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Quick Hit Slots - Vegas Casino App User Positive Comments 2024

Quick Hit Slots - Vegas Casino app received 126 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about quick hit slots - vegas casino?

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Quick Hit Slots - Vegas Casino for Positive User Reviews

NiceGood app love it.Version: v2.4.24

Love itEvery day make my day so much fun.Version: 3.00.39

ThanksGood game.Version: 3.00.30

Great fun10/10.Version: 3.00.32

GreatFun games.Version: 3.00.33

Wow!What can I say other spend your money at a real casino! Better odds. Don’t buy credits. Chances of maintaining credits is very low..Version: 3.00.39

Love the gamesI find the games very exciting & relaxing to play.Version: 3.00.30

WonderfulNice.Version: 3.00.47

Designed to waste your coins!I thoroughly enjoy playing this game and would consider it a 5-star game, except for one glaring issue of greed. Instead of saving your most recently bet amount, the amount is set to an extremely high amount whenever you first open a slot. Eager to start playing again, I tap the spin button…and then an amount that has taken me several days (or longer) to accumulate is gone in an instant. I know this and usually adjust the bet before starting but sometimes I forget. The goal is to ‘encourage’ the purchase of more coins, which I understand. My only wish is to take the higher risk when I choose. Just something to be aware of..Version: 3.00.35

Jennifer FillEnjoying the slots!.Version: 2.5.24

TedIt keeps me level.Version: 3.00.47

Best App I’ve played to dateThere no other slot app that comes even close to the realism, fun, quality of actual real games you would find in casinos :)..Version: 3.00.39

ChampGreat way too kill time.Version: 3.00.47

NikiTops games.Version: 3.00.39

Super cool Games this year.Great Choices by the way some games I could pull my hair out but I don’t have any hair..Version: 3.00.47

Fun fun funLiving a stressful life is hard so to play and escape is just what this offers, love it.Version: 3.00.45

Awesome !Such a fun game, can play it for hours..Version: 3.00.49

👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 3.00.47

MintMint.Version: 3.00.15

SlotsGood site.Version: 3.00.47

Fantastic funAwesome site one of the best ever.Version: 3.00.45

Fun gameLots of fun, loose sometimes but win a lot.Version: 3.00.16

GoodNot very good winnings but great game.Version: v2.4.06

This gameGreatest on earth.Version: v2.2.03

GoodNice.Version: 3.00.45

My fav games disappearedThe lock it link games :( :(:(:(.Version: 3.00.15

Great gamesGreat graphics and sounds and features.Version: 3.00.37

EnthrallingLove this app!.Version: 3.00.47

Loads of funEpic game.Version: v2.2.07

Charged twice for purchasesI like the games and usually I don’t have to purchase often in fact hardly at all but lately I’ve done it a lot with losing ALOT I’m getting frustrated with this because I’ve been noticing that they are double charging me for purchases or even I’ve gotten charged for Random purchases I’ve never made! Now that I’ve contacted my in app purchase providers and they are working on getting these reversed I’m losing big time again! To the point if I want to play I have to purchase! What the heck! I’m really beginning to feel like this site isn’t worth it anymore. And I’m afraid to make a purchase because I will just get double charged again! I’ve never had any other site do this to me! Watch out for this people!.Version: v2.4.32

Good, fun gameplay. Definitely pay 2 playIt’s a really fun game. I play all the time. Guess I’m one of the many suckers out there. But if you want to get consistent bigger wins you have to pay them. Not sure if it’s based on spins, amount won or time but you can definitely tell when you’ve worn out your money. You would think $25 in purchased coins would give you at least 24-48 hours of decent gameplay. Nope. Maybe an hour or so? In a lot of games you have mini, minor, major, grand and mega jackpots. They don’t give out the grand or mega ones and in almost 5 years of playing I have only seen 2 major ones. I’ve hit 3 major jackpots at my local casino in the last 2 years and this pretend casino is way tighter than a real casino. That’s the one thing about this game. It seems as if they believe the are losing real money if you hit major or higher jackpots. It’s a game, not real life. Lol..Version: 3.00.36

FunFun so far because I’m winning and learning.Version: 3.00.47

Fun to Play…But … it’s gotten betterUpdate For the past month or so the game seems to be functioning much better. I actually won a really big jackpot which was a big help. And look forward to seeing the words LUCKY YOU. Usually that means I won lots of points. Also more opportunities to win power balls. It still freezes occasionally but not nearly as often as in the past. I now have several million points so hopefully won’t get back to zero again. When I get a losing streak I take a break. I usually play 2-4 times a day. But I still get the bonus round that pays very little at times. I expect to win at least a million with 20-25 spins but that doesn’t always happen. But I still enjoy playing this game. It’s lots of fun and relaxing. …. I really enjoy playing the FREE game. (This is my favorite game at a real casino). But for the past 2 weeks it’s become almost impossible to get ahead. I’ve gone down to zero points more than once, then work my way up again only to start the losing streak all over again. I get the bonus round more than once but only get a few thousand points, even with the 20 play round. I win a power ball only to win zero points for several rounds after. This wasn’t the case when I first started playing many months ago. Not sure what changed but something did. It’s still one of my favorite games to play, but not necessarily fun to lose all or most of my points every few days. Sadly it’s now just a way to kill time..Version: 3.00.34

Fun fun funThis game is totally addictive. It keeps you guessing and keeps you coming back. Lots of free coins. Love this game!.Version: 3.00.27

Quickhit slotsDecent well worth a bash 5 stars allday.Version: v2.2.11

Pokie oneHaving fun. But wouldn't buy coin to play..Version: v2.4.08

Thrills and spillsVery realistic and brings back some many good memories of Las Vegas.Version: 3.00.32

RrGood game!.Version: v2.4.00

Mindless FunLoose oneself with auto spin..Version: 3.00.40

Quick HitLoving this game best on ever so far..Version: 3.00.47

In-app purchase won't loadOn December 24,2020 I made a holiday special purchase of 135,000,000 coins on the Quick Hits app. I received an email from Apple advising me that the purchase had completed along with the the order number. When I accessed the Quick Hits app to play the casino games, I discovered the 135,000,000 had not been loaded. I tried contacted Apple and was advised that I had to contact the app provider, Appchi Media Group, to clear up the matter or get a refund. So far I have not been successful to reach Appchi Media because customer service contact information is not available. Think twice before you make an in-app purchase because no party involved wants to take ownership for any glitch that may have occurred..Version: 2.5.24

ThankfulAwesome game thankful.Version: 3.00.45

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 3.00.45

PlayerI like this game.Version: v2.2.07

FunActually a fun slot app.Version: 3.00.49

A fun port of some Vegas slots... (Mostly fun!)Most of these slots are either ports from actual slots or original slots. Some are rare and hard to find and others are only via the Quick Hit &/or Hot Shot apps. One of my biggest qualms is, they often times turn the winning percentages down so low, you're blowing through millions of coins/tokens way too quickly. And then, they offer you a sale to buy more. It's not so fun when you don't win at a decent (at least over half of the spins) rate. And then, there's the "Lost Connection" (or the you're logged in somewhere else, refresh the game to continue) screen that comes up when you do get a big win and then you don't get your credits. Otherwise, it's a nice and fun way to pass the time, if you have the coins/tokens..Version: 3.00.26

Dont buy chipsNo matter what you do this will eat your chips.... When the algorithm moves to lose mode you lose no matter how much money you have spent on coins or how you got your coins. If you are good at patterns you can see the algorithm change. Only use the free coins there is nothing to be won by investing money..Version: v2.4.46

Great gameI find this is one of my go too games now. Great graphics and prizes..Version: v2.4.12

AwesomeLove it I can play all day.Version: 3.00.45

Love itGreat game.Version: v2.4.00

Love itBut how do you add and remove Favourite Games?.Version: 3.00.37

Fun gameGame is pretty fun to play i like how u can gamble and not lose real money.Version: 3.00.45

Quick hit slotsI am impressed by the constant variety provided. The best slots I e played. Always something different and rotation is great too..Version: 3.00.28

Glad I returned it’s worth itI am enjoying the new style games and there is a good selection of games to choose from.Version: 3.00.45

Delboy68Brilliant game love it so much to do five stars 👍👍👍👍.Version: 3.00.15

JeuS’est plaisant de jouer quand on n’est pas déranger par les Fenetre qui ferme.Version: 3.00.45

Good gameLots of fun.Version: 3.00.45

Best game everBrilliant game so addictive.. love it..Version: 3.00.32

Game to winMay I get a really money out of this game? I am sick I'm looking for money I mean real money.Version: 3.00.37

Amazing Wins!Recently won 400+++ free spins on Planet Moola game. Huge win!!! Great game!.Version: 3.00.45

AndyI just started playing and I must say I’m enjoying it a lot.Version: 3.00.33

GoodGood game.Version: v2.4.00

Cool game...Haven’t been playing long enough to make a proper decision.Version: v2.4.12

ReviewGood game.Version: v2.4.08

Easy to playEasy to play reasonable win loss ratio good graphics.Version: 3.00.45

FunSpin and enjoy.Version: 3.00.45

Great games lots of funGreat games lots of fun.Version: 3.00.37

Fun to playJust like being at a casino , but from the comfort of your own home !.Version: 3.00.47

Awesome 5This is a five star game casino 10 out of 10 cool.Version: v2.1.16

Love itThank for this game,it’s very enjoyable and fair.Version: 3.00.26

Happy as a pig in s—-Very good app.Version: 3.00.40

FantasticAwesome games it’s great that you open up games that are locked every once in a while keep it up.Version: 3.00.26

HiI love this game it’s so much fun.Version: v2.4.32

Terrible Fake SlotsI’m level 1902 with everything unlocked and lost 10 trillion on one slot from fake progressions. Their terminology is “it may trigger the jackpot” so the progression “happens” but you never trigger any bonuses even after the 10 trillion I put in a slot and won nothing. Every increased bet gives you a different slot progression so no change of bets or it’s like going to a new slot machine. Each bet even on one slot has its own predetermined rolls which you can’t reset or change or try to randomize to try to win it’s just not possible because it’s fake slots. The purpose of the game is to take all your time and coins so it’ll make you feel like you should purchase coins with real money. But please don’t because it’s a scam, the slots aren’t random rolls and you’ll just be wasting your time continuing to play this game. Actually the worst type of people make games like these stop supporting these brain dead developers until they make something worth our time. Let them die as a company they are actually ****..Version: 3.00.40

Club games without losing moneyGreat variety, very impressive so far.Version: 3.00.37

Fun as freeI am enjoying as a new free starter.Version: 3.00.33

Money LossesWhy can’t these pokie apps give us the giant wins like the major or grand once in a while?!?! ITS FAKE MONEY, let us feel like we’re winners! Every time it’s the free money spin wheels… always most likely to get the lowest number on the wheel!!.Version: 3.00.45

MrAwesome app.Version: 3.00.39

😖😖 😔 VERY Disappointing 🤬🤬🤬I used to enjoy playing all of the QuickHit slots until very recently. Recently however, while playing, for no reason what-so-ever, my points are taken away! This morning I spun the wheel and got 35,000 points - played QuickHit Triple Play Moon Princess and won several jackpots which took me over 250,000. I was betting the lowest amount of 8100. I was able to have 8 spins and all of the sudden I see that the page pops up telling me to buy more points and I see my points have gone down to 7000 something. What the heck you guys...???!!!!!! And this is just 1 example of the past couple months. JBut now I’m fed up!!!!!! I suggest you boycott the quick hit games until they get their stuff together. Libby1957And AGAIN - I have 20,844,180 points and get a notice that I’ve leveled up and receive 500 and some change. When o go back to my game, I have 2,844,180. WTH??!!!! You TAKE AWAY 18,000,000 points ???.Version: v2.4.24

FarceI been telling myself as well as the owners that it’s high time that they see the errors of their ways. I paid for 2 sets of $100 (total $200) credits totaling 8 billion game credits. My bet was 25 million but the limit that came up was well over that amount but I didn’t want to spend it before I got into the bonus round. My bet was 5 million and I lost it all without even getting a bonus spin. It wasn’t until I reduced my bet to $1 million did I start winning anything but by that time my credits had diminished with no bonus spins. I’m currently at level 936 and have brought this to their attention. Their response was “always” it’s no different than any casinos you play at….FCOL!!! If I paid that much in the casino I’d walk out a millionaire or close to it. It’s time to fold and walk away …😤.Version: 3.00.37

Red phoenixFun games.Version: 3.00.47

HopeWish it was real.Version: 3.00.33

SlotsGood game.Version: 3.00.36

Great gameFun game,lots of wins.Version: v2.4.00

I’m done with this appI’ve been playing this app since last October (2017) and enjoying it until recently. As another review pointed out, many times I would make a bet and it would pause and say “bet refunded”. This started happening to me recently where it hadn’t done it before. When I updated the app recently, I was severely angered to find all my previous winnings and credits had disappeared, and the app had reset itself as if I’d never played before. It asked me to sign in or play as a guest. That was my first clue that something was wrong. When I finally got into the game to play, it was back to square one. All my previous efforts. GONE! All my credits (45 MILLION!!). GONE! So, guess what? Me? I’m GONE TOO!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: v2.4.20

Best slot game there isIve downloaded so many games that weren’t anything like what you actually play in casinos, this app is all the games and more and it makes it fun by having you do endless adventures along the way to win more levels. You get wild balls which are free money, you are constantly getting free money to play. Even when you’re down to nothing for coins you can still spin using the free coins they give if you exit out of the ad that asks if you want to buy coins. Then you can keep doing it until you win enough that you don’t need the free coins if that makes sense. Anyways overall I really love this game and most my free time is spent playing. Try it out I guarantee you won’t regret it.Version: 3.00.47

Not so good!The only thing about this slot app is the modern games it lets you play. It takes way to long to unlock new games especially when you don't win much. You need to play to unlock games but your small winnings are quickly taken leaving players only a few minutes of play before they are out of coins. My father did win over a billion in the Xmas bonus game where you collect items for the tree but lost it all back in like 4 days. Not one good win playing with a billions of coins! Took it all! The amount of coins he had would have cost around $600. Had he bought them, imagine spending that kind of money just to play a fake slot with no chance of getting anything for it. There's too much risk for no reward! What a shame because the game are fun to play. I will never pay for coins on the site though! Trackercb.Version: v2.4.09

Love itjjjI love cant stop.Version: 2.5.20

SlotsA good game.Version: 3.00.16

Best gameSo fun and entertaining.Version: 3.00.45

My experienceThis app runs smoothly, has recent games that are in casinos, has no ads, and when you run out of money you can get unlimited 45k coin increments after going through two prompts. The slots are pretty tight but that’s what makes it fun when you hit a bonus, it feels like real casino odds and you rarely are going to hit a major jackpot. The money making scheme, which is fair, is when you reach level 60 the minimum bet is 240k on most games. There are a choice few less exciting games that you can play for 40k a spin. This is where they want to get you paying. I’ve had around 200 million and without fail you are going to hit 0 dollars. You don’t control the odds, slots are not a winning game. They also make some of the popular games very expensive. 3 million a spin, that’s like 68 cents a spin if you are buying coins at the lowest tier and not in a deal phase. Some games minimum bet is 20 million a spin! I paid 5 dollars just to support because there is no ads. This game becomes a grind to just play the game that you want to play. You have to win a big bonus on the older boring games and hope you can win another bonus on the game you want actually want to play just so you can spin for awhile. Overall fun.Version: 3.00.39

EnjoyingAwesome game.Version: 3.00.45

FunVery fun.Version: 3.00.47

Fun for any time of the day…Keeps interest and runs beautifully..Version: 3.00.47

Nice broPas pir pas pir.Version: 3.00.47

Very few payoutsI have been playing these slots for several years. Compared to the cheesy slots online, these are the best. HOWEVER, expect to continually buy credits if you want to continue playing. The minimum bets (40,000) are so high and the payouts so low your money is gone. If you get a decent payout, don’t expect another until you give back all that you just won. I have counted up to 25-30 times until you get MORE than your current bet. Also after years, almost daily, I have never had a jackpot! I was informed by the customer service that “we attempt to make the slots comparable to Las Vegas “. Trust me, not even close! Most of the time I work with the tiny amount of freebies they give out. If the payouts were more I’d probably spend a little more. Otherwise it’s fun to kill time..Version: 3.00.27

Like reel gamesJust like the reel thing lol seee what I did there.Version: 3.00.40

Great gameThis is a good slots game but takes ages to get features.Version: 3.00.39

Good gameGood game im liking it si far.Version: v2.4.31

Awesome slots!Quick win is my favourite!!!!!!!.Version: v2.2.05

Love itIt’s full of non stop bonuses that make playing enjoyable.Version: 3.00.26

GreatHaving lots of fun here.Version: 3.00.47

EntertainingNew games I’ve not played and enjoy.Version: 3.00.47

Nice place to visitGreat site like coming here.Version: 3.00.47

Quick hit slotsLove all games.Version: v2.4.00

Great GamesAwesome variety of gamers. Great fun while hubby watches sport 😊.Version: 3.00.37

HelpGood fun to stop wasting real money I feel like I’m rich in real life if you want to stop spending money gambling get this game.Version: 3.00.44

Very excitingThe sounds noise and wins are so enjoyable.Version: 3.00.45

Slots reviewAmusing, fun and entertaining-all without having spent a cent! Thank you.Version: 3.00.30

The Big Bang Not the Earth Right HereThis Gold Bust Game is Really Cool if You Can Wait for a few Seconds after each Roll that’s Because Your Loosing Lots of Points and You Really Don’t want to be Loosing most of the time Millions in not waiting after each Pull You Do !!!!!!$!!!!!!! Because there really is So Many Roll Overs Your Missing by making it Spin Right After Each & Other Spin You Do !!! So Stand Fast pull your crank and wait a few Because at least every Five Pulls Really Fast Ones I’ll Betcha You Tossed A Good Million Plus Away !!! And Bet the Second from the Least You Can BET It Really Will Pay You Off Faster and Even More !!! Try It Now a if YOU did not read all this & to try all this Then I would say Looser to Y O U !! But Took the Time To ‘ &’ To Try It Your Total Wins Will Floor “YOU” “So Just Do It Now”.Version: 3.00.14

AwesomeGames are exciting to play without costing a penny.Version: 3.00.45

Almost real!Almost!!.Version: v2.4.00

Having a ballThe his is a wonderful game, thank you.Version: 3.00.40

DisappointingGreat slots but level of winning and bonuses are little to none. The bonus wheel is a joke. As long as I have been playing these slots, I have never hit the largest amounts at ANY time. If I wanted real “Vegas” odds, I’d go to a real casino and win real money. This is for fun, let us have fun. I know it’s basically geared where we’ll spend real cash to play for fun (and I have on occasion spent a little) but just like the real deal, you’ll lose it all so you have to purchase more. Not! Also, give us the option of participating in the gimmicks you have going on weekly. I’d prefer not to but I have have to continually press the “X” in the corner to get the pop ups out of the way. And I’m sure most other apps are the same. I’m going to leave all of them alone..Version: 2.5.24

❤️By far, the best slot game I’ve come across. ❤️ it..Version: v2.4.09

😝Great colour etc, but some boring games, some don’t pay much, so u run out of $$$ very fast.Version: v2.4.44

Best gameI love this game.Version: 3.00.47

Quick HitsAways exciting, Looking forward to playing when ever I get a chance..Version: 3.00.47

CoolWonderful.Version: 3.00.36

FunnyBrilliant.Version: 3.00.33

Quick Hit PlatinumAwesome!!! Always New Games and bonuses..Version: v2.4.00

Avoid like the Black Death !Just don’t do it ! Go and play on a real casino , this app is all about robbing you and the customer service is shocking ! Rip off please avoid.Version: 3.00.25

Quick hot slotsGood game really enjoy playing thanks.Version: v2.5.13

So happyThank you guys so much, this game has made my day!.Version: 3.00.29

Good GameGood game but when you purchases credits, the win rate is very low, and very disappointing..Version: 3.00.15

Rip off - spent over thousands $ on this- game crashedContacted support..still no answers. I know I should have spent in the real casino. But it’s move convenient on the phone. I have played this for years and I am way over level 400 and free bonus at over 3 million when leveling up. 1st- They kept double sometimes triple charging me on the same purchase. 2nd - most importantly and most recently I couldn’t open the app without clicking “play as guest” or “connect with Facebook” - since the auto login failed I couldn’t click on either of these. I clicked on ”play as guest” last time - it erased all my play records losing billions of coins - were the coins I had purchased plus my winnings and by worst it went back to level one starting all over again from zero!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!! I am still waiting for answers after days of contact! I need a resolution on this. If not, Apple should not allowed this scam business running !!!.Version: v2.4.20

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