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Useful little appThis a simple but extremely useful app when organising a road trip and while touring. It handles date changes and extrapolates all the dates of the destinations. Ray M.Version: 4.7.40

What a great trip and Plan App!This is so cool and easy to plan a road , motorbike, walking or push bike trip WHEN you get the gift of the principal of actually setting your pins to destinations or reference spots along the way...then once you get the idea you can add costs to do things and seperate items of costs like food, booze, gifts really anything you want...and when you have some great fun doing all of that..hit the itinerary button and it then displays all of the above...your route in a line reference , save it all as a future reference of in later times and you have a Diary of your road trips to hold for memory sake in your future years....”simple-dimple” proggie and the cost is “cheap-as- chips bro😬😉🤟”.Version: 4.7.71

Wish I could use this app between my iPad Pro and iPhone 10X tho...Wish I could use this app between my iPad Pro and iPhone 10X tho....Version: 4.7.31

Perfect planing toolThis is great app, well done, full of features, all one would needed is included. Got app last summer, 2020, for trip with kids to explore western US. Worked great, mapped it all month in advance, and followed path between points, worked perfectly. Great features, cloud save, export pert of trip or whole trip to navigation software, I use waze and works great with this app, users provided suggestions, maps. There are many maps to download from community, which is great to start and customize to your needs. Great companion is MAC OS app, for planing on big screen. excellent app..Version: 4.7.81

A Must for RVingI have found this app indispensable for planning trips, & for recording information along the way. Plus, after the trip we have a permanent record. It can seem cumbersome at first, but it becomes easier with practice. Support is excellent. Questions are answered promptly..Version: 4.7.2

Great Route Planning AppI used Microsoft Autoroute for years and have not found anything as good since they stopped supporting it in 2015. This comes pretty close. Uses Apple Maps as it’s source, so everything you see there, you’ll see on this. All the POI’s are available, you don’t need to load them from other web sites. Very intuitive to use, even shows elevation over a route on the iPhone/iPad version. This didn’t work for me initially but with very prompt support from the developer, I had it working within 24 hrs. I use the iMac version as well which you do have to pay extra for and that’s my only slight irritation. Still cheap at the price though. Definitely recommend..Version: 4.7.84

Works fineI cannot figure where to add fuel price. Help, please.Version: 4.6.93

Love itAfter spending hours online working with various map sites to plan a trip and getting nowhere…this is quick and easy to use, and provides you the info you need for a road trip. Thank you..Version: 4.7.84

Great road trip appI have planned several trips with various stops along the way. Using this information I can calculate what my fuel and lodging expenses will be..Version: 4.7.71

Fantastic AppAfter years of working out our road trips using a combination of google map and excel at a relatively lengthily process this app has now allowed us to plan in a few clicks what will ace taken us hours before certainly when you have to had and amend destinations A real pleasure to plan current and future trips Thank you.Version: 4.7.73

Road trip iPad et ordinateurJ’adore, mais 1- j’espère pouvoir échanger les plans de l’un à l’autre dans les deux sens. 2- le temps estimé si on met les préférences en km/h , en litres, et en km sont parfois erronés, j’espère que cela est corrigé Mais l’application sur iPad est très plaisante!.Version: 4.6.9

Great for planning road tripsHandy tool for planning multi hop road trips. I wish there is an option to reorder the travel POIs based on shortest distance..Version: 4.7.84

This is what I was looking for long time. ExcellentGreat app to work with. Highly recommended..Version: 4.6.93

Forever now our road trip companionAn old friend and I started a Holiday road trip tradition this past year that honestly changed our lives. A major factor in its success we realized was the seamless nature in which we were able to use technology to help guide us toward the things we wanted to see, yet leave the ability jump around based on how we felt at any given moment. This app was a key factor in allowing us to check off the must sees, move around the stuff we realized we didn’t have time for, and keep moving forward without any feeling of being stuck or wondering what to do next. This app will be the third wheel in all of our road trips (for which we have 3 files already in the works) to come! A very special thanks to the creators for making such a relevant platform for people who like to wing it with at least some idea of what to see along the way. This app still gives you the feeling of rolling out that paper map and pointing at spots of interest, then just does all of the hard annoying work of discovering the route. My only suggestion would be to include a real time Navi section at which point we’d never have to switch between this and waze, and if possible nudge us to check the gas tank after that feeling of relief to finally see the light of dawn after pulling out of an 8 hour overnight winter rainstorm through the hills of West Virginia, thank god for AAA. Oh, and make it compatible with the new IPad keyboard..Version: 4.7

Does what I want it to doI wanted a route planner for my car club. I wanted to create nice driving roads and put them in order of the best route. After finding RTP I built a nice route and opened the POI up in Google maps and was able to get guided directions. Great job. The fact that I can get estimated times of each route makes deciding so much better. I can decide if I want the 2 hour tour or the 3 hour tour. One drawback is that GoogleMaps will only allow me to make routes with 25 or less POIs. But after thinking about it I think that’s ok, meaning that all I need to do is create another route where the other left off at 25. This way I can divide routes up or start on a different route anytime. I know there’s a ton more that this app can do, I’ve only scratched the surface. Adding pictures or saving as a GPX file to open in a standalone GPS unit. (Not sure why unless my phone loses signal or whatever). But there looks like a lot more that this can do. I’ll eventually experiment and see. Someone mentioned the lack of ease when exporting from the iOS app to Mac app. Maybe the developer can add an option that when you save to iCloud that it auto saves it for all apps. But I really don’t want that.i want to know what version I’m loading or saving, I’ll just rename different versions. That’s all I got now.Version: 4.7.40

Wow. Fun!The more I use this apps the better it gets! It took a while to figure out all the little tricks, but was well worth the time investment. There are lots of little hidden features that are simply gosh darn fun. You can change icons, flag little diversions and add notes, such as distances and time. Then… holy cow… I stumbled across the itinerary feature which does all the time and distance calculations for me, along with directions. I can even switch mapping backgrounds. So much fun to imagine upcoming adventures!.Version: 4.7.84

Great app.Lots of flexibility and options..Version: 4.6.97

Great Trip Planning AppI was looking for an app that would allow me to plan a cross-country trip. This app is perfect for what I needed. Although it is a complex app, I have found it to be very intuitive to use. I’m enjoying the planning features and having fun planning my trip!.Version: 4.7.81

The best app I have used for planning caravan holidaysI have tried many apps to enable me to plan long distance European touring caravan holidays. The best I had found so far were InRoute and NewRoute. Both are very good but Road Trip Planner is SO much better. The tools provided make it so easy to research stopping places, showing distances between, to or from previous waypoints. The ability to add notes, web links etc to each waypoint is so useful. Despite a previous review by someone who obviously hadn't gone deep enough into the app, I can assure you that distances can be set to miles or km. The free of charge RTP Reader version of the app does everything except permit saving of routes so download this and try it out before purchasing the full version. If like me you need to research, plan and record planned trips with all the necessary information attached, you will happily pay for the full version. Well done to the author for an excellent, well thought out tool for great trip planning and NO, I do not know him or have any connection with him but truly hope the app will be successful enough for him to continue to develop and support it in the future. John Dempsey.Version: 4.6.6

Nice App - Show Milage?A nice little app and like the export to UCG. Haven't figured this out yet - Any way to show the mileage between route pins as well as total mileage. Time to travel would be nice also. Ok - Thanks for the response... Be nice to have the mileage displayed on the map next to each route pin for that segment and total by the last. Would make it easier for quick glance/review. Ahhhh - Sorry to be a pain, need to play around more I guess :-(.Version: 4.6.6

Love it!My family took a road trip from Minnesota to Oregon last summer. We were able to plan every amazing stop, estimate how long it would take and were able to enjoy much more than if we hadn’t planned (Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, etc!) Robust options are available. The desired location can be “pinned” and then edited to change the name, the pin image (e.g. forest, food, scenery) among other things. You can add images, activities, costs etc. Adding pictures was a great way to get the kids excited! The route can be adjusted, however, not always to the way you would like to go, although rare (same with every other map app). The directions were great. It estimates your time to the location (which is adjustable by driving speed!) and then allows you to input the length of time at that location. This feature was great as we adjusted our trip because of bad calculations on my part! There are also “POI” which are places you might want to check out, but don’t want it calculated into your itinerary. This helped me narrow down what we could actually do, and keep ideas in my back pocket if we found the time. The only gripe I have is that it isn’t the most intuitive layout. There is a learning curve, but once you get it, it’s amazing. Worth every penny..Version: 4.7.70

This app is perfect for my needsI love this app. It is very intuitive. I can map out all of my vacations, see optional routes, include points of interests that don’t need to be on the route itself. I can change all the icons on the map just for fun. It computes not just the time to go someplace but also the gas cost. I can add notes of my own. The neat thing is that this app doesn't just sync on the cloud - I can send my maps to others. Or just save your completed map routes to Dropbox or cloud drive to download later. Or I can upload my routes to Google Maps for step by step directions. I have tried other routing maps - and most require really weird subscriptions. This one does not. It is a straight forward app that lets you try it for free with all options except saving changes you make. The price for this app is well worth it for being able to save new routes - and not worry about future surprises. I corresponded with the app’s creator about a relatively minor issue and now just a few days later he fixed it with an update..Version: 4.7.2

Desktop iconI paid for the premium app but it isn’t showing up on my phone. How do I get the icon??.Version: 4.7.71

Great AppThis app works well, I have planned trips and put in historical data, great for memorable trips to share in the future.Version: 4.7.81

Great for planning your routeMany RV apps out there, not many straight forward - easy to use to plot your trip. Evaluate for your own use but I recommend this for all newbies like myself..Version: 4.7.81

HI find it very helpful when planning a motorbike trip..Version: 4.7.41

Great App **mapping our route and recording itI use this to keep track of where we are going with the ability to change the planned route and save it with time spent, fuel cost. I have traveled through 46 states in the last year and NO problems. The best part is my path is recorded to the minute and gallon of fuel. Love it. Scott S.Version: 4.6.91

Helpful tool!I found the RTP app a great planning tool for two recent road trips!.Version: 4.7.40

Lovin it!This is perfect for my RV traveling and planning. Not to mention that the author is responding quickly and regularly. Updates are thoughtful and well tested..Version: 4.7.40

Good but could use some features.I use it for work to create routes and they left some user features out. Merging trips would be nice. Creating user favorites locations. A easy location naming feature and also an easy copy and paste feature would be nice..Version: 4.7.80

Lovin’ Road Trip PlannerJust bought the app about 3 weeks ago, and have mapped out our 4300 mi summer motorcycle vacation. Still exploring to find out all that the app does, and every new thing I discover is great! Exploring the app is kinda like exploring the country. You can keep it simple by traveling the Interstate ... or you can get off the beaten path, travel the 2 lane state highways and find a lot of beauty and grandeur. Thanks for all the hard work ... it’s one terrific app! And much easier to use on my iPad than what I used for the past 10 years. Don’t let my 5 star review cause you to slow down ... keep the improvements coming!.Version: 4.6.91

What an app!!My Wife and I bought an RV a few years ago and started using RTP to plan our routes. Not only does it allow us to plan how long we stay on the road each day, but we can print our itinerary to give to our families to let them know where we will be, when we should get there and how long we are staying. We enter all the campground info and the app does the rest. The fuel calculator is also a big plus, letting us know the approx cost that we can expect to pay for the trip..Version: 4.7.31

Love it!Great trip planning tool! Easy to use and maps everything for you. Make a test trip to learn things. Simply put, every trip, starts here!.Version: 4.8

Great plannerWe have been using RTP for extended travel in a motorhome through Canada and US. It is easy to use, fast and has enough customization options to meet our needs. It would be nice if the route line didn’t have to recalculate so often but it is quick enough most of the time not to be a nuisance..Version: 4.6.97

Awesome AppI'm setting up my trip routes through the western US and Alaska, this app makes it easier to plan and manage my routes than anything else that I have tried. And, it's inexpensive. I'm using it on MacBook Pro and iPad Pro..Version: 4.7.84

Great Trip PlannerI bought the app for my desktop and iPhone and after using it for 14 months would recommend the program to anyone who wants to create a detailed itinerary. It helps to have an iCloud account to save files..Version: 4.7.84

Super helpful but bad locationsWe used this app for a cross-country road trip and it was super helpful. We were able to pick our destination for the next day and then divide that leg into reasonable stops. The only issue we ran into, and this may be a google maps issue, many of the historical or random attraction stops either didn’t exist or were not accurate. We ended up in someone’s driveway more than once thinking it would be a historical site..Version: 4.6.96

Very Satisfied with Application and after purchase supportWhile I originally had some problems finding application features, the after application support solved my lack of knowledge. The application allowed me to solve routing preferences by adding pins, correct trip dates and print trip documentation..Version: 4.7.3

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