit... those of us long time players who have actually spent money in the game are not willing to spend like gambling addicts! I used to casually play the game all day long at an expenditure of approx $75 a month. You could spend a great more if you wanted to advance at the maximum rate. Now, to play at the rate I once did would cost me 3 or 4 times more! Physics of the game are harder so you have to use more gems to accomplish what you once were able to before! Now you fling money at the structures, not birds. If you have too much money and you can’t decide between diamond crusted paint job on your McLaren or Angry Birds 2, flip a coin. If money means something to you, and your looking for a fun, casual time waster, don’t download this app..Version: 2.48

Should I play this game for 10 years?Hi there. I’ve only been playing for 6 months now since February and how did people layers played for age’s and my iPad is only 4 years not that old it would be a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but ⭐️ due my iPad should make it to 8 years old but it’s only 4.6 out of 5 ⭐️’s most players liked this game I should join this game and R O V I O created this game age’s ago which I think it’s 10 year’s ago and that is so long 12 months in one year I could play this game that long the date is Tuesday 9th August 2022 ten years ago was the year 2012 and in ten years it will be the year 2032 that’s 20 year’s between 2012 and 2032 x2 ten years. I’be only been playing for half of year 180 days so 365 days in 1 year so long. The good news is I’ve love this game so ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ never hate this game. I on level 634 I think not 100% true so I had a few levels that was so hard but I finally done it 🥹😀😀😝✅ but it’s hard sometimes and lost all my life’s. Have a good day R O V I O catch you later..Version: 3.2.2

SANDBOXWhen I downloaded angry birds I played the levels and eventually got all the birds from unlocking them with keys, then I got a tortorial for each bird and I only got a little taste of what the birds can do witch is why I think adding a sandbox would be better. I want this to test the birds and see witch bird is better for a situation. For example I wanna build a huge brick tower and use every bird to see witch bird would be best for the situation, I really hope you think about my idea and eventually make a sandbox in the next couple of updates 😁.Version: 2.62

What Happened?I’ve had this app since it’s release and slowly but surely it’s became more about in app purchases than the actual game play the game itself is a great idea and graphically near perfect...but. Sometimes it feels like one of those games you play when you go to the carnival, you know the ones. Get the ring over the pin, yep those ones. You know were the rings just that little bit smaller than the others, that’s the way it feels with some of the buildings and trying to get the pigs, they’re just that bit out of reach. that’s the disappointing aspect of the game then you have watch videos for this chest watch videos for that chest all for the same prizes, why ? All I ask for is a little more excitement and a change of scenery in the different levels Rovio..Version: 2.46

Amazing!!.Version: 2.15.1

I ❤️ Angry Birds 2Angry Birds 2 is a fun and addicting game with lots of cool features. I really enjoy wasting my life away playing this game. Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp, The Arena, Clan Battles, Daily Challenges and Campaign are all good ways to improve your skills and have fun! 🤩 I know life can be tough as a developer, but how many people are actually willing to spend $100+ on gems 💎 and other goodies? I know I’m not, so if the prices went down, you might actually earn more revenue from me. 💵💵 I enjoy Clan Battles ⚔️ and the Mighty Eagle Bootcamp 🦅, and I play them much more than the regular levels, as the competition gives more of a challenge. I would like a way to convert gems 💎 into black pearls ⚫️, either by buying them or another way, because I don’t need heaps of gems. Overall, I love the game, and the gameplay, and I can’t wait to see how it evolves in the future! 😁👍.Version: 2.36.1

YearsSo great been playing since it’s come out. Years now. Love it.Version: 3.15.3

Angry Birds 2I absolutely love this game! It’s so addictive and challenging as well as fun and entertaining! It enables me as a person, to strengthen my strategic skills and be able to relax and play this game. Although I do really enjoy this game, there is mainly one thing I didn’t like. I went to look if I had any treasures, and I accidentally clicked on the rare chest and it automatically bought the item? I recommend that you add a feature that asks whether you are sure to administer the purchase because I lost 80-90 gems and I’m not overwhelmed. Other than that, this game is spectacular and when I thought to myself ‘I feel like playing an Angry Birds Game’ I didn’t realise how much of a change angry birds 2 was to the old Angry Birds 2 which I remember was much different (in a good way!) Anyway, I’m not writing a review to tell you how to make a game so I’m just making a recommendation. I love this game so much though!.Version: 2.40.1

Greed always prevailsGiving it 5 stars to let you all know that the developers have turned greedy, as always and have essentially rigged the system of the game. Don’t spend any money on anything otherwise you will lose it instantly, don’t subscribe to the 70 gems everyday, they will take it off you in the form or tower of fortune very disappointing, let’s get something going for these greedy computer lemon developers.Version: 2.36.1

The tower of fortuneWhen I play the tower of fortune I always think about the piggy but why does the piggy have to go back in the game.Version: 3.18.1

Great but can be frustrating at times.While I enjoy the game a lot I do have some gripes. Firstly, spells are virtually useless. They can’t be used in boss levels, which, while I understand why they had to do this, boss levels are they ones which I struggle on(mostly) so I end up having over 100 of each spell. Why can’t I trade them for other items?! Secondly, the pigs. Some of the layouts don’t exactly go with some of the buildings (if you don’t understand how this game works there are certain layouts which is where unbreakable objects are and buildings which is where breakable objects are. They randomly select a layout and some buildings to go with it, except from in the DL and the KPP where it’s pre-selected.) Sometimes this will lead to an unwinnable level. Once I launched a boss pig so high with bubbles that the boss pig ended up somewhere that nothing else could reach. Funny as it was, I was forced to forfeit, which was annoying. Other than those gripes, this game is amazing. The bird’s abilities can be used in so many ways and using them correctly can be so rewarding. Every single mode is creative and hours have been spent in EVERY SINGLE ONE. And those people who are getting out their theory books, no. This game does not fake online..Version: 2.43.1

Soooo poorI like this game just to start off with but there greed has got out of control. 1. There are now so many adverts you now have to watch even when you haven’t even click the button to watch the advert. 2. When I watch a advert to get a free bird because some how when I’m so far in front in a battle I some how get caught? So watch the advert and surprise surprise it crashes and go’s back to your home screen, when you go back to the game it has taken you life, and you haven’t got a free bird, and you have lost your spells you worked to get. 3. It’s so rigged it’s a joke, there’s things that happen in this game you just can’t explain because they want you to lose so you spend money. Now I don’t mind spending some money but they don’t play fair, it rips you off every time buy making you play people who you have no chance against, making levels so hard that it can take days to complete unless you spend money to get passed it, and once again the game crashing at least I would say 10-15 times a day. I’ve complained to them before and I never got a reply and nothing has changed. It’s a great game to play and very addictive, but the company are running into the ground as they don’t care and there customers..Version: 2.29.2

Great game BUTGreat game however please either make the hatchlings cheaper to feed or remove them from the game completely. I dont want to feel unecessarily pressured to feed the hatchling daily and feel sad because it left :(.Version: 2.64.1

I just started playing again and i love itIts like strategy you think where to launch the bird and boom you kick a pig but i also love how if you lose you play again on the same map and the builds are different it makes the game so much easier to play but i think in my opinion the best bird/pig is the king pig i don’t know his name but he has a beard and all the levels are progressively harder and harder and more easier to lose hearts than win but there is one situation i am on level45 And i need to complete levels up to 67 to get pigs/birds for 1 key one single key but i am so slow to pass through all the levels but its ok ill get there soon.Version: 3.14.1

Was a good game but now crapOk well Angry birds are really dumb now it was good back in 09 but nor In 2021 it’s soo bad granted I haven’t played an angry birds game in like 7 months and it’s really bad I think it’s the worst game ever now even roblox is better than this game and everyone would agree probably like seriously Rovio better kick it up a notch cause they just lost a angry bird fan I really loved angry birds but horrible now really just no it’s the most terrible game in history like once the best sling shot bird game is now the worst game like there’s so much cool games now such as fall guys among us fortnite call of duty warzone minecraft heck even roblox is better I know I already said it but the Rovio company is at an all time low just like the power puff girls sad Rovio really sad.Version: 2.49

Reminds me Of Memories.This gives me so many memories when I would play the classic angry birds,and just keep up the great work!.Version: 2.36.1

Great butWell if your reading this and thinking about downloading do it right now I absolutely love this game and almost everything about it but I have one problem the tower 60 rubies is insane to get your loot stolen by a piggy maybe 40 rubies but other wise great game install😎.Version: 3.2.2

Its great but im cryingThis ok this is good i mean like it has good graphics and cute characters but im crying whenever i play this game cause rovio why you remove my childhood games i liked the star wars, space, the first angry, etc (except for stella lets forget that) i mean WHY! Ive been playing this game since i’m 3 in 2013 those games are great then now you’ve removed to much how about left some few old games but i have still have hopes up for angry birds 2 in the future and its a great game and thank you for reading😊👍 (edit1: or just maybe 🤔 you can make a game reboot that’s my idea make reboot thank you).Version: 2.41.2

Finland is greater than any other country's attempt of Ripping off your gameThank you to all of Rovio & all the citizens from the beautiful country of Finland! The game is so good even silver & Stella in the game are both the cutest birds in any Angry Birds title! No cap. They both look like the friendly, attractive, cute & sexy chicks when I am currently at high school. Sorry what I said I was too distracted with Stella & silver since they are both hot and cute. This game is so good I wish I could play it in the swimming pool. Sincerely - J.J.Version: 3.6

Really cool game but with its flawsI was obsessed with angry birds when I’m was little so I was like a monkey with a banana when I got this, I’m going to get the bad things out of the way first, tower of fortune can be virtually impossible when you get 2 pigs in a row and you already used up your first Ad, it also makes you pay a ridiculous amount of gems for new players to continue, also, why is one of the guest birds, NOT A BIRD? It’s the pig one, I’m not really sure why it exists but it’s kinda useless in my opinion, anyway, good mechanics, boss levels are REALLY cool, every bird also has its own ability now instead of red being the useless early game bird that you only get in the first 5 levels, this game is just overall amazing.Version: 2.52

NO WAY!Seriously this is the bets game I’ve ever played it’s so interesting and fun I showed all my friends and now we all play together and we’re in the same clan everybody agrees it’s the best game ever made but the only sad thing is, is that we have only 4 people in our clan (the whole group I hang out with is in it) and we need one more person but nobody else would fit in so we can’t do clan vs clan which is sad.Version: 3.13

Shameful and stressfulI understand that you already made your money with this app angry birds 2 and you no longer care to answer or listen to the complaints of all these people playing the game but remember that without customers and without good reviews a business goes to fail, the new arena game in angry birds2 is shameful an stressful that the players are losing there stars and they are being lowered in leagues back down to the beginning of the game when I know that all of us who play have done our best and we just want to enjoy the game some players have invested money in playing and buying the products you offer , you can improve this part of the game ( the arena ) that most players including my self believe is fixed and feel offended , remember that in business the two parties have to receive something , and the client is always right, the game angry birds2 is good an fun to a point but like everything in life always has faults and things to fix thanks.Version: 2.56.1

Best game sellerI play this games many times 24/7 during the school holidys and always after school to 3:00 pm. It is also my No. 1 best game I ever played from early childhood to modern pre teen times..Version: 3.9

Love the game but missing something.The game is amazing, 10/10 animations are amazing, levels are amazing… until they have like 10 level on them they are hard but still fun, like the bosses sometimes. Clans are a weird but cool take, and feels like a good way to interact with people online. The might eagle boot camp is cool although the shop is missing one item… and this is a little bias but I don’t see a pig moving animation icon. They have one of red, blues, silver but no weird cool pig like fire big the weird, rocket pig that had like no defense, or science pig oh science pig moving like with his weird potion bottle animation icon would be SOOO COOL. I need one NOW! And if Rovio even sees this review which I highly doubt, I want a moving pig animation (probably science pig moving his potion bottle) icon to buy at the might eagle shop. And some other suggestions could be rocket pig with his rockets shooting, the weird pig with the blue gun that attracts the birds with him?, minion pig, or heck a bird that’s getting flung to a pig! Okay this review has been looong enough and sorry for being bias. But I need pig moving icon..Version: 2.60.2

Something with the ads!My iPad 9 crashed and I’m waiting for a new and better one. Now, you might be wondering: “How did it crash?” Well, this game, actually! See, this game is really, REALLY good. Pop up ads are extremely rare, Ads give good deals (Such as a rare chest for 1 ad), I got Terrence to elder bronze first session. It’s classic angry birds with better graphics, more birds, more levels, and real people. But there’s something’s up with older iPads. When it gets you to an ad, it starts reset loop. (If you don’t know what that is, reset loop is when it shuts off w/o warning, turns back on, and shuts back off before the usable screen shows up.) Now there is a solution for this, if you get it look it up online. But angry birds somehow bricked it. I can’t fix it, so I’m getting the new version of the iPad with pro. Good upgrade but I’m still pretty upset. I owe my dad 100 bucks but I spent all my money helping him and I need more. So kinda both thx and shame on you at the same time. Sorry if there’s not enough info. Adiós!.Version: 3.4.1

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