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Eternal Card Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Eternal Card Game app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Eternal Card Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about eternal card game?

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Eternal Card Game for Negative User Reviews

Just play free.....This game will drive you Insane. If you’re playing solo no matter what card they need, they will draw. No matter what card you play, they will counter it. If you ever concede a match, first game is impossible to win. If you antagonize the computer by slow playing, the next game he will absolutely destroy you. If you stop playing 20 minutes automatic loss. Ever since the update, no matter what deck you put together, The computer will adapt and learn to it. you cannot win the tourney. One time the computer pulled 15 cards (that’s right 15 cards) from the deck to get what it needed to win the game. Enough said..Version: 1.44.0

Good ideas, poor resource system.This has a lot of good ideas within. The art direction is solid and the rewards are generous. The strategy is compelling and the different colours have a lot of differences. Which makes them fun. Issue is the "mana" system. You play your mana cards. Which means you can draw nothing but those cards, or draw none of them. Rendering your entire deck/hand useless as you are unable to do anything. This, for me, along with the limited counters to flying, make this unplayable. Of all the things to copy from Magic The Gathering, the resource system was the dumbest one..Version: 1.23.4

It could be so goodI want to like this game. I really do. I’ve played Hearthstone. I’ve played Magic. I didn’t especially like either once I’d gotten to know them. Eternal is one of many digital card games trying to fuse HS and MTG into something greater than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, it borrows too heavily from each in the wrong areas, whilst adding its own admittedly interesting spin: - It uses exactly the same flawed mana system Magic uses, so you can become “screwed” or “flooded” for power, and drawing nothing but sigils in a topdeck situation is not only infuriating, but can happen even to the best players sometimes, so it takes an entire dimension out of gameplay in those scenarios. - It uses the same combat mechanics as Magic, giving the defender the advantage. This results in board situations where the first player to attack loses, so neither player does until they get a spell to give them board advantage. It’s not especially fun. - Like Magic, it has a large pool of keywords at its disposal, called “Battle Skills”. These include good and unique mechanics like Fate, Echo, Warcry, Revenge and Killer. They also include badly designed mechanics like Double Damage, Charge, Flying, Unblockable and Silence. - Like HS, it has abysmal low tier cards and horribly broken top tier cards, and, like HS, puts those top tier cards at a higher rarity level, so they cost more “shiftstone” to craft, and are less frequent in packs. - Like HS, “shiftstone” is difficult to obtain. Open a pack full of the aforementioned low tier cards, which in my experience happens far too often anyway? Each of those cards is worth 1 shiftstone. One. A non-premium Legendary costs 1600 shiftstone to craft. A good card worth playing costs 800. You can easily see which cards aren’t worth playing because they’re only 50 to craft. Hearthstone might only give you 5 cards per pack, but its duplicates are worth 5 times as much for crafting, which actually makes HS better for crafting cards, in addition to Hearthstone’s fabled “Pity Timer”, which guarantees a Legendary after a number of packs. Plus, with the recent update that guarantees you don’t get duplicate Legendaries, Hearthstone’s packs are actually more likely to give you a card you want to play or build a new deck for. Eternal might be generous with packs, but it’s the stingiest with good cards. Outside of gameplay, its matchmaking isn’t up to par. Maybe the player base is too small, or maybe there’s something wrong with the algorithm, but I seem to consistently get matched up against people with significantly better decks than me. Now, while I consider myself a good card game player, I know I’m far from the best, and I make misplays every now and again, but at no point have I thought myself so good with a starter deck that I warrant being matched against somebody with multiple copies of different legendaries and 4 copies of a card I only just got one of. It’s disheartening to get stomped by somebody simply because their worst cards are better than your best cards. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Perhaps I’m not grinding enough. Perhaps I should be “farming” Gauntlet to get more entires into Forge and Draft to get more cards. I don’t know. Grinding isn’t my thing, and it certainly shouldn’t be central to any design. It just screams pay-2-win. What I do know is that in trying to be a combination of Magic and Hearthstone, Eternal simply inherited both system’s flaws, without really building on their strengths in any way. I’ll keep at it for another week or so, see if I can derive some enjoyment out of a card game, because I love the genre, but at the moment it looks like this’ll be another disappointing uninstall..Version: 1.27.7

Failed updateUsed to love this game, yet ever since the new update I havnt been able to play on in since, just keep saying the game needs updating yet when I follow the link there is no update option just open.Version: 1.22.7

Was good, now unplayableAsking me to update when no update is available and app won’t open. Before the major update, it was a great game but since it has crashed multiple times and now can’t even get into it. No contact details to report this bug either ☹️.Version: 1.35.6

Missing Update?Please fix your patch, it says to my game need to update in my appstore, but in my appstore there is no update, I’m going back and fort, but nothing happens. Please help! Thanks!.Version: 1.46.10

OP mayhemThis WAS an amazing game. But continual new sets and ridiculous OP legendaries has made it into a complete lottery. Who gets that OP card first wins. It’s a shame because the reward system is good, collections build quickly but games leave you angry and frustrated more often than not. It didn’t need to be this way..Version: 1.36.2

Hidden pay to playUsed to be free to play with a lot of grinding, now its pay to play with a lot of grinding. You cannot get cards packs without paying only grinding, which was a feature for the longest time. Devs got greedy. Not worth your time..Version: 1.41

Big design flaws and missing simple support issuesThis game is basically all about win by random. Your decisions really don’t matter much. You could build a great deck with a good curve, draw no more than 2 power for the whole game, and just get pummeled. Conversely, draw nothing but power cards and have nothing to put in play. Plus most of the value is all in the shadow faction... life steal, void return, cheap target removal. It can be an enjoyable time waster, but don’t put money into it... if you’re just getting random results, the lottery has better returns on your investment. Additionally, they have a lot of disconnect issues with the iOS client. You won’t know you have disconnected though, because it’s a tiny little red box on the left that you won’t see unless you are looking for it, and then you have to force close and restart... often losing the match. It’s been this way for over a year. You’d think if they weren’t going to fix it they would at least make the indicator big and centered, but whatever..Version: 1.49

Good but what does it bring?Played this on the pc for a bit and thought I’d try again. It’s basically the same as magic the gathering but where hearthstone adapted, eternal has the same land or similar issues . 1/3 of my games are boring cause I or my opponent gets a bad hand or bad sigil draw....this is amplified by the fact that you have to make 1/3 of your deck sigils....always. They tried to make adaptations in the sigil cards but it didn’t work. Outside of that the game is free and fun and I was very competitive in only a week or two making it to gold 1. But please allow custom sigil amounts....its 2018....we are moving forward not backwards..Version: 1.37.4

ElenaThere is a bug she should give +3,4 but she give only +1,1.Version: 1.56.0

Needs a few updatesBasically you make it through the first part of story and in the middle of first battle it crashes and won't let you back on keeps crashing.Version: 1.22.4

UpdatesLoved this game since pc, but some reason whenever a new update is released on iOS the only way I can update is to uninstall and reinstall game,.Version: 1.26.2

So slow to openThe last update has got to be the worst app on the store in terms of time it takes for the app to initialise. Genius gameplay and extremely poor network engineering as far as I’m concerned. Updates keep getting worse. Why does the application have to initialise twice you start it? And why does it take forever? And why does it take even longer on the second initialisation?.Version: 1.36.1

Deck building is too restricted to balance randomnessThis game has a lot going for it—free to play, lovely graphics and card design, intriguing storyline in campaign mode, and even newcomers can compete. So why do I give the game a mere 2/5? Because there simply isn’t a good way to control the randomness inherent in a card game. The decks you build must have 75 cards at a minimum. That’s a BIG deck, and it increases the potential for a long string of bad draws, not to mention poor starting hands. It doesn’t matter how well you craft your deck if you draw nothing but power cards multiple turns in a row while your opponent continues to hit you with the units he or she draws. Or alternatively, if you have too little power and only draw your more expensive cards, you’re still doomed. You might think the solution is to build a deck with cheap units and few power cards, but no, power cards have to make up at least a third of your deck (so at least 25 even in a “small” deck). As a result, almost all my games seem to have results based on luck rather than strategy. It’s enjoyable for a while, but eventually it just gets frustrating when you realize that you only win or lose because one player has bad draws. That’s always a potential issue, but to me the rules in this game accentuate rather than ameliorate the problem, and that’s just awful design..Version: 1.45.0

Used to be so goodThis has been my ‘go to’ for such a long time, best strategic thinking card game in a long time, better than hearthstone and legends; closer to being on par with older MtG games. Unfortunately for some reason over the last month or this has been made almost completely unplayable, consistently crashes (which counts as a loss in whatever format) and it’s so frustrating. Now it seems you can’t even update in order to play at all - perhaps an instance when attempted improvements have actually ruined a winning formula....Version: 1.35.6

Worst balancing of any CCGEternal has always been a coin flip game and it’s somehow gotten worse. Easily the worst balancing of any collectible card game, you either win by a landslide or lose by one. Honestly, you might as well flip a coin..Version: 1.57.2

Not a strategy gameAs often happens to cell phone apps this game has no balance. The devs decided how much mana each card should cost at what seems to be random. If you use the darkness element it seems that all cards are half the cost or less of what they should be so you are required to use this element to be competitive at all. At the bottom level are players who are playing to have fun but at the mid level or higher in the rankings are people who all use the same exact deck (the meta). Can you play justice? Yeah as the second most powerful element it still beats the other 3 but darkness will still always win. Time is all support and always viable in a support role for darkness or justice. The other two have no value at all because aegis is ineffective and the damage spells don’t do enough damage to kill a unit (it’s very easy to enhance a unit to over 30 hit points in a variety of ways). The solution is to double the cost of all darkness element cards and give some massive buff to primal and especially fire. Otherwise the game will remain extremely boring to play..Version: 1.46.5

Almost a good gameThis game would be great if they fixed their shuffler. I have played MTG for 20 years and have never run into issues with mana flooding/screw with the frequency that I do in this game. I have drawn 10 power cards in a row multiple games in a single day which shouldn’t happen. The mulligan system is also terrible. Basically you should never mulligan unless you don’t have enough power cards. Trying to improve your hand almost always sticks you with something worse. Unfortunately many games right now are determined by your opening hand and not game play. Update: With the reduced rewards, Gauntlet runs are now pretty worthless. The AI has such an advantage in the last match that you will lose most of the time. With the old rewards at least you got 2 silver chests. Now you only get one..Version: 1.26.1

AI RiggedSo I’ve been playing this game for 2 months, so I should be able to give a overall review. Eternal Card Game is a great CCG with good graphics, and meta decks are easy to build. It’s true really that you don’t waste your wallet(only for premium items), but gaining card packs is really difficult. But the most worst part about this game, is the AI. When playing against the Gauntlet Mode(I beat this multiple times), it seems like that the AI seems to draw the right cards while the real player doesn’t. It’s frustrating when I am almost beating the AI and it just “happened” to draw a bunch of heal cards to win. This happened on multiple occasions. It’s happened to me multiple times that I don’t even get past the 1st stage. That is my complaint..Version: 1.46.8

Lowering my review scoreThe big problem with this game is not just the frequent updates, which if occurring while not connected to wifi bricks the game for you, but the fact that even if you are connected, the updates don't work! Every time I tried to run the game today it tells me to update it, which I did, then reopen the game and it tells me to update still. I restart my phone, try again to find the same problem. Have yet to be able to start the game after many attempts and this is not the first update in which this has happened. I am finding I am spending more time trying to get the game to work and updating then I am getting time playing the mobile version of it. Fix this!!.Version: 1.29.3

Messy card gameNot very compatible with devices - very clunky and freezes/crashes a lot. Better card games out there.Version: 1.47.2

Fairly well designed but Elder Scrolls Legends is superiorThis game is well-thought out with engaging graphics, sound effects, and card animation. However, it has been on the App Store for over a year now and unfortunately, if you aren’t willing to spend money and got in late, you are screwed. I played a 30 game sample size of multiplayer games and created a deck that seemed formidable to me for being a newcomer with limited selection. I went about 12-18 in multiplayer with many games ending with the opponent really only having to play about 5 cards to create/boost an offensive onslaught that wiped me out by turn #7-10. I fully understand the mechanics of this game and it still didn’t matter. One opponent was able to defeat me by playing two actual unit cards. He had a “relic weapon” that could deal 5 damage to me each turn and the opponent had to do practically nothing to activate it each turn. Another match involved an opponent that playing a card where he brought a unit back from the void that gained charge with a boost in attack power that then summoned 2 more 5/5 creatures after the attack. He pulled this off by turn 6. Cool game, but if you are too late to the party you will have to spend $$$ or an extreme amount of time in the single player game modes to assemble a formidable deck for multiplayer..Version: 1.26.2

Reduced gauntletWhy the gauntlet got reduced to just one game to end it and lose? It’s already hard to get gold and now is just even harder, the main game is made by that, since everything costs a lot of gold. Is not funny at all if you are new..Version: 1.48.2

Fun But FrustratingThis game is very similar to magic the gathering. Only a small part of the gameplay involves skill, whereas the rest comes down to luck of the draw. A good amount of content has been released, allowing for the creation of unique and fun decks to be used in the solo battle gauntlet (versus the computer.) The ladder format (Throne) is comprised of the same handful of net-decks with tweaks here and there. The changing standard format (Expedition) restricts the use of card expansions to only a few, allowing for a wider array of net-decks with tweaks here and there. The Forge (draft versus computer) and Draft (draft versus people) formats are the healthiest part of this game, allowing for a wide variance of viable deck creation. Overall, this game is fun but it can be very frustrating..Version: 1.48.2

Fun but annoyingThis game is great as far as sound effects and visually. The game is fun to first. You’ll like if for a bit online until a certain point then everyone uses the exact same deck which is ridiculous. I’m assuming they spent $ cuz those decks don’t exist normally. But more so they’re are way too many kill cards. It’s a bit ridiculous. I’ve played matches where every card I through was killed by a kill card. The game could use a little nerfing on the kill cards. It’s literally the purple deck the most. Which coincidentally is one of the colors everyone uses online mixed with the rest of their crazy cards. Overall the game is fun but some of the downsides make it less enjoyable. If you read other reviews you’ll see I’m not the only one who thinks these things..Version: 1.51.1

Terrible Game, Terrible AppI played this game for almost 2 months and I could rant for ages on how bad this game is, but I'll try to keep it short. This review assumes the reader is familiar with card games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. To summarize, this game has: bad draw RNG, bad mana system (flooding and screwing worse than MTG), bad mulligan system, bad card design, bad card balancing, a pay-to-win model that would put Blizzard's to shame, boring and uninteresting lore, an unskippable tutorial, rigged matches against the AI, AND a buggy app that constantly crashes and forgets your login info. I reached Master Rank in constructed play (this game's equivalent of Hearthstone's Legends Rank), so this isn't coming from a "salty noob". I have not found a single redeeming quality in this game. Every design decision made by the developers tells me that they do not understand the first thing about what makes a good card game..Version: 1.26.1

DON’T GIVE ANY $ FOR THIS GAME...OR EVEN PLAY ITThis game has awful RNG. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to give this game a chance. Sadly, it is now obvious to me that this game is either purposely designed to limit how effective you as a player can be or it is just very poorly designed. I stopped counting after literally dozens of AI and human versus matches. Why? Because it is tiring to watch match after match be decided purely upon poor card draws, not the design of your deck. No more endless matches of drawing only 2 power cards. No more matches of ONLY drawing power cards. No more POOR PvP matches where you are forced to play against opponents of superior rank. No more wasting time meant to be spent having fun on this ridiculous excuse for a card game. Now I will delete this mess of a game and hope that those who read this will avoid investing any of their valuable time into such a non enjoyable pile of garbage..Version: 1.41

Bug bug bugCan’t play any card.Version: 1.45.0

Pay to win with little rewards if u loseIt’s sad because the artwork of the cards is nice and the game is fun but I can’t win as a free player they do give a free pack and cards and coins for completing daily quest and first win of the day but not enough to make a difference, and they have a gauntlet but unless u have good cards good luck + the more u win the harder it gets so that sucks, be nice if you could in more gold as a free player so u could enter the drafts and other events,but all tcg/ccg are pay to win.Version: 1.55.0

The BestPlayed MtG and Heartstone but Eternal beats them hands down Was five stars but since the last major upgrade it is virtually unplayable. The game constantly crashes, disconnects or freezes even in league matches. Dire wolf have no support contact details so you are left high and dry. Please fix.Version: 1.35.3

Doesn’t matter how good or bad the game is. Can’t play anyway.Recent updates result in it no longer being possible to log in. My ipad pro isn’t the problem. Maybe check if the updates actually work before implementing them? Just a thought. Second time this has happened in the last 2 weeks. UPDATE: now on day 4 without being able to login on ios. Tried deleting and reinstalling but still getting told there’s a login error and I should try again later. Really? No one’s checking on these things? I thought Dire Wolf was a big operation. UPDATE 2: now at about a week. Submitted a support ticket days ago which is being ignored. Maybe just remove the game from the app store altogether? There’s clearly no interest to actually having the game working..Version: 1.58.0

Pure PotentialThis game could be so great! Unfortunately, the developer is intent on watching end users be infuriated as they likely sit behind the scenes laughing at you. Power cards are either few and far between or completely non-existent; and even with a solid deck, the abundance (or lack thereof) power cards make it too difficult to survive once you have been able to establish your presence. Even the few times that you are able to achieve balance, your opponent is generally suffering from the same thing as you completely annihilate your foe. What is the true fun in that... Except for the slight satisfaction of the “It’s about time” syndrome. The likeliness of having an even fair match is probably 10:1, and those time the game lives up to what the developer writes in the description. Prepare to be disappointed and frustrated if you enjoy these types of games. What a waste..Version: 1.31.1

No iPhone X supportIt’s 2019 and there’s still no iPhone X support.Version: 1.43.0

Great, completely unbalanced gameAwesome game, but the balance on this game is way off. There are wayyyyy too many instant-kill cards and accelerators out there, without ready ways to counter them. I know going into pretty much every game that the moment I play most any creature, it will be torched or nullified with silence, or turned into a frog, or crippled, or any of a number of other maladies that only cost a couple of “power”, if not just one. Late-game unit abilities are also off-the-charts awesome, in ways that make me enjoy the game less. Legendary units have a bevy of abilities that instantly shift momentum if the game manages to go past 5 or 6 turns. The animations and overall presentation are top-notch, and I do play a lot. You get free cards and packs with regularity, and the crafting system gives you a great way to utilize duplicates. As an avid MTG player, I will tell you that I play this instead on my mobile devices. I just wish that the balance could be addressed and that the number of ways you can control the board through direct damage and kill-cards would be reduced. Great game, dire wolf..Version: 1.31

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