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Car Driving School Simulator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Car Driving School Simulator app received 90 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Car Driving School Simulator? Can you share your negative thoughts about car driving school simulator?

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Car Driving School Simulator for Negative User Reviews

NoThis game was aggravating and infuriating the controls did not work properly and it wasn’t very well laid out. It also started with a massive family size car instead of starting off with a small car it also wanted me to first learn how to park in parking was extremely unhelpful because you had to stop at a certain point and there is no break. Which there was no break so you can’t drive a car without a break and there was no wheel it was controls like forward and the reverse she would have to press reverse to go backwards in the backwards button didn’t do anything. And it didn’t introduce the blinkers until later in the game which you have to learn how to use your blinkers first also it had me parking before it had me driving straight The places that it had me drive through and park and were very small not like it would start not in a huge parking lot how you would normally start how to drive. So I would not recommend this game..Version: 3.9.1

Good but needs slight improvementI’ve loves this game for many years so it was quite a shock when i updated it and everything was brand new however i am slightly adjusting to it. I wouldn’t have liked the fuel update because theres no reason for that and it just makes our lives harder. Also i only updated as i was excited at the prospect of being a driving instructor but i bought the car only to find out that its the same as driving any other car. There should be at-least some conversation between you and your student to make it feel like your teaching the person how to drive..Version: 3.0

AdfestNo mercy. just ads. doesnt let you turn off internet to play..Version: 3.23.1

Great But I Have Some Suggestions.Great but I have Suggestions and here they are, There should be a extra lane to turn to your right because when it is a red lightning and the person in front of you isn’t turning when it is a red light it makes me frustrated because you can do that on real streets so please try to do that. There should also the cars are very glitchy and don’t go the speed Limit. If you could fix that I would complete all my levels very soon. My last thing is that the speed limits are still very slow. If you change it to 40mph It would be awesome. When I am driving too the cars sometimes bump 8n to me and it said I crashed so that is another glitch.. Thanks! Please respond back and give me a email so we can start communicating on good ideas!!! Thanks! With love, Ella Bella💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💕.Version: 2.1.1

Annoying tbh.This game is a good game in general, but when i need to reverse to manoeuvre into a tight spot, it says follow gps. it’s not like i’m going the wrong way? and another thing, when i am indicating with my indicators which way i am heading at a traffic light of a junction, it says incorrect blinker usage. huh? i’m indicating to the other “drivers” which way i am heading which is what would happen in real life. please fix this. it’s taking of points for no reason. ALSO, when i go to menu where you can continue, restart etc it has an ad. for the majority of the times. fix all this please it ruins the game. but overall best simulator ever..Version: 3.11.0

Too many ads 🙃This used to be a really good and fun driving app, but now there is wayyy too many ads popping up. I wasn’t even able to get through a 40 second lesson and I had 3 ads play back to back... instantly deleted the app..Version: 3.25.3

ScamIt says it’s realistic in the video but it’s not looks like a 70s game also to much ads.Version: 3.25.0

ReviewI started playing this game and got really addicted. Everything was well and I had completed about 4 maps. I had saved my money for Tokyo and so then I unlocked it. I tapped level 1, clicked drive and it STARTED to load. Then it took me off the app. Yes, I thought it was a glitch. I tried again, same thing happened. I tried again, same thing happened. I left it until the next day, tried again and it happened again. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and the same thing happened. ????? I now have to just delete the app when I was actually really enjoying it..Version: 2.1.1

ADSIts a cool game but the ads are so annoying. Deleted it not long after I downloaded it..Version: 3.8.0

STANK AS GAME U WILL END UP DEAD IN THE AIRDONT NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CHEAP GAME I REPEAT DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME I was just a lil lad trying to play this (sooo fun of a game) with my friend and I went through BACK SWEAT WITH THEM LESSONS JUST TO BE PLACED IN THE AIR DOSE IT LOOK LIKE I CAN DRIVE A CAR IN THE AIR ???? NO I CANT! so I politely deleted and downloaded it again and u know what AHAHAHAHA I WAS STILL IN THE AIR my own dearest friend is now depressed and crying,throwing up and sliding down the wall because of this. This is poor shame so pls guys if u wanna be in the air with Jesus and driving trucks and not be able to play with civilized humans then don’t play cuz u will waste ur time thank u for listening (side note if u are not the creator of this game pls scroll away) listen hear boombit games… Istg if u put this review all the way at the bottom to we’re no one can see it I will come to ur office building and request for the boombit team to come down and i will Simply just sue u why u might ask lemme break it down mmm idk maybe because u kinda like SPAWNED ME IN TYE AIR ONLY I WASNT EVEN OK THE MAP I DELETED THIS GAME TO MANSY TIMES TO KEEP COKING BACK TO JESUS AND I KNOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THIR TRUMA NOW EHEN I GO GET IM MU HUMAN CAR BOW INHAVE A NEW FEAR OF BEING WINDED UP IN THE AIR NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO HO THROUGH THAT ANYWAYS thank u for ur time.Version: 3.6.1

GlitchI really like this game but it’s starting to glitch. Where there’s supposed to be the building it’s now big images with adds and when I’m racing the adds block off the track and it won’t let me go through..Version: 3.22.1

A few issuesIt’s a good game, don’t get me wrong, but there are a few issues that bug me. Firstly, being stopped at lights and having someone crash into the back of my car, but I lose points because I apparently crashed? Also having stopped for pedestrians and then when they walk into my stopped vehicle I lose points too? Have also indicated a number of times and lost points for supposedly not indicating, going through red lights when they’ve been green, etc. Also a lot of glitches, I’ve crashed a number of times because the controls suddenly change and the car goes in the opposite direction to the way I’m steering. It’s fun but definitely needs fixing..Version: 1.6.1

Pretty good but..I have been playing this game for almost a few months and i’ve beat almost every normal level. The only levels i can’t beat are the few with a trailer attached. I understand you should learn how to navigate a trailer attachment, but honestly it’s almost impossible to navigate!! It’s infuriating and I wish they would do something about it. They also don’t have many new levels to try once you’ve done them all. There have also been many MANY times that an NPC will literally drive right into my way so i either have to back up into another NPC to let them continue or restart the level and anticipate the NPC’s arrival. There are a few times that they don’t even move and i either have to go around them or restart because they are block me in. It’s an amazing game and i’ve learned a lot about driving from it, however, it has plenty of flaws that can be fixed to make it even better..Version: 3.17.0

Ad partyTo begin, this is a great game that has great graphics and actually teaches people to drive (IN SOME OCCASIONS.) I like how this is actually educational and fun as it teaches to use all signals and follow all regulations within the street but I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate how this game has a 30 sec ad in the screen every 15 seconds. It’s really sad how a game this good can be ruined by pathetic ads. If this game would ATLEAST make it so at the end of each level you get an AD then I’ll consider getting it again, but having an ad pop up in your screen constantly DURING GAMEPLAY, is just crazy. I understand adding ads to the game helps fund the game itself but OMG THE FREAKING ADS STOP IT PLEASE. 🙏 If the developers see this I kindly ask to reduce the amount of crazy ads that pop up mid game as it is a very enjoyable game, and maybe advertise within the map itself instead of it taking up my whole screen. Thank you..Version: 3.21.0

Goofy as adsTheres an ad every dam minute fr pisses me off, and yall have got to add side mirrors and another camera view like where we could see the steering wheel, since its a drivers actual pov 🫨.Version: 3.23.1

BugSince yesterday the app is bugging ! I can’t even open it ! Please fix it I love this game ..Version: 3.22.1

Most of the time GREAT!I can sometimes be addicted to this game but lately it has been especially laggy and not cooperative...I don’t know whether this is just a bug that is being looked at or just my device. For example when I try to turn, it doesn’t work and instead just continues going straight and crashing into whatever is in front of it. Most of the time the game loads fine but again lately, there’s been a bit of trouble where the game doesn’t open and however many times I refresh my device, the same problem seems to be happening. However when the game works and runs smoothly I am HIGHLY addicted and love the multiplayer mode! Great game with a few issues..Version: 1.5.4

WARNING: PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD!!! Was good, now bad.Warning: is now the worst game ever| I used to love this game so much about a year and a half ago. It was super good at first until it deleted all my progress, vehicles, and game money. About 6 - 8 months later I downloaded it again hoping it was better. I didn’t like that I could only play for certain periods of time because you had gas. About a week later, all of my progress, vehicles, and game money were deleted. At that time there’s little bit more ads. I have decided to download it again yesterday. I somehow had all my vehicles, progress, and are money. I was soooooo happy. After I saw that, the terror began. THE ADS!!! After just pressing one button, I would have to watch a thirty second ad. It was literally after just pressing one button. You would press a button, than ad, then press another button, than ad. It took me three minutes to finally get to play one level. The penalties even went up(I think). I am so annoyed. Most games are meh and then get better. This one went from 100% all the way down to -1,000,000 in less than two years. I am going to guess the developers don’t read our rating. I don’t even mind very many ads, but this game is almost nothing but ads..Version: 3.3.0

CrashingGame keeps crashing, fix up..Version: 3.25.3

Join the Persian or Farsi languageHi there I want to to join the Persian language if you join the Persian languages everyone playing this apps.Version: 1.6.1

Good game but i hate adsGood game but there are WAYYY too many ads like WAYYY too many. far out man i just wanna play the game and not have some ad pop up.Version: 3.8.0

I use to love this gameI use to love this game and have deleted it and recently download it again but this time it won’t open at all it just freezes loads and then shuts down..Version: 3.25.3

Adds.The adds in this game are ridiculous, there are too many adds to the point where the game is no longer somewhat playable. It’s a great game but the ADDS..Version: 3.18.1

How to remove ads?Too many ads!.Version: 3.17.0

GameI downloded the game 3 times, joined and it removed me from the game tried a few more times and it kept removing me.Version: 3.21.3

Lost progressThis game overall is a great game! But one day I opened the app and it showed every map that I unlocked and completed was now locked, all my money went away and so did the cars. Keep in mind I have every car and map in the game. When I tried the free levels, I tried to get a high score but when the level finished, it still had my high score from when I had all my vehicles and maps. This is a silly mishap that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! Please fix this somehow. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and that does nothing to it. I can’t get money from anything other than playing multiplayer and it has boring maps..Version: 2.1.9

2 starsWhen I first downloaded this app it was very enjoyable and as new additions were made there were a few things I was unhappy about. It was very confusing as you had specific level since for each vehicle rather than you being able to pick which car you wanted to app. It also gave you very big penalties when you didn't do anything wrong. There is a roundabout In Miami which is also very unnecessary since after pressing the gas for approximately 5-10 seconds you have to stop and change the direction of your blinkers. It crashed a few times so I updated it as it said the update could fix bugs. For a while after everything was fine then one day when I opened the app to play it had restarted the game. I was only on rank 1 not 46 and I only had the red starting truck when I had worked to get the sports cars,I had also unlocked all the different areas that you cloud drive but now I just have California the starting world..Version: 2.1.8

Need some improvementI enjoy playing this game there are just a couple issues with it. #1 when a car crashes into you, you’re the one who ends up losing points. Also the COM cars don’t keep a consistent speed even when there’s a speed limit. They either go faster then the speed limit or slower there’s never really an in between. #2 the first person POV needs some major fixing. You can only look in your rearview mirror but it’s difficult to see the blind spots, specifically for the right side of the vehicle. You literally can’t see the right side mirror! It’s an issue when trying to switch lanes and is unrealistic because in real life you could get into an accident for not checkin your blind spot. #3 the amount of ads is way too much for the amount of time you play a level of the game. Other than that, that’s it and the rest of the game is enjoyable.Version: 3.10.0

The ADS are killing me 3 out of 5 starsI'm going to rate it a 3 out of 5 star because its is a rice game I like playing i am almost finished beating all worlds they have but there one problem the ads there is a add every time you pause the game or if you leave the game on accident and click back on the game you have to watch an ad and I get tired of it being a person who likes to listen to music while play so I might want to change the ect ect......but it make me watch an ad every time I do so. It also make you watch an ad every time you beat a level and when you press the home button I'm getting sick and tired of these ads interrupting my game play it makes me enjoy the game less and makes me want to go back to my other car simulator. Overall I enjoy the game and the graphics but these ADS ARE STRESSING ME OUT!!!!!(there are minor bugs).Version: 3.2.7

For just 10 minutes I get so many adsSo many ads.Version: 3.25.2

Not very good and takes dataJust wondering why it would need to to personal data in the terms & conditions here are some it will take from your phone: Real name Identification number Location data And other stuff from your phone Just a reminder sometimes it’s a good thing to read what your signing up for.Version: 3.19.4

Game Not SavingIve been playing this game for a while and I’ve paid to get rid of ads and paid to unlock all maps and for a while I had no problem with this game but since early December it hasn’t been saving, I’ve completed the game past the first map/set of levels and any other progress I do beyond that won’t save when I leave the game, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling this game and it didn’t fix it, I don’t know what makes it not save but please fix this game!.Version: 3.6.1

Too many adsLiterally every small thing I do, like pausing or just moving around in the menu I get at ad. Please stop putting a million ads in the game, the gameplay itself is good. But this is a huge turnoff for me and likely many other people.Version: 3.25.3

Car Driving Simulator Review July 2021I love this game. It has helped me to understand road rules and how to drive better. But I have one problem with this app. If I want to restart the lesson, and I’m still technically playing the lesson, an ad pops up when I hit the pause button. This also happens when I hit the breaks and stop really quickly. Also, another problem is when I’m slowing down, the car behind me hits me because they don’t slow down too. I lose many points when I didn’t even do anything! A final problem is I can’t see how many points I need to get each medal before I drive and finish the lesson. And the car handling points should have a system. I never know if I’m going to lose or gain points on that because there isn’t anything that tells me how that point system works. Oh, and one last thing. This might be a bug fix thing. Sometimes, I’ll be driving and the thing will say I missed the GPS but I’m still on the blue line. Finally, this app is great but has some things it needs fixed..Version: 3.2.7

BAD GLITCHI used to love this game but now it keeps saying that I went over the speed limit when I was well under, PLEASE FIX THIS, ITS REALLY ANNOYING!!!!.Version: 2.2.5

Cars hitting meI love the game but when I’m driving. cars drive into me and I lose points because apparently I’m the one whoes driving into them but I’m not I should be rewarded points if they drive into me lol over all good game.Version: 3.9.1

WAY TOO MANY ADSThis game seemed promising however once I started to play properly it kept giving me ads every 2 seconds. There was a “welcome offer” which included 10,000 coins, unlimited fuel for 24hrs and NO ADS for 0.99GBP. I paid this 99p and after doing so (the transaction went through) I still continued to get many ads. I even tried closing and restarting the app but I was still getting ads. They scammed me and although it was only 99p, I didn’t get what I was paying for. Game could have been good if they weren’t just trying to take people’s money. Therefore, I have given them only 1 star for the very limited gameplay I got to experience..Version: 3.25.2

Great game but it’s turned into a money grabI’ve played this game on and off for a couple of years and I loved it. However, the addition of fuel in order to play levels is a ridiculous money grab by the developers that honestly has stopped me from playing the game as much. Additionally the sheer number of ads that are hurled at you anytime you pause a level, when you finish a level, before you start a level really reduces my enjoyment of the game overall. Without those issues, I would be rating 5 stars.Version: 3.7.2

Game no longer worksI really enjoyed playing this however, recently I’ve experienced issues with it not working. Whenever I opened the game I would get a black screen. I recently deleted the app..Version: 3.0.2

Unreasonable things and needs to be fixed againIf you try to stop kind of close to another car, it won’t stop normally. It will take longer, causing you to crash, and then the other cars get right on your tail, so you have no where to back out and you’re just stuck. All of the other cars just go lizard brain when you try to fix your mistakes. The speed limits are either too high or too low every time you see one. The rain is not noticeable enough whenever it stops, so you don’t know unless you’re focusing on that. The camera point that lets you see inside the car is unrealistic and you can’t see very well when in that pov. Some of the roads are way too small especially when driving a bus. The game expects you to not cross the solid line. The turn are usually too wide or too sharp. The pedestrians that cross the road don’t stop, they just walk out infront of you LAST MINUTE. Overall, the game kind of angers me..Version: 3.2.7

This app sucksWay too many ads. Chill out with the ads every 10 seconds.Version: 3.2.0

This game NEEDS improvementsFirst off this game is really fun but too many ads these ads are driving me crazy and half the time the ads don’t work and it makes close the game and re open the app but overall it not bad. 3 stars.Version: 3.23.1

Too many adsEvery time I click something another ad pops up and they’re always 30s long and then when the game starts again I crash bc of the ads. If ur going to have that many ads at least make a no ad option that I can pay for bc i enjoy the game the ads just really annoy me.Version: 3.23.0

AdsYou get too many ads, even if you select to not receive an gift by watching an ad you still get on. Every time you leave a game, ad. Every time you join a game, ad. Every time you buy something, ad..Version: 3.9.1

Almost brilliantThis game is amazing, and it has many many good sides to it. It is a brilliant way of teaching the basics of driving to players and is a fun game to play now and then. I found this game from an annoying ad from another car game, and i have to say that the other game was much better. I only have a couple of bad things to say about this game and I would just like to let people know. On the settings part of the game I changed the steering section many times to make the game more enjoyable for myself. However, none of them are worth it. The wheel won’t move unless I press very very hard on it, by which time the game will tell me off for not ‘putting my blinkers on’ or ‘driving at a red light’ and before I know it my score is -200! Also, the arrows occasionally come on very last minute which make it very hard to play. Apart from these minor issues which I believe could be fixed, this app is amazing and is a very fun game to pass the time! :)).Version: 2.1.8

Love this game BUT........I Love this game i play it everyday but there is a few things i would like you too change 1 is if u want to chance lanes you have to indicate because it gives you more points. 2 if you cant slow down quick you would crash into a car and lose points which is not fair. 3 i don't know why people walk in the middle of the road and you crash into them then kill them and then you lose points so not fair I LOVE THIS GAME but could be BETTER!!!!!! ALSO PLEASE MAKE IT BETTER !!!.Version: 3.2.3

AdsFun game but to much ads.Version: 3.25.3

Worst game everThe reason I think this is the worst game ever created is because whenever I’m driving, there’s stupid people walking all around the city and whenever I stop the car for them to cross, they stop then I realized that their letting me go, I start to move my car then as soon as I move my car, THEY start walking and then it causes ME to crash into them which they obviously did on purpose. Then whenever other cars crash into me, the game tells me: CRASHED don’t crash -50. It’s SO ANNOYING!!!!! And then last but not least, the last reason I crash is because the dumb gps messes up with the little lines on the road so example: the little lines tell me to go forward, then as soon as I go for ward, it changes the little lines to go a different direction like right or left. And those are all the reasons I hate this game and giving it a one-star. Thank you for your time..Version: 3.10.3

Worst game ever!Absolute spam fest of adverts. No idea what the game is like as you don’t get chance to play without constantly being interrupted and spammed with flaming ads!! Absolute joke of a game!! If you love watching adverts THIS IS THE “GAME” for you!! RUBBISH! I could only tolerate 3 levels before deleting for ever. 10 seconds playing level 1, followed by an advert, 20 seconds playing level 2 followed by 30 seconds advert, followed by another after collecting the mandatory “bonus”. Started level 3 (after being forced to watch yet ANOTHER ad) didn’t like the controls (they’re all rubbish) so paused the game to go to settings to try another, guess what??.. yep have to watch an ad to go in to settings! Changed controls and pressed continue.. another advert. Drove and crossed a solid line.. had to watch another ad for the citation. Finished the level followed by another TWO ADVERTS. There is only one focus in this garbage game.. adverts every few seconds. Massive fail developers. If I got a chance to actually play the MIGHT be good? But literally can’t be left alone to find for more than 20 seconds to find out. Ratio of adverts to actually playing the game is about 70/30.. yep 70% of the time you’ll be watching ads. RUBBISH GAME. DELETED.Version: 3.17.0

EhhIt’s a good game i guess it’s just with some cars you can’t really see in first person or the road lines, another thing is i feel like the mirrors are not accurate because i will be far away from a object in the mirror but still end up hitting it, i also dislike how many ads this game has..Version: 3.25.3

Game used to be goodIt just dos not work..Version: 3.23.1

Very good..butI enjoy this game a lot however there are a few little things that can make it difficult to fully enjoy this game, when driving with the first person camera angle you cannot properly see the gps arrow this can make you lose points and is unfair, also when reversing the camera is off and doesn't show the approximate angles the car may be on another fault is that the game will randomly ask you to play an ad while driving to gain any lost points and when the ad ends, it throws off your concentration and you can end up crashing and is VERY frustrating, for example if you were turning, that motion is switched off and you have to turn again while risking crashing into something. Other than this it's a very good game and I am waiting for new levels 👍.Version: 3.6.1

GlitchyI like this app but it can be quite glitchy. I came first in my country two weeks in a row but I didn’t receive the 50k coins at all. I also didn’t get the gold badge on my icon either. If this is a glitch, please fix it!.Version: 2.1.3

Great gameI love this game and play it frequently however I have rated it a 3 due to the fact that the pedestrians never stop when you are driving up to them so you accidentally bump into them - which causes you to loose points. They will only stop for you if you come very close, which can be very frustrating. Another reason I have rated this a 3, is because there not a wide range of cars to choose from and most of them are really slow and annoying to drive. Aside from this, I think that this is a great game and you should give it a try..Version: 3.17.0

Too many adsThis game is fun… when it has no ads and I’m not spending that much money on a no ad purchase! I know it’s how they make money but every time open a new screen at least one ad has to pop up!! Please fix this and then I’ll re download.Version: 3.22.1

Good but confusingI firstly got this game about 2 days ago and I’m obsessed with it! I love just driving around and changing the vehicle but now after all of the lessons (which I passed all of them) they now are charging me money to actual drive around other places and to do more lessons which I don’t want to obviously. I have been looking around to try and see if there is still a point to it and for me there isn’t anymore so I’m not sure! (This is my opinion and I wish I could give it 3.5 so for now it’s at 3).Version: 3.20.0

Use to love it but now hate itHad this game for 2 years, loves it. But now all they want is your money. Whenever you pause the game an ad appears, even when you phone/iPad tells you your battery is low, it pauses and ad appears. It also now has a fuel tank, where you have to buy more or you have to wait and can’t play. Also, one level where there is a time limit, doesn’t stop once you have don’t the track, so you can’t finish it. I’ve spent a bit of money on this game, and I’m not paying more. Also after a while it’s quite repetitive, the multiplayer just makes you loose as they crash into you deliberately. Unless you like a game where you have to spend money and get lots of ads, I wouldn’t recommend. It’s annoying because this was a really good game with no ads..Version: 3.2.5

Fun but too many addsOverall this game is fun BUT there are some glitches and too many annoying adds, when I pause the game, an add comes, and when I play or Go to the next level, another add comes. It sometimes gets really frustrating when they do, Like I said, it’s a great game, BUT, need to get rid of the adds. This one specific add comes on every time and kinda makes me mad. And they’re not just random ones, they’re all the same/they keep showing me them over and over. To make the game as good as possible, remove the adds and fix the glitching problem. Thanks!.Version: 3.12.0

Kicked me outThe game is ok but needs to do some more work it’s to laggy.Version: 3.23.0

BadFreezes poop game or improve it and prove it.Version: 3.25.1

Please fixI love this game heaps but there are two things that bug me so bad. 1 is I understand when we crash we get money off but not when the other cars hit us it’s so annoying and it’s most of the time not our fault the car with just keep going and won’t stop and 2 is the speed limits are very low in this game like you’ll be driving on a high way and the speed limit is 50 that’s what ruins the game for me! Overall the games great do get but those are just things that make me not want to play it..Version: 2.1.1

The worst driving simulator i’ve ever playedIt’s like this game was created by someone who has next to no knowledge on road rules. The NPC cars will ignore every red light, stop in the middle of the road, either always be under or over the speed limit and they will never give way to you and without hesitation just crash into you at every opportunity - same with pedestrians just walking out as if they cannot see you at all. It makes the game extremely frustrating and impossible to finish a level without having to rewind and watch a video to amend for the games’ faults and not yours. It doesn’t give you an extra challenge it’s just incredibly annoying and quite frankly senseless for a game where you’re suppose to be following rules that it won’t even apply to itself. And not only are you experiencing moron NPCs at every corner, the game will also abrupt your driving to play ads that are 3 minutes long. Don’t waste your time..Version: 3.8.0

Game is pretty annoyingSo my game keeps lagging and when I’m racing in multiplayer I lose because of lag. Also when your racing in a different mode like multiplayer events, can you pls make us get the same amount of money as we do in career mode. This is the most annoying thing ads if there were no ads I would not have deleted the game. The camera view from inside is the worst view. I can barely see anything it looks like a small child is driving the car. Also I want the first levels of career mode for bus and trailer to be free so I don’t have to grind money for 69million years. The ai in this game are very bad drivers first of all when the ai are supposed to stop to give way to me they just drive and hit me and then I lose points second of all sometimes I see ai go through red lights. How come they can go through red lights but I can’t. The speed limits on roads are to fast if you use kms on some small roads you have to go 90kms but irl you mostly go 50 kmh. Things I want to add. More maps for career mode. I want to see more disasters on roads like snow on road, flooded road ect. Devs can you pls change these horrible mistakes so this game will be on the news as the best game in the world..Version: 3.25.0

I LOVE the game. Needs some Help thoAlways love car games. Because I am not allowed to drive a car. Sooooo I had a hard time tying to get a game like this one. BUT I think the game needs some updates I think when the speed limit is 35 and then u drive through it and it’s 25 i think it is not fair that I we a minis point for going over the speed limit just for 1 second it doesn’t seem fair. And I think that when the speed limit is 25 the computer cars are Obviously going like 50 mph and that gets me upset and when u try to turn it like there trying to race you and u bump in the them on accident and then u get minis points and then I have to START ALL OVER AGAIN. Couple more things is that the stoplights allways go yellow then green if your trying to make it feel real I think should just make it so it just turns green out of know where. And also I think that you guys should have it so u can rent the cars for a day for like 2,000 in the games money Besides that good game.Version: 2.2.3

Very funSuch a good game, I don’t drive because I’m too young but I know much more rd rules than I did before I played it, I would give it 5 stars but it annoys me how I can only drive around once then it kicks me out of the app, (like I pressed home) idk if it’s just my phone or the app tho..Version: 2.1.8

TerribleDoes not even let me play it.Version: 3.25.3

To many adds 🙄So it’s a rly good game, and WAS fun to play. It didn’t get boring or anything but I had to uninstall it as I was clearing my phone out. Skip forward a couple months, and I re-download it. Here comes the problem. I used to play offline and I could play it elsewhere without eating into my data, which was really good and I loved just playing it when I was bored or something when I was out and about. But now they have changed it to an online game, even tho I just do the lessons. ITS EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WAS BEFORE! The only thing is there are adds now 😪 and WAY to many! Even if I accidentally press the pause button, an add! It’s horrendous and completely ruins the game 😕 so now I have to use my data when I’m out cuz it’s an online game now. If I switch my data of it says I can’t play. Deleting. 🙄..Version: 3.2.1

Too many pop up adsCool game, but too many pop up ads which cause you to crash when it comes back..Version: 3.25.3

HorribleHorrible with all the adds.Version: 3.18.1

ScamI paid 0.99$ to remove all ads and there’s still ADS!!! This is unacceptable🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 3.25.0

Good game, but i paid for no ads and they keep displayingI bought this to mentally prepare for driving in the US with right-side driving. The ads are so annoying so I paid $2.99 to remove them. But i keep getting ads. Refund my money or get rid of the ads. Otherwise, it’s a helpful app for getting your head into driving on the other side of the road. Update: i appreciate the swift response from the customer support team. I don’t mind paying for an ad-free version of the game at all; but when I DO pay to remove ads, i expect them to be removed! That’s my issue (not that there are ads in the first place)..Version: 3.19.0

Good but ...I have been playing this game for a while and one day i finished about 4 levels and then the next day I went back to play and it had wipe all of the 4 levels I completed on that day. It had never done that before. So then I completed 3/4 I did the other night and then I went back and then I was back to the level i started on when I first had this problem?🤬😡🤬😡 So I deleted the game and then re downloaded the game and I finished the lessons and the first map and then I came back and it was completely wiped? I started doing the lessons again and I completed about 7 and then I came back the next day and it wiped again! Sorry there is a lot but I hope this hasn’t happened to anyone else Also I would recommended this game to my friends before I had this problem.Version: 3.1.0

Hate the new updateI hate this new update I did so many maps and it shows the stars but now I have to pay with money from the game to play that level before this new update the game was fun now it is not.Version: 3.0.2

OK AND AMAZINGI love this game but there are a few miss points in t like when you are parking it doesn’t show you the Camera from above Olson when you are paying multiplayer you end up at 30miles per hour which i find is a bit bad the good points are when you are not on multiplayer you can go faster and turn corners faster but i do not regret having this game it i so good and so fun when you are board and just want to play a game for fun i think that anyone would like this game even though it has some bad things it is one of the best games I have ever played but don’t forget how to Make it better you have done yourself proud with this game and just work out what i said don’t forget this a really good/amazing game 😘 well done 👍.Version: 2.1.8

Ya TROP D’ANNONCES CEST PAS CROYABLE1 ⭐️mais ça m’empêche pas dit jouer.Version: 3.25.3

TOO MANY ADSY’all put like 500 ads in 10 mins of gameplay it’s obvious that y’all are just greedy for money at the expense of putting out a quality game..Version: 3.2.1

3/5Hello I have given you a 3 because I was playing the game when I came upon a set of traffic lights so I stoped and I couldn’t see them so I stayed there for around 1 minute to wait for it to turn green. I still couldn’t see it so I had to reverse to see it and wait until the green showed......Version: 2.1.5

HhVery bad bc it restart all my progress never playing it again.Version: 3.3.0

Too many adsI honestly don’t get mad or impatient with an ad or two but the amount of ads in this game is infuriating. i stop playing every few days because i can’t play without watching 3 ads before and as soon as i press on one button when i get in it takes me to another ad. And these arent like 10-15 second ads, these are the full long ones that gol for like 60 seconds and it takes an extra 10 seconds to get off the app store when it takes you there. I like the game but i can’t deal with these ads..Version: 3.21.0

Good but could be betterDon’t get me wrong, I love this game as when I’m bored I can just go on it but it can be VERY frustrating with the amount of adverts you get! It puts me off games when there is just adverts constantly. Also, when playing the multiplayer one, other people crash into you and then you lose the points which is also very frustrating. But the game is still okay but it could be WAY better. And the price of the cars like the horse trailer is impossible to get if you can’t log in one day so you lose your streak. A lot could be changed but it’s still fun..Version: 3.16.0

Nice game but to many adsI really enjoy this game like the Lessons, Free Play! Etc. But the problem is that there is way Way to many ads just after you click something it gives you an ad and for almost anything you NEED to watch an ad and I am not wanting you to remove the ads but just lower the number of ads because you watch more ads than driving but this game is quite realistic and fun.Version: 3.25.3

Suppe addictive game, major flaws.This moment I downloaded this game, I fell in love with it, but it has some major flaws. It’s fun how it’s kinda realistic but everytime i pause the game or get a notification that my battery’s going dead, it gives an ad. It gets super annoying having to look at an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME i pause it. It ruins the fun. Now i get the purpose of ads, but when it’s like this you’re going to lose money. Not only is it the ads, but whenever I’m doing rhe tutorial thing, it starts off with me reversing, and then i get penalty points when it’s the games fault. And i can drive during a green light and get penalty points when it turns red and im already gone. And it gives you 0.5 seconds to turn off your windshield wipers when it’s sunny. Once an npc car crashed into me and i got penalty points. There are so many more issues I find in this game, but i like it still and i want to continue liking it. I also understand that you devlopers are hard at work though..Version: 3.11.1

Needs work.This app is great! But even by crossing the line just a smidge it takes off points, and when you go into first person and you look at the speed and you’re going under the speed limit but it still takes off points then once you go on the outside camera you were actually going like 40 instead of 30. So the interior speedometer needs to be updated and I feel like the prices that you get as an award Like 7000 something I feel like I should be more like 25,000 and maybe will up the price of the cars just because I feel like 7000 for a mission is not that much and it should be more. I feel like if you guys really need to update the game. And the driving is pretty weird and I hate it. The drift frozen lake is to hard and annoying, if I was you I’d remove it. Add more cars. I feel like the game is in early beta. But it’s really not..Version: 2.1.3

SadI’m enjoying the game but there’s just one thing that really bother me. When you change the setting to a steering wheel, it won’t let me click on my seat belt feature because the blinkers are right above it. It keeps pressing the blinkers instead of the seat belt. Just wanted to let you know because this game is really good! Hope you change it, unless this is only happening to me 😂.Version: 2.1.8

Good but needs improvementThis is a good app if you are interested in driving and this is a good game to use as it has realistic features but the game needs more improvement 1: When you make little mistakes they take away lots of money for no reason? They take the money when I’m about to park then after the ad I just crash and lose more money at least slow us down. 2: Too many ads like after 3 clicks ad, ad, ad like some take forever to load and finish which is frustrating if your in a hurry. Even sometimes you many even get kicked out of the game. 3: Maybe add more road signs like the only kind of road sign there are is like stop, speed limit and traffic lights maybe add like more realistic road signs that are important of course. 4: Kinda of similar to 1 but that s getting money taken away for dumb reasons for example not turning of yours wipers when it’s raining or if you crash and its hard to not crash as its a narrow place. 5: When you zoom in and your driving its hard to not see the yellow lines on the road ( I forget what they are called) but maybe make it more visible for people to see. This is a good game but if you improve a couple of those this would be a better review but for now its a 2 star so if it get more better that will be good Thanks, have a good day or night.🙂.Version: 3.23.1

Game needs improvementI get points off when someone else crashes into me and i didn't crash into them which makes no sense at all! I feel like the speed limits shouldn’t change every time i turn a corner cause when im already doing 50mph i make a turn and i start to lose points because i was already at a higher speed limit! The A.I cars need to be faster and not in the way so much. The levels are pretty expensive to buy. There should also be a honking button! Theres also way to many ads for literally everything!.Version: 3.23.1

Good game, too many bugsThis game has a lot of potential, however it also has a lot of issues. Those being: Other cars on the road have no awareness, pedestrians also have no awareness, the GPS/blue arrows aren't always correct, the game takes away all my points (sometimes even more) when I reach the end of the level, the GPS sometimes disappears when near the end of the level and it’s not always clear where to go which ends in you going the wrong way and the game deducting points for “not following the GPS”. Theres many more I could list but rather not spend anymore time writing. The game is really good and addictive, graphics are great and so is the garage variety of cars. It is a shame that the bugs within the game are so frustrating that it genuinely makes me not want to play it and sometimes even delete it. Fix them..Version: 3.17.0

Thousand of adsYou can’t play because of ads ..Version: 3.25.3

Не скачивайтеСплошная реклама, мешает что-то сделать 👎 Не рекомендую.Version: 3.25.3

Too many adsThe game is actually cool I’ve played it about 10 times today but there’s so many ads. when im just about done with the lesson there’s another ad and then another😐 but overall the game is algud just too many ads, i get it if your tryna make money but it’s really annoying.Version: 3.18.1

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