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Fidelity Investments App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Fidelity Investments app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fidelity Investments? Can you share your negative thoughts about fidelity investments?

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Fidelity Investments for Negative User Reviews

This app conveniently always fails right when the morning bell rings & the market is openingNot only has it happened numerous times there’s always a delay when you want to purchase stock as soon as the bell rings. A lot of other times you buy stock and you literally typing a specific amount for a limit purchase yet without your permission you end up paying more!!! I don’t understand what the point is of putting in a limited purchase amount per share if it’s just gonna be disregarded!?!?!? Not everyone is an expert in trading so perhaps they should explain why they are allowed to do this instead of just doing it and expecting us to ask accept it with no explanation. There’s a lot of other times when it just fails and I simply can’t get log back in for 5 to 10 minutes most of the time but other times its inaccessible for 30 mins to an hour. One instance this year it was down for 3 days. Again it would’ve been nice had they sent an email out to their customers to let us know that their operating system was completely in operable instead no one sent any notification and we just had to wait and wait and wait. So I hope that never happens again because I know I received 3 good faith violations during that 3 day period resulting in a suspension of certain privileges...all because I couldn’t see any of my normal reminders or warnings!.Version: 3.39

Disappointed in FidelityI think there is this false perception that because brokerages like Fidelity have been around for decades they’re great and that because brokerages like Robinhood are new they’re trash. In my experience that has not been the case. In the 3 years I had Robinhood I never once had to call them because everything went so smoothly. The app is fast, intuitive, everything is perfect. Somewhere along the way I bought into this story that Fidelity was better and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I full heartedly regret leaving Robinhood for Fidelity. This app is slow and clunky in comparison. Everything takes forever. I’ve been waiting two weeks to have my funds available to invest, meanwhile missing out on the growth the market has been having recently. I’ve had to call Fidelity 4 times already because of issues. Again, never had any issues with Robinhood. Ever. I gave Fidelity 2 stars because the customer service people are awesome. The app and the painfully slow transfer process on the other hand deserves 1 star. As soon as I have funds available I’m withdrawing, closing my account and never coming back..Version: 3.83

Needs UI/UX & Performance ImprovementsI switched to Fidelity from Robinhood, and the user experience difference is pretty stark. Here's what I would improve: - FaceID login should be more streamlined. It should happen immediately, instead of prompting you to login and then doing it, and eliminating the screen glitching that occurs. - I'd like a way to more visually track the performance of my portfolio. Right now, the graph functions are buried or don't update frequently. Robinhood's app does this much better. - The feed is also not very scannable, with images that get in the way of quickly reading text to find valuable information. Individual stocks that appear there are very large but don't provide much info at a glance. - The visualization of portfolio performance isn't optimized for a mobile environment. Horizontal scrolling is not ideal. I would give high level metrics (perhaps these are customizable) for each stock in a single line, with an accordion drop-down to display further information. Leveraging more up-to-date information and graphic displays of data will help convey meaning more quickly too. - Overall app performance is sluggish. - Visually, a lot of the images have nothing to do with Fidelity. I'd recommend an overhaul of your design standards. With some of these changes, Fidelity could catch up to what competitors are doing more effectively and the app would match the good service you provide..Version: 3.56.1

Terrible new splash screenI’ve been a Fidelity investor for years and I specifically arranged my screens so I could see the market indexes without having to log in. Now, the first thing I see is a childish animation and a forced login experience. Shame on you Fidelity for moving in this direction. I’ve already switched to a friendlier app so I can take a quick glance at the market overview without having to log into something. Fidelity, you moved the usability needle backwards with that update. [Update Dec 2022] While I know you can’t please everyone, it’s not hard to get the little things right. Respecting a user’s personalization settings is one of those areas. Although I have the market overview set as my default splash screen, the app is stuck showing my portfolio. I don’t want to see that as soon as the app clears the splash screen, and I ESPECIALLY don’t want anyone nearby to see it if they are shoulder surfing. I love Fidelity as an investment house, but please put better people in charge of curating the customer experience. For an institution with as much prestige as Fidelity, I can’t understand how the digital side of the house is allowed to continue offering a product that’s really amateur hour. I’ll change my review when the quality and customer experience rises to a par with your competitors..Version: 3.77.1

New softwareReally hard to navigate. Making a limit trade is not at all self evident. System architect did not do a great job. The test for any writing or software is- “is the writing self containedly meaningful “. Answer-your guy gets an “F”. If I am forced to use the new system all the money will go to Schwab where I have another account. I don’t know what you guys were thinking. I made my living writing software and what is better for you, needs to subjugated to what is best for client. Opening screen should be all your investments. You should not have to dance around through a bunch of screens. Buy and sell screen is totally opaque to place a buy order that is not a market order. Getting other service information, transfer of funds, data on forced withdrawals from IRA is also unfindable. Phone number for representatives should be on every page- you are dealing with big money here- help should be your PRIMARY concern. I constantly get offers from JP to switch with incentives. You guys need to get it together. Kurt Widstrand.Version: 3.76

A dumbed down version of the websiteI want to like the app, since that is what Fidelity seems to push. However, before I can love it, it needs to be much better. On the website, with a click of a button, I can see all of the details of a security, from earnings to dividends to analyst rating and news. On the app, I need to hunt that information, and I can’t perform the same depth of research or at least not easily. Of course, then there is everything else: closed positions, tax forms, the exit strategy view, rich visualizations, etc. If they are here at all, they are laid out differently and buried. If this is THE app, then THE app needs to recognizably duplicate all of the features of the website for me to prefer its use. At the moment, I only see this as a dumbed down version of the website. It is such a missed opportunity, too. iOS should be more feature rich than a browser, not less. They could have designed something more real time that more closely resembles Active Trader Pro. Instead, they went to the opposite end of the spectrum and gave us a crippled app..Version: 3.81

Good bank, app needs improvementI am satisfied with fidelity as a bank and the interface of the app is clean and navigable, but there are things that need to be changed. For one, I’m unable to see a single performance chart for any security. No matter the ticker or time horizon, I get the message “chart not available for this security” every single time without exception. This seems like a pretty glaring problem for an investment app where I’m curious about past performance. Right now I have to switch back and forth between fidelity and my Apple stocks app to find information which is a bit bothersome. Also, every time I exit out of a security’s page from the investments tab, the whole page reloads and brings me back up to the top. I assume this is to keep price information as current as possible, but it just makes navigation much slower if I want to check more than one security without scrolling through all my investments again. Again, I’m happy with the financial side of things, but these issues should be fixed..Version: 3.65

Fidelity Chart issueFidelity chart issue : I do like the fidelity IOS app, the Information is comprehensive and effective to an extent. However, when it comes to the deciphering chart on iOS fidelity app, it is frustrating and outright exasperating. Problem with the chart is , data, it is not spread out at a glance, it is slow, and needs to be colorful. For example when the stock is down amber color is preferred amongst stock traders, green when stock price is rising. Recommendation is Please update the chart section. In addition, FaceTime login also seems to be lagging comparable to the other platform (Robinhood). As a new young investors, iPhone apps is highly preferred and is always with us. Thus, making the fidelity app faster and easy to read chart highly recommended. Lastly, when transferring money to fidelity brokerage account, there is no way knowing when exactly the money will be available. Only expects indication is (2-4 days). Which often takes more days. Exact available date for transfer would be exceptional . It is annoying and having to check account weather the money has arrived or not . In the transfer section adding a status of transfer and exact available date update would be highly appreciated. Please fix aforementioned issues next update . Thanks ..Version: 3.59

Be careful!I signed up for Fidelity a few months ago. Everything seemed to be working well at first. Then, I realized that over $500 had been taken out of my account as I was trading, claiming that it was taxes that were being withheld. I have never had this happen on any of the other apps I use (Webull, Robinhood, Ameritrade, etc.). So I called Fidelity. The person whom I first spoke with said that I just needed to fill out a tax form and then the money would be placed back in my account. He then sent me the tax form. I filled it out and uploaded it to my account. After about 10 days of not seeing the money placed back in my account, I called again. This time, the representative said that the first person whom I spoke with was not correct. The money cannot be placed back in my account. And in order to get the money back, I would need to go through the work of retrieving it from the government when I do my taxes next time. So just to warn people, if you are going to use Fidelity, realize that if you download the mobile app and link it to your bank account, this may very well happen to you. And there is no warning or notification that you even need to fill out this tax form. So I would personally use one of the other well known apps, which all seem to be immune to this problem. Or, if you do create a Fidelity account, make sure to figure out how to get their tax form and upload it to avoid this mess..Version: 3.62.1

IPad Pro - Makes me rotate my screen to trade. Really?I have been with fidelity for years. I am really surprised by this app. I don't use it mainly because when I trade, the beautiful full screen makes me rotate my iPad Pro 13” sideways to read the screen. When I have it connected to my keyboard, I have to read sideways to place a trade. Do the programmers realize how ridiculous this is? You’re a multi million dollar financial company and you write an app that make you rotate your screen because it turns into an iPhone to make a trade? I only use my phone becuase of the pain the iPad create. Who is in charge? IT leadership needs a new head. Also, making a trades could be easier. We need a quick trade now button. Like click your lot and say sell now. Something without all the keystrokes. Lastly, when making a limit order, put the time of trade before the limit price so you can only go back one screen to make a quick change to price before executing. Instead you have to go back 2 screens and forward 2 screens to change the price. Not well thought out. I also agree with everything Bakutraders said about general trading with fidelity. Not sure why there are no premarket quotes on the apps, premarket hours, trading premarket qqq, etc. Come on fidelity get with the times..Version: 3.71

Funds available in checking but not getting paidTwo months in a row I have waited for a check to clear my checking account. When my account shows the balance available, I pay my bills, only to get a flood of emails from Fidelity that these payments were not sent through due to insufficient funds in the account. Meanwhile, the funds are clearly showing in the account as available balance. It’s infuriating. I then have to keep track of each individual payment to watch and see whether the payee will resubmit the payment automatically after a couple of days. Some accounts do and some don’t. But I don’t dare pay again in case the auto re-submission is also pending. I am also charged fees on some account. I don’t know what the deal is with showing funds as available, then declining payments; but the programming needs to be adjusted to show checks in pending status until the are truly cleared (just like every other bank I work with. I have never had this problem with another bank. This literally causes me weeks of continual frustration before it is resolved. Please change something so whatever restriction on allowing funds to be used is clearly indicated to the account balance owner..Version: 3.62.1

Thoughtless App “Upgrade”The bank is great and the app in general is robust, especially compared to others. However as is often typical of “upgrades” this latest ones seems to have been done by a team that doesn’t actually use the app. As someone who interacts with the app a few times a day, it’s a flaw that now only 2 columns can be seen at one time (versus it used to be 3). Makes a huge difference in an already tiny screen trying to maximize data. Also, it shouldn’t now take 3 taps to see account history. By the 3rd tap (after the unnecessary step of having already selected which account), the user is prompted to do so again but this time with rotary option—just present that option to begin with. But speaking of account history, lumping that in with “activities and orders” is not intuitive. Seeing a list of historic dividends and payouts is an obvious goal for investors—should be a stand-alone option not needing 3 clicks to access and more buried in a sub-menu of “transactions”. Tech teams seem obsessed with constantly tweaking websites and apps but mostly for sport (do they secretly compete to just tally up high counts of random changes??) and not necessarily with the end user in mind. Changes should be improvements and not just for the heck of it. They should maybe beta test changes with actual users and fans before broadly releasing. Otherwise the result is “upgrades” that are really downgrades in useability ..Version: 3.60.1

Too ObfuscatedInitial account setup and bank linking was a nightmare. I ended up with two locked accounts that could not be deleted or have banks linked to them. Chat support was excellent and resolved my issue by manually deleting one of the accounts and guiding me to a page where I needed to submit additional documents. Not only was this not immediately clear to find on the desktop site, I believe it is not even an option on the app. And even on the desktop site, that singular page is the only indication that my account is locked. Nowhere else is this information apparent. The process needs to be way simpler or at least clear about account restrictions and why they are in place. Rather than saying “account is ineligible to link a bank account. Please create an eligible account,” the app should have given me a prompt saying my account is locked and cannot be linked with a bank account until additional documents are received and approved. To which then I should have been able to submit those documents within the app and have the status of that be at the top of the main page considering I literally cannot do anything with my account until that is resolved. The fact that this isn’t even in the app whatsoever and insanely hidden on the desktop site is unacceptable..Version: 3.78.1

So dissatisfied with the betaAs a previous fidelity intern, I first learned how to invest while working at the branches. I was so excited for my first real paychecks to be invested. I opened my first brokerage account and 401k with this company; and have been a credit card user since 2016. This app used to make investing and tracking my finances so easy until the most recent beta update. The interface has so much potential to simplify things, but some how makes it so inconvenient to do the basics like setting a trade on the close in my brokerage account. I can’t I’ve used this app so much less due to this inconvenience. If I am on my Roth 401k and want to check the balance detail, this instead shows a rollover 401k and each time I have to click on the drop down. I can’t click out of the credit card transactions without having to restart the app. I just switched back to classic and compare it to being on the desktop is how terrible this beta version is. The quote details alone, will make me stick with the classic for as long as I can..Version: 3.67

Can’t believe this is a 2023 appMy company uses fidelity to manage 401k, which encouraged me to open multiple saving and investing account here. No comment on their product and portfolio, but their online user portal is the worst among all financial institutes I’ve seen, both web portal and mobile app. To start with, the app always removes you Face ID setup every week or so, and requires you to re-enroll Face ID. The list of your portfolio looks horrible — I can’t even see the full name of the CD I purchased, no idea when it’s maturing or what interest rate it is. You can’t edit your CD ladder after purchasing. Fidelity GO never show you how your portfolio is performing — how much you’ve deposited, how much dividends you’ve got, how much fee you have paid, you have no idea of any of this basic info. Same thing applies to investment account and 401k account as well. The app doesn’t support lots of functions and you will have to visit the website, which is as horrible. The Spire app is slightly better. At least you can see more basic performance numbers and the full name of your CD. However, they’re abandoning that app..Version: 3.78.1

New App Experience is BadYour app has a 4.8 star rating. Why would you completely change the app experience? The new app overall is less intuitive and takes many more taps to do the same actions. For example, I especially don't like the multi-screen wizard style stock order process. The wizard process may be easier for absolute novice investors, but it is so much slower and harder to adjust stock purchase parameters on the fly in a fast moving market. It takes so many more taps to perform these operations than it used to! Please give us a single page stock purchase/sale option in the new app experience. Also bring the tabs in the account view back when you are viewing an account. You've doubled the taps needed to switch between app views. With the tabs I could jump between balance details and activities with one tap of the tabbed navigation. Now you've doubled the taps where I have to click to see Activities then click back to account overview then click into Balance details then back to account overview..Version: 3.77.1

Limit orders don’t execute; dollar amount sellsI’ve had multiple instances where my limit order won’t execute if the market opens below my limit price. Fidelity would automatically “move the goal post” by reducing my limit price. This has been frustrating and not how most people understand limit orders to work. One huge pet peeve of mine with this app is that you can’t place market orders in dollar amounts after hours. That means you can’t sell all your fractional shares unless you wait til the trading day to actually put in the order. I don’t have time to be entering orders during the day which is why I use these apps to begin with. This has led to so many times where I would forget to put in an order during the trading day and miss opportunities to minimize loss or maximize profit. I wish they’d never rolled out this “fractional share” feature that’s only half complete and actually creates more problems than it solves. That said, I can tell they are putting an effort towards modernizing their app to stay competitive..Version: 3.69.1

Worst brokerage ever - all liesReally mystified as to how they have such good ratings. I have several accounts in different places and wanted to consolidate. I called fidelity (surprisingly had a long wait despite looking to open account - not even customer service) and they assured me that there were no fees to move accounts. I started by moving my smallest account first. After one week the transfer went through minus a $75 transfer fee. I tried calling but after an hour on the phone between two representatives and multiple long holds was told I’d have to call back in 20 minutes. I gave up. Also I should say that the platform itself is not as seamless or enjoyable to use. The other accounts I’ve used have been E*TRADE, Robinhood and TD Ameritrade (along with their sinkorswim platform). Each of those has a feature or two that I really like over the other. Fidelity has nothing over any of those. Needless to say I will not be transferring over any other accounts and hope this review helps someone else who may be considering making a similar move..Version: 3.57.1

Fidelity just ruined the app...Fidelity just removed all content from the “Feed” tab (which could be scrolled through without logging in). This was an invaluable feature of the app because it displayed a global map of world market states (up/down), futures and open market values, equity quotes that related to your holdings and watchlists, and market news briefs/links relative to each equity displayed (including quick charts and instant quotes). Additionally, some brainiac actually decided to post a message in place of all that highly relevant content which states “To help you navigate...we’ve streamlined your client experience for the things you do most”. Umm, you mean like knowing where the markets are, where are they headed, what are my holdings doing, etc.?..Why in the world would any client want that kind of stuff immediately available?? Users of the Fidelity app are now forced to use competitors’ mobile apps for that quick access to comparable info throughout the trading day, and I sincerely hope one or more of those competitors offers a workable replacement so that we can take our trading accounts else where..Version: 3.43.1

Stop with the constant redesigns!The new experience obscures everything users are accustomed to and makes it very difficult to simply look at positions within an account and track performance. Noboby needs “gamification” or robinhood style interfaces to track important assets; but apparently the robinhooders who only have $5 to spend on fractional shares seem to be the new target audience for all these redesigns. Fidelity is known for their technology, data and accessibility, but these constant changes to “modernize” an already extremely functional and easily usable app is getting to be too much. Please leave the “classic” experience, which is very user friendly, intuitive, and rich with easy to access data. Please stop with all the pop-ups, intro screens, and clutter…your customers want direct access to the important data regarding their securities and other holdings. We don’t want to navigate 5 screens deep, get the latest fads on UI design shoved down our throats, or hunt for the specific tap, click, or swipe to get to the information they need. I’m in my 30s and these constant changes and frustrations are making me feel geriatric…stop with the constant updates or you are going to drive your customers away!.Version: 3.72.1

Unwanted Alerts ContinueThis has been a sporadic problem for a few months now. I have called a few times since, but no one has been able to solve the problem, which is interesting because for my two PMA accounts, none are enabled for alerts (the default setting), which makes sense because I don't need to know what your staff are doing on a play-by-play basis. Further, I also receive alerts the next trading day sometimes from the accounts I'm trading in. They tend to be alerts related to cancelled orders / replaced orders. I've been told this is / can be a latency issue, and that I can disable the push alerts feature. For that matter, I could not enable it on my phone to go through during the "Do Not Disturb" time, but if it were working properly I wouldn't mind a legitimate alert. I don't need to know I cancelled / replaced an order the day before, which is sometimes from a Friday (three days before). This occurred most recently this morning and yesterday morning at 5:20 am PDT.Version: 3.75

Terrible customer supportI had a terrible experience with fidelity and their customer service. Long story short.. the New York State Child Support Department accidentally levied my account and sent notice to fidelity. I called fidelity and they notified that nothing was going to happen with my money after me asking multiple times for reassurance. 3 weeks later I get a notification that my positions were closed on my BEST stocks. I called again, dealt with people who tried to rush me of the phone to just be directed to their law and operations office, which I had to wait for a returned phone call. I received my return call and I spoke with an absurd and extremely rude representative by the name of Krissa. She told me “it was a courtesy that she was even calling me back and wasn’t obligated to do so.” She even told me that they didn’t even need to notify me that New York State was placing a levy!!! What??????!!! A courtesy?? After investing thousands with them it’s a courtesy that they call me about someone trying to take money out of my account when it’s their fiduciary responsibility to protect my assets and they failed to do so and now I’m waiting 3 weeks later for money still from New York State!!! I was just about to transfer $25,000 from Robinhood to them, but now I’m looking to cancel my account with fidelity and also report them to the Better Business Bureau..Version: 3.54.1

Worst treatment ever.I had an investment account with Fidelity through my employer. After years, I opened checking and savings accounts. After that I cashed my unemployment check from the State of Pennsylvania. My account was immediately frozen on suspicion of fraud. I don’t understand why because the check had my name and clearly printed by PA. They then asked me to provide my details. First I faxed the documents but nothing was done for almost 3 weeks. Only to be told my documents are not in good order. I mailed the documents and delivered and signed for by one of Fidelity employees but they said they couldn’t locate them. At first they yelled at me and accused me of lying but I gave them the tracking which showed the signature of their agent. After that they requested me to fax again. I did as per their request but they said they can’t find the documents. Then a guy from fraud gave me a link to their Vault portal to upload the documents. I uploaded all the documents while I had him on the phone. All the documents were uploaded based on his request. The following day I was told the documents are not in good order I should mail them or fax them. This went on for a month and as of writing this I’m still struggling with them..Version: 3.84

CUSTOMER NO SERVICE !!!Been withFidelity for over30 years. called customer service because I have to restart all my devices multiple times a day because screens don’t load data properly and the differing apps across my connected devices for mac, ipad, iphone and watch all freeze up and don’t work. continually have to shut down and restart because their programming is so buggy. they don’t even have a ios compatible software. they layer it on top o another incompatible software making it very slow and error ridden. fidelity admitted to the problems. called customer no service and spent 2 days of my life on the phone with multiple holds and long wait times. last call was to specifically complain and was sent to 7 different people costing me at least 2 hours on one call. not treated well by some customer service people. rude and belligerent . bottom line they took my error logs and said they MAY call me back with a resolution. They didn’t even seem concerned when i said i will be leaving Fidelity Investments. I all ready worry about my money, and now I DON’T TRUST FIDELITY as a fiduciary..Version: 3.65

Ok I guessI decided to open an account and put $1k into it just to see how it is, because I feel more comfortable with a company like this as opposed to Webull for example. TD is merging with Schwaub so I decided not to get involved there for now. I don’t like the layout at all to be honest. It’s hard to navigate and it’s not intuitive or logical when compared to something like Webull. The charts are not good at all. I also can’t even find the quote book showing the bids and asks on the mobile app. Honestly I will probably continue using Webull, unless I decide to use the desktop version (I never do, I trade when I’m at work usually, on mobile) and it’s better. Perhaps I will keep some longer term stuff here eventually, maybe an IRA or something, but it’s doubtful since I don’t want to have multiple accounts tbh. I’ll keep playing around with it and see what I’m going to do next week when the market is open (also can’t check crypto prices on here afaik). I likely will just transfer the $1k back into my bank..Version: 3.60.1

Someone please explainAs far as I can tell this anti-user friendly app is 100% useless. I have a page and a half of zero balance accounts on my homepage I have never known existed previously (including a stock option for a company I worked for for a summer in high school 20+ years ago). I cannot hide them or close them or even choose how the screen is viewed. So I must scroll through endless nonsense to see the 2 accounts I care at all about. Next, I switched companies about a year ago. I would like to change the elections in both the old and new retirement accounts and, ideally, merge the two. Hours of clicking on everything I can find, no idea how to anything. I then used ~ten dollars to open a personal investment just to see if that would be any more straightforward. Perhaps there are more limited options for a company-driven retirement plan than a personal investment account ? Nope! 10$ I may as well have set fire to in a can. This app is the most aggravating garbage I have ever encountered. I must delete before it causes me to chuck my phone out of a moving car..Version: 3.73

Terrible UI that hasn't been updated!I hate Robinhood but I wish Fidelity copied their app's user interface. This app looks like it was designed at least 10 years ago. It contains a lot of unnecessary/irrelevant information while leaving out vital features. For example, I trade a lot of options, and with options it's all about timing. But when you click on positions, you can't sort your options by expiration date. I mean come on! That's just wrong. Also, why not show your positions you already own when looking up a company? Placing orders on the Fidelity app is so clunky that it seems they must not have wanted you to do that. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense to design it the way it is. Again, as awful as Robinhood is, they keep adding customers. You want to know why? It's because their app is very user friendly. You don't have to reinvent the wheel so please copy Robinhood's app design language. Fidelity app gets 1 star, everything else 5 stars, hence 3 stars rating. I will update my review if Fidelity redesigns the app..Version: 3.54

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