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Great gameAnother good way to waste time on a plane or when your waiting in line. Has some ads you have to watch to get bonuses but overall a fun game..Version: 1.31

Line DriveGreat Game..Version: 1.31

Awesome Game!Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.31

Great gameGreat game.Version: 1.2

Addicting game.Really amazing game would recommend it to everyone looking for an easy but still challenging and fun game..Version: 1.3

Love it!It's a great game!! There could definitely be something like mini games or something that enable you to gain more mlb bucks and things but other than that it's fantastic.Version: 1.31

Wow really greatSo addicting and very fun.Version: 1.31

GoodFun.Version: 1.31

Five StarsFive Stars Best Baseball Game i ever played..Version: 1.31

Perfect For Baseball Fans!This simple, fun and exciting game is the perfect time waster for baseball fans! Love it!.Version: 1.31

Nice!This game is perfect.Version: 1.31

Great gameAddictive and fun.Version: 1.3

Entertaining but frustratingGame is a great time waster but can get a bit frustrating trying to hit the goals..Version: 1.31

Good time killerNot totally addictive but fun to play. Can double rewards after each 10 ball game by watching a 30 sec add for other games. It’s free! There are in app purchases but not at all necessary to play and have fun..Version: 1.31

Great work outAddictive game and you'll have a sore arm. Need to get server issues fixed..Version: 1.31

Awesome Game!I actually get excited every time I got a home run! Coming to get you, Bautista!.Version: 1.31

LO L.Version: 1.31

Good GameNice.Version: 1.31

Very fun.This is a very fun game. This is as good of hitting mechanics as I've seen in any smart phone baseball game. It makes me wish that season mode and standard gameplay could be incorporated with this type of batting mechanics..Version: 1.31

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Loads of fun.Version: 1.31

GoodBut it so goos.Version: 1.31

Good gameGood game.Version: 1.3

FunFun little time killer. You don't really have to spend any money if you don't want to (so far). I'll bail on it if that changes..Version: 1.31

MlbFun but can you put more mlb parks in the game thank you 😀.Version: 1.31

MrVery fun game that needs to have more stadiums..Version: 1.31

Great Game For When You Are BoredEasy to access and play and there are a multitude of ballparks and cool stuff you can do!.Version: 1.31

Fun and simpleFun, simple and easy to play ! Love it.Version: 1.31

Great time killerFun game that you never get bored with! Always a good challenge!.Version: 1.31

Great gameVery addictive!.Version: 1.31

FunShould have possibility of customizing character and being able to be drafted and have a umpire view nice work though.Version: 1.31

Line DRIVEGood game!!.Version: 1.31

Good gameVery good game gets u thinking.Version: 1.31

Great gameThis is a fun new game can't wait for 2016 mlb season to start.Version: 1.2

Line drive.Good game, needs more stadiums!.Version: 1.31

MLBFun game. Addictive!.Version: 1.3

Mlb swing for the fencesI almost didn't download this game because I thought it was gonna be a crappy game but when u play it for a while it ends up being really fun.Version: 1.31

Good gameThis game is a neat concept but it gets really hard the further along you go. I wish there were more stadiums and it didn't take so long to get bucks. This is a fairly good game to waste time and it is different than most games out there..Version: 1.31

AddictingMight seem like another gimmick at first, but okay this game and you'll keep coming back for more. Go Braves!.Version: 1.31

FunEnjoy wasting time with this game.Version: 1.31

Pretty funIt's really fun.Version: 1.31

Simple but fun enoughReally easy so far. Hoping it gets more complicated..Version: 1.31

BaseballGood game, reminiscent of old style "how far can you hit it" games!.Version: 1.31

Great Game- I thought this game is great and great way to kill time. Your playing on the field and every time you hit the ball something New happens. I love it very much ⚾️..Version: 1.31

Fun distractionFun.Version: 1.31

Needs SkydomeNeeds Blue Jays Skydome.Version: 1.31

Going going goneProves that you don’t need steroids to blast out of the park.Version: 1.31

Baseball gameI very much enjoyed this app. Very easy to get on you catch on quickly and once you get in the groove of things that are happening time goes by quickly.Version: 1.31

Entertaining and a bit frustratingStraight forward game, quite entertaining, but getting stuck on a level seems more frustrating than other games, perhaps because it seems so simple. The simplicity has its merits, but also its drawbacks. I for one wish it the ball would rise/carry for longer if you hit just slightly down on it and through the pitch, as it would in real life..Version: 1.31

#1Great game.Version: 1.31

Fun and worth whileFun game..Version: 1.31

AmazingThis game is perfect idk why you people complain that it takes too long to beat because that's the whole point. This is the perfect time filler I've been waiting for.Version: 1.31

Super FunIt's pretty simple to play and rather addicting. Nice when you want to hit but don't want to think strategy..Version: 1.31

Great gameGood game.Version: 1.31

Good but could be betterPretty cool game. Takes too long to get packs though, just like any other game with in app purchases. You have to use real money to advance quicker. Kills time though..Version: 1.31

Mlb line driveGood and fun entertaining game.Version: 1.2

GoodFun.Version: 1.31

Good but hardOne thing is that bucks are really expensive and stuff you buy is a lot to get it with it is hard to get them..Version: 1.31

Great gameVery good game.Version: 1.31

Line driveBest baseball game I've ever seen in my life.Version: 1.31

Fun!Most fun I've had in a baseball game!.Version: 1.31

Time flies with thisYou need to make in app purchases to be competitive but easily makes 5 hours feel like one.Version: 1.31

Fun and mindlessFun to play without needing much thought. Graphics are fun and sounds make it better too..Version: 1.31

Fun gameMore challenging than I expected and great when you have nothing to do.Version: 1.31

Good but bugsI really like the game but I'm getting glitches where is doesn't let me swing and some where it stops the ball but when it does work it's really fun.Version: 1.31

Good game5 stars.Version: 1.31

Great GameThis game is very fun and addictive. Level ups are slow to get but worth it when you do..Version: 1.31

Love this game but wish I could listen to music while playingGame does not let you listen to music while playing. Please fix this!.Version: 1.31

Good appGood game so far.Version: 1.31

Fun to playThis is a very fun game to play while u are laying in bed ans have nothen to do so make sure u have a lot of time on your hand to play.Version: 1.31

Awesome. Very difficult to pass thoughI like it and would love it more if bucks weren't so hard to come back but makes game very intense and competitive..Version: 1.31

AvisThe best of is kind.Version: 1.31

AwesomeBEST GAME EVER!!!!⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️.Version: 1.31

GreatGood game.Version: 1.31

Fun!Great time killer....just fun to try and hit ball as far as possible. Wish it was easier to open more stadiums without having to pay..Version: 1.31

Time KillerI'm not much for playing games, but I love baseball. Now, I hate the fact this game doesn't offer, one of the MLB's largest fan base teams, a chance to play in their stadium...Busch Stadium!!! Outside of that, the game is entertaining and fun for all ages!.Version: 1.31

Quick and easyGreat time killer when you don't have a lot of time..Version: 1.31

Fun gameEnjoy playing, wish it didn't cost so much to advance in the game and it's not easy to earn stuff just batting..Version: 1.31

GoodThis game is a good game. Should be able to power up with out cards.Version: 1.3

Fun app!Not a realistic sim or anything but it's fun to play and great if you have a few minutes to kill..Version: 1.31

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