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Eternal Card Game for Positive User Reviews

Love this gameEverything I wish iOS magic the gathering had been, this is fun, quirky, exciting and well designed..Version: 1.22.1

The best online CCG out there.As the title says, I believe this is the best online collectible card game out there. The main reason for this is the sheer amount of free stuff you can get just for playing. Every day you get a free pack for just winning a game. There’s a free-to-enter game mode against the AI that gives you a bunch of free gold. There are 2 separate draft modes, and unlike many of the draft modes in other games, you get to keep all of the cards. You get free gold and cards for just winning ranked games, and assuming you get to master at the end of the season (which is SO much easier than other games due to the ranking system), you get a free foil legendary every month. I’ve been playing for 2 or 3 months and I’ve already amassed all of the commons and uncommons as well as 150+rares and 40 legendaries. In addition, it has very good gameplay, with unique mechanics and many similar to that of Magic: the Gathering. (Considering multiple professional Magic players helped design it, that makes sense). Overall, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a new CCG to get into..Version: 1.29.1

Finally, a F2P friendly CCGThis game is by far my favorite online CCG. The gameplay is a lot of fun (MTG style combat) and the polish is really good too. (voice acting, animations, sounds, art, etc) and the best part? You don't really need to spend any money to have fun. As long as you aren't playing in the super high and competitive ranks, the meta isn't all that influential. Unlike Legends of Runeterra, you can do stupid stuff in this game and make it work. I’ve built several decks that are a lot of fun and are mostly pretty decent, (some are just memes) and I didn't need to spend a dime to do that. Now, if you play super competitively, you’ll need to make a meta deck and maybe spend some money, but I haven't run into any of that yet. My only major complaint is that the shuffling algorithm sometimes doesn't work all that great. I used to get screwed 2/5 times and flooded another 2/5. That doesn't happen as much now and I can't tell if it’s because of the addition of the plunder mechanic, I got better at building decks, or because they fixed it. This is more of a nitpick, but I wish there was a little more variety in the animations and that some (especially kill cards) were a bit more dramatic. Wouldn't it be cool if units dropped onto the board instead of warping in? (that said, some of the newer spells do have unique animations).Version: 1.53.0

DownloadsEverything about this game is great except.... downloads... literally haven’t gotten to play eternal in weeks because the fall in Argenport update takes so long. First the game told me to update it but there was no update out for it yet in the App Store. Never found it in the App Store just decided to get on the app and see and it began a download that took FOREVER. Finally finishes I’m excited as I’m going through the usual connecting screens and boom trolled. Another freaking update that takes twice as long. Nice one Guys. Great game. I got to 95 percent... let that sink in right after waiting ages. Boom error comes up... you see where this is going? Restarted the entire thing! Done with the game for now.Version: 1.36.2

The best CCG out thereThis is hands down one of the best CCGs you could ever try. It’s like Magic the Gathering and Heartstone had a love-child that combined all the best features of both. It’s made by devs with pro-MtG circuit experience, as well devs with CCG design experience to boot, and it shows. ‘But CCG’s are always Pay To Win!’ I hear you cry? No. Eternal isn't. Just give it a swing and talk to the community - some of the best meta-decks you can play are cheapo budget decks, and Eternal is both excessively generous and has a really good card-crafting system. You can have a good deck in a week or two, and a competitive one in less than a month..Version: 1.35.6

Error downloading contentGreat Game, far better than hearthstone and cheaper too, the game is extremely fair and the best player can usually win if they have a decent deck. The deck building system is intuitive and the cards are mostly balanced. So I would give this game 5/5, however, I have encountered a glitch, the ingame content downloaded has been frozen for a couple of days, it got stuck on 33MB remaining. So I can’t play the game since the last update as the game won’t update itself..Version: 1.48.2

Great card gameThis is a fun and polished game, with some distinctive features such as: 12 cards in a booster, Free booster for the first win each day, If you pay to enter the draft, you get to keep the cards picked, Theme deck quests with new ready to play decks. And most important (to me anyway), the gameplay is fun and the well themed so that a good deck doesn't just feel like a bunch of powerful but disconnected cards..Version: 1.22.2

Best mobile card game everThis game really is an improvement in magic, with the mana system being more forgiving and fluid. Game play is fast, challenging and engaging. The easiest way to play league is to do the daily quests, build up coins to play the monthly league for free, a mode that requires both deck building and game play skill as it’s essentially a sealed pack event, where you get additional packs each week. You keep the cards open as well. Supports a wide variety of play styles, great animation. Top notch. Only complaint is the app can bug on load and cards become unresponsive and sometimes connectivity will drop forcing you to leave the app and come back. This could be a barrier to a new player, so would love to see those issues fixed. Still, great events, wonderful lore, just the best..Version: 1.57.0

The way a “F2P” game should be*insert cliche “i dont write reviews for games, but i had to with this one” I tried playing hearthstone, because i really wanted to love that game, but it isnt made for people who dont wanna spend money. If i want to spend money on a CCG, ill go back to playing MTG with physical cards that i can SELL when i want to stop playing or try a different type of deck. Eternal gets everything right, and boy do i mean everything. Free to play, they offer plenty of easy and fun ways to get packs and currency to buy your own. (Although you should forge/draft with the currency instead of buying packs). Almost everything in the game you can buy with the coins you can earn. And it is easy to get to masters in ranked without spending a dime. 💯💯 👌👌 Devs! You guys are a rare type of team with a brain! ♥️♥️.Version: 1.42.3

The best online CCGThe best online CCG I have tried so far. More depth than Hearthstone and games flow better with a better client for online play than MTG. Strikes a good balance with generous daily rewards and currently has a well supported player base..Version: 1.36.3

If Hearthstone and Magic had a Baby!This is a great CCG, that takes the best parts of hearthstone and magic and combine them in to one. It has the sexy UI of Hearthstone but the depth and strategy of Magic. It's also extremely free to play friendly. So many ways to get gold and packs without spending a dime!.Version: 1.17.1

Pretty much the best free ccg out thereI love this game. It’s about as close to Magic the Gathering as you can legally get. It has a complex and diverse range of strategies. The mechanics are not as deep as mtg, but definitely better than Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls. The price is also excellent. It’s actually FREE to play. The game has multiple methods to make card collecting easy and fun, including a grinder mode called gauntlet to play against the AI, practicing your builds at your time leisure. There are both sealed and draft formats. If you ball out with drafting you can quickly and freely mass your collection, because the winnings are more gold than you paid to enter, plus ~7 packs. All in all, it’s excellent value. And if you like card strategy games you probably like value 😏.Version: 1.46.10

One major problemThis game is fantastic. I am ex MtG player and HS player, and game got it’s best from both of them, but the’re is a HUGE problem with card-draw, bcs sometimes you have only mana, sometimes - no mana at all. More than that: a couple situations to prove: with standard 75 cards I had THE one legendary card (mask of torment), and after redraw I got this again, and one time with stranger deck I got Mysterious Stranger 3 times In a row. Do something with draw system, PLEASE!.Version: 1.31.1

Best card came on Mobile/SteamI've been playing card games for years and have to say that Eternal has captured something special. It has many of the "choices matter" elements from MTG with the rapid play and snappy animations of Hearthstone. It also has one of the most generous, free-est to play business models I've ever seen in a card game (I built 2 top tier decks after a month of casually completing daily quests and playing ranked), but because of this, starting out can be a little rough (because it's so generous, most people have lots of strong legendaries, but it still takes a few weeks of playing crap tier decks to save enough crafting materials for the cards you need to compete). Overall, strongly recommended!!.Version: 1.27.7

Update 1.26.2 stops play... Please FIXThis is an awesome card game on either IPad or Steam. It is very similar to Magic the Gathering MTG. Beautiful cards, gameplay and storylines. Rewards at every turn to help build you collection. Easy to use deck builder. Many different methods to play: 1. Interesting story campaign. 2. Challenging Puzzles that demonstrate game mechanics. 3. Challenge you custom deck against the gauntlet. 4. PvP in either casual or ranked modes 5. The draft... pick a card from a pack, pass it on... build a deck and battle online. 6. My fav... Forge... pick 25 cards and battle a series of offline decks. and more. Looking forward to expansions..Version: 1.29

Excellent Mix of MTG & HearthstoneA well done job for mixing the 2 famous CCG into this. Generous reward & f2p friendly. Amazing gameplay. Great animation & graphic - not as user friendly/comical as Hearthstone but indeed much better than MTG. Will keep on playing and recommend this to friends surely. Keep it up!.Version: 1.27.8

Fantastic! Pretty much mobile Magic TGThis game is pretty much Magic the Gathering for mobile, except much better. It make the absolute most of being an online card game in all of the features and card abilities. The Gems are a bit expensive, and the “Shiftstone” (card dust) is a bit hard to get, but it is reasonable considering if either were more accessible, any given player would pretty much be able to buy their way to a decently high competitive level..Version: 1.31.3

Excellent game!All the best parts of MTG and Hearthstone rolled into one, this is a very clean game with a good free to play system that has complexity for depth but simplicity for ease of access. I would strongly recommend this!.Version: 1.22.2

Fun game.Cool game, can play a lot whitout spending money. Few bugs, but still playable. Eat up battery fast tough.Version: 1.37

Amazing card game! F2P friendly!This is the perfect game for people coming from Hearthstone looking for something with a bit more strategy and less RNG well still not being tedious. Furthermore, the F2P system is very generous in rewarding players for the time they've put in. There's a bit of a learning curve if you've never played a card game before, but I'd still recommend for anyone who's into the genre! Thanks Direwolf Digital for making this amazing game!.Version: 1.22.0

Great game - try it if you play Hearthstone etc.A really well made game - much more deep than Hearthstone but still accessible and fun. Even better, it is nowhere near as money-grabbing as other similar games like HS - you really can build a decent collection with little or no money if you put some time in. It's best to play on a full screen but the iOS app is certainly a decent mobile alternative. Warning: The tutorial currently takes a bit of time to complete, but the game is worth it. Hang in there!.Version: 1.23.3

For people looking for more depth than hearthstoneGreat game. Not quite up to the complexity of magic the gathering, but for a tablet game this is as good as it gets. Extremely generous free to pay model as well so you can either at to build a big collection quickly, or play your way to earning a top tier deck without spending a dollar in just a couple weeks.Version: 1.24.3

Great ccg better than hearthstoneI'm a regular Mtg player and this is better than any mobile Mtg offering to date. The draft, gauntlet and forge options make this better than hearthstone. The mechanics are great too. Good job direwolf!.Version: 1.28.2

Best card game aroundDire Wolf digital does just about everything right with Eternal. I’m a huge fan of card games. I come from a background of M:TG, hearthstone, SolForge, Duelyst, Gwent, and more I’m not listing... Eternal beats them all. And it really isn’t even close. The gameplay mechanics feel rewarding and fair. The lore and flavor of the card and characters is abundant. The single player vs AI modes are entertaining and mostly story driven. Most importantly, the cards are very attainable with fair drop rates and the game will not puncture a hole in your wallet. This game deserves every single 5 star review it gets... and every single review SHOULD be 5 stars. I would like to see in client tournaments in the future at some point but the communication is very active and sets up out of client tournaments for its player base should you like to join..Version: 1.27.7

Highly AddictiveGreat card game that takes full advantage of it's digital form. I can't stop playing it! Free to play and you never feel pressured to pay, but after sinking hundreds of hours you'll want to throw money at DWD to keep up the great work! Great community on Reddit if you need to get up to speed or want to hear the latest news from the devs..Version: 1.22.0

Best card gameFun, free and complex.Version: 1.22.0

A fun, accessible and strategic CCGEternal captures the feel of Magic the Gathering gampleay, the ease of use of Hearthstone and wraps it all up by making the content more accessible and affordable than other CCGs. Very possible to develop a respectable collection without spending if that is your goal, and if you do choose to buy currency it goes a long way. My only peeve with the game is the small font when on mobile, but it becomes less of an issue once you know he cards a bit better. Give it a try!.Version: 1.31.6

Deep content, better than Hearthstone!As a long time CCG player, I liked the complexity of M:tG but wanted a bit more polish. Hearthstone was pretty, slick, but ultimately shallow. Eternal is the best of both worlds! Lots of constructed strategy with many MANY keywords and unique interactions, and the art style, voice acting, and animations are top notch. The game is also generous, lots of free card packs, shiftstone (for creating specific cards), and easy ways to expand your collection (keeping all cards in Draft “Arena” or the PvE version, “Forge”). If you’re looking for a step up from HS, or something more pretty than M:tG, Eternal is amazing!.Version: 1.29.3

Re-Draw And Loop IssuesI am addicted to this game, and I have been playing this game for about a month or so. But I come to realise that there may be a re-draw issue though, this happenned to me around 3 times. I have 25 power card (which is standard) and when I re-draw I only got power card until turn 6-8! Even the first draw is all power card. Not even spell nor unit or weapon. And I found also a loop in this game, where you can combine the spell (Red, ready unit this turn) and a unit (blue, use the spell from void) with these combination you can win without even giving a chance to other player, please correct me wrong if these have been fixed. Thankss! Keep it up, I do enjoy this game alot. Cheers.Version: 1.28.6

No RNGThat should be enough said for anyone sick of the endless list of hearthstone clones. The only rng in this game baring very rarely seen effects is the deck shuffling itself. But if that isn’t enough how about the most generous free to play model out there. This game showers you with cards and in game gold from the beginning and the rewards keep coming. I ended up buying gems just to give support to the devs after this game becoming my go to pc and iPad game for over a month. Hours and hours of free content here..Version: 1.35.2

Absolute blast!!!I’ve been a long time paper MTG and MTGO player in my teens up to late 20s but both time and money demand of the game made it very difficult to keep playing. I switched to Hearthstone for a while but always wished to be able to play an “instant”. This game brings a similar experience to MTG and I didn’t take a lot of time understanding and adjusting. Best of all, this game is very generous in terms of earning gold and cards. You can build a cheap aggro deck and pull wins against better decks if you are lucky or just grind through AIs, earn gold, join drafts and build up your collection. Overall, wonderfully built game!!!.Version: 1.31.6

EternityEternal is the best card game I have played on the market and is extremely free to play, it is the closest you can get to MTG and Hearthstone but without the confusion and price tag..Version: 1.35.1

GreatA great card game developed by some of Magic best minds! Awesome cards/gold rate for a great free experience !.Version: 1.25.0

AmazingTruly amazing game, the card battles are similar to Magic the Gathering. The best part of all is that I have a lot of cards and decks and still haven't paid anything yet. It not hard to grind the coins to unlock content and cards, of course you can pay to buy decks and stuff, but it's not pay to win and there's no paywall, just lots of fun..Version: 1.29

Finally— A great game that is fair with your wallet!The game is well done, and lots of synergies... still a whole lot to explore. The best part— great game not ruined by trying to swipe your $ at every turn. Yes, there are things to buy, but plenty of opportunities to advance without constantly injecting money!.Version: 1.31.4

Great gameGreat game like MTG you can do well without spending any money eats lots of battery though.Version: 1.40

An Enjoyable Mashup of Magic and HearthstoneEternal is an enjoyable CCG that combines the best card playing elements of Magic: The Gathering with the online automation of Hearthstone. It has just enough differences to be refreshing in its own right. The artwork assets are very good, but not quite up to Blizzard levels. However, most of the artwork, animation and sound is very cool and effective. There are more single player activities than in Hearthstone. The makers of the game supply a generous amount of card packs and coins for playing parts of the game like daily quests, puzzles and tutorials. At the moment, you get a free pre-made deck to keep every 3 days, with a daily quest to accompany it. Multiplayer is standard fare, mostly comparable to Hearthstone. Crafting cards is comparable to Hearthstone also. The game mat is updated with totems on the sides relating mostly to the color of the power sigils used. The micro-transactions are not really necessary if you play the game a lot. Your gameplay activity is synced between your PC/Mac, iPad, iPhone or other tablet or smartphone. This is a very fun game that will appeal to online CCG fans..Version: 1.37.4

Wish there was a commander formatI’m pretty new to the game and play magic the gathering a lot, I would love to see a competitive game mode where you build a deck around a hero unit that can be played from a special area. I believe it would be fun and interesting to build around a hero unit knowing that you would always be able to pull of a wacky combo..Version: 1.50

Excellent Game Design and Engaging PlayI’ve been an active CCG/TCG player for more than 20 years, having gone through MtG, Vs. System, WoW TCG, Hearthstone, etc, and I’m really loving Eternal right now. Eternal has some interesting digital card game features (such as creating random cards), but blends it nicely with the traditional strategy of paper games. I never have trouble finding matches and the level of play is usually pretty good. I have spent very little actual money on the game, considering how long I’ve enjoyed it, as casual play rewards you with enough in-game currency to buy most of what you need to be competitive. All-in-all a fantastic time, excellent design, engaging interface and great community!.Version: 1.46.6

Wizards, take note!This type of blending of Hearthstone and MtG was what was needed in the digital space, I don’t know why you resisted! This game, though I’m at the beginning of it, already feels a great blend of those two games!.Version: 1.31.4

If you like MTG, you’ll like this.Great game! Worth to play.Version: 1.39.2

Excellent step up from HearthstoneThis is a fantastic card game. While it's still fast paced it allows for more strategy and deeper gameplay than Hearthstone. Most importantly the free to play aspects are much more generous and thus allow for a more even playing field. If the game continues to provide an enjoyable and relatively equal footed experience for free players then I think it's got a great future..Version: 1.18.2

If Hearthstone was actually Magic.Really great for fans of magic who can’t stand MTGO or Hearthstone fans looking for something a more complex and skill-based. Generous free-to-play rewards (1+ free packs EVERY day), and requires little to no money to get started. Fantastic compromise of streamlining to promote easier online play but also complex and interactive gameplay (response windows!!) There are a couple of cons, though the game doesn’t have gratuitous RNG, variance is higher than I would like. Also, the introduction missions are absolutely atrocious and easily the worst part of my entire Eternal experience (worth the slog though)..Version: 1.26

Amazing card GameThe depth, polish and free to play aspects are very well done. My only complaints is some of the menus could be a bit better.Version: 1.31.4

Truly F2PI love this game! Contains all the strategy of MTG, except it's completely free to play. The game tells you all of the options available on your turn, and has a beautiful text-box next to every keyword so you never forget what it does. After playing only a few days it is easy to get a tier one deck to grind the ladder. 10/10 highly recommend!.Version: 1.22.2

A great appThe best dcg out there.Version: 1.22.0

Stunningly BeautifulI write few reviews, but this game has earned one. Having played many others (Magic, Hearthstone, Legendary, etc.), this game blows all the others away. The graphics, colors, animations, sound, gameplay, intuitive UI, lack of in-your-face ingame marketing- - all wonderfully done. I play hours each day and wish I had time for more. This is a game that an old miser like me gratefully spent some cash ($13 so far) on just out of sheer appreciation! It is NOT ptw... the purchases are for premium graphical things, primarily. All the cards can be earned for free , and the game is very generous in this regard. Unlike so many other games, this is not a clone, but is a next generation blend of the best ideas in game play. Innovation, Beauty, Elegance, Depth of Play... Eternal has it all. Thanks and Supreme Kudos to the Developers for this one. You nailed it!.Version: 1.24.3

Best Digital CCG there is now on iPad!!!!Been playing on Steam for a month or so now. Great Magic inspired CCG. So much fun!!!.Version: 1.17.1

My favorite CCGI’ve been playing Eternal for about nine months, and I just love it. I play Hearthstone as well, and it’s also fantastic. But since I’m mostly free to play, I really am noticing over time the difference in generosity between the games. In hearthstone I mostly feel like I am on the outside looking in, with nearly all the best decks requiring too many legendary cards for me to ever save up for. Here, I feel like just by playing daily, I can now craft many top tier decks, or whatever else suits my fancy. It is a really fun game, and I can’t recommend it enough!.Version: 1.35.6

Perfect mix of Mtg and HearthstoneReally fun game with plenty of depth and no obligation to spend money. Fantastic support over multiple platforms through Steam and iOS!.Version: 1.25.6

Game bugs outPlaying on an iPad Pro 12 9 inches the suddenly stops in the middle of the game And im not even playing pvp bugs.Version: 1.37.2

Great game, frustrating to updateThe game has amazing design and I consistently rank in the highest levels without needing to spend any money to get there. There’s variance sure but also opportunity to be rewarded for consistent tight play. The only frustrating bit is that whenever there is an update, the game says I need to reopen the app to install updates. I click okay and I’m taken to the App Store page where the only option is to click Open. This opens the app which tells me I need to reopen the app to install updates.... The only way I can install updates is to uninstall the app, find WiFi, and then reinstall. And they update the game pretty regularly which is great but also frustrating. I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus..Version: 1.29.3

Download NowI played Hearthstone a bit and Elder Scrolls Legends a lot, don’t play either anymore. Hearthstone is impossible without $$$, each set requires more $$$, and Legends (while really good) is so stingy with cards. Sleek, well-paced, generous with cards/packs and currency, and the factions system works really well. The last review is a lie. Unusual229 said you can only get stuff for $... you get cards, gold, and (for each rank to diamond, reset each set) more packs and tonnes of gold in gauntlet (free), and that gold can be used for forge and draft (also free, using gauntlet gold - free - ) The only thing you might want to use $ for is campaigns, but they too can be bought with the gold u get for free... Dunno why he’s lying. ❤️❤️❤️ devs! Finally have a pretty competitive deck (Tavrod/SOTSK) and working on alts (Rakano, and then a Xenan Lifeforce deck) ❤️❤️❤️ Gonna save some gold for next set so I can do all the ranks of forge again in a day 😁.Version: 1.41.2

IncredibleI love this game, I've been playing on the desktop for a while and I'm so happy they've finally managed to bring it over to mobile in the UK. Incredible business model, great cards and very good use of space on this version. If you enjoy card games like MTG or Hearthstone, give this a go and you won't be disappointed, it's the most fun I've ever had playing a CCG and it's not even out of beta. Great stuff guys :).Version: 1.22.0

Best CCG on the MarketLike MTG but can't keep up with the cost, or handle the terrible digital products? Enjoy HS, but sick of all the RNG? Eternal is a must try! Extremely generous rewards, deep gameplay for both constructed and limited, as well fun cards and a great community. Could easily be the next big thing in the CCG scene..Version: 1.22.2

In the top 5This game is very good if you like games such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. Most of the game is reminiscent of hearthstone back when it was fun to play. This game lets you access all of the game modes for a modest gold amount considering you get to keep your picks. I have not played the Draft mode yet but the Forge mode seems to be pretty fun. As some other review have said, this game lets you pick 75 cards (30 of which are power or mana that can be auto filled) that leaves basically every deck to have either two very strong strats or three very weak ones. The best one color deck I played against had to have been grabbed from a certain set because they where all Ronin. Good game overall.Version: 1.46.6

Simply amazing.This card game is is absolutely fantastic. It has loads of content from campaigns, to new and old card packs, new boards you can play on, card backs, avatars and of course the large card pool. The developers have made this game very generous with the rewarding you constantly. Whether you are just playing against a.i or real players. You’re getting rewarded. It plays similar to magic with some hearthstone but it’s risen above both those games. I’m a multi year hearthstone player, but I’ve taken a long break from it and during this break I stumbled across eternal. I’ll tell ya after playing this game, I won’t be going back to hearthstone. This is without a doubt a free game worth spending some money on to help the developers, this is f2p done right! There is so much more to write about(like amazing card art, mechanics, cross-play/cross-save between every other platform(this feature alone deserves parenthesis inside parenthesis), etc), but I kinda just wanna keep playing some matches and building decks. Again, great game :).Version: 1.51.1

Made by the bestThis game was designed by people who know how card games work. It is in essence very near a perfect electronic card game. Where hearthstone takes advantage of the frustrating mechanics of random number generation, eternal takes advantage of stat effects that normally people couldn’t always keep track of. Using the computer as a source to keep track of complex interactions, this game excels in keeping things easy for the players while still giving you a sense of how complicated the game can be given the right scenario. Many lines of play lead to victory, many lead to defeat. The one thing the game may need improvement on is the weird touch screen interactions that make it awkward to block against attacking creatures. Other than that, this game deserves all the credit I give to it. Thanks to LSV and the team of magic pros who built it, this game is a refreshing change from hearthstone..Version: 1.27.8

IPhone X UpdateGreat game! Addicting. When will you be updating it for iPhone X?.Version: 1.31.9

If you like Magic, you'll like thisThis is what a digital version of Magic: the Gathering should be. The game play is very similar, but this is a good thing; the game is great fun and very tactical. It is also very generous with it's F2P mode..Version: 1.17.1

A few problemsI doubt the devs will ever see this, but i only have two problems to this game. The first is that your deck must have a minimum of 25 power cards no matter how aggro you want your deck to be. I’m sure that is to prevent people from playing 2 power cards and mulligan every time to draw both, but I feel that anyone with a deck of 73 2-drops won’t win many games. The second problem had two parts. Legendaries are too expensive and influential. I’m sure everyone here was destroying in a game, then the opponent played one Sandstorm Titan, and then they lost. The power level of legendaries is hard to balance because you want them to be powerful and change the way the game is played, but I have noticed, the deck that summoned more legends won a great deal more. Just something to think about. Sorry for making this post so long. This is really an amazing game, so please give it a fair shake!.Version: 1.40

Great Digital CCG and actually free to enjoyI have been playing Eternal since February and I still go back and play it every day. It’s an intuitive card game, similar in some ways to Magic the Gathering but with its own take on the genre. Games are snappy and exciting and you never know what you’re going to see on ranked ladder play. It is generous with handing out rewards and cards - you get a free pack of the latest set each day and the other game modes make it easy to accumulate cards from all sets. You can play vs the AI for free and use the rewards to play other modes that give out cards, packs, and more gold to keep playing. Draft mode is amazing any my favorite by far - you make limited sized decks that encourage creative deck building and play and you keep all the cards you pick! I have spent money on this game to support the amazing developers, who are quick to fix bugs and also interact with players on the Discord channel but I’ve mostly used it for cosmetics and have accumulated almost the entire first 2 sets. Definitely try it you like CCGs!.Version: 1.27.6

I’ve played every card game. This one is FAIR and FUNI never written reviews. So many bots and Chinese probably ruining ratings anyway. But I’m writing this cause Eternal is a really good game. I’ve played them all: Magic, Hearthstone, shadowverse, Duelyst, even Slay the Spire. Of all these games Eternal is the DEEPEST and FAIREST. There’s not just campaigns and ranked/casual. There’s organized pvp events. There’s pve Arena from Hearthstone and pve 7 boss gauntlet. You can earn tons of cards and gold just from pve. The game does not push you to play pvp so you can lose and buy packs. Economy: Gold is really easy to get. The limiting factor is dust. But you get so many packs and each pack contains 8 cards and 100 dust. Same as Hearthstone: 25, 100, 800, 3200 crafting costs. This game is like magic in that it has Land cards and 4 copies per deck. You can even have 4 legendaries. So for that reason it takes longer to grind. The game is incredibly fair and I am very well versed in micro transactions. I have a massive and full collection and I’ve never spent a penny on card packs. Only on campaigns, which give you like 25 cards. You can even buy premade decks which contain decent cards with gold. Cons: due to low playerbase even Bronze 3 has meta decks and veteran players. Lots of people forfeit to stay in bronze too so they can farm gold. And it’s annoying..Version: 1.46.6

The perfect digital card gameAfter having enough of Hearthstone and the slow progress Blizzard has taken to bring the game back on track I started looking for a digital card game replacement. I came across Eternal on Steam and I have not looked back! This game is the next logical step in a digital card game. A+++.Version: 1.17.1

WowVraiment exellent.Version: 1.22.7

Great!!!!Addicted to this game. I also play Hearthstone but this is far more generous. Already have lots of cards and gold after just a couple of days playing. Loads to explore and learn. Highly, highly recommended..Version: 1.22.2

Disregard haters.I’ve played Magic: the Gathering since 1995, on and off. I even played competitively for a few years from Theros Block to Shadows Over Innistrad Block, culminating in a 21st place finish at regionals in Orlando, Fl. I hit Masters in Hearthstone when Murloc Paladin was a viable deck. Basically, I know card games. With mechanics that utilize the digital space in ways other games haven’t even imagined, and the most generous free-to-play payouts of any game in the genre, I can tell you that Eternal is the future of these games. I was able to gather up enough in-game currency through free play to have a Tier 1 deck in two months. Don’t listen to the whiners who say you can’t go anywhere F2P if you started too late..Version: 1.27.0

Anyone else getting an update bug since server came back up?Keeps saying I need to update in App Store, yet in App Store it doesn’t say update just open game /:.Version: 1.46.10

Great game, can’t play.Not sure what’s up with the game but it keeps telling me that I need to update it in the App Store even though it’s fully updated. But other then that the Hearthstone and MTG hybrid is fantastic..Version: 1.26

Best online CCGA much better game than hearthstone, and a much better digital experience to play and watch than mtg. On top of that it's realistically f2p.Version: 1.43.0

Fantastic MTG alternativeI first heard about this game from MTG hall of fame player Luis Scott-Vargas and have been having a blast with this game. The game feels very similar to MTG while maintaining a uniqueness to it. Also there is really no pressure for you to spend any real money to buy packs as you get gold at a really decent clip. Advice I would give to new players who don’t want to spend money is to save your gold to do drafts rather than spending them on boosters. The forge is also a great place to spend your gold as both of those give you new cards and have really good rewards if you do well..Version: 1.42

The best of the bestI highly recommand this game. From a fan of ccg, this is the best game ever i've played on my ipad. You don't have to invest money to have fun and be competitive..Version: 1.24.3

Great game and very free to play friendlyThe game plays like a cross between magic and hearthstone but is much deeper than the latter. Don’t listen to the people who say it’s pay to win. If you’re losing a lot, try building a different deck. Also, always play ranked over casual because you’re more likely to be matched with someone of comparable skill. Or go to draft, where everyone is on equal footing and can’t actually pay to win. And it builds your collection. For the first month I was completely f2p and made diamond in constructed. Rewards are generous and it doesn’t take long to build at least one competitive deck. I purchased the adventures, but they aren’t strictly necessary- I just wanted to support the developers. In sum, great game that you should try if like mtg and want a deeper non-hearthstone mobile experience..Version: 1.40

Filling the voidThis a fantastic game. If you play Hearthstone and loved MTG then this is the answer. Much more like MTG. Love it..Version: 1.31.3

LegitSolid collectible card game, legitimately free with no ads. Can take some time to build a card pool to compete, but even basic cards have synergies and there’s plenty of solo vs. AI options. Played a long time, put it down, then picked it back up..Version: 1.52.2

Great game, great staff.I’m a die hard TCG fan. This is magic the gathering on mobile. The developers are great too. There was a misunderstanding on my behalf with deck building and ended up constructing a deck without realizing there were cards in the deck that needed to be purchased with actual money. I wasn’t able to recover all of my card crafting “points”, but the developers did give me back a large chunk, which allowed me to upgrade other decks instead. Check it out, this game deserves to have a larger player base than hearthstone honestly..Version: 1.28.2

No pay to win gameThis is the best card game for solo player. Good IA and can gain some gold with the solo mode. Thanks for this cool game!.Version: 1.41.3

I have been playing since day one......and I love it! This game brings me back no matter how many times I put it down. It’s the most free to play micro transaction game I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t cost a dime just keep playing and you’ll earn the goods. There are some mini sets that are just worth purchasing outright but they’re not necessary and they can be purchased with the earned currency. They’ve recently implemented a tournament system and it seems promising. If you’re looking for a good ccg and sweet strategy you’ve found the right game..Version: 1.41.3

Closest to MTG you can getThis game is about as close to Magic the Gathering as you can get, even capitalizing on the fact that it’s digital to create interesting mechanics. Not to mention that the game is developed by MtG pros (Luis Scott Vargas and Patrick Chapin, among others). The rewards system is very generous (much better than Hearthstone) and although there is a way to pay for gems to buy packs, the game is easily free to play. There is also a draft system similar to magic, but is not in real time so you can take your time with every pick (they accomplish this by having the same person picking every card before you, but not necessarily in real time). Highly recommended, you won’t regret downloading this if you enjoy other TCG’s..Version: 1.28.5

Best digital CCG bar noneCompletely viable to play for free unlike Hearthstone. Doesn’t feel awkward to play in public like Shadowverse. Has almost all the depth and possibilities of Magic without the pay to win and horrible interface and billion random pauses for once in a lifetime reaction plays. Been playing 15-30 mins every day for a year and by the end of every expansion I own all the meta legendary cards completely F2P that’s how generous this game is. Best draft mode ever you get to keep the cards you draft!.Version: 1.36.5

Best digital card game!I’ve enjoyed probably 1000+ hours with MTG, HS, ESL and this is IMO by far the best. Lots of solo and PvP game modes to enjoy, the Puzzles mode teach you the depth and OMG the depth and tactical play is incredibly done. Only grind is for gold which you get by winning games and use to buy card bundles and join unique Events. No need to spend money but you should, the devs deserve it and I will be enjoying the journey and hopefully this gets to the same place as Vainglory. Get it, play it, love it!.Version: 1.26.8

Can’t open appLove this game. It’s awesome. Since the 27th of June 2018 I have been unable to open the app. I have it downloaded on an iPhone 7+ that’s totally up to date on software. Every time I try to reopen the app it says to reopen it to download the latest updates. I’ve checked the App Store multiple times and there aren’t any new updates. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it still stops me at start up saying to reopen the game to download updates. Any time I click the Okay button it sends me to the App Store page. Hope y’all find a fix to this issue soon. I was really anticipating what I got in my packs from the most recent event. Anyhow, keep up the good work. Cheers.Version: 1.35.6

Amazing!This is probability one of the best iOS card game it feels more fair than Hearthstone and things like Shadowverse. But the only thing I really don’t like is that the tutorial feels extremely long and tedious so one small recommendation would be somewhere just to skip the tutorial..Version: 1.41.2

AmazingBeen playing since beta and one of the best free strategy games you can find. End of story. Great depth, great balance and amazing free to play model. Lots of new content and support. Love. This. Game..Version: 1.26.6

The BEST fantasy strategy card gameEternal is a godsend. I’ve been a player since beta, and the game brings excellent design, storylines, and strategy that have kept me coming back for 6 years. There are a multitude of formats that make it easy for experienced and new players. I played magic the gathering for years, and strongly prefer eternal, which is far more accessible and fun to play. As a parent, it’s also easy to play a quick game if I don’t have much time. A++++ thanks to the DWD team!.Version: 1.57.1

Amazing!I started playing on PC last night, and I had such a lot of fun! Similar in ways to Hearthstone, but more complex. Great solo campaign to learn the basics, many features that HS doesn’t have. This is my new go-to online ccg..Version: 1.27.5

Eat your heart out MtG/Yugioh/Puke-a-mon...I'll be brief. I have over 24 years of experience with TCG/CCGs. I've played dozens and even took a shot at developing one. This one is the best I've played on a mobile platform. Period. Outstanding game! The best feature? You don't have to spend a dime to continually challenge your wit. I recommend that you do so anyway so you can access more combos sooner during your progress. Great art, great story, great mythology, awesome music and sound, and superb user interface. My only complaint is on how the decks are edited. I have big fingers so I wouldn't mind a prompt before a card is added or taken out to make sure I don't make a mistake and have to go through looking for the card I mistakenly moved. That's still not enough reason not to give it a perfect 5/5 star rating IMHO..Version: 1.40

Best card game on IOSIt reigns supreme over the rest for a few reasons. 1: It’s better balanced than the others. With active devs and occasional tweaks (but the nerf stick stays away) to keep things even. 2: made for iOS interface. No cramming different mechanics that are clunky in here. 3: can do things that aren’t possible in paper based games. 4: so many deck building possibilities. You rarely end up playing against the same 2-4 decks every game..Version: 1.53.0

Love the gameGuys I love the game and have really enjoyed it, however hugely dissapointed that as my iPad can't go to iOS 10 that I can no longer play. Seems crazy as this will effect a lot of people I'd guess.Version: 1.29.3

Used to play MTG, but not anymoreI’m an old school gamer at age 47, and this game is by far the best ccg in the iTunes Store. I’ve spent a little money on the game but have mostly earned the power cards needed to compete through play. Ignore the reviews that say you have to “pay to play”, or that say “if you’re late to the game you can’t compete”, as both of those statements are totally untrue. My only complaint is that we need more frequent updates with new cards, as new card combos are the lifeblood of every card game. To the devs, you have created an amazing game!! Keep up the good work!!.Version: 1.26.5

Great digital card gameEternal will attract a lot of comparisons to hearthstone, but it's much close to MtG: a sophisticated, interactive and varied game with a friendly community. The free to play model is very generous: there's rich single player content to get you started and earning new cards is fairly easy - though it might take a couple of weeks before you can afford one of the top tier decks. Highly recommended.Version: 1.27.6

To the 1 star reviewThis game is very generous in giving you cards. They talk about you should be winning on your skills not paying for the cards, and they weren't kidding!This game is the least amount of "Pay to Win" I've ever seen! Your first win of the day is a booster pack! Compare that to Hearthstone where you need to win 3 games to get 10 coins and a pack is 100 coins. Additionally each pack comes with craft stones as well. Sure you can easily accelerate the collection process by buying all the cards, but being able to draft and keep your cards or play Forge (Arena in Hearthstone but with only AI opponents and you keep the cards you pick) makes the "grind" feel less of a grind and more fun. Hell most times I value draft, and just look for mythics and cards I want for my deck. Even the pre constructed decks they give you can get you to at least Silver in ranked matches. So no this game is super gracious in giving you cards and I love it!.Version: 1.28.2

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