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Even App app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Even App? Can you share your negative thoughts about even app?

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Unexpected errorDon’t bother it’s broken.Version: 8.40.2

Looked at my pay stub to see why my checks were shortI like the app it helps but I had to look at my paystubs to see why I was only was missing a few hundred*** dollars because when it says it will be take out of the paychek say on the 4th of April thats when I expect it to come out not the next paycheck on the 18 like foreal I had a debit come out of my check that I did at the beginning or March come out of my April check like really ... it needs to be clear when it is really going to be debited out of your check because im thinking that it really will come out when it’s supposed to but nope now im down because of something i did at the beginning of March on the 7 is came out on April 4th !!!!!!!!! And the one i did at the end of March is now coming out of this paycheck not happy about that at all.Version: 7.2.2

Not updating.. frustratingI loved this app... at first. Helped me keep track of my bills, spending, and budget. In the past two months, I have I had nothing but issue after issue with it. It isn’t consistently updating— having my transactions from over a month old be my most recent ones. I’m paying for this app and it’s still not up to date. I pretty much message daily to the “get help” crew who just consistently ask me to re-sign in which doesn’t always work and when it does, still doesn’t update my account. This is so beyond frustrating for an app that was working perfectly fine and super helpful before. Now it’s just annoyed, out of date, and useless. Glad I decided to cancel my subscription, not to mention that it has barely worked for the month I have already paid for it..Version: 5.6.3

Changing AccountTried to change from a savings account to my checking account for my bank. My bank is not supported on plaid, but somehow I was able to add my routing number and account number manually even though there is no option for that instead of searching 10+ times for that to show up. My bank didnt want me to use my savings after trying to confirm my test deposits, instead of a go back my account number is wrong you are just stuck and cant enter anything in if you are not on plaid. Needs attention to updating account numbers not on Plaid. The app needs major rework for the updating of account information not supported through plaid. Really no reason to have plaid in the first place if you have the routing and account numbers..Version: 8.40.2

A waste of time!Don’t waste your time! you an only use their service if you company joins their program. Let’s be realistic... their isn’t many big companies that’s going to want to join them, i work for Hilton Hotels & Resort they use adp for payroll processing etc. I showed my manager this she said it’s a joke because i’d have to email corporate to get in board and that just isn’t going to happen! The old saying is something isn’t broken, don’t fix it! As fast as i created my account i deleted it. I’ll stick to Earnin and Moneylion. the only reason i wanted to join was to use to app in the form of an advance paycheck i get paid every 2 weeks and sometimes it’s nice to be able to pay bills up in advance so you don’t worry about them, so if ur company is participating then you’re in luck but don’t waste your time!!!!.Version: 7.2.2

One star for the ideaI have had issues since the minute I downloaded this app. There was an issue with my account number and it took 2 hours of chatting with someone to figure out the solution. And that whole “it will be in your bank by 8pm” is false. At least in my situation. To add to the stress, I did not know I wouldn’t get my instapay until my first direct deposit from work goes through. Then what’s the whole point of me trying to get my money early using this app? It’s a good concept but they failed to deliver in my case and the support chat has so far taken and hour since I sent a message and I still have nothing. I will be deleting this app. A word of advice. Just wait for your check because this app is more of a headache than my actual job..Version: 6.0.14

Only likes Walmart Money Network CardsAs the title says, this app always wants to default to your Money Network pay card account even if you have a linked bank account where your paycheck is deposited. You can change the default in the settings, but even if you finally figure out how less than s minute after you gave up and decided to dig through your old cards to use the Money Network card instead since it wouldn’t let you use your preferred method, you are unable to change the delivery account or even cancel the instapay and start over. This app is useful when needed, but an utter nightmare to use..Version: 8.29.6

Tsk tsk tsk smhJust a tad misleading, guys. "Even's budgeting features are free to use. Even Plus blah Instapay blah blah employer in the list they may blah blah $8/ mo." I must be a real moron because I downloaded the app thinking my employer didn't have to be on the list to use the budgeting part of the app and if by some chance my new employer WAS on the list, well, I might get really lucky. They may pay for the Instapay part and even though the idea of being paid early really wasn't all that appealing to me because if you took advantage of that aspect of the app, it might be helpful at the time, but it would just be that much harder to make it until the next payday features or would be farther away, I thought I'd check it out too and just pay the $8/mo myself if my employer didn't ---just in case, you know? Well.....that would be a huge NOPE!! If your employer isn't on the list, you can't use the budgeting part either. That was a bit of a let down so 1 star for being misleading..Version: 8.8.0

Been waiting since 2021 for support helpI’ve been waiting to hear back from a “ 24/7 “ support agent for god knows how long now and still no response. There’s no number to call to reach someone just a email address and a support chat that you have to wait for weeks to get a reply. The email response was to contact through that support chat on the app. At this point I’m going to send a ambulance and a police to there location for a welfare check but then again the address may not be right considering the 1800 number on the website had 18 digits. Maybe I’ll get the help here, I’ve never had to use this support thing before so maybe this is normal to wait this long..Version: 8.38.2

Kind Of AnnoyedThis app is wonderful to see your bills and plan ahead how much pay checks will be, and it updates when you get overtime hours and roughly 24hrs after that overtime shift, your paycheck will update to see its new amount which I love! BUT... this app completely lacks to do its main purpose. Its supposed to deduct from my bank account bills from my banks current status so I know how much I can spend. However THIS APP WONT UPDATE MY BANKS STATUS. At one point my accounts went into a status of -$0.80 (gas oops) for my checking and $285 for my savings. It has been like this for 3 weeks. I have undownloaded and redownloaded the app. I have refreshed the banking connection. I have tried to disconnect the bank account but the app ACTUALLY WONT ALLOW ME TO. A little frustrated. Why does this company have my banking information if it is not going to accurately keep up to date with whats in my account? WHY ELSE DO YOU NEED THAT INFO.Version: 8.0.6

It was okay until a mistake happened on their endIt’s a good app really. But someone on the even app really needs to do their job correctly!! My instapay got messed up with my last paycheck and now they had to take money out from this paycheck so they could fix the problem. Which I don’t honestly agree with at all. I ain’t saying I want free money. I’m saying the job should have been done correctly. Because now I have to wait for ANOTHER paycheck to pull money if I really need it. Like right now I need it because bills have got to get paid and now imma be behind and it’s gonna cost me more money!!! Can’t pull an instapay out from the paycheck I’m working on now. Y’all were doing great up until this situation. Now I’m skeptical, especially since y’all want us to do that savings thing. So because this happens I WILL NOT be using that savings part on my Even app BECAUSE of this situation..Version: 7.2.18

Doesn’t work in Canada?I like the idea of this app but I could get past the setup... There aren’t very many Canadian banks but TD isn’t available. It appears that TD in the US is offered, but not Canada. I find it odd that if I can’t log into my bank or if my employer isn’t listed that I can’t use the app. Just let me do some manual inputs at least....Version: 6.0.16

Dont make a mistakeDon't make a mistake on here they will make you feel stupid for it. Also when you change your account info they dont tell you if you have weekly payments, the whole reason to have them, then you have to go in and change what account gets paid weekly. Even tho you have stripped all the other account information from this app. When it comes time for the weekly payment. You keep checking the new account not there. Then you check the old account and it’s there. Go to customer service. Agent tells me its my fault for not changing the weekly account info. Should just be one account info that you change when they use terms like “main account”. And you only put in one and don't hit add other accounts. Ok rant over….Version: 8.34.5

Doesn’t allow Canadians.How lovely..Version: 8.38.2

Unexpected errorI try to put my number in and keep saying unexpected error..Version: 8.29.15

Add More Support!Seems like a great app but should have support for Canada..Version: 8.29.2

Very DisappointedI have been using Even for almost a year. It was working perfectly, and it was the best financial app on the market. It allowed me to get money from my paychecks early, and my favorite part was the “spend” tab. It organized my bills very plainly, so I knew what bills I had to pay with each paycheck. It was the best. However, recently the app is no longer compatible with my bank, so I can’t use that feature anymore. I honestly valued that feature more than being able to get paid early. I don’t understand how it worked for so long, then stopped. I’ve contacted the support team several times, and they’ve said that there is nothing to be done. Now I’m having to use another app for the planning/budget aspect. I’m paying every month for the even plus subscription, and it’s disappointing that I can’t use every feature on the app. Had my bank been more popular, I’m sure this wouldn’t have been an issue. I feel that smaller banks aren’t given as much attention during development. Even though this could very well be an issue with my bank’s software development, I think the spend tab should be available still, to allow manual input..Version: 7.2.12

When will Canadian support arriveAs per title when will Canadian support arrive?.Version: 8.13.0

I really want to love this app......but it is always broken! Between it not picking up on my recurring bills, asking me to track bills I already track and just generally not syncing properly, it’s nearly impossible to get a clear read on your “real” balance. There are always server related/connectivity issues. That being said in theory the app is great—it’s personable, great on boarding sequence and really has helped me stay on track. Really unique take on a tracking app. When it works, it is great at identifying recurring payments and income. I keep it despite the flaws, which is saying a lot. Needs some work but, I look forward to seeing how it improves. :).Version: 4.1.0

Doesn’t even do the fastpayI am new to this app. I signed up the other day so I could take advantage of the 1X Weekly pay that my company offers through the Even app. Since signing up I have been able to open the app and otherwise scroll/flip through the main pages of different sections. However, whenever I go to the instapay page, and click continue so I can fastpay, the app crashes and force closes itself making me reopen the app and start over. It crashes every time I click continue to do the fastpay. I have been talking to support for the last day or so, and over that time they have told me they were speaking to someone to try and resolve the issue. First they told me they were talking to just normal IT, then they were talking to their software engineers (I’m assuming to try and see if there was a flaw in my apps downloaded coding), and then a third agent came on the line and said they were speaking to management to try and figure out what was going on. Like really it shouldn’t be this difficult for me to use the fastpay feature y’all are making it way more difficult than it has to be. Get your act together!!!.Version: 8.30.1

One Star for IntregrityUPDATE: Was told by Even Support that Even Basic is in fact free for employees of qualified employers. I still believe that should be more clear, as that’s only informed in the membership screen. Even has a lot going for it. It’s a beautiful app with amazing features for financial planning. However, it’s payment structure is very hidden from the user and awfully misleading. The app description mentions nothing about a subscription, neither does the app’s setup. If I hadn’t gone into my settings I wouldn’t have noticed that A: Even has membership options B: there is no free membership option C: I was signed up for a free trial membership (the Basic plan) and wouldn’t have known the date or anything had I not checked that section. Upon reading their website FAQ, it mentions that Even charges no fee except for their Plus membership which is $6 a month rather than $3 for Basic. Things like that should be made evident to users, not hidden behind doors. Also as a critique to hopefully have this pushed in a future update, it looks like Even has iPhone X support but items are getting cut off on the notch and on the bottom portion of the display. Please fix it as it really ruins the sleek style of the app..Version: 5.5.1

UselessYet another app that wants to steal all of your money. First, you can sign up with a text plus number. So have fun with getting random calls from people when they sell your info. They may not doing it this second but it’s just a matter of time. I’ve looked into several other apps and they accepted texting apps. There’s no reason this one shouldn’t. Second, you have to link your bank account. They WILL charge you a fee you did not agree purposely agree to. Third, their customer service is a whole joke. If you want help, just delete all your information off the app and delete it. It’s funny. Their customer support couldn’t help me for over a month or find my previous requests for help but after I deleted my banking info they still charged me for two months. Stay away from this app. It looks pretty but it’s useless and will just give you a headache..Version: 7.0.4

The epitome of Silicon Valley arrogance.What we have here is a group of privileged developers that decided they were going to help the not-so-well-to-do’ers of the world by offering a way to shuffle around what little money they have between good times and not so good times. Instead of putting their brains together and helping fight for higher (minimum) wages, employee unions, changing laws to fight against money in government, etc., they thought they’d ‘save’ everyone with their subscription based money management app. These guys actually believe they’re ‘making the world better’ by charging low income earners a subscription to use this app in order to ‘save/manage’ their money. These developers are the epitome of what’s wrong with Silicon Valley today. Oh, and many of these 5 star reviews are so blatantly fake it’s hilarious..Version: 7.2.27

Pretty great app! except …I have been using the even app for quite some time now and i haven’t had much issues with it , it’s got instapay which i love , i get paid EARLY , and i know exactly how much i’m going to get paid for the next couple of paychecks. I ran into a problem although when i tried to change my bank account , i think it’s RIDICULOUS that in order to change your bank account you have to delete the whole app!! there is LITERALLY not an option to change it at all! I literally just want to change it however what if someone else entered the wrong information on accident ? or what if something happened to that bank account thus forcing them to rid the one they have currently , it’s not fair at all and i feel that’s something very simple that should have BEEN an option on the app , PLEASE fix this it’s very frustrating. Thank u. - Ashlee.Version: 8.34.9

DisappointedI have used the app for close to 7 months now, no problems. Then, all of a sudden it stopped working. Even customer service told me my bank account was a closed account (which it’s not) instead of what really happened. So, I called my bank and they never received a deposit from Even. From the records they have it doesn’t show anything at all! Which to me, is worse. So now the money that didn’t get sent to my bank account I must wait 2 more weeks to get it on my next paycheck! I was saving money through Even and I am pulling it out immediately because they didn’t resolve my issues and they made me more concerned in the end about where my money goes. I never write bad reviews but I honestly don’t trust this company now, and customer service was horrible..Version: 8.0.12

Cant create accountEvery time I try create an account it says please use a personal email address which I am and I can’t create an account..Version: 8.22.16

Horrible 1st ExperienceI decided to use Even the for the first time since it was recommended by my employer. I requested an instapay via debit card on 12/13. The even app says it was deposited but the funds are still not on my card as of 12/16. The advisor chat claims the investigation team will conduct a check through their processors. I have yet to receive an update on the status of my request. It is false advertisement to say you’ll get the funds within seconds - 30 mins. It defeats the purpose of trying to access YOUR money prior to pay day… If you have to wait days to receive it. Once / if this is settled by even… I will be deleting the app and using another reputable company if need be. Horrible experience and will not recommend to anyone..Version: 9.2.5

Not completely thrilledOne, running the app after downloading it was difficult. I didn't realize I needed to upgrade to "plus" for installation, the link you gave me to get the account number and routing number for my Walmart card didn't work, (fortunately, I found it through the card app) and it took all day for the two "test deposits" to go in. (I realize you warned me it would, but it was still annoying) NOW I find the money I needed to put on my card YESTERDAY, when I loaded the app, won't be in until TOMORROW at 8PM! The actual check gets deposited at 9:00, so this is almost worthless! I don't see this being very useful to me in the future..Version: 8.8.0

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