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Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about zero: fasting & health tracker?

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Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker for Negative User Reviews

Used to be the best fasting appWhen I first started fasting I LOVED this app. It was a fairly simple timer with nice graphics and a lovely calendar overview showing your fasting hours. Now the app is completely bloated with stuff I don’t care one bit to track in this app. I’m an athlete and track my training with other apps. I hate how it forces you to add your weight - I don’t track my weight and have no interest to do so. I chose that my motivation for fasting is health and longevity but still I’m forced to add weight. To be allowed to remove all the ridiculous bloat in the app that has nothing to do with fasting you have to pay a very steep subscription fee. And speaking of subscription; the devs here keep saying you can x out of the free trial. No. No you cannot. I ended up doing it because I thought the app would be as good as it used to, but wish now that I didn’t bother..Version: 5.25.0

FrozenApp thinks I still have an ongoing fast and won’t let me start a new one. Been super glitchy lately.Version: 5.23.0

Carlos Suarez RubioI am new to this app and I am trying it out. However, I find this app extremely capitalized as it charge for everything except the basic and does not even offers as many benefits as Fastic..Version: 4.19.6

Eating windows and meal light don’t workI really like the premise of Zero, and I would definitely pay for a premium subscription and use it all the time, except for one thing. The "eating window" has way too many bugs in it. For example, I'm currently on a 72 hour fast since Sunday at 6 pm. (It's now Wednesday about 1 pm.) Zero is recording this fast, but if I go to the calendar and look at eating windows, it shows me as have several different eating windows of apparently random lengths during this fast. There shouldn't be any eating windows (obviously) if I'm fasting. Also, while I like the idea of being able to record my meals and take pictures of them, which would give me the advantages of the Ate app along with the advantages of Zero, the app doesn't seem to let me go back into the meal and edit it. I'm not sure what the issue is here. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. Sometimes the meal that I recorded seems to disappear altogether, and sometimes it's there but I can't edit. I worked for a while with a customer rep, but they could never get the bugs worked out, so it appears to be a problem with the app itself. After a while, I was getting close to the end of the month that I was willing to pay for to try it, and I wasn't going to pay for more when it wouldn't do what it promised that it would do. I'm currently signed up for another month in the hopes that the problem is fixed. Obviously it isn't, so I won't be paying for premium anymore..Version: 4.37.0

App Update Ruined AppThis fasting app was ruined by the update. The update is intrusive, complicated, has too many moving parts, makes multiple demands on the user that are manipulative, and comes off as fake and disingenuous. The obvious intention of data collection is explained away by Zero saying on Twitter that they want users to recover data on different devices, but this could be resolved by iCloud login, if they sincerely wanted to preserve user data for the users. If they wanted to monetise then they could have given users the option to sign up, but instead they forced login and multiple changes on users. The transition seems to be poorly thought through. Zero says they beta tested with many users, but this is no justification for imposing an essentially entirely new app on users. Why not give users a choice? I will delete this app. It was a delight to use the previous version, and the update is disappointing..Version: 3.0.5

Most expensive app I have come acrossI would love to be able to use this app and not spend over $100 for the pleasure. I’m sure once all the functions are available to you it’s great - but the free version is incredibly limited. Every time I click the wrong thing it tries to make me sign up and pay an exorbitant amount for the year. I just can’t justify it and hate that each time it asks, I have to close the app down entirely and restart it just to make the “ad” go away. Disappointing really..Version: 5.15.0

Impossible to log since last updateImpossible to connect so all progress lost since last update..Version: 5.23.0

Subscribed for a year so far not enough featuresEverything is working well but most of the time it’s a glorified timer if you are already disciplined there’s no need for long time subscription for this app. Lack of add meal/calories pre-filled options, wasting time typing out what I eat and how many calories but it doesn’t get take into consideration of my daily calorie goals. Can be a lot better but after a few months of using it you lose interest and engagement to the app..Version: 5.18.1

Bait and Switch online reviews.If there’s one thing I really hate it’s feeling like I’ve had the old bait and switch. Dozens of online reviews talk about a no cost basic plan, recommending this as a good way to trial the IF habit before deciding if you want to pay for the upgrade, many many reviews saying they are happy with the free version… but surprise surprise, there’s no option for a free plan! Just a one week free trial and then billed for a whole year. One week! IF is a long term lifestyle change that is bound to have some starting issues - what the hell am I going to learn and appreciate in a week? Is this a new thing only having paid plans? Is it reviewers getting kickbacks? Because it’s NOT CHEAP and I’m on a pension. All I feel right now is that the reviews were paid promotions and the app is a Bait and Switch scam to take a yearly fee before I even know if I’ll stick to it. I’ll give it a couple of days so I’ve got an idea of what’s included before finding a free alternative. Leaves a very bad impression. Oh well..Version: 5.18.1

App was nice and quick. WAS.The basic functionality is still there. But the recent updates have added things like a splash screen which slows it down. All the new features bog down what I really want - just keep track of time. Gah..Version: 3.2.0

Changes unhelpfulI use to love Zero. Really simple to use, press a button and go, reminders etc. Now, with the updated changes, I have to select a fast type and time, go through several screens just to start it. I can’t just start and go. This update is a real downgrade and I will be search for another more simple to use app. Don’t over complicate things that don’t need it..Version: 3.1.0

The app isn't workingKeeps saying I don't have a network connection when my wifi and data are working fine.Version: 5.23.0

Not a fasting app anymoreHave used this for almost three years, loved it but these changes is making me look for a new app. Even if my fasting hour goal is 16, the ring will be closed (so to speak) after the 12 hour. It’s trying to also log activity on there, but everyone is already hooked to dedicated activity apps with so much detail, be it Apple Fitness, Strava or Nike+ to name a few. So the point of this is silly. I now I can’t scroll through the months and see at a glance my fasts, but have green and red rings instead now. Very sad - I used to recommend this app to everyone and helped me so so much in my fasting journey.. but now it’s almost taking away from it..Version: 5.3.0

Not able to log fast or loginI was unable to log fast starting from today. I followed the troubleshooting instruction and reinstalled the application. After this, I’m even not able to login into my accounts now. I’ve been using this app for over three years, and it’s the first time I’m having this kind of issue..Version: 5.23.0

Password Reset IssuesI'm a little disappointed that a simple password reset is taking the support team more than a week to fix. This issue should have been escalated to the developers especially since we have been emailing back and forth the same things over and over again. Apologies if I'm wrong but it seems the only action that has been done to try and fix this issue is to copy and paste my email address to the 'Reset password' function which I have already done multiple times on my end. I have already lost track of my intermittent fasting and definitely have lost my streak. I am unimpressed by how the support side of things turned out in this instance when I thought your application was fantastic in the first place..Version: 3.3.2

EditingSometimes I find it difficult to edit or put my fasting/sleeping times in when I finish work at midnight and it won’t always go in so I end up with an untrue sleep pattern.Version: 5.17.1

10 pounds a month for a broken stats dashboardI have done some homework and this app came on top of many articles as the most user-friendly fasting app. However I really doubt that those who reviewed those have used the app for more that several days. While I opted for premium option because I was new to the concept of fasting and felt I needed support, I received only tons of confusion and conflicting messaging from dashboard/ coach and email updates. They all said different things - from 0 fasts done last week to 3/4 are done to congratulations you nailed it - all 4 are complete. I’m talking about the same week progress that was interpreted by app is very different ways. It’s really not well synchronised at all between modules and the coach is just not worth 10 pounds a month, no way! Although I logged tickets with customer support no resolution was provided. Another major disappointment is how male dominated this app is! All videos are done by male experts, who talk about all topics health including breastfeeding. There is confusing advise about how periods work or don’t work with fasting, to the extent that it’s obvious they don’t know and still trying to put just some content out there. And of course no tracking of periods together with weight or fasting to at least give control and awareness to women to see how those things affect each other. I unsubscribed after using for about 6 weeks..Version: 4.2.0

This used to be a great appI loved this app when it was clean and simple. Since the big update it doesn’t work well, gives me notifications to end or begin my fast that have nothing to do with my actual fasting times, and won’t save my fasts. Would change my rating if I could use the old version..Version: 3.0.5

Enjoyed the app until recent updateIt now requires and account and signing up... for a timer app. Come on..Version: 3.0.0

Was good, onceHooray, unneeded update to add a pay version. Only reason I chose this app to start with was that it was simple..Version: 4.0.2

Preferred the app before the updateIn the previous version I was able to set my start and end date and time myself. If I forgot to start the tracker when I started fasting I could go back to the time I started IRL and start it there. I could also set it to end whenever I wanted it to end. Now even with the customisable fast, you have to know the exact number of hours you want to fast and input that way. If I want to stop my fast at say 6pm on Wednesday evening for example, I can’t choose that date and time in the calendar anymore. Quite frustrating. This was the only reason I was using this app before the update as it suited my schedule and the way I think about my fasting. Now I’m having to look for another more simple app that has this simple yet helpful functionality. Disappointed..Version: 3.0.1

I can’t give the new update any stars.This update is horrible, I hate it so much you made something so simple into crap. I wish I didn’t click the update button so much!!!.Version: 5.23.0

Took a good thing and broke itPrevious version did what it did and did it perfectly — no bloat, no issues. Now? Boy. Slow to open, interface is overdesigned and inconsistent, you need an account (and to agree to the customary sure-to-get-worse-over-time-once-selling-your-data-becomes-lucrative privacy policy) just to use the thing, and occasionally things like notifications just don’t work. Why do I need to know that 85,000 other people are fasting right now? I don’t, certainly not if it means the app is slow to load every single time I open it. This isn’t a social network, it’s a utility. Would rather have paid for the previous version of the app than get this trojan horse for free. Sticking with it for now, if only because the watch app hasn’t been mucked with (yet), but I’m also looking around for alternatives, which I never felt any need to do before this update. Zero version 2 seemed too good to be true — free, polished, no strings attached — and I guess it was..Version: 3.0.1

The app is not working. I have paid $92 for this app and it won’t open.I have paid $92 for this app and is won’t open and let me track my fast as of this new update. It just crashes. I’ve restated my phone and closed all my other apps. Not ok for an expensive app! This issue was resolved with a day or so, but an email sent to all users explaining that they knew there was a problem would be a good idea..Version: 4.17.1

I keep trying to recover but it always ends with re installing this appDon’t get this if you’re struggling with an Ed..Version: 4.24.0

DisappointedThe app is costly and doesn’t allow you to see any zones without paying. It is the same as using a timer if your not paying for the subscription. It was good before even just being able to see the zones your in, but they’ve changed that. No difference between the app and your phone clock app. Looking for a new app.Version: 4.21.0

Horrible redesignThe app is good itself but I hate the new update and redesign. I wish I could have the option to change the icon back or change it to one that isn’t so harsh and ordinary :(.Version: 4.28.0

TERRIBLE UPDATEThe app is so confusing now to the point where it’s stressful to fast. Way to ruin something that was perfectly good and simple. I don’t even want to fast anymore because of this app..Version: 3.0.5

So expensive for premiumThis app is honestly great. I love the interface and the free version is ok. I just wish I could customize the fast hours without premium. And the premium is WAY too expensive for what it is. $99 a year?.Version: 4.22.0

Awesome but needs some tweaksJust started using this, I love it! I would’ve given it 5 stars but it was a bit tricky to understand how to use it AT FIRST but mostly the ‘eating’ state countdown should be more similar to the ‘fast’ state i.e. should count down and not count up. I’d rather know how much time I have left to eat with the option to extend. Setting reminders wastes time and is annoying to have to do everyday, don’t make me think! ;).Version: 3.2.1

Great app but timer is buggedI have found this app useful - it’s straightforward to use (I’m mostly after a simple fasting timer function). However, aside from the annoying constant distracting lures to upsell you the paid membership, the timer is also flawed- it regularly ‘forgets’ that I’ve clicked the end of a fast and/or started a new one - so the next time I open the app the timer is still running for the previous fast which requires me to retrospectively remember what times I ended and started the new cycle. Buggy..Version: 5.0.2

Stopped working on my Apple WatchStopped working on Apple Watch.Version: 4.20.0

Just started subscriptionAt first it didn’t start the fasting count down, and now it doesn’t want to sign in to the app- since I restarted everything. This is an issue which a yearly subscriber, can’t use something that I payed for - basically you holding to my money for no service. Need help with this pls. Thx..Version: 5.23.0

Not Neurodivergent FriendlyOther reviewers have brought this up and the company replied saying that there is a way to exit the trial subscription which automatically charges you after 7 days by just hitting the “x” in the top right corner to exit. I have ADHD and absolutely cannot enter into these types of trials because I will without fail forget to cancel in time. The “x” that supposedly allows you to exit does not exist. (I have screenshots). I even tried all 4 corners in case it was invisible. I also tried swiping in all 4 directions. Nothing. The only way to proceed to even view the app is to subscribe. Too bad, guess I will have to go to a different app which is too bad because I had heard this was the best one but not worth it for me as it’s not neurodivergent friendly..Version: 5.17.1

Subscription WarningIn 2020 I went for the free trial, but due to user error I totally missed the deadline for the free trail ending which resulted in an annual payment. I contacted Zero to explain I didn’t want the app and they refused to refund the payment. You would think they would have actioned my request to cancel my subscription but no....another payment this year! There are no push notifications on the app for the subscriptions so they covertly take money on a rolling basis and then blame Apple for not being able to refund the monies they will get for subscriptions. Lesson learnt is closely manage your subscription and ensure you delete the app when you have finished..Version: 4.16.1

Disappointed and poorI was really looking forward to using this app. I entered my current stats, goals, and was offered 2 plans. When I went to select a plan, I hit a paywall I couldn’t afford. Super bummed.Version: 4.24.0

Crap appUsed to work great. Now all functionality needs to be paid for. Useless.Version: 4.20.0

Incessant full screen ads have ruined the experience for meThis was my preferred fasting app for years, but for the past two months I’ve had to dismiss a full-screen advert for Zero Plus every single time I open the app. This was a small irritation at first. But after weeks upon weeks of dismissing the same advert every single time I interact with the app I’ve found it to be an unjustifiable nuisance. I understand the desire for apps to push their subscription services, and the occasional popup is to be expected. But having my user experience interrupted every single time I use the app to push a subscription service I will never pay for means Zero is unfortunately no longer for me. In my opinion, making the user experience of the free version deliberately worse is not the right way to push users to buy plus..Version: 5.30.0

Nice App, like the timer, not inspired by the charts on Plus optionI listened to a Dr. Hubermann podcast on the subject of time restricting fasting. I was really inspired and he mentioned this App. So I decided to get it. I like the timer option because it’s helpful to have something to be accountable to each evening and morning. However, I subscribed to the Plus for around £69 a year. At first I listened to and read lots of the helpful coaching advice and articles and these were brilliant. After a while I became less inspired as I didn’t find too many new ones. It’s all very repetitive after a while. I’d like some way of being kept interested. There are challenges which I enter regularly but I don’t seem to feel like I’m in a challenge they start and finish and are rather uneventful. I also don’t find the charts very useful. I think it’s the design that just seems so simplified that I’ve got other Apps that do the same job but can be analysed better. I will definitely carry on using Zero - I’m on day 120 now so have achieved a lot. But I won’t renew the Plus as it’s too expensive for a 2nd year..Version: 4.25.0

Good app gone badI’ve been using this app for a few years. Over that time period it has gone from an app that mostly just provided a timer with reminders to an app that tries to do everything around food and health: coaching, information about diets, eating windows, etc. These are fine but I’m personally uninterested in them; the biggest issue is that they have very much cluttered the UI and made it less-useable. However, the big issue is that over that time period the app has gotten less functional at its most basic use as a fast timer. Often times starting a fast will appear to work properly, just to come back later and see that it never actually started a fast (and this problem is made far worse if you attempt to start from an Apple Watch). Similarly, ending a fast often doesn’t end a fast. The widget is unreliable to the point of being useless and both it and the app tend not to update fast timers properly. Manually setting a fast start time or end time often does not save properly. Overall, the performance and responsiveness issues have taken the app from a convenient way to organize my fasting to a burden that I’d rather avoid by using manual phone timers and forgoing any of the data-collection and encouragement that app, when functioning, can provide..Version: 4.31.0

How do u mess up so bad. this app actually used to be goodUsed to be so much better. now we have have to sign up, there are overly strict limits for your weight loss goal, and every time you start a new fast you get the same annoying popup for a subscription plan. if i didnt want it the last 1000 times why would i want it now? the LIFE fasting app is a much better alternative. i said what i said. this used to be a pretty good app and now its trash.Version: 4.21.0

Not freeDidn’t try I can track fasting without paying for a plan.Version: 4.21.2

Deleted after updateUsed this app for over 2 years and now It requires to create an account in order to keep using the app. Deleted!.Version: 3.0.5

Good AppI have tried a few different fasting apps, most do much the same thing ie track time you are fasting. Some are free and some could be classified as expensive, l would place zero in the expensive range, however in saying this the apps layout and functionality is the best l have found and l will keep using. The only issue l have is the graphs within the app for the most part do not seem to function (at lest for me) l have contacted zero support and their reply was fast with instructions to address the problem, unfortunately the instructions did not work, l am waiting for additional advice from zero on how to address the issue. I will keep using at least in the short term as l do like the app a lot, if my graph situation is addressed l will change my subscription from monthly to yearly..Version: 5.10.1

Disgusting, amoral business model.Another app that has zero value. You are forced to commit to a subscription and give them your credit card number before you can even try it. Thus, even the developers don't even believe the app has any value. If they did, they wouldn't rely on forcing you to commit to a subscription before you even try it and hoping you forget to cancel within 7 days, so they can deceptively charge you for an entire year, They know most people would not pay for a subscription, due to the lack of value of the app, but since they were forced to subscribe and hand over their credit card number. They rely on people forgetting to cancel within 7 days so they can charge their credit card for a full year. Or like many of the victims of this scam, the developers 'forget' to send them a reminder but go ahead and charge for a full year, anyway. It really is a despicable, disgusting business model. Especally for a simple timer. Yet, the developers act like they created Red Dead Redemption or something..Version: 5.11.0

Used to work well, now it’s extremely sluggishI don’t know why it went downhill suddenly, but it’s no longer working well. It’s extremely slow in loading up and often makes an error in recording my fasts. Sometimes it wouldn’t even recognize my tap at first attempts. Now I have weird gaps in my fast calendar, skewing my results..Version: 4.20.0

No free optionThere is no way to use this app without signing up for a subscription (or a free trial followed by a subscription). Developer feedback in this review section says there is an X you can click to proceed without signing up but there isn’t. Have downloaded this twice as it seems like a good app and I get the emails and read the articles but both times have deleted it immediately as I am looking for a free fasting app, not a paid one. I would consider signing up if it was amazing with loads of extra features but other reviews have said it’s pretty much just a timer. I already have a free fasting app where I can track my fast using a timer, I definitely don’t want to pay £70 a year for that functionality. So unfortunately this is not for me..Version: 5.24.0

Previous app design betterMissing details on each fast, I’d like to be able to easily tell the time I started and ended previous fasts. This new design and requirement for an account has been a little less user friendly..Version: 3.2.4

Created by men for men?I have been using this app for a while and now again after the launch of Zero plus. The plus version has a lot of interesting features : - the graphs and charts where the fasting data gets overlapped with your data from Health app (and other apps that could be fed into Health). - the educational cédions and content. I loved loved loved how Peter Atia explained the issue and fasting as a tool to help resolving the issue (almost convinced me to buy the yearly membership) - The app is well designed in terms of UI and graphics. Why not 5 stars: - there is very little information for female fasters (less than a handful resources which makes me feel like a minority user!). This is a huge gap (in the market overall I dare say!) and much needed. If I find another app that covers the ground well on this regard, I’d happily stop using Zero. - coaching plan cannot be changed in case you change your mind. I find this strange, that I cannot even drop out of the plan either! - I cannot find any educational content on how to unleash the app potential as a tool to improve my health e.g. how to read all these graphs and what to make of it! How to use the app other than recording my hours of fast and feast?.Version: 4.0.2

NOT free!!I’m not sure why they say it’s forever free when I’m being told that it’s free for 7 days then after it’s $92.99/year?!?!? No thank you! Avoid this app and it’s false advertising!!!!.Version: 4.22.0

Coaching function is frustratingMy daughter turned me onto this app. She’s followed Peter Attia for a long time. I really like the functionality, and the videos in the articles are great. I signed up for the coach portion because I really wanted to see the statistics. I’m two weeks in and learning how to fast suit me best as well as what is making for better weight loss for me. There was an initial questionnaire, and all the coaching seems to be based off of that with no way to modify or change preferences. The modifications week to week in the fasting regimes are minor but I want to add a couple of 18 to 20 hour fast in my week, and the app doesn’t allows me to do that. I could just do it and log it, but I get a lot of motivation about having the timer. I’m also doing over 110 hours in fasting, even if I’m not making my 16 hour goal every single day because I’m doing longer fasts some days, but then for the next week the coach recommends a 80 hour fast regime with options that don’t have much variety to them. Very frustrating given the cost of the app..Version: 4.6.3

Good app - Annoying notificationsI like the app as it is functional. They changed the UI in the last year which made it less intuitive and increased the brain power needed to interface with it. A step back. What I dislike the most is that the app keeps asking how you feel even when not fasting. It’s really annoying so I had to turn off all notifications and don’t know any more when I am entering different phases of fasting which was really motivating. I am looking at other apps that are less annoying with the notifications and easier to operate..Version: 5.2.0

Better before upgradeI agree with everyone else why did you have to go and ruin a good thing.Version: 3.0.5

You guys messed up with the recent updateOne of my favorite apps. I used it all the time for my fasting journal. I just got done deleting it after the new version forces you to login your personal information… Not something anyone wants! I kept declining and every time I declined it would refuse to allow me to set the timeframe in custom fasting option. If I did not allow notifications it also prevented me from doing a custom fasting option. it now tries to link you through Facebook etc. All the different options that you added cannot outweigh the fact that you’re definitely mining for more information on your customers and this is a deal breaker. I’m not going to be forced to give my information and allow notifications when I don’t want them. The old version I just entered what time I started, what time it ended and it worked fine now I have to go look for another app or some other means of tracking my progress for fasting. Whoever came up with this so Called upgrade needs to have their head examined. People do not like being forced into corners where they have to allow notifications and or give their personal information!!!!.Version: 3.0.1

Great app ruined by the need to push upgradesI started using the app before apple convinced them to add a paid tier and I have to say the constant push to get me to upgrade has me hovering over the delete button. It was always a marginal benefit timing my fasts, I’ pretty much OMAD as it is, but I liked being part of the movement. The main screens are littered with options that require plus. I don’t want it, I was happy with the app several upgrades ago..Version: 4.21.0

Innovative ideasTry bringing in some more ideas into this app. I have downloaded an app called Simple. It does the same thing as your app but also notifies you time when our body gets into ketosis stage or autophagy state. That was quite informative. The layout was very nice for that app. You could probably refer to that app and try improving yours. Because at the moment, what this app basically looks like is, just a timer. So even if people download it, after a certain time they won’t feel like using it. Not much 2-way communication between the app and user. You could either take my suggestion and improve your app or you could just discard my idea. Cheers.Version: 4.0.6

Fraud appDo not use this app. It does not allow you to unsubscribe and it will automatically charge you the full $92 for a year. Don’t fall for it..Version: 4.25.0

Anabolic now behind paywallUsed to be able to see anabolic with free version but now it’s behind a pay wall. Other apps like Fastic or Zero Calories app show anabolic on their free version..Version: 4.18.0

ClickbAitAvoid this app. It was good but then after to download it , it will lock all features and it basically becomes a timer. Too bad I thought Peter was here to help people become healthy?.Version: 4.20.0

DisappointedDownloaded the app in hope to try and see how it works and gain some insight to fasting. after inputting my personal data and information, giving it access to my phone and Health apps it then asks me to pay £67 after a 7 day trial, it won't allow me to proceed to see the operating system without allowing £67 to be debit in 7days, and having read the reviews i chose not to proceed, however now i have given all my data and i am unable to delete my account without first signing up and agreeing to payment. many users have said the trial period is not easy to cancel. i won't be using app..Version: 5.27.0

Very good app but annoying upgrade promotions within the appI've been a long term user of the app and intermittent fasting. The basic version is enough for me. The promotional in app screen blocks are very annoying and do not respect my focus or attention. After 3 years I would of thought you would know me by now!!! Please either add a setting in notifications because you are not letting me control these annoying screen block ad. I'd give it 5 if these could be controlled or removed..Version: 4.21.0

App not adapted for ipadPlease make this app adapted to ipad users... it would be so great !!!!.Version: 3.2.2

The premium version was great until the last updateI am a premium subscriber and I absolutely loved this app until the last update, which took all of the coaching features out of the app - which is why I purchased the premium subscription in the first place. It used to suggest a weekly plan of 5 fasts of varying lengths to do each week and you simply had to get in the hours around your schedule on the flu. All that is gone and now the plans are the same fast every day and it wants you to plot out your own schedule for the entire week down to the minute and figure all this mess out for yourself. Heck, I don’t know my schedule for tomorrow most days, much less a schedule for an entire week! The app isn’t even providing any coaching any longer. It’s all a big complicated figure-it-out yourself mess that I don’t want to deal with. I’m probably going to drop my premium subscription at this point and just use it as a timer, because Zero took away all the features that I paid for. It’s not worth the money now..Version: 4.14.2

Was good before the updateI used this for a couple of months and was really enjoying it. But then they made a really dumb update and now it’s not worth it. Suddenly the “fat burning” zone all but disappeared, and retroactively too. All the weeks I spent fasting 16+, 18+, 20+ hours a day where I also logged at least one or two hours of exercise each day, the fat burning zone changed from hours to just minutes or none at all. You mean to tell me that fasting 20+ hours a day with 2 hours of cardio and HIIT, and I never left the Catabolic zone??? When previously this would have shown I was in the fat burning zone for hours??? So then I’d have to fast a full day or more to even touch the fasting zone? Talk about a recipe for creating an eating disorder. Whoever made this decision to recalculate these zones needs to think again. Removing the motivation and success is a buzz kill and makes you not want to keep going anymore with the app..Version: 5.23.0

More complicated, mandatory sign upI knew this would happen. I shouldn’t have updated it. I know you need to make money by selling my email address and I appreciate the app. I’ve signed up and will try it but it was much simpler and calmer before. Too complicated. I don’t want to have to sign up. Remove that and charge a dollar..Version: 3.0.5

Account now required - deleted appI’ve really liked the app until the latest update that requires an account and includes using my data for advertising. How about a privacy first, no account, no tracking version as an in-app purchase?.Version: 3.0.5

Lost it’s wayAt its core, this application is a simple timer that gives you a notification when that timer is up. I’ve been using this for years. First came accounts, then promoted content, then auto selected notifications for promoted content and now with all those notifications disabled, I receive promotions about their new premium service asking me to give them money per month. I’m done now. I’m uninstalling. I imagine that I’m going to be constantly pressured to consider giving money or signing up to affiliate content. Trying to make money for a business is great, but at the end, this is just a timer for ~16 hours and a notification and I dislike how much I’m being pestered.Version: 4.0.4

Used to be goodThis app used to be great, now its full of subtle dark patterns to try upsell me to Zero Plus. Such as replacing the stop fasting button with a button that starts an eating window - a feature thats only available to zero plus members. Another one ia starting fasts pops up an upsell to zero plus dialog every time that is hard to cancel out of. I dont think the type of subscribers you want are ones that have done so by mistake or by feeling pressured but this is the tactic you are taking..Version: 4.36.0

Not letting me fast??Hello I think you have a bug, every time I try and press the start fasting button it doesn’t do anything. And yes I have the newest update. Pls fix this!!.Version: 5.23.0

Going downhillI have been using this app for over two years and its been consistently going downhill for past year or so. Things don’t work. The amount on focus on dashboard is not good if the navigation is not fast enough. If i want to look at my monthly stats for anything it never loads up. Highly Disappointed.Version: 5.22.0

Not bad for a free app ☺️App is good. The resources to read are not updated if you’ve read or they don’t add any further material if there is any that is. I’m new to fasting and would loved a actual list of foods to limit or reduce and to know how many calories you can have based on your weight and your physical activity to make this app so much more better. I’ve given a three star rating because of my reasons mentioned above. But in saying that this is a great app and highly recommend to anyone and everyone who is looking to track your fasting. It has many different options and you can even change between different tastings to suit your own needs. They also have a custom which is good. I have been using this app and fasting for up to three weeks now. Good free app hope it stays that way..Version: 3.2.4

Update sucksYour updated app sucks! Money grabbers!.Version: 4.21.0

Misinformation and deceitThe science behind weight loss is not fasting. That is a health myth that has been promoted by individuals trying to sell you a fast weight loss plan. When you do loose weight over a period of a week by fasting you are loosing “water weight” which is fat that is easily dissolved with the restriction of calories. Which would be great if it wasn’t a type of fat that comes back easily with drinking water. A lot of the programs say that it must be a total fast, where you don’t consume anything, no food or liquids, playing into the idea a couple of sentences back. This also denies the idea that people need to learn how to eat healthy on a regular basis. Fasting for weight loss is great for models and fighters that must go down a weight threshold to have a better weight in the short term, but is ineffective for the average person as as soon as the person is not restricted by the fasting app there has been no subconscious push to indulge again. And this usually is met with a rebound, and more weight gain for the person in question. In summary this app is trying to scam you into being completely dependent on it and wants you to fail with no plan B..Version: 4.0.9

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