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TSM Game app received 116 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TSM Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about tsm game?

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TSM Game for Negative User Reviews

Why isn’t Eco and some activities not working?I love this game and mainly use it, as I enjoy creating the houses. As I’ve kept playing though, I’ve noticed many things stop working. For example the Eco projects! It now doesn’t show the star for me to click on to complete the task, which means I cannot get points to buy/win the items. Also this means I do not get the money/tokens for other quests, ones I’ve actually paid for. Not only does this happen with the Eco part of the game, but also activities on other quests such as the Treat Showdown. I have no idea where to report this? If anyone who works for The Sims reads this, please can you get in contact to rectify the problem or sort any bugs within the system causing the issues. It’s very frustrating and when money is being spent and I cannot use the tools properly, it’s actually not giving me the value for my money and is showing faulty. Sadly this is why I can only give it 3 stars!.Version: 33.0.0

More downs than upsThis game is a very fun and addictive game. I love the different choices in clothing and furniture/decorations. I love all the different combinations your characters can be and I really like how you can have kids. I’m just not that happy about the fact it’s so hard to get sim cash and so easy to get simleons 😕. I also wish it could have more energy because it’s annoying that you have barely any energy and you have to wait for the timer to run out to do the quest and it wastes time when you want to get a quest done but when you wait for the timer to run out, you just run out of time to do all if the quests. So I never get to finish any of my quests and I can barley ever play because I have barley no energy. This is why I deleted The Sims Mobile because I can barely every play. Please add energy 🙃.Version: 28.0.1

Good but needs improvementThis game is so fun I love all the stories and the fact your can decorate your own house but there is a lot of things that need improvement. Like first the dam limited time quests like why are they time limited I’ve been doing the baby quest and I don’t even have enough time to finish it and that’s really sad so I haft to restart the whole thing like what? Why? The stories are good like I said previously but there’s only three: lovers, friends or enemies but they could have more and with what I just said there could be children as well as adults so one of the stories could be adopt and I get that you can do that but it takes so long to do it so I don’t see the point. Next once you hit level 13 and unlock your new sim why you haft to go through a long quest that takes like 5 days to complete because like the other quests there too long. They could add pets or something to the game because I’d love to have a pet do much. Finally, why do you haft to buy cupcakes for energy because the energy goes down really quick and it makes no sense how on the game talking to someone take up energy but having a shower gives energy. On top of all that it’s a really good game and I really enjoy it. PS: it can get addicting..Version: 37.0.0

Glitchy and can’t do eventsI LOVED this game but it’s become so glitchy. I can’t do events with sims now , it won’t do anything when I click on the option , so important quests I can’t complete . I’ve had a consistent tutorial step up, because it’s telling me to look at season tasks but the festival ended so I can’t , and now the step won’t go away. I also have double stories with the same sims because it keeps thinking I’ve just ended a “first date” this game is becoming unplayable and im very disappointed as I was so far along ..Version: 31.0.1

It is okFist off let’s say that this app take a lot of storage , it take storage just to run it , I also think that when my sim got pregnant it was a lot of steps and it had to be done in days not hours , I play the sims for a Mac and pregnancy only take 30 minutes or so in the mobile app you also have to work and you earn this sort of stars it also take a lot of time , if your like me and does not like waiting THIS APP IS NOT FOR YOU . It take days to earn 100 dollars or so ,if you think your going to get rich fast HAHa no .. this app is also expensive $$$ because if you want new clothes it cost stars and or money and if you want a clothing set it will COST REAL MONEY trysa💰 some sets can be very expensive ,like the real game or computer version there are cheats like pushing Control shift c and you can type in mother lode and you can get 50,000 simoleions ,but since this is a Mobile game you can not have a wide variety of cheat ,custom conent etc so this is not the best app ,in the beginning you have a sort of welcome wagon but you can not stop talking to her , you also have to wait for the moving part , you could only do one room each day !! So this has some bugs and things that need to be fixed i Originally downloaded the app because I was trying to get a sims four like experience and if that is what you think you will get YOU WILL NOT GET IT !.Version: 25.0.3

Love the game..I love this game as it does not take long to do things compared to the other sims free play. But it would be nice if jobs could pay out a little more as it's a bit slow on making enough money to buy n upgrade your house. Also items could be a bit cheaper that would be nice. I like the fact that you don't have to shower,eat,use toilet facilities and cater for needs for your sim that is brilliant. I don't like the fact that every time that I want to play the game I have to download often before the game opens that's a little bit of a let down. But either then all my moaning and suggestions I throughly enjoy playing this game 100% but stars are on 3 until the above has been improved or better done by a little. But thank you developer for making a game that is worth the download :).Version: 9.1.1

👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿I thought finally the sims I can play on my iPad anywhere, I was wrong, love the graphic, but is boring boring, The first sims with Betty and Bob Newbie is better than its one, I love all the PC one but I don’t want to sit in from my computer all day, make its better👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿.Version: 17.0.2

Great Game But…I have two sims which I love to play as but they aren’t in a relationship and one has kids and is married so it’s a bit weird to have live together, so it would be a big improvement if u could have more than one house(maybe some pets as well). Also make it easier to earn money easier as the things I want in my house are super expensive and it takes 8hrs for only $270 and the items in the shop is over $1,000 for some of the minor items. Other than that love the game and would 100% recommend it..Version: 11.1.0

Removed my second bassinetYou guys removed my second bassinet that I worked so long and hard to save up for so I could have 2 babies at a time now it’s gone I want it back tf.Version: 18.0.0

Fun game, but needs improvement!The sims mobile is really fun at times, but it does have some functions in the game that definitely need adjusting. First the whole energy system either needs to go or needs to be changed. The fact that you need to spend money on cupcakes to keep your sims going is really stupid. Most people don’t want to spend money to be able to play the game. Another feature going along the lines with energy is regaining your energy from power naps etc. It shouldn’t have a cool down or the game just becomes like the sims free play: Play for 5 minutes, stop playing, check in on your game after another hour. Please adjust your game to make it more fun..Version: 12.3.0

My comparisonOk to start this review please note that I will be talking about other sims games(the sims FreePlay and the sims 4)so if you don’t want that then don’t read this please I don’t want to waste your time so let’s get into it. To start I got this game to compare to the sims FreePlay a game I’ve played for many a years but I did find something annoying about this game well actually I found a lot to complain about but there are some good things I’ll talk about the later though Now the first thing is the cost of stuff like a double beds cost sim cash which is so hard to get and the cost of stuff and in increased as I bought more like counter tops it’s so annoying but this doesn’t happen in other sims games just this one so please fix this Thing two house you start with one and get more as you go on but they cost like a billion sim cash what’s up with that and some cost real life money not even that lots cost like millions of sims cash to get Bye other users tell you more information about this topic.Version: 33.0.1

Zero improvements!!You would think after being out for quite some time now you might actually see some improvements to the game. However, it just keeps getting worse! Never listening to feedback from the fans. Stop asking us if we want to retire, obviously we will go select that from the menu if we want to retire our Sim, not by accidentally clicking on the constant pop up reminders! Earning money takes forever and then they add more ways to grab your money. Those “surprising choices” popping up every day where you HAVE to spend your simcash or have negative effects happen to your SIM is just ridiculous and unnecessary. Now you have to pay for a different colour? Lol! Just the creators way of trying to get you to spend real money on this game. Don’t do it! It’s not worth it!!.Version: 12.2.0

MehJust another sims cash in freemium game, nothing new to see here, move along....Version: 9.1.1

The new is fadingIt was a lot of fun in the beginning- still kinda is. I’m a couple days in. I love the customization of the characters, that’s amazing. I find the graphics pretty awesome. It’s been a bit of a struggle for me to figure out how exactly to advance or so certain things. I can’t find tips or help anywhere and the tips I do find don’t help for the version I’m playing. I can’t figure out how to age the baby to a toddler. I had to figure out how to get the couple married. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played other versions on sims in a long time. But the new is starting to wear off and I’m not sure what to do from here. Will the baby grow into a toddler tomorrow? Next week? Now that my two characters are married their tasks should be related to that. (Suggestion, not demand.) Because it makes it sound like they’re still dating. Idk. I give it maybe a couple days and if I don’t know where to go from here I’ll probably stop playing. Update: it seemed to take a day/day and a half for the baby to grow into a toddler. And about 2-3 days for the toddler to grow into a child. They’re still at child stage so anything beyond that I don’t know. I am confused about one thing though. My sims have a girl and two boys. When my guy interacts with the kids it says (son/daughter). But when my girl character interacts with the kids it says (nephew/daughter). Not sure why lol.Version: 9.2.1

The new updates makes this game a complete pay-to-playFirstly, no bugs are fixed. And the latest update even make the former bugs return. Secondly, People who saved up money just to buy that specific item and now they don’t get to have it because the game made them buy every colour. And I can see that a lot of items have changed their original colour in the menu, is the game literally not letting us buy black and white households now? That basically costs double simcash. Most importantly, their are wallpapers and floors i bought in the game. And i see that you removed them, aren’t we supposed to have all the items we bought remained the same? Where are our explanations of buying things and cannot even use them in the new update?.Version: 12.2.0

Don’t bother unless you want to spend moneyIt starts off as an interesting game but very quickly you realise that any actual progression is locked behind a paywall, as is the sad trend with games these days. Packs of clothes or decorations cost upwards of $30 which is ridiculous when the content isn’t even that much. All the limited time quests are genuinely impossible to finish unless you spend ungodly amounts of money to keep speeding up your sims, and most of the purchasable items are only available for the premium currency..Version: 18.0.0

Glitches?The game itself was quite enjoyable when I first started to play however I kept having an issue with when they would set tasks like “create a chore board” or something like that and you’d have to tap a table or some other object to complete the quest. However everytime i tapped on a table the quest wouldn’t show up it would just make the table bounce or give the option of storing the table and this eventually got extremely irritating as I would try complete tasks within a set time but that wouldn’t be possible because days would pass and for some reason the quest still doesn’t show up when I tap on a table, I would delete the app from my history, restart my phone and everything yet it still wouldn’t work. My phone is still one of the newer models too so I know that wasn’t the issue. I’m not too sure if i’m just doing something wrong or if this happens to others as well?.Version: 31.0.1

Feels like the sims free playI wish it was like the PC sims where I can do what I want.Version: 9.1.1

Needs an update!!Im sure everyone can agree that constructing and designing your own homes in sims is easily one of the main things we spend most of our time doing. The problem is, its super annoying to do because you have to either shove everything you want to change into storage and start fresh or move everything one by one 🙄🙄🙄 It would be super helpful if yall could add a way for people to do this more easily. Oh and a guitar has NO business taking up THAT much space, heck..Version: 19.0.1

Smooth but priceyI’m enjoying the game a lot, it’s very smooth and everything I could of hoped for graphics wise, but outfits and hair styles are pricey as heck, and if I wanna support the game by purchasing any cash or coin it’s more pricey then any other game, you don’t get much back. I hope they fix that.Version: 9.1.1

QuestsLook so on level 11 I had the baby quest on limited time I had to do 4 events that was 7 hours long! At the very last quest bit to allow my sims to have baby’s my sims ran out of energy so I couldn’t afford a cupcake, I had to wait to use the beds, I had to wait to use the shower, and I had to wait to use the toilet. So I had no choice but to just wait but the quest only had 10 minutes left and for the event I had 1 hour and 30 minutes. When the quest timer ran out I had to do it again! Please fix this and put a longer timer on these quests because we have a life and we can’t just play all day. But over all it is a really fun addictive game and I recommend getting it..Version: 17.0.2

Not keeping me engaged.I like being able to get creative with my sims lives. You really need to come out with something like the sims 4..Version: 27.0.0

I really don’t like itYou can’t even do whatever you want unlike the PC version since you basically have to do whatever they (The creators) want, the only thing you have control of is half the time your house and what your people do Half of the time they’re just forcing go to work you don’t even get to choose a job?? They’re mainly forcing you to spend your money on furniture I just don’t get it???.Version: 27.0.1

Energy is frustratingI enjoy this game with all my heart. But it costs real money to progress a lot into the game. It is technically a breeding ground for video-game addiction. Firstly, the tasks are long for the amount allocated and of you don’t finish the quest in time you have to redo them. Secondly, the game requires energy so in an event the sim has a certain amount of energy that they perform tasks in but when you use all the “energies” you have to leave the game and it takes real time to get energy which if you are impatient like me gets pretty frustrating especially when you are so close to a event finishing and you manage not to get the reward because you don’t have energy. Another reason is that if you don’t have energy you have to purchase cupcakes to refill “energy” and if you don’t have cupcakes or sim cash (which is another currency in the game) you have to pay with REAL cash to progress further. In conclusion, l wish the game was more like the PC version and the “energy” system wasn’t a thing”..Version: 25.0.2

App keeps crashingIt’s a shame because I loved this game. Multiple purchases won’t open, app just crashes. Tons of bugs, I guess. Deleted due to too many crashes..Version: 41.0.0

Good in theory, terrible execution.As an avid simmer, I’ve played nearly ever version of it. Personally I rather enjoyed Freeplay, sure things took forever to finish, but I felt like my sims were actually doing things, you know? In Sims Mobile, things have gotten very dull, very quickly. Once you unlock all the areas, jobs and friendships, it kinda of seems like you’re just... stuck? There’s no sense of progression and change, no 24 hour day cycle, no proper aging. You’re forced to age up people before you’re ready too, so many times I’ve accidentally hit that stupid cake icon without wanting too because it won’t go away. Not being able to control all your sims also makes it feel pointless to even have them start families. In Freeplay I could control everyone, tell the toddlers to play, children to go to school, teens to date, adults to work, etc. Here I’m expected to pay to play more than two sims and only during one age state, it makes their lives feel meaningless. Not to mention the constant nagging to retire sims, how about I decide when I’m done with one? Not you. Also being forced to keep an inventory full of crap furniture I’ll never use it annoying, I’ve got 6 identical tables from a quest. I’m never going to use more than maybe two, wth am I suppose to do with the others!? Let me sell them! And maybe don’t try and charge over 200 sim bucks, which is 6 real life dollars for a damn necklace or a pair of boots, are you nuts!? I do NOT think so. The Sims Mobile is a good game in theory, but it’s execution leaves much to be desired..Version: 11.0.0

ReviewThe graphics are great and the game has some good concepts to it, however I don’t like how different it is to other “The Sims” games such has having no mood to fulfil anymore and playing “events” that require use of energy. It makes the game too similar to every other simulation game on the app store right now, I always enjoyed the fact that the sims in general was different to the others. Though it was sometimes a mere to have to feed, bathe, entertain (etc) each sim constantly it was apart of the game and I enjoyed that part of it..Version: 9.2.1

FinallyPlease make the game compatible for iPad mini the 1st generation my phone only 16 gb thanks.Version: 9.1.1

“Play with life”This game is ridiculous. I downloaded it expecting some actual fun, which is hard to find in this game. I’m sick of being harassed with high purchases that I don’t even need after everything I do. This game disappointed me to a irritating amount and one of the major problems are ‘events’. I have my sim do an event that lasts an hour, use up my energy and have to wait forever! The treasure hunt event that is going on as I am writing this lasts 4 to 6 hours just to look around your house. You can only use the toilet, shower, bed, bath once a real day and it hardly gives you any energy. This game is just trying to get you to purchase their overpriced products that come with it for a somewhat better experience. And don’t even get me started on birthday parties. I signed up my sim for a birthday party as the game said I had to with no escape, only finding out later that you can’t cancel them, ever! You have to wait a full 24 hours for the birthday party to be over, which I wasn’t even told about. I’m sorry, but in real life this doesn’t happen. You should be able to cancel out of an event any time you like, and maybe you should make your ‘cupcakes’ which do nothing other than refill your 30 energy, more affordable. So I’ll leave now and take my single simcoin which I watched a whole ad for and see what happens..Version: 23.0.0

DisappointingAs a sims fan i was super excited for a mobile game, free play was okay just just too boring and slow so when i saw the trailer for sims mobile i couldn’t wait. i knew it would be no sims 4 as that would be hard to replicate on mobile what what EA delivered on mobile was poor. the whole element of caring for a sim is taken away making furniture and housing practically useless so i don’t buy it, as it is near impossible to earn money. events are long and boring and energy runs out very quickly, plus relationship events are just weird. but, my main problem with this game is the quests, especially relationship quests as it takes the whole freedom out of the game. on the sims 4 my sims all quickly marry and then cheat etc as drama is fun. not only would this take about 4 years to achieve with the bad relationship party things but just doesn’t work with the stupid stories. when my two sims meet and start flirting i don’t want to immediately choose their whole love story i just wanna see what happens. i do love the sims but this was just disappointing and just not the standard of game most sims 3/4 fans were looking for :(.Version: 11.0.3

ListenThis game is completely boring it’s takes the fun out of the sims. I would rather this: Get the sims in the App Store when you get into the game you select which app it runs on from your computer like origin or something click it sight in and then you see the sims game that you have and other packs However if you don’t have a computer you can just buy one it’s the money you have from your phone When you sign in click on the sims and you can start a new game or continue one if you start a new game you make your sim once you done you can click challenge mode witch would be more like the one you have now on sims mobile or sim freestyle like the the sims 4 theme The Reson I want freestyle is because the one you have now takes the live your own life out of live your own life because your constantly being told what to do I don’t have much timeBut I think this a good idea because even though it takes time you already have the ideas and base for it and after making the game you will expand to more people make more money and have more players than you do have Ps thanks for reading I hope you understood and are open to this idea and I apologise for all spelling errors and This perhaps not making sense.Version: 12.3.0

EA-ifiedI was thrilled when the game came out however it isn’t the sims. It has dissolved into a game similar to things like Monster Legends but even less freedom on what to do. You can no longer control your sim, just press buttons to get through your life. The older sims games were about you AS your sim, free to pick and choose personality traits, aspirations and have to work to get through life. Now everything is handed to you without getting a choice or say in the matter. The tutorial is incredibly slow and dull and you can’t pick more than one sim to start off with. The limitations of this app restrain you in customisation and the entire process of interacting with others, or at least the ones you want to make companions, enemies or simply peers of. The game has a lack of clothing but I can understand why because as of the time I write this review it hasn’t been out for awfully long so I can forgive it for that. But in conclusion, I think that this could’ve just been an almost direct copy of sims 4 and I would’ve gladly paid for it but it has ended up an average, tired mobile game. Thank you, UniCawnAsSassin3947.Version: 9.2.1

Improvements NeededFirstly, the game is quite fun. You can make friends, go to parties, decorate your home and raise a family, but it could use some improvements. The ‘Surprising Choices’ shouldn’t need to cost anything. I had one before I stared my wedding, and I could afford the other choices, so I had to leave my sim upset with my other throughout the whole wedding! They couldn’t talk to eachother because it just says ‘Khloe is upset.’ Also, for things we trash, example: Rooms, furniture and clothes, we sell them to get money. It’s a great idea, since I want to remodel my home, but’s it’s expensive. Also, I have the same toddler growing issue, but it’s not when I talk to my toddlers. It’s when my friends do. When I just complete some events with my friends and rivals, they stick around, chatting with people nearby. When they chat with my toddlers, they grow freakishly tall with creepy, skinny faces. Maybe make the events fun so that they’re worth being the time given, or just simply make it as.. I don’t know.. the event ends when you complete all tasks? And in the baby quest, rather than just the crib, include a few more things, like a mat, toys, a bed and what-not (basically a set for a baby room) since baby things are expensive. Thanks for your time. Love the game anyways. I have two sims and two kids at the moment, and they’re all a happy family. Good job anyways on such a fun game..Version: 13.1.1

Some problemsFirst of all, the game is great and I like that it isn’t a remake of the sims 4. But the energy bar goes down WAY too fast so I have to keep coming home from work or keep buying heaps of cupcakes with REAL money because all the objects that are supposed to put up your energy bar I have to wait SO LONG to use again like the bed takes 24 hrs after using it to be used again, the same with showers and toilets. And third, I wish there was a way to get sim cash way quicker because I also have to keep wasting money on buying more just to do everyday actions. I have just stopped playing the game now until you update all of these things because I’m not gonna waste any more money buying cupcakes and sim cash. And one more quick thing, levelling up yourself to unlock new things like having kids and throwing parties takes WAY too long. I’ve been playing for weeks doing a whole bunch of stuff to level up and I’m only on level 8. I would like my already married sims to have kids but I now have to wait until level 11 to have them. Not cool man not cool. Anyway, the game is alright but I won’t give more than 3 stars until some of these things are fixed..Version: 2.8.1

Just ConsiderYou know how pc works for sims and I know that you can’t do that for phones but maybe make a different game that doesn’t involve around quests, I like sims 4 because I feel free in the game not just quest to quest. I was just thinking if you could make a game where you can just play and make family’s and just do what ever I would definitely pay 5 dollars for something like that. It’s just that all the games now in days are quests and it’s boring that’s why I like sims! Plz just think about it😁 and have a great day❤️.Version: 12.3.0

Fun but kinda boring nowI’ve been playing the sims mobile for more than a couple weeks and it’s the same thing over and over to do each day. Work on your sims career, interact with people, start a relationship with someone, have a child etc... it’s boring to me now doing the same thing every time I go into the game. I wish they would make an update to add pets that way you could train a dog or even do a competition or show showing off the dogs tricks. I also wish when the baby turned into a toddler it could play with more things like a pool or be able to interact more with family and possible make some friends. I think the to do list is stupid. What’s the point of it? Nothing in my opinion. I also wish you could garden or have more hobbies for the sims to do. In my opinion, the sims free play is more interesting now than this game. I used to play it and there’s much more to do and even upgrade your house. If pets were added at least make it so the characters could play with them and you can shop for accessories for them and be able to make the child look however you want when it’s a toddler or at least a teenager. I hate having to wait until a sim is able to retire in order to control a other sim or change their appearance. Please take into these considerations the next time the app is updated. Also one more thing it seems like the quests are around the same thing which is annoying. Also I don’t understand why things break cuz it’s stupid to pay to get it fixed..Version: 10.1.0

Great game, but... (Must Read)So I downloaded the app Sims Mobile because my friend had the app Sims4 and I wanted to get it on my phone, but it turns out that Sims4 you can only get on a Mac, PC or whatever. It’s really fun but it takes a long time to complete events without wasting all your energy, a suggestion would be to have more like 50 energy instead of 30 energy. And also to make the events shorter. My two sims are in love and are soon to get married, but you can’t get married until you complete a million bazillion events. It’s a great game and you should download it if your willing to wait for like two or three hours each time you do something. If you aren’t get Sims Freeplay. It’s not as good configuration but it at least doesn’t take as long. 😒 Also, there should be a way to get more sim cash. Cupcakes restore your energy to make events go faster but each cupcake costs fifteen simcash or something like that. So maybe when the Sims work instead of just sim coins they should also get simcash. That would be more fair. 😔 Also, another reason you should be able to obtain more simcash is because when your sims get married they can perform a woohoo which is basically having a baby but you need a bigger bed to do that so you can’t have any babies until you get 150 simcash and you can’t get 150 simcash until there’s a way to obtain more simcash without paying!!! There are lots of things they should improve but over all it’s a fun app..Version: 22.0.0

Good but too many problemsI initially reviewed this game very positively. I love the graphics, choice of clothing and furnishing. I still do. However I have had endless connectivity issues with this game. In the earlier part of 2020 it was happening a lot and I found out it was due to the issues with EA. But even since, sometimes I connect with no problem but other times I can’t get on for weeks. A search through the forums show that this is a common problem. The EA website for assistance is convoluted, and I found it difficult to find anyone to contact. I looked up one forum who advised to reinstall, I did and even though I requested my saved version it has started me from scratch when I was at level 44 before. I also lost all my sim cash that I purchased previously. You could put it down to my device but I don’t have this problem with any other game I have. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on Sims 4. This is a disappointing outcome for what is a great way to pass the time..Version: 20.0.0

OkayThe game itself is great but PLEASE make it so you can delete and sell items because it’s getting RIDICULOUS putting everything into the inventory box thing and people are getting frustrated and sick of having the inventory box so full with unneeded and unwanted stuff ! I can see a lot of people soon deleting ur app because we can’t sell stuff back or delete it for good.Version: 17.0.1

Just make it like the PC version!I’m giving it a 1 star because you won’t make it like the PC version! EA is getting money hungry, they want kids, teens, adults, etc, to spend their own money on this game. Sure people are gullible, but if your going to make a Sims game at least make it decent to play. People who play on a PC are generally teens, adults. But kids on their mobile device can easily click to download a game, try it out, ending up enjoying the game, and paying their parents money (or their money) on the game to enjoy it more, EA stop making expansion packs for PC and work on a actual game to play and work on a mobile Sims game, if you are money hungry EA work on a mobile sims game and you’ll probably get twice as much money..Version: 18.0.0

Gets boringWhen I first started playing I thought it was great!! Got through all the tasks and levelled up however now it’s boring and repetitive. I have just levelled up to 44 and you only get 5 sim cash. Can’t remember how long it’s been like this but after a certain level you stop getting decent rewards. I have completed all hobbies and all jobs except for a couple but you have to wait until they come up on the daily heirlooms but they cost 600 sim cash which is ridiculous!! Especially since your decent add on packs to buy are like £50 which is OUTRAGEOUS! My tasks now are so repetitive like start new hobby/job or complete chapter. I literally set them the task and revisit the game 3 times: in the morning, middle of the day and before bed. This is so I can set the ‘long’ task and complete the llama zooms. Although I don’t know why I’m doing this as it’s such a waste of time. Eco thing is silly, no real challenge. Not spending 8 hours waiting for a task to complete when I can use all 3 sims to complete llama zoom tasks with better rewards. Again, not that it’s worth it..Version: 22.0.0

A good game but....needs improvementsWould of rated 4 stars but there’s a couple things bothering me. Started playing this game last week, played other sims games before and find them very calming to play, and Ive really been enjoying it and the events, up until today with this new update I haven’t been able to get back on the game it’s just at the load screen and doesn’t budge, this shouldn’t been happening I’ve played enough games to know that something has obviously gone wrong, it needs to be sorted soon or i will delete to game completely. Not only that as others have mentioned the energy bar needs to be much bigger 30 energy to help sims complete tasks throughout the day is not enough, also items in the game need to be cheaper everything is so expensive why? I know this is a free game so you expect us to pay for stuff in the game, I’ve done this twice only just get some more sims money in the beginning I will NOT be buying on the game again, please, please consider making the game more enjoyable by putting realistic figures in the game and sort out the current problem with the game not loading..Version: 19.0.1

Average gameThis game is created to get you addicted. With relationship points and xp flying all over the screen once you finish a task. It’s the feeling of winning you get playing the pokies. It gets boring after a while. Never get roped in to do special quests as you will never complete in the timeframe not without using special features eg cupcakes. It’s designed to get you spending money to buy specials so you can speed time up. Eg if your sim is working a long shift you cannot get them to do anything else unless you use their ‘energy’ but energy is not infinite. You’re encouraged to purchase cupcakes etc. After a while super boring. Also glitches such as a retired sim that’s still stuck in the house. You cannot interact with it like a ghost. Completing hangouts but it doesn’t add to relationship points - being stuck on the same level without change. I’ve had to restart the relationship story - waste of time..Version: 31.0.1

TerribleYou are unable to do what you want, the whole game is instructed and does not give you the freedom like a typical Sim’s game would. Stick to the originals on computer or console. Boring.Version: 39.0.4

Bugs and issuesThe game is fine itself but it’s really annoying that when you try something in the settings or accidentally click something you can’t get back your old process and I was on level 14 and now I have to reinstall and start all over again and the baby quiz when you get to level 13 takes hours and hours and hours for each event and then if you don’t complete it in that day then it will go away it’s a limited time I would really like these things fixed.Version: 23.0.0

Y U C KPlayed this game for four months loving it, once I added a prepaid card to pay my Apple Music this game charged me for 2 bags of gems out of nowhere and didn’t deliver them as would with an accidental click , which tells me it’s a god damn scam. The Sims Mobile is a god damn scam. Extremely unsatisfied and will tell everyone I know not to download this disgrace of a game. I hate this game more than life itself. I rated it 1 star but I really meant -5. 🤢🤮.Version: 15.0.2

WhatI hate this 1 star i mean come on why do you get to choose and I don’t the sims 4 is better me and my brother just got the sims 4 and i got to do what i want when i want if i can I would give it 0 stars.Version: 27.0.1

Cool but has some problemsSims is fun but I think there should be a thing we’re you can sell furniture because I have so much furniture I don’t use anymore and I’m low on money but I have one more thing I think you should be able to age up the kids whenever you want and the kids are customisable so the kids look different but other than these I think this game is fun, creative, and you can play with life and have a relashinship and make life discussions and I think this game should not have internet because when I go somewhere or go on a long car trip I can’t play this because I have no internet than and the creator of this game. I don’t always waste my time on internet so I think you should really update the game because if you look at the other reviews everyone agrees with me. Anyway but I do really love your game and it is very addictive..Version: 12.0.0

This is stupidI’ll start a quest and it’ll say I didn’t finish it when I did or it’ll say I finished a different one. Too many glitches like this. Fix it!.Version: 12.1.1

Amazing idea.....but too slowI love this game I really do, because I love playing the sims on my pc. So when I found out it was on mobile I was so excited to get to play my favorite game wherever! Until I found out how different it was from the sims on other consoles. Of course being a mobile game I didn’t expect much. But I just expected a little more. It’s like the sims game on other consoles just without all the packs, which is great because I don’t need packs and add ons to have fun. So when I saw that there was none of that I was ok with it. But the game itself is just so slow in progress. I kinda expected to be of a more “move at your own speed” kinda game. And when I say slow I don’t mean that my phone has trouble running the game, I mean it’s a very very slow process. It takes hours to do one thing!!!!! And that really makes me loose my patience to do anything else. So I would stop playing for hours and come back only to have to do it again 2 minutes later. There’s no real “GAMEPLAY” in my opinion. It’s all waiting and waiting and waiting. And when you finally get a family and your sims are happy, I personally didn’t feel any self accomplishment. I didn’t feel like I did anything but wait to get to that point. But the idea of having the Sims Mobile is great really it is! But I think they just need to change how the game works and id play it for hours. So I’m giving it a 3 for the idea, the design, and the hard work put into making it..Version: 27.0.1

Honest ReviewI thought this was going to be more like sims 4 but it’s not your still choosing what we do I want to be able to do what I want when I want like the sims 4 pls pls pls make it like the sims 4!!!!.Version: 19.0.1

AverageWhen I saw The Sims Mobile in the App Store, I thought it would be just like The Sims Free Play but it isn’t at all! The graphics are so much better for sure and it is just a better game in general. There are a few things that bother me though. First of all, I’ll just be on a date and somebody that I haven’t even talked to will just come inside my house and sit on my sofa. I think there needs to be a feature like in the pc version where you lock the door, only allow certain people in, etc. Another thing is the jobs. I want to be a able to pick my job or at least have two options to choose from, both not involving cafes, restaurants, etc. Another thing is the parties. Let’s be real, do you think anybody is actually going to want to wait a whole 24 hours listening to that annoying music to get a small reward? Even birthday parties in real life only last about 4-5 hours. One last thing, the custom clothing is neat and all but could you at least let us pick which gender it is for? Or maybe one feature of it like the color? It’s annoying getting the custom clothing, that isn’t always nice looking, and then you can’t even get a chance to redo it because no matter how many stickers you give away you get zero fashion gems. Thank you for letting me complain. Sincerely, The person who thinks the game needs lots of improvements <3.Version: 9.1.1

Wish it was more like the sims 4This game is great, you can create the character of your dreams, build your dream house, pretty much anything you could do in real life. Overall, it’s an amazing game. The only thing is that if you compare it to the sims 4, or any sims really, it makes me sad that I can’t get the sims 4 on iOS. I request updates to make it more like the sims 4, or I could say more enjoyable, but right now, probably why I deleted it it months ago. Overall; this game could use some improvements- such as actually making things less expensive. This is another problem for me. Everything is SO EXPENSIVE. It’s even hard to keep your energy up! If it were easier to keep your energy up, like I said before, I wouldn’t have deleted it. I loved this game when I was little, especially because I really liked the sims 4 and couldn’t get it. Even then I wished I could get the sims. I really really enjoyed this game. One thing for me though is there’s pretty mush nowhere to go if you don’t play much and don’t have your levels up which is pretty annoying for me. I’m sorry for having so many complaints, I just wanted to explain how I wish it was a little bit more modern. Thank you for reading..Version: 37.0.1

No Empathy for UsersI normally don’t write reviews, but over the last two days my experience has been quite horrible. I decided to purchase something small, cash dollars in the game and I didn’t receive my content. Not a big deal, but would ASSUME there would be a natural process for users, considering we purchase several items to just get through this game. I’m really a Sims PC player - I’ve been playing for over 20 years. And I’ve owned almost all the franchises. So it’s disappointing that the EA help can’t help you recover missing content through a game app. It’s incredible how you can use my data to market items to me, but you can’t track if content appeared or not? Or if a technical issue occurred? Or how about relating to users pain and give them an alternative solution. The EA Help team makes you feel that you didn’t purchase it and every single person I chatted with only took me in circles. I have two cases open for the same issue. That’s insane. I even had a person call me, but left a message. I call back and there’s no way to talk to anyone. The recording tells you to that no one is available to talk. Why can’t I get someone directly? The result, I asked for a refund from Apple. But as always, the user is left hanging without anything. Does this hurt my pocket, maybe not. However, it will make me reconsider if it’s worth purchasing anything again. There’s no empathy for the user if you contact help for this app..Version: 33.0.0

Terrible updateSo disappointed with the update. Instead of fixing the bugs that won’t allow my sim to go to her job, EA decided to add festive decor and force us to pay money for different coloured items. I was ready to give up on the game because of the glitches preventing me from doing anything with my sims, but after this update I know for sure I’m done with it. Customer support was also completely useless with the issues. No one is going to pay money for a glitchy game, especially when the people who have paid money for items in the past aren’t compensated now that the items are no longer available. Feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time playing this..Version: 12.2.0

Hard to PlayFirst off, I really do enjoy playing this game. I downloaded it about 2-3 weeks ago and have been playing it fairly often since. I’m now level 23 and I have my couple relationship 100% so now I’m trying for a baby. You get almost 2 days to complete the quest to have a baby and to get the bassinet you’ll need. I’m on my 3rd 8 hour long back to back event in the baby chapter and c’mon creators! I don’t want to be a slave to this game. Why are you making it so hard? I’m also trying to upgrade my home and clear out land but it keeps getting more expensive with each upgrade. It was 1500 simoleons to clear out a small space of land and now I go to clear the land next to it and they want 2000. Now how am I supposed to make that money when you have me stuck in these 8 hour long events that only pay 300? We just don’t make that much money in this game. It definitely seems like it’s aimed at us BUYING simoleons/cash with our own money and that doesn’t make it any fun. They don’t even have a good deal for the simoleons. My suggest is improve the pay for jobs and hobby event completions. I want to thrive in this game but this is making me annoyed and just want to delete it. Also, there’s so much more to this game but I have to retire my sims in order to get a heirloom in order to unlock more things. So essentially you work hard on your sims, then they want you to retire them and start over a new sims and making even less money again. Lol..Version: 19.0.0

Too small fontsDamn, the fonts are too small to read. I have the iPhone X and is very difficult to read everything! Make it bigger!!.Version: 9.1.1

Room for improvement!Hi! So I’ve been playing this game for about a month and a half. I used to play it consis-tently, but I soon tired of it due to the prob-lems I have had with it. After I finally got my sims married, I wanted them to adopt a baby but then it made me do all these quests which took ages - and it gave you a time limit which was far too small. I can’t wake up in the middle of the night when a quest finishes just to start a new one. It’s just too much! Also, I understand you can’t make it too much like the PC Sims / The Sims 4 as it is free and you want people to buy the real Sims, but this game, compared to The Sims 4, is pretty bad! It should let you just have all the stuff in all the districts and also, the Simschase and stuff is annoying - all the notifications about how much time is left on it and stuff really annoy me! I wish you would make the game less structured and improve the role play aspect a bit more & MAKE IT SO YOU CAN SELL FURNITURE! Maybe you could add Sims needs as well? I know this is a lot to ask, but I’m not demanding it all now, I’m asking for it over time. Overall, this game is playable, better than the Sims mobile, but it’s just not the best. I hope this review has been helpful for you! Bye! P.S) Developers, please reply!.Version: 28.0.1

Changes need to be madeI do love this game. However a few things really bug me and make me not want to play anymore. The storage is not organised, it is so difficult to find the items I want without having to go through everything. You also can’t sell furniture or Izzy clothing items which is a real bother as I don’t want/need certain things anymore and I need the money more as things get very expensive after a while (especially when a daily task is to acquire a new item every day). Those are the main problems, it would also be nice to have more hobby and career choices and also the ability to have more than one house and potentially pets also etc..Version: 11.0.3

Lots of tedious tapsThe game has a complicated cash and reward system, which does your head in from the very beginning of the game. The fact the player’s inventory is not made obvious is poor UX. The furniture is mixed in with listing of new objects that you have not purchased. Probably intentional. Who knows. Career part feels forced. Instead of looking for a career, you are thrown into coffee making at a cafe. While everything else is locked. Ugh. At least, give players the option of five choices. As well, the choice to watch a sim perform work task, as some of us, don’t want to watch it continuously. I have a job myself IRL. Every action requires YOU to manually tap on the green tick or the sim will NOT perform next task. You CANNOT set sequential task. Very mundane. Rewards unlocked are NOT added to the player’s inventory rather they are made available for purchase - just don’t call it rewards, just say “unlocked”. Boom! Regardless of PC or mobile constant tapping is a RSI issue in waiting. The game could start off with social focus first and put the sim on “basic income” with a small vegetable patch for self sustaining, to get boost in life, they will need moolah by taking up a career, and to part take in bigger adventure again you need moolah. XP points and blah blah are overrated and unnecessary..Version: 9.2.1

Gutted - character retirement issueSo I love this game and would love to give it 5 stars, but twice now my main character has been forcibly retired from the game. The first time it happened I thought I must have accidentally pressed something, my main characters had got married and had a baby and I was working my way through the challenges for their relationship and their baby had just become a toddler. I was so upset I deleted the app and started again. So I’ve worked my way through the challenges to the wedding and building their relationship and then was going to start on the having a baby challenge and it’s done it again. The retirement screen came up but with no option to not do it! Essentially there was no other option to say no, I tried pressing at the top of my screen but my main character again was retired and can’t be played. I feel to disheartened to continue or start all over again. I know this isn’t just a problem for me as having searched if I can unretire my character I find forums of people venting their upset and anger over the same issue!! Please developers sort out! Please have an unretire option!.Version: 14.0.2

Game doesn’t sync & can’t access certain thingsI’ve been playing the game for a awhile now and every time I log back in my game doesn’t sync to where I last left it? I also noticed I can’t update my eco shop anymore. It says there’s a workshop session in progress but all of my sims are off doing other things? It’s been like that for a while now. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing has helped🙈could I please have help on that? Maybe just some suggestions could be like being able to sell the items we have in storage to be able to make money back and bringing some new hobby or work stories! Other than that I really like what yous have done and would really appreciate the help ✨ Thankyou ✨.Version: 34.0.0

Not greatIt needs a pretty strong wifi so it’s really hard to play with out having to restart the game a few times Edit: the game will not Let me go in even though I have a strong wifi and when ever I press some thing it take a while to load not to mention that when I got it it took me an hour to load and when I would turn off my iPad it would restart I am very in pleased with this app and I worn people with week wifi not to use this app it has disappointed me.Version: 15.0.2

It’s ok but not the bestThis is a great game but unlike the sims 4 they don’t get upset or anything it’s like they have no emotion and it’s sad. It’s sad because I want to be able to see that my sim is able to feel something other then flirty. My mom told me when she played sims when she was a kid she could build walls around the sims and let them pee themselves and die. But for the Mobile game it tells you that you can’t overlap. Thanks for listening to this and reading it. Other then the sims not feeling anything and you not being able to make more then one sim at a time. Also my parents don’t like to spend money on games and the 30 energy is not enough I mean like I’m not able to get anything done and not to be rude but THE CUPCAKES ARE SO RARE I CANT EVER GET THEM! I don’t like how in order to even get more energy you need to waste real money or simcash most people might not even have. Also I have 2 sims and both of them have one girlfriend/boyfriend and I was able to cheat like 100 times and the sims don’t feel anything. Also the baby quest oh my lord don’t even get me started, I’ve tried getting a baby more then 20 times and the actual time is so short it says “you have ran out of time the baby quest is over” LIKE HOW AM I MEANT TO COMPLETE IT WITH 30 ENERGY AND 2 DAYS WITH EACH EVENT BEING 7-8 HOURS. Please explain that. Other then that its an ok game..Version: 29.0.0

Had potential but don’t waste your timeThe game starts off great but the energy and time required to reach new levels is ridiculous unless you make additional purchases. This really ruins the game because I spent days trying to complete a 5 part (about 17 tasks so 85 total) quest that was limited time. I couldn’t complete because at least 80% of the tasks required you to either 1. wait 2-3 hours to complete (can be rushed with app purchase) 2. Require several (long 8 hour real time) events to be completed to advance or 3. Use 25/30 of your energy to complete. If you do any work tasks the pay out in coins are super low compared to time invested and cost of upgrades. I wish the app developers would realize that a lot of people aren’t advancing in the game/ following too similar storylines for anyone to remain interested. You visit most real players homes and we all have the same stuff because decorations options are too expensive or you have to reach certain levels for it to be unlocked. Most challenges require you to make a sim coin payment in order to advance in the game which keeps you at a level to where you will always need more coins for upgrades. I am over it and now removing the game. The original sims on desktop is more worth it. The excitement to play this app quickly vanishes unless you have the funds to pay for virtual clothes and assets on a game..Version: 32.0.0

Sims..? Or Not...?This game is not really similar at all to the sims in console, pc etc. It’s really different to the sims themselves, interactions, places and more. I’ve been waiting a long time for this to come out thinking it would be like the sims 4 ( Sims 3 etc. ) but it wasn’t and in my personal opinion, This app could be way better. Adding more features like the Sims would definitely improve this app, I don’t believe it should have the title of ‘The Sims’ because it’s not really the sims...It’s completely different you can’t choose we’re you want to live, you don’t have a good selection of outfits or jobs. It’s hard to interact and make friends as you’ll run out of energy, You can only sleep in the bed once then wait for a long time. You can’t eat or do anything interesting. There’s so much that you can’t do and I wouldn’t even call this close to the sims. No offence but I would recommend the sims FreePlay even though it isn the same as sims 4 it’s closer to it then this one. I think you guys should play the sims 3 & 4 then make a bunch of updates to make it more like the sims. Adding things just like chatting, there emotions/needs, babies and not have that ‘energy’ or can only sleep in the bed like once ever 23hrs. I think there’s so much to this game that you just haven’t done so I can’t call this the sims 4 or close to the sims in general. Sorry but it’s true..Version: 10.0.1

Hard work erasedLogged into to find EVERYTHING erased… I was up to level 20 and had purchased and accomplished so much and I go to play and it’s asking me to make a new sim… I have nothing and I’m unsure what happened. It’s not even in my iCloud account even though it was turned in and backing up the game data. Is there anything you can do to help? So disappointed everything is just gone after the update..Version: 29.0.0

BlehSays you can design ur own sims…YOU CANT! It does everything for u… all u do is tap technically.Version: 29.0.0

Game keeps crashing.Everytime i play the game keeps crashing click on something and it closes the game completely. This is really frustrating especially since I spend a lot of money on this game..Version: 41.0.0

Game becomes inoperable after years of playI’ve played this game for years. I have tons of inventory amassed. Out of the blue the game comes up with an error code (error: 450) and it won’t allow me to throw parties anymore. Which is essential for progression. I have found forums where people report getting the same error and nothing can be done about it. So, don’t get too attached..Version: 42.1.3

Good but ...I like this game a lot I like how you can go to work and do hobbies and relationship events to earn simoleons but I wish it was just a little more like the Sims 4 on the computer and about that 1/ I wish you could have kids a little bit easier because on the Sims 4 you just ask the other Sim if they want to woohoo and if it works then your pregnant but on this if you want to have a kid you you have to do a whole twenty part quest and it’s just annoying 2/ This one I was upset about since the first time I started buying furniture in the Sims 4 you can sell your old furniture for more simoleons and buy new furniture but in this all you can do is put it in storage which is annoying when I could just sell it to get better stuff 3/ I also wish you could see your Sims feelings and needs and make it more of a take care of your matriarchs needs game instead of it just being a do events and get simoleons game 4/ last but not least I wish l could move houses and walk down the street to see my neighbors but instead the only time you get to see your neighbors is when you go to a party and after you can only view the house but your sim can’t also I wish you could just go to the venues and not have to pay a bunch of llamazoom tickets and simoleons to unlock them and maybe add a park for your kids to play at instead of just letting them go nine places. Sorry that this is so long but I just wish it was more like the Sims 4..Version: 13.1.1

Love, but could be betterI absolutely love the game, I have so much fun. However it can be hard to play because the events take so long, and Sims run out of energy so fast. I’ve unlocked everything for restoring energy, and the power ups, but it’s still hard when you can only use them every 2-39 hours......especially since you spend 2 of your sim’s energy to knock off a whole 2-4 minutes of an 8 hour event. 30 energy does not go far, wish that increased with level. The cupcakes help, but are rare to come by, and EXPENSIVE. It can take upwards of 5 cupcakes to complete an 8hr event in one sitting, it’s hard to justify spending the money. Also with Simcash was a little easier to come by, it’s really impossible to save up for anything when you can hardly find ways to get it. And again, spending $5 for 200 simcash, does NOT go far. Same with fashion gems. And life tickets. Only other thing I wish was different, is that there was a little more of the original sims in the game. Would love to see benefits from the sims interacting outside of an event. Overall, I think the game is much more focused on earning a high revenue than how enjoyable the game is. I think if you threw some extra “premium” goodies in the way of the users, and made the purchase options more reasonable, people would be much more inclined to both play often, and spend money. I have to say, I really find this game to be focused on earning money above everything else, the customer does NOT come first..Version: 14.0.2

SneakyI love this game but your updates have made it impossible to play without paying actual cash. It’s really sneaky of you. For instance, now I have to have 3 llama zoom tickets as well as a ton of cash to buy a room? A BASIC room? That’s really unfair. You’ve also begun making it impossible to even finish llama zoom tasks to get those tickets because there are so many more tasks now. It’s really unfair and encouraging me to stop playing. I don’t mind spending some money on games but if your game has me putting in more than 60 dollars (which I’ve spent) then I might as well buy a video game for my PC or Xbox. Seriously. Really sneaky and underhanded. Kids play this game..Version: 12.3.0

Great while it lasted... but...I was really excited to download this game because I’ve been waiting for a new mobile version of Sims that is more like the main versions. I downloaded the app, created my first character, got as far as my first successful coffee shop run and then was stopped by a 285MB download. After deleting the game and redownloading it again, I was faced with the same problem, so eventually I decided to just wait it out. It took over an hour of just staring at a loading screen, but once that was past I was faced with a much larger download I had to wait through as well. I decided not to wait for that one and got rid of the app again. About a week or two later, I tried again and I got through without problem. Satisfied that I had finally worked past it, I came off for the night. When I checked again this morning, it gave me that stupid loading screen again. Is there any way to skip it? Am I doing something so stupidly wrong that people are wondering if I lack a brain? If so please tell me. If not, this should really be fixed. What I’ve seen of the game, though, is great 👍🏻.Version: 9.2.1

I lost my item?Dude my game glitched out and I literally LOST my stairs? I spent 100 cash on them, which was part of a pack I bought. And now they are just gone and I have only the Christmas stairs option.. that’s messed up.Version: 42.1.3

Pay to Play ScamVery frustrating. Only way to complete special events is to purchase cash or cupcakes with real $$$. I played for hours trying to win the “honeymoon suite” and I’m telling you, it is IMPOSSIBLE to complete without buying cash. Standard pay-to-play waste of time. AND if you start an event, you CANNOT cancel it. So you have to wait several hours or, get this, spend cash to complete sooner. You also have to wait for more energy, buy cupcakes with real money, or use the small energizer options that you can only do once a day. AND other sims will regularly ask for favours. You will only get a positive result if you give them cupcakes or cash. You incur negative results for several hours if you do not purchase them. You also have virtually no control over their personality. They are all the same. The “traits” don’t actually change anything about them. They don’t have more flirtatious or family oriented goals. Nothing like the computer version. Deleted and won’t be playing again. Steer clear!!.Version: 13.1.1

Good gameEnjoyed playing this while in lockdown. I only have a few negatives. Firstly, I think that the items that you can only buy in SimCash are very expensive. I do feel that you should get more coins when completing tasks. Most of the outfits that you can buy are very expensive. Another point is that one of my sims ‘married’ another one and had a baby. As the baby aged my main Sim (the mother) was the one who fed her, potty trained her etc. There was no option for the father to do any of that when clicking on him. The baby is now grown and both parents have now ‘retired’. I have found it odd that their child is now grown and the non-playable parents have listed in their options that I can start a friendships a relationship with them. They are showing on the family portrait, so surely it wont be too much trouble to have them acting like a family as they are living in the same house. Also living in the house is another playable Sim, and I have just started a quest to begin a friendship between the playable Sims. I do not see the point in this as they are living in the same property. When my Sims ‘married’ the options were more aimed at Sims who were friends or dating and not towards a Sim who had a wife and child. I understand it is a free game, but if the things I have mentioned could be improved I would gladly give the game 5 stars. Sims FreePlay is much better. I will be uninstalling..Version: 19.0.1

Boring and a cash grabI could forgive the greediness if the gameplay was remotely interesting or if they made progressing through the stories, hobbies and traits at least reasonably possible. You'll be doing the same thing on repeat no matter what level you are which might even be okay if the quests didn't require you to spend your entire life hitting the same buttons 12-hours a day to complete. Fix list: Parties are not social at all. No one talks and you aren't incentivized to spend any time there = Boring. You may have accomplished a cool wardrobe but sadly you'll spend all your time wearing crappy Izzy creations to make the quests remotely tolerable. Lama Zoom is the most boring and tedious part of the game, but don't worry it's only require for literally everything. I don't know why you can call over a sim during an event but not once they are finished? Annoying. Also why must I travel to the event? I've already said my Sim can go, does he really need a chaperone? To much unnecessary travel. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get traits. Once I own a trait don't sell it to me again. If I get Yoga one more time...I probably would have played longer if I could reasonably collected all the traits, but you could spend your entire life and likely still end up with just yoga. Same goes for events, if I just invested 12 hours of my time do you really need to give me the same bikini top colour? Getting new hobbies and some career stories isn't going to happen without cash, after 7 months of playing I still had the exact same hobbies from the day I started. Which brings me to my last point, make the items cheaper! I would have paid 2.99 for a new hobby and I might have done it 3 times but not 7 dollars!.Version: 13.0.2

Great game but improvementsFirst of all, this game is very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend, but i would like to suggest some improvements - 1. I find it annoying that we have to pay to colour our items and clothing, because we already brought the item and we don’t want to pay extra for the colour of it 2. If we purchase a new area, it does not have to be connected to our house, because I want to be able to make a shed, a guest house or even a playground. Adding on, I also believe that the land is too expensive as you have to pay extra money for each piece of small land you buy 3. As every sim player would know, our houses are right near a beach, so why can’t we swim in it and invite friends to hang out and have a good time. There could even be a job as a life guard, and you could teach your kids how to swim. (Even like swimming lessons) 4. Like the other sim game, I believe we should be able to have a pet that we could feed and play with for our kids enjoyment. 5. It would be cool if we could interact with other sims that aren’t walking around or just at parties, we could maybe go outside and do activities together with the people on our friends list. (A great activity we could do is go swimming with other families) Last but not least could you please make the fashion gems more applicable to get. That’s it, thank you for your time..Version: 12.3.0

Took my money but got no credits!This game was okay until it started glitching. I wanted to buy some sims cash but it gave me a blank screen, then my game restarted and said no money was taken from my account however to my surprise I saw this game took double the money!!!! They aren’t not giving me an option of a refund or giving me the game credits.Version: 42.1.3

Great if you wish for a quick play but has issuesI initially fell in love with this version of the sims as you don’t have to worry about the health of your sim and it plays through a little smother then the full version. However, the time in which to complete quests isn’t long enough to the point where your burning through all your hard earn sim bucks. Also the constant pop-ups to retire your sim is really enjoying especially when your in the middle of a quest or task. If the developers could fix these two main issues it would be much more enjoyable. There also needs to be a bug fix for the quests as when you finish one task from a quest you can’t always start the next part because the sim seems to be stuck in active task mode still. It’s very enjoying and sometimes only leaving the game for a prolonged period of time is the only solution. This also adds to the complication of finishing a quest which sometimes isn’t even worth it and makes me want to quit the game entirely. Please fix..Version: 12.1.1

Awful Customer ServicesDon’t get me wrong, I have loved rediscovering Sims since the first lockdown. However, one day at work I took my phone out of my pocket to realise it must have been unlocked as one of my Sims was in the Cafe surrounded by 20 mug stands. I then see he’s also gone and fast purchased a bloody reindeer jumper from the eco workshop. All of which cost around 600 simcash. I have purchased simcash once in my life so i know this was about £10. Not the end of world, actually pretty funny but I’m thinking I’ll quickly do a live chat with someone when i finish work no big deal. This live chat took an hour and went nowhere, they were trying to get rid of me from the start, I asked for a manager and they said someone must have hacked in to my account if i could not provide proof of purchase for why my money was gone (at the time i did not know what the money had been spent on/ why that was relevant). I said i would be screenshotting the hours worth of nonsense and they closed the chat but they must of known I wouldn't get anywhere as when i rang someone would answer and then hang up, i tried insta dms and emails- nothing. Such a shame knowing i love playing and it was something so little- PLEASE JUST TAKE BACK THE BLOODY REINDEER JUMPER, I DO NOT WANT 20 MUG STANDS noone does lol. Personally I can not bring myself to put money in to the game again, if youre reading this- maybe you will think twice too.Version: 24.0.0

Meme time!The sims: I can do what I want The sims MOBILE:I can barely do more then buy coffee and build a house..Version: 23.0.0

Poor customer serviceGameplay is moderately entertaining but I strongly advise against making any purchases through the app. EA does not respond to any queries about technical issues, including user inability to access purchases. However they will still keep the money you paid for the items you never get to use..Version: 41.0.2

Lots of glitchesI have 4 kids and ever since I had my first one (Lori) I have bean experiencing issues. When I go to interact with my kids my sim teleports to the interaction place and stands frozen and does not interact with its baby. I have 2 kids 1 toddler and 1 baby and when I select the toddlers bed and I select tuck in were ever my toddler is she will just lie down and not actually come to the bed. My high chairs are disabled at least that’s what it is saying. And my kids randomly teleport to random places! I go onto sims everyday and do the teach your kids/toddlers/baby’s thing but my older kid does not have that. It has bean 2 weeks and non of my kids/toddler/baby have aged up. May you pls deal with this because my mobile device is the only thing I have access to and it would be a shame if my favourite game may not work for me. If this game had non of these problems then I would rate it 4.7. Hope you look into this and change it it would be very helpful. Thank you.Version: 12.3.0

Fun but Lots of glitches.I have played this game for a years and recently it has been super glitchy, not sure if the bugs will be fixed. Like pop ups won’t go away, not receiving tickets after relationship events, sims disappearing. I really enjoyed playing but might have to stop if the glitches keep happening..Version: 31.0.1

Good but my problem is..I have deleted and reinstalled this game many times and this is my reason why. First time i saw that the game had been released on mobile i was overjoyed but what really bothered me when i started playing was:The levels are just unreasonable cause on sims 4 you don’t need to be on a certain level to start a family or decorate your house with furniture, example: i am currently on level 7 and i want to be able to decorate my house with furniture, but furniture is locked until i reach level 11 and it takes an extremely long time to level up (in my opinion), so really the only reason for levels is to be able to do create your own sim life but on sims 4 YOU CAN DO THOSE THINGS without levels which is just annoying, and is why i keep giving up on this game cause i just feel that there is nooo point in continuing to play the game when i can simply just wait until i can buy sims 4, so if you are looking for a game were you can do lots of things without being on a certain level then this game is not the best for you. I hope understand that this is just my opinion on the game, thank you for reading..Version: 13.1.1

“So so” simsI have mixed feelings: I am not a lifelong sims player and semi new to the app for mobile- never played on a computer. I’ve enjoyed customizing my home, but feel limited by the options and the small size of the game options (settings, hobbies, careers). I wish the players could have more than one hobby at a time, more than one house, go to more neighborhoods. I have a few issues with glitches. It forces me to make “surprising choices” every time I log in several times (a penalty) and they often freeze up the game. The game directed me to retire my first gen sims for extra login rewards and I’ve never received those rewards. The marketplace space in my version is glitchy and I can only visit in the dark (so annoying and the support team has been ZERO help). It often freezes and I lose any progress I’ve made. Any of the items I buy for the careers in the marketplace disappear. I also think the pay off for moving up in the levels is lackluster. Items are expensive and take forever to earn. Each expansion gets more expensive— where’s the reward there? The game was the funnest in the beginning when the most options and opportunities were available at lower costs. The user experience often also suffers because you can’t cancel actions or leave a shift you’ve entered. I want to like playing the game more than I do. It can be relaxing and I enjoy the customization features the most..Version: 13.0.0

My honest opinion.I’m not able to gain money to buy the real game, and able to play the way most people would. So I instead I downloaded this game. I had high hopes, I’ve watched sim game play since I was young so I do the knew the expectations were high. As I downloaded it felt more of a tighter game then the original, but it had more of a different feel. It was quite literally just story lines and story lines. I had it for almost exactly a day and I got bored. It’s a alright game, but you can’t do much and it does get boring..Version: 42.1.3

Bug??So I’m currently doing the wedding quest and one of the part quests I am stuck on. It is part 5, the “do you take my menu?” one. I have tapped on my sims partner heaps but I can’t find the quest. I have tried everything the quest is not showing up. Please fix this I really want that bedroom. Other than that I like it but there are other things too, just not as important as the quest one. For example, can you make it so that we can have more than one house? It’s really annoying and weird when you have adults and their adult kids living together. Apart from that, I like the game a lot but PLEASE PLEASE fix the bug before my timer runs out or I will be really really sad..Version: 10.1.0

Lacks Functionality Of Original Sims Games - Basically An Idle TapperAs said in the title, this game really lacks some of the functions that made the original games so great: your Sims had needs that you had to keep track of! And if you didn’t keep track, then something would happen to your Sim like them having an accident if their toilet needs weren’t met, passing out if their sleep needs weren’t met, etc. And Sims could gain buffs and debuffs, such as Confident (e.g: if something goes well) or Embarrassed (e.g: gets walked in on whilst on the toilet or in the bath/shower. Also, you would have to actually think about what you want to say to another Sim as different responses would have different reactions and make them act differently towards you, and I feel that could be implemented nicely in the mobile version so that what you say can elicit a positive, negative, neutral, very positive, or very negative response. These are things that really made The Sims great, and it is sad to see that these, what I’d call, key features have been removed for the mobile version; essentially turning it into just another dumb idle tapper game..Version: 13.1.1

It was good..but...I liked this but it’s not really like the sims 4 that much...i don’t know if that’s what you were aiming to do then i think it needs work. the graphics are great and stuff but i think there’s a few things that could be improved. Firstly, it’s pretty annoying when you first start, since there isn’t very much clothing option. if there were more clothes and hair styles when you first start it would make a good improvement. Secondly, in the sims 4, you don’t really have to complete quests to do certain things, in this it’s pretty hard since you have to wait for ages to complete a quest before you do certain things: e.g. the wedding quest, or the baby quest. Thirdly, i think it’s far to difficult to try and have a baby, or get married. in the sims, when you reach a certain level, you can do all of these things. here, you have to go to parties to earn tickets before you can have a baby. to get married it’s easier but you still have to wait ages to complete the quest. I liked this, but i think it still needs a little work and time..Version: 12.0.0

Great jobThis game is totally one of my favourites. That being said... it still could use some updates. First of all, I’m broke so getting 300 coins for free everyday would start me off. Also, when your trying to complete all the quests to get married it would take a heap of pressure off by giving it no time limit. When your finishing quests for the wedding I think there should be like 10, or else it takes to long. I think you should also get 100 coins when you finish a quick shift of your career! Hope you take all that into mind and maybe make it possible. Thanks! 👍.Version: 20.0.0

Sims use to be the best. After updates it is sadly kinda badPreviously I would have rated 5 stars & raved about this game but recent updates have made it almost unplayable. The workshop never gives the option to work/do tasks and the day only stays on Friday so it’s impossible to do anything. The challenges never allow me to do all. I can only do one or two ever. So completing the baking or treasure hunt etc challenges are impossible to complete. Updates rarely add anything like now I read something about free packages. I won’t see or get. Also it’s 50/50 on actually receiving packages I actually pay for. As in if the game will give me anything I paid irl money for. Customer service never contacted us. And before you say, we have uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times. It seems to make it worse. This breaks my heart bc I loved this game. I was obsessed and spent lots of money on it but now it is more frustrating than anything. I keep hoping maybe the game will get fixed and I can have the amazing game from the past. But idk if that’s going to happen. Oh and I’ve tried the game on multiple devices. Which turned into a nightmare. Progress not transferring or syncing and I connected every account possible Sims recommended such as fb google play etc. I went to check the game and got a swift reminder of the constant game crashes/close outs it offers. I can’t even get it to stay open. What is wrong with this game??? If you’re considering this game, don’t bother. Sadly.Version: 33.0.0

It’s good but...I love some of the features on this game but i have come into a few things that i think should either be changed or approved. first of all it’s nothing like the sims, freeplay annoys me most of the time because of the waiting endless hours but this is a whole new level. i was playing the baby quest and every event is like 7 hrs and and this is the 3rd time i’ve tried doing, for me it’s impossible like why can’t i just try for a baby. I hate games that you need real time to play, i probably will uninstall this but i wanted something to play until i can find my actual sims games. also why is everything so expensive? i’m only like 2,000 and i’ve been playing for days, i don’t have time to work cause i’m doing all these other quests. It’s so hard to earn money on this game. also want to point out is i might as well live on an empty lot cause my sims don’t even need the furniture. please fix this and make it more like the sims, i thought it was that’s why i installed it. i’d even pay like £5-£10 for it if it is made like that..Version: 22.0.0

Please readI got sucked into this game at the start because there is very good graphics and at the beginning it just brings back the old sims vibes, but i’m forcing myself to try and keep going because i’m so bored now, i’m not advancing in anything, the tasks are usually 12-15 tasks and when you finish one like 3 others pop up...you don’t actually take care of you sims needs like eating or sleeping which defeats the point in general, all you do is try to earn about maximum 45$ per 1h minimum task to buy 500$ shirts or 900$ little hobbies, and it’s all just overwhelming, when you unlock new items it just comes all at once and there is so much to choose from but it’s very unorganised, and they shove 3day left challenges that are there ask the time not just 3 days, and there isn’t any general story at all...you just earn money by taping on buttons that drains your energy which you can’t fill back up unless you wait 16h to use a bed, in order to buy way to expensive furniture and get 5new tasks to pop up on an endless loop that doesn’t seem to get you anywhere...hopefully this will improve and it will be more like the REAL sims...you just have to make it a bit more buildable, less tasks, more sim maintenance and less 5day challenges that never end..Version: 25.0.2

Shamefully PredatoryI love The Sims. However, the in-app purchases are predatory and designed to scam people. You could end up spending hundreds, if not thousands (over a period of time) on this game ONLY to make minor gaming achievements. This makes the game seriously inaccessible for most people — and if you don’t make in-app purchases The Sims becomes non-playable. For a mobile game, the world building is great and it’s so fun building houses. Keep in mind that this game is far more PG than the desktop versions and you’re not allowed to control your Sim in complex ways. You have to follow very regimented rules and you can’t skip through events. There are no cheat codes, either. Plus… you cannot sell the items you own (like furniture) to purchase other items. You have to keep what you buy. I am very disappointed in the trajectory of this game. It is so sad that EA has resorted to siphoning money from people. I’d rather pay a flat fee of maybe $49 to have access to the full game with the option of purchasing extensions. Finally, how have they not released an improved version of The Sims? We’ve been stuck with Sims 4 for a decade and I’ve read that they won’t move away from it because they make so much money from gatekeeping. Improve the graphics! Improve the experience! Create nuanced and human-like actions (like the mods try to do) so that we can feel like we’re playing in 2022 and not 2006..Version: 32.0.1

Tons of Bugs in the gameI love this game and I’ve been obsessively playing it for the past few months, but there are a lot of bugs that should be fixed, especially since a lot of them are in inapp purchases. They also waste peoples time like for example one of the last parts of wumples wishlist asking you to complete llama zoom tasks when llama zoom was taken off the game years ago… not to mention that it’s impossible to contact EA to bring their attention to any of these issues. EA gladly accepts peoples money, but doesn’t do anything to fix the various bugs in their game or improve the game quality. Very disappointing..Version: 41.0.2

Pay to playSe rapproche du vrai jeu des sims, mais encore une fois une version « gratuite » avec laquelle tu peux jouer à peine 2h sans avoir à débourser de l’argent réel pour acheter de l’énergie dans le jeu. Pourquoi pas une version payante au téléchargement, mais qui permet au jouer de jouer librement comme la version pc? Ici on parle encore en terme d’objectifs, dépense d’argent réel et attente interminable pour poser une action. A part les « scénarios » avec les autres sims, il n’y a pas grand sentiment de simulation de vie..Version: 9.1.1

Good game but one problem!I love this game, the Sims has always been my favourite game and to be able to have it on the go in my free time is great and I’m really enjoying it. However I’ve just created myself and my partner in one household and have the friendship and romance levels up, so of course we’d want a double bed. Tell me WHY all of the double beds are cash payment, rather than coins, causing the player to spend in game money themselves. I think it’s ludicrous. I just spent a large chunk of coins my Sim had (not purchased, in game from working) to complete a bedroom collection where you have to purchase 10 items to unlock the double bed. The bed is in the collection, which the rest is purchased by coins but for some reason the bed is cash, and it DOESN’T tell you this before you start the collection, only once you’ve unlocked it. So now I’ve just spent a chunk of my Sims coins on a bedroom set I didn’t even want, to get the bed that now I can’t get because it’s only purchased by cash!! AND to top it off, there is no option to sell furniture??? The game forces you to get the basic home collections when you first start, I mean of course, that makes sense because you need to level up and earn more money to unlock the better ones - but you can’t sell the original ones purchased that you no longer want or need?? This game is just becoming one problem after another. Sort it out please..Version: 32.0.1

Fun but certain aspects need to changeI enjoy playing this game during quarantine as I have plenty of time to spare. But during my normal life it would be very frustrating and I would have just deleted the game the day I downloaded it after finding out how long an “event” takes and how fast your Sims “energy levels” dwindle down while performing tasks at any time during an “event” which could be the sim being at work or hanging out with a friend. To do or get anywhere at a decent pace you have to shell out your hard earned REAL money to progress to a new level. The cost to buy Simoleons is absolutely day light robbery!!! How dare they charge so much for their audience to purchase money on a game. Praying on people who love and support your game to spend so much on it is just morally wrong and corrupt in my eyes I hope that changes money grabbers. For now during quarantine I will play to pass time but when my normal life returns I doubt I will have the time for this game it just consumes so much time to do anything unless your willing shell literally $100s or $1000s to get far in this game. Sad..Version: 19.0.0

Fix your gameI’m not going to raise the stars until you fix this game because I’m trying to have a kid and I’m and 14/15 tasks and in the last task it tells me to wait 24 hours for it to be available. I wait 24 hours and when I complete the task it makes me restart everything and I’m at 0/15😐.Version: 26.0.0

Pretty goodI’m impressed so far. There seems to be not a lot of difference from the full game. The only thing I absolutely hate is that actions require energy. Ugh. There’s always a catch..Version: 9.1.1

Kinda disappointed but rrly boredI love this game and I think it’s the closest thing to the Sims 4 on pc but it’s lacking in some areas. Firstly it’s highly repetitive. All we do is get a job, get a hobby and finish it. There’s nothing interesting about that. I think you should try to make it less repetitive. Secondly one thing I loved about the sims especially sims 3 was first person POV and walking around town myself, not just tapping on my screen and arriving places. I really like the graphics of this game but I think you should try incorporating some things from all the sims games to make it a good game. At first playing the game is really excited and intriguing but when you start getting the same quest over and over again about completing jobs and hobbies people begin to lose interest. Thirdly we need the needs back. Make our sims feel more like real people rather than robots on a screen. I enjoyed making my sims a meal whenever they were hungry and rushing them to the bathroom before they pee on themselves. I honestly just hate the way we only get two players at first and have to pay to get more. I enjoyed having big families in both the sims 3 and 4. Another thing we need back is different outfits for different occasions. I loved spending hours trying to figure out what my sims should wear for their athletic occasion. Idrk but the sims mobile has just been a disappointment and I hope that your listen to us and make the game more enjoyable.Version: 14.0.2

ExpensiveI think my title said it all this game is very expensive it’s not talking about moneywise but game wise if you try to work you need to get energy and if you don’t have enough energy you can’t work I think that sounds a bit confusing but it means you basically have to pay money game money to work another thing is how much they advertise literally 30 minutes in the game they will be asking you if you want to buy a house or buy a pack to get my money there’s also things such as cupcakes which you need if you don’t have enough energy this game is also inappropriate game they talk about things such as having a baby and getting married honestly I think the age rate should be changed 12 and up are not even allowed to hear this honestly you might think I’m a parents talking about my kids experience but I can assure you ThatI’m just a kid a who is writing this review you might not think getting married is inappropriate but they also talk about touching someone in inappropriate places this is a really bad game when they talk about such things like this and I say that either this game changes some of the things they talk about or of the age limit they even ask for your age in the beginning no I’m not gonna say my age butI am under 12 and they still let me play honestly this game was not well thought out I hope somebody takes this toCare because This is a really big thing to handle even for a 12. Year old Thank you.Version: 30.0.2


HmmGame has become extremely glitchy since sometime between their Halloween quest and their Thanksgiving quest. On the plus side, I now have an apparently non gender binary character that I am unable to edit or change any characteristics about (but they look cool!). On the negative side, any event I complete can somehow transform from whatever career/relationship/hobby I thought it was about to literally anything else with anyone else. It’s very confusing and makes it frustrating to play the game..Version: 12.1.1

STEALS MONEYListen I’m not one to write reviews but this game literally stole my money and I’m furious it’s actual garbage.Version: 12.3.0

Good game but...This game is great. It’s addictive, interesting and fun to play but there are a few problems. 1. The events are unfair because for example, the baking event. There is an activity where you have to collect points (winnings chances) to bake a cake. To collect points you have to spend energy (you get 30 at the begging) and you at can use them to collect prizes. I have noticed that when you have collect a lot of prizes you have a much bigger chance of losing meaning you lose all your prizes and have to wait (sometimes) over 7 hours to play again. Just the other day I was playing the activity and lost with 99% chances after collecting lots of prizes and had to wait a few hours before I could play again! (By the way, you can pay in-game money to revive but it’s really hard to collect and you have to pay a lot!) 2. You can’t collect money to easily, and to buy stuff you need it. Some things give you energy or boosts levelling up which is extremely helpful, but as I said, it is so hard to collect money to buy the items that you want/need to play! In conclusion, I really like the game and enjoy playing it, but there needs to be some improvements and it needs to be more fair..Version: 29.0.1

Money grabbing & glitchfest game #SimsNObileI’ve been playing since March this year. Absolutely loved the game, the events and the friends I’ve met who also enjoy the game. But slowly as time went by; EA added features to this game which has made it to the point of unplayable. There are so many glitches which we hoped would be fixed - but then more glitches popped up after every update. The previous Harvestfest event was so broken I couldn’t even finish it. And their compensation was that they will add the prize to the shop for premium cash... - EA need to get their priorities straight because they fixed things that didn’t need to be fixed and didn’t fix things which break the game! They keep adding premium packs which you must buy with money and the latest events require you to rush your events using premium currency if you want a chance at the end prizes. Frankly becoming impossible to be free to play. I’ve invested a lot of money on this game and I thought it was worth it but now I am no longer tempted. Every week there’s something new to buy to keep up with the game. And now you have to pay extra for different item COLOURS?!!? I’m hoping this #SimNObile movement will get their attention and make them look at our issues and sort their stuff out before the Winterfest event..Version: 12.2.0

It’s okayOther than the horrible graphics and wait time it’s actually a pretty fun game. I downloaded it a couple years back but it was very boring at first. I see that they made some changes?? I wish the graphics were as good as they look on the ads. We should be able to customize our sims more and have more than 3 hairstyles and a few outfits to choose from. We should be able to choose the makeup and facial features like you can on “Sim’s mobile”. Some of the objects you have to buy are so expensive for no reason because they don’t even cost that much in real life. I don’t think there should be wait times like 22 hours because if you’re like me then you’ll forget about the game until days later which is why i deleted it the first time. I stopped having interest in the game when i had to wait DAYS just to get something done. Nobody wants to spend their own money to purchase “Life Points” just to speed up time. The pc version had a fast-forward and pause button. I get that all of the games have evolved and you have to spend money now but i think the wait time is just a very ridiculous. I know that spending that much time on your phone isn’t healthy which is why i can only spend maybe an hour but you can’t get anything done in that time because you have to wait HOURS and it’s just very annoying. I love the concept of the game. I just wish some adjustments were made and the game would be so much better!! Ugh..Version: 13.0.2

Good but needs improvementsA great game and very fun to play. But I think some improvements would give it 5 stars. Some minor glitches and connectivity problems here and there, but the main annoying thing is to do with babies. I’ve had so many baby boys I can’t remember how many, but I’ve only had one girl. I’m not sure if this is some sort of glitch but it would be good if it was fixed. Another improvement would be adding moodlets for sims, making the game a little more like sims 4 for those on mobile devices. Maybe even advancing actions and communication, school for children and more interaction with toddlers and babies. Also it would be cool to be able to customise toddlers and children’s appearances. And being able to have two bassinets or more at once would be more practical, even being able to have twins or triplets. Another thing is clothing for all sims, not much variety and very expensive. It would be more practical for it to be free or at a cheaper price. But overall good game but could be improved..Version: 10.1.0

Needs bug fixes!!!I’m loving the new sims mobile but a couple of things need to be fixed asap! Ex: i already got engaged and married the sims twice and every time I come back my progress of that is gone! This will be the third time I have to do the 5 hour event and marry again which I am not doing unless it’s fixed ! I waisted days just doing them events because it glitches every time I exit the game . Really annoying! Also the fashion van does not work properly! It needs to be gender based my husband has been getting girl clothes while on the other hand I get the same clothes every time! We spend time earning energy and things like that just for it to glitch out! And then when I hit level 10 I was forced to make another sim because I was curious and clicked and you can not cancel and on top of that I found out you cannot get rid of them until they retire which is level 15!? I’m only on level 12 and I want to move in my husband and have kids but I can’t unless that sim is gone! I feel like this game is just a big loop hole of putting in stuff and having it glitch or just not work over and over again! One more thing that needs to be fixed is the same blue haired boy towny hasn’t left my house ! It’s been 3 real days I’m tired of all these things that need to be fixed ! It gets really annoying when you open your game expecting to be married and for that sim to be gone when it doesn’t happen !.Version: 9.1.1

HelpLook I think this is a amazing game it just needs a lot of changes I really want to make a family but I don’t get a lot of time to play it and when I start doing the task for making plans for a baby I run out of time and have to restart again and I think you should make moods and stuff like the real sims because it’s much more fun when you have to do stuff for the sim and don’t make the challenges so long nobody has ten hours to wait But overall it’s a great game!.Version: 12.1.1

Ok, but pretty slow gameplayThis game is ok, and in some places, an improvement from other sims mobile games, because it has more options when it comes to character creation, and it gives you more ways to develop your sims’ hobbies, relationships, and jobs. At the same time, though, there are a lot of glaring issues. For one, the game only gives each of your sims a set amount of energy, which runs out from telling your sim to do things. Besides using a bed or shower for a few more energy points, it quickly can get used up. Once it runs low, you can either purchase a cupcake to refuel them, or wait until it fills back up again. This means a lot of waiting in between gameplay, and it can get a little tedious. With most events and jobs too, these can take over an hour to complete without paying for it with in game or real currency. There are not as much things to do with house design, since the plots are already small even if you buy all the land. Also, I don’t know if this issue was only with my device, or if it’s been fixed by now, but when I played the game, it would often lag or just immediately exit out of the app. This bug combined with the constant waiting and limited house design made me bored quickly, and I dropped the game after a month. If you enjoy less hands-on games, you might still enjoy this. Overall, the game is fun for a while, but needs some more additions to fully make it worth playing again..Version: 11.0.3

Fail to log inI have been playing Freeplay for YEARS and decided to give this a go. I downloaded it played it for an hour before the issues started. This game is UNRELIABLE!!! I can never log on and it leaves me hanging in limbo and it’s a bit of miss or hit if it will actually let me log on. I’ve restarted, deleted, downloaded AGAIN multiple times and updated and the stupid game and it will still not boot up! This morning the game has been hanging in limbo (after already acknowledging my sign in on game centre) and I’ve been waiting for over 20min for it to let me on. Don’t waste your time downloading this game - you will only end up going mad with frustration 🤬.Version: 19.0.1

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