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Dropbox EMM App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Dropbox EMM app received 12 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dropbox EMM? Can you share your negative thoughts about dropbox emm?

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Dropbox EMM for Negative User Reviews

RLS TFCTo difficult to sign up just like the last reviewer!.Version: 96.2

Agree 100%I cannot get logged in. My former husband sent me sine pics of our son graduated from college. I’d really like to have them.Version: 120.3

Ayuden a recuperarlo por favor graciasCómo yo puedo recuperar mi cuenta se me olvido ayuden me a recuperar mi cuenta por favor gracias.Version: 134.2

Can’t sign inTrying to get all my photos and videos downloaded and this app won’t even let me sign in,what a waste of time and is contributing to my ptsd at this moment....Version: 140.2

Impossible to sign in with googleIt just kept redirecting me to the sign in page every time I clicked sign in..Version: 116.2

Would give no stars if I couldIt won’t even log in with my google account. GARBAGE APP.Version: 134.2

Pile of crap !!!Do not put your buisness on the cloud !.Version: 304.2

Way too hard to sign upToo hard to sign up.Version: 102.2

Convoluted programmingI just deleted it because it kept jumping back and forth on sign ins. They’re trying to interface with google sign in and have not mastered it. Signed in about ten times and it takes me straight back. Piece of @&@@$!.Version: 80.2

This is terrible!!I want my money back please...It works terrible on my I Pad Pro 2017....Version: 126.2

Why would anyone pay you to share there filesFirstly after reading a review of a loyal or so he seemed customer upset he lost everything after sharing with some company (am I the only one who thinks this is a boneheaded idea?)and the long winded excuse your company gave him making him realize he had no real control of his files with your company in between him and someone else( I’ve spent 24 yrs in the military and grew up 3rd generation soldier I know what a runaround BS statement looks like)maybe some of you like not having privacy I grew up where it took a federal judge to tap your phone now it’s a app what the hell is going on people I have Sd cards with my files and would rather be court-martialled than just give away my privacy with the click of a button especially to a company that charges me monthly only to bend me over when they delete my files the head of drop box should fly to this mans city meet up with him and give him a big kiss since he just F$&@:” him and the rest of you learn from his crap don’t stop in your own. All I wanted was to download a NES game I was promised and now it’s not that important I’m glad I didn’t except that full ride years ago from MIT or Cal Tech they said I was foolish not To go and join the military, well maybe the real world has made me bitter or maybe I’m smarter than those colleges thought but this world is looking at things like this app on a small screen when nobody cares about intrusive apps file sharing with no control and privacy as a statement on which it list how little your getting. I’m done with internet crap I got an unlocked phone for more privacy yet apps like yours keep popping up in my life I may go broke but I’m going to make a app that blocked others that are to intrusive on ones privacy and whoever get my app I’ll know is somebody who has a large screen in which they view the world, or I’ll just be a lonely person living in the old world ways as everyone else chat rooms every time they piss.Msgt.Z.Version: 136.2

Misconfigured AppThe app won’t let me sign in because apparently the app isn’t set up properly.Version: 68.2

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