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Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. app received 92 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about klarna | shop now. pay later.?

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DO NOT USE KLARNA! Terrible app,terrible customer service, terrible companySet up via Apple. Spent ages trying to work out their stupid app, finally all sorted and they took a payment on the agreed day of the month. Next month comes, they don’t take the money. I contact them, don’t care about the charge but do care about the impact this has on my credit rating. Pay them extra. Check and make sure I set it up properly on the monthly thing - all set up. Days go by and no response from them - surprise, surprise. Try emailing, nothing. The app says the payment is due on at the end of the month, but also says they won’t take it till the first of the following month - very confusing. After reading some things in the news and other reviews it would seem Klarna are good at doing this and letting honest people who think they’re paying, not pay and be charged. Great way to make a few extra quid for them hey. Terrible company. Never again. The app is rubbish, I always have to reset it up on my thumb print and it didn’t take the direct debit request. Dangerously bad for your credit rating. So so cross..Version: 20.3.28

Good Idea, Bad ExecutionThe app could use some work, as the ghost card installment plan option is misleading. It allowed me to spend hours looking at merchandise without ever mentioning that I might not qualify to use the services. That is BAD customer service. I won’t ever get that time back. If time is money, then by my calculations, Klarna owes me. Additionally, as a current customer with two large installment loans with Klarna, (with my last payment due in about a week), I was appalled at being denied a ghost card for $160. That is BAD customer service. I have a proven track record of payments with Klarna for over a year but the system identified me as a risk? For $160?! That’s BAD customer service. It is unfortunate too because I used to love Klarna and highly recommended it to people I know. I was looking forward to continuing that relationship with this app but due to the treatment I’ve received, I won’t be a returning customer. Furthermore, Klarna’s response to this is abysmal. Writing it off as an “uncontrollable automated system check” and encouraging people to “just keep trying”, are cop-out statements. It’s a simple fix, Klarna. Just have the app prompt users ahead of actually shopping. Ask them how much they are looking to spend once they enter a website and run your checks based on that. You could save customers hours of time and disappointment..Version: 19.46.14

Was awesome- until it wasn’t anymoreWhere do I begin? I used this about 5/6 times since Nov’19 with no problems, it was awesome to buy items for my twins (2 of everything) without having to charge it. Then for some reason it doesn’t approve me for another transaction, even with my “payed off” record with them was perfect. I was baffled so I contacted customer service they basically told me there was nothing they can do, it’s up to the system to approve us??? Ok...so the more I use it and become an actual repeat customer without any change in my account, and established “credit/history” with them, they decide your no longer a valued customer? Just new ones that they have no idea if they’ll pay??? Weird. What a crappy way to do your app. Then they email me that my credit impacted it, which doesn’t make sense because I have a almost 800 credit score across all three bureau's ( but yet they didn't check it!). This app was fantastic, I bet they lost $ with people who didn’t pay and now those of us who actually didn’t abuse it and appreciated it can’t use it. I’m sad but I’m going to uninstall..Version: 20.41.173

So disappointing !!!!I have been trying since Friday to use klarna & have not been successful .. you go through all these steps to think that you’re going to be able to create a ghost card to come to the end to find out that you can’t .. the customer service isn’t very helpful at all .. I have tried to reach out on the app to customer service to only tell me how to check out and then when someone replys to my chat in the app, I start to respond back and they leave the chat (that’s def not helping) .. I know the process I have had a few friends that use it and they are also wondering why I couldn’t create a ghost card ..I just want to know why I can’t use this app & clearly I am not getting a answer just a answer on how to check out .. CLEARLY this app is NOT for everyone .. I guess they pick and choose who they want to be ale to use the app or not .. WHY CAN’T customer service tell someone why they aren’t approved .. I haven’t tried multiple cards and I will NOT add my bank account in fear of multiple charges taken out of my account .. I will be sure to check all my CC accounts to make sure I was never charged !! Soo disappointing and aggravating !!!.Version: 19.29.52

DisappointingI have been using klarna for many months but now all of a sudden I’m getting a msg saying to reduce my outstanding balance..I don’t have an outstanding balance! It’s really disappointing when you’re a good paying customer and this keeps occurring. Every time I’ve spoken to support I just get told the issue is being looked at but they can’t tell me when it will be fixed. It’s not good enough.Version: 20.37.174

What a jokeI bought a item from a trusted buyer, I received it so I wanted to pay for my item in full payment. I couldn’t pay for it due to klarna saying hasn’t been updated by the merchant, contacted the merchant and they showed me proof they had dispatched the item. I spoke to a customers service the first person said they would changed the item to being delivered, no such change has happened so I contacted them again and then they said they can’t do anything to contact merchant, they said was due to not been delivered I showed them proof and said nothing they can do. I will NEVER use klarna again once this has been resolved it’s as if they don’t want to help and pass the blame off to others. Very disappointed and won’t ever use klarna again..Version: 20.29.120

Don’t bother wasting your time!Was excited to use this app, but was very disappointed after downloading & using it. There are only a handful of stores that you can shop at, Everytime I saved anything to my wishlist or added it to my cart, it would disappear after closing the app then reopening. Once I finally added an item back to my cart and went to check out, I added my card information, then was told I was not eligible but wasn’t given a reason why. I chatted with an online agent & was told I would be denied for a handful of reasons (no prepaid cards allowed, card must not expire within the next 8 weeks, & billing address must match my bank account & what I entered into the app), none of which applied to me. My card is not prepaid, I have enough money in my account, billing address matches & my card doesn’t expire until 2023. I chatted with another agent saying I do not have enough payment history with Klarna to be given the option to use the app, which is crap because how am I supposed to BUILD payment history within the app, if I’m not allowed to purchase anything?!?! Neither of the “ agents”were helpful and just kept sending automated responses. I downloaded a different app that offers the same services, called AfterPay. Hundreds of stores to choose from to shop with & within 5 minutes of downloading the app, I was able to make the purchase of what I was trying to buy from Klarna. Would NOT recommend this terrible app!!!!!.Version: 19.45.53

Not workingI recently downloaded the app because my moms birthday was coming up and my friend recommended. I set everything up, from the email to the card information. But the second I’m ready to “create a ghost card” the app seems to stop working. It would say “sorry you’re not approved for a ghost card at this time”. So I recheck my information and retyped everything just in case, just to get the same message over and over. I asked my friend and she said it was working fine but now her app is messing up. So I looked at the rest of the reviews to see others are disappointed in the app as well. So I read the Support persons message encouraging new customers to go over $35 but not to much because it’s kinda like building a trust with the people apparently. So I tried that. Instead of close to $200 I went to $98 but got the error message. So I went down to $42 and still got the error message. So there’s something really wrong with this and I’m kinda sad because I was so excited just to be let down. Now I have to check out the other apps similar to this, and so far I’m not excited about their selections. I hope things can be fixed so I can have a chance of using the app and actually get the stuff I spent hours picking out..Version: 20.9.57

Horrible horrible appI have an account with Humm , bundle , Afterpay , zip pay . Everything is fine with them no outstanding amounts . I thought I’ll try Klarna as CommBank app recommended it . I signed up and made a purchase of $785 .. I’ve been paying it off since 23 February . Taking the payments on time never missed one or anything . I even payed it off 2 weeks early . Now trying to get things worth $500 and won’t approve me ? What’s the point of being a good customer and sticking to your payments in time only to be told by customer service “sorry we don’t control who get Approved it’s not us “ Worst worth worst experience I’ll bel sticking with the other apps as they have loyalty to there good consumers and reward then when they make payments on time and early ..Version: 20.12.37

Pretty uselessThis app is not working as in is only a browser and you cannot see that split payment.Version: 21.6.161

DisappointedI originally loved this service! However the past few weeks I have had the same issues as many of the reviews. I have purchased and paid of many items on time. I now have no outstanding payments and yet I am still getting the message to “reduce your balance” when I try to make a purchase. I followed this up 3 times with customer service and no one was able to fix the issue just telling me to “try again later” or IT is looking into it. Afterpay’s customer service is much better and more reliable I am so disappointed in this as I’ve wanted to make purchases and the products have sold out!.Version: 20.35.116

DisappointedHonestly I’m very disappointed in this app. My cousin was the one that told me about and I was really excited about it. I finally get paid from work and I want to buy some things for myself. When I start wanting to make a ghost card, it says “I’m not approved. (Whatever that means).” My cousin and my sister had no problem making purchases but for some reason I went through so much trouble just trying to make my first purchase. I contacted someone through Facebook messenger and they told me that I had to have a debit/credit card, a real bank, and it couldn’t expire in like a couple days. I had a debit card from Santander and it expired in 2020, so this didn’t correspond. So the guy told me wait a couple days because the app can be iffy. So I waited four days. Then I contact customer service again, and a woman named Jessica answers, asks me what bank I use, I tell her Santander and then she completely leaves me on read and leaves the conversation. Then a man named Kristofer answer and he tells me the same exact thing the guy in Facebook tells me and I tell him that everything is good and the only answer I got was that they didn’t know why it wasn’t working and that I need to make smaller purchases. When my cousin and sister made the exact same purchase with no problem but for some reason I can’t do it. It’s like the choose who they give it to and who they don’t.. this is the worst app I’ve ever downloaded..so disappointed..Version: 19.41.44

Not secure shouldn’t be in the app storeNot had much luck with this app connecting to the stores like it’s meant to bit hit and miss every time you want to order something you have to put your details in on the shop the sometimes it will give you the option to use Klarna sometimes it won’t it’s a great way for everywhere to have your details now for the app there’s not really away to sign in you have to put your email in the click send a link and this is every time you use the app not sure this is very secure They are just offering the same deals the sites are but through them hence costing you more that’s how there making there money so if I was you I wouldn’t bother wasting your time this app is not secure and shouldn’t be in the App Store Response to your response, Ok so you have said you don’t make any money from the transaction then how do you and you wouldn’t exist if you weren’t making money somewhere, but like I said the biggest issue is how insecure it all is, logging on via a link you send to an email address that really needs to be changed that’s the worst form of signing in I can think of. Please I would love a response regarding this..Version: 20.15.76

Stole over $70 from me and I didn’t even buy anythingWas on the app for less than 7 minutes before I ran into several problems and had my money stolen prematurely. Tried to buy something, didn’t go through but it took its first payment which was $73 out of my account anyways even though I didn’t make my purchase. Contacted support and their “explanation” was so confusing that nobody in my family understood what they were trying to say, not one person...they were overly technical and pretty much just kept repeating the same responses when I clearly did not understand. I was told I now have to wait up to a week to get my money back for a purchase I never even made so now I have to wait 3x as long for the thing I wanted to buy because of Klarna. There are also a lot of other complex technicalities about this app that most users will probably find very confusing. This app needs to go back to the drawing board and they need to retrain their support people as well. Just wait until you can buy what you want by yourself because Klarna will just take your money and make that wait MUCH longer. Especially if it’s a gift that needs to be bought by a certain time like mine was....Version: 20.51.167

Credit check + leaves enquiry without notifyingI downloaded this app as I wanted to purchase some things for a birthday gift, I saw this app and it sounded great! Not once did I see a credit check advertised nor did it state a mark will be left on your credit file, I find this as really bad service, especially when no eligibility requirements are to be seen. Also customer service is limited understandably to covid-19 but there’s no where to leave a query or a contactable email address. Very disgusting service. If someone could contact me about this it would be appreciated..Version: 20.17.70

Upcoming payments glitchyI like using Klarna, but the app is slow and glitchy. When I pay four to five upcoming payments in one sitting, the list of upcoming payments doesn’t update. I click on one payment, make it, and that payment plan appears under the payment loan for the next order. It’s SO frustrating..Version: 21.11.181

This app is a SHAMIf I could give it zero stars then I would. This app is a sham and a complete waste of time. I have great credit and a healthy bank account and was looking to start Christmas shopping early this year to keep from being last minute. On several different occasions I have been denied for a ghost card. As soon as you chat with someone they send you the same automated response of “try again later.” They can’t give you a reason as to why you’re being denied and they claim they can’t look into to it. I have chatted with at least 5 different people and they all keep saying that I have to build up my Klarna history by purchasing small things but even when I do that I get denied. No one has an answer for anything and to be honest I don’t even think you can chat with a real person through their app. They’re just bots giving you the run around. They won’t even send mail or email correspondence to tell you why you’ve been denied. They just tell you “to keep on trying.” If they’ll do this for getting a ghost card I can only imagine the run around they’ll give you if something was to happen with your bank card, payments or shipment went wrong. I’ve never been so upset in my life!.Version: 19.34.29

App doesn’t even workThere is no option to even pay with klarna app is so useless!.Version: 21.9.147

Great idea.....terrible executionI have used Klarna about 5 or 6 times and always paid off purchases early or on time. I had a purchase for $499 and it was approved and paid for ahead of deadline. But i have been getting error messages saying I have overdue payments and I have exceeded the $1000 ghost card limit when I am 100% up to date and my total purchases (even existing) don’t come to more than $198! It is unreliable, inconsistent, let’s you down most of the time and support is hard to get hold of and not very understanding when you deal with them. Functionality also very clunky. I am paying balance out And deleting it. Other competing apps are far superior.Version: 20.17.70

Bad ExperianceI think I’ll stay with the other pay later apps on the market. Approved one day then, after not using it I am declined when looking for a re-issue. Confusing. Why approve then not when I didn’t use it? Seems a little strange and a little embarrassing when you’re at the checkout. Probably a glitch certainly much more confusing than the likes of Zip, A/Pay, Humm which all seem quite straight forward and reliable..Version: 21.15.171

Useless app - The Shopping tab has disappeared!Downloaded this yesterday. I was happy to look for the healthy & beauty merchant It works!. The Shopping tab has disappeared from the UK version of the app!! The UK version of the website still has it, but the merchant doesn’t show up when typing it on the search bar. I contacted customer service through the chat, and the only topic to choose is previous purchases. I was told that the fact the Shopping tab is not appearing on the UK version of the app is because they are under maintenance, and to check back tomorrow. Awful. *Update* To Bruce the developer who gave me a response below saying I can still use the Klarna website to look for the merchant I need to buy from. No, that’s not true. The Shopping tab is still on the website so there is a search bar where you can introduce the merchant’s name. But nothing comes up, being an international company! However, the merchant does appear on the US version of the website and app!.Version: 20.15.76

Terrible Customer ServiceHaven’t even been able to place an order as I’m constantly told there is an error with my address. I’ve stayed in the same place for 8 years, I’m a registered voter and I make regular payments with Clearpay, Openpay, Laybuy and other related companies. Contacted customer service for advice on what I can do, received the same generic copy and pasted responses not related to my query. Constantly asked if I’m registered on electoral roll which I told them I am. Waiting 10-15 mins for the agent to find the associated copy and pasted answer. I was then told to contact TransUnion who conduct the credit checks when I haven’t even got to that stage yet. They have no clue what to advise. Judging by the other reviews it’s probably for the best if money is being taken from peoples accounts. Will stick to the other companies I use which I’ve had no problems with!.Version: 20.21.177

It worked at firstI made a purchase of $60 back in November. Paid my order off and attempted to make a new purchase a few days later. I was approved for $250 and made a ghost card for around $175. I was planing on buying gifts for my sons birthday in January. I realized I had forgot to add one item to my cart, making my total purchase around $220 after taxes. I deleted that ghost card and attempted to make a new one. Didn’t work I contacted support and was told to wait a few days due to my last purchase just being paid off. I explained to the rep that I had just made a new ghost card but needed to add a small amount to it. Still told to wait so I did. I got my money back a few days later and attempted the purchase and was declined. I contacted support and was told there was nothing that could be done. Try deleting the app reinstall it and again nothing worked! I recommended this app to friends and family. Very few use it. My boyfriend currently uses the app with no issues. But for some reason it will no longer work for me. I have more than enough money to cover the purchase I attempted to make but liked the idea of making smaller payments in a short amount of time. I’m very unhappy this no longer works for me. So I went to Afterpay which I’ve used for well over a year with no issues at all..Version: 20.3.28

MisleadingI installed the app cause it was within my commonwealth bank app so i thought klarna was quite legit. Then after u done register they will tell u get certain amount of credit. When u ready to shop then they started to asked some documents to be verified and in the end they told me i’m not qualified. They should done the verification before and not after u are about to make your first purchase and did a bad record on your credit report. Really disappointed with klarna. I stick with AFTERPAY which is more straightforward..Version: 20.12.37

Nothing SmoothFrom the outset of using Klarna nothing was smooth or helpful. On signup it asks for an email or mobile. *Enters mobile number*. Error, message saying you must enter email *sigh*. You can signup using any postal address so it’s clear they are not doing checks for vulnerable people. Every login then asks for an email to be sent to you for you to actually login, painful especially when it’s going to Junk folders. Most of the pages on the app look like duplicates and there isn’t any information on how to actually use anything (wish I could share screenshots). Cluttered and seem like they are trying to do too much instead of focusing on making it a simple and user friendly experience. Uninstalling.Version: 20.4.64

Paid off account earlier than needed to end the frustrationI paid off my no interest account 9 months early just so I could avoid having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of this service. By trying to be so “simple” and “modern” I find at least for me they miss some expected capabilities. The “notification of payment due” worked once and never again. Their support told me either my phone or app notifications we’re turned off (they were not) or that loading a new release of software could turn them off. Really? Either way I missed a payment; they were nice enough to remove the late fee. Which leads to another deficiency. No way to pre-schedule payments other than “the minimum payment on the due date”. If you want to schedule a larger payment and possibly a few days earlier, you can’t. And I had to reset the “fingerprint login” multiple times for whatever reason. It would also be nice if there was an auto connect to Quicken but that’s not always common with these type of services. And just (intuitively) finding things in the app is not that easy; and I’ve (easily) navigated many apps / websites for similar services. This one ranks as one of the less intuitive..Version: 19.25.41

Don’t trust. They’ll take your money.They are making me pay for an item I returned. Customer service is awful and slow and they don’t listen. Would not recommend unless you never plan to make any returns. I would give this no stars if I could. Edit: I contacted the merchant and they sorted out the issue within one day. Klarna took almost a month to decide I should pay for a returned item. It took the business one day to decide I didn’t. The customer service staff were rude, difficult to deal with and took weeks to reply to emails. Bad customer service. Bad everything. I stand by my original review. Funny how they’re quick to reply to a bad review but not quick to reply to emails..Version: 20.42.201

Difficult to useHonestly I have never made App Store reviews but I needed to make one to say save yourself time and headaches and just go with afterpay or zip pay! Klarna is being advertised through my CommBank app so it seemed trustworthy. Credit check is pulled when you sign up however, you have to jump through so many hoops to make 1 purchase. Tried to make my first purchase but kept being denied as over limit despite it being my first purchase (over $35 under $1000). Support has advised I have to make many small purchases first to build credit history, which if they’ve pulled my history through CommBank they can see I’ve never made late payments. They want you to make lots of small payments first but you can’t pay them off early... anyways users beware..Version: 20.51.167

Stealing money for orders you have not verified by entering card details with supplierI’m having to download the App, because Klarna has saved my card details, and allowed a supplier (large retailer), to place an order using my details during covid-19, and debit my card using Klarna. All of this has been done by the retailer (JD sports), because they are trying to force sales with customers. Klarna, is clearly untrustworthy and I won’t be using them again to make purchases, I will stick to clear pay, who are so desperate that they essentially allow companies to do fraud and steal from customers. If Klarna required more verification from the customer before allowing sales and purchases to go through, I won’t not be prevented from using them ever again, but since they’re unscrupulous like most other retailers, I have no choice. Both companies have disgusted me, and are a waste of time, I didn’t have to use either, and they’ve thrown the opportunity customers give them to flourish back in customers faces by being treacherous and borderline desperate. This is not how you retain and build trust with people, it’s how you become known as a trashy scam..Version: 20.14.56

TerribleI have a good credit rating of 700 plus. I only signed up for this as it was on my banks website and recommended by them. I was approved for $500 I went to make a small purchase of $300 which was then rejected ??? Contridictory practice!! I won't be attempting to use it again. I have used afterpay multiple times and have more than 100 afterpay orders that have been finalised without one missed payment, I will stick with them..Version: 20.30.103

Very unfriendly App to useIt is a terrible app to use!!! When you signed up on the app, it would send you an email for verification. After you filled in all the information, you wanted to use the app. The app sent you another verification emails. Then you clicked the link and it would take you to the website. But if you want to use the app, it sent you more emails for verification again and again! The app seems like a scam just for collecting all your information! If you don’t want to waste your time, please do not try it..Version: 20.42.201

Most retailers don’t accept this app! Beware!So I was trying to purchase online groceries (I didn’t have enough money at the time) and I thought that this app would help. Now they ask that you connect your bank account information to collect install payments. OK no problem I submitted the information and quickly went online to start shopping for groceries. So the first website I went to was for Publix now the way how Klarna works is that they give you a virtual gift card (ghost card)to use as full payment for whatever you want to purchase and then you pay them back in biweekly installments. I filled up my cart with about 20 items and Publix went to check out with the gift card that Klarna gave me and it was declined! So I notified Klarna and let them know that it was declined so they let me know that I would have to get a new gift card because once the first one is declined it won’t work again, to make an extremely long story short I ended up making about 6 to 7 cards each time I attempted to process a payment with these cards they charged my bank account about $20 each time wiping out my bank account and all these different retailers are not excepting Klarna as a payment option, now I have to wait 7 to 10 business days to get my money back and never even received anything!.Version: 19.22.1

DO NOT USEEDIT: Klarna are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Their response says to contact them but be contacted them multiple times and their response is always “we’ve done nothing wrong” Original Post: Klarna are horrendous. They listed on my credit file despite the fact that I didn’t even get past the sign up process before they rejected me. I emailed Klarna but they claimed that I signed up for a credit limit for eBay. LIARS!!!!!.Version: 20.36.119

Payment problemsHello My name is Abdullah Bin Jawaid, The reason why I’m writing this review because it was my first experience with this application and it was so bad I bought a Nike Track Pants on the 4 instalments plan and my first instalment was charged from my account and I haven’t receive any notification, when I was trying to contact with the no one wasn’t replying me. Then I called Nike customer care service they helped me in that but still my amount is in pending and now no one isn’t responding me. So I suggest everyone don’t use this application it’s better we stick with Afterpay that’s much better..Version: 20.43.175

System getting crazyI have account with zip. After pay. Over $3000. I wanted to open an account with klarna looks like this app joking with customers. Couple days ago klarna approved $500 for me I didn’t buy my item from eBay the day klarna approved so after couple days I apply for $500. It’s says sorry you aren’t approved for ghost card. Then I try lower $400 then I had the same message. Again I try for $300 also didn’t approve by ghost card. Swear to god I try $20 also didn’t aprproved by ghost card. What a joke app 😂🤣 klarna go learn from after pay. And zip pay. If you want more customers..Version: 20.12.37

🙄So originally I absolutely loved Klarna. It’s efficient and really helpful when you’re on a budget but need something now. But after returning an item and the store issuing a refund on August 6, Klarna started to claim they never received my money when I have clear screenshots that they did. Every representative I spoke to told me to wait two days and that they’d create a ticket for my issue for a specialist to take a look and every couple days when my money wasn’t refunded I’d check back in and be told the same thing. Finally, on August 26th someone tells me they’ll forward my issue to a specialist who should get back to me in 1-2 business days and this is already a week after I should’ve received my refund which should have been issued 10 days after the store refunded the money. So now we’re at 17 business days. Someone finally gets back to me today, August 29th, to tell me that they’re very sorry and I should receive my refund in A COUPLE MORE WEEKS, because they’re back logged on refunds. I loved Klarna, but if I’m going to have an issue with getting my money back for whatever reason it’s honestly not worth it..Version: 19.34.29

Huge disappointmentThis app started great, I was so fascinating with it but in less than two months has become a huge disappointment. As other reviewers said they don’t tell you how much you are approve for and then all of the sudden they stop authorizing purchases even though you keep making payments. Got in touch with two reps by chat (no telephone number to be reach which is very frustrating) and they told me to wait between 1-2 hours for the problem to be solved and nothing... also, to delete and download the app again to see if works and nothing... they don’t even know why the system would not approve and can’t even do anything about it cause they can’t override. Its a waste of time talking to them. Definitely will go back to Afterpay NEVER had an issue with them and it’s always been easy to communicate with them (they do have a customer service number if you need to speak to them) it has been a very frustrating situation with Klarna and I’m so sorry but this is the end and I will be returning everything I bought through Klarna since I already had to make so many payments to try to resolve the issue that persists about overdue payments. I thought that was the whole point of using Klarna..Version: 21.5.154

Smells Scammy Deserves Zero StarsThis app needs to be much MORE clearer about what actually happens when you create your “ghost card”, I was denied for $60 when I created my first ghost card, and then spoke to their in-app customer service and was told the app looks at whether or not your billing address matches the one they have on file for you and also looks at your previous Klarna purchases and the purchase amount, well Klarna I have no previous purchases this would have been my first.... so you can’t use that against me and of course my billing address matches the one you have on file, and my purchase amount, $60? Is that SO HIGH?!? If those are the only things you actually look at to approve a ghost card then I must be missing something.....OR your really pulling a credit check and not disclosing this, and I’m Sure that’s what’s really going on. If I find out that’s what has actually taken place it’s going to be bad for you Klarna because I read the fine print and no where did it or your CS rep Christopher state anything like that. So my advice to people thinking of getting this app would be not to waste your time. Read some of the other reviews too, I wish I had read the reviews first myself. If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!.Version: 19.28.31

App not working properlyWhen I go through a purchase process everything goes fine, at the end I don’t know why it asks for date of birth! You already know all my bank account details!!! You can check my date of birth from there! Anyway, when I put the date of birth it comes with this error “something went wrong” !!!! And you can’t do anything!! So it means for me I can’t buy anything!.Version: 20.46

Love the idea, but too good to be true.When i first seen the app i was just as excited as everyone else making wishlists and all, until it was time for me to actually use their services. First of all I am a Chime bank user and Chime is considered a “pre-paid” bank which is not accepted by Klarna so I tried using my Chase debit card that I have and guess what, Chase is also considered “pre-paid” so anyone under this common branch is also SOL. They do not have a list anywhere of the banks that they actually do accept so you will be taking a gamble for your time if considering using this app. There is no way to know if you will be declined of the ghost card or not. They do not have a FAQ page so that we could know all of the obvious questions and the agents know about just as much as the automated chatting machine they have for customer service. I really loved the idea but it is definitely way too good to be true. I feel like maybe with time they will make the app available to more people instead of people with a particular kind of bank. It really doesn’t make sense to me because I know I’m fully capable of making my payments on time with my Chime card just like every other bank and I see no reason for the discrimination. Disappointment at it’s FINEST..Version: 19.37.54

Fed up with Customer ServiceNever had a positive experience with your chat team so I’m coming here. I tried to raise an issue with them which they told me was my fault despite showing several screenshots proving it’s Klarna’s issue - you won’t let me check out with & other stories due to my address being too long. I was then told to send the screenshots to the app team via a web form, yet the link provided is broken. I gave up on your chat rep. I just want to make a purchase like I used to be able to! My details have never changed, I’ve made several purchases in the past, but you’ve just decided to cap people’s addresses at 30 characters?. Can someone provide an email where I can send there screenshots to?.Version: 19.40.25

Absolutely waste of timePlease don’t trust the good reviews i installed the app tried to purchase something for the first time using this service first error was “you have already reached your daily limit” I logged out logged back in next error “we are sorry we cannot lend as a moneylender due to your credit history” what!!! I have a pretty good credit history and I’ve been using other ones like after pay with no problem. I deleted my card details and re entered and it just won’t add my card “sorry we are having difficulty please try again” just useless. Need to delete my account urgently!.Version: 21.3.174

Worst customer service ever!If I could give this app 0 stars then I would in a heartbeat. The way the app functions is nowhere near as good as Laybuy and Clearpay and the customer service is absolutely the worst I have ever received in any company. The customer service team are rude, ignorant and straight up LIE TO YOU. They don’t even try to go above and beyond for you, they do the bare minimum and then will leave the conversation halfway through your query. Still going back and forth with them now over a mistake THEY MADE and still yet to get an apology. I tried to make a complaint about another customer service correspondent and the one that I was speaking to told me that she would do it internally and I would receive an email about it which still has not happened and this is a serious complaint issue too. You may have a good experience with them but looking at other reviews here a lot of people are going through even worse than I have. Take Laybuy or Clearpay over Klarna ANYDAY OF THE WEEK; never had 1 single problem with Laybuy or Clearpay and I’ve been using them for longer than Klarna. Train your customer service team to at least not be straight up RUDE..Version: 20.22.123

This app used to be my favWhen I first downloaded this app I was very skeptical, but once I bought my first ordered everything thing was perfect and easy . The payments were easy and they had every store you can think of. I loved this app so much because it helped get a lot of gifts for every holiday that past without spending so much money at one time. I spoke highly on this app that I recommended it to about 12 ppl , a few of them were able to pay about 3 good purchases on different occasions and some only ordered things once. And they also spoke highly of them. But then one of them tried to start a new purchase and was told they didn’t get approved for the ghost card. I’m thinking to myself how can you not get approved for a card your funding with your own money 🤔🤨. She even deleted the app and reinstalled it and no luck . And she had been using the same BANK card since started dealing with them. Customer service was no help at all. And lately the last few ppl I had recommended to Klarna have not been getting approved for the ghost card. My problem comes in when I recently tried to make a purchase yesterday for my birthday and Valentine’s Day orders and it said it doesn’t support my card. 🧐 I’m baffled due to the fact I have used this card on several occasions with this app from last year up into my last payment last week. I’m HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS APP 😭😭😭😭.Version: 20.3.28

It works for a bit and then just stopped.I used this for a few purchases over a few months time span and paid everything back on time with automated debits. Then, suddenly it won’t approve one time cards or purchases saying that I need to choose a different payment method. I have a bank account, a Chime account, and my debit card from the bank account mentioned. Never lets me use the app any longer. I am always redirected to send a customer service message and it doesn’t let me just chat with someone. These are declines for a purchase; just tells me I need to choose a different payment method. So, it seems like they are now limiting approval based on payment methods even if they have been used previously. I thought this was a game changer and it’s just like everything else. Works for a short period of time and then just quits. Good luck in the long term. **update since the developer focused on only one part of my original review** I have a credit union bank account and debit card for that credit union associated to my account also. Maybe that’s unclear above. For the record, Klarna used to allow Chime because I have past auto payments from that account. But regardless of that, it no longer lets me use the credit union account even after I removed the Chime account. So, try again Klarna..Version: 21.12.176

Customer service is useless, because the CEO of Klarna is a computer.I paid off my Klarna balance 2 weeks ago. I have a 0 dollar balance on the app and customer service confirmed that I do not owe Klarna anything. However, when I have attempted to make a purchase I continue to receive a decline message stating that I need to pay off my overdue balance. There is no overdue balance! When I have called customer service about the automated system declining my purchase, due to an incorrect reason, all they do is read the same scripted answers and essentially parrot how they’re at the mercy of their automated computer system that obviously has a glitch. Computers are great, but they can only do so much. Computers are not capable of critical thinking skills, which is why human beings are supposed to take over when a computer is not functioning correctly. At Klarna, however, their customer service department can’t do anything except suggest that I continue to attempt to make purchases until the computer figures out that it is unequivocally wrong about me having an overdue balance. The CEO of Klarna is a computer and their customer service department is inept and unable to investigate or remedy their faulty computer’s glitch. It is beyond frustrating to call a customer service department, who can’t provide a customer with any definitive answers or any decent customer service!.Version: 20.20.165

Lack of information until after paymentI downloaded the app about 40 minutes ago. I heard about how you can break down payments etc so I thought I would give it a go. I purchased an item from the COS site, the payment however was taken in full. I messaged Klarna and long story short the option for instalments should have shown (it didn’t) and then I was informed that I might not have been eligible for instalments. This was in no why made Clear that not being eligible was a possibility before making any payments, also this could be very dangerous and cause massive problems for customers on a budget etc. I asked customer services on klarna why this is and they said that there are too many factors to give a clear answer. Needless to say this is my first and last time using klarna as I might as well just pay for my items directly. Very disappointed..Version: 19.34.29

Mixed EmotionsWhen I tried Klarna the first time I learned there are ALOT of links to working this properly and it was a turn off. I felt that the company should relay certain information to first time buyers that was not relayed. I had my entire purchase cancelled except for a couple items which were ALL returned and was still charged $1.99 which was never refunded since the item was never received. The next time attempted an order I tested my theory that if I needed to make any changes NOT to allow the order to process AS IS—THEN make changes if necessary. And it WORKED! I am disappointed because Klarna does not operate as easily as Afterpay. Klarna has better shopping options but only allows you to pay off “IN FULL” where as Afterpay lists the payments and their due dates and allows you to pay the upcoming bi-weekly payment “NOW” which works for me because the payments do not land on my payday and I like to pay everything I owe off all at once so I know what’s left in my bank account can divide to savings and pocket money. We all live paycheck to paycheck which is why Klarna is such a wonderful app; however I think it should take a few hints from its competition Afterpay whom I might use nat was going forward..Version: 19.50.19

Trying to find your (hidden) approved credit limit gets you blocked.There is a hidden approved credit limit (not the $1000 advertised) that you have to try to guess. If you guess wrongly, too many attempts of trial and error in finding the said limit leads into a fully automated temporary block (support cannot do anything or even let you know what your individual limit is). This quickly devolves into a vicious cycle wherein attempts to find how much credit you can apply for by trial and error leads to your account being temporarily blocked from creating Ghost cards, making the app completely unusable. Users should be able to know what their actual approved credit limit is and should have to play this ridiculous guessing game, and support staff should be given more power to remedy issues caused by the app..Version: 20.14.56

Awful customer serviceI downloaded the app as it was recommended to me by a company that I wanted to use. Set up was quick and easy and I was ready to place my order, or so I thought! I immediately encountered problems. The app couldn’t verify my details. I tried a couple of times. I even double checked and put a space in my postcode so it matched my bank record. I got an email from the company to say they had received my order but payment was pending. I told them what happened and they said it was common with Klarna and advised me to get in touch with them. I contacted my bank who confirmed they had received no pending payment from Klarna or the company. I tried to get in contact with Klarna but it seems there is no option to do that unless you have made a purchase. I hadn’t. I checked the help section and nothing. I don’t really know what else to do but as far as this app is concerned, it’s unfit for purpose and pointless trying, it seems like they won’t help you unless you’ve spent money through them and looking through some of these reviews, you might still get stuck when you do!.Version: 21.18.145

Doesn’t work on ios12Downloaded the app the other day on my phone. It just says when you try to log in or create an account that there’s an error, check back later. Deleted and reinstalled multiple times across numerous days with no success. Downloaded on iPad (Ipaods14) and worked fine. In the App Store, it states that it does work with ios11 and above, but it doesn’t....Version: 21.15.171

Payment issueThe App itself is brilliant and it give’s you the chance to try before you buy but I have issues with paying my balances off every order that I place. I always have money in the account which is saved to the app but I always have trouble paying on the app, I have to log onto the website and pay that way, and the problem never gets fixed even when I’ve talked to customer services. They always tell me to download the latest version which I’ve already done. It would be nice to have this problem fixed as it is a pain, I think I’ve paid and then get an email to say the purchase is outstanding!.Version: 21.14.102

Maybe too convenientThis app is amazing, it has everything in one area and it’s very easy to navigate. However I would argue it’s too easy to navigate, I went to see how much money I owed for an item (I chose to pay in three split payments due to not being able to afford all in one) when looking at the amount I owed and the date, it took all three payments in one, I didn’t press a pay button, I didn’t press any form of confirmation button yet it was taken. This is simply because I clicked to look at the item and cost. When talking to customer service they explained that they couldn’t return the money as it was already gone, this is after 40 minutes or repeatedly explaining the problem with them having little understanding..Version: 19.29.52

Pathetic In All FormsSeriously, how did this app manage any positive ratings? The app ONLY supports my iPhone, and even that is a very liberal term. The chat is totally broken... I continually have to exit the app to get the ability to make another post. And get this, you only have the option to select whether you want to chat about your account, or a purchase... but the representatives DO NOT have access to see your account, so they give you a total BS try again later, or call customer service during our limited service hours. Next, get to the in app shopping, which again fails miserably... the app works as an overlay that does not properly interact with the designated sites, and a great number of options end up off-screen, or totally missing. Then, how about the handicapped Virtual card; even if you have an approved credit-line account, you can only get the card to support the 4 payment option, which is bi-weekly... Something that is quite futile for those who only get paid one each month. Is this another case where a company hires a competent staff to get the business running, then drops everyone in favor of out-of-country out- sourced reps and techs...? And just imagine trying to go through this mess when you have a hearing disability and the app is NOT a resource to address issues..Version: 19.50.19

Worst Ever!!!!Take your chances on this account. Did a 4 payment and then everything got hacked the my license was copied to be able to pick up packages. Thieves bought items off of Klarna. Used my 3 credit cards So my account is blocked even though I did nothing wrong but pay my payment. They did everything wrong bought ring Klarna said it clearly I was able to be used went into Klarna nothing went wrong no error no message saying Klarna not available. The purchase went through. I noticed it took the entire amount out of bank account, I was ok you were going to pay the item in 4 payments to that amount. So contact Klarna and they said your account still on hold so the charge went through but the Transaction did not the money was taken out and she said it will be returned in approximately 24 hours. I was so angry I had attached a gift card to that order. Gift card is no longer available to use I was so mad at them and I said you totally could’ve stopped the transaction an error message from the company before when I first found out I got hacked. They didn’t really care and said you will hear from us soon. Done moved on to Afterpay so much better and safer Be careful..Version: 21.10.151

Awful app!I downloaded klarna to help me shop a little easier without worrying about being tight with money, little did I know it would steal money from me randomly!! Every few random weeks I would have money taken from my account but it is nowhere near what should be taken from my account from orders I have tried to make but did not take and showed a message saying “check your billing address”, when my billing address has been the same and worked the same all of the time. This app steals money and does not help at all. I messaged the company to stop these funds being taken out and have had no help from them in the slightest and I am still having money be taken! Disgusting app..Version: 20.20.165

Dislike that it takes money straight away and doesn’t let you modify priceThis was terrible for my first purchase I created a card and then had to change the amount, but they had already taken the money from my account so I couldn’t make a new one and missed out on buying the product (which only had a few in stock)..Version: 20.47.220

Careful with your moneyIf I could I would rate it 0! If I could I would rate it 0!! I have been scam from a company that take payment thru Klarna and it took so long for them resolve the issue, they haven’t took my matter seriously, they started the process of investigation very late after I have bring it to their attention, nobody knew that the dispute team are doing or solving as I had to explain over 20 agents I have spoken during this process the whole story becAuse it would have not been explain in the system so this process would go quicker. After weeks of waiting and solving this dispute they send me an email explaining that the refund process has started and to wait 5 days to arrive, TO JUST find out in the 5th day that they refunded didn’t work from their system without anyone contacting me at least to let me know , and that I have to wait some more to solve this problem now!!!! AS IF COULD GO ANY WORSE and the issue is that nobody is contacting you to let they know what’s happening with your money !!! Absolute worst app I could ever been dealt with !.Version: 20.5.85

Its alright....Does make it easier only having to pay for what you want rather than sorting refunds for anything that doesn't fit or you don't want after trying it on so you can ‘try before you buy’ with online shopping still. However the app doesn't work with face ID so you have to request the email link to log in every time which is a bit tedious, also doesn't let me go through the option to pay in instalments. It gets as far working out the price after passing/accepting everything and just gives an error as its unable to ’slice it up’. Could be better as an app with a few minor issues but does make the overall process of shopping online easier..Version: 20.7.57

Worked One TimeIt worked the first time I used it(Aug 2019). Got the ghost card, made a purchase, and made my payments on time. I tried it a second time(Oct2019). Got the ghost card, clicked the purchase button and was told afterwards that klarna didn’t approve purchases with the retailer (a gaming company). Ok, that’s fine. Check my bank account and I was still charged the initial payment. I spoke to a rep and they told me the money would return within 7 business days and it did. Great. I figured I’d try one more time (Dec2019). Got the ghost card, hit purchase, got an error message saying try again later. Checked my bank account and once again got charged the initial payment with no purchase. Guess I’m waiting on my refund at this point. My main suggestion would be to update your in app browser to block any major sites that you don’t allow purchases from, that way we don’t waste time shopping for nothing. That or have the app check the site first before generating the ghost card and decline if it’s a retailer we can’t purchase from. I feel like this would save some headaches from initial payments being taken but no purchases made. I liked it the first time I used it but since it has a low success rate for me I don’t think I’ll be using it again..Version: 19.50.19

Enough!I have used this app to make several purchases and everything went great. I thought wow, what a great idea for an app! Well, about two weeks ago everything changed. I attempted to make a purchase but was denied. The reason given was that I had past due payments on my account. Well, that, put politely, is nonsense! I have never been late on any of my payments on purchases made through KLARNA. As a matter of fact after I was denied I clicked on the make a payment button just to be sure and received the message that no payment was due or necessary! After contacting customer support twice, explaining the message I was getting about nonexistent past due payments, actually being told my account was current, and getting the same nonsense about how the system makes the decisions and nothing can be done manually to change it, I have had enough! Do you actually mean to tell me that you can’t correct an erroneous past due payments message so I am able to make a purchase? Too bad, since your apparent ineptitude and couldn’t care less attitude has lost me as a user of your app. I am now even uneasy about you having my payment information on file in your system and believe me as soon as the remainder of my payments are processed I will be deleting that information and this app!.Version: 20.4.63

Rubbish app, rubbish service.You cant see what your credit limit is despite google saying you can. So youre always guessing and hoping you can buy something which 98% of the time, you cant. If I knew what my credit limit was I could plan ahead and buy gifts for christmas with it. You cant. Stay away from klarna, its too much of a headache, stick to something like zippay, which I got recently after the constant troubles with this app, got zippay and zipmoney, thats $2000, and I know that's my limit and I can always see how much I have left and can plan ahead. Learn from zippay, klarna, your app and service is patheticly annoying to use..Version: 20.47.220

What was once great, is NOT any longer.I used Klarna successfully for months— big purchases and small, always paying on time or early in most cases. For the last week, I am unable to create a ghost card— regardless of the amount and I’m doing everything right— I have a regular debit card from Wells Fargo, available funds, ensured my billing details match, and cleared my browser cache and cookies, uninstalled/ reinstalled— it’s disappointing and diminished the great experience that I originally had. Customer Service was completely unhelpful, and were unable to help or give a clear answer. What a waste and terrible way to do business. Just read all of the recent reviews— there is clearly an issue that Klarna is unable or unwilling to resolve. AfterPay is a fantastic alternative, just comes with the limitations of available retailers. I’ve also heard about Quadpay. To Klarna- this is where you’ll be able to find your ever growing list of unhappy customers you’ve wronged until you can make it right. Update- I did try to chat with the support team as told and they were again not helpful, telling me that now I’m being decline for applying too often...? I feel like now Klarna is just saying things to fit their narrative and treating their customers like we are dumb. Can I even trust your support team— vinita told me I was “write”— And I’m the one being treated like a dummy..Version: 19.42.42

Irresponsible and not even helpful, won’t use it againI tried Klarna just seeing it advertised by the retailer, wanted to see if it made purchasing any easier. It does not. The only way this would be useful is if I wanted to buy something I could not yet afford, but you can not split the cost over time (I have exceptional credit and was refused for the ‘slice’ option). So only option is to pay the full amount within 30 days... Fine I thought I’ll pay it at my convenience, except it isn’t convenient at all. My smart phone is set up with Apple Pay, PayPal, wallet etc and shopping on my phone is so easy, but not any of these options are available, I have to go into my bag and re enter my card details individually into each box. Lazy software development?.Version: 19.46.14

TerribleWhat a terrible app and service. I have been a long-standing account holder with commonwealth and trying to set up Klarna has been a major headache. The verification process is terrible and with all the correct details it always comes back saying you can’t be verified? And when speaking to customer service on live chat they can’t even help and say keep trying. Wouldn’t bother wasting your time..Version: 20.19.112

Disappointed beware interest from credit card supplierI feel like I have been mislead with this service. Was happy with my first purchase but the second suggested I use my credit card which I thought nothing of why signing up in a store. But few weeks later I get an interest bill on my credit card statement. This is because the payment was treated as a cash advance by my credit card supplier. This was not made clear by Klarna at point of signing up for the agreement. Even the small print does not state this is a very likely scenario to occur. They give you no option to change your payment to a bank account after taking out the purchase plan. Very frustrated and will be paying indirect interest for the rest of this supposed interest free service. Make sure you check the small print and do NOT use a credit card to make your payments..Version: 19.20.8

Glitchy and frustratingMy first ghost card worked like a charm. Was for nearly $1,000. After it was fully paid, tried to use again for a smaller amount but I had insufficient limit even though there were no outstanding transactions. Waited to see if it would reset itself, nope. Then took over a week for tech issue to be fixed after I raised it. The original chat was frustrating as the person couldn’t understand my issue. I really had to persist. A couple of small transactions recently both went OK and then this morning I’m refused credit. Check my credit report, nope all good there. Small balance owing on one transaction, payments all up to date so no issues there. FAQ tells me Klarna reserves the right to limit my shopping in certain categories for my own good. I was spending less than $200 on a well known gift website, surely that’s not the reason! Klarna are your algorithms really this rubbish or is it another glitchy tech issue? Went searching for help but you made it too difficult. Used my card instead. I’ll probably delete this app after I have finished my final payment owing..Version: 20.34.136

Don’t use this app, you will just get your heartbrokenExceedingly disappointed in this app. I applied for a very small priced item, $100, and created a ghost card. My payments would be $25, and I would make the first payment the day of purchase. I had the first $25 (and second too!) ready to go to make that payment. Ghost card was created, and $25 payment was immediately taken from my bank account. I truly, wholeheartedly thought this meant I’d been approved. I went to purchase the item and I filled in the ghost card details only to be repeatedly told it was declined by issuer. At first I just thought it was a glitch but after doing some research I am finding that it means my application has been declined. I have been reaching out to customer service for hours through the app and have not received help at all. Still, the $25 is taken from my bank account and not refunded. It is absolutely ridiculous that they don’t tell you whether you are approved or denied while you are creating the ghost card. It gets your hopes up only to be heartbroken and embarrassed during check out for the item. I also am frustrated that I had to dig deep to find this information. Klarna is not straight up about how it works, so it’s very confusing. Would not suggest to anyone. I can accept I was denied, but I wish I had been told sooner in the process..Version: 19.23.1

Never seems to approve any requestsBeen using Klarna for months with no problems. I have an extensive payback history with the app and have never had a problem making a purchase until recently. For the past two or so months, Klarna has been denying my ghost cards. Apparently, they started checking credit scores and basing their decisions on that number instead of a customer’s positive history with the app. Don’t bother contacting CS, as there’s nothing they can do about it. They will also reply to reviews with the same old responses they give everyone. I’ve relied on this app to help me when times got tough and have always paid off the amount due ahead of time. My credit is poor due to medical bills and I appreciated that Klarna initially didn’t check credit scores when making their decisions. Now it’s a crap show and I’ll be deleting this app after paying off the remainder of my balance and never using it again. This app is only for ppl with very good credit who, frankly, don’t need to use a pay later system for their items. Be careful - this will destroy your credit as every request for a ghost card is a new inquiry on your credit report. Just stay away from it. Use Afterpay - they don’t check credits and they have great customer service. Adios Klarna. You were fun while you lasted..Version: 20.19.112

This app is a good idea, when it actually works.I hate that this app doesn’t support pre-paid cards, cards that are through your work, certain banks, or simply denies your card for unknown reasons. My husband banks with Wells Fargo, Klarna does accept Wells Fargo but wouldn’t accept my husband’s card. We have more than enough money on the card but wanted to try Klarna out to separate the money because we do have a large family and bills and I just like to have extra money for emergencies. Was using Klarna to buy work clothes and instead of paying $130 bucks at once, I wanted to separate it into four payments, obviously. My husband gets direct deposit weekly and has money in his account, as I mentioned, but Klarna wouldn’t accept his card. My sister banks with Chase, which Klarna accepts. My sister used her card once with Klarna and it worked. All her payments were deducted and she never used Klarna again. Then when she tried to use the SAME card a second time in the future, they wouldn’t take her card. I tried using my bank, US Bank, Klarna denied me. Then I used my Chime card and Klarna says they are working to accept Chime’s bank but don’t just yet. I tried using my American Express card, Klarna denied that as well. It’s SUPER annoying but whatever. Paying full price at one time is better than the hassle this app causes. Obviously this app works great for some people but I am not one of them..Version: 19.41.44

Good at First then downhill from there...I started using the app a few months ago. I’ve been purchasing what I wanted, having my payments deducted from my card with no issues...everything was fine. I thought this app was too good to be true! BECAUSE IT WAS! Suddenly, today, I go to create a ghost card and it says I can’t use a prepaid card. That’s understandable. Except for the fact that this card, the same card I’ve been using since I’ve gotten the app for all of my purchases, isn’t a prepaid card and didn’t magically turn into one overnight. I contacted customer service and they didn’t know what to do so they told me call back Monday. NOPE! Payed off my pending items and deleted the app. Went and made my purchase with QuadPay with absolutely no issues. They charge an extra dollar for all installments, but it’s worth it to not have to deal with the bs! UPDATE: Now that I’m complaining publicly they magically remember there is a policy change on prepaid cards, but no one knew what was going on when I was contacting them privately about my issue. Didn’t receive a warning or anything. Nothing. Just pushed off on another customer service rep so they wouldn’t have to deal with it. Not to mention, all of the criteria for accepted payment methods are in the app and my card meets each and every one of them. Now I feel like I can’t trust them. Will not be going back..Version: 19.34.29

Brilliant when it worksI love this website for bulk ordering. It allows me to place large orders with multiple sizes to try on, and return items which don’t fit or suit without having to manage the cash flow in my own bank account. It’s also really quick and easy to use. However, sometimes it refuses for no reason whatsoever and that can be the case for a period of 6 months or so before it decides to let me reuse! That’s particularly frustrating and when I’ve contacted customer service nobody seems to have the answers. It’s all just a bit random and pot luck..Version: 21.12.176

Don’t waste your time!I used Klarna for several months with no issues. It was actually really nice. Then after multiple completed purchases the app stopped working. I’ve spent thousands of dollars with Klarna in the 8 months I used it. Now all of a sudden I’m having the same issue as the rest of the reviews. Now I’m not being approved for a one time card and to enter a different payment method. I also reached out to the customer service chat team, Since there is no phone number for an agent of any sort. They really are in the dark with everything! I spoke to two different agents, Two different times and got the same response. They were unsure and said to wait and try again another day. They don’t have a definite answer and state that it is out of their hands. If your looking for something like this that DOES work, Definitely use QUADPAY or AFTERPAY! Now that I’m using them both and I have ZERO issues and you can use them both in stores not just online! If Klarna would of continued to stay working I would definitely let my friends and family know about it. I would never have them waist their time knowing what I know now. Definitely do your research. I hope this helps..Version: 20.41.175

Nothing special and hopelessThought I’d give them a chance seeing as I use afterpay, zip pay and humm. It’s the most unorganised app ever. I tried checking out and it wouldn’t let me, but yet it still took the first repayment. I spoke with customer service through the app which weren’t helpful. Kept telling me to try again later.. well it’s been nearly 5 days and still nothing. Then got told the website I’m trying to check out from doesn’t accept ghost cards but yet have that shop advertised on their app (which I found interesting and I’ve seen on these reviews that someone else was successful with that site. Hmm) I also speak through Facebook and again, nothing. This “service” is the worst I’ve come across..Version: 20.6.75

Can’t use anymoreI never had a chance to update that I was able to use this app after having issues prior. I wanted to take the time out to say this app is great only if and only if you get approved for the ghost card. I understand you need to build credit with this app but please tell me how when you’ve only given me one time do that and I paid the balance off early on top of that, what better way to show my credibility. I literally needed this app to work for me to make Christmas go smoother how ever this holiday season has become stressful because of the constant denial for a ghost card. I feel like there should be a reason given why we aren’t approved if it’s because of the time of the year and people seem a bit more riskier than say that or tell me what your willing to take a chance on in example a certain amount and approve for it or something along those lines. just saying no and then Turing around advertising shop anywhere and pay four easy payments is very dishonest, and to provide false hope to those how really need this option is a bit cruel in my book. Don’t get me wrong this is certainly a great concept but there are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out..Version: 19.46.14

Easily the worst performing app I have usedI’ve had no success with this app or it’s customer service. App constantly won’t login/errors appear. I tried about 10 websites (without any successful help or suggestions from customer service except for making my delivery address the same and my billing address... which I do not want and no other website would make you do this...)and couldn’t process a purchase. My credit rating is fine and now I’m super concerned how this will effect it since I keep getting declined for things. Have made one purchase which next day told me the payment was due, but I can’t get the app working well enough to open or view my purchase properly and app errors and closes when I try to do so. Will be returning the item immediately when I get it and ensuring Klarna doesn’t take a penny of my money and I’ll be deleting the app. Other reviews indicate this isn’t an uncommon experience..Version: 20.5.85

Need improvement on app toolsI’m very happy with Klarna in general and I love the flexibility and the facilities, however the app structure is very basic. I would like to see more tools and specially for the orders that I have paid already to Not reflect on my profile every time I log on it’s so confusing. The previous orders should be kept in another tool and be called “purchase history” . It’s annoying sometimes to logging and see my orders from previous months and confusing me thinking they are for this month. Also for orders that need to be paid need to be kept in “active orders” tool for example so I know that they are pending and need to be paid. I hope this comment help with the App improvement. Thank you.Version: 20.18.128

This app is brokenThis app just ruined my day I made a ghost card for 800 got the details sent the first installment of 200 dollars then when I tried to buy my item it said the card in which I already payed the first installment did not go through. Then I had to delete the ghost card which my money when they took it was instantaneous now I have to wait 10 business days to recover. Omg I feel absolutely terrible and wish for anyone trying to use this app to instead download something like zip..Version: 20.23.183

Payment process lots of issuesThe app and the idea are great and I love it! But the payment system needs to improve, I usually have issues to complete my payments... things that I’ve already paid appear like pending to pay and things that I haven’t paid yet appear like already paid! It’s very messy... Because of that I get wrong notifications about my pending payments and even emails from the company requesting me to pay something I’ve already done. This is preventing me to continue using this app. I hope you can fix and improve these issues to offer more security..Version: 20.36.119

Worst Customer Service I have ever seen!Klarna works great and does exactly what it is supposed to - until you have a problem and have to deal with their customer service. I received a refund for a cancelled event back in September, but was shorted one of my refund payments. I talked to my bank and they told me exactly what the problem was. Klarna won’t even acknowledge my problem - in fact, they don’t even keep a record that there *was* a problem. I have had to fully explain what was going on every single time, including the fact that they saw where the deposit was attempted and then cancelled by Klarna. To date I have spent nearly 20 hours in chat or on hold waiting for “specialists” who can actually look at the full transaction records. When I do finally receive a response, they tell me to contact my bank and come back with what they say with no record or acknowledgment that I had already told them exactly what the problem was several times already. Want to tell the specialist directly? Nope they close the ticket as soon as you get an e-mail or response from a specialist. Specialist doesn’t reply? After seven days they automatically delete your ticket and you go to the back of the line. Do business with them at your own risk, because if there is an issue you can look forward to being ignored and ran in circles..Version: 20.47.220

Not happy at allSo my son lost a pair of AirPod at his job, and I though could’ve give a pair of new airpod as gift since his birthday is coming up. I saw this app saying I can do 4 installment payment and said this will be amazing opportunity to get my son a pair of new AirPod plus It will be easier for me to make payments. When I sign up, created my payment option, and went on Apple website to make the purchase of the AirPod, I was denied from creating a ghost card. I went to customer service and ask them why I got denied, and I was told that I need to have history payment with this app in order to make big purchase. It made sense at the moment. However, my partner created an account with klrena, and went to Apple site to see if he can purchase the AirPod, he instantly got approved! I went back to the chat support to get a explanation and the customer representative told me it vary the address and account of the user. That didn’t make any type of sense since we we live in the same address and we use the same account!!!!!! I instantly got upset and requested the representative to give a corporate email to see if I can get a better explanation. She told me there no corporate email and that all they have at the moment!!! I was not satisfied with this answer at all!!!.Version: 19.32.48

It WAS good...At the beginning I did an installment of $275, and I pay it good and on time. Then after a couple of months I use it again for a little purchase of $67 and I pay it good . That was back on October. Yesterday I tried to do another one and it didn’t let me. The agent support is useless, they can’t do nothing about it. Even if you have a good payment history. If is not credit or payment history what is that they’re looking at? Your age?? It can be... however the eligibility requirements they said(I’m not writing it because is LONG) I was meeting them. This is not the only bad review as I see. It looks like they increased the points or criteria to meet the requirements, if they have a lot of bad debt because they don’t check credit is not the good customers problem. Whoever is reading this review try downloading QUADPAY is exactly the same concept as KLARNA. I tried with them and I was approved for the purchase I wanted to make. Update: So the response if that “sounds like it was denied by our automated system” YES! I was denied like most of the customers here. I did 2 installments and I paid them good and on time. Klarna needs to fix their automated system before loosing more customers. Thanks for the useless response. Seriously people try QUADPAY you will be surprised. Have a good day!.Version: 19.49.34

A good app but needs improvingThis app is ideal for me with a limited income, I love the pay later option and pay in 3 instalments especially at Christmas and birthdays. Things that need improving on the app are having a back option so you can actually return to your search choices instead of going back to the main menu everytime you click on something to look at. I have tried with the log in so I have the back buttons in the email but this stops me from accessing all the shops, Superdry being one of them, this is accessed on the app but not when I sign in from my email. This is very frustrating and I haven’t time to keep clicking on search over 4000 shops everytime I want to look at something. That is my reason for only giving 3 stars..Version: 19.45.53

All users check your credit file after using this app.I thought I might try it out, but these guys stuck a credit check with out informing me first and I just saw it on my credit file. I want it removed from my credit file, and Where is their credit license on the App Store description? Where does it say they do a credit check? I’m reporting this app to asic for misleading customers..Version: 20.36.119

Was a Great easy to use app previously but has been ruined recentlyThe app used to give a very quick and easy insight into purchases and what payments were coming up and was extremely user friendly. For some reasons the devs have removed a lot of this simple functionality and ease of use and the app has become really almost pointless. I now have to search through purchases to find out the next date of payment rather than it being evident on all my currently live plans as it used to be. This last couple of updates have ruined the functionality and user friendly usage completely. Please please reinstate the older UI style for purchases and plans that are still live so it can be seen with one click/touch what’s upcoming and left to pay etc.Version: 20.47.220

RidiculousI was excited to try this service since I am a huge fan of Afterpay. The fact that I could do that with any store by making a ghost card with them sounded amazing! The first time I tried shopping with them they said I had to build order history to be approved for a ghost card. I asked the customer service chat and they told me to make sure my card was up to date, had the right info, not expired, which my card was. They ended up telling me to try again in a couple days and it worked! I used it for two more orders with no issues. I finally pay off other orders and decide to make another. I get the pop up again saying I’m not approved, which is weird since I’ve paid off everything and I’ve used the services before. I go back to the customer service chat only for them to say the same copy and paste reply. When I called them out on it, they gave me attitude. If I wanted an automated reply, I would talk to a bot. I already read all of this info in the FAQ. They literally had no answer to why the ghost card wasn’t working, which is embarrassing on their end. If you work for or have a company, maybe you should learn or find out why it won’t do the one thing it’s designed to do? I’m going back to using afterpay and quadpay..Version: 20.2.11

Credit Check without Consent.I was prompted to use this app because I bank with commonwealth. I currently use Zip for my interest free purchases and would recommend it highly over this rubbish. To use the service you have to create a “Ghost Card” which is fine however the app pulls your credit file and leaves a credit enquire on the file. Zip does the exact same thing however informs the user (Afterpay doesn’t if you want a service that doesn’t pull your cc file). However Klarna doesn’t even mention anything about a credit check in the app. If I knew, there would have been an additional credit check, I wouldn’t have even bothered making an Account, I would have just stuck with Zip. Extremely misleading and appalling that you include that vital information to a consumer..Version: 20.19.112

Waste of time and effort, customer service not helpful and app is glitchyHorrible experience. My debit card I had linked to my purchase was stolen and I had to wait for another to be sent. In the mean time I linked my bank account so my Klarna payment still could be taken from my account- but with out disclosing this when I added by bank account, bank accounts can not be used to make payments, only to pay off accounts in full- so I was charged a late fee. I spent an entire week trying to get this late fee removed by customer service spending 30 minutes a day for 4 days on chat asking for help removing the late fee. Each customer service rep said the late fee was actually removed and by a glitch I still saw it on my account. I was told countless times it was a glitch and would not actually charge me, then I was charged the late fee after hours of work trying to prevent it to happen. I am still waiting for my late fee to be returned to be and my case was closed and “sent to management” now what. Apparently they will email me on Monday but after what I have experienced, I am holding my breath. Lots of work for getting my $7 back. This experience was not worth the service Klarna provided and I suggest that others do not use Klarna in risk this same thing happens to them. What a waste of my valuable time and energy..Version: 21.7.136

Customer service rep tried to blame meI received a message that my card was declined due to lack of funds. After contacting my bank and verifying in my mobile account I did indeed have enough funds I told the customer rep this. She proceeded to tell me it was an error on my end and that I should contact my bank. She said they would try again in a couple days and if it went through I wouldn’t be given a fee. After stating again that it wasn’t my fault or my banks she kept saying that was the only way to avoid a fee. I tried to pay manually on the app and it wouldn’t let me. It was as if they wanted to give me a late fee to get more money out of me. I asked another rep to delete my account after thinking on it and deciding the customer service was horrible. That rep tried to get me to just delete the app. I told him no and I wanted it delete. He told me no. I called the customer service line and talk to a man who hung up on me. And other woman who I asked to file a complaint and have a supervisor contact me. (Still waiting on that call). Overall absolutely horrible and sketchy service reps. I will not be coming back and I will be telling others about my experience and to not use this app. I’m considering filing a complaint with the BBB if I can. Stay away people!!!!!!.Version: 19.46.14

Worst First ExperienceOf course this would happen days before Christmas. I placed an order with Goat via the Klarna app. Was told by Klarna reps that the order was shipped and approved on 12/18. But I never received a confirmation email from Goat. I started to get concerned because Klarna already took money out of my account. On 12/19 I start to get nervous and I contacted Goat. They say they have no record of the order. Went back to Klarna they blamed Goat and said they don’t have any information about the package. But remember I said the first rep told me it was approved by Goat and shipped already. I emailed and used the chat option for 2 more days inquiring for tracking information or just more information in general and no one responded until today 12/23. Klarna rep informs me that the one time card was $3 less than the total which was not true. I made sure the amount was $5 more that the total. The rep pushed for me to cancel. When I mentioned could he just override the one time card he ignore that request/inquiry and all of a sudden my order was cancel. I made it clear to him that I didn’t want to cancel and that I wanted my order. This app is horrible and a complete inconvenience. DON’T USE IT!.Version: 20.51.167

Ghost cards get declined from merchant often!After this last purchase I tried to make with Klarna I will no longer be utilizing their services. The ghost cards that were created for two different purchases at two different websites were declined by the merchants. The first time, I thought maybe it had something to do with the merchant website and I let it slide. Now that it’s happened with a merchant I regularly use and have used Klarna with many times, I realize it’s Klarna that’s the problem. They are creating ghost cards that are getting declined. Both times I made sure there was enough on the ghost card to cover the purchases and taxes. I was not made aware that this ghost card was declined on my most recent purchase and my backup credit card was charged instead and for the full purchase amount ($80.) My credit card that I ONLY use for emergencies now. So now I not only have an unwanted credit card bill, my credit score will now go down because of the use of the credit card. So thanks for messing with my credit Klarna. I will never use their services again. They are NOT safe. Their customer service is extremely scripted too and infuriating to deal with..Version: 19.49.34

Terrible! Approves your and then cancels orderKlarna approved me for $600 credit at checkout thru Ticketmaster. I purchased concert tickets for $255 and checked out. Received approval, receipt and mobile tickets from Ticketmaster. Transaction showed up in Klarna’s app. Next day the transaction had disappeared in my Klarna App. I used their customer support chat to inquire why. They were no help. Told me to call klarna phone support. I did. They said they could see the order on their end and it was fine. They would have a rep call me. This was a FRIDAY. By Monday...no call but Ticketmaster CANCELLED MY TICKETS. No notice from Klarna. Called customer support upset as yo WHY would they cancel my tickets with no notice after approving them. They couldn’t tell me why. What kind of business is this??!! You approve someone for $600 credit. They use $255 for tickets. Ticketmaster is where Klarna was even suggested at checkout. Receive order confirmation and tickets and then POOF outta nowhere and with no notice or explanation...they cancel your order and voids your tickets. Anyone who has ever purchased concert tickets knows how devastating cancellation of tickets is....so much time wasted and now my tickets are gone. I would NEVER trust Klarna again. Their chat support is useless, and so is the number you call for support..Version: 19.50.19

Why should I report an issue with Klarna | Shop now. Pay later.?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Klarna | Shop now. Pay later..

Is Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. not working?

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Klarna | Shop now. Pay later..

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