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Fate/Grand Order (English) app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about fate/grand order (english)?

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Worst customer serviceI had played this game for at least a month and when I got a new iPhone and reinstall the game, I realized that I didn't know the account ID. So I contacted the support about the situation and did what they told me, but they say it does not match. I sent them many screenshots of receipts of purchase which has my personal info on it and everything and told them all I could to remember all the details in the account, but they say it does not match. I repeat the process over and over with whatever information I could remember, but they still wouldn't help me and I had been doing it for almost two weeks. So I had iTunes customer service to help me with the situation and they told me they will refund me the purchase. I didn't want to get it refunded, but they left me with no other choice and it left me completely dissatisfied and had completely killed my enthusiasm for this game and the anime. I understand the security and protection for game accounts but this is way too ridiculous for just security..Version: 1.12.0

Pay to win?Unlike what people have been saying, this game is not pay to win. I have dropped some money into it but all three times I rolled 5* servants (Rerolled during Gilgamesh banner), it’s been as free to play. Not to mention the game starts you out with at least one 4*, and more likely two if you got Saber Lily. If you were around in the beginning they even gave one for free. You can easily get Emiya or Heracles from the tutorial roll. These are very decent servants. If you want a waifu there’s also Martha. Not to mention there are many whales whom you can befriend and borrow their Waver. Also there are many good 3* servants like Cu Chulainn and Ushiwakamaru. So yeah, as long as you’re not jealous of your whale friends with 4 5* servants you REALLY don’t need to pay. Not in the least. I have other problems with the game, like the LOOONG down time we’ve been having, but this game is not, as many imply, pay to win. Don’t blame the casino if you can’t afford to gamble, that’s all..Version: 1.4.0

Fun but...Seriously the grind is real for this game. It relies on gambling mentality to “make you” (I use this term because if you want decent servants you end up gambling to get them) But as I said a fun time waster, a lot if people have lost a lot of money trying to get decent cards....Version: 1.19.0

The game is great! But...I want to love the game—I really do. We’ve finally made it to Cosmos in the Lost Belt! On top of that, all of my favourite servants have been getting their animations renewed. All they need to do now is optimize the app so it’s fully compatible with newer phones (in this case, my iPhone 11). Everyday, I’m being forced to restart the game just to get rid of the constantly annoying stuttering while I play. This flaw alone has been watering down my overall experience with Fate/GO and has made it even harder to play as time passes. Hopefully in the near future they finally get on top of this. Despite all my nagging, I greatly appreciate all the hard work the devs put into getting all of our animation renewals early..Version: 1.42.0

It’s very goodBut I you guys can change the saint quartz price at the shop because it’s not a lot of quartz you can get and it’s very expensive.Version: 1.44.1

Very greedyThe summoning system is the least user-friendly system and they won't give out the same rewards as other servers. Don't bother playing unless you enjoy paying more for less..Version: 1.17.0

The game publishers are much more unkind than jp verThe game rewards are constantly downplayed in comparison to their jp counterpart for no real reason, jp received 30 saint quartz for its anniversary event but na only gave 10 not enough for one roll, not to mention their insistence of not giving out the actually useful premium currency on login bonuses, its given very rarely while most games have a sign in 1 gem gain this game has a sign in and well give you some friend points and a useless tiny percent of a level up card, the gacha is also abysmally low rates for gachas and no guarantee of four star servants for a 30 quartz roll, good stories and chars but the thing is terribly run with errors almost always on events that dont recieve relevant repayment for the problems theyve caused Their campaigns on facebook and twitter give little rewards of useless qp which most users have millions of, it would be laughable if it wasnt a disgusting management practice. Please treat your users with some respect and kindness, actually give something worth hyping up and sharing on your platforms please i dont believe the game itself is bad but youre taking the fun out of it by trying to milk every last penny out of users, people have spent thousands and not even managed to get a four star they wanted and thats not even the highest servant rate!! Please fix!.Version: 1.20.1

I am sooooo upsetI have been playing this game since before last summer... I loved FGO and yesterday it deleted itself and I didn’t have a transfer code so I lost all my data. This was very upsetting because I had over 6 five stars. Please help me restore my data!!!!!! My ID is: 557 449 552 Please help me.Version: 1.42.0

Bad drop rateVery low chance for good cards..Version: 1.13.0

Good game but...The item drop and hero drop are too strenuous and take forever makes you not wanna play anymore, also fix the NP 30% of the time the game crashes, with all these updates can you at least fix that?..Version: 1.26.0

Customer Service is a jokeI had to do a factory reset on my phone and lost all my data as a result. After going back and forth with Customer Support for over a week, giving detailed information about my account, servants, and purchase history, they wouldn’t give me back my account. The fact that there’s no way to recover your data after everything is gone is a good reason to not download this game. I wasted 2 years on this game only to lose everything I put into this game. Save yourself the trouble and quit while you’re ahead. The game itself has little to offer. There is no auto feature so grinding for items is a huge pain. Saving up saint quartz for a year is the only way you’ll have enough to summon the servant you want (if you’re lucky enough. Otherwise..better luck next year). And you better not get a new phone or anything because if you do, you’re account is gone forever. Customer service won’t do a thing for you except waste your time. (If you’d like to give me my account now I’ll take down this review. Otherwise I’m going to leave it and spread this review as far as I can).Version: 1.15.0

SaltIm going to rate at 5 star again if i get skadi.Version: 2.1.2

Could be amazing but...It could be an amazing game, however it’s incredibly repetitive, the best characters/cards are locked behind a pay wall that only gives you a small chance (1% or lower) to get them, and at the end of the day feels like a scam. It can be fun in small doses and if you get extremely lucky you can get an elusive 5 ⭐️ card, but before you can actually get any good cards you have to beat the entire first section of the game, or spend real money. It’s a shame you have to spend so much for such a small chance to get a good, or interesting character. It’s true you don’t have to have a full 5⭐️ card team to beat the game but for collectors, and people wanting to play as there favorite character from fate it’s tough luck unless you cough up that sweet sweet dough. The game just feels like a oddly paced money grab riding on the back of a amazing franchise. I would have rather paid for a good game that gotten an ok game I have to spend money in to enjoy..Version: 1.9.0

Far Behind JapanThis app is exactly what you’d expect from a gatcha type game; daily login bonuses, an in game currency that can be purchased with actual money, and timed events. This brings me to my only complaint with the game. The English version is two years behind the Japanese one, so at the current rate, expect everything that Japan is getting now to arrive on US servers in two years assuming the servers aren’t shut down. If you don’t want to to wait that long, figure out a way to get the Japanese app. Unless you make accounts on different servers, you will be missing out on at least two years of content that is technically already out. My personal opinion is that whoever is in charge should decide to put the non-annual events (i.e not summer, Halloween, Christmas) up earlier and in relatively quick succession so eventually all servers will be caught up to each other like other gatcha apps..Version: 1.18.0

One wordNeed engine update!.Version: 1.44.1

Lag and FPS dropsGame seems to lag quite a bit during gameplay and on menus very occasionally. There seems to be others with the same problems and one thing in common we all have are the same phone models - iPhone 11, XS Max, X, etc. Game is still playable (kinda) but the constant sudden FPS drops are very distracting and annoying. I hope to see a fix :(.Version: 1.44.0

Runs poorly and gacha is poorA beautiful game to be sure, but despite downloading all assets and having a current iPhone XS, frame rate is abysmally poor. Which is surprising. The gacha is also has woefully low drop rates. “Rate up is a lie” came from this game for a reason..Version: 1.32.0

Impossible rollsIt is too hard to roll anything decent in the game without spending the family fortune. Don't bother unless you want to play 3star characters all the way through..Version: 1.9.0

Draw rates are Garbage.I did over 300 Crystal rolls and got only 0 five stars. So this game is Garbage..Version: 1.19.0

More language settings?I don’t understand the resistance on adding more language options to the App in different regions so that even for people outside of Japan can play in Japanese....Version: 1.40.0

Garbage rates, outdated gameplay and visualsWith so many gacha games on the market, I really cannot fathom someone choosing to play Fate/Grand Order. First of all, the rates are garbage. Most gachas have rather low rates for rare units, but FGO takes this to such an extreme level that it’s downright ludicrous. I recently spent nearly 300 saint quartz, which equates to 100 summons, that I had saved over the course of 6 months on a single banner. I got zero 5 star characters, zero 4 star characters, and a metric ton of utterly worthless craft essences. There is no pity system in FGO, meaning no matter how many times you summon, you are never guaranteed to get what you’re going for. I’ve never seen such a gacha game with such an astonishing hatred of its players. You will never get a character you want to get unless you spend literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to do so. Period. Beyond the abysmal rates, the game is also horribly outdated. Remember when iPhone games were first becoming a thing in 2010 or so? That’s what this game feels like. FGO feels cheap. Animations and effects are mediocre, the UI is dreadful, characters have seemingly random art styles, and you still cannot link an account for backup if you lose, break, or buy a phone. There’s countless gachas out there with better art styles, more interesting gameplay, and more generous rewards. Do not waste your time with FGO..Version: 2.9.1

Great in design, terrible in execution.The game is really fun! Except the part where the gacha system is totally bad. The community has been courteous enough to provide us with farming statistics for materials and generators for servants, and when you look at them you realize that multiple hours must go into this game to make even a shard of progress. The guest servant system is nice and helps newcomers through almost half of the game, but eventually people will hit a wall (usually around the 5th or 6th singularity) in which they will have to spend hours upon hours grinding in hopes to get multiple items which already are rare enough as it is. Now this is just my suggestion, but I can only recommend they make a new rarity of enemy because the rng for certain materials at the same rarity ends up make the player’s sessions filled with remorse. I must also recommend that they separate the summoning of craft essences, and servants. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of people complain about how much they hate not getting new servants because the game duped them with ANOTHER craft essence. I would still play this game, but I can’t recommend spending any money on it. It’s just not worth the payout, not even close..Version: 1.35.0

Great game and a complaintI’ve summoned about 10 to 30 times now all i got from that was ONE 1 star servant from both quarts and fp summons... other than that great game this is not the first time I’ve played but it is the worst luck so far on this play though...Version: 1.32.0

Still no iPhone X supportThis game is fun however it’s been over a year since the realise of the iPhone X and still no full screen support and to make it worse it’s not just the edges but the game also has a border all the way around I know this is because the assets the low resolution and they’d have to recreate the assets used so I doubt I’ll ever get good graphics from this game, not to mention their is no settings page of any kind within this game..Version: 1.25.0

Language settingIt is a good game, sadly if don’t have option to change language. As a person whose mother language is not English, I can’t really into the story which is its best part..Version: 1.14.0

Some issuesStaff wont email me back on my issues and are being rude & inconsiderate. The summoning rates aren't the best and you won’t just get a 5 star, you kind of have to be strategic about it. But asides from that the games ok..Version: 2.12.0

Overall, good (but with some issues)As other people have said, the gameplay and character balancing in this game is/are done really well. Hence, I think people who accuse it of forcing players into a progression-based paywall are simply not strategizing enough to compensate for the lower stats of their servants. If you watch a few guides, and have a bit of skill, it’s quite possible to clear all the content without needing even a single four or five-star. However, while this aspect of the game’s design is commendable in isolation, I think a lot of gacha game fans are drawn to the character collection component in these games. This is where this game falls completely flat: if you want any four or five-star character and grind out the quartz try to summon for them, chances are you’ll just walk away with 4 or 5 craft essences, feeling like you wasted your time. A common practice among many popular gacha games nowadays is to give you at least one or two guaranteed high-tier characters, as a reward for summoning or playing enough (I.e. selectors in KOF Allstars, legendary shards in Raid, SP tickets in Dragon Ball legends). This game makes no such guarantees, meaning you can sink hours into it with virtually nothing to show for it. TLDR; if you play Gacha games for character collection, avoid. As it is it’s not worth your time..Version: 1.44.1

READ ME B4 PLAYINGWant one of those sexy, shiny, 5 star characters that everyone wants? Want to play as your favorite character or waifu? Well too bad. Unless you get EXTREMELY lucky you will never get a 5 star character (rates at or below 1%). Oh and did I mention you need 5 copies of any one character to bring out its max potential? It would not be so bad if the in game currency was not so ridiculously scarce. Most games give tons of free in game currency (thank you DBZ Dokkan Battle) but this game gives little to none. So little in fact that it is completely negligible. This game is an example of a company trying to exploit fans of the enormously popular Fate series to make money. I love this series which is why it pains me that this company is so greedy as to lock all its premium characters behind an impossibly thick paywall. This puts free to play players, such as myself, at an immense disadvantage. Sure you can succeed with no 5 star characters to an extent but you will be put more and more at a disadvantage as the game gets progressively harder in the future. Nor will you ever play as your favorite characters which is a huge reason people get the game to begin with. Even 4 Star characters are ridiculously hard to get. Unfortunately this game is immensely popular in Japan and makes tons of money so the company has no incentive whatsoever to give free to play players a break..Version: 1.4.0

To expensive30 gems for 10 summons what a joke. Should be 30 gems for 30. To hard to get the gems unless you pay for them. But other then that it’s a great game.Version: 1.37.0

Please fix on iPhone 11Good game but ever since I got an iPhone 11 game has been lagging and I would have to close and reopen it unti it stops lagging which at times can take more than 5 try’s so as you can see this gets really frustrating plus it’s not full screen you guys need to fix your game for iPhone 11.Version: 1.43.0

Frustrated Fate FanFirst of all, I love Fate with all my heart and it's been my favorite series for 5 years now. I was so excited for the release of Fate G/O on English servers, only to have my spirits crushed upon playing. The gacha is absolute garbage. I have rerolled dozens of times on multiple devices to no avail. I'll be lucky if I get a 4 star servant on every other restarted account. It breaks my heart as a loyal fan to have to shell out funds for this game in the slim chance I might get a decent servant. Most reviews say the gacha rates aren't bad, but I know many who have gotten 5 star servants on their FIRST TRY. Second of all, the game is extremely difficult when you only have max leveled 4 star event servants. My Nero is max leveled and almost fully ascended, but yet she can get killed instantly by a Okeanos servant. I'm sick and tired of the repeated craft essences which have no effect on my servants whatsoever. I've played this game since it's release and it's infuriating to grind 10 hours and use 3 command seals just to get a quadruple copy of a craft essence that raises my wimpy noble phantasm by 2% in a 10 pull. I've given up hope on getting Arturia and any 5 star servant for that matter. Honestly, I'd rather give my money to Love Live, I could at least get an SR and save up stickers for a UR idolization. I'm holding out for Fate to make changes to their gacha, as I cannot keep relying on support servants just to clear a normal story level..Version: 1.9.0

A ScamDon’t play this game ever. Repeating game play, non finished game system with VERY LOW rate on getting ssr servants. They called the rate on having ssr servants was 0.7% but in fact there are some hidden rates that you may never know. Some games are pay to win. This game is pay to get nothing. They just want your money..Version: 1.26.0

Cool game, but…I have a few issues with it. First of all, craft essences should not be items you can get in the non-friend point Gacha. Especially in this thanksgiving one recently, I pulled approximately 95% craft essences, which were at least 70% 3* pulls, with only a few units that were almost all 3* units. This is a major issue. Also, the unit pull rates are far too low for the better units. I have no problem with the 5* units being so rare, but when the 4* units are debatably even more rare, that’s where the problem lies. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could get every unit at select rarities, but when you can’t even get units you like without throwing tons of money at the game, it is inexcusable. This would be fine IF the game featured a player vs player arena, where these characters could be used COMPETITIVELY. That would make this pull style acceptable. However, this game features NO COMPETITIVE ASPECT. It is absolutely ridiculous that players cannot even get access to the cooler units unless they unload their wallets to do so. I get you are a business, but come on. Treat your consumers better..Version: 1.36.1

Needs alot of workGet rid of the tollbooths at the end of adventure mode chapters. It is bad design and makes your game look bad compared to other gacha games. Tollbooths were made for events and anything else is bad design. Good day..Version: 1.31.0

No full screen for iPhone X and aboveStill.Version: 2.10.0

Why did I download this...When I first tried to open the game I waited thirty minutes for it to load only to get an error. I really wish there were better animations and so on, for anyone that doesn’t know this is more of a digital card game such as pockemon etc. This game is quite boring and reading the worlds biggest dictionary would probably be more exciting in other words don’t waste your time or money on this because you’ll probably regret it later anyway. I hope this was helpful and I’m really not trying to hate on the game but I think it needs a lot of work before I would even consider it as a game I even remotely like..Version: 1.23.0

TrashThis game is trash and the lazy devs have not bothered to optimize it for iPhone X. Don’t bother downloading or giving them a cent for SQ until they do..Version: 1.19.0

Don’t Pay, Just PlayLove the Fate franchise and have enjoyed this game as much as any other thing Fate related, but one thing bothers me to my core that I can’t give this game a 5 star rating. Most games like this one always feel like pay to win or pay to get the next new characters released. This game in particular though is not worth paying for, the drop rate feels so one sided that all you’re going to end up with is a surplus of craft essence cards that are supposed to help boost your team. Your top tier character card pulls are so few and far between it’s criminal. That being said the game itself is fun, it’s involved and it can be enjoyable as long as you don’t get too hopeful about getting all those great 5 star attackers. Enjoy the game and play for fun, but don’t waste your money while the developers drop rate is so low it’s criminal. Wish I could give it 5 star review, morally can’t with how rigged the summon pulls are..Version: 2.6.0

No sound after the most recent updateWhat happened?.Version: 2.2.2

Too many crashes after the last updateWhat the title says.Version: 1.37.0

Brutal GachaUpdating, as recent updates appear to have fixed the crashing issues and added more content. The gacha is still brutal. The battle system is serviceable (rock, paper, scissors is the main mechanic), though bogged down a bit by too much randomness. It can get a bit tedious, as the main way to strengthen your characters is with the horribly repetitive daily missions - where you fight waves of the exact same enemy (the "hands") over and over and over again. Materials gathering has improved recently, with more varied and useful daily quests for each class. The gacha (which is how you acquire characters to use for battle), though, is simply abusive. The drop rates for the most desirable characters are horribly low, and even most "good" drops are anything but. As an example, as I write this review, there's a "rate up" for a certain character in the gacha right now - which means that currently there is *still* have a less than 1% chance to get that character. Given that pulls cost up to three bucks each and that the game isn't currently generous with free pulls, well ... prepare to spend a lot of money if you want to get a certain character. The game does give you some freebies in events which can ease the pain, but you will have a lot more fun with the game if you don't care specifically who you get..Version: 1.5.0

2 year gapGood game but bad when you consider we are 2 years behind the JP version, i can’t even play because the game isn’t optimized for more recent phones! What a shame.Version: 1.42.0

FeedbackHello, I'm inquiring about they fate refreshed option for selecting your support friends for battles. It not consistence and have to refreshed more then 10 times for friends to pop up in the listing. It feeling like either there a big needed to be fix or could you guys maybe update it to be more available having a friends support selection of it own for it can more effective and less frustrating while playing the app game. Thank you! -feedback.Version: 2.1.2

This would beSo much better with an auto battle function.Version: 1.23.0

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