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Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games App User Positive Comments 2022

Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games app received 82 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about quick hit slots - casino games?

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Quick Hit Slots - Casino Games for Positive User Reviews

✓ Boomer4772Keeps me challenged! You can't let down your guard, or you will loose a lot. Strategy...... Here it is June 17,2020 and I've been playing every day through the shutdown....and the games keep me as challenged as before...keep up the good work Quick Hits..Version: v2.5.17

✓ Great gameLove the game.Version: v2.4.09

✓ FunThis game is very enjoyable, recommend to others.Version: v2.5.18

✓ Delboy68Brilliant game love it so much to do five stars 👍👍👍👍.Version: 3.00.15

✓ VegasI love this game, loved playing it when on holiday in Vegas.Version: v2.1.7

✓ Quick hit slotsGreat payouts and graphics.Version: 2.5.20

✓ AwesomeEnjoy this game passes the time.Version: v2.5.14

✓ HiI love this game it’s so much fun.Version: v2.4.32

✓ StaggerVery good game thanks.Version: v2.5.17

✓ Lots of fun!Great game! Lots of games.Version: v2.5.14

✓ More coinsGood.Version: v2.1.22

✓ Love itjjjI love cant stop.Version: 2.5.20

✓ FunGood clean fun not filled with commercials or other gimmicks.Version: v2.5.14

✓ Mr Dave PPEGreat.Version: 3.00.15

✓ BonusLove the game but u need to step up the bonus money come up with ideas. It also is annoying when you offer new games and the daily bonus is crap plus the wheel bonus, then the sample game u have to bet 24,000 before u know it u are out of money. I refuse to buy money so I wait which I end up playing the goldfish game they give out a lot of extra $. You always end up starting out with three million or more all u have to wait for thee tea bonus money is three hours..Version: v2.4.24

✓ Vegas gameGreat game!!!!!.Version: v2.1.25

✓ Quick hit reviewI like the game, but I find it doesn’t always pay on some of their slots. Especially if I up the bet. But I love the events & games!! I wish they would lower the levels on unlocking slots tho... some of my fav slots are past the 700+ levels.Version: 2.5.20

✓ Awesome slotsTried many casino slots - but I really enjoy this one the most! Loads of fun 🥳.Version: 2.5.22

✓ PlayerI like this game.Version: v2.2.07

✓ Great gameI find this is one of my go too games now. Great graphics and prizes..Version: v2.4.12

✓ Dont buy chipsNo matter what you do this will eat your chips.... When the algorithm moves to lose mode you lose no matter how much money you have spent on coins or how you got your coins. If you are good at patterns you can see the algorithm change. Only use the free coins there is nothing to be won by investing money..Version: v2.4.46

✓ Awesome slots!Quick win is my favourite!!!!!!!.Version: v2.2.05

✓ GoodNot very good winnings but great game.Version: v2.4.06

✓ Amazing appLove this app watch brian Christopher on youtube for over a year now, found this app through his channel! Great slots great fun and decent bonus wheel every so often.Version: v2.4.31

✓ Off the chainThis is a calm game!!!.Version: v2.2.19

✓ Son of a CovidThis game is an awesome way to keep you sanity during this pandemic times.Version: v2.5.16

✓ NiceNice and fun.Version: v2.1.16

✓ Quickit.....Awsome games......Version: v2.5.14

✓ Mr K DogBest game experience!.Version: v2.5.14

✓ Keeps disappearingWhy can’t I find it all the time?????.Version: 2.5.24

✓ SlotsA good game.Version: 3.00.16

✓ Best game periodAlways lots of fun play best games and playtime.Version: 2.5.20

✓ Great gameFun game,lots of wins.Version: v2.4.00

✓ WowGreatest one I’ve ever played !!!.Version: 2.5.20

✓ SlotsVery nice.Version: v2.2.21

✓ SunangeltAwesome games ! So fun !!.Version: v2.5.18

✓ GreatGreat.Version: v2.1.25

✓ Jennifer FillEnjoying the slots!.Version: 2.5.24

✓ Quick slotsEnjoy the game all the time.Version: 2.5.22

✓ No better no worseIt’s a business...its for entertainment. If you don’t like the movie ...do you expect to get a refund? No one is saying you have to play it. I too feel ripped off some days. But the thrill of maybe hitting a cool jackpot, keeps me playing. The key is to just play with the free coins they give you.... and to not invest as if you could really win real money. It’s supposed to be for thrill value... yes some days it pays nothing... then some days I cant loose. But with all casino (business run companies) you’ll loose your money. So if you want value for your buck... Play something else. I don’t go to the movies,,,,, so this is my movie fund. LOL.Version: v2.4.31

✓ Good gameAwesome.Version: 2.5.24

✓ HelloI’d just like to inform you, and say thank you, for any and all of the times that you’re app or website has taken my money without anything in return. It hasn’t happened that often, but this particular time, 3 minutes or so ago, I purchased 7 million 500 thousand coins for 4.99. You replied thank you for you’re purchase, and then I haven’t received anything. I restarted my iPad, thinking that it hadn’t gone through......and I just got screwed. Where did the money go, or my coins..? Can you help me? Let me know how I can get ahold of you if you could, if not through this way. Hey thanks..Version: v2.4.20

✓ Don’t get lured in to high bettingWell, greed gets you nowhere fast. Been playing this game forever. Multiple devices, multiple years, so it’s not me or the devices it’s game setup. You got big-win big so ya feel lucky. Bet bigger then suddenly free spins and bonuses fade away... as with all slots, set up this way I guess. I love the games, they are fun and I’m addicted. I won’t stop playing them but don’t be a fool and spend all your money on it. Set your timer and keep getting hour bonuses otherwise you’ll go broke! Be smart play safe.Version: v2.5.13

✓ This gameGreatest on earth.Version: v2.2.03

✓ Best slot gamesRealistic play great way to pass time and chill.Version: v2.5.17

✓ New Game, WowOk I love the games here, true Vegas/casino games that you can play and get a feel for the features that I don't see on other slot apps. However, just received a notice of a new game, Guns at Sunset. Wow, I frequently go to Vegas and my immediate flash thought was the tragedy at Mandalay Bay. People are still talking about this and Vegas Strong is still posting. What are you thinking ? Please remove this game out of respect to the many who have been effected by this tragedy..Version: v2.4.20

✓ Not a bad game but...Coins needed to spin the reels should be lower based on payouts. Mostly hate that the game will change your bet to a higher, sometimes much higher amount when you re-enter a game. You have to really watch that or it will 'steal' coins you didn't think you were playing. You really are forced to buy coins because of the low and few payouts unless you can accumulate coins every day from the daily bonuses and every 2 hours and by not playing until the amount builds up. But what fun is that? Kind of disappointed. ***I just updated to the new IOS version and ran the upgrade today 10/7 and the game won't load past 30%. I am afraid to delete the app and reload for fear of losing my coins. I have over 90 million. HELP!.Version: v2.4.24

✓ Awesome 5This is a five star game casino 10 out of 10 cool.Version: v2.1.16

✓ RrGood game!.Version: v2.4.00

✓ Good gameVery good game.Version: v2.1.7

✓ Awesome5 star.Version: 2.5.20

✓ SlotsExecelent.Version: v2.1.19

✓ HHv.Version: v2.2.05

✓ !!Good game.Version: v2.1.16

✓ MintMint.Version: 3.00.15

✓ Great slotsAwesome slots app!!!.Version: v2.4.08

✓ Great gamesThank you.Version: v2.5.16

✓ 5starLove.Version: v2.4.00

✓ Quick hot slotsGood game really enjoy playing thanks.Version: v2.5.13

✓ Quick hot shotsThe games are great, very entertaining and fun. This app is worth 5 stars.Version: v2.2.11

✓ Quick hitsLove the app and most games. Wonder how and why on free games you make less $$ than on almost any regular spin in regular game. Choice of games are great at times. Seems though that when you find a game or several, they close those game out and want you to play what they offer. Low pay and not much fun. After a week or two, they will offer one you like but no pay outs. Think it is the best selection there is though even if you are suppose to buy coins all the time. Go broke and switch to another sight for a few months and see how the other apps play. Some are quite fun too..Version: 2.5.24

✓ Good gameGood game, fun and exciting..Version: v2.4.09

✓ Quick hit slotsLove all games.Version: v2.4.00

✓ ❤️By far, the best slot game I’ve come across. ❤️ it..Version: v2.4.09

✓ Rescued- now at Forty MillionI had been playing this game and enjoying it, especially when it gave me a good hit! Yesterday I hit update and my screen froze at 5%. It is still frozen today. I had 25,000,000 dollars. Is it gone forever. I played a lot to get that much. I am very upset. Is there any way I can retrieve that money? HELP! I wish I had read what others had said and not updated. Can anyone help me? Someone helped or the developers fixed the issue. This paragraph is written on day 3. Problem went away Day 2. Now have 40,000,000 dollars.🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 I won’t update the first day of update again and will give time if problem exists. Don’t delete- give them a week..Version: v2.5.16

✓ GreatLove the game, but your hourly bonus could be more. 😀.Version: v2.1.19

✓ Good gameGood game im liking it si far.Version: v2.4.31

✓ Great!Great time waster. Lots of fun!.Version: v2.4.05

✓ ReviewGood game.Version: v2.4.08

✓ Too much funFantastic game.Version: v2.5.14

✓ The bestThe best slots game ever.Version: v2.2.09

✓ SlotsGreat way to pass time.Version: v2.2.05

✓ Loads of funEpic game.Version: v2.2.07

✓ Quickhit slotsDecent well worth a bash 5 stars allday.Version: v2.2.11

✓ Good gameCould pay out more tho.Version: v2.2.16

✓ Pokie oneHaving fun. But wouldn't buy coin to play..Version: v2.4.08

✓ 😝Great colour etc, but some boring games, some don’t pay much, so u run out of $$$ very fast.Version: v2.4.44

✓ Quick hitGood games, reasonable pay-outs.Version: v2.5.14

✓ Love, Love, Love!!!They say live, laugh, love! Well, I love, love, love this app. I love that they are actual casino games, I love that the bonus is hourly instead of every four hours, and last but not least, I love that they are sponsoring BC Slots!!!! I love Brian Christopher!!! I love the life experience that this app gives you! The opportunity is there you just have to put in your time if you love slots! They say that the opportunity is in the palm of your hands!! Lol... And I can’t seem to put it down!.Version: v2.4.35

✓ FunPasses time.Version: v2.4.20

✓ APP global promotion②With a professional promotion team and rich operation experience",Provide free test now,'Ping me at Skype&Whatsapp&Telegram:♛@+86 18228157920⑩, we will promote each App well in the world and increase revenue significantly②.Version: 2.5.24

✓ GoodGood game.Version: v2.4.00

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