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Thank you SonyAfter writing a bad review, I have changed it to a good one. Sony took action and updated their app after a period of problems. Great work. App works great and is an awesome touch with their stellar headphones..Version: 6.1.5

Accessibility problem with voice guidanceHey, can you do a firmware update at some point that allows us to control that voice in the app? I'm autistic and use these headphones to avoid sensory overload and "BUPUM BUPUM BLUETOOTH CONNECTED" being shouted in my ears every time a device goes somewhat out of range is a *really bad experience*. If we could maybe at least make it a good bit quieter, that would be helpful. (Maybe an option for a noise level cap generally, so we can choose to soften all tones over a certain number of Hz, including system noises?) Thanks..Version: 9.0.1

Quite Good, Could Be Better[I’d first like to say that this review is specifically about the app and no headphones.] The app is good however there are some bugs that need to be fixed. I found connecting the google assistant/amazon Alexa proved to be very difficult. Also on iPhone I think that 3D touch capabilities would be good from the home screen. I do like the large number of different things can do with the app and the headphones..Version: 6.1.5

Works well. Sometimes needs to be reconnectedLneeds to be re connected to the buds.Version: 9.2.7

Simply brilliant app, Sony!Currently using the app with the superb WH-1000x Mk2, and it works really well with my iPhone X. The app keeps being improved, and I have just discovered various equalizer settings for my wide tastes in music. Anyway, the amazing thing is the “Excited” setting for enhanced bass and treble is really superb, and demonstrated how much Sony knows about great, exciting sound. Thank you , Sony, for a brilliant, reliable app!.Version: 3.2.0

PaulBest headphones best app..Version: 9.2.0

The price is certainly justifiable…Hands down the best set of headphones I’ve ever used. My ears are sensitive and the slightest pressure on the cartilage causes great discomfort after an hour but these xm5’s are super comfy with 5hr sessions not causing the slightest discomfort. The sound quality is very good with no distortion to higher frequencies during heavy bass output. The inability to fold as small as the xm3 and 4 models I thought would be an inconvenience however the case is relatively flat and compresses when empty. The noise cancellation function works well, busy airport noise is reduced to the odd shouting voice with tannoy announcements inaudible. In flight noise is reduced to a very minimal hum. The equalizer adjustment range of frequencies could be greater but then this is across the range of wh-1000 headphones restricted by the Sony connect app.Version: 9.2.8

READ THIS REVIEWI think everybody else is overly critical of this app, IT IS NOT BAD. The interface to me is simple and looks nice. You don’t end up getting muddy sounds when you distort the music (e.g. to Concert Hall), however the music does sound less loud at the same volume you were just at when the music was undistorted. But there’s nothing horrible about these headphones or the app, it’s actually really cool (in my opinion) that they have an accompanying app to their headphones and allow you to make these awesome distortions. Anyways, don’t believe all the negative hype, AND even if some of those reviews are true, look at it like this: if you’re just now downloading the app, then you’re gonna get the most up-to-date version of this app, free of whatever bugs or glitches people complained about that are now fixed. So believe in Sony, they make a quality product..Version: 5.2.0

Does as expected so no problemsI use the App to initially set up headphones and occasionally change settings. Because i can touch my headphones with my hand(!!) i do not need to use the app all the time. I therefore have no problems changing connected device even at 30,000 feet! Really, the App is good and a necessity to first set up the headphones but after that i can adjust volume, noise cancelling etc. Direct on the headphones by touch quicker than finding my phone, opening the app etc. I have not used the App for 3 months (but use headphones almost daily). I think some folk expect too much from a free app which is really there just for occasional tweaks..Version: 6.1.0

I really enjoy my new set of headphonesSo I really enjoyed my new set of headphones on my iPhone. Allows me to change the base the boys all different types of settings. Something that you were do not get on the beats I am a owner of beats as well. When I do find funny is when I was looking for the same application on my iPad it is not available. So if I wanted to enjoy your movie and change the sound settings I would not be able to. So I wanted to play a video game and change the sound settings I would not be able to. Great set of headphones whose idea was it to nap with the same application on the iPad let me guess blame it on Apple. And I’m sure there’s some things that you can blame Apple I don’t think this is one of them..Version: 3.2.0

Great job on the Wh1000xm3, although.......The app needs work. These are suggestions in how Sony can make the app truly great. 1) Fix software update bug on iOS 12. Make it impossible to update headphones 2) App refuses to connect to headphones after sometime 3) Add multiple device connection function. Surely this can be done by software. Make it happen on this model and not only future once 4) Add force touch capability to force touch supported devices I’m sure we as consumers would love to see these changes/fixes. With that being said Sony deserves credit for producing such a great pair of headphone which rightfully deserve the industrial standard claim on ANC. GREAT JOB SONY!!! Would like to see a reply from the developers. Thank you..Version: 4.1.1

Life changing!My apartment is surrounded by noisy neighbors and construction. I wear these headphones with or without music playing and it cuts out almost all the unwanted noise. Makes me so much calmer and able to focus. Also great for traveling, especially on planes to cut out the constant rumble of the jet and other passengers chatting. The sound quality is magical! I’ve never heard my favorite music sound so good. I also use these for music and voiceover production and they are the best ever..Version: 7.1.0

Provides Good FunctionThis app is the only thing that allowed me to connect my CMT-SX7B to my network, therefore it gets 5 stars. Yes it’s not a pleasant looking thing but neither is a toothbrush - but they both work..Version: 7.5.0

5 Star Rating.Over the years have enjoyed some dam good headphones. From wired, to wireless and now of course Bluetooth. The Sony Wh-1000xm3 are the best headphones I have used. The Sony app for customising sound is number one. More Bass, less Bass, can’t get enough of that Bass and these Sony headphones have low end Bass and more. I think I love these more than my wife. Ha Ha..Version: 7.1.0

FitI’m torn between 4 stars and 5 stars, but, gave it 5 stars. I bought mine refurbished for $100 with absolutely no regret so without further ado my review. My ONLY complaint is fit which is personal to my anatomy not how the device works. However, a solid 5 star with no complaints would be including, or even making for sale ear “attachment” similar to Bose, which for ME is brilliant. But I find Sony’s sound quality and ACTIVE noise cancelling superior. But, I find Bose in ear passive “canceling” superior, and possibly the Bose bass quality is a bit better. (As a caveat with 11 years of playing in orchestras, MAY have affected my hearing...yes those violins, violas, cellos, etc, all add up and can be loud, as well as NOW playing bass with my son who plays brilliantly on a VERY large drum kit may have affected my low, as well as high end hearing). So to sum up my ONLY complaints with the WF-1000XM2, they should offer variations on a theme (pun intended) with ear fit and possibly tweak bass. Both issues may be personal. Would I buy again ABSOLUTELY!.Version: 7.2.1

Quality app for quality headphonesBeen using for a little more than a year and i can say that its not as bad as most rating suggest, sure connecting with the app may take 5 seconds, but you really only tweak your settings once every month. and with the latest update the headphones and app feel more FUN to use, being able to see how often you use them is very cool, as well as the badges you unlock by customizing your settings, it makes you want to really explore the settings and see what the app has to offer, great work developers..Version: 8.2.0

Some enhancements can be made10th Jan 22: Firstly, i’d like the option to limit how fully charged the case or headphones are. I don’t always need everything 100% charged, so the opportunity to preserve battery life, as per my Tesla, is welcomed. Secondly, the 360 function needs to be rolled out to Qobuz where genuine studio standard High Res Audio can be streamed or purchased. NB. Too much white noise on Ambient Sound setting needs addressing..Version: 8.3.0

ExcellentExcellent but few issues. Works great bit few UI issues. While swiping for EQ it swipe to side page. When app detects walking or staying and switch in between, it pauses music for few seconds and you here beep noises. Annoying!!.Version: 7.0.3

Sony Rocks!Awesome earbuds the xm3’s and the xm4 headphones! The app is the bomb to go with it , love ‘em! 😎👍.Version: 9.1.0

ExcellentGreat headphones. Best in the business. But, the 360 reality audio is not working and is difficult to implement. Please make this easier to understand.Version: 9.1.0

Great but could be betterLove most things about the app integration with headphones. One thing I'd like to see change if possible is the audio not auto switching when the phone is ringing. I'm using the mx4s connected to work laptop and mobile. In meetings when the phone rings the audio auto switches. I think it should only switch when answered..Version: 9.1.0

Good and Getting BetterIt works really well, no technical issues. Love the new dark mode, shows that the team is listening to feedback. The only gripe I have is that the VPT option was removed for the XM4s. The ability to change the sound of music to sound like a club, or an outdoor concert made the XM3s “fun.” Cant have all business and no fun with the XM4s! (I’m not referring to the EQ).Version: 9.1.0

Great appI found the app worked perfectly on my up to date iOS on my iPhone 7. I tested the headphones against the Bose headphones which weren’t as clear and the BnO ones which looked epic, sounded great but weren’t comfortable. What sold it for me was the Sony has very effective noise cancelling + the app has a graphic equaliser that allows you to adjust the sound to your liking. The ultimate test was on a 10 hour flight where they sounded fantastic + even cancelled out the noise during take off... spooky! So I like stuff that just works and these do..Version: 3.2.0

The App Doesn’t WorkI rarely write reviews but alas I’ve found a reason to. The newest version of the app Sony uses for their headphones is unusable- literally. Like for many others, the app either doesn’t launch, or freezes, or crashes. I know Sony will address this eventually, but currently these genuinely fantastic headphones (WH-1000M3), which cost twice their weight in pure silver, can’t be used correctly. Please fix this one ya’ll, it’s a bit of a let down... EDIT: Their customer service was fantastic and they gave me a work-around for the privacy policy problem. For IOS the app only works on update 13.3. Kind of a bad idea to make the app only function a specific update (and also likely future updates- I doubt that’ll happen again), but I can launch the app now so good enough :).Version: 6.1.3

It does work with WH1000XM2’sI see a lot of reviews saying it doesn't work with WH 1000 XM 2s, but it dies and has worked for me for a long time..Version: 3.1.0

The perfect headphonesThe best quality in the sound.Version: 9.1.0

Quality app compliments quality earbudsSo I just got the XM3 buds for Christmas and they blew me away, partly because of this app. It really makes these already fantastic ear buds that much better with all the features you are given. The customizability you get was far above my expectations, being able to use 20 different levels of ambient sound control and many options with the equalizer, all of which actually sound vastly different. I like how the app can also keep track of the battery level of the case in addition to the individual earbuds. The only problem I have is that the buds seem to disconnect sometimes when changing to another app however this app is so well designed that I’ll quickly look past that. All in all, I just want to say thanks for putting so much time into this app, it truly is the best companion app for a 3rd party device that I have used so far..Version: 7.3.0

Great ideaI like the app and loveeee the head phones (wh1000x), being able to personalise really makes it worth the money, sometimes there’s some connection issues to the app but apart from that it’s great, I have changed the ANC button to google assistant but I wish there was a way to keep both for example single press = change ANC setting, then press and hold = google assistant. I also think it would be handy to show an approximate charging time to reach full battery eg (charge for xx amount of minutes for a full charge) since I’m still understanding the fast charge system 😊 thanks.Version: 5.2.0

Why one star?I see a a lot of people rating it one star and saying how bad this app is. To me it works perfectly I about 3 months ago bout a pair of Sony 900xb headphones which you can adjust the bass the noise cancelling and much more. I got the app I had to set it up and it worked good and I’ve had it now same condition basically and I don’t touch the app because I have it all set up to my likeing. And basically how the app works for mine is turn the headphones on and it automatically says “Bluetooth Connected” and I just use them from there. And maybe people have different Sony devices and don’t work the same but those with this or other headphones from Sony this app works great no problem and even when I go to the app and change stuff it is just fine no problem so if your nervous because of all the other ratings take my advice it is a fine app don’t worry. Hope this helps! Ps I have an iPhone 7 and my friend uses this app flawlessly on his iPhone 8+.Version: 6.1.5

Sony WH1000M3In a nutshell these are excellent headphones both from a music reproduction and noise canceling perspective. My reference point is a pair of high end Stax electrostatic headphones and dedicated headphone driver which while superior is a $5K system. The Sony M3 is a substantial upgrade from previous models and can be optimised for frequency response using the Sony App. Bluetooth performance so good you don’t need an outboard DAC to enjoy superb sound. Excellent value for money! And forgot to mention the M4 improves everything - both sound quality and noise reduction. A real bargain in hi fidelity headphones..Version: 8.5.1

Easy to use and has everything u need.As someone new to this but already a bit tech savvy this was easy to use, fun, self explanatory and easy to understand. Gave it a few minutes of playing around and Im already adjusting things to how I like and having fun. Always room for improvement tho..Version: 9.3.0

It's very good, but listen to feedback.This app allows you to configure wireless and noise cancelling headphones in the Sony product portfolio. It is versatile and provides excellent headphone personalisation. I am not aware of anything similar from the headphone competition. Equaliser: This is the feature I like most. My WH-1000XM2 headphones arrived with a ”default” sound signature. For my ears, they had too much bass and the mid-range vocals were lacking. Using the app equaliser, I managed to optimize these ”deficiencies” and now have the best sounding cans I’ve ever owned. Incredibly clean & detailed mids & treble, plus just enough low end thump (10Hz) to warm up the overall sound without veiling the aforementioned detail. Why not 5 Stars? There is an annoying uncontrollable ”increasing volume” bug when listening without noise cancelling. I’ve submitted 3 reports to Sony via Apple with lots of information and nothing has improved. Come on Sony!.Version: 5.2.0

App ask to agree User agreement when open every timeWhen the app is open everytime why the app asked to agree User Agreement. Very annoying..Version: 7.0.3

Well played Sony, well played!Bejesus!! [Disclaimer: shameless headphone humblebrag] I am in love with my Sony WH-1000MX2s, but one of the most impressive things about them is the app, the sound customisation options are ridiculously good. I actually find myself using them every time I change my music..Version: 4.0.0

Amazing Sony wf000xm4After many considerations, I bought this Sony XM4 and sold my Apple AirPods Pro Gen 2…. yes correct. After tuning the eq… the sound is amazingly detailed and deep and couldn’t resist my excitement to share with my audiophile friends. Yes the sound is that fantastic, resemble my Kharma Galileo in my audio room…. close encounter.Version: 9.2.7

Very poorly working appI just bought the Sony headphones and also just downloaded this app.I’m still trying to find my way around and it seems that there sould be more help navigating. I also own a Bose 700 and find their app easier to navigate. My main issue is that I use an iPad and this app will only work in the vertical position but not in the horizantal position. Makes it very awkward to use. Please fix that. When I first charged my earphones they showed 100% full for a couple of days. Then it dropped to 70% and within a couple of hours down to 30%. Later it went back to 70%. Then back to 30%. Now it's back to 70%. Also I start listening to music then I open the app and it says connecting but never connects. I AM listening to it. Come on Sony I have $50 earphones that work better! The sound is great, no doubt but the app is garbage..Version: 7.1.0

ReviewBought the Sony XM5s, customised the equaliser and have achieved what I believe is the best sound quality possible in regards to headphones. This is coming from someone who has owned the AirPods Max. I believe these sound better. Flawless......Version: 9.2.0

Love the app but there’s no dark modeLove using this app and playing around with all of my headphone’s features. The only thing missing from this app is dark mode support!.Version: 7.4.0

Really greatThe adaptive sound control actually works 95% as advertised. Great if you’re commuting by bus.Version: 6.1.5

CrashtasticI’m not entirely sure what this app is supposed to do and I think the developers are not entirely sure either. The one thing I’d like it to do (without crashing) is to project the sound as if it’s coming from the tv.....just crashes all the time. This is from SONY for gawd’s can this app be so pants?.Version: 7.0.1

QualityBrilliant headphones - sound quality is immensely satisfying, and fit and fiction are spot on, aesthetically conservative, but you don’t look like a wannabe wearing them. App is very easy and intuitive to use. Especially like the in-app EQ and noise cancelling features..Version: 8.5.1

Make available for computers 💻I love how I can control the audio and change the bass. Please make this available for PC as I like to listen to music from my laptop too..Version: 7.4.0

Fine, but...The app is generally fine, with one exception. It claims to inform the user of headphone and headphones charging case battery level. On several occasions I w had my headphones die on me (battery empty) when the app claimed that they were at 100% battery. In fact the app constantly claims the battery level is 100% when this patently can’t be the case. Sort it out Sony, quality of life bugs like this are unacceptable given the price of the latest headphones..Version: 6.1.5

Good app I guessDoes what it’s supposed to, fun to play with the sound. The ear scan and 3d audio are a bit of a mystery tho.Version: 9.1.0

Really good but could use some improvementStill is a little glitchy when it comes to when the headphones or speakers ( the other app) doesn’t automatically connect to the app, but other than that and software update stuff being confusing, I wish there was a separate section of the app that lets you know that your headphones are up to date. Anyways , it’s a pretty good interface and is a lot better in terms of glitchy ness and smooth animations than what it used to be years ago. Well done Sony, but still can use some improvement. 👍🏼..Version: 7.3.0

WH-1000XM4 apple appWH-1000XM4 sound excellent. WH-1000XM4 gets 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars the app gets 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars. First the app should have iPad version. Second the app should be more straight forward. It’s very confusing plus the badges. Make no sense. I use it on my iPad Pro 11 inch and iPhone 12 Pro.Version: 8.3.0

Sony Bluetooth, noise canceling headphonesThe headphones sound really bright and crisp, and rich.. also the app allows you to tailor the sound to your own liking, with the ability to lower the extra bass frequency parameter to how you like it. Comfortable, decent amount of battery listening time, and the noise canceling works a treat. Well worth the reasonable price..Version: 7.0.3

Unstable; I’m questioning my purchaseUpdate, Mar 31, 2020: I’m angry that Sony was the cause of my WF-1000XM3 constantly changing volumes, but I’m glad they finally fixed it. Took them the better part of a year. Really unprofessional. Update: The new update makes it so that if you have one earphone set to use Alexa, when you take just that earphone out it completely disconnects both of them and you can never listen with just one. This is really frustrating because I like using Alexa but I also need to be able to only listen with one earphone frequently. Sony’s very poor support of these expensive earphones is degrading and disconcerting. Original: The support for the new WF-1000MX3 earphones has been bizarre. There’s apparently been a bug with the Google Assistant integration that Sony has been alternately releasing patches for and blaming Apple for. However, the patches meant to address this issue have apparently introduced new stability and unreliability issues with my brand new, very expensive WF-1000MX3s. Sound skips a little, and often (1-10 times a day), this app either refuses to connect to them, or the settings don’t ‘take.’ This is an unbelievable failure from Sony. It really just seems like they don’t know what they’re doing at a fundamental level. I’m still within the returned period for these and am considering returning them and getting the new AirPod Pros, even though those have awful batteries and will undoubtedly sound worse. Fix this, Sony..Version: 6.1.5

Works great with 1000x4 and 1000x5I usually have trouble with this type of app, but this one has worked well and the functions all work reliably to set the different settings on my X4 headphones. No crashing, bugs, or timeouts for me! I really like the Bass Boost feature and it is the reason I kept these headphones rather than returning them, so the app is a must have for me. Note - if seems like you can delete the app after you get your settings set the way you like... they are stored locally on the headphones, so the app is more like a preferences screen than anything. I wish the custom button on the headphones could switch between EQ or have other options beyond the 3 custom button options provided. Update: just bought the X5 and the app is very similar, but has more screens of junk I didn’t want. I wish Sony could clean up and simplify the app and get rid of the silly/useless stuff that they keep adding (like points for using your headphones) 🙈.Version: 9.2.7

Great; Add Manual Control for “Focus on Voice”I am bewildered by the contrasting reviews here, but for my experience with my new WH-1000XM3’s this app just works well! Never had any issue with it whatsoever. I do have some extra wishes for the app such as: (a) being able to increase the ambient volume microphone pickup even further; or (b) manually controlling some other stuff. For (a), it’s for me to be able to increase the pickup volume for the “Focus on Voice” option on the “Ambient Sound Control” part. I could hear voices with it but I’d like to be able to increase the voice volume even further. But with that said, great work with the app!.Version: 4.0.1

Outstanding! SONY Headphones WH-H910NFor the excellent sale price at Costco, these headphones are just about all I could want. They are easy on the ears, and they keep out ambient noise just enough so that one’s surroundings are still part of the scene. The SONY Bluetooth App works okay with enough adjustments available and so do the touch controls on the right earpiece although it takes a little while to get used to it. I am using these with Apple iOS devices - iPad Pro 2020 and iPhone XR. Pairing is not an issue at all. I would guess pairing with a Mac or PC would not be a problem either. The audio response across the spectrum is on par with my wired Sennheiser phones, which are quite good. So I am very pleased. 🎧.Version: 7.1.0

Dose everything it shouldDose everything it should only thing I’d Like to see would be to allow more changes on what the taps do on The earbuds as it stands it’s ether or but would be so much better if you could actually pick exactly what you would like. Currently using it with earbuds links s and sound is very good..Version: 9.2.8

AwesomeApp works fine and the Sony WH-1000X/M3 sound spectacular..Version: 5.0.0

Great app, but big problem:Well, I was having trouble connecting my Sony WH-1000XM5, wouldn’t connect first, then it finally worked, I was trying to update them, then when I closed the app, it was working, then I got a notification talking about the update being aborted, I checked it and it was disconnected. Then, when I tried to connect it, it wouldn’t connect, it says can’t connect to YY2954? Why is this is happening? This needs to be fixed asap. I’ll keep trying to connect and get it to update, but if this is going to be a reoccuring problem, then it’s going to have to be fixed quick..Version: 9.1.0

Sony AppSo far I’m pretty please with this app and the headphones I bought but I got to say I which they implemented a gaming setting so you could play games with better clarity. The sound is great but for games…there’s just more to be expected. And if they added more custom settings as well maybe if they made it so that you can pay for more or just add on atleast 2-3 more options so that audiophiles can really mess around with stuff. I don’t know too much about sound myself but I like to see things personally pushed to their boundaries and I think there is more for Sony to accomplish in the near future especially with PlayStation. But that is a whole other topic entirely. Please fix this Sony..we need this on our phones and thank you for everything else!.Version: 9.0.0

Works seamlesslyFrom the reviews I was expecting a terrible experience when I received my new Sony headphones today. However the process went very smoothly. I didn’t have to do anything really. The app saw the new headphones, asked to be able to access Bluetooth on my phone, and it connected. No issues, just worked. When I turn the headphones off and back on later, it automatically connects without any issue. Changing the sound via the app takes place right away without have to restart anything. I’m using IOS 13.2 on an iPhone Pro for reference..Version: 6.0.3

Best sound control on a headsetI had many big brand headset over the years ,but those ones are far better than any other ones , the sound control custom is amazing, Sony has done a great job there..Version: 7.0.3

Awesome asfAwesome asf and vary decent.Version: 9.2.0

Love this appSo I got the wf1000xm4 and I had to get this app to get all the features and I mean I do not regret it one bit it is so easy to navigate through. But yea in other words well done Sony for making a great app. And would love to hear back.Version: 8.5.1

Works fine with my WH1000XM3Does what it is supposed to with my new headphones and my iPhone 8 Plus & 8Pad Air2. Solid if unspectacular app..Version: 4.0.1

Great app, but wish they’d bring back the battery level iconAs in the title, great app but headphone icon no longer has battery level at the top of screen. Would be great if this could return.Version: 8.5.1

Way better than expected.Sometimes when you buy a product that uses electricity and has an app the app is almost completely useless with only one or two functions. This app is the exact opposite, it has many different settings that accommodate to the genre you listen to and the environment you’re in. The badges you get for using headphones and interacting with the app encourages me to do the updates and play with the settings that would otherwise be very difficult and annoying. The only suggestion I have is for the ability to change what action the headphones detect you are doing, for example sometimes I’ll be sitting down and instead, the app will show that I’m standing..Version: 9.2.0

Bass managementReally like, the Clear Bass setting & the EQ, Too.Version: 9.2.0

App frequently won’t recognise that headphones are connectedAll the great features require the app, but it’s so buggy that you can’t use them more than half the time. The app is unable to detect the connection and tells you to turn them on ... while you are listening to them. I thought that after sonic stage Sony might have lifted its game. It seems not.....Version: 6.1.5

Room for changes.So, it works well at what it does with my WF-1000MX4s but the Adaptive Sound Control feature has a lot of work to do before it becomes functional in any way at all. All it will do at the moment is change the headphones from ‘Noise Cancelling’ to ‘Ambient Sound’ to ‘Off’ and that’s it! There needs to be other settings in there as well for each scenario eg. Speak to Chat, if on in the main setting remains on everywhere, I should be able to turn it on and off from the selected Adaptive Sound Control setting. Same goes for EQ, DSEE, connection quality, even the functionality of the earbud buttons should be on a scenario by scenario basis and not just a system wide setting. Also some custom ASC settings wouldn’t go amiss either to allow a user to set things up for a different scenario. All in all, it works well but some of the ‘features’ are hampered by there not being enough flexibility in them to make them any use whatsoever..Version: 8.0.1

Easy to use, easy to forgetI have the WF-SP800N and I can customize my experience with them in small ways but feels very limited. I don’t want to use my location services so every time I put my buds in I have to open the app to change the Ambient Sound control. It doesn’t save the last used setting and resets it back to noise cancellation. I wish it would leave the control at the setting it was last on. The battery status doesn’t update for the buds and the case unless both buds are out of the case. Being someone who uses one bud most of the time it’s difficult to quickly know what the battery level is..Version: 7.4.0

Superb WH1000-XM2 room for improvement AppI love these Sony headphones has exceed my expectations. Regarding the app worked flawlessly the first time attempted the Bluetooth pair. App has nice features especially the EQ. Now after the 5th attempt to pair the headphone it wouldn’t work worth the app, tried restart the app, restarting the iPhone. No joy! So I attempted to manually disconnect the device in the Settings/Bluetooth section and then selecting “forget the device” switching off the headphone then back on and repairing. Success! I’d recommend this path for users experiencing app connectivity issues..Version: 3.2.0

BrokenA review came out yesterday and now the app no longer works. I redownloaded the app the had to set it up again, or was prompted to at least, when pressing the next button after the terms and agreements the app freezes and eventually crashes. It does this every time it boots up..Version: 6.1.3

Best one !!!The best headphones I have ever had. Just loved it..Version: 7.0.3

Okay so I think I know why there are some bad ratingsSo I had an issue with the app when I first downloaded it so I agreed with the bad reviews, but I deleted it and re-downloaded it and realized that the first time I didn’t complete the startup completely before I got in the app, I followed the startup completely until everything was set up and decided on and then the app started working fine. It looks like there might be a glitch during the startup that sets up before it’s finished actually setting up, or maybe re-downloading it just works to fix it? Regardless, it didn’t work, and after deleting it and re-downloading it it works.Version: 7.0.1

Make Apple eat buds sound like crap. Sony is making money well spentApple ear buds just doesn’t compare. Sony is the best. I have been a user of Apple products for as long as I can remember, but like I say Sony as surpassed them..Version: 9.2.5

Great appIncredible app, works the best with my Sony headphones..Version: 9.2.8

Great appI love all the controls. EQ settings and all that good stuff. Just have to pair it with some sick Sonys and your golden.Version: 9.2.8

SoundsThese have to be the most user friendly over head phones I have used fantastic sound and all day comfort well done Sony.Version: 7.4.0

No way to name headphonesI have one problem with the app it doesn’t allow you to name your headphones I have a pair of wh1000xm3 and I love them but so do my mates and I have accidentally connected to their because there is no difference and just miss the option please add this other than that perfect.Version: 7.0.3

Fairly delightfulLove all the enhancing and fine tuning settings that this app offers for my listening experience. I wish there were widget or Siri shortcut support. Specifically so I could toggle Active Noise Cancelling on and off with one click. Or at least a setting to make ANC off by default when the headphones turn on..Version: 9.1.0

FIXES TO THE PROBLEMS WITH THE APPSo here are the most common problems and the fixes. **BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE APP: PAIR YOUR HEADPHONES TO YOUR PHONE** ______________________________________________ PROBLEM: Headphones not connecting to the phone FIX: Hold the power button for 7 SECONDS and the headphones will say “Bluetooth pairing” or something similar, and the blue light near the power button should flash too. ______________________________________________ PROBLEM: You have connected/paired your headphones to your phone but the app does not show that the headphones are connected FIX: Turn off Bluetooth (One if the first settings on the top of the page) on your phone and completely turn off your headphones( after pressing the power button twice, the headphones should say “power off”). After you have completed that, hold the power button on the headphones until they say “Bluetooth pairing,” the blue light near the power button should flash too. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and make sure the headphones and the phone are sitting very close together. Repeat as necessary or when you want to use your headphones on a new device. _____________________________________________ Thanks and hope this helps, because it did for me. These Sony headphones are also better than Beats By Dr. Dre or Bose’s comparable models, and I know this from experience because I have owned them..Version: 4.1.1

App problemsHi all I love these headphones!! The sound quality on them is superb, however after a couple of months of having them the app has stopped working which is very frustrating. The app will not let me agree to the terms and conditions etc (which I’d already agreed too a couple of months ago) please sort the app out it’s terrible..Version: 6.1.3

App works greatI think the app could use a small sprucing up to look better but otherwise it is ok. My only complaint is that I can’t track my headphones like I can my phone or other headphones can. It makes it annoying when I misplace them or if someone where to steal a $500 pair of headphones.Version: 9.2.0

Its good!You can customize options as long as you know how to work the app. Idk why the ratings b trash but the headphones are good and the app helps optimize the hearing experience. Thanks Sony 🤙🏻.Version: 6.0.0

Awesome appWorks great with Sony 1000 series. Love the arena effect.Version: 3.1.0

Super good and easy to connectI bought a pair of WH-1000XM3s and they were super easy to connect to iPad and all the features work well but one tip there is a little bit of a delay with the changing from ambient sound to noise canceling it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to change modes I don’t know if that’s an app glitch or a headphone glitch but overall fantastic app and really happy with my purchase thanks Sony.Version: 7.3.0

There's one problemAmazing headphones and an awesome app! But my headphones don't automatically power off after 5 minutes even though I've set them to. It's quite frustrating sometimes when I forget to turn them off, and then when I next need to use them they're dead..Version: 7.2.1

Amazing👍👌It’s an epic app that really works to manage Sony’s already great products! If you own one of Sony’s amazing products, all that’s missing is to try out using them with the awesome connect app!.Version: 9.0.1

Poor functionalityIt’s a nightmare to get this software connect to the headphones on iOS. Although running latest version of iOS (i.e. 11.3.1 when writing this review) and the latest version of the app, several attempts and tricks are required for the app to eventually connect to the headphones. Although BT is enabled, headphones connected, working fine, the software refuses to detect them on most occasions. It’s a shame really as the headphones are great with some useful features through the app, provided one manages to connect....Version: 3.1.0

Good OverallThe app is easy to use and I had no trouble connecting my WF-1000XM3 earphones. My suggestions to for an improved experience are: - to attribute functions via gestures rather than function sets for greater customisation. For instance, I’d like to replace holding for Siri with Alexa and still keep my music controls intact. - adding a reverb filter option. I’ve found that I’ve been far more immersed in my earphones when playing music with a slight reverberation. If it’s at all possible, I’d love to see it here. - being able to toggle the active equaliser via a gesture. It would be nice to swap between bass boost depending on what’s playing without opening the app. - structuring the equaliser preset list to be vertically scrolling with all items present. Rather than remembering which preset corresponds to which dot below, I’d like to simply select one from a list for a direct comparison. Keep the list open as I choose and compare presets then allow me to close it once I’ve made my choice. Again, I’m quite happy with the app as is, but these additions would really help make it and my earphones more useful and enjoyable..Version: 7.0.3

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