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Should be 5 stars but...... at some point, an update changed things. There is a Star Chest, that when you get 20 stars it’s available to unlock. At first, whenever you unlocked it, one of the prizes was always filling your hearts (life). So you could save opening that chest until you were out of turns, then open it to get 5 more. Guess they decided to change that, so now it never gives you lives and only provides some power-ups. The lives thing was a nice bonus, a shame they nixed it. Also, when starting levels with power-ups (from beating previous levels) they have changed the location of those power-ups to purposely be as far apart as possible.. it seemed more random before and occasionally they would line up next to one another. Small complaints, but they are obviously put in there to make things harder and hope people will buy lives. Hopefully no one spends any additional money in-game! The game is fun and challenging enough without these crappy tweaks..Version: 3635

This game is all about moneyOk so when I first started playing this game it was fun and addictive. Now it’s just all about money. Especially when you get to the higher levels like around 800 and beyond. I understand that the levels supposed to get harder. But I noticed that when you get a key to a box now they rarely give you any hearts to refill your 5 lives. This didn’t start until I started getting to the higher levels like 800. That’s why I know it’s all about money. Trust me I’ve already spent a lot on this game as far as money goes I’m not spending no more. So it’s ridiculous that you have to wait long for them to refill you’re 5 lives. I’m going to give it 2 stars I’m losing interest in the game fast because of the money scheme. You have been warned at first it’s a great game but once you get to the higher levels it becomes irritating and frustrating because they won’t give you any hearts when your winning..Version: 5542

Please fix the Ad bugsI think the new feature allowing you to watch ads to get 5 extra moves is great but recently there’s been so many issues. I’ve often had to watch up to 6 ads because the ads don’t always give you a life after watching them or I’ll get one life from an ad and then the next will say “ad not ready” regardless of how long you wait or how many times you press on it. It’s so frustrating when you know you could beat a level with thise extra lives but the game just won’t give you them. it at times feels very rigged even though it isnt..Version: 10550

Very Addictive 😉Been playing for years, really a good one 🤘.Version: 8641

Love this gameI’m on level 1985 and absolutely love this game . Never had purchased lives or extras . Love how always extra levels in updates. Some challenging levels can be stuck on for days but hey that’s why I enjoy this game. If you don’t want to pay for lives stop complaining and just go back a bit later to play . Join a team easy extra 5 lives every 4 hours. Daily bonuses..Version: 3635

Update issueGreat game but boo to you as you throw in ‘champion games’ where you basically block top players for up to 10 days with playing with their teams. No points are given for winning rounds , as in towards their individual points within their chosen team, and they may not win the ‘cup’ to win other points Why have these?.Version: 9011

Fun so farI’m liking the game just wish you’d change one thing. When you get a disco ball I wish it would also blow up the spaces around it instead of just eliminating a certain colour, because I don’t find this helps on most levels. If it had a bomb aspect to it as well that would be more beneficial to my game. Seeing as it’s the ‘best’ powerup you can get and you need to get the most blocks to get a disco ball I think it should be more impressive and destructive..Version: 3372

Great gameI have been playing this game for about 4 years and I still enjoy it. There are no adds which is almost unheard of. Yes the levels get harder but that is what a game is about. Yes the rewards have changed and don’t always suit the time a person has to utilise it & yes I would still prefer the coin as when you’re playing levels of over 5000 then coin would definitely come in handy. I’ll still continue playing as I find it relaxing although addictive & I really enjoy being part of a team. When new levels aren’t ready the championship league is good. It means you can still contribute to your team & possibly earn more coin. Patients is a good thing to have with any game..Version: 7394

Great gameUPDATE. I changed my rating to 4 stars because it doesn’t confirm if you want to continue play. I find it very frustrating when I inadvertently hit the continue to play instead of X’Ing out. Very addicting and it is a lot of fun..Version: 4701

Love this gameCan’t believe I’ve played 7253 levels of this game and it’s still fun and challenging. No bombardment with repetitive videos and so far I haven’t spent a cent. You rock Toonblast developers. Love you and your game..Version: 9147

Love this game!!I have been playing this game since last summer and am addicted to it. I even had to load it to my 4 year old grandson's iPad too. He especially love the bombs and the other boosters that create an explosion. In reading the reviews I have to say I agree with them. There is far too much time to wait for full lives and that should be addressed. I enjoyed the daily opportunity to get more lives, coins, boosters, etc. That was a nice addition unless it only appears once you reach a certain level...not sure if everyone gets it since I'm on level 604. I wish more of my fellow team would request lives so we could help each other out. Out of the 50 on my team there is only about 6 of us that actually participate. Would be nice if there could be some kind of a reminder to the others that this is available. Would like to see other opportunities to obtain more coins. For those of us who won't spend the money to purchase coins and boosters this would keep us playing more. Again…love this game!!.Version: 2629

I ❤️this gameI ❤️this game because 🧠 skills after level 20 you can go in teams.Version: 7155

The best game online and no Ads!I’ve been playing Toon Blast for a few years now and I absolutely love it. Yes the levels get hard as you progress and you lose lives of course, but it’s a game! The best bit is there are no ads. I have no idea how they do this but it makes such a difference to your annoyance levels! Join a good team, be a team player and give lives bc it costs nothing and you’ll progress. Also, the graphics are just lovely! It’s such a pleasure to see a double disco ball, it’s like a massage and a box of chocolates and a party all rolled into one little moment of an otherwise ordinary day!.Version: 7614

AwesomeI do the 50 levels they add every couple of weeks and then play in the champions league. I’m on level 6000 and some. Totally awesome game..Version: 8556

I love playing this game!Hours of fun and the levels are challenging. On level 470 now. Admittedly have spent a bit of money to get lives but only because I was too impatient to wait. Never bought more that 150 coins at a time. Have found that being in a good team really works. You can get lives by helping others. Be helpful, and they’ll help you right back. I’ve stopped spending on the game now (got bills to pay) and still able to proceed through the levels, get prizes and boosts from challenges. Tip - the levels that seem undoable aren’t. The game challenges you to think differently so the method you applied before won’t always work. You just need to think strategically. And persevere. I’m 47 years old and it’s definitely brain training for me. Lol. Enjoy!.Version: 3705

Cool gameI have been playing for a long time I have never bought any thing I use skill and patients I give my team plays and they give them back and we win big great fun.Version: 4701

Don’t Listen To The Reviews!!This game is perfectly fine, there are no problems with it and you may see a lot of people say stuff about the lives but they are fine because you hardly lose them and if you do you can just collect some from chest and use them for more lives so you don’t even need to worry. And coins aren’t that big of a problem other then you can buy all your lives back with coins which I think is amazing 10/10 game!!.Version: 4735

GreatGreat game with the right mix of success and challenging wins. Wish there were cheaper packages of tools to buy as they are just to expensive. It they were cheaper you’d end up buying a lot more and enjoying the game more..Version: 3705

Love this gameI’ve tried many games but ended up deleting after a short time as they got boring quickly. I’ve been playing this game for a looong time and it’s still really addictive & fun. It’s the only game I play on my phone. Lots of new elements introduced as you proceed thru the game & plenty of rewards even without spending anything. Well done to the developers..Version: 5542

Join a team!If you want lives without paying to play then join a team! that’s how you get through the levels and earn free gold, bombs, globes etc without having to pay for lives. it also doesn’t take that long for your lives to reset and this game is NOT pay to play, i am level 2451 and have only spent $20 in over 2 years because i chose to get through a level or two quickly - top game!.Version: 3929

This is a great gameSo I’ve been playing for a few years. The last year or so in the championship leagues. Which brings me to my only real niggle. I now have to time the 50 new levels so I don’t finish them too early as some of the league levels can be very tough and really impede me on a weekend when I can realistically make up to 2000 gold. I’m currently sitting at just under 25,000 gold and try not to use it unless needed (a personal challenge). When we had 100 new levels a few weeks back. That was perfect. Is it possible to get more new levels ... more often. Edit- 2 weeks from op To the people saying that the game is trying to scam you. It isn’t. I’m at level 7351 as of writing this. I’ve never spent anything of real money in the game. To those who say there isn’t any real opportunity to earn in game gold, every week there is tons of free gold. As of this edit I’m at 26,400 gold. I do on average 150 levels a week without spending much at all. Even the hardest of championship levels can be done without spending gold if you have a little patience. There is so much free time given now that most levels can be solved. I’d take extra time over 5 free lives anytime. This is by far the best free game I’ve found. It’s a simple concept, which has some very challenging levels. It’s enjoyable. It’s as free if you want it to be. Though at my level I’m grateful for the extra moves for watching occasional ads..Version: 9257

Why all the bad reviews?!?!I had to post something after reading all the bad reviews. I have this game for almost 3 years now and Yes, they have change a bit (like all games, they have to change to make it interesting) but is not all bad! Also of all free games I have here in this phone, this one is with the less pop up adds game I have, like come on! It’s a free game! They have to make money from somewhere! Beside the toon pass and etc…(I have never paid a dime) and still enjoying. Now, “Coin Master” have lots lots LOTS of pop up offerings before letting you spin and have way more users than this game , but is a slot game! Like a casino style but in this way you don’t gain money back like in one🤣 just loses money so Of course ppl will pay more money to play it and not complain much. And still just…”spin”. By the end, This game is good for my brain, keeps it active, yes… repetitive but… what game is not?….Version: 8537

Never spend a centSome reviewers on here say they are constantly spending money, but I have finished all the levels and I have never spent a cent. You just keep trying and you can get through. Some times a level takes me days, but I have completed every new level as it comes. I’ve been playing this game for years and I’ve never tired of it..Version: 9226

Lives and other bugsFirst of all peak games, you need to make it so that you have unlimited lives otherwise I will start playing other games. Although I just downloaded it it is very fun because I’ve played it before on a different device but now every time I try to log on it automatically puts me at level 2 but on loading screen every time it crashes so I think you need to make it more stable. Knowing that you won’t agree with anything or do any of this I this I just thought I may as well write a review in case you change the game. But just saying, if you don’t change it I will just continue playing games NOT created by YOU..Version: 10973

Great,amazingThis game is soooooo fun even though I just started it 1 week or so. And now I am on Level 900, cause I play this game everyday and whenever I on my iPad I just see this game. Keep it up. Try hard and all the best and use your awwwsssooommneeee skill,s people.Version: 5001

Best Game EverHonestly, I am not the type to play video or phone games but my sister convinced me to download Toon Blast and it has taken over my life. For all of the people in the comments section saying it ‘locks you onto a level’ so you need to pay or ‘they’ve made it impossible’, I’m here to say that I haven’t spent a penny and I am on level 1014. You just don’t have the perseverance or the patience so don’t even try to blame the game. Everyone says it’s the same as Candy Crush but for me personally I couldn’t get past level 10 of candy crush and I hated it.. So in conclusion, it’s an excellent game that the makers should be proud of..Version: 3990

Good!This game is really nice! And the way u can chat to your friends and join teams and create your own. I’m really happy with this game😊 but there’s one problem...and it’s the lives you loose them quickly and wait so long to refil😕 and if u ask for lives in the group chat you need to wait 3 hours to ask again 🙄 but this game is nice either way😋But please do something about the lives. Oh hold on before you leave🖐🏽 There’s another thing that you need to change! You need to do something about the money💰Please make it easy for kids and people to get more money 🙁But still I recommend this game. 😁.Version: 5542

Jadore ce nounoursJadore ce nounours.Version: 4547

Love this gameThe app developers stay on top and keep adding new levels. I’ve had this game for so long I really love it..Version: 4593

False prize promisesJust wasted a weekend playing a team challenge and took first place. Challenge promises 50,000 coins for first place. I received 1,000 coins so I assumed each member if the team would also be receiving 1,000 coins. Learned later on Monday that only one of my family members got the 1,000 coins; two other members got nothing (and I’m sure the other 46 team members didn’t get the prize either). Tech support told me to have those that didn’t get their prizes to contact tech support and they’d fix the problem. My son got the 1,000 coins but my husband received a message saying he didn’t participate in the challenge and therefore wouldn’t receive any coins. That’s BS!!! Only 5 of us participated in the challenge so if that’s how the prize is doled out, then each of the 5 participants should have received 10,000 coins. The prize was NOT AWARDED so I don’t recommend anyone waste their time trying to win any of these bogus challenges! Very disheartening! Shame on you Toon Blast!.Version: 3110

ReviewI have had this game for a while now. I have found that as the new levels come out they are so similar to the ones before. There is always one level that is really hard to complete. I think this is done to slow you down before you end on the championship game. With the championship game I’m sure that I’m playing against a computer , the reason for this is that as I play the game one of the payers somehow manage to jump 50 or so levels in fount of me in the same time witch is impossible. I also think that the game is trying to make you spend money in wanting you to buy coins or helps. Yes that’s up to you if you want to pay I haven’t but can see why people do..Version: 8641

Great game!Love this game, defiantly recommend to anyone, I love how you can play off wifi as well!.Version: 3705

Great game butThe only thing that this games should have is when you get the bomb and the rocket together it sends three rocks in each direction and if all then three rockets from on direct hits the cans it takes away three rocket worth but if you hit bottles And the big piñatas don’t take three rocket worth off this is my only hatred for this game otherwise brilliant I’m also level 1901. Thank for a great game!!!.Version: 3309

Good game but hardIt’s a fun game to play and I love it but some of the levels are so easy and other levels are so frustrating because there’s some levels that I call “Impossible” because there isn’t enough moves in some of the levels. I love this game but I would really appreciate it if you added like 5 extra moves to some of the levels because some are real hard, but over all I love this game so much, recommend it..Version: 7106

You DO NOT have to spend real money.Enjoyable game I’m currently waiting on new levels to be released so I can continue to play. Looking through some of these reviews stating you have to spend money well you actually don’t. Hop in a good a team, each week you get a team tournament if you’re in a good team you’ll get 1000 coins from that, every few days there’s another tournament if you get the most stars you get another 1000, once you hit championship league if you win that you get 2000 coins plus 1 coin per person you send lives to in your team.....Version: 3990

Too Expensive and Frustrating When in a TeamI have been in a top team, but along with the others in that team I am frustrated with the de elopers of this game. Lately there have been too many challenges with impossible goals so that one is forced to spend money or take days to play the new levels. Some people on teams do not play for a number of reasons, even on a team of top players. I despise the dueling against top world teams and the ridiculous 6000 star chests with rewards not worthwhile for the effort. I feel pressured when on a team because I am an over achiever. I am thinking of playing with no team so I can determine whether to stay at all. New levels are too impossible to be fun, all while having a ridiculous 6000 star team chest. The cost of playing is absolutely ridiculous. Yet I did enjoy this game for a time until the developers got too greedy to force people to pay. There is no way to give and get lives without a team. Also, you cannot play this on Facebook or cinque platforms, unlike Toy Blast which is individual oriented..Version: 3246

Good game or so I thoughtThese games are supposed to be relaxing and fun. This one isn’t anymore. Impossible levels make it annoying and frustrating. Do not download. Do not buy anything from store as it is fruitless endeavours. Fun to dumb. Deleting..Version: 3800

Fave gameI am never one to write a review and it has taken me 6 months of playing before leaving this one. A really easy game to play, I like the team aspect and being about to complete team chests and earn boosts. There is no need to spend real money to get far. The only downside is the chat feature, no autocorrect and I am constantly accidentally hitting send before I am finished what I want to write. Chat feature needs a bit of tweaking to make it function better, other than that all around good solid game.Version: 3990

Its eh.. okay for pay as u playFor those who have money to burn. It is easy until you reach level 60 then you need to think. I've already broke my rule and spent $25 dollars on this game. You can join teams to obtain lives to a max of 5 that I can get so far. You get treasure chest depending on how well you do per level you get 1-2-3 stars per level. They add up to a chest which has a couple coins & Items to help you along the way. Should you wish to buy items or replay when you use all your turns you either have to wait a lot of hours, join a team have someone click on your name after you have requested lives again waiting sometimes days. Or you can pay in USD a huge amount of money for lives or even more for those items. Over all, I am rating this low because I am usually frustrated when playing more with not having any replay or items to help me. When will the day come where you pay .99 cents and have all the lives and items you want? I miss those games!! 1/5 stars TobyMae.Version: 2175

Changes on the Game!Firstly I want to thank you for reversing the game prizes on original way (money not time)! This is greatly appreciated. If I have something more to add to the way things are is something I mentioned in the past as well and for which I am still hoping you will improve! On TT (Team Tournaments) I don’t feel (and I can bet any good player will agree with me) that you divide the prize money (1st, 2nd & 3rd places), to automatic 50 (which is the maximum number of players a team can have)! You CLEARLY say that “no one that doesn’t contribute won’t get any of the prize money” (which I agree - you don’t add to the team so you shouldn’t!). But, why are you then dividing the won prize to 50? so the few ones that indeed work their back off to get that prize only get a small part of that prize? You should make it so the prize is divided to the number of the ones who indeed played! That still doesn’t seem fair! Thank you,.Version: 10359

Toon blastNo updates now. Very disappointed. No one replies as to why it has folded..Version: 3257

Don’t downloadThe game is horrible and not fun to play I wouldn’t play it for a million dollars.Version: 4107

Big fan butYou should be offering unlimited lives during this worldwide pandemic and many need to stay home and bored. More incentive to play your game. Please do ASAP!.Version: 4957

Sometime get so boring because you need to play the same game for couple of daysIt forces you to purchase coins to win the game.Version: 4547

Big FanHonestly this game rocks. To the people out there who gave it one star because it’s “pointless” just remember that it’s literally a game. It’s meant to be mindless and fun an isn’t supposed to invoke the same feeling in ur mind that your precious Mark Twain does. I love that I get to play as a team and get lives from them. My team and I don’t really talk much but I do feel like I’m apart of a team with them (because I am) and I genuinely feel some sort of connection to my teammates (go team neckbone!!!). I love playing this game when I listen to podcasts or when I’m waiting for my class to start. The levels are fairly quick but they’re not necessarily easy and I like that. I would totally recommend this game if someone is looking for a fun but kinda mindless game to distract you. My only complain is that I wish I could go back and access past levels and try and earn all three stars! Otherwise it’s really a wonderful game that I’m grateful I found. -Buttman.Version: 3443

THE GAMEWhat an awesome game this is, no need to think too hard, and easy to pick up and play any time.Version: 4089

SuperMon jeu préféré à ce jour.Version: 2175

Great game but 1 thing is less than idealThis is a great, amazing and fun game. In a team, players are very helpful, give lives and it’s a fun experience. My only issue with this game is in the team tournament; some players do 0 stars whilst others do more than 100 and spend their powers and coins to get prizes from team tournament, but they will both get the same prize. I think this is unfair that some players stick their neck out for the team so players who do nothing can get the same prize. My suggestion would be to have a system where players who do 0 stars do not get the team tournament prize. This will balance out the fairness and team leaders who won’t have to eliminate players who have a genuine reason to not contribute..Version: 6260

LOVE THISCe jeu fait passer le temps c'est formidable et on fini par y devenir accro.Version: 2175

Fun at firstToon Bast is a lot of fun at first with rewards for finishing every 10th level and gaining every 20th star, but the more advanced one progresses in the game, the more it feels like the house always wins. Coin rewards initially start out big, but gradually get smaller and smaller. If you only need a few more moves to clear a level, but the awarded number of moves runs out, you can buy 5 more for 100 coins. No problem early on, but as those rewards start to dwindle, you’ll need to fork over some real cash for some in-game coinage. Considering the game controls how “lucky” you are to collect similarly colored blocks (the method to clear a level), it appears the designers have built in unfavorable odds that cater to the impatient player who is willing to spend actual money for some in-app coins and power ups. Power ups are another commodity that are randomly awarded and, in some cases, needed to finish a level. If extra coins or power ups are in short supply, you’ll be waiting a long time to finish a level. Bottom line: fun to play, but either be patient or have money to burn..Version: 4457

No ads (yet anyways)Finally a game with no ads. I’m loving this game. Just when you think the level is too hard, you finally crack it. I hadn’t needed to buy anything although there is the option. I love you can ask people playing the game for lives rather than spam Facebook. The makers of the game don’t seem as greedy for money as most games designers are and I appreciate that..Version: 3757

This is amazing! 😉This is a cool game! I love it because in candy crush (or other games) you have to swipe to break candy (or other objects). In this one it’s really satisfying cuz all u have 2 do is tap! You can just get... like... a million and tap ONE block! It’s amazing.Version: 3443

At Level 2851, did not spend any $$There’re a few reviews saying that lives get lost really quickly, and recharged too slow. Some don’t like the max 5 life limit. I’ve been playing for a long time now, and I’ve got to level 2851 without paying any money. Yes, some teams have requirements for the number of helps (or lives) for each member. I’ve left a team I felt was too demanding, and joined another that didn’t take the fun out of the game for me. This is the only game I’ve played on my phone this long, and it’s the only one I bother to write a review for. I hope you enjoy the game..Version: 4220

Cute and entertainingIt's fun and engaging. Popping up the balloons on time can be a bit challenging but it's surely beatable! Surely recommended 😊.Version: 7470

Please add more levels ASAPI love this game so much. You could say I’m obsessed with it. I’ve been in th champions league for probably over 10 times now. Could yous please add more levels not just 50.Version: 4220

DisappointedI use to love this game but now that they are taking the coins out of the team chest and making the levels harder to win coins I feel like I’m losing interest. I feel as though they are pushing you to buy coins which not everyone can afford. I feel like we are no longer playing a team but playing individually.Version: 7102

A lot of changes to rewards and purchasesThe game designers have chosen to charge a lot more money for less rewards and when playing in tournaments the 1st place rewards have been drastically reduced. I for one will not be buying any more. I understand small increases but not the amount that they increase. Still like playing the game.Version: 10205

Blasting squares for years now!Been blasting squares for a couple years now. I don’t want to talk about the amount of cash I’ve spent on packs. Let me say, some players don’t spend a dime and have no issue completing levels. I’ve been on championship level for about a year now, what is cool is the championship level is when you complete all the current boards. Then you go on the championship level. About every week and a half to two weeks tune blast releases 50 maps every week. Make sure you join a team, you can win some great prizes in coins by doing so. If you’re looking for a mindless game that doesn’t take too much skill, matching up squares to make them eliminate and getting power ups while doing so. This is a game for you a step above popping bubbles but with your team is makes his replay value really high with this game. I recommend and once you do join, find a team and participate. Overall fun game..Version: 7614

Frustrating!I agree with other reviews that say the game needs more variety when it comes to gaining lives. Only being able to ask for lives once every 3 hours is a bit much and also losing lives when you fail a level is getting annoying because the game knows when to give you the right power ups and when not to. Soooooooo many times I have had the worse luck when braking bricks hoping that the colour brick I needed would eventually appear but it didn’t which was completely ridiculous given the law of averages. This game will want you to win or it won’t. To the point where I uninstall and play something else. I have stupidly put some money into the game only for it to be a waste of time moments later when the game completely bamboozles again and takes all my lives. Please give players the ability to earn more coins or lives another way. The game just doesn’t keep you enticed..Version: 5180

The best game ever - and no ads!I love this game. So addictive and relaxing. It took me a while to get past the first few very difficult levels and I ended up putting it down and not playing it for about a year. Then one day I decided to try again.. Now I have it sussed and there isn’t a level I can’t beat. Unfortunately I’ve done all the levels now and I keep having to wait for upgrades or entering the champions league, which is fine, but even that runs out of levels sometimes. I would really like a similar game as a back- up. One that - like Toon Blast - doesn’t keep showing adverts unless you pay. Can anyone suggest one??? I’ve tried Toy Blast. It’s nowhere near as good. I didn’t like it..Version: 7937

This is a fun game.This ggame is easy for me to play. I never lost in toon blast. It’s fun to play. Thank you..Version: 2973

LivesOverall, this game is amazing and I love it. However, when lives get put into the picture it turns the whole game upside down. Firstly, you can only ask for lives on team, which is when you pass level 20(↙️point one). Point 2, If you don’t complete a level in 1, you use a life if you try it again. Point 3, when you ask for a life on teams, you can’t ask for another 3 hours after that-that’s crap. And once one person has given you one, they can’t give you any more until you ask a separate time which you can’t because you have to wait 3 hours so that means that you can’t even play the game! In conclusion, plz can you fix it so you can endlessly ask for lives on teams so that I can actually play the game and it’s forcing me to play another game/install other games that I can play in the meantime. Thanks!.Version: 4161

Great game small requestLove playing this game and it’s a great way to pass time, just a little request tho. Can we please get notifications for when our team mates ask for lives. I’m in a team where the minimum requirement for helps is 40 a week or you’re out. I’ve heard that it’s the same for a lot of other teams as well. I’ve had new team mates that have been booted for only getting 39 helps. It makes it a lot easier for us who run out of lives and aren’t on the app. Saves us from having to check all the time..Version: 3309

Can’t believe I played that many levelsIt’s kind of addiction but if you have control how much u want to play it ,it’s really good game :).Version: 5657

Real honest reviewSo i personally love this game, and no I'm not a robot or whatever. Im at level 640, and honestly i really like that they still have new things to discover even tho I'm almost to level 700. This recent update though I hate that they don't refill your hearts anymore, thats in a way how i would play for longer periods of time. Still since downloading the game I’ve never spent not one penny on this game so i don't understand some of the reviews claiming the game is expensive to play and move forward. It’s actually not that impossible to complete higher levels, theres plenty of people who are in 1000s or 2000s so its definitely possible. If i play a hard level i just use 1 or 2 items i was GIFTED and its all good. Theres no reason to spend money for items or hearts. Im in a group so usually i ask for lives and i get some extras on top of the 5 im given so thats not an issue as well as items and coins arent hard to obtain so yall wack lol. Btw this is coming from a teenager not some older person..Version: 4031

Love this game!I love this game! I’ve been playing for about a month and a half and I’m on level 800 and something! Not once have I had to buy anything (with real money). Yeah you run out of lives sometimes but it’s all about the game! It can get so frustrating when stuck on a level but it’s so fun when you can do 10 or more in a row. People complaining about wasting money... just get some patience, wait for lives (or ask for them in your team!) and use some skill 😉.Version: 3678

Addicted, but...I like this game...a lot! I’m on level 787 right now. It’s getting harder to compete with the people winning extra coins and hammers because it’s harder to win the levels, so you spend more time on one level, but the people with higher number of levels mastered in a 48 hour window get rewarded with the most coins or hammers. That’s annoying since I’m probably spending as much time on the app. Then, you get 1 life every 30 minutes - up to 5 lives. So just now, I wasted my 5 lives on 5 tries where it wasn’t even possible to win the level. So, 7 minutes of frustration, and now I sit for 2.5 hours for another 5 tries. Or, I guess I could go back every 30 minutes for 1.5 minutes. I know eventually the tiles will fall in a way I can strategize a win, it’s just, who knows how long that’ll take. And I’ve thought about buying lives or coins or whatever, but the packages are limited to a 24 hour period. What if I don’t want to binge play? I do have a life outside of Toon Blast. But, the game is fun! Otherwise, these issues wouldn’t be an issue..Version: 5353

Good game but pls add safety chatREALLY GOOD GAME but when I joined a group someone kept saying “ please help retards”... so please add safety chat. Thank you.Version: 6260

Fun and frustratingLove this game and don’t be thinking it’s too easy when you start it gets better!.Version: 4782

Best games everI love this ads free game, I can play without internet everywhere..Version: 9311

Losing EnjoymentThis game was really fun at earlier times, and I play in spare time. The challenges on some levels are ok. I don’t spend money for coins or boosters because I’m on fixed income, and retired. I decided to join a team for getting extra lives and the winnings, if we win tournaments. Recently, something has changed on this game. Winning a tournament no longer pays 1k coins. Now, as winner, only 500 coins. Also, the levels are no longer enjoyable to play, because one can see that they are ‘fixed’, where you can’t win, unless you use more coins or those nice boosters. It seems like the last move to make is a fail, which would require spending 100 coins to continue or purchase boosters or coins. I was ok with saving my boosters and meager coins for tournaments, but it is no longer fun to play. Then, when the prize is an extra 60 min for winning tournaments, you have to play right then, or lose the 60 min play time. That’s really off putting when it’s not convenient to play for an hour at that time. I don’t know what going on with developers. It could be they are strapped for cash, or just getting greedy. I would say to you, please consider the audience that is trying to enjoy this game. And please stop ignoring the complaints. Another note: Where are the fun games advertised? I’m on level over 7000 and have never seen those games shown on advertisement..Version: 8877

Too many negative changesI loved this game I’m on over level 2000 I have spent real human money on this game because I wanted to not because I had to BUT over the last couple months they’ve changed the game you use to be able to purchase 10 extra lives now it’s five for the same price when you got to 20 stars you got 5 free lives you no longer get that or you get it randomly the levels are already hard so now they’re just making it borderline impossible and I think it’s purely to get more money from you which is a shame because I really loved this game and now it’s just seems pointless ☹️.Version: 3635

EffenogNice little brain teasers..Version: 10205

Ads not ready & Many levels way too difficultUpdate Sept 2023 - probably 20% of the time, I get ‘Ad not available’ messages. Just a bit annoying. Update June 2023 - I know the higher levels are supposed to be hard, but honestly, EVERY level is now taking me 2-3 days to complete. All the ‘challenges’ are to complete X number of levels, but I’d need months, not a couple of days to finish any challenge. Getting so it’s not fun any more. Love playing this game, the graphics are great, and the engagement is excellent. However some of the levels are just so difficult to get through - I’m on 912 at the moment and have been for 2 whole days! Had the same issue about 5 levels ago - took almost 2 days to finally complete that one..Version: 11196

Amazing and RiggedThis game is a lot of fun. I’ll admit, I used to feel sorry for people who spent their time addicted to these types of games so much so that I hide my screen from my girlfriend when I became obsessed with playing it. Eventually, I showed her the game, after which we had a BLAST playing back and forth before bed. It’s, really, an entertaining and satisfying game. The game likely cheats, though. Many, many times I’ve been stuck in a level, used up all of my lives (at times, up to 19) then bought another 5 with 100 coins and beat the level immediately. I’m fairly sure you’re given a 50% higher chance of beating your current level if you spend the in-game currency, but I don’t think it has to be actual money to give you an edge. Regardless, if that’s true (which we’ll never really know) it’s very wrong and angers me a lot. I’ve maybe paid actual money twice to pass a level. For my girlfriend, however, I’ve spent in the area of around $30 so we could keep playing before bed and having fun. If it’s something that’s enjoyable in a unique way, then it feels worth it, but I’ve never felt content after doing it just sitting in my chair alone. My girlfriend agrees, though, that paying is really foolish. All in all, it’s a great game which, clearly, a lot of work has been put into making, but I don’t think it’s ever worth it to pay to win, even if your team is depending on you to beat a challenge. They all have better things to do with their money, too..Version: 4220

Toon blastGreat game not wildly difficult or impossible so not frustrating like other games actually a lot of fun with different components to it.Version: 2594

Fun as but....How bout some extra lives or even unlimited !! For us folk in lock down here in Nz ( and other places).Version: 4940

Greedy developers don't care about playersThis game used to be amazing, rewarding players with getting certain amount of star, team tournaments and team chest. But due to greedy developers, people are leaving or not playing as much as they used to. The developers has drastically reduced that amount of coins you can get by cutting coins for winning tournaments by half, no more rewards for passing a levels and no more rewards for winning team chest! This has ruined the player experience and made the game not worth it. Me and my team do not play as much as we used to and there is nothing to look forward to in terms of rewards. It's a shame!.Version: 7102

Toon BlastFun, addictive game. Hard to accumulate any coins though and expensive to purchase. Tournament feature and team add to the value..Version: 3284

Such a fun game to playI saw the reviews and most complaint that they need spend money to pass the levels! I really disagree! This is only game I played so long on the phone! Yes it is very addict but soo much fun! I think I have played for a year now and I have managed to pass 3250 levels without spend a cent!!! I I Just wish the game developer produce more levels quicker! I think to join a team is very important because you will get 1000 coins each member if the team gets the top score! It will help you pass the levels certainly. I didn’t talk to other members very much except to ask lives just click a button, other team members will help, of course I will help to send them lives as well! You will be surprised how quickly you can have 5 lives back!.Version: 5353

Toon Blast is my favourite game!I’ve been playing Toon Blast since the beginning 2018 when I got pregnant with my first child. It’s a great mindless game, that also requries a little fun strategy when you get up the levels. Toon are pretty good at releasing new updates and levels. I’ve never had to spend real money on the app..Version: 6202

Love love love!!I absolutely love playing this game!! I am on level 4560. The only issue I have with this game is that you have a team of 50 players in your team and generally it’s only the first 5-10 players or so that only ever really play the game and contribute to winning the “TEAM” prizes so my point being is, I don’t think it’s fair for the remainder of the 40 players who’s score is always 0 to be winning the prizes that only the first 10 players played to win. I think the coins should be split between the players that play. My only fault!! Otherwise I love love love this game and literally spend hours playing on it..Version: 5707

Toon blastVerry addictive, wish that when you win a level you get an extra life, also would like to convert points to prizes.Version: 7937

Why all this negative reviews?I don’t understand why everyone is giving bad reviews. I love this game yes sometimes it’s hard to pass a level but what game isn’t hard when you level up? Maybe you need to play kiddies game instead. It takes some time to level up, do you expect to pass 100 levels in one night? NO! Just keep playing until you figure out a strategy. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND MONEY. Spending money is optional. I’m on level 1180 and I haven’t spent a cent. Weekly chests are good at helping you get more coins and powerups. I’m giving 4 stars because I wish the time on getting life’s was shorter or easier to get. Other than that I have no complains. Join a team that will help you achieve in your progress. I love my team that I created they are the best at helping at opening up the chest and quickly getting you your life’s. My team loves to encourage and motivate you when you’re stuck. But I still wish the time should be shorter or at least give a different way of getting your lives quicker..Version: 3029

Don’t listen to the hatersSo many stupid comments and reviews from obvious dumbarses on here. Don’t listen to the simple folk that no doubt struggle with the puzzle they call shoelaces. While the game certainly has built in limitations designed to get people to pay, it by no needs requires this. It’s a nice game with great gameplay and a decent amount of free rewards with minimal ads, a lot better than most games. People complaining you need to pay to enjoy it are basic b**ches, have completed all levels without paying a cent. Good stuff for anyone with an IQ over 7O looking for mindless distraction..Version: 5001

Game changerThe recent update halves your rewards in tournaments and makes it harder for you to get rewards during the week and the rewards you get like infinite lives for 15 min disappear if you can’t use them immediately. The fun and competition has gone. In app purchases are way too expensive. They don’t listen to feedback..Version: 7102

Toon blastLove this game it can be tough but it has easy levels so you want to keep playing.Version: 3878

Not impressed latelyI thought the game was great at first, but the later levels are ridiculously difficult, you can literally lose a hundred lives just trying to pass one level. Just to make matters worse, when you do manage to earn some coins, there’s a ‘play on’ that you can use to get 5 more moves for 100 coins, but it’s way too easily pressed accidentally at the end of the game and it doesn’t ask twice (like an are you sure you want to use these) so you instantly lose 100 coins. Kicker is, if you click no to play on, it asks if you’re sure then! I’ve written to the game so many times to change this but just get told to try not to press it. Such a shame because it could be a great game if you could actually enjoy it..Version: 6174

I love this game but..I love this game and have been playing it for years and I’m pretty good at it, I’m in a team and love trying to make more points. However can I please ask that you make some changes that cause me to purposely lose even though I was clearly completed. It’s hard to explain in writing but one of the things I’ve noticed is when you combine an arrow with a disco ball and it creates all the arrows in that particular colour. There is not rhythm to when they shoot out across or down the row and causes me to lose the level rather than win. It should trigger the arrows from top to bottom, but SOMETIMES when I need it the most they are all set off randomly and all over the place. Like the top arrows go off then some m at the bottoms and then the middle ones which are dropped down by this point meaning it’s not hitting the intended target. It’s really irritating and I end up losing a life and sometimes other points/coins I’ve collected..Version: 8877

Good game with No Adverts!As far as free games go this is excellent... No adverts! My only criticism is that some of the levels are pretty tough. My cynical side thinks this is deliberate so that you will spend money on 'in app purchases' for powers and lives. However, you eventually get past these pick-pocket bear pits and continue on your merry way. The team feature allows your personal efforts to also contribute towards team goals and league positions which can lead to team achievement rewards (powers & lives); these come in really handy and aid your progression without the need to spend money. This is a fairly well balanced game but could be better if some of the levels were not so blatantly intended to try to make you spend money... or am I just too cynical?.Version: 3529

A greedy gameI am on level 2990 and have not spent a cent to play however I am finding that I need to play most levels about 100 times in order to get through. This game was fun at first but I can see that it has been designed to force you to spend if you want to win and move through each level. I am sick and tired of feeling robbed every time I play and have seen my friends drop off too. I’m going to delete this game. I would advise you not to bother with downloading it too..Version: 4522

🙂Cute 🥰 game.Version: 6693

Challenging, fun, but frustrating at timesI love and am addicted to this game. I've read many of the most recent reviews and agree with those who complain about the arrows going in the opposite direction I need and having to spend days on one level. I am on level 599 right now and I never thought I would get here. There were so many times I said I was done only to play it the next day. I have not, and will not ever spend any money on any of these games. I just keep trying and many times I wait until Midnight or the next morning in order to get a new tool until I have racked up several tools to help me win. I used to ask for lives in the very beginning after I joined a team, but I don't anymore. I don't want to take anybody's lives from them, and honestly don't want to give my precious lives away 😔. I do hate to wait 30 minutes for a new life as well. On the flipside,the game is quite fun and that sense of accomplishment when I win that tough level is the best! It's a GAME people, let's get a grip..Version: 4107

ReviewFun to play and time for myself.Version: 4063

Toon blast n.o 1Been playing this game for 4 years and finally finished all the levels 😂I love this game so much but please can u add more than 50 I can pass around 20 levels a day 😁.Version: 7614

Developers! (Read until the end!) ✌️✌️✌️OMGOSH! #Most addicting game eves! Ok so I have played games like best fiends, best fiends stars, world puzzle games, and so much more! And all of them were pretty easy and addicting but Toon Blast is awesome. And I have a suggestion to make the game even better! So when I was looking at reviews before I got this game I saw pay to play as one of the titles. I just ignored it and hoped that it was false. I don’t want to burst your bubble but that review title was correct. I am a bit disappointed but I have enough money to “pay to play”. And it’s not real money. It’s just the games currency. Which is much better then “paying to play” with real money! Lol 😝! But that’s not the point! The point is you should take away the whole “pay to play” thing and make it a play, play, play app! If that makes sense. Well I hope in the future you can update and make this game even better! Bye! And developers if you read please say if you will change the whole pay to play thing!.Version: 5075

Good time wasterGood for wasting extra time..Version: 2175

Great game, lots of fun!Challenging & great to play - takes my mind off things ... I have completed up to level 5001 & I have not spent a cent! You can get through each level without spending your hard earned money ... collecting coins from challenges & helping as a team has been enough to get coins & get through ... patience is the key!.Version: 6497

Game fun but support sucksTry telling them there is no confirmation to continue using more lives/items. No luck. They won’t fix it. They make too much money on misclicks. Greedy company. Few days later and they won’t respond to their problems. Good job!!!.Version: 6260

Mix it upThe rewards are always the same. Give extra every now and then. More points for better levels. More points for players that give lives etc.Version: 6202

Failing…..I have been playing this game since it came out. I wait every few weeks for the new levels to pop up and keep moving. Well in the last few months you’re doing exactly what candy crush did that caused me and tons more to stop playin….you’re making the levels impossible without purchasing all the power ups and coins to continue. And given enough time you beat levels with 15 moves left that’s taken weeks to pass. It’s not about ‘skill’ because I’ve been beating levels consistently for a couple years now, it’s about even the most advanced players not even having the opportunity to beat them with constantly shuffling tiles or adding power ups before the levels and during just to get past. I can see here and there but it’s becoming impossible, just the way candy crush was. 2 weeks on one level with no way to beat it then clear it with 18 moves remaining. Really? Stop making it about the money people throw into the game and more about competitive levels that takes skill to beat, not cash.Version: 8528

Great game!This game is great to play when you have nothing to do and you are bored! It is so easy and fun to play and it is also a great game for kids as the levels are fairly easy to beat but they do give you more of a challenge on later levels. It’s team feature is great as it allows you to talk with other players. On this feature, you can also give team mates lives if they desperately need them, so you can get lives when you are in need of them for free of your team. This makes it so you don’t have to spend money on them or wait hours to play again! Overall I think that this game is great fun for all ages and is very addicting and entertaining! Highly recommend! Thanks for your reading🙂 Enjoy the game!!.Version: 4522

Haters Gonna Hate!!!Honestly I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and yes there are some hard levels that take me a while to get through it but honestly everyone complaining about “it being rigged” and “you have to pay to continue playing” need to get over it!! If the levels were easy then you would complain about them being easy!! It’s a good game, and I enjoy it! There are some features I wish were different but they’re not and that’s just how it is!.Version: 8131

Great game that doesn’t make you spend money!!For all of those people writing reviews saying that the game “traps you” or makes you pay money, THEYRE WRONG. I have completed every level created so far without spending a penny and personally I think some players just give up on the level too soon and just turn to their credit card to get them through the level... but the game creates hard levels to TEST you, yes some levels may be described as tricky, but that’s just life. It may be frustrating to lose a level, but that’s no reason to run the game down, waste your money or simply give up on the game. My advice: Download the totally FREE game and challenge yourself! And don’t run down a game before really trying it..Version: 4089

Fun game when it wants to beI enjoyed this game up until I got stuck on a level for ages. It says the rocket is random but it isn’t it always goes the other way so you can loose. Normally after a little while the game will let you win but I’ve been on this level for a month or 2 . Please actually get your rockets and bombs randomly. Thankyou and sorry for the inconvenience.Version: 3372

AnnoyingThis is a good game but I don’t understand how people can comment on our group page when they are not in our group how is that possible this person or whatever it is is telling us to download some app to get unlimited lives it’s left a lot of messages on our group page it’s annoying they go by the name of Lilly13 we all have reported this can someone get rid of this..Version: 4940

My review of toon blastToon blast is a fun but hard and challenging game. So any one who loves challenge and hardness get the game!! But this can also be Frustrating so that’s why I rated it it four stars because it can be very fun. But also very challenging. So I just want to tell the truth about toon blast. Because I think people should get a game they like not just on a channel. Because the Channel doesn’t even show you that you have moves. You can feel really frustrated when you don’t win all the time so just get the game if you love it. Don’t feel sorry for the game if you don’t like it and rated it at five even though you hate it. Delete it if you don’t like it get it if you want it the game doesn’t control you. But it can also be fun so just keep that in mind that’s why I am keeping it. Also rated it a four because it’s challenging! And Fun! You do get to meet cute characters and a really amazing and they’re awesome they have a cool names like Bruno bear or Wally wolf and cooper cat!! Get this game if you like challenge. I myself love challenge so that’s why didn’t delete it even though I rated it a four..Version: 2950

Great gameThis is a great game, many levels, some harder than others. I’ve played for years, and it’s been entertaining enough to keep me here. It needs a bit of luck, a bit of skill and a bit of patience. You can pay for boosters, but it isn’t necessary at all - you can do it all without paying a penny. There are no intrusive ads. (There are ads, but only ones for specific things and you need to ask, eg watch an ad for an extra life. It’s not like some games which stop to show an ad every level.) My only niggle is, I’ve just watched an ad for Toon Blast from within another game, and it looked like a completely different game! I want to know where the pull the pin type mini games are, I’ve never seen one!.Version: 10585

The game is so so so very funI really recommend it for any one out there this was just so cool and I love how adventures it is ! So cool Love from NZ 🥰❤️👍.Version: 9041

MehI used to love this game... use to sneak and play it at work, send ppl to voicemail to keep playing... the game used to be really fun to play with the weekly tournaments winning up to $1000 in coins if on a team, awards after completing 10 levels or gaining 20 stars BUT after playing this game for some time now I realized those rewards are all you will ever get ... Whether your on level 1 or 3001 you will get the same rewards for beating 10 levels and achieving 20 stars and with the weekly tournaments the most you will win is $1000 coins. Recently the game added daily challenges where you can win $100 in coins for achieving a goal but the game makes it impossible to achieve the goal or beat a level sometimes to get these coins...even with the weekly tournaments you can be stuck on a level for days during the tournament time frame but as soon as the tournaments done you beat levels. The game needs some new rewards like unlimited lives for 24 hours or an atomic bomb that blows up the whole board OR to allow use of rockets and bombs that you earned during the game not only at the start of the game..Version: 4485

I got over itI wasn't happy with the last update because I could no longer navigate the map to go back to levels and get all three stars. I now don't mind because I find that I am moving along at a faster pace and I am enjoying it. 1, 2, 3 stars... who cares. Now I am moving along looking for what challenge is next. I am rewarded for moving along. Love it!.Version: 2175

Very disappointedI have been playing this game for sometime and spent a fair bit of money to do so. I enjoy the game and the challenges it brings but I have twice now paid for bundles I have not received, Neither Apple or the contacts for the game will do anything about it, no response to my messages to the game people at all, so I certainly wont be spending anymore money on this game. I agree its an addictive game and therefore no good for those people who have an addictive personality..Version: 6096

GreatWay past Level 3,000 without paying. Thanks for the recent personal targets/.Version: 9924

Awesome gameAbsolutely amazing. Really enjoy playing this game. Highly recommended..Version: 5707

Superb GameThis is my 3rd year of playing and now on Champions league with champions after group stages! The app has been great especially with introduction of ads for extra moves. However, these ads are too long and broken down to 3 segments. Some are 40secs long and the annoying bit is when you finish playing an ad, no mover or life is given and you will have to repeat it again. I have reported this to team but it still persists. Lastly, I think this is app is built to be addictive and takes a lot of time. As much as it’s good for their business model, you may leave several parts of your life unattended to. Also to add, the costly gold badge from £4.99 to £9.99. This is a repeat real off every month (actually 24 to 26 days). That money can get you decent course subscription to learn from udemy..Version: 10550

Loving itThis is my favourite game app ever. I’m in a great team which makes gameplay more fun and I love unlocking new stages. Thankyou for creating an awesome game I’ve been playing for so so long!.Version: 5734

Fun for adults and kids!My kids love it and it’s easy and you can progress with some strategy and skill for adults and luck too! Suit age 6-40+.Version: 3990

The best game ever!!!!!!!💩😁😆😃😀😄This game is so much fun!!!!! Me and my brother play it every day and we are on the same team. It’s so cool that you can chat with your teammates and ask for lives too!!! If you thinking about getting Toy blast or Candy Crush don’t because this game is soooooooo funner. You can also get power ups and starters too!! And be in tournaments against your teammates and other teams!! Don’t get any other game than this one!! 👑😀😁😃😆😄.Version: 4161

I love this game.This is a brilliant and fun game. There are so MANY opportunities to win coins and tools etc. You don’t feel obligated to spend your own money if you don’t want to, because there are so many chances to win the things you’d buy, and if you’re part of a team, that makes it even easier. Highly recommend it..Version: 5353

My reviewI think it is the best game to play when your bed.Version: 3212

Best game everI am currently on level 1435 trying to catch up to the champions league that plays world wide from level 1951 which gets higher every two weeks by 50 levels. I love the team tournaments against other teams and the fact that you can be in a team of 50 people that help you with hints and give you extra lives when you need it. I have played in both American and Australian teams. Both were and are awesome..Version: 3372

Best team gameLove this game - enough strategic thinking to keep you in it. I have just reached the trophy room - have been playing 18 months - and have never purchased anything (with real money). I love that I can play with friends and family in the same team, and my team is so supportive and friendly..Version: 7567

Addictive & cynicalEnjoyable & addictive, a totally cynical game that constantly offers the opportunity to make progress if you keep spending small amounts of money. The players who have really high scores must be spending a lot to stay at the top of team/country/ world leader boards. The chances are stacked against you as you near targets and you’ll be left one turn short of completing a level more times than you complete one. You’ll find yourself stuck on levels and denied the chances you need, all designed to tempt you into spending. The game draws you in and sets you team & personal targets. What the game allows you to achieve is geared to your pocket; you pay to get the extra turns or add-ons you need to complete levels in pursuit of your targets. Otherwise progress is so slow that you get bored & frustrated. I’ve removed it from my kids’ devices..Version: 3607

Perfect GameIdk how they change the screen on each level. So much fun.Version: 7394

AmazingI have been playing toon blast for many months now and I love it. The best thing is that there are no ads and most puzzle games I usually play have tons of then. The only thing I have a problem with is opening the app, it sometimes works and sometimes it crashes. I is quite annoying and it stops me from playing, but I don’t know if it is the app or my phone. But I still will rate it 5 stars. I don’t think it is inappropriate in any way and would agree that it is 4+. I love how you can work in teams and easily win money. I also like how there are not too many offers and things that disturb to do with money. I think this is a brilliant game and I hope you download it and try this..Version: 6693

You do NOT need to spend actual money!Toon Blast is a fun and addictive game that often seems more like a game of chance rather than one of skill, though there is definitely forethought needed. When you run out of lives, you need to wait for them to be renewed. Of course, you COULD pay for lives and helps if you have cash to splash. Personally, I put the phone down and do something else for a while. :) find a good team and have a chat sometimes..Version: 3757

The DownloadThe actual game is nothing like the advertised one. This is the second time it’s happened. The ads show bears or kings escaping from blocks, with dire consequences, the actual game is just popping bubbles in various fashions. Very disappointing. Please produce the game you advertise. Thank you..Version: 8131

LikeAddictive, I downloaded this a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped playing since. Highly recommend.Version: 3029

Some problemsIt’s really fun. There are some problems though. Once you have changed your name you can’t change it to something else. Once you fail a level you can only choose 5 more turns. I wish when you press continue you could have a little box to type in how many more turns you want. Because soo many times I just need 1 square and I have ran out of moves. This game is still really fun though. I love it..Version: 8071

LivesWould be nice to be able to carry over the extra lives you gained or paid for into the next level.Version: 9721

Love this game!!Played this game for years now, and love chatting with other team members! I think the only real grumble I have is when you win time you can’t save it for when you might be able to use it 😕 usually I find I’ll win thirty minutes or similar when I’ve literally got a couple of spare minutes to play, oh and if you win a Coopers Rally etc you’ll get 15 minutes time as part of the prize! If you’ve just played for a solid hour you probably won’t really want another fifteen minutes lol! Being able to save and store time would be amazing 😊 I’ll continue to play tho cos the game is awesome.Version: 11014

Toon BlastIt’s a good game but You are definitely set up to fail on the higher levels ... blocks do not fall randomly. You get nothing matching up then magically out of no where on your last 2 turns something good pops up, but its to late to help at that point. It’s simply a money grab to try and get you to buy more coins or boost items which are very unreasonably priced!!!! Crazy price! Levels get difficult to pass (impossible at times) . There are players who reach extremely high levels which tells me a lot of cheats going on in here..Version: 4957

The high percentages of no possibility of a win!I’ve played this game for several years! It’s been a fun game for passing time. I just used a the colored crystal ball as my booster, the game all of a sudden became the worst game I’ve ever played (I’m on stage 5049) I didn’t have a chance to even use my booster!! Then on the next attempt after I used my last booster the algorithms used, changed suddenly! my last booster was completely lost unused! And then the game will give me another 25-30 attempts before it will let me have a winnable game! I wish the makers would give us a chance on every game! But sadly the don’t. There strategy to get money spent on coins and boosters depend on how many attempts you make and your history of game play! You can be stuck on a stage for weeks then as soon as the season ends, that stage is won almost automatically! I hope that in the future that the programmers will give us stages the are winnable and it’s up to our wits to win. Instead of “you have to do this stage 85 times unless you buy something! Duh.Version: 7614

A good game but rigged against you.A good game spoilt by the fact that the game is deliberately rigged against you from around level 100 onwards. It doesn’t matter how skilful you are, some levels are impossible to pass until the game ‘lets’ you complete the level. Some levels have a ridiculous amount of objects to beat with a ridiculously low amount of moves which means you are waiting for the game to drop various boosters. Once again, this only happens when the game is ready to let you progress. The rockets direction is also not random !.Version: 9721

Great game. Very addictiveI'm loving it.... BUT... On level 486 at the minute and the restrictions placed on the game are now getting a bit ridiculous. I can't have more than 10 lives banked??? and I can't ask for more than 5 lives at a time til the time limit is up??? Come guys. That's not gonna make me spend more money on the game (and I have spent a bit as I was too impatient in the early days to wait for lives to renew) placing more restrictions will just make me quit. I like the team element, finding an active one has made all the difference but we should be able to collect as many lives as possible in the time limit. Put it in as a reward for reaching level 400 or something!.Version: 2175

Gives me hopeIn my 13 years of owning Apple devices, I have never left a review on a product until now. What I say in this review has already been said before, but I want to reiterate how fantastic this game is. Not one single ad has been thrown in my face, I’m able to play online and off-line, and not once have I felt the need to spend any money on this game. It’s similar to many other match three games on the App Store but in my honest opinion this one has the most charming art style. The animations are smooth, the colors are vibrant, and it’s a very easy game to pick up and play for minutes or even hours at a time. I saw a review mentioned some thing about it helping them with their anxiety, I can second that. Whenever I play this game my mind is at ease. I’m only on level 40 so I have barely scratched the surface, but this game has quickly become one of my favorite time wasters instead of scrolling endlessly on social media and rotting my brain..Version: 8752

Great fun game ruined by senseless greedA fun addictive game that as you get through the levels they make it impossible to win to encourage you to buy lives and bombs etc at ridiculous prices just so you can keep playing. I would think this actually causes a lot of people to stop playing. they would perhaps make more money by using advertising or far better pricing! Such greed is a real turn off!.Version: 2729

Addictive.I reached Champion league *without* spending any money. Tip: find a good team who is active in helps and can win challenges. We just won our last 2 team challenges and got 1000 coins each time..Version: 3929

JohanYou always got bonuses after every 10 levels or 20 stars but now it is so limited to get anything . Don’t like to play anymore..Version: 8210

AddictiveAddicted to the toon.Version: 5386

Great but slow to updateThis game is amazing, it beats the likes of candy crush any day of the week. But 1st, where are the mini games, never seen them and why are there no ads any more so we can free go’s if we don’t want to spend coins, and that in itself is wrong if you need 1 more move but have to buy 5 for a hundred, the unused moves that you buy after finishing a level should go back as coins, ie 20 coins refunded for each unused move. Finally, and right now as I write this, I’m waiting for the game to update the next 50 levels, others I notice are already playing them and even going into the champions league, including players in the UK where I am but I usually have to about noontime before I can update, it’s NOT my phone, I have one year old iPhone 12 with the latest software update, every update day I have to wait while others play, please sort this out. Apart from all that, the game is brilliant and still very addictive, I look forward to playing it everyday like I have been for the last 4-5 years. Thank you for your time, have a great day. Brian.Version: 11014

I really enjoy it but...I've been playing this game for a while now and there's one thing I wish would change. You get random rewards once you finish a challenge. Sometimes that reward is free 60mins of unlimited play. You don't get a choice when to use it, you don't see it coming, it just pops up and you have to use that reward immediately or else you loose it if you can't play for that long. Sometimes I log on just to give my teammates some help with granting them lives, which I think is such an awesome option, but then I open my rewards and Bam! 60 minutes I can't use of unlimited play. For reference, you get 5 lives, or chances, to play before you run out and have to wait for them to be replenished with a certain amount of time in between to regain each life. So if you fail 5 times, that's it, gotta wait, or ask your team for life or possibly buy more life with coins. Every other reward gets added to your arsenal for you to choose when you wanna use them, I just wish they would do the same with this reward. I get it, it forces people to linger on the app just a little longer, but I wish it was an option instead of an automatic addition. It feels like a waste of a reward you earned, once it can't be used to your advantage..Version: 7106

Great gameFun especially when in competition with other members of the family..Version: 3705

Creates a gambling problemThis is a fun game but is made that you can’t complete the levels with the number of moves provided in each, no matter how many times you try, unless you purchase more moves and it can easily cost a lot. To move through 4 levels cost me $175 over 2 days. Plus when you buy 5 extra moves sometimes after 2 moves you run out of moves. So it’s deceitful and you don’t get the extra moves you pay for. I have contacted the developer as it’s a bit of a scam..Version: 5123

Fun but depressing 😔I downloaded this game many years ago on my IPad and it was very fun. I loved the levels and the challenges that came along with it. During those times, I created a Facebook a account so my data would save. I linked it to my mom’s Facebook account after asking for permission, once I connected it, it said it was linked. I then did the same for my mom so her data would save. As time went on I was on level 3199, still thinking that my data was saved, dug then one day the IPad broke. After getting it repaired I instantly went to download the game and get back my progress. It then told me that there was no account that was saved. I then went to play the game to at least rejoin the group I was in but they said “I was already in the party”. I tried to connect the game to my Facebooks and then join the group but it still stated the same thing. When I used my mom’s Facebook it connected me straight to her account. No matter what I loved the game and my mom shows be the cool new updates but I would honestly recommend to have the game linked to other things than a Facebook account that people may not have and if someone uses the same device it should be automatically linked back to their old account, for example it should ask, “is this you?” After having to start over and try to see if I can ever rejoin my group I wouldn’t give this game 5 stars because all those years of 3199 levels I completed are now gone and unretrievable. 😔.Version: 8603

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