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Albert: Banking on you App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Albert: Banking on you app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Albert: Banking on you? Can you share your negative thoughts about albert: banking on you?

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Albert: Banking on you for Negative User Reviews

Worst prepaid card bank ever!!I have had this Albert bank account for over a year with weekly deposits from my job since day one. Today they have suspended my account indefinitely/permanently with no explanation. I have hundreds of dollars that I can’t use now thanks to Albert and had to be transferred to another bank account that will take 5 business days to see the funds on the other bank account from Albert. I had a beach trip this weekend and had to cancel it cause I am flat broke until my my money from Albert arrives to my new bank account. The customers service is 2 star. They don’t have a number you can call and contact them you have to text message them through the app which is a huge red flag. It takes hours or almost a whole day to hear back from customer service. Every time I go to deposit a check onto my Albert account it takes a week to arrive on my Albert checking account. The other banks I dealt with in the past when I deposited a check through their app the funds were available in an hour or less. Ridiculous! I have mysterious charges been taken out of my account by Albert that I ignored like an idiot. Any time I deposit a check through my old bank account. Don’t use this app it’s better apps out there. I just switched to chime. Thanks for the headache Albert..Version: 7.5.31

Be careful!I used the Albert Genius and their “rainy day fund”. The thing was I could never withdraw the money or transfer it when I did need it. One day after attempting to get the money I was mysteriously asked for bank statements from a joint account I shared with my husband that has nothing to do with the primary account the rainy day money initially drew from. After getting nowhere with customer service (btw there is no number per the rep I texted. Also no clear and easy way to contact them). I wanted to transfer the money into the Albert Cash checking and I couldn’t because I had to verify that joint account. Since that didn’t work I wanted to unlink my account so I can transfer the money into the Albert’s Cash Checking Account. Guess what, can’t do that because again, they want to see my closed joint banking account full statements. So I have no access to the money. They have access to all of my personal, business and minor child’s bank accounts and they can hold your money hostage by asking for statements from any of those accounts even if Albert themselves never pulled money from them. Do NOT put large amounts of money into the Albert Genius, Rainy Day Fun. If you really need the money for an emergency you may have to give them access to accounts they really don’t need to be in. They will use the fact that you are vulnerable and really need that money..Version: 8.0.3

No supportI’ve been using Albert banking for a couple years now, and as of right now they suspended my account out of the blue and have no told me why?? I lost my card recently got a new and had to dispute a 1.20$ transaction few weeks before the suspension. Reaching out to support is like waiting for paint to dry. They only do text which they can respond when they buisness hour closes or two days later. My ACOCUNT is suspended and they were the only bank I used and no one has yet to tell me why so I can figure out what happened. Like did I pay to many bills in the same day with my new card?? To many transaction on my lost/stolen card?? I’m literally still waiting to here back. I absolutely HATE that you can’t talk to someone over the phone it would make my process much faster instead of waiting days for a text back when you’ve only given me 10 days to move what I have in the account to another banking. Like I’m literally so disappointed and livid at what they been putting me through. I wouldn’t be as mad if they at least respond in a timely manner about the situation. There’s literally holding my money hostage because I can’t even transfer what I currently have in there somewhere else ..Version: 7.5.29

Where’s my money?I was introduced to the app by a friend and loved the concept of it! My initial issue was that I gave them ALL of my banking information (which obviously I do not take lightly), but then the app failed to do it job in tracking my previous expenses, such as bills, and delegating a good amount for me to save. I had just paid most of my bills within a week and a half of beginning to use the app, but the app failed to notice my bill paying expenses (like upcoming rent). Soooo, the Albert app took a LARGE sum of (extra) money out of my account into one of my savings goals and left me with virtually nothing for living or upcoming bills because it failed to recognize any of my past bills. Also, this app does not offer a way to input bill expenses manually which may have solved this problem from the very beginning. I was very upset with this, so naturally I wanted my money back in my checking account, and I cancelled my Albert account. Welp, I’ve been waiting over a week to get my money fully “processed” into the app so that I can then “process” the withdrawal. (Both processes the app says would only take 2-3 business days). Any who, maybe I just have bad luck, but if you value your money don’t give this app access to your account. I’m still waiting to get my money back nearly 2 weeks after canceling. Anytime I try to contact some kind of support I get the same unhelpful response verbatim..Version: 3.6.6

Great for Budgeting, Bad as a BankInitially I only intended to use Albert as a budget tool for my other bank- Chime. Gradually I shifted to use Albert more as a bank itself as they offer a debit card. First few times I used it and had to answer YES to Genius’ text message notifications inquiring if I was using my card or not. Annoying but not too inconvenient. Then I started to notice that Genius was asking me if I was authorizing larger amounts than what was being presented to me at the Point of Sale. For instance, $9.18 instead of $7.75 that I thought I was paying at the register. This morning I was paying for four nights at a hotel and Genius texted me and asked me if I was paying $312 for a room when it was only $274 *with taxes included*. I have come to the conclusion that if you use them as a bank you have apparently agreed for some fine print about paying a premium for their “budgeting” Genius tool and they intend to overcharge you (or perhaps they can’t convert US dollars from whatever default currency they have in their system) in order to use it. Customer support is all through Genius texting as well and they don’t even have a verified Twitter social media presence so use them as a bank at your own peril..Version: 7.2.8

Overall disappointingAlbert has been an okay but not great tool. Albert has given me good advice when texting with questions, and the answers are always very thorough and informative. I like the way the savings works, except for the delay to receive withdrawals. However, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the actual budgeting tools. My first issue was that you can’t select biweekly pay, only once or twice a month or weekly. It does a very poor job of detecting income and transactions automatically; when I manually enter information, it’s still confused. I manually added my new twice a month payment schedule and amount, and it listed my next two paychecks as the 31st of this month and 15th of the next and skipped the 15th of this month, making it appear that I have half my usual budget. That’s just an example of the often clunky and inaccurate budgeting tool. It can take days before the budgeting information is updated, even if I refresh my bank account and credit cards. I can only track one of the cards that I use from the same company. While I like the value added services on this app, the primary service is a big let down..Version: 5.5.6

Less than helpful customer service.Absolutely no help from customer service regarding a charge … that was authorized to a shoe site that happened to be a mimicked site… when I authorized the payment it glitched and got a notification that the payment went to a person I did not know… and didn’t authorize this person to get paid… I authorized HeyDude Shoes. The site was quickly taken down several days later. I contacted heydudes and they sent me an acknowledgment that there’s been some fraudulent sites mimicking their site… and it was a scam. I sent what heydudes sent me… even a screenshot of the receipt which said heydudes in the corner. They would not help… stating I would have to get with the merchant to get my money back. I explained that there was no merchant.. the number given just rings and then it also stopped working. And I did NOT authorize a fake person going by the name Jimmy Toussaint… all they said sorry it didn’t turn out the way you like but you need to contact the merchant to complain about not getting the shoes.. ummm wait what.. there is no merchant… there are no customer service members… there’s no one to contact! They refused any more assistance and basically said deal with it. So I lost money… didn’t get any product.. paid money to someone I didn’t authorize… and got no help from Albert. I’ll stop banging my head against the wall count my losses and leave Albert in the dust..Version: 8.0.0

Scam galoreBe careful. Don’t sign up for Genius unless you’re ready to be active and use the program daily. I spent an entire year paying for genius when I never used it once because it was taking the same amount as the automatic savings and all this time I thought it was saving money for me so I let it continue. Come to find out it never saved anything after the initial $5 savings deposit and I’m convinced it made the initial savings deposit $5 so that when genius started up you’d think it was still saving you money when it wasn’t. Wish I never installed this app and I’ll be sure to warn everyone I know against it. There’s plenty of options that don’t use deceptive practices. EDIT FOR DEVELOPER COMMENT: it sounds like your app hides the fact that you’re paying for an unused service by alternating days funds are taken based on “availability” (the process described by the automatic savings plan and NOT mentioned by the genius paid membership) and not prominently displaying paid membership status so that people continue to believe they’re saving money and and not cancel their useless and unused paid membership. The fact that I had to DIG DEEPLY to find out that I was on a paid membership and that I wasn’t actually saving money as I had thought for an entire year proves my point. I had to view 6 pages of information to find out that Genius was charging me because it doesn’t even say that on my account information page in the app. 🤷‍♂️.Version: 6.0.6

Can’t even add financial institutionThis is a terrible and frustrating app. After reading some of the good reviews, I’m left wondering how they even got that far into the app. I was excited to use this app and the services, but in order to even use the app, you have to add your financial institution, which makes sense. I tried adding mine, and at the login page, it kept saying my credentials were invalid. At first, it worked to where I could answer my security questions, but with no success. I tried to log in several times, but without success. So I decided to use their webpage for help, and followed instructions but again, no success. I tried to contact support, but eve that is difficult. Even though I have cookies enabled, the webpage keeps saying that it is not, and I have no content blockers. After several tries, I was finally able to submit my login info to get to customer support. But then my login password was wrong. So I change it. But it still came up wrong, and keep doing the same thing. I am not getting anywhere with this app. It’s so frustrating and time consuming to try and get stuff sorted out. Please, if you downloaded this app and can’t get past the adding your financial institution, then don’t bother anymore. Avoid the frustration. Avoid this app..Version: 5.12.6

It’s a Scam! Do not download for cash advance!I would give 0 stars if I could! I originally downloaded this app to use the Cash advance feature that was advertised but once I enter all of my bank information and personal information I realized that the cash advance option was not available and only the credit score and savings option. From there they created a bank account and a debit card with my information without my permission and also charged my bank $132 without my permission for a“Genius “fee. (Even though in the app it literally says the fee is $12 a month yet they charged me $132????) and they refused to refund me my full amount stating that it is only prorated because it was a month after I signed up even though I never utilized any of their services. So they only refunded me $105 keeping $30 of my money for services I DIDNT EVEN USE. And to add, they don’t have any live representatives for you to speak to you can only email and text. Way to prey on innocent consumers who are already struggling to make ends meet who ONLY downloaded this bogus app in attempt to secure some additional funds to get by. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING FOR THE CASH ADVANCE OPTION, ITS NOT WORTH IT THEY ARE LURING YOU IN TO BE SCAMMED!.Version: 8.0.4

Wish I could give it zeroThis is the worst mistake I’ve ever made. First of all, you provide intimate financial information about yourself. Makes sense, it’s a financial app, after all. Moving on to the issue with that. They text you about your stuff and your goals once you set up genius (lowest you can pay is $3/month to get the service). This app GOT MY NAME WRONG which is HUGE to me since they have such confidential and volatile information about me. Y’all can’t even get my name correct but you’ve got bank info, credit cards, and loan info? No thanks. I wish that’s where it ended, but...since downloading this app I have gotten spam emails about loans, consolidating loans, and so on. I NEVER got these before and within 2 days of downloading this app I have received an email of this nature from various companies multiple times per day. I have also received unsolicited texts from numbers for services about loans and financial planning, which I didn’t consent to. I’ve gotten a strange “telemarketer” type phone call about housing financials too, just two days after signing up with this app. It makes me wonder what this app is doing with such private information they gain access to. Who else have they given it to?! If I’d have known beforehand I’d be getting spammed, I never would have undertaken this app. It’s way too coincidental in nature that all of this started within hours of me downloading this app. Beware of this!!!!.Version: 3.4.1

Beware....Do not install this app!!!!This is by far the most unethical company I have ever come across... and I have worked in business a very long time. I installed this app because I like the concept of what they are trying to accomplish, apparently execution is a huge issue for them. I installed the app and input my bank information. The app couldn’t get my budget right... but that wasn’t the biggest issue. I signed up for the savings option assuming they would move money from my checking into my savings. I realize I should have done a bit more research before signing up for this option.. that part was my mistake. As soon as I realized that they were going to pull my money from my actual bank account and put it into some mystery account I removed my bank information and contacted them. They wrote me back and agreed to cancel the transaction and that they would close the account. They explained that the money would never leave my bank account and would not show up on my statement because it had not processed. Well, today (three days later) I wake up and Albert took money from my bank account. My Albert account is closed so I can not transfer my money back to my real bank. I can not get anyone to contact me regarding this issue. They stole money from me and are refusing to fix the issue!!! This has been an absolutely horrible experience!!!.Version: 5.0.3

Basically FraudSo I signed up for Alberta a VERY long time ago. Never really used the program so I deleted it. Haven’t used it since. About 2 months ago my Comcast contract was up. I knew it was ending so I’d have to resign a contract to get the better price. Well “Billshark” called me and said they could get the reduce the bill for me if I signed the 2 year contract again. I said yes I knew it was up I just hadn’t taken the time to call them. She said can I do it for you? I said oh yeah that’s fine. She never said ANYTHING about there being a charge or a cost for the service. We ended the conversation and about a month later I got a notice that I owed them $110 for their service. I’ve emailed them back and forth for months now. I told them they were required to tell me there was a charge. They sent a screen shot from when you originally sign up for Alberts that there is a charge for that service. I told them I never even used their service and I downloaded it and deleted it years ago. They don’t care they won’t reduce it or cancel the charge. It’s now in their “collections” side of the company. I’m so mad. The 2 minute phone call I would have gladly made to Comcast isn’t worth the $110 they’re charging me. Had I known they were charging me ANYTHING I would have said no..Version: 5.11.7

App has gotten sketchyI’ve been using Albert for years. The first few months, I tried the Albert service but the financial “experts” didn’t help me at all. I was trying to get information on how I could lower my loan interest rates or tips on paying them off and they had no advice for me. I stopped using that service and only kept it as a separate bank account. I have it set to withdraw money weekly which I enjoy. My newest problem started last month. I opened the app and it forced me to go through a bunch of screens related to genius before I could access my account; I didn’t realize it was signing me up again. It was very sneaky. There were no options to skip, no verification that I was authorizing a payment, and it ended up charging me $9. I immediately, within minutes, sent the request for cancellation and they still took my money. Then the same screen appeared just a couple weeks later. They make it seem like you have no option but to pay and sign up to access your account; if you’re like me and run through stuff quick, you wouldnt even realize you were subscribing to a paid service and “authorizing” a payment. Today I go on and they now have a popup asking me to “tip” them for their services. How am I “saving” money with them if they keep asking for more? I’m most likely going to transfer my money back to my bank and close my albert account for good. The company had a cool concept but has started to take advantage of people.Version: 7.5.47

Don’t download until they fix their appWhen I first downloaded this app I noticed that there is a checklist of things you needed in order to be eligible for an “instant” as they call it. It’s basically a loan up to $150 depending on your income and the checklist I mentioned. I checked all the boxes and was eligible for $35 then it increase the $45. And then suddenly it went to zero and all the check boxes were unchecked. I went to see why in the app and the boxes left unchecked were as follows said “ receive consistent income in the past two months” “ at least two paychecks above $400 for one above $600.” “Recent paycheck received on time” “Monthly income at least $1000 over the past few months”. Here’s the part that really annoys me. All of those things I have done and the boxes should be checked. Literally for the past four months I’ve made well over the $1000 required. I reached out to customer service through the app and it’s like they didn’t want to hear what I was saying. I kept repeating that this doesn’t make sense because I have checked all the boxes consistently for months. I don’t even need the advance I just want to know that I’m eligible and it’s available if I did. The team seriously needs to figure out a way to properly analyze everyone’s income to accuracy. Until then I think I’m done with this app because it’s more of a con than a pro..Version: 7.5.40

Used to be good but now they take advantageI’ve had Albert for a couple of years and recommended it to a lot of my friends. It’s saved me when I was behind on rent and strapped for cash more than a couple of times. But now I can’t recommend it anymore because I barely use it. Every time I I go on it basically forces you to sign up for its premium genius feature which is $6 a month or more. I didn’t even know I was subscribed to it and they refused to refund me even though I used none of the features. But every time you open the app it has an unclosable pay wall, the only way to get rid of it is to shut down the app and open it again. That’s not the kind of people you trust with your money. They say “recommend to a friend get $150 each” but when I got my friend to download the app that they didn’t give us anything because they want him to sign up for direct deposit and spend a certain amount of money within a certain amount of time and a bunch of other flaming hoops that are near impossible to do. It’s a shame. If they were more passive and more giving theyd have more users. But they’re greedy and ask for more money that you’ll never see again.Version: 8.0.4

THEIVES THIEVES THEIVESI was bawling my eyes out for 2 days, harassing my job, harassing my bank, asking where my paycheck was because I didn’t eat for 2 days, I didn’t sleep in 72 hours, I was going to lose my car & my credit score had gotten messed up all because Albert thought that my paycheck belonged in his hands when I NEVER authorized for my paycheck to go to anywhere EXCEPT my Huntington account for the entire year I have been with them! I use Albert once & he thought he was going to FORCE me into making him my main bank account.. Then… ALSO got charged $39 through Huntington because my paycheck that had ALWAYS came through, NEVER did & my account was overdrawn from bills that were due, which were going to be paid, IF ALBERT DIDNT STEAL MY MONEY.. & all the genius could do was blame my job!? Yeah, my job DEFINITELY didn’t know about this, yet alone authorize something that they didn’t know about, yet alone, how would they do & want to do something of the sort? Albert STOLE from a hard working man! They want me to contact support, which I already did, and they didn’t care. They didn’t care that I had AT LEAST 10+ issues caused by this and my issues are still adding more and more by the day. Screw this app and the team behind it..Version: 7.5.15

Don’t trust themIf I can put a negative star on here , I would. Reason being they charged my card $16 without even letting me know not even via email. When I first signed up with this app it didn’t say they were going to charge you to use them. To the paid services that they ask you about in the beginning I declined no. Only reason I got that app was to help me out with my budgeting. But didn’t know they would charge you for using it. And the one time I did use it cause I never kept up with it after I downloaded it they charge me $16. Then you go to their help support and it’s only via text. Not even a phone number to call them and deal with it faster there. I recommend not to use them AT ALL even if you are desperate. It’s funny how when they charged me that money on my card I text the help support that there was a mistake, they don’t reply, but when you text the help support that you want to cancel your account OHHHH they don’t have no trouble there with contacting you back within seconds. And then when you connect your account to your bank they ask for you WHOLE social security number , not the last 4 digits is your SS but your whole social security # , which is fishy to me (because other apps don’t ask you for your whole SS only your last 4 or maybe not even). So just be careful and DONT USE THEM..Version: 5.6.0

No more budgeting :(I’ve been a customer for the past 4 years. I really loved how simple and straightforward this app was. Over the years, there have been new features added but the core features remained. Recently, budgeting was taken away. The main reason I downloaded this app initially was to help with budgeting. I loved how simple the system was. Income - (bills + spending) = remaining money for the month. It was a quick and easy way to track my spending and make sure I was staying within my budget each month. Now that this feature is gone, I’m planning on canceling my subscription and transferring all of my investments and savings into another account. Long gone are the days of an easy to use, simple budgeting app. I’m sad to leave, but I can’t justify paying for any services that Albert provides anymore without this feature. As an aside, the app overall is fine. It does crash from time to time when trying to update the notification cards on the home page. Sometimes it crashes randomly. The team should probably try and fix those. Genius has gotten a lot slower since the early days and the app has become more cluttered with information I don’t care about. The genius tab on the tab bar is my least favorite feature that the team added..Version: 7.4.24

Was great, now it’s almost pointlessPlease bring back your automated budgeting features to the app, or else I will likely leave. I love your app and your services as it has finally allowed me to get ahold of my finances and see my whole financial picture in 1 app. However, since taking away the budget tab in the app you took away a large part of its usefulness and functionality for me. Sure, the genius can make me a rough budget, but if that’s not trackable in the app, it’s more or less useless. Now I have to use a second app, and that app won’t keep track of my Albert investments and savings. I’ve spent almost a year getting used to your service abs tweaking it for my household, and now I have spent the better part of my 1 day off this week having to reinvent the wheel to look for a better tool when I would’ve much rather spent this beautiful day with my family. If I wanted to have to talk to a financial person to check my budget every time I want to make a purchase, I might as well just invest with a traditional bank or financial institution, particularly when your savings account has zero interest. Also, it’s misleading as all of the reviews and internet searches that praise Albert often praise it for its budgeting features..Version: 7.4.22

Definitely not for meI didn’t understand that signing up for Albert Genius would take a large amount out of the account, and that it’s monthly. It was not stated how much would be taken, and when I got birthday money, it took about an eighth of it without warning. This is money I needed to pay rent, car payments and other more important things. I understand that it’s meant to be a savings app, but it’s really hard to use when you can’t afford to do that. I couldn’t find a way to “unsubscribe” from Albert Genius without deleting my account, but I’m not able to put away savings on my current budget. I wanted help with my bad spending habits. Not for more things to spend my savings on. Also, it could only fully connect to one of my bank accounts, the one that my family set up for me for emergency money, and a backup if my job isn’t enough. So the one that rent comes out of, the one that my spending comes out of more, it can’t really help me with that one anyway. So. It’s simply not helpful to me at this time, and I definitely feel like it could use some improvement, especially when it comes to having to set a savings amount, and then find a way to “pause” it. It should be optional only, and I was terrified it would take out of my account on its own, when this wasn’t why I was looking for a financing app..Version: 4.1

Unprofessional and unacceptable customer service.Today April 1st around 3pm EST I went inside my Albert app because I was approved for the max amount of $250. After I went through the process it asked if I wanted a boost by adding my payroll deposit I accepted it and did what was necessary to get the boost. Once I went to complete my transaction I kept getting an error. Let me remind you that I have been using Albert for months. After carefully looking at my account I chose to use another one of my verified accounts on file. I continued to get the error so I reached out to Genius for support. The rep asked me to follow there steps and restart my Albertsons account and this problem would be fixed and I would have my money. In turn it actually made me go through the verification process and now will not allow me to get instant cash until it reverifys my account in 2 business days. It is the start of the weekend so that won’t be done until Tuesday. Once I let the rep know this they stopped responding to me and left me without a resolution. This is very unprofessional and as a long time customer I expect something to be done to make this right ASAP or I will do everything possible to get this app shut down. Thank you..Version: 7.5.9

Horrible, FraudulentDo not, I repeat do not sign up for this. Today, I woke up to a unauthorized charge from these people. Thing is, the card they charged was a BRAND NEW debit card. I never put this card on the app. So as anyone would be I was shocked and confused. From the moment I contacted them, it went downhill after that. I was told they did not see the transaction, which is a lie because I was on the phone with the bank and it shows up in my statement. My bank tells me, that if my debit card was not in the app as a authorized debit card that means they searched a database and charged a befit card linked to my name, which they said is an unauthorized charge . My bank tells me this is not a legal way to obtain funds you must have your card on file for anyone to charge it. When I told the Albert agent this, they instantly stopped responding to me. It has literally been about an hour. I have sent multiple emails and support and nothing. These people are scammers and frauds. Do not sign up, do not put ANY of your bank information on there. I have documentation of all the emails and chats I have with them, unfortunately I will be sending all of this to my lawyer so they can advise me on what to do next. Horrible, I’d give 100 negative stars if I can..Version: 7.5.23

Live and you learnI have never written a review in my life. But I wanted to start here so people would understand what they are getting themselves into. This app is easy to navigate. It looks nice and it helps with analyzing what you do with your money and how to better spend your money. But I have an ongoing issue with my account. I thought the “savings goal” was a goal that I wanted to set and try to reach. But instead, it will take out that much out of your account every month. I misread and that was my fault. But the money they took out of my account caused me to collect an over draft fee and become over $190 negative. This is an emergent issue because I now have no money for my essential needs. I started talking to these people as soon as they opened. It is now an hour and a half before they close and I have not had any help. I’ve emailed and texted them multiple times and I have had no reply. The website says for emergent issues to text them for faster responses. I am not going on hour 4 of my last response and I am texting them begging them to answer me for help. I am just disappointed in myself that I am once again putting myself in a situation where I am trusting a place with my financial information and it turns out to hurt me even more.Version: 5.1

Do yourself a favor and stay away!First of all, you cannot talk to customer service. Only text or email. Second, there is no overdraft protection, AT ALL. I mean if you have thousands in savings and overdraw your checking by a dollar it will not draw from your savings to cover you. So if you use automatic payments and miscalculate at all what you have in checking, you’re screwed and will be paying returned check fees and late fees due to Albert. Third, do not believe the hype about them giving you money for setting up direct deposit. I did it and never saw a cent. Finally looked more into it to discover that they raised the minimum direct deposit amount (I guess around the same week I signed up) so I was disqualified when my first direct deposit did not meet the quota. Being with them for many months now I’ve noticed they are constantly changing these requirements and programs, probably to keep people from getting the “free money.” There is no one to talk to about these things like I mentioned in the first place. Go make an account with your local credit Union, or a major bank, or some other alternative bank like Chime or Sofi and stay away from this hot mess before it costs you money and time..Version: 7.5.34

BEWAREI searched Google for a payday loan or cash advance and Albert was marketed as "Get $250 instantly!" So I created an account and agreed to the terms and conditions without truly reading, as one does. Several other lenders have you link your bank account to verify your direct deposits and loan eligibility, so I didn't hesitate to provide them access. After all, I have nothing to steal lol. It was unclear that what they were actually doing was creating an account for me and setting up auto transfers to said account as "savings." Definitely not what I thought was happening. Their site says to make changes, download their app. So I installed the app intent on closing this account and stopping any transfers from my bank account, but the app had no access to a menu and my only option was to enter more information and keep hitting continue. Then I hit a dead end on a page that required me to select how much I would pay them monthly to use their "Genius" service. I didn't want to do anything like that, but again, no menu and no options. I eventually texted the number from which i received automated texts from Albert and said "Close my account" and then was prompted to type "DELETE." I hope that's all I needed to do. Overall, an incredibly frustrating and shady experience. Don't fall into their trap..Version: 7.5.26

It’s a scam. DONT DO ITSo I’ll try and make this as short as possible. They are a scam company. First they have no contact information. Just some number you can text that sends back automatic replies and sometimes they take over an hour to even send those text back. Second, when you sign up for the app they have you put in your bank information, well I thought the point of the app was to borrow money and pay it back. However once you add your bank account they start taking money out of it. The first few transfers were for around 9$ for saving(Raining day) is what they call it on the app. Then about a week into it. They will take 200$ from your personal bank account to put into your Albert account but it takes 3-6 business days for the funds to even be on your Albert account then if you want to transfer them back into your account that’s an additional 3/6 business days and on top of that they still are taking money for the raining day funds you can’t close the account until all the money is no longer pending and the balance is zero you’ll have to threaten them via text and eventually they will close the account. Luckily I was able to get my money back from my bank but I highly suggest using NOT USING ALBERT.Version: 8.0.1

App is horrible! At this point I’d say it’s fraud!!Initially this app did me Okay, my bank supported it, it tracked my money and I had access to my money which is honestly the most important part. Because you wanna know if you send the app money you can get it back when you need too, well a few years go by and my main bank account was bought out by another bank, and my new bank does not support the apps (alberts) way of accessing accounts (plaid) to get access to your money. So since my bank doesn’t support (plaid) I cannot get my money off the app. I opened a new account that I knew was supported by Albert and plaid, and now STILL have no access to my money because it keeps telling me that I can’t transfer my money to a bank account that isn’t my main account. It seems like every singe time I follow there instructions on something there’a a new excuse as to why it won’t let me transfer my money to my new account. To this point I would call this app fraud simply because they make it almost impossible if not impossible to get your own money from there app. Unfortunately I also opened a checking account with Albert simply to see if they will even work to get my money. I would never recommend this app to anyone. Please avoid the headache of this app and use other more trusted apps..Version: 7.5.19

Great app, very convenient but literally the worst support team ever.I loved the convenience of having Albert, loved the saving and investing options. But one of my bank accounts linked to it got closed, and it locked all of my money within the app. All the support team asked me to do was upload my last bank statement. I did this 6 months ago, and still haven’t had access to the money within the app. For that factor I have to rate it 1 star. For months now, literally, I’ve had money stuck in the “savings” part of the app. I uploaded all the necessary bank documents multiple times, time and time again they reject the documents and ask me to reup load for whatever reason. The support team is absolutely awful and it takes them days to respond to this simple solution, and Everytime I speak with them it’s like they have no clue what I’m talking about. Literally starting from step one Everytime I talk to them about the same issue of being able to withdrawal my money from the app. For this reason I would recommend no one gets this app, just use cashapp or get a regular bank where you can actually speak with a human on the phone, because this has been the most irritating situation I’ve ever dealt with when it comes to banking 👍🏼😒.Version: 7.4.8

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