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Weee! Grocery Delivery App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Weee! Grocery Delivery app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Weee! Grocery Delivery? Can you share your negative thoughts about weee! grocery delivery?

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Weee! Grocery Delivery for Negative User Reviews

Convince but customer service is terribleI purchased few stuff few days ago and it should deliver those items yesterday. Thus I put a cooler outside of my house when I left yesterday morning. I hoped that they can delivery my item and pick up the cooler. When I backed to my house and saw the cooler was still outside. Until 8pm, no one delivered and picked up the cooler. Then I contacted the customer service immediately via message, but they replied my question in one hour and said they could contact logistic department. Until 11, they told me a logistic specialist put my items in front of my house. But I double checked and asked my roommate whatever they saw any package, but nobody saw it. And I told customer service I didn’t see it. Until now, none of them answered me when I asked them in the morning what should I do. BTW, I received finally my items in the noon. The customer service never contacted me except advertising their products..Version: 3.6.2

I wish I can rate zeroI ordered once with my first time and when the package arrived I was so happy that I thought finally I don’t need to get out frequently to get foods from grocery stores.. but when I opened it the big box was 2/3 empty like most of my orders was not there they didn’t even package it for me!!! All I got was only three or four items with two separate boxes.. and I emailed them they asked me if I received two packages of course I received two packages but nothing inside… what’s the problems with their warehouse?! I deleted the app right away and would never use it .. and of course I will let all my friends knows my experience with this kind of app!.Version: 12.7.1

Terrible service systemSo I have ordered food on Weee for three months. It's all good until I moved. I changed my address on the setting but it apparently didn't change when I go to check out. I report this issue to the email and they are super rude. They told me I should change my address in the setting and click the save button. I did it! But the delivery is still in my old address, that's why I sent email to report this issue. They then told me that I need to change it in the checkout session and asked me to get the delivery myself! I did move very nearby but it's not the proper way to tell customers “ you may please pay attention next time.” “ do you mind go get your delivery this time.” they are like blaming all the fault on customer. I am super upset about this terrible experience and super disappointed.Version: 14.1

Going downhillThe food quality is going downhill rapidly and it’s becoming quite insulting. please do better, i loved you guys when i first started using this food delivery service and now i don’t know what’s happening. it’s very disappointing to see you guys not care for the quality of food you send to your customers. the least you could do is store all food items properly, check their expiration dates, and check the food itself (if you can) for any damage or molding. you’re getting our money, at least try to care about our health..Version: 12.9

Just one problemWeee is a very nice looking app, and from the looks of it everyone else is happy with the things they have purchased. But not me. Whenever I order something it always cancels my order but still takes away my money and I never get anything back. I’ve tried to order on their website instead of their app and it just really wouldn’t work. I usually never write bad reviews unless it’s REALLY necessary. but to whoever’s reading this, please be careful with what you use to buy your foods online..Version: 14.6.1

Waste timeIf u wanna spend a whole day eating for their grocery delivery, it’s the service to use. The delivery window is very wide, and still the driver still can not make the delivery with within the delivery window. The App kept on showing the driver is 10 minutes away, and after an hour, the driver is still 10 minutes away. Their drivers usually just left the grocery outside my building. I’ve left message to ask them to use the call box to buzz in cause leaving outside the Apt building is not a secured place. Weeks drivers are busy getting multiple orders delivered but not care about the quality of service ( no options to allow changing tips after delivery?.Version: 13.5

Customer service is horribleI contacted customer service a few times on issues with deliveries/missing items and I am always given the run around. I sent emails and already messaged on FB. The customer service is horrible! This is one of my responses from customer service via email… Dear Customer: Thank you for contacting us. We checked for you. Free shaker means you don't need to shake it. The product does not come with a free shaker. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, weee! customer service This was in response to a refund request to an item that says it comes with the free shaker on the box and even has a picture of a free shaker on the box. In the directions, it says to use the shaker provided in said box to make the beverage. I went to the local Japanese store and bought the same exact item and guess what… there was a shaker inside! So what the customer service rep was telling me was ridiculous. I don’t want to be charged $17 for 22 packets of something that I could have paid $20 for 44 packets of. I literally paid more for the shaker to be included and would like to get what I paid for or a refund. Customer service isn’t being helpful so I came here..Version: 13.6

退款不足额。They refound much less than you paid.首先,如果你想用信用卡或者储蓄卡付款,必须提交很多个人信息,包括银行流水和住房证明。一个商家要的信息跟申请签证一样,这样真的不是在侵犯个人隐私权吗?其次,订单被取消之后,我收到的退款比我下单时付的钱少21刀,不足额退款就毫无道理。 If you want to use card to pay, this app asked you submit your bank statement and prove of your living address. This is rediculous,violate users privacy. Also, We your order get cancel, they don't refound as much as you paid! I lost 21dollars for a cancelled order-it was not because of delivery fee, they didn't ship it at all!!! Worst app ever!.Version: 14.3

Deceptive bait-and-switch marketing!!We spent $40 to buy a box of peach; they tasted really great, so we wanted to buy again. Finally when it’s in stock, the same box of peaches grew to $68, and when we received the peaches today, they not only look yellow and small, but also taste completely unlike the previous box; they were extremely soft, and tasted worse than the regular peach you get from the store. If this were Costco I would have asked for a refund even if the box sold for $15. And yet Weee is selling this for $68!! Totally disappointed!! I can’t imagine this being accidental; this is clearly a bait-and-switch. This isn’t the only problem Weee has. Another time we spent more than $3 on a Napa cabbage, and we got one that’s the same size as an iPhone. We asked for a refund, but nope, the customer service simply said, “sorry, we will select better quality produce next time”... ummm okayyy. Adding on top of that, they miss items all the time without knowing it themselves. On an order of 20 items they would miss two. They do issue refunds for those, but it’s super inconvenient if you really wanted something from that order..Version: 9.9.2

Rotten foodHow is it that sayweee has absolutely no Google reviews? Okay so my last order came with mold on the string beans. I’m talking fuzzy mold. I’m talking visible through the clear bag it was packaged in! My basil was all rotten. There were no useful leaves at all. You have to be an idiot to pack that up and ship it out. Please do not think those 75 percent off items are a deal. The higher the percent off the closer the expiration date. Not to mention you have to buy those items in bulk. Three or more. Go try it. Add it to your cart and watch it say you have to buy three or more. It’s your responsibility to clear their shelves. Like what? It seems as though that also goes for regular priced items under two dollars. Let’s get to their frozen goods. The pork in particular. I’ve bought ground pork, thinly sliced pork and pork belly slices. They all have an overwhelming smell of pig. Nothing like the pork you get in normal supermarkets. I mean I can let a normal pork chop bought from a supermarket go bad and it still won’t smell as bad as their fresh pork. I was almost under the impression they were selling bad pork as well. It just looked to fresh. It was really pink. So it’s either no good like the rest of the stuff or boar taint. Look it up. It is absolutely disgusting. I’ve actually had enough. I’m reportng them to both my state attorney generals office as well as ISD. They shouldn’t be in business..Version: 15.7

希望可以覆盖到温哥华希望可以覆盖到温哥华.Version: 10.4

Terrible Delivery & Customer ServiceOrdered a bunch of of times from them in NYC with no issue but I tried to get a delivery to my sister’s apartment in LA and the driver never delivered the package but marked it as delivered in the app. He called but he didn’t speak any English so he couldn’t communicate with my sister and drove away without delivering the package and then lied about it in the app. I tried calling customer service and questioned them about their poor delivery service they tried to make it seem like it was our fault… I told them it was unprofessional to mark the order as delivered when it wasn’t and the employee gave me some incoherent response. They obviously don’t have any customer service training…. They even sent me a rude email with a “warm tip” about “being home for the delivery next time” We were home! Your delivery driver is just poor at communicating and is incompetent. They told me they can’t deliver the item the next day either….A delivery service with such a impractical delivery set-up and bad employees is bound to fail. It’s not about the money, this company clearly doesn’t have a clue about customer service and it’s offensive.Version: 13.8

Why are the East Asian sections highlighted more?Now I’ll start off by saying that I haven’t ordered anything yet from this app, so I won’t rate too harshly. I just wanted to mention the lack of representation on this app and on their social media accounts. Starting off with the app itself, it seems that the only foods that are really focused on are the East Asian foods. As an Indian girl, I got so excited to see other Asian cuisines, such as those from India, the Philippines, and Vietnam, get highlighted as well, since I feel like that’s rarely ever the case. However, my excitement turned to disappointment pretty quickly when I found how limiting the Indian section was compared to the Japanese and Korean sections. Going through the Southeast Asian cuisines I ran into the same problem. It just irks me to see this because of the already limited representation that south asians and southeast asians get in the media. Now of course it’s important for East Asians to have representation too, especially with the horrible ways in which they have been treated ever since the pandemic, but since weee advertises the diverse collection on their app, it seems shady and insincere for them not to commit fully to that diversity. To give them some credit, they have been pretty good about posting for latino heritage month, and the Mexican section on the app seems to be doing a lot better than the South and Southeast Asian sections, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the East Asian selec.Version: 15.6

Still “trying” to receive my first orderI’ve recently ordered my first batch and I paid and everything. It was smooth and there were foods that I never thought I’d see at that price! My whole family was hyped! But literally on the day my package was supposed to be delivered, not one but ALL of my goods were “out of stock” and the package was cancelled. Had me and my family completely puzzled! They still gave me an option to reorder everything for tomorrow, which I’m not sure if I’m going to before I get my refund for my items (plus, are they going to restock in a day?). Aaaaand, none of the items are shown out of stock on the page so I might wait a bit to try again. A little sad especially because I was very very excited about the delivery..Version: 11.8

Terrible pick up experience and spam emailsWeee uses individual person/house in multiple places/cities as their pickup location. Some individuals can be way too unprofessional. I’ve met/communicate a couple of individual persons that are too rude to talk with and I end up canceling my order. I’ve also been to a pick up location (a single family house) with 5-6 barking dogs behind the fence that really scared me. I used Weee a few times in 2017 and unsubscribed it from any marketing emails. But it kept spam my email for over 2 years before there opt-out option really works. Definitely issues with their technical stability and violation of user data protection..Version: 9.5

Customer service not flexibleI helped my grandpa ordered sth from weee! last year with his credit card, however he’s too old, he canceled the card. Weee! asked me to talk to grandpa’s bank and cancel his dispute, otherwise I cannot use Weee! service anymore. I don’t have access to my grandpa’s credit card and grandpa’s too old to deal with this kind of thing, so my weee! account is forever suspended, although I offered to pay with my own card for that bill, still not gonna work. Comparing to Instacart, Weee! is not customer friendly on this matter. I can use Instacart without any problem, same thing happened on my Instacart acct last year and they just let me use another card..Version: 12.0

AvoidPoor service.Version: 11.3

谢谢你认可泡菜属于韩国👍🏻🙏🏻十分感谢🙏🏻.Version: 11.4.1

Non existent customer serviceHave used weee! for about half a year. When things go right, it’s great, but when things go wrong, don’t expect any help. They have delivered my orders to the wrong house on 2 separate occasions now. This last time was the last straw. I ordered my dinner to be delivered. Instead of admitting they delivered to the wrong house (the app showed me a picture of my food sitting in front of someone else’a door and a time of delivery), they changed the delivery time frame and said my order is still within the delivery window and that nothing is wrong. They went and picked up the order they delivered wrong, which might have been handled by other people, and just said nothing is wrong even though the food was sitting in someone else's house for more than an hour in the age of Covid..Version: 12.6.2

Complain about FALSE ADVERTISINGWhen I placed the fruits(on sell) in my shopping cart and continue shopping for rest of products for a couple minutes then starting to check out. The ACTUAL fruits that what I want on sell were ran out immediately and I didn’t notify me when I was continuing shopping. This happened MULTIPLE TIMES. So I assume they just place the FAKE FRYER on front page to attract people to shop but that products are ACTUALLY NOT AVAILABLE for customers. As a result, customers will buy bunch random products that they are not necessary need for them instead of what they actually want products because these products ain’t any there..Version: 15.5

Very unfriendly APP!Very unfriendly APP.Version: 16.3

Incorrect order, decently pricedOverall I think the price value of the service/items was decent but it was not completely reliable. I received 4 Thai Teas instead of Coffees and a random bag of broccoli, which I did not order. However, I really didn’t have high expectations for a service so cheap and everything else in my order was correct and timely. If the refund request goes through for my incorrect items I will update my review to 4 stars. I’m also pretty sure your location plays a huge factor in the quality and reliability of your items (I’m from the greater LA area.) It’s worth trying but do not expect perfection!.Version: 10.3

Food Quality and Customer Service Are ProblematicsI have used them twice for the last 2 weeks. The first week was good. I received what I ordered and delivered on time. Then the problem started the 2nd week - the organic apples were half bad, green grapes were in brown color, orange were flat instead of round, one third of skin on free range chicken were missing. It took2-3 days got cs replied. I doubt if they have any good customer feedback systems - same questions were replied several times, and uploaded photos were missing. They did refund half of the loss on certain produce I bought. To tell you the truth, I am tired of arguing with them any more. I took the loss and had them closed my account. I ‘d rather go to local supermarket (Ranch 99 or Marina) for Chinese speciality - at least I can choose and pick the ones with good quality. As one reviewer mentioned this was convenient to get food, but I think there are still many ways to improve..Version: 4.7

Terrible experienceI wasted all day waiting for my delivery and I received nothing until 5 and it showed on the app that not delivered. I called and they told me that the driver couldn’t find the address because it isn’t exist lol and later the driver called and told me they assigned Manhattan address to Brooklyn and they can’t deliver it and they also can’t deliver again. And they requested me to make a new order and they will refund the money which I strongly denied on the phone call, so how I received an email which claimed that a refund was made, I can’t believe that they ignored my words and decided all the process without discussing with customer and issue the refund without customer’s consent! I wasted time and paid the money and in a bad mood !!!! Thank you for them ! I called a couple times and always got the same answer from different people. Worst online shopping experience ever!!!.Version: 14.6.1

Dysfunctional systemThis isn’t about the app so much as about the service. I haven’t used the app much, except when I downloaded it because I couldn’t get any information on my order otherwise. I really wanted Weee! to succeed, but I think they still have some issues to work out. My first delivery went fine, but for the second, I was never notified when my order was delivered (only that it was out for delivery). I was trying to track it on the website, but there was no information, so after a few hours I downloaded the app. Turns out it had been sitting downstairs for 3 hours! It’s an unsecured location and my groceries need refrigeration; what kind of grocery service doesn’t notify upon delivery? I contacted customer service and they informed me that they send out text messages when orders are delivered, and did not respond to my reply saying that I did not receive the correct text message. Not sure if it was an IT error or a person error, but since they won’t even admit it happened, I have no reason to believe it won’t happen again..Version: 11.2

Missing refund - AND missing referral bonusRefund -Difficult! I received a delivery where the liver-packaging had been sliced/cut open. There was fluids from the liver on all my other groceries. Never received a refund as they insisted that I had to take further steps in the email they sent to my old email (no longer access). Referral bonus - don’t expect to receive it!! They refuse to provide referral bonuses if they can get away with it. I had the app and my address since I created the app. Changed my address same day as I wanted to send groceries to my friend who is also Indian. Same day I ask him to create his own instead. He does. None of us get a referral bonus. $40 they refuse to pay out in referral bonus. Reason: Their argument is that we share the same address, as I had changed my to the same. I NEVER used that address before besides adding that address to my account just that day - and I offered to send proof of my address being the same as always. But no - they kept his bonus and mine. This app is so petty and it is all about keeping as much money that belongs to the USER as possible. Don’t expect any customer service.Version: 15.3.2

Felt like a scamI was advertised to spend $35 and get $20 off on my first order. I wanted to give it a try. I was very disappointed when $38 worth of items (when I used my calculator to add each item that’s how much it was) suddenly was $53 in my cart even after free shipping applied, then the $20 off put my total at $33 so really I barely was saying $5 not $20. It was weird because the breakdown in my checkout screen showed no extra fees. It even said $0 for taxes. I just felt like there must be hidden fees. I decided to uninstall and not order, if they had explained there was other fees or even included them in check out I would have been more inclined to try it out but lack of transparency turned me away..Version: 13.0

Good price, but too good to be true.They have very reasonable prices, but the delivery and customer service is terrible. Let me explain, I live in a moderately populated city, about 150,000. But for some reason, my city is connected to cities and stores that are about 75 miles away. I must be on the threshold so I’m always at the end of the route. This has never been a problem because it has always arrived by 9pm. And this is having to order a week in advance. Today they said I wouldn’t get the order until 11 pm, which is beyond unreasonable, mind you they say the delivery window is 4-8 pm. I tried explaining this to customer service, but they were so unhelpful and useless I just canceled the order. If you are okay with getting orders at 11 pm I guess this is the service for you..Version: 12.9

Disappointing - Food DeliveryI would not recommend anyone to use this for food delivery service. First, the time range of delivery was too wide, from 3-7PM the next day, that it’s really hard to plan your dinner if you have a gathering to organize. While my delivery was in progress, I could not see where the driver was at and changed estimated delivery time multiple times. My delivery was two hours later than the original estimate time. Secondly, I don’t think they use temperature controlled containers to protect the food. by the time the food arrive, all went cold that I had to warm up dish by dish while my family and friends were waiting. Thirdly, when I called the customer service, the representative told me the delay was due to the driver drove off the track. I don’t think that’s professional at all so they need better training of their drivers. In general, all I can say is no wonder there’s no charge of delivery fees and this is a lesson that I’ve learned for being cheap..Version: 12.8

Love the idea but…Love the idea and the app looks and works really well but… it’s disappointing to see you claiming to deliver Asian groceries but can’t even categorize them right. Thai food was put in Vietnamese category (Viet New Arrivals). As a Thai person myself, that kinda upsets me a little. And when I tried to search for Thai products, I didn’t see a lot of results. Then I tried to search for Vietnamese and there was a lot of Thai products in that result… I like the app but I’m not gonna spend any money on it until this issue is seriously taken care of. Want to target Asians, you gotta do it right..Version: 14.5

They have quality control issueThis is not about the app this is about the whole service I would like to really really request the company to look into their quality control because it used to be really good everything was fresh and especially the meat was really nice back in the early Covid but then it became really bad when the business went well especially the meat Quality "especially"when they say freshness guaranteed with green mark the meat that I got were brown smelly and dried. also the quality of the meat: no marbling, all red, too chewy. sometimes vegetables have live worms, they really really need to do something with that....Version: 13.2

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