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EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer app received 141 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer? Can you share your negative thoughts about ea sports fc™ mobile soccer?

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EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer for Negative User Reviews

Game premised on how much money EA can siphon from youCompact and fun mobile football game. BUT here’s the bad part. The games’ two main game modes H2H and VS attack mode are based purely on which team is higher rated (I.e. how much money and/or time you spend). VS Attack mode against lower rated opponents is only the slightest degree above mindless two button presses. H2H is more skill based but the lag and delay that comes with it makes it almost unplayable. Naturally the more you lose the more you are urged to spend money on the various ways to increase your team rating. At lower team ratings it’s not even noticeable but once you’ve spent considerable hours into it that’s when devs know they have you and matchmaking naturally becomes more competitive and pushing team rating higher becomes more difficult. Really a big money grab. Gotta respect EA for putting minimal effort for big profits..Version: 13.1.10

A game loaded with bugs and micro transactions.It's very true that's you don't have to spend money on this game, but if you want to make any kind of progress without taking up hours of your life money is really the only way, and there's no just normal purchasable packs with low overall players and every pack like that contains only like 1 very high overall player and coins and is only obtainable through purchased currency. This game is genuinely rage inducing with the amount of bugs and server issues it has. Getting an "resource download error" is the most frustrating thing outside of playing the game modes, the fact that you can't even get into the games because of this issue that happens very consistently and it even counts as forfeiting a match that you never even got the chance to play. And the in match are just things like my player just tapping the ball out of bounds when I want him to pass it or when a player just clears the ball when I press to pass the ball, I get that the buttons are right beside eachother but I've been playing this game long enough to not make that issue and it still happens anyways. There are many more bugs but that's just the most notable ones. Nonetheless it's still a football experience that isn't complete terrible despite all of this I have had fun at points playing this game..Version: 18.1.03

I think this game is depressing meSorta good but can you make the game fair in regards to gameplay/AI and not give us the equivalent of suicidal military missions for soccer match challenges in this game I’ve struggled so badly with the final match of chapter two in the adventure path in the national heroes because your down 0-3 start of the second with no tiebreaker oh and you need to score with a defender and get a brace I’ve only even tied the game twice and like I said it’s painfully hard for absolutely no reason I mean the final match of the whole adventure path seems easier than the final of chapter two it just feels like I’m trying to fill an abyss because my striker will run out of bounds with the ball even though I told him to go the other way my striker with a goal actually stays away from the penalty area the opposite of what a striker is supposed to do and during corner kicks my defenders either don’t jump for the ball or are in the back side of the penalty area away from the goalkeeper and my defenders should be really good at heading my 98 overall CB who’s 6’5 and has 120 heading is diving for the ball to get headers it just feels messed up man and my defense to sum it up my defenders and GK allowed a CAM to score from outside the penalty area just need to fix the AI and gameplay but other than that I would like a feature that allows you to skip one game or skill game per event so this doesn’t happen often but it can only be used once and yeah that’s it.Version: 14.6.0

Gets worse and worse as you play on, now quitGood at the start but terrible as you progress, you can tell the game is fixed for people who spend, but it’s more the levelling is now unrealistic that has just made me quit, for instance I’ve spent £millions on getting the Christian Vieri Icon from level 85 to level 94, only for the current events firing out Championship and low ranked team players at levels 90+ for free, including strikers you’ve never even heard of at level 96! or they are so easy to get hold of you can buy them for £200k-£500k on the auctions. The Vs attack is not accurate either, you can play a level 89 one game and a level 240 the next, no point in playing as you get 1 decent chance at goal they get about 12-15. I’ve finally thrown in the towel when I’ve just got a level 88 LW Sinclair playing in the championship out paces just about any other player I’ve ever had and is better than base cards of Dybala, Mane, Ronaldo etc. Keep the exceptional players exceptional, the icons are now rubbish in comparison to the event players, enough’s enough for me got bored now.Version: 14.3.01

I give this zeroI wish I can give zero because what is this bull crap.Version: 18.1.03

GoodI have played fifa mobile for years and I really enjoyed it but this season is too disappointing. Most features now drag on and on and for you to make progress you have to spend significant money. The market is much much worse. It used to be fun to be able to chose how much you would sell your player for, now it is restricted. The star pass marathon of 100 is way too long , so progress is slow. The division rivals is not great and the leagues only gives you league points that does not give you much benefits. Also I have lost 75% of my players around the World that were in my league. All data from the last 5 years (history) are gone and I spend significant amount of money on that game. New events are fewer than previous seasons. I am done with the game and feel disappointed..Version: 15.5.04

The hellI dont know if this is happening for everyone but it keeps updating when its literally the same. i have to delete so many things just to play 2 more times. horrendous..Version: 18.1.03

Had enoughThis is the last straw now I've had enough I've been a player of Fifa mobile ever since it was first released on mobile and never wanted to delete the game more than I do now I've had it with attack mode as I could fight hard against an opponent and think I've either won or drawn and then my match finishes with either me winning or drawing and then when the screen comes up with how many chances each team had it turns out that the opponent has scored an extra time goal to clinch the share of fans or even more frustrating they some how win and it does it so often that I'm on the verge of quitting and never playing again. Also I'm confused on how this whole match making thing works as I'm a 90 overall team and get matched with98, 99, or even over 100 overall teams and it's just unfair as I feel you should match teams with minimum 2 overalls lower and maximum 2 overalls higher just so then people feel like they have a chance as I've had so many people moan about it on too many an occasion and it agitates me so sort it out or you could lose out on a huge amount of players so I'm surprised I'm giving as high as a 1 star rating to be totally honest just sort it out or sell the franchise 😡.Version: 9.0.0

Fun game but a lot of bugsLook honestly the game is pretty good the quality is good and everything is fun but there are also many problems that I don’t like and that’s why the one star because first of all the game is always lagging and at first I thought it was just my phone but my sibling also have the same problem with the app the game is always logging you out while you’re in a game for example if I’m playing head to head sometimes I would be winning and out of nowhere it would log me out and it won’t let me continue the game I was winning saying that I will be able to play again once the current game is finished and at the end I just end up losing. Another thing that I hate about this is that the buttons (mostly the pass/switch button)don’t work most of the times they get stuck and when you press pass it doesn’t do it and the other team ends up taking it away. There are many things I like about the game but there is far more things that the game has to fix but they don’t like how if the game logs you out during a head to head match it doesn’t let you go back in and continue playing and also if your opponent leaves during the head to head match the AI continues playing for them and then they end up wining because sometimes the AI plays better than the actual person so that’s something they have to fix..Version: 18.0.03

ANNOYINGFifa mobile is very annoying because in Hall of Legends, H2H gives you teams that are too cracked. I am in PRO I, but I played a team in WORLD CLASS II. I got crushed because I was 117 OVR but I played a 140 OVR team. The UCL Best 11 quests and pass are all right but the players are BILLIONS of dollars and about forces everyone to pay money. You barely get anything from the Star Pass unless you pay with fifa points(which cost real money). When I started fifa Division Rivals were all right and pretty easy but when the update came when all the players decreased in value and pretty much everyone had a team full of 100+ OVR players manager mode became rigged. I can barely find pve matches so they should add a mode where your team can play in a league and win trophies. The market is garbage and I can barely sign or sell players unless they are really good. But sometimes you need the bad players to help in training. If you are looking for a game that uh, um, ur is ACTUALLY GOOD then get Dream League Soccer or eFootball. But they also have money problems but the gameplay is all right..Version: 18.1.03

Good but could improveFIFA mobile is a great game I love it just my phone had 2 of the app so I deleted one and it deleted both so now I have to start all ovr again see what I did there By the way my ovr was 124 and my chem was 84 so that’s really disappointing anyway I really hope you can improve on this and I can get my old version back. Signed Manaia.Version: 18.1.03

This game needs many modifications and improvementsI personally believe that this game is decent and mediocre, I think there can be many modifications to this game that will have a significant positive impact to this game and make people more optimistic while playing. First, this game lacks in common sense, when you are putting in effort to cooperate with fellow teammates it occasionally just plays the ball to the other team despite all the effort you took to get possession of the ball. Secondly, this game can improve the market, when you are trying to purchase a player from the market with a reasonable price range, you are not capable of doing this because you can not costume the price range of these players to suit you. And lastly, I do not like to invoke the privilege to use the market. This is because of false information about players, when you are using the market all this spectacular information comes up about a certain player. And the nanosecond that you buy him for a absurd price and put him on your team, you realize first hand that you definitely should not have purchased this player for an outrageous amount of fifa currency. There should be a lot of simple improvements that can change this game for the better..Version: 15.5.04

Game freezingThe game always freezes for me while I’m in a VSA match I had 3 seconds left and I was down by one and I had a great chance to tie the game and than win it but it froze right before the chances are really messed up 10% more basic chances doesn’t mean 6 of them and only 3 great chances while they are both at 20% Pls fix this issues and thank you I’m on an IPhone 6s.Version: 12.0.03

DefenseI have an 80+ rated defenders koeman rijkaard cole and a literal 68 rated centre back scored just because my defenders with 70+ pace is as slow as a turtle and my goalkeeper was even onana and my mostovo with alot of dribbling when i have him on the ball i put the thumbstick down for the player to go right. guess what it goes right in 5 seconds and then the opponents player gets the ball and then the my mostovoi with alot of dribbling now i want to put my thumbstick left so my player goes back first it goes left cause the thumbstick goes for 5 seconds it actually goes for like 2 seconds i just say 5 seconds because it is long now with my 90 casillas im very confident in winning a vs attack. loses 5-11.Version: 20.0.03

Greedy, Glitchy,GoneAfter playing this waste of time game I have finally removed it! Phew! The most repetitive trash of a football game ever created indeed! The developers, don't seem to do much with the events, which last a month, yeah, a month! And they keep getting more and more tedious, with several being a constant dull experience, like the daily routine ones, where you are fed crumbs (cash), and useless players! The market where you are supposed to sell your players is kept at a steady useless level, where if you are lucky, you might just sell a player at its lowest price! Yes we get it, it's a money based platform, but geez! Can the developers put in an serious effort and start creating some exiting content and competitions!? What do you do a whole month !? Regurgitating the events !? Create leagues where players and friends can compete just like PES had, make more exiting content and put an effort and some ambition with it all! This game can have so much to offer, but unfortunately for whatever reason is being constricted (license?) For now I am out!.Version: 18.0.04

Reason is luck and vsa and pay to winSo I was playing a normal vsa but then I went on a losing streak and I kept on getting people over 110 overall so basically I’m only 107 overall seems good right?that doesn’t mean I have to randomly get on a losing streak like just stop giving me player that are impossible to win against and even I got a guy from world class 1 and I’m at 2 so how am I supposed to win and all of the players I see are lenget and once I lost all of the controls so basically it won’t show me the buttons or whatever ea calls it and now luck we’ll my luck is so terrible every time I open a pack like a really good one then it gives me the worst player like why do I have a bad luck and why is cristiano ronaldo so expensive even if it’s a normal type of card and even Messi he’s not that good and first of all how do you even sell players quick?like how you could have told everyone playing how to sell players more quick and now pay to win basically all I see on the store is just real cash like you want us to go broke a human life is more important than your stupid pay to win like that could get people high rush of being poor and don’t have enough money to pay the house bill now go fix your vsa and luck now that you see oh wait the controls bye and only 1 star because of how bad it is.Version: 17.1.01

Old fifa was betterThe old fifa on mobile was much better the gameplay was way more fun and looked much better. BRING IT BACK AND TAKE THIS SH*T OUT!.Version: 12.2.02

Attack mode is so rng basedFrom unbalanced opponents to completely random chances, players deciding to run an extra 5 metres after you push shoot so they either get tackled or wiped out by the keeper. And goalkeeper saves in general. I feel the game has less about skill, a more about hoping and praying that your player will do what you want them to do..Version: 8.1.01

TutorielTutoriel interminable.Version: 18.1.03

Fantastic concept, majorly flawedAs someone who as regularly played FIFA mobile and other forms of FIFA on different platforms, the recent years of FIFA mobile have produced a brilliant concept, despite the much complained about ‘pay-to-win’ features. I have 0 complaints over the events, apart from maybe the limited rewards without real money being spent, however, the sheer amount this game crashes is ruining it for me. It may not always crash, but I will often have to wait around 10 seconds before play will resume, either that or it crashes completely and then it’s my fault apparently and I lose. A more recent issue I’ve had was a VS attack match starting at around 1 minute, not 1 minute 30 seconds, and once I finished the game, winning 6-0, I was rudely informed that there was an issue, the game was on going and soon I had apparently LOST 6-0. It is severely infuriating to be punished for something which isn’t my fault. As good as the concepts and the events are, the gameplay itself is seriously in dire need of upgrading and the prevention of crashing. A crash report system would be nice. Despite the crashes, it has so much promise and the game is definitely going in the right way, which is great to see..Version: 12.5.01

So many bugs!This game has many bugs and annoying things. Everything you do is slow and that loading screen with a ball comes up with anything you do and wastes your time. sometimes the menus dont work at all and sometimes it logs u out of important matches. all the gameplay controls disappear sometimes while you are in the match and wont be visible unless a goal is scored. please fix all this!!!!.Version: 17.0.02

If a game has never made you feel sick you haven’t played thisAn overall broken game. You will find so many games with kits that clash or kits that are exactly the same as yours so you can’t determine who’s on who’s team unless you buy kits in game, multiple players can header than ball at once, players constantly trip over each other, goal keepers have abilities beyond god himself, the players have no concept of logical runs or passes regardless of whether you change your controls to manual or not. There is no way to guarantee the pass you input it’s all down to chance. If you want the game just because it’s fifa then have fun and don’t buy expensive players all you need is chemistry. If you want to play a football game I highly suggest dream league soccer, as all round it is a much more refined game that feels like the developers actually put time and effort in to improve it over the years rather than try to grab as much of your money as possible before anyone realises what a broken mess the game is. In the newest update you do a pvp match with the same teams, makes it fair right? No chance, they haven’t even put the effort in to make sure the 2 teams have different kits, so because the players are also exactly the same you can’t actually pass the ball without gambling on it being a team mate..Version: 14.2.00

Not the best but okayThe game is okay and all but I want a few simple requests. 1.) Can the player ratings not be over 99? The game just becomes so unfair when you have a 90 rating team and you play a 117 rated team. The AI also does weird things, like conceding a goal then suddenly doing skills they never did before and unique dribbling moves. Can you rework some of the AI please? And also, there are too many times where you pay to win everything. Please decrease the amount of money to spend or at make It more fair? And lastly, why do all the events have so many complicated thing that a free to play can barely get? The game needs to be equal or at least based on skill, not team rating or how much you spend. Thanks..Version: 18.1.01

Fifa 21 mobile>22This update is very good with fantastic graphics and new features, but there are a number of things that make the game not fun. The transfer market is the worst idea I’ve ever seen, it doesn’t even make sense and you can’t even immediately get your purchased player. Another bad thing is the training, it’s the most meat up training ever. You can barely train a player up to the next overall which is just absolutely stupid. Please add back the old training and old market back because those two make the game extremely bad. Also you can barely play offline stuff cause they removed campaigns which is very bad because after playing a lot of online stuff it gets very boring so offline is the way to go. But there’s barely any offline stuff, I think it is a very bad start to then new season and the transfer market and the new player training system should be fixed immediately..Version: 15.5.02

This horrible gameEverything about this game sucks. VSA is an issue and can’t even stop matches fairly. You’re in the middle of an attack and it cuts, it’s not even fair. It’s so biased and games are horrible.Version: 18.1.03

There is a couple things about this game gameI hit the cross bar and it landed on the white line and it did not count as a goal, but if you search up, If the ball touches the white line of a goal post, it counts im fine with the game but i just dont like how that didt count and i was in the final UEFA game and that could be the winning goal but it did not because, the ball touching the line does not count.Version: 20.0.03

EA is just stealing moneyThis joins the long list of recent failures by what was once a respectable developer, showing just how utterly incompetent and amoral they have become under Andrew Wilson’s “leadership”. They just need to give up licensing rights to these sports games if they are unable to release anything better than this. There are too many bugs and glitches, server connections issues are constant, events are entirely way too long and filled with boring/repetitive tasks, the reward system is nonsensical, they messed up the market so that it’s impossible to buy and sell the players you want (destroying the main reason a lot of people actually played the game), there are too many hackers and VPN abusers messing up PvP matches, they try to trick you into spending real money on the app, and on and on. The biggest issues, however, have to do with EA being blatantly unethical. Items disappear from player accounts, and EA makes no effort to assist. Plus, you would have to be a complete idiot not to see that the results of most of matches are clearly scripted/rigged, you can even look at EA’s patent for this, trying to dictate player behavior. And this doesn’t even get into the underage gambling openly taking place and cheating programs being available online. It shocks me there are still people paying to keep EA in business at this point..Version: 17.1.01

Do not downloadThe new update has brought some major changes such as new graphics and commentary. But, let’s be honest, I don’t think that they’re worth it compared to the rubbish changes. First of all, the game is incredibly boring now and I’ve basically afk’d most offline matches after manually scoring 4 or 5 goals. Secondly, there’s a new market system that makes it almost impossible to sell and buy players because you never know if the card is in stock or not, I don’t know what the developers were thinking to be honest. And after spending about £20 on Fifa mobile 21, they just come up and say that there will not be any more legacy team. What’s worst is that in the news channel they said that the removals will be worth it but it is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Furthermore, the game has become pay to win and it’s been like this since fifa mobile 20, and only 19 was the good. What’s worst is that since the new update, the game has lost its attacking flair that used to make it unique, so now it’s just VERY boring. If you want an actually good mobile football game just get PES because they haven’t even released their 2022 version and it’s better than this game..Version: 15.5.03

Great game converted to pure money grabI have been playing this game and had given it 5 star tastings each year. This year the entire format changed and, though I have daily spent significant time playing the game, I am frustrated with ones inability to significantly improve one’s team without spending money. In years past this was never a significant issue. Last year I had a 120 OVR team of players I liked. This year, I have only been able to get to 107 OVR and my team is a mishmash of players many whom I have never heard of. The most recent fiasco is the Team of the season who as been going on for about 2 months. In that time I was able to purchase 2 level 95 players and 2 level 94 players. This was about all I got out of an event that required you to play redundant training games twice a day and matches once a day. After all this effort, my OVR went from 106 to 107. If you didn’t buy the special pass each 2 weeks, you got significantly poorer rewards and had no chance to got more than a couple for decent players. The reserve tokens that I cashed in daily yield some coins and a bunch of 89-90 OVR player I couldn’t use. I received one 91 player out and of the 20 or so I received. They had a trade in option but it required you to have received at least 1 93 OVR player - which I never got close to. The game still plays well but it is no longer fun when there are no rewards for one’s efforts..Version: 16.0.01

I hate the new update with a passion 😩🤢🤭Fifa was a good game before but the new update crushed my joy for football. I had such a good team and the update snatched that away from me. Why? I remember the day when I was just a young girl wanting to have a football game and been recommend fifa mobile. I was so happy because it was everything I wanted for my football experience. Now when I wake up I feel betrayed and disappointed that you thought this is what the world needed. Actually tell me who’s idea it was to update it so drastically. In my opinion, the update was unnecessary and useless. If I could rate this game 0 stars I would but I can’t so I give u a 1. I will literally start a petition to bring back old fifa and give back the joy to my fellow fifa players. I honestly loved this game until one depressing day I clicked on the app to find out it had been completely transformed for the worst. Please respond fifa so I can find out why the actual hell you would think it was a good idea to change the beautiful, old, fun, gorgeous fifa. #bringbackoldfifa.Version: 20.0.03

Pay cash to keep playingTwo days in a row that the AD OFFER is not working and I can’t get ENERGY OFFERS...!!!! Since I’m not a user that will use real money to play a game, you will notice that regardless your team overall and chemistry increase due to packs that you can obtain using coins or wining players from skills games or anything else, but never using real money, the algorithm of FIFA will decrease your skills and your players will start playing dumb. I have the worst Messi ever, where he can’t dribble a player or other player that usually was good passing the ball (Beckham Ronaldo, Koke), now he can’t do it... I’m the same, with a team of overall 107 and chemistry 132 and I can’t win a single VS Attack or H2H if the opponent is a team of at least 99 overall and 115 chemistry... FIFA: I don’t care that the algorithm is making me play worst... I WILL NOT SPEND A SINGLE DOLLAR IN THE GAME AND I WILL CONTINUE TRYING TO WIN GAMES UNTIL BORING ME AND DECIDE TO LEAVE THE GAME..Version: 14.2.01

Decent game the game has one problemSometimes when you open the app it says “no storage” and or there’s a thingie that pops up in the screen like “ : “ and I don’t what it means , I don’t know if it’s jus me or something, the game itself isn’t bad jus few glitches and more graphics improvements and don’t ditch this game try hard on it to make it better.Version: 18.1.03

A module for draining the soul of footballWeak servers and bogus VSA ruling are just a fraction of this game’s mediocrity! This game suffers from a dozen of fundamental flaws. When you want to play the world tour in order to improve your team, you have to beat a 100 overall team in order to get a 79 overall player! If I had the power to beat this kind of team, then why would I need a 79 overall player? This represents a ridiculous system of rewarding. After that, you enter VSA attack and that’s where you collide with the game’s philosophy. There you find a world overran with emulators and investors who cheat their way up to achieve success. Effort and hard work is not even defined in this game because no matter how much you try to improve yourself, you see a horde of players who just pay money to climb the mountain. The game is all about money grubbing. When you want to achieve a player whom you’re interested in, you have no other way but to pay a huge amount of money, something which is already impossible for the third world players. Even if you neglect the lunatic physics of this game which makes you very angry when you collide stronger enemies, you have to regulate your team chemistry which absolutely hinders you from developing your team of dreams. Therefore, you have a very limited domain of choices if you want to play with your bare hands (not wallet) even After months and months of hard work and time investment..Version: 13.0.13

Player positioning swaps?With the free Ronaldo given out at the start of the game, we are pretty heavily inclined to use him but it locks us into only using a select few formations meaning heaps of players in “undesirable positions” get left unused. Could you please make it so that you can do small position changes eg RM to RW or CM to CDM as this would mean all players have the chance to be used and upgraded.Version: 8.1.0

An irritating lack of controlIt’s a bit of an irritating game, because you seem to have limited control over your players. The worst aspect of this is the auto-switching between your players. Instead of being able to choose which player you want to defend with, the game chooses for you. So it’s normal for you to move a defender up to make a tackle, and suddenly the game switches you to a defender who’s not even on the screen. This can become quite comical as an attacker runs right through your team because the game keeps switching you to different defenders who are nowhere near the attacking player. Players also screw up simple tasks far too often. Top-class players regularly make mistakes that would be sniggered at in a schoolyard kick-about. The frequency that it happens is not realistic, and makes me wonder whether EA’s business model is to force you to grind to improve your players’ stats so that your €50m player doesn’t continually miss-hit passes..Version: 3.0.07

FIFAلا يمكنني اضافة صديقي الذي في بلد اخر.Version: 18.1.03

PAY TO WIN MOBILEFIFA mobile 21 is a game developed for those who have the ability to spend thousands to have the best experience, without money the game is boring and outside the very limited free to play content there is really no way to compete / enjoy the gameplay as the matchmaking will constantly push you into fixtures against teams much more equiped then yours as a scheme to make you spend to even have the ability to compete let alone have the best players ...... the gameplay is boring and the two main game modes you build your team for h2h and Vs attack are boring and unimaginative....... there’s no rewards for being f2p that even compare to the experience they present for the wealthy.... the overall experience even with p2p is lacking as they don’t present any competition that actually represents the amount they want you to spend to enjoy the game in its full entirety......Version: 14.2.01

Worst controls everThis game has the worst controls I have ever played. You’re running in on goal, you swipe to take a shot on goal and the player takes about another 6 or 7 strides before he goes to take the shot, by that time the keeper has already closed you down. You take a throw in and try and throw it to a player to the left or right, but you can’t, because the joystick is on the left and the skill/sprint button is on the right. The players take to long to turn or stop running. The opposition players seems to be able to stop or turn immediately, but you cant. You try and cross to a player but by the time he gets his finger out and crosses, your player is already in an offside position, and even then, a lot of the offside decisions are wrong. Just as well this game is free because no way would I pay for it. And why are there no stats, like shots on goal, on/off target, offside decisions, yellow/red cards. In my profile I’d like to see how many games I’ve won/lost, how many goals I’ve scored, how may have been scored against me, that kind of stuff. You developers need to get off your backside and do a bloody decent job and not just throw out an app.Version: 14.1.03

It needs balancing and more time on eventsI’m getting happier with the game but still needs to have better balancing in vs attack the percentage is unbalanced for the chemistry and the overall. Also like in la liga rivals there is a little over a week left and I have only been able to get a top row of game one done and it’s unfair for me because I can’t just buy my way to get every part of the events done and in the market if I want a 90+ it’s all over 1,000,000 coins and it takes me about a week to make that amount of coins so I’m events and any challenge we need a major increase in gems and coins to buy packs. Like right now in carniball event the games need to be down 0-1 at halftime it takes forever to finish a game; also the packs in the events needs a decrease in cost in gems since you gain so little gems daily and can there be a high chance in getting high lvl players like in champion league lets say I finish a row I have such a high chance to get a lowish player I don’t need and will never use I am a 91 overall player and I have my left and right back the lowest number which is 87 players I want more players in that position available in events or have it easier to level up players because I hardly ever try to level them up I just save a huge fortune of money to buy a better player with coins and I probably speak for many when it’s hard to get good players at all.Version: 12.3.05

Please change the market on the gameThis game’s market is horrible! Why do I have to wait until someone sells the card that I want? That is why I stoped playing the game. Because I didn’t get my Neymar, Messi, pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, card that I payed for. Change this! Please. I loved the change that you guys did that removed the energy from the game. So now we can play every time. But please change the market..Version: 18.1.03

It’s the biggest scam in the App StoreConstant match fixing in manger mode, vs attack cheats you into losing, it tells you have the better team with better chances but you don’t and if you are winning the screen blacks out for a few of you attacks giving the opponent the edge, in head to head it will give you a great server for the first 5 or 6 games when you play then will try everything to make you lose with a terrible server connection for your next few games, slowing your players speed, players missing tackles or passes or terrible control in skill moves, then when you complain to the in game help they will they will insult to your intelligence by blaming your phone or internet connection telling you to delete the app and re-download which doesn’t fix the the problem and will close the conversation with we have made a detailed report to our development team then the same cycle starts again..Version: 18.1.01

Needs much fixingIt is definitely possible to F2P and build a decent team if you know what you’re doing. I have a 101 OVR team after playing the game for less than a couple of months without spending a penny. However, the actual gameplay requires much fixing. For starters, please remove the auto-play. It’s ridiculously hard to beat the computer if you’re playing against a higher OVR in H2H. It does movements which a regular person controlling players will not be able to. It removes any and all incentive to actually play the game yourself, when you can instead sit back and watch the computer control your players better. Secondly, it would be nice if the computer could stop assisting my gameplay every single time. Often times I ask it to pass to a certain point, but the computer decides that I want to pass elsewhere. Fix these issues, and the game can actually be pretty good. Edit: I have lost all hope with this game. Deleted. Uninstalled. Hardwiped from existence. This game is 99% frustration and 1% enjoyment. It’s been the reason for one broken phone back in 2018, and it so nearly resulted in another one now. Word of advice to anyone looking to get into this game: don’t..Version: 14.4.01

RiggedWhy when I play with ai my players plays like prime Real Madrid but when it decides to play against real players my team plays bad, plus there’s a lot of issues when it comes to play against real players. Pls EA fix ur game..Version: 18.1.03

UnrealisticStarting to be very unrealistic the ucl challenge is by far so unrealistic I can win the first leg against Liverpool 5.1 but second leg I can not even get the ball towards the goal as soon as you try and take a shot 3 players are in your way blocking you or fouling you but you don’t get the foul or penalty, the first leg your playing their normal cards second leg your playing their ultra upgraded cards that you can’t even get near to as you never have enough coin on this game start making it more realistic if your team beats em 5.1 the second leg should be the same this is nothing but a sorry cash grab of a game just like the console version can get to 80 rated easily without spending but then you need coin or keep paying money out to get better players and I know the developers won’t comment on this cos they know we are right this is a cash grab and not realistic your playing two different teams in each leg and it’s not even possible to win the second leg thank you ea for taking our money and continuing to do so with no regard for any financial impact on any of their players sort this out and fast 30 games on this second leg against Liverpool but as stated can’t even beat them or get near their goal as they are super over powered upgraded cards your going against.Version: 15.5.04

TerribleEa doesn’t care about their fans if they did my players wouldn’t be automatically passing the ball. Unplayable..Version: 18.1.03

This game sucksHonestly I wouldn’t recommend it now becuase it reset the old one to now and all my stuff is gone 20 million coins stacked team and now all gone thi games sucks.Version: 20.0.03

Why can’t I get my 98 Messi on the marketLook at the title.Version: 18.1.03

Can't win vs attackWhen I scored 8 goals and was winning it said I scored 1 goal..Version: 8.4.02

This game is good but needs to get the market fixed.Don’t get me wrong, this game is really good for soccer/Fútbol fans. The one thing I would change would be the market. The market in the game literally crashed. When I started playing most good players above 93 overall were at least 1 million. Most players like that were actually more in the ten millions. If you sold a player you would actually get a lot of in-game coins, but now all you get is a couple thousands. When the market in-game started to crash, players that were more than 100 million in-game coins had their value go down by almost all of it. Nowadays, some of those players are a bit more than 5 million! I was extremely excited to sell one of the players to make enough in-game coins to buy a player I wanted when his value started going down by the 50 millions! Nobody would buy him yet his value went down rapidly! By a couple weeks he already went down by 90 MILLION! The entire market started to crash a week or so afterward. Now most good players are in the millions. A 102 overall player I have back then costed around 36 million, he now costs 1 million! Please fix this, this is really bad and soon Messi which is usually more than 100 million would probably go down to a million or less..Version: 18.0.04

Too easy that it makes for a dull game of collecting without much incentiveAt first it feels overwhelming with all the many tasks and side games, but it becomes quite apparent that these are quite easy. This makes for boring game play. The hardest challenge so far, has been the World Cup play in semi pro. But it’s a typical fifa game issue where the gap between amateur and semi pro is so colossal that it’s almost ludicrous. Otherwise, the rest of the mini games and even the ranking online teams are far too easy. In fact I don’t even need to play them, I can just leave it on auto and I still win! So the incentive to build my team is only based on a kind of vanity and wish to have certain players, more than a need to improve. Of course getting the players you want is almost out of reach without grinding away, and that’s fine, I’d do that if the games were actually challenging but they just aren’t..Version: 18.0.04

UnfairThe game is great, the gameplay is good and the graphics are great for a mobile game. The controls are simple and easy to use and the layout of the game is really nice. It’s easy to navigate around and is easy to get the hang of. However, the only annoying thing is the head to head game modes and versus. Obviously the higher you go up the more difficult the opponents become I understand. However I just feel it’s unfair as I’m only 84 overall and I’m playing people who are 100 overall. I understand that they have the same amount of trophies but it just makes the unenjoyable because it’s impossible to win. All in all it’s a good game it only seems to improve however I just want to see a match making system implemented into the game. For example if I’m in world class tier and I’m 84 overall I should play someone with a similar skill rating or similar overall instead of being put in a game that I’m guaranteed to lose. It’s just because the ones who spend the money get the advantage but that’s not fair..Version: 12.5.03

Good game but I lost my accountI was playing fifa mobile and I lost my fifa mobile Account because I didn’t know what override means because I have trouble seeing so I accidentally override my 57 overall account with 129 overall account I lost all my progress.Version: 18.1.03

Fifa Is Going BadAt the start of the year Fifa mobile was a great game and provided a lot of potential. However, over the months, things have changed. EA has recently only been gifting players who are pay to win. This concept has been greatly conversed about but now it has become extremely visible. Good players (AKA game changers) such as prime icons have been offered to free to play players in the past, such as in the champions league event. However, it’s now become almost impossible to boost your teams overall in any way because every good aspect or player in the game has to be paid for. One example being the new ULTIMATE TEAM OF THE SEASON. In the past, this event has treated FTP players with amazing players. Last year you could obtain Ronaldo, Messi, Salah, etc. without spending a single penny. However, this is not the case for this season. Even for obtaining 92 reserve havertz ( the worst player of UTOTS), you need an immense amount of luck, no matter how hard you grind, or, a fat wallet. Considering how many people have been looking forward to this event, EA has let the whole community down. Fifa mobile is nothing like it used to be. Instead of treating the whole community, EA only treats players who pay to enjoy the game. If you are reading EA please change UTOTS, or extend it, or make it easier in some way. At this point it’s the only way to make this game worth playing..Version: 12.6.01

II hate it.Version: 18.1.03

ShamblesAwful. Too often I get repeats of the same players. 4 times in a row I’ve gotten the same, bottom of the available players, Cole Palmer 84 rated CAM for Manchester City, in the Champions League event when I exchange group points for group stage players. 4 times in a row! And it’s not the first time. 6 times I exchanged in group E of the group stage of the same event, 3 times, in a row, I got the bottom player of the group, Lauper CB from Young Boys, 84 rated, and then 2 in a row Garcia LB from Young Boys, second bottom, rated 85. When it says it’s random, yet the same bottom players continue to get given in exchange, that is not random. I have a feeling that because I don’t spend tons of money on my account, I don’t get the good players even in the exchanges. Don’t try and tell me it’s not this, and that it is random, that there is not some algorithm that goes on how much money you spend. I’ve been playing FIFA mobile since 2016 or 2017, and it was not this way back then. It was random. You actually had the ability to make a good squad that could actually compete with other squads that were bought with tons of cash without spending any money. Now, it’s impossible to get some players without spending 100s and it seems that you are also at a disadvantage in the events to exchange for players if you aren’t one of the ones that spends big. Disgraceful.Version: 15.5.04

Glitches,bugs,expensive players and make the game fairLike my tittle there’s teams higher rated which means we can’t score because they play better we might but they will score like 5-0. Also there’s glitches that may not be offended a lot but when my player is near the Dutch line the opponent kicks it out and it’s there throw in I don’t know if that irrelevant but I pretty annoying also another thing game expensive lower the value,time stop for 40 seconds get that out even if I have full connection to the game and also make a game fair, what I mean is like ur level 30 make everything in the shop the gameplay level 30 under or same level that will make the game a lot more interesting Thanks from ramen to E.A sports.Version: 13.0.13

Ai, auto substitution and packing playersWould be much better if the game would just be brung to an instant stop if the opponent disconnects cause there’s no point in playing when your versing an expert level ai since your playing head to head to play against a person and not an ai. Every pack I’ve open I keep getting a low ovr and I haven gotten a player above 109 since the start of 2023 go make unpacking a high ovr easier. When in a game the auto substitution blocks 1/4 of your screen which makes it hard to see so please make the auto substitution pop up smaller or make it a customisable size to the user..Version: 18.1.03

Pay to winThis game is the definition of pay to win. You can’t build a decent team without either paying or grinding at the game, players are far too expensive on the market and the end of every world tour chapter is highly unrealistic as you need to beat teams far better than yours from ridiculous scenarios such as fighting back from 3-0 down against 98 Man City in only 1 half. Chemistry is also too powerful on vs attack mode as it doesn’t give such a large advantage in real FIFA games or in real life. Pace is also unrealistic as somehow 51 pace Maguire can keep up with players who have 95+ pace. All the world tour matches should start from 0-0 at 0 minutes to make it more fair for people who don’t want to pay on the game (almost everyone). It is also extremely hard to get coins to improve your team. This game has been getting worse every year since Fifa 14, 15, and 16 mobile. This game needs to be completely reconsidered and sorted. Matchmaking in VS Attack needs to be sorted as I always play ridiculous teams far better than mine so I have no chance of winning. My chances in VS Attack are also nowhere near the percentages at the start. It can say 40% great chance and then I’ll get 2 great chances, 6 good chances and 5 basic. It kills the game..Version: 13.0.12

RatingsPLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THIS GAME, FIX THE OVR! When in divisional rivals, what is the point of having a high OVR and Chemistry rating if you keep losing fans every time you play someone with a lower rating? This game is far from the reality of real fifa. No team REALLY LOSES FANS. I’m a fan of Real Madrid even though CR7 left, I’m a fan of Juventus even though CR7 left, I’m a fan of MAN UNITED even though they don’t win many games. Be more realistic. Also, both timers should end at the same time, my timer end but my opponents keeps going for another 14 seconds….how is that fair? This has been the plague of this potentially awesome game. Also, when in the store…when we trade our points or fifa $$, give us a player, not possible scenarios that we “might” get one, what a money tease, that’s not fair either. Why can’t you developers give us a game play that’s like a regular league season so we can qualify for Champions league and as such the FA CUP/SUPERCOPA/COPPA ITALIA/ etc based on your preference of league? Instead we get this constant run a round. Chasing the game for higher players. Honestly this game has amazing potential but you guys are getting it wrong. It’s fun to play but so frustrating at the same time. Oh and can you please fix the chat? It’s constantly censoring and we aren’t even being disparaging towards our own team. There’s a lot to consider but it depends on how much you’ll care to make any changes..Version: 15.5.03

BoringWhile the graphics and gameplay are good, the rest of the game lacks imagination compared to previous versions. The events are boring: I played the first level of the Champions League event. You have to play a lot of games to get to the finals and the rewards are minimal. When I cashed in my reward tokens at the end I got a 74 OVR player. The training / rank up system is terrible. It is now almost impossible to train and rank up players. Bring back the pre 23 method. The market seems better for selling but there are few players to buy unless you have millions to spend. All in all the game needs to improve keep players interested..Version: 20.0.03

Lots of fun unless you play head to headThis is a great game, well organised, lots to do, loads of events. And you don’t have to pay for everything. Well done fifa. However, the head to head plays to so differently to the regular matches that it is basically a different game. It ruins what could have been an excellent game otherwise..Version: 14.1.02

A few mistakesThe game is great nuf said bout that but it does have a few flaws like 1. You need internet or data to play this game so screw you if you don’t have a data plan 2. If you are remember the old fifa mobile it’s pretty weird to come back to this game at let’s be honest who actually looks at tutorials that don’t a character speaking 3. There’s no speech just Songs, sounds and yelling 4. If you screw up with your Game Centre team name you can’t change it and this a game about soccer where teams do change there name like ManUtd used to be called the Red Devils 5. You know how soccer players have different positions like Ronaldo has left wing and striker why can’t we change our players positions like that 6. The 3-5-2 formation doesn’t look the way it does when you select it in the team formation and lastly 7. Why doesn’t it say what is your players good foot is on the front of the card or in the stats area I can’t stand waiting for penalty’s just to figure out what my teams good foot is nuf said.Version: 8.3.00

Poor update-WARNING- It erases your entire team from Fifa Mobile! I'm very disappointed with the latest update from EA, the Fifa Mobile charm is still there but drowned out by bad gameplay, idiotic decisions with the store, and dead marketplace. The camera angles are AWFUL, especially in defence. I always run into attackers because they are cut off the screen. There is no way to adjust the screen. They cut seasons mode, where you could play real life teams in your league of choice. The ball does not go where I swipe, and it is inane to keep doing the same activities over and over. The AI are broken, you can't pay for packs with coins, and there are barely any players in the marketplace. I can't find any IF Fernandinhos in the marketplace but tons of Ronaldos added in by EA. The decision to erase our teams is a horrible one. My awesome team is gone forever. I also used all my Fifa Points before the update, only to have my purchases nullified with the update. Don't buy if looking for a realistic, fun football/soccer game!.Version: 8.0.7

This is a garbage gameU have been playing for a long time now. But this game is like any other ordinary free game, it wants you to pay in the game (pay to win). That does not mind me a lot but when it comes to playing against other people around the world, this game makes me think it is unfinished. The amount of bugs this game has is frustrating. The bugs make you purposely lose and you can not do anything about it. It’s updates are pretty cool but that is only the updates. Let’s talk about one of the online game modes this game features: VS Attack, this is where you will have to score the most goals in order to win. Now if you think it is a great idea it really is not, the amount of bugs this game mode has and EA Sports does not bother fixing it is frustrating. There will be 2 black screen when there should only be a 1 second black screen. You might be saying this is not crucial but it actually is. It favors to the opponents which makes you lose. Lastly, let’s talk about how this game is pay to win. It wants you to pay for good players so you can play better. I have not payed for anything because I won’t waste money on a game. Even though you pay for these ‘great’ players you still can lose. So yea. This is why FIFA Mobile is a trash game. Thank you for reading this!.Version: 18.1.03

TerribleThe minute you can actually play a full game you’re paired up against people who’s overall team is over 100. We have no chance at winning..Version: 13.1.10

Bring old fifa backI don’t really like this one. It is very confusing. I remember before when they had an actual Ultimate team on it and it was very similar to the one on console. I just really hope they bring that one back..Version: 12.6.03

What happened! This ain’t footballMoving passed the ridiculous timing of the update to wipe people’s teams. This update has good and bad points. Getting the good out the way first, I prefer the games structure now it seems more clear what you are trying to obtain. The bad side: 1. Still not very responsive whether on the menus having to tap three times before anything seems to register. Or belting the ball off the pitch in error because you can’t stop the auto movement. 2. The actual matches are down right terrible. I played better iOS football games 5 years ago it feels like. No fluidity, goals are basically scored in one way run at the goal and swipe to the left or right, simple. Total football is out the window with this one. 3. Goalkeepers- why do they insist on running out passed the defenders for no apparent reason! 4. Penalties are terrible can’t place shots at all. 5. Camera angles are useless you can’t play out from defence as you have no clue what’s in front of you. I could probably go on with more thoughts but seriously EA did anyone actually test the game play!.Version: 8.0.7

GAMEThis game is actually an awesome game with amazing features that are available while only being able to play while on the phone , however this game becomes soooooo annoying and not fun to play anymore , as fifa mobile has 0 skill based matchmaking , which means that when your team has an overall rating of 90 , all of your games will be against MINIMUM team with a 105 overall rating , as this problem keeps on going on and on and the opponents get harder without you advancing for months , this causes you to hate the game , rage quit , and even hurt yourself because of anger issues , as this game makes sure it has 0 skill based matchmaking in order to make its users very uncomfortable playing the game and not having fun which causes them to play the game more and more just in order to gain their ranks back , however after playing this game for a couple of months maximum people will understand how skill based matchmaking is the number one most important feature in an online game , as fifa mobile lacks skill based matchmaking this causes it to lose a lot of players and cause anxiety and anger issues to people that start to reflect in their character and personality in real life , which is what made me hate the game although I liked it , it’s because this game makes it soooo annoying that people spend 5 hours per day aging the game and not having fun just being anxious and mad trying to get their ranks back. Best regards ,.Version: 14.6.0

Broken in many placesIt’s a alright game at it’s base but holly so many thing are broken. Why do player go to like 120 now just why? Can’t it just be like normal fifa? Makes so many stuff just so useless. Market is dumb let us do the prices. Matchmaking does not exist, I have not played a single team of my level in head to head they all either higher or lower. Player with the ball get caught up way to fast if you dribble a player they can be on you in like 1 sec. Goalies are useless, they barely ever stop anything. Team building is non existent. Just let me sell my player please. The game mechanics are alright but either things are too hard or to easy. I could keep going but I think you got the point, this game is just here to make you spend money on fifa points and that’s it.Version: 18.1.03

DisappointedThis game is just a way to make money off of people, I’ve been playing for some time now and just getting bored of it, my team is not the best 79 overall but my problem is the whole match making on vs mode, how is it I seem to always come across a really over powered team I took about 10 losses in a row yesterday due to playing teams that are 86+ the chance difference is just stupid and the balance of equal teams well the just ain’t one, it’s like Barcelona vs Blackpool is a common thing in this game and we all know how that would turn out 9/10 time, sometimes I even come across teams that are 69 overall and I just don’t see how it’s a fair game for people like that, I kinda figured by now that it’s all about the money so my advice is if your willing to spend good amount of money on it then go ahead and play but if not and you just want to play a football game this really is not the one for you, you will get bored and maybe even agitated with the whole way the match making process it has so this game is a thumbs down for me.Version: 13.0.12

DO NOT PLAY THIS IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SPEND MONEYI’ve been playing for 4 months now, but vs attack mode, when I go to worldclass level, always, the fake team which does not even exist comes out and never let me win. I can clearly see that they are fake because every 5 seconds defenders and even goalkeeper is scoring lol Also, how can every team I face have Carles Puyol? And he is the only one scoring every 5 seconds. This game made me hate Carles Puyol because I got annoyed so much. If you guys want to fake me, make it properly. Fake teams are so obvious. I am playing vs attack mode to play with other people, not a robot which is set to win in any possibilities. This game is only for those who uses their money in the game. When I don’t spend money, in short period, I cannot even make a team that will let me enjoy a game, especially in vs attack mode. This game is leading users to spend their money, which is so obvious and making me so disappointed. If you are not going to use money in the game, the graphic and referee is not even good, so DO NOT play this game. VERY DISAPPOINTED AT EA Sports..Version: 15.5.04

Game is completely p2w. So many issuesWhile the gameplay can be fun at times, it has seemingly gone downhill over the last couple of years. The worst aspect of this game though is how utterly pointless it has become to try to play and enjoy u less you happen to have a ridiculous amount of disposable income that you don’t mind handing over to EA in hopes of making your FIFA Mobile experience anywhere comparable to a few years ago. They unroll these ‘big events’ that give you about 10 minutes of playing time and then you get to wait and stare at all the reward prizes and players you will never be able to afford for the next couple of days until EA unlocks an exciting 10 more minutes of new event gameplay, then rinse....repeat.....waste $20 here and there if you are feeling generous but will most likely regret it immediately, and then it is back to normal h2h attack/ versus modes where you’ll most likely have goals taken away from you mysteriously, get logged out in the middle of a match, lose against an opponent who is not even playing but just letting the AI control his monster team, and get plenty of fun VS Attack attempts where the screen goes completely black for the duration of your attempt and you get to depend on the sounds of kicking the ball to try to score blind. Game is broken.Version: 13.0.12

FIFA is just a money grabThe game has become something more akin to a gambling app. There are whole sections of the game that are only open to those willing to shell out an exorbitant amount of money for merely a chance at a half decent reward. The only real challenges are in the tournament, vsa and h2h but these are beset by bugs and can often be frustrating. It use to be you could reach the end of a special event if you are willing to devote your time to it (and maybe a bit of cash). A case in point is the new Round of 16 Champions League event. By a rough estimation you would need around 9 months to play the mind numbing skill games to complete the event - the event will only run for just over a month. So that equates to spending ALOT of money and even then the purchases you make don’t give you a clear indication of what you will receive. Join the revolution and don’t spend any cash on this app..Version: 12.3.02

Please EA respondSo I just started the game. The graphics and physics are amazing and had a huge improvement but sadly there is one thing that is bothering me. When doing the mobile master challenges to unlock certain event and even the transfer market. So I’m at mobile master 4. I’m on the last part which is to claim the second reward in gold campaign. The part 3 mobile master told me to complete gold campaign HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CLAIM THE 2ND REWARD. How am I supposed to continue on with the game. Please fix this. I’d rather play PES 2019 and recommend it to others. One thing why I’d play pes is because it transfers your DATA! I had a 89 OVR team I was happy with it but all of a sudden you just mess everything up. I think you should respond..Version: 12.0.01

OddIt seems that either your game does not understand its own conditions or it simply can not count. On the icon journey it tells me i need 9 premier league player to continue, i have tried with exactly 9 premier league players and i have even tried with a full 11, but nothing, it simply will not let me go any further, i even surpass the minimum overall needed. Sort it out..Version: 18.1.03

Money HungryThe ability to transfer training from player to player has moved from transfer tokens to to FIFA coins over a skill level of what appears to be 15. Meaning you have to pay a fair sum to transfer skills, this has a large negative experience. To complete the premium Star Pass you can’t miss a task on any day it runs including division rivals. Otherwise you’ll be paying more money to complete. The developers seem to think consumers don’t have lives and spend all day on their game. Considering account deletion. This used to be somewhat enjoyable as F2P or even spending a few dollars a month. Corporate greed has destroyed this value..Version: 18.0.04

Events are unbalanced and basically for the better peopleOk so like ur events are dumb u can’t really don’t anything in them without paying for items like make it grindable and reasonable for players who don’t/ can’t pay for things with money like with the football freeze how are u supposed to get 1200 snowflake points when you only get 2 from Laliga Santander event the only other way possible is to wait for another event and hope that they give u more or do challenges that the events give you. Like the premier Boxing Day event that gave u snowflake points but that was not enough to actually finish a branch. Many of ur events are ruined and boring over time. Plz plz plz add more events into the game every week or so, so us players actually have something to do and not sit around trying to build ur team up without being able to obtain anything from events make ur game better! Stop making it p2w if u need money just add like a lil events that can fix that issue for you or people can still buy all the crap in ur store for irl money you’ll be fine. Like I said make it so the events are more friendly for everyone in the community I hate that people abuse this power that p2w people have they make there teams really strong and just buy through the events while everyone else has to grind..Version: 13.0.12

So trashFifa was x100 better imagine.Version: 20.0.03

FIFA errorLook I like this game so much not just cause I play,its because i have the passion the spirit to be on the field.Well the point is that this game has some glitches and says so long error code.And just kick you out of what ur doing just because they’re can communicate with the server? Like what? I need help and pls fix the problem..Version: 12.1.01

Here why I think it a 1 starSo the game have a lot of bugs like I have a player that a 113 and he honestly the worst player that I ever had in my life he pass so bad he literally can’t even shoot and he can’t even head and I also have Ronaldo that a 109 and I thought he was the highest jumper ever but he miss every shot and make me lose and also u have to pay to get better player and the free pack isn’t good. So other thing that makes it wrong. sometimes when I play head to head I literally saw someone offside and I didn’t even get a free kick then when someone side tackled me I literally didn’t even get a free kick this game is frustrating and annoying and plus it rigged for me I am a world class 3 but then I literally had to vs a world class 2 sometimes and sometimes I have to vs a pro so yea that why I think it bad and make some players cheaper and that it so please do all the stuff that I just said if u wouldn’t mind.Version: 18.1.03

REPOST FROM SOMEONE ELSE BUT SAME PROBLEM IM HAVINGTo start, this was an incredible game! It's been on my phone longer than any other game. At first, I ignored the glitches and the bad vs attack. Then we dealt with all of the updates which made the game not work half of the time. was still a loving fan of the game. Finally, with this new update all of the hard work I spent on creating my team was thrown away. The developers of the game basically said that everything I did was worthless. understand that this update could bring a lot of potential in the future, but in my opinion it is not worth the loss of my previous team I went from a 91 rating to a 56! If you are wanting to download the game now as a first time, then I have no doubt that you will love it. But as for us old timers to the game, starting over from scratch does not seem worth it. Developers, please return our old teams to us! truly loved this game. All of the upgrading features appear to be very useful, and can see how it is creating the next level of game play (I only went through the tutorial again to see if it would return my team post playing). But please, please return my old team to me. I don't want all of the money that I spent to get where l was to be wasted. It truly is disappointing especially from a game that I love so much. If I am missing how to get my team back developers please let me know..Version: 8.0.7

I miss the old FIFAWhy did EA changed the game?? I remember when ultimate team was just like the one in console, and you could actually interact with other players, I really hope that for the next one they change it to the way it was.Version: 6.3.1

Terrible matchupsIm playing in utoty 15 ticket event and almost every single match I’m getting about 9 basics and my opponents are getting that many greats, it’s also almost all smurf loadouts because they have almost all 106-111 rated and have only 97 rated teams, and the most annoying part is that they have 30 more chemistry which results in them getting crazy better chances. Very annoyed..Version: 18.0.04

Half a packageWithout doubt the best mobile football game. Graphics, Cards, Gameplay and controls are immaculate without any bias. Division rivals head to head is fun, but the people really want for them to be able to play any team they specifically want and compete in season long leagues. A specific career mode potion in mobile would break the internet. It would be great if players could have a more tactical control over their team. What would be better if we could get third person training/skill moves session and even better: a dedicated training session where you can switch between 1/2/3 person views. Penalty and free kicks should also be redesigned as they are innacurate and too easy to score; Switching to a DLS style would be better. Whilst these added points would massively improve gameplay and fans approval, the biggest and most important thing to change is the way the market works which is just stupid in this moment in time. Bidding for players who don’t even exist and also waiting a long time is stupid. This is fifa, not the stock market and it shouldn’t be played like this..Version: 17.0.03

So badPlease I like fifa 15 and 16 back him.Version: 13.1.15

So much time wastedAfter the new update I was put back in the tutorial and was stripped of all my players, money, and gems.Version: 20.0.03

BugEvery time I open the app the screen goes darker and I can’t tap anything, my internet is fine, I waited 10+ minutes and still wouldn’t work. I’ve deleted the history numerous times and still no progress. I know the FIFA support team propably won’t read this or do anything about it. Most apps are lazy like that but if you want to download this, I don’t recommend it.Version: 12.6.02

Shamelessly greedyNot meant for user entertainment everything is meant for profit , get better player you have to pay , the better the worst they play on the field and the worst your able to control them Give them 2$ real money and they give you 150 fifa pointless points so they finesse you for 50 fifa points like at least give me 200 fake points and say it’s to switch training level to another player that’ll cost 175 so it’s not even enough so you have to go put 2$ more dollars for 1 player so that’s 4$ for 300 points and 1 player cost 175 which leaves you with 125 so you will not have enough for a second player having to put 2$ more , that’s outrageous and that’s just one example of so many more , like I get it they want money but at that point I’ll rather pay for the game when downloading it cause it’ll be way cheaper then them say it’s free but when playing it to do anything there charging you because to enjoy this game it is not free at all Been playing fifa since I was a kid , and I’m not hating on there hustle but if your gonna sell the game sell it , don’t say it’s free because the greed will catch up when someone else creates a new game that they’ll sell but once bought you actually enjoy it , not say it’s free but charging money for everything in the game.Version: 16.0.01

L gameTends to make a player lose.Version: 18.1.03

PlayersThis game is an awesome game it’s that the players ruin it, they should make it so when you cross spam it is automatically offside because it is so annoying to deal with it. Another issue is that when your trying to get to a higher division you get sent with these crazy teams that are like double you overalls and they should make a shop only for buying “emotes” and if their is i do not know where it is. And they should make it if they time waste they instantly get a foul because if your defending or 2nd defending them they just pass it to their goal keeper once they get a goal. They should also make it so if they leave or have “bad connection” and get disconnected the rival gets the win automatically because the bots are way to smart to play with and it is annoying because once you get a singular goal they leave and you have to go against a crazy smart bot. I’m not saying to lower the bots playmaking or whatever i’m just saying to make adjustments to the game. Now we come to the bugs. Their is this bug where when they make it go out of bounds the ball rolls and it waste’s time. Their is also a bug where when you pass the ball it just rolls to the enemy player, and also when you have the ball the screen just clicks itself and just starts doing ridiculous stuff and you lose..Version: 18.1.03

Buggy and Wanting to much money.I’ve played this game quite a lot for the past year and I’ve got a quite good team, I have only spent around £45 so far and probably wont spend anymore and everything I’ve got from the packs or anything has been rubbish. My pack luck is normally good but whenever I open anything on this game I get nothing good. EA wants too much money and unless you’re willing to spend £100+ to get a tots you probably wont get one, T best cards I’ve got a from free packs 😂. It’s a waste of money and the internet bugs are horrific, I have around 20ping in a game but I get disconnected. Sometimes my player freezes then speeds up again and by the time it’s happened it’s out for a throw in or a corner. Graphics aren’t good at all. If we’re you instead of spending money on this, if you have a ps4, pc, xbox or any other consoles, Get Fifa 22 on that, So much more worth. Another thing, I was good in the lower ranks as the players weren’t good but now I’m in a high rank I go against players way better than me and 9 out of 10 I will lose. It’s beyond a joke at this point. If they fix these issues, 5⭐️, otherwise now, 2 or 3⭐️.Version: 16.0.01

Bad gameDon’t waste your time downloading this game it is not skill based at all! I have A 97 squad and I’m faced with someone with a team that is 3x better! EA fix your game and make it skill based..Version: 18.1.03

Stupid reset/updateJust logged backed into this game and realized I lost all my progress of buying and grinding through each season to earn different strong player, before i had a 111 rated team and now it’s all gone. I do not want to grind again just to loose all my progress. This game is washed up, never should have updated this app. Waste of time and money!!.Version: 20.0.03

I’m deleting this gameI was waiting very exited for the new update but then when I loaded in I had to restart all my progress! I had a 124 overall club with the best players that costed 1 billion FIFA coins. And all of that took 1 year to do, i wasn’t even done with progress in the old update. That whole one year was probably mostly spent on getting my team better and better for that to all be gone! I lost everything. And tbh I hate the new update and if you spent money on this game you probably would’ve gotten scammed because you lose all ur progress. I don’t understand why we had to lose are progress. At least get are old players back and make them 99 rated or lower for example. If I don’t get my progress back I’m deleting the game and never downloading it..Version: 20.0.03

ImpossibleDO NOT.... I repeat, DO NOT download this game. It is IMPOSSIBLE to create a good competitive team without spending money. Then, if you do at the end of the year, they reset your team and you have to start again. The challenge mode rewards you with players that you needed to get through the level below, the special events give you a 2% chance of winning a player you might need, and you are more likely to get skill boosts that you need coins to upgrade.... And how do you get enough coins to upgrade the players? You have to pay for them. You can get coins doing certain challenges, however you would need to do 100 challenges to level one player up one point once you get to skill level 80. And don’t get me started on the new chemistry aspect. The worst part of this game however is that it is incredibly addictive and once you are hooked it is really hard to stop playing, especially if you like football games. I will say it a third time, DO NOT download this game as you will fully regret it once you are hooked and have spent hundreds of pounds on it. Don’t say you were not warned..Version: 13.0.09

Disappointing gameplayThe game was enjoyable when I started playing it a little a month ago. However after playing it for a while one behinds to notice that the game is centered around a pay-to-win strategy where certain players are so over powered that anyone who has them automatically wins. That’s understandable though so I’m not going to speak on it much. However, recently in the treasure hunt event, every single match I am playing has connection issues! How am I supposed to play this game then and frankly I am so frustrated with this that I am writing this review now! Another aspect of this game is that the developers have not added an option to customize your own controls such as enlarging buttons, changing their positions etc. every single mobile multiplayer game such as call of duty etc all have customizable controls so I am wondering if the developers are sleeping on this feature! Lastly, the ‘pack opening’ style of attaining in game things is so annoying. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE GAME IS ATTAINED VIA OPENING A PACK. It’s extremely annoying and frankly not even necessary. I don’t need to open a pack to get coins..Version: 16.0.01

I lost all my progressI worked so hard for my old account.Version: 20.0.03

YOUR KIDDING MEOF COURSE IM GOING TO LOOSE TO SOMEONE THATS AN 89 overall!! Why am I playing against people by the number of fans anyway???!!!!!.Version: 10.3.00

Add a match making system and old events when the game came outEA you should add a match making, so you can have the new player not have to face player that have have played the game before with the best teams and stats. When I was playing the game I match up to people that either spend money or played the game so much that I got frustrated of losing to them with my 81 rated with 28 chemistry team to a 91 or above with 100 or more chemistry losing by a lot of goals and wasting my time trying to get at least 1 goal for 1 minute and 30 seconds while on the other side they were chilling with 10 goals knowing they are going to win and that I won’t be able to catch up so what I am thinking is to add a match making system so your new players don’t go against maxed out players so it can be fair. Plus the old Fifa mobile gave new players the opportunity to have a better advantage to get better player before the star pass because fifa points were easier to get, not haveing to wast money ona star pass that gives you 200 fifa points for 10 dollars, that is a wast of cash. Instead add some of the old events and the starter Cristiano Ronaldo that you get when finishing the tutorial, because your players will have something that everyone had and won’t rely on the silver, bronze and gold players when some has elite player so at least they have a chance of winning..Version: 13.0.11

Mixed feelingsI love this game, the events are fresh and new and his game has a much better transition then last season. However, it has lots of bugs which can get very annoying such as being on a black screen for 12 seconds on a VS Attack match it might not seem like much but in an intense game it could really screw you over, also this happens consistently and isn’t a one and done problem it makes the game 10x harder and not enjoyable. Love the idea the game shows, hate the execution of it..Version: 12.0.02

Some problems...So this game is quite addictive but it has problems. 1. on vs attack when I look for players to play against it puts me on teams the have 4 ratings higher than mine and second their not even in my class of vs attack 2. also my players can't pass if their life depended on it. I tap on the player I want to pass to and it doesn't even go close to them. 3. When in vs attack I lose the ball it takes 5 seconds to go to the next chance and in that time the opponent had scored. 4. Finally the last problem is on the start of the screen in vs attack matches when they show the teams, in the next slide where it says 10% basic chances 70% good chances and 20% great chances , i don't get one great chance in the whole 130 second until the last chance with 8 second left and i get loads of basic chances. But other than that it's a good game. And if you improve those things it would be an excellent game and it would deserve 5 stars.Version: 8.2.1

Worth it if you have the moneySo first off I play this game religiously, and it has all the players you could ever want to play. The chemistry aspect gives you a bonus while playing H2H or VS attack. The downfall is you have to have players of the same nation league or team to get the chemistry. The beauty of FIFA is having all players from all around football being able to be on the same team. Ex having a team with Messi, Ronaldo, De Gea, De Bruyne all on the same team. And if you don’t have the chemistry it’s a strong disadvantage in the H2H or vs attack. Another issue I have is all the events unlock cool players, which is great but the longer the event goes on the lower your resell value is in the market. For example I used to resell my team every so often and end up with 200mil to rebuild a new team with new players. I like to change up my team to play new players and keep my chemistry maxed out (since the chemistry is so important). Now if I did that I’d maybe have 120 million since all the players I have now have been unlocked by more and more people. As each event goes on the more people unlock the same character and the price keeps dropping because everyone sells their player just a bit lower than the next one to make sure you buy their character. I feel like if the event ends and all the players for that particular event were deleted from the market those of us that still have them in our line ups could resell them and play a stock market type game within the game.Version: 12.4.01

Can’t play againMatchmaking is horrible either you match against a new player or match against a extremely old player, without matchmaking progression is slowed down meaning that in order to “progress” you must have been playing for a while but by that time you wont need multiplayer Other than matchmaking game takes too much space for older phones, movement and shooting is difficult, many ad prompts (no forced ads), too many micro transactions, long loading screens. Basically to play this game you need money to get a better phone to make loading screens faster to load and money to actually be able to play the game, nothing wrong with helping the devs get money from ads and purchases, just the game is more difficult without spending money.Version: 18.0.04

Don’t waste timeThe game is fun to play until you get to the higher leagues online. Then the game becomes all about money. I’ve had a week or so of fun on the game now, but now the game is insistent on only matchmaking me against pay to win teams. Given the nature of the vs attack mode, where how many chances you get is based on how good your team is, this effectively locks you out of playing the game. I’ve lost about 25 of the last 30 games because I’m coming up against teams every single game that are rated better and so get more chances. The only solution is to get a better team, ie spend money, in order to continue playing the game. It’s clever really. The ploy EA use for this game is very good for rinsing children of their pocket money. You start out and do very well, if you’re good at the game, but eventually you hit the point where your skill can’t overcome the fact that every chance your opponent gets is 1v1 whereas yours is from the halfway line. tl;dr: Game is a huge scam. You’ll win loads to start with, then hit a paywall where you’ll be forced to spend money or lose 9/10 games you play. Don’t waste your time..Version: 14.1.03

TrashThe gameplay is very laggy and very glitchy. And when you play with a crappy internet connection or a crappy tablet or phone it will basically say ‘ SorRy, connection DiscONECTED from Ea SErVErs blah blah blah’ I wouldn’t recommend this game if you have a bad or laggy device. Also, EA like finessing kids and why do you want people spending real money on a stupid game when you can use that money for in investments, saving, resources or giving to the homeless people. This game is not bad but doesn’t beat any other games such as COD, Roblox,Minecraft e.t.c. Developer letter Dear, Developer I want you to stop scamming these stupid packs and improve the gameplay. The game itself is already laggy but when you use crappy devices like a Nokia or an old iPhone it’ll be even laggier. I want you to change your game so that all people including the ones that have bad devices can actually play the game. (Remove Internet and add an offline area in the game) The players can’t even shoot like what are they doing? Are they Harry Kane when he missed the pen against France 🇫🇷. Besides the loading that’s soooooooo long like your wasting precious time in waiting for that stupid FC logo to load. BOOOOOOO!!,!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡 Even mobile games are better including the ones with ads. EA you’re being too pay to win. SToP this gambling app now!!.Version: 20.0.03

So unfair in the campaign, and horrible in every thing elseI am up to chapter 4 in England campaign, and my team is 91 our with a 101 rated modric as my best player. Though my team is strong, many countless campaign matches, especially in the later chapters, you have to come back from like 3-0. It’s is so horrible! Plus, the matches are so expensive, costing 8 stamina to attempt one game, where you have 0 and the other team 4 goals. Also, the fifa points are not worth it at all, as people sell for example: a Sergio Ramos who is 92 ovr, for 16 million coins! The offer containing the most coins only gives you 2.5 million, and it cost ten thousand Fifa points, and to get that many fifa points you need to pay a huge 80$! And that only gives you like an 8th of the price for a 92 ovr player. So please make the campaigns a bit fairer, and the offers in the shop more worth it, but overall, it’s a ok game.Version: 10.6.00

I don’t like itThis game used to be awesome seriously, but now it requires you to pay for a lot of things to get a good team I have a 92 Over but still it’s very hard to win in head of head and attack. I believe there shouldn’t be chemistry mode. I think that’s screwed and that shouldn’t effect what player win but it does. If you don’t know what chemistry mode is, it requires you to have players from the same country or from the same event to win attack mode and if you don’t your screwed. Even you have the best team ever and you have 0 in chemistry mode and you play attack mode most likely your going to lose and in head to head it gives the other team an advantage because of chemistry. Personally I think that’s 100% screwed. Around the country players could be friends with other people across the world it doesn’t matter that they live in the same country, but of course it matters to fifa. Also I got put into the bottom of the good players and because I don’t have a good chemistry it’s almost impossible to win. Also the world tour is rigged. It says I can play one part but it doesn’t let me play that’s absolutely disappointing. Also some events they do random chance to win good players. It should be skill not chance, and fair not rigged like what fifa is doing. If they ever want me to play again they are going to have to change a lot of things. And when I say lot I mean lot..Version: 13.1.10

Zidane modeMake the challenge matches more easier because it is close to i possible to beat teams that are more than 10 overalls higher then you! Please fix this!.Version: 13.1.05

Why I hate this game so muchEvery time when I do are team of the season tournament thing, I always verse people that are way way way way better than me and also you verse people that are way way better than you and you lose games you lose ultimate good things that’s why I hate this game and I also don’t recommend this game because it makes you rage a lot And that’s it.Version: 18.0.04

MidThe goalkeepers can never save even if they’re life is on the line I always upgrade my goalkeeper and he is also a 107 rated but still can never save and there is also nothing to do to get coins after you did everything and it is very hard to get gems unless you do the offer but most of them you need to give your address or zipcode, and credit cards information, and the ones that don’t need those only gives you 50-60 gems which can get you nothing.I’m waiting for my gems to come because i did a quiz the quiz was supposed to give me 806 gems but when I finished I got nothing but this game can also be fun because of vs attack witch is pretty intense and fun, head to head is also fun and at times can be hard that’s fun because all of the matches in daily training, totw, UCL, even when the TOTY thing was around it was pretty easy so I’m glad that head to head exist and manger mode is fun when you just want to sit back and relax and do something eles while playing. This game is 3 stars for me if it fixed the gem issue with credit card info and address and it would put more things to do it would be 5 star.Version: 18.1.01

You cant make a new accountI loved the game but then there was this thing in the game robbing out the player but then i didn't know that so i did it then all my good guys were robed out so i was try to make a new account but i didn't let me. I tried robing out the game and re downloading agin but it didn't work pls let us make a new account..Version: 15.5.03

You ruined this game EAI’ve been a loyal player since 2018, never have I ever seen EA mess up this badly, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, there was a glitch available for about 1hr before servers shut down, players who were on got a hefty amount of stuff, I’m talking 1b+ coins, and half a dozen UTOTS players (some of the most OP and broken cards in the game), and there’s been 2 days without ANY NEWS ON ANYTHING besides EA addressing that there has been an issue, this pains me because I’ve been playing since the start of the season and someone who just started a few days ago, logged on during the glitch already has better cards and more coins than me, there’s a lot of people saying they’re going to uninstall the game and stop spending money if EA doesn’t do anything or at the very least issue out compensation to the players who didn’t get the glitched packs This was the final straw for me as this year has been terrible for FIFA Mobile and there’s been so much neglect that EA has done in the community, I want you to know this because if you’re thinking of installing the game, DO NOT, and if you’re scrolling through reviews and you see this and you have the game installed, UNINSTALL the game or stop spending money on it This isn’t just me whining, it’s a serious critique of how terrible this game has gotten, your move EA.Version: 18.1.03

BotPlease remove the bot. It makes the games unfair when the opponent rage quit. If you play against the bot instead of a player the bot makes no error at all so every time it gets the ball it scores. So please, remove the bot to make it fair play. Instead of a bot just make the players forfait..Version: 18.1.03

IT IS SO RIGGED BUT COOL AT THE SAME TIMEWhen I have the ball the STUPID game will just pass it to a person that is in the DANGER ZONE WHERE EVERYONE(My opponent) IS! It is like they (EA) Is controlling my players. Anyway it is a cool game if EA isn't spying on you and you can also collect amazing players and use them for your team, if you don't want to wait for cool players you can sell your good players for coins and get more great players..Version: 18.1.03

It’s alright, but.....I like this game and the features are pretty good, but the gameplay itself is a bit messed up. For instance I’ll concede a goal from about 25 yards out by a 75 rated player but yet when I shoot from about 5 yards out I manage to miss or hit the post, also the passing system doesn’t work half the time, I’ll try and play a through ball to my left winger and even though I’m aiming that way my player will pass forward straight to the goalkeeper or defender. I also believe that the matchmaking system in vs attack and head to head is completely broken, I used to have a 68 rated squad in amateur II and I came up against a 87 rated team! The percentage of your different chances changes too sometimes, I had 20% great, 60% good and 20% basic but them it changed to 10% basic and 10% counter attack. I’d do enjoy playing this game but some things are really frustrating and I would recommend buying the console version if you have one..Version: 13.0.13

Quite DisappointedI personally dislike this app, not because of the little bugs or any other things people dislike about this app. But it’s really different to the old FIFA mobile games. FIFA 13, 14 in which you could choose a manager mode, career mode, etc... I feel as if EA were lazy in the creating this game, this is compared to previous FIFA’s I mentioned. I did download this game and played for a while, but never encountered a manager mode etc... If previous FIFA’s were the same as this then this game wouldn’t be as bad. Another reason, when I was in-game the gameplay, feel, graphics felt and looked the same as FIFA13,14 mobile. When people who have never downloaded previous FIFA mobiles play this game, I can imagine why they like the game, but for me it’s really disappointing and I really hope EA release something along the lines of previous FIFA’s when the next FIFA game is released..Version: 10.6.00

Bad controls and expensiveEverything is good including the graphics as the graphics are very good for a mobile game. However, there are 2 major issues and they are money and controls. The events that come up are cool but then you see a great player but you can’t get him as it will just cost you £20-£50 and the chance of you getting them through games is not likely, but it’s EA since when is it cheap. Also the packs that are in the game are all expensive apart from one pack that gives you practically nothing. Then the gameplay controls are just not that great you have to move your fingers across your screen to reach for a player just to pass, there is no pass power bar, no button to lob pass or cross, nothing but one button that does sprinting and one skill that’s it for controls this is all stuff that should just be in buttons a lot like dream league soccer which a game which uses button which is a lot easier and EA should use buttons for all these controls. If I had to chose between Dream League Soccer and Fifa Football I’d have to chose Dream League Soccer. The real Fifa is amazing and is very good and would suggest buying that if you don’t have it but you play Fifa mobile..Version: 13.0.12

Why are there bugs?I can’t even sell the players I bought on the transfer market, how is the ea team so incompetent and useless that they can’t even make a mobile game work properly.Version: 18.1.03

Make the game possibleThis game is literally impossible because you have to have an overall 100 for a team score if you want to finish an event and if you don’t have an 100 overall you can’t redo the match that us possible for your overall score. Also 10% of the time it changes the player for you and if you don’t see the ball the player goes toward the ball. The other 90% of the time it doesn’t. I hope they fix this because if the events matched you overall score it would be more fun and I would defiantly play this game more often..Version: 13.1.04

It's a GREAT game, BUT it needs A LOT of improvementI think the game is great. All of the new events and campaigns are so fun to play. But the reason why at the same time I think this game is also horrible is because of all the horrible pack openings and glitches and reboots. I opened about 15 scout mission packs hoping to get Ascensio, but from all of those pack openings I didn't even get an elite. For TOTW I had enough tokens to play against the team of the week. But when I tried playing it, the game froze. After I logged back in all of my tokens were gone. I got very frustrated so I stopped playing the game that day. The next day when I opened up the game it froze again so I restarted it and then when it was loading it asked if I wanted to use my old account. Not sure of what happened I chose to load in my old account, and then it started everything over. All of my players were gone. Everything was erased. I don't understand how such a great game is undergoing these problems. Not only am I having all of these glitches, but now my old account is gone. I WANT MY OLD ACCOUNT BACK. And I know that my device is not causing these problems. I'm also positive that others are having the same issues. Please, I'm begging the FIFA developers, fix these bugs that are causing this game to be much more under rated than it has to be..Version: 8.1.0

So badPlease recreate the game like fifa 16 ultimate team mobile.Version: 12.1.01

Update disappointmentI have been playing this game for months. Building and buying players to customize my team. Then they do an update and reset everyone’s accounts. Lost everything I worked for and PAID for. How frustrating and disappointing. You pay money for special players and then they just reset everything you had, to put you back at zero. Do we all get a refund for the money we spent to make our teams what we wanted? After the update, and seeing I had to start from scratch, with everything I PAID for and worked for being removed from my account I deleted this app and I won’t be downloading again. Tread with caution folks..Version: 20.0.03

EAErreure après la miss a jour y’a pas de fifa World Cup ile reste comme que tu n’as pas faire la mise à jour sur mon iPhone 5s version 11.3 32 Gega.Version: 10.2.00

This needs workThis game is a quality EA game. But that’s just it, an EA game with a ton of problems. First the game is basically pay to win. The controls are extremely unreliable, I want to pass one way and it goes the opposite way. I’m aiming directly at the goal yet the shot goes wide. The auction system is terrible as you can only set a minimum and maximum set values. You need to be able to change the price yourself, not wait 8 days for the price to drop low enough. It’s ridiculous. The vs Attack takes the cake, if all the chances you get are the same, then fair enough. But it’s NOT the case. Why put free kicks there, they waste sooo much time. While your opponent is taking 2-3 chances on goal, your still reacting to the ONE blocked free-kick. The system needs to change. The chances need to be ended more promptly. Why do I waste so much time on a missed chance leading by 2 then when I finally complete that chance and move on to the next, my opponent is beating me by 1. This needs complete overhauls and reworks in my opinion. EA FIX YOUR FLIPPIN GAME!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 15.5.04

Not like it used to beEven the soundtrack music used to great. Spanish commentators etc etc.Version: 6.3.1

Pay to play & fatal glitchesStopped playing this game a couple years ago as it was clearly a pay to play system. Would take countless hours playing all year to finally form a decent team weeks or even days before the season reset. After taking a break from the game I thought I’d give it another chance. Played the last few months in free time specifically building points in the TOTS event. On past experience, I knew it was probably best to build up points and maximize using the points within the league in addition to transferable tickets where I could get the best players. Suddenly, today, i find the event gone- with no notice. I contact EA customer service over this issue and was told that the failure of the app to indicate the TOTS feature was expiring was “a glitch” and that I needed to delete the app and download it again. However, this would not return my tickets accumulated (over the past few months) or give me any support in lieu of their mistake. In other words, I was told to kick sand- the event is over, there is nothing that can be done. My advice would be to not waste your time on this app. I used it to kill time and thankfully never put any money into it. EA has a historic reputation for being money-centric for a deserved reason. These critics don’t even address the many other glitches in game that cause gameplay to be frustrating..Version: 16.0.01

So annoyingHow does a player with 100 pace get out run by a player with 70 pace??????? Sooo dumb, fix this.Version: 15.5.03

Classic FIFAI’m not quite sure how but whenever a new game from this company comes out you can’t help but think ‘this cannot be any worse than the previous one.’ And yet here we are, they have managed to do just that. They somehow manage to copy and paste each game, release it again as a completely new game and still make the game worse. It truly does deserve a reward for beating our expectations every year. If you are looking at the reviews and the ratings and you come across this one, please, for the sake of your sanity, don’t download this game, EVER. Literally any soccer game is better than this abomination. And FIFA and EA, even if they do see this complaint, will they do anything about it? No, they have too much money to care about what the consumers desire and so I say to the consumers, don’t spend money on this game in any form, mobile or console and other forms this game comes in. It will bring more harm than good to your life and since it brings no good to your life I guess that’s a pretty poor thing to compare it to but I thought I’d make the comparison about has good as this game..Version: 14.0.02

Totally scripted bull. don't waste your timeEA needs to stop the fixed, prescripted results. playing a team with a better OVR, sure enough they play well. to ensure the pre-fixed result, your players will suddenly become third rate. fumbling the ball, passing directly to opposition, shooting at half power, running into each other, running into offside positions, standing still and watching the ball go past, losing every tackle, marking your own goalkeeper, black screens, running at half pace, running over the sidelines, passing to the sideline, hitting the post on an open goal, clearing to the attacker. add in unfair refereeing that calls every one of your tackles a foul while your opponent can trip an attack or handball. the whole thing is just pointless garbage. STOP FIXING THE MATCHES FIFA.Version: 18.1.03

Gambling app masquerading as a football game.I’ve played FIFA mobile for a few years now but this is the worst I’ve seen it. Yes, the graphics are a step up from the last edition but this has become a gambling app masquerading as a football sim. Football is just the lure to get people in. Then it’s all about the grind of training and opening packs. The need to spend real money has also been ramped up in this update. There’s a far greater emphasis on the in-game currency. How do you get them? Only by spending money. If you don’t, you’re consigned to mediocrity. I know this game and the FUT feature on the console are a cash cow for EA Sports but it’s gone beyond a joke. For children this has become a dangerous gateway. Don’t believe me? Let them try it for a bit and see how addicted they become to logging in, doing tasks and getting the all important packs. I won’t even go into the way you get robbed of millions of in game dollars at the end of each season, which would normally cost $40 or more in real world currency if you wanted to buy it. EA you’ve lost your way, the essence of the game and what football is really about..Version: 15.5.03

Its okThis game is pretty fun but has some issues. Sometimes when you are playing a skill game, it can get buggy and broken. Dor example, if you swipe right to shoot, it might shoot left and can make you lose the skill game. Next, I remember last year, I bought a player for 2 million, now he costs 100k. This can be said to a lot of other players..Version: 18.1.01

AnnoyingI’ve been playing this game for a few months now and it’s a really great game but the reason I give 2 stars is because EA, hear me out. The AI in this game is hard to beat (I’m talking about the TOTY Honourable Mentions Head 2 Head AI). Whenever my opponents disconnect, you always throw a difficult AI that literally changes the game score and it gets super annoying. Also, stop making me go up against high ranked players. I’m trying to get my 10 Honourable Points from Honourable Mentions Head 2 Head but whenever I search for a match, you just send me a high ranked player instead of a player the same rank as me (I’m Amateur 1 In Head 2 Head). So please fix this game and you guys are lucky you didn’t get a 1 star review. 😡🙏.Version: 18.0.04

Downward spiralOver the years, this game has embellished itself with more and more pointless vsa matches, with now several ranking tables that just make you angry and frustrated. Wonderful marketing strategy to try to sell more packs, but causal and more advanced users are not happy to have to spend hours per day to try to catch up with the rest of the pack. Which, by the way, is mostly formed by bots, cheaters, and players that use emulators -one wonders if this is also a strategy from the game staff to add some ‘Achilles and the Tortoise ‘ logic to the game so that more purchases are make. No satisfaction comes from building your “dream team”, as base cards are already obsolete after a just few weeks -the only way to remain competitive is to churn the team every week with cards obtained from expensive, real money-driven programs. Devs and PRs are a close circle of think-a-like people that show little respect and attention towards discordant voices, and adopt a blame-the-customer strategy on multiple occasions. Instead of fixing bugs and annoying programming errors, they launch new events every week so that high-spending players (but also casual, naive ones) can waste their money in useless packs as the chance of obtaining good rewards from them is quite slim. It is a pity, because the game has potential and could have been better thought and developed -but the team seems to be moved by greed and hubris. Disappointing..Version: 13.0.09

Disappointed userTo start, this was an incredible game! It's been on my phone longer than any other game. At first, I ignored the glitches and the bad vs attack. Then we dealt with all of the updates which made the game not work half of the time. I was still a loving fan of the game. Finally, with this new update all of the hard work I spent on creating my team was thrown away. The developers of the game basically said that everything I did was worthless. I understand that this update could bring a lot of potential in the future, but in my opinion it is not worth the loss of my previous team. I went from a 91 rating to a 56! If you are wanting to download the game now as a first time, then I have no doubt that you will love it. But as for us old timers to the game, starting over from scratch does not seem worth it. Developers, please return our old teams to us! I truly loved this game. All of the upgrading features appear to be very useful, and I can see how it is creating the next level of game play (I only went through the tutorial again to see if it would return my team post playing). But please, please return my old team to me. I don't want all of the money that I spent to get where I was to be wasted. It truly is disappointing especially from a game that I love so much. If I am missing how to get my team back developers please let me know..Version: 8.0.7

Not bad but a lot of room for improvementIs a really fun game and nice alternative to the console counter parts. The controls are actually really nice and overall is a good experience I’ve given it 3 stars due to a few things. I don’t like the high numbers. It is a bit of a pet peeve but it makes them seem a little less good. I wish they would stick to the 99. The problem is I’ve been playing for only a few days and the lowest card on my starting 11 is 98 rated see what I mean. My feeling is that they have started with it but realised they made everything too easy to get. Instead of changing this they have just added more on the end. Pretty poor if you ask me. Event difficulty is a shame. I don’t mind playing against players but the low rewards make it hard to justify. There are good ai settings however with events the difficulty is always too low even at its highest. Not enough custom ability on that front. Speaking of custom ability…WHY CANT I PLAY KICK OFF. Sometimes I just want to hop on a game while I’m out but I can’t do this. And also WHY NOT DRAFTS. I loved drafts and such a shame to see they aren’t apart of this. I hope the devs can see this so they can add these features. Shame it’s EA and never listen..Version: 18.0.03

ZidaneBefore you ignore this review, please read it. Please. I’m on the last milestone to getting zidane but it feels like a nightmare. It’s impossible for a free to play guy like me with an 122 ovr team to get into fifa masters for VSA. And H2H is literally the most frustrating thing ever. I have to go up against cross spamming and my opponents always get an advantage. Like the player with the ball got tackled, then the player somehow gets it off the defender while he was on the ground and scores. I call those goals “fluke goals.” Like they legitimately got the goal through pure luck. I really want to get zidane, please. I beg you. On behalf of all those people who just want to have some fun and get zidane without paying and buying stuff, I ask you politely to please change the fifa masters milestone and make it so that people in fifa champion can get zidane..Version: 13.1.12

Mérite pas d existerA cause d un problème de son qui dure depuis deux semaines et que j ai redémarré 3 fois mon téléphone pour que ça arrête et quand ça arrête c est le jeu qui m empêche de jouer et quand je peux y jouer le problème de son recommence j ai dû supprimer le jeu a cause de ça je déteste ce jeu.Version: 18.1.03

Annoying!!Game is great for the most part and that’s the only reason I’m wasting my time as I have never left a game review before in my life!!!! But i have some issues!! If u want to make the game hard when getting into the semi pro and up levels of the tournament or playing actual people that have higher lvl players than u, u can’t tamper with the aiming or the passing power or shot power. Seems to be a pattern to me when I’m playing against other players that have the same if not lower lvl players it’s super easy to wipe the floor with them and as soon as theirs another player or the npcs are semi pro and up you’ll aim a certain way and the ball will go the other or you’ll try and pass the ball and u hold the button to pass like u normally do for that particular distance and it’ll stop way before it would have on lower lvls or it’ll reach the same lvl in power but act like it got tapped to pass no more than two feet and that ruins to the play. It seems to be very inconsistent and even tho I’m no great player of the game I am good enough to be noticing these inconsistencies. If u want the game to be harder with npcs u change the speed at which the npcs react and how all players stamina is affect on how they are used and don’t touch the other aspects of the actual way the ball is moved that’s stupid..Version: 18.0.04

A Weird GameOk first off, the game it self is decent, some parts are weirdly unique. But the transfer market, in season 1 , For 450k coins you can get a 90+ Player. But now 450k coins gives you a basic 80 rated elite. Some parts of the game is good: VS Attack I find is like the shorter mobile version of fut champions and is very fun. I don’t know why but I do like how sometimes they give you 500 Fifa points for some reason which is like $7.50NZD. But I gotta say , Please fix the transfer market.Version: 8.1.0

Played religiously...now uninstallingStarted in December and played all events and programs on the reg. But now this free app costs a lot of money to be able to keep playing. I was working hard to push through Campaigns to get actual worthy rewards and then a reset to Vs Attack rankings set me back. It's impossible to get my Vs Attack rank back up because I get nothing but teams 3-5 OVR more than mine and they get more chances at goal and twice as many Great Chances. So now Vs Attack is unplayable, Campaigns are locked and events are periodic with the current one (St. Patrick's) not even being an event with skill events or games, just packs to buy. Is this a soccer game or a card game? Because at this point I can buy and upgrade player cards but have no game modes worth playing with those players. The game is utterly pointless in just four months of having it. It's really disappointing that EA has found a way to monetize something enjoyable and has let that quest for money take all the joy out of it. If you are thinking about starting FIFA Mobile...don't! You will likely end up wishing you could get back four months of your life Not to mention, all the money that you put in to try and get an advantage in a game that has predetermined that you will always be at a disadvantage. Could be so much more, but unfortunately it's a business with the end all goal of making a profit..Version: 9.1.03

Awful gameFix your stupid game, if the other teams fault you, there is no fault, but if you touch the player very lightly, it’s a red card, stupid game, fix it , it sucks.Version: 15.5.03

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