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CareCredit Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

CareCredit Mobile app received 14 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CareCredit Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about carecredit mobile?

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CareCredit Mobile for Negative User Reviews

I like CareCreditBut the app is just terrible.. I have had to reset password 20 times or more.. with a password that works on desktop, but then not mobile, but the worst is the content of the messages it pushes out to you.. you see red number, and since its how you pay your bill.. but no, its stupid informational mails pushing discounts for boob job/botox discount if your pet gets work too.. but there is no way to turn off the marketing mails, and keep the app… and dog sweater financing offers arent even in your desktop account, just the app.. so if you can handle a new password everytime you log in, and push notices of how to finance diamond implants in yur lapdogs teeth, install .. otherwise, forego the convenience and just use the credit card.Version: 4.19.3

Convenient, but annoyingOn the occasions where I can use my Care Credit card, this app does everything that it needs to do--allow me to make payments in an app instead of a web browser. It even makes my card info available so that I don't have the carry the physical card with me, which is great. What's annoying and disappointing is that the app regularly sends me spammy promotional messages through the Message Center even though I have promotions turned OFF in my app settings, and have opted out of promotional emails (for what it's worth). Would love to see this fixed, clearly there are a lot of reasons to love this app..Version: 4.11.0

Bad Credit Card ManagementI got this credit card to help my sister to pay the dentist, Care Credit approved me for $4,500. I used it and paid my debt before the time the card gave me. Then I used it to pay a surgery for my wife, for around $1,000 and I paid that in less than 6 months. I had more than a year with zero balance and I check it frequently on the app. A few days ago I checked my account and they lower my credit limit from $5,500 to $1,024 without contact me. Who understand the banks and the credit lines, if you pay on time and you don’t have debt they screw you over, but you have a big debt they are happy. I am very upset because this will impact my credit score that is actually very high 777. This is now the worst credit card I have and I don’t close it because it will be worse for my credit score. I do not recommend this card at all. Thank you for your great service..Version: 4.20.1

Good but not GreatI love Care Credit, it has helped tremendously. I wish this app was more advanced though. I make extra payments all of the time to keep up with my promotions. However, this app always pays into what it wants. I would love to have an option to choose where my extra payment is being applied. I always have to call customer service which is super frustrating. I usually don’t have time and it seems they outsource their call center. It’s hard to communicate with their people. I’ve had payments not being allocated correctly and it was a nightmare. Please update app so we can do more on our own!.Version: 4.14.1

Latest update does NOT WORK on older iphones!This app has been great! - until the latest update. Incidentally, I have an iphone 6. The ios cannot be updated past 12.5 version. This update requires ios 13. When I open the Care Credit app to pay my bill, it displays that I must update to the latest version first. So i proceed to update. It then displays that I must have ios 13 to update and asks if I want to download the older version. I click “download”. Then it does nothing and still will not let me access the Care Credit app without updating it to the newest version first. The app is now useless. Can you fix this so an older iphone user can still use the app? Update: It’s been 2 months since this latest update... This app is still useless if you have an older iphone. Please fix this issue so we, with older phones, can use it again. :(.Version: 4.16.0

Run AwayI don’t have dental insurance and my dentist office suggested using this. Forty, the app is difficult to use. Won’t let me set up an account and after the third try, I gave up and will log in at the website Second, I made my first payment four days after I was approved. Two weeks later, there was another bill so I paid that too. I figured the next bill we’ve in a month. I checked my balance and guess what? There was another bill due in four days. No notification was sent. So I paid that three days ago. I’m almost afraid to look again. I also paid a little more than their balance on the bill and now I have to pay the higher amount. If I pay more on the next bill, that will be what I have to pay for the rest of the loan. Note that I am paying off in 12 months to avoid interest. They have very high interest rates and if you are late, you will pay a fee. If you choose the no interest plan, you will pay interest on the entire loan if it is not aid on time. I plan to pay off my 12 month loan in 10 months or earlier because I don’t trust this organization at all..Version: 4.15.0

Great app terrible companyThe app is great but the company itself, Synchrony, is far from great... Paid for years into the customer protection program and once I actually lost my job they denied my application for the protection program...missed only one payment (by a week and after informing them that it will be late) now at that point I understood the lowering of my credit limit but now comes the kicker... back to work... paid of the last couple dollars owed and after a while ask them to raise the limit back up .. their answer? The account was closed without me being notified... now I am supposed to re-apply for a new card because this one can’t be re-opened... I don’t have insurance, this was my insurance so I’m the middle of an pandemic you cancel the lifeline of people to pay for their care.... I’m done... with synchrony and anything they stand for....Version: 4.10.0

Does not respect notification settingsI have all notifications turned off within this app, yet I still get lock screen, home screen, and app badge notifications for things I have turned off inside the app. They have now subscribed me to motivations about a podcast they are hosting (and who is listening to a podcast about having to use a credit service to pay for basic human needs like healthcare?????). There is no way to unsubscribe. When you try to go to support for the app from the Apple App Store, it takes you to their generic customer service website with agents who only have the ability to help with your account, payments, etc. and have no ability to report any app malfunctions to the developers. I know I can turn off the notifications within my Apple Settings menus, but then I won’t get payment notifications, etc. Additionally, the app often will fail to load correctly due to server issues. A poorly designed app for a predatory lending service..Version: 4.18.0

They Don’t Function and They Don’t CareOkay 1) when I wanted information about cars credit the phone had no operators and the website was confusing, distracting and wanted you to sign up before saying anything. At my dentist they had me sign the papers before I saw 26.6% interest rate. Went to make my payment and the website said “we can’t process you st this time.” The phone said (first thing) you can speak to an operator for $10.” After I put in my checking account info it said “you bill is proces-“ and the call dropped. It is supposed to notify me about EVERY TRANSACTION and contact. No call no text no email. Oh and when they free app got done collecting my charge card info it said, “that transaction is approved” but I wasn’t making any transaction and they don’t accept payment by credit. The day after I signed up for Care Credit my credit score went down 14 points because I was stupid enough to sign up for this rip off..Version: 3.2.0

App is good but annoying on IOSI’m a fan of Care Credit and the app is pretty basic and gives me what I normally need from it. I can easily make payments without much problem and it’s easy to find things like promotional expirations which are the big things I use it for. However, in the last year the app has become annoying and sends promotional messages about once or twice a week. This creates badge notifications and I have to login to the app and navigate several menus to delete them to make the badge go away. Its junk mail. It’s a waste of my time and it’s doing it more increasingly. I want to disable these but there’s no option to. Please allow us to disable the stupid promotional messages. I got 4 of them this week.Version: 4.19.4

Good app, bad service when you need supportPLS ADD DISPUTE CHARGE CAPABILITY IN APP OR REAL PERSON CHAT I had a horrible experience calling the support number provided to dispute a charge. I hate long phone calls on my cellphone anyway (I can't hear or be heard well on speakerphone and I don't like the feeling of the cellphone sitting against my face for longer than a few minutes), but talking to someone unhelpful after 30m of inanely cheerful and repetitive hold music is especially hellish. Then the representative tells me she needs to transfer me and after I ask her name and rep number she hung up the call. What a waste of my time and energy!.Version: 4.15.0

Account Activity BuggyI was really thankful for this app for helping me pay off my dog's medical bill and my experience was pretty smooth up until I was about to schedule in my last payment which never showed on my Account Activity. Thus, after waiting a few days to see if my scheduled payment would appear, and it didn't, this led me to believe that I had to schedule it again. No cash was taken out of my account each time I scheduled a payment up until it somehow randomly went through and I got charged TWICE (as of the time this review is being written). I'm hoping it didn't go through more than twice since it doesn't really show me anything and as another review states, feels like I'm being punished for trying to pay off my bill so quick. It'd be convenient if there was another way to contact support such as through email or even request a dispute through the account history section..Version: 4.15.0

“Pay My Health Care Bill”So I decided to use the “pay my health care bill” to pay my hospital bill. Now, not only am I paying my hospital bill, but I’m also feeling like I’m gonna have to pay synchrony bank too all because I used this feature. I called the Customer Support number or whatever and they told me that it wasn’t even possible to that in the app. Somehow the hospital never received the payment and I’m left in the middle calling MySynchrony bank, the merchant support line, and the hospital. This is honestly stupid. If certain features don’t work with places then why have them listed? Or why even have that feature if customer care representatives are just gonna tell you that you can’t do that in the app? Stupid, don’t you think?.Version: 4.3.2

Doesn’t work at allI wish I could give this zero stars because I haven’t been able to use it to determine its actual rating. I downloaded the app before the iOS update to 12, but it didn’t work. I’ve since updated my phone and all apps but if still doesn’t work. I get an error message that says “We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later.” I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I’ve tried it on WiFi, cell data- nothing. I did an online chat with customer service, they had no idea why it didn’t work. I sent a secure message to customer service and was told I had to call in because this error message may be one of several things (huh?). So I called. First she told me that it’s something to do with Apple’s security blocking their website through Safari. I am able to log in via Safari, but not the app. So I’m assuming she asked around and the response I received is that in spite of the fact that this app was just updated two weeks ago, they are no longer supporting the iPhone app. What?!? I’m so confused and have an app that doesn’t work. So disappointing..Version: 4.0.1

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