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Getting Over It app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about getting over it?

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Check pointsYour game is very good and awesome I could play it all day. But I won’t play it anymore until you poot in a check point or something beacause I have had this game for some time now and I still haven’t finshed the bit where you get up where the kid is on the slide because I fall down so many times and have to restart again and I get stuck on something and I try and try again and when I do get past it I fall down somewhere else and I can’t get past it again so fix it or I’m never playing again. But awesome game though:).Version: 1.13

Rip offThis game literally makes you fail. I don’t even touch the screen and it sends me flying back to the start. Needs better controls and proper physics (like, not being sent flying just because your holding an axe). Is rated this 1 star because I couldn’t rate it any lower (otherwise it would be rated -5. The physics are just bull#(85!.Version: 1.13

Great game but....It’s an amazing game but just after a day of playing it it doesn’t allow me to play it. It just kicks me out every time I get to the loading screen. I’ve re downloaded the game many times and it still won’t let me pass the loading screen. But it was fun and frustrating while playing it in that one day..Version: 1.13

End of the game glitch..I made ut 2 times and the end never stop.. It's so weird...Version: 1.13

It kills my fingerIs there any way to avoid getting my finger killed?.Version: 1.13

Too frustrating to be enjoyableDoes exactly what it says on the tin, I suppose. It promises frustration and duly delivers. I decided it was time to delete the game after finding myself thinking about it while trying to get to sleep at night..Version: 1.13

Great game on pc. Terrible on iPhoneI found this game on steam and bought it playing it until eventually I got to the top and even though I was very frustrating I got through it and it was a very good game. However when I decided I was good enough at pc I made the mistake of buying it on mobile. First of all the sensitivity is all over the place. I feel like when I change it nothing happens. Secondly the resolution is just plain garbage. I’m not sure if this is just an apple thing but it is running at like 440p. Lastly the thing that gets on my nerves the most is the lag. I found this extremely frustrating when playing because of the lag. There are like main parts in the game we’re it lags and I usually get past them because I would consider myself pretty good except for the end of the game. I find it almost impossible to beat going up the cell tower and because of how sensitive your hammer is you will find yourself flying off the ice hill when barely moving your finger. All in all I think this game would be 1 star and IS NOT WORRH 5 DOLLARS AT ALL. So there ya go a review on one of the worst mobile games ever..Version: 1.11

CrappyI want refund.Version: 1.13

GARBAGEI make it to a tight space area and no matter how large your screen is no matter how high your sensitivity is, your FINGER SLIDES OFF THE SCREEN and then you’ll have to restart all over again. Not to mention the fact that when you swipe up it takes you to home screen (iPhone X).Version: 1.13

Just Don’tDon’t give this man credit for making us scream. I hate getting over it with every bit of my soul.Version: 1.13

Would love to try this on PCHowever, I have to give the mobile version a low score. I bought this game for $5 on my iPad while I was on vacation for a couple of days and did not have a PC with me. I have to agree with other reviews that say the game’s real challenge is overcoming the touch controls. The screen will miss gestures entirely, or misinterpret them, sending my character flying off the map in a random direction after I barely move my finger. In addition, the game’s “60 FPS” video setting will completely nullify the sensitivity settings, and it becomes absolutely unplayable at any sensitivity. At this point, the voiceover becomes a true source of frustration, as the developer removes responsibility from himself as a game designer and places blame on the player for being unable to complete the challenge. In reality, the mobile version of this game still has a slew of design problems that prevent a skilled, patient player from advancing, and which need to be addressed. I will probably still buy this on Steam so I can prove myself, but I regret spending $5 on this..Version: 1.12

NoIt’s pissing me off it sucks.Version: 1.13

Just horribleHow anyone can get any enjoyment from this is beyond me..I'm fine with it being difficult and also fine with requiring patience to progress but these God awful controls are just ridiculous. Can't get a refund unfortunately but hopefully will save someone else from wasting their money..Version: 1.12

Disgustingly unrefined controlsAs someone who has beaten the game many times on pc, I was excited to see a mobile release. To my dismay, the controls are so awfully refined for a touchscreen that it makes me wonder if more that an hour of coding was put into it. The sensitivity bar changes virtually nothing, the tracking is inaccurate, and letting go and tapping again mid grab will cause your hammer to flail unpredictably in any direction. My suggestion: go get the game on your computer if you want a genuine experience. It will be miles more worthy of your time and money. EDIT: The no acceleration mode fixes many of these issues, but many still exist as this game is still developing to its full potential on mobile. Good work!.Version: 1.11

A great game (if you know what you're getting yourself into)The first thing that comes to my mind is the graphics. It's great, for an IOS game. But there's just too much bugs. There are several issues that plagued the PC version, and they've only gotten worse on the IOS. The controls are mediocre at best, but at most times, it's just too sensitive. (And no, lowering the sensitivity does not work.) I usually found myself to be jerked off a mountain, like my hammer had a mind of its own. Carefully placing yourself on things is extremely difficult, which makes many parts of the game almost impossible to get past. That on top of the camera bounce, makes this game extremely harder than it needs to be. (And it was already very difficult.) there's a line between a rage game and a poorly made one, and Getting Over it sits directly in between. There's a lot of good things going on here, but it's a really bumpy ride. I would refrain from buying this if you're a casual gamer. If you really want a challenge, if you want to get so frustrated you want to gorge your eyes out, then go ahead..Version: 1.13

Constantly crashesTried to go to app support but the page "does not exist". Game constantly crashes or fails to load up (using an iPhone X). Total waste of £4.99 (unable to apply for a refund as get directed to the app support page). Beware....Version: 1.11

It’s not tough..But pointless. As many have mentioned, in certain situations the controls invert meaning the character does the opposite to what he should!? This means it’s not tough but pointless as you can’t master random changes in controls. A tough game is a good idea but not when it can’t be learnt..Version: 1.13

The rely on precision and performanceI noticed that this game depends on smooth frames, muscle memory, and precision more than any other game. Therefore, in the phone, or any IOS, you cannot have much precision. It’s not like a mouse with a large mouse pad, more like a thumb touching the screen. A tiny mistake by the hand, a tiny lag spike, a slight drop of frame rates, or a slight decrease in the responsiveness of the screen- all can mean that you might completely lose all of your progress and start over again. Just because of a tiny lag spike or a mistake of your movement..Version: 1.13

Love the game, hate how touch controls areThe touch controls are really wonky even after tweaking, as well as how the hammer moves and works with the environment. It works so much better on pc. Also it seems very easy to swipe to go home or accidentally swipe down mid game which is not what is suppose to frustrate you..Version: 1.13

2fpsThis game is so much fun to play, despite it being difficult. The only problem, is that there’ll be points where the game speed slows to like 2fps that makes it completely unplayable. I’ve tried everything from changing the visual settings to playing on airplane mode. My phone (iPhone 6) is accepted by the app, so why’s it running so choppy? Ive taken screen recordings of it at its worst and it’s just terrible. This game is an easy 5/5 without the issue, which is a 1/5 when it happens. Figured I’d average it out..Version: 1.13

I really wanted to like itI understand what the developer is doing but the game is more punishing and annoying than it is fun. Spend ten minutes working around the unintuitive controls and you lose your entire game's progress from moving your finger at a slightly higher speed. I'm over it..Version: 1.12

Game ruining sensitivity glitchesOk so for the first hour of play i loved this game. The occasional lag was annoying but not that bad. However the more i played it the more i noticed one issue; sometimes the sensitivity will randomly freak out, sending you flying into a direction you didnt tap in at. Ill be doing a section thats incredibly familiar to me, only to have a maneuver ive done 100 times randomly send me flying to the bottom of the mountain. Now i get that falling is part of the game. I have no problem with that, but i do have a problem when the fall is clearly not my own fault... its the worst feeling in the world when you carefully position the hammer beneath you, swipe down to launch yourself upwards as youve done so many times before, and then get sent flying across the screen to the left!!!.Version: 1.13

Not worth the moneyThe controls are terrible it doesn’t feel like we’re a fully grown person it feels like an infant learning to use his arms the controls are very weird (moving ever so slowly yet when the hammer touches something I go flying) even played with all the acceleration settings and it hasn’t changed anything. It’s good to have a narrator for the journey but if you get stuck some where get ready for complete silence until you make it past. Also from what I’ve seen so far the dialogue is very boring I haven’t found it entertaining at all so far..Version: 1.12

I feel nothing towards thisI climbed the mountain over 150 times. I can tell from my pot that turned golden. The game is simply annoying with its bad controls and inconsistent frame rate. Beating the game is nothing special since the only challenge is seeing if you need to play for 8 minutes or 15 minutes to beat the game..Version: 1.13

This game sucksAt first I thought it would be good considering the price but when I look into it.... the first I notice were the terrible graphics, terrible controls. If you think the price is 7$ you’re a blatant scammer and you should you’re marketing business again you fraud.Version: 1.13

No check pointNo check point.Version: 1.13

Weird controlsSometimes the controls are normal but sometimes the controls are inverted please make there be an option to change the controls All in all very good and challenging game.Version: 1.13

FrictionThe friction in your game totally works perfectly like when there is supposed to be friction there is no friction and when should be little friction there’s tons of it. But other than that it’s a great game..Version: 1.13

Great game, but it’s too difficultThe problem isn’t the graphics or anything else like that, it’s just that I would do well. Up until I got to the cardboard boxes, that is, then I couldn’t progress. Sure, you can say that it’s “my fault,” but Bennett could’ve left SOMETHING to grab onto, yet didn’t. And then he plays an annoying song like Going Down The Road Feeling Bad, or gives a quote. And when I say “he plays an annoying song,” I mean the WHOLE song. My whole point is that it would’ve been nice if the lowest shelf could’ve been something you could grab..Version: 1.13

This game is badIt is torture to play this game, it should be free..Version: 1.13

EhThe pc version is much better, if your looking to play this game I recommend buying it on steam if you have the option.Version: 1.13

Good gameI left a bad review on this game outta rage before.. I have now beaten the game 8 times and if you really let the game get to you instead of beating it you will actually decline in progress. You swing the hammer harder, causing inaccurate swings, every once in a while put down the game to take a mental break, after a few time beating the game you probably won’t need it because it just gets easier every time you beat it. By my 5th time beating it I got under 30 minutes. And also if you are really annoyed at Bennet Foddys commentating just turn him of in settings, I don’t do that though, I feel like it’s part of the experience in a way, almost like in obligated to listen to him. But yeah great game..Version: 1.13

Needs workThe reason I’m giving this one star is because the controls make it unplayable in its current state. I set my sensitivity and acceleration to the max and have decent control of the mallet. The issue is that when you try to pull yourself over an obstacle on an iPhone X or later you close the app because you’re dragging up from the bottom of the screen. Either a joystick needs to be incorporated or there needs to be a way to disable it for the game. Seeing as the swipe to close feature is integrated into all new iPhones then a joystick or different control option (gamepad support) NEEDS to be implemented. Love the game, but don’t buy it if your phone has the swipe to close app feature. You’ve been warned.Version: 1.13

Controls are terribleIt is a good game don’t get me wrong, but the controls of the mobile version are very bad. I’ve tried to bring myself in to sit down on parts but it would move the hammer instead. There are also some parts were you get stuck and you have to lose progress in order to get out..Version: 1.13

When to buy, when not to buy (brief reasoning)Hello potential buyer, there is two types of difficulty in games, first one is a challenge that is difficult to overcome, but is rewarded by mechanical or strategical improvement. The second type is difficulty that is simply unfair in design and coding. This game is the Latter of the two. Controls are flawed, such that a precisely same rotation of a finger that you’ve done a second ago, will give you a new result, rather than repeat the one you previously learnt. My conclusion: Buy this game (A) if you truly hate and want to punish yourself in all ways possible (B) if you wanted to break your iOS device and were just looking for a reason. Don’t buy this game if you like a fair challenge that revolves around consistent mechanics encoded into the game. I fall under the second type of gamer, so in my opinion the game only deserves 2stars on touchscreen devices. Hope I helped you to make an educated decision!.Version: 1.12

I think it’s frustratingI am always doing really well up the mountain and so far up but then my game glitches and my hammer flys around and pushes me down to the very start from the weird sky houses to the first rock. Other then that I think that it’s pretty good.Version: 1.12

REFUNDI spent 6 dollars and 99 cents on this game and it won’t even let me play I want my money back REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND.Version: 1.13

ControlsThe game is quite fun, good time waster. The controls though are super annoying. The slightest movement flings me off when quite clearly I didn’t perform such a vigorous action..Version: 1.04

Terrible, terrible portThis game is phenomenal. I’ll give it that. But this port to iOS is one of THE WORST ports ever. Far from being the smooth, seamless game of the PC, its buggy, bouncing physics make this game simply not fun to play. The ‘sensitivity’ is higher in the middle of the settings than at maximum sensitivity! Diogenes will move or jump himself at random points, the hammer won’t extend at times, and quite often something or other will clip through a texture and send you crashing back down to where you started. I know it’s a rage game, but this is ridiculous..Version: 1.13

Bad gameI wrote a long review for this, but then deleted it again because none of its required. It’s just a bad game. Bad controls, no instructions, just awful. When you do make progress it feels more like luck than judgement because the controls even seem to reverse halfway through a section. Badly potted over from PC as well, with the incredibly irritating and philosophical voice overs still talking about changing the calibration on your mouse.. Just bizarre. And bad. Very very bad..Version: 1.11

Really poor controlsI love this game and will probably get it on pc but the controls on mobile are way too twitchy. I tried changing the sensitivity but it’s still either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I understand that there isn’t many ways you could have made the controls but I think they could have been made less twitchy..Version: 1.13

Controlling with the finger is randomThe game is good, but the control is so random and non-linear. It feels this game should be controlled by a mouse or a controller, instead of the finger. Quite often my fingers would overlap my character. It just feels terrible to fall because of this inconvenience. I love this game and I bought another steam version. The control is MUCH better on a computer..Version: 1.11

Needs an updateThe app is good and can’t stop playing it but the graphics is bad and is very laggy I would like to be able to play without it being laggy please UPDATE!!!.Version: 1.09

The controls are so sensitive and glitchyI got to the top of the part where you use the lights and I moved my finger the tiniest bit and it flung me over the mountain back to the bottom ?.Version: 1.12

IPhone X! swipe up to home!!!!!!You need to please do something about the iPhone X swipe up to home. You get into a groove and then the damn game closes and you have to relaunch and pray you can salvage your jump. 12 stars if you fix it..Version: 1.09

Not very compatible with iPhone XSomething has to change, the home swipe up is getting mixed up in the game.Version: 1.12

Still too buggy to play on 6sBefore the latest update, I just had a black screen after loading the game. Now I have a screen that is zoomed in so far it’s unplayable, showing me approximately the top left quadrant of the game area. It’s progress, I guess. Don’t worry, I’ll update this review once it’s playable. You can do it, Foddy! I believe in you!.Version: 1.02

Glitches n stuffIt’s fun and a good way to test your patience and see how calm you are but there’s a fatal problem; the controls. The sensitivity for some reason likes to surprise you and so the game will randomly accelerate your hammer and send you in directions you did not wish to go in. Until this no longer happens, the game won’t be as good as it should. Also another thing that happened after I wrote the review, which I had put to three stars but now I moved it to one, when trying to reopen the app after like an hour or so of inactivity, it’s impossible to play. There is no pause button. The screen is either black or zoomed into the background with no movement whatsoever. The character still moves, you can hear him but you cannot see him or any of the obstacles. Other players have had this same issue please fix this..Version: 1.09

Fun game but not for iPhone XThis game is entertaining at first, however the further you progress the more you realise how limited you are with the iPhone X. The gesture bar at the bottom is massive. Obviously the designers didn’t take this into account in any recent updates and have failed to take in designer advice like other apps have. A small swipe down and the phone exits the app. This makes up around 30% of the moves in the game. I’ve tried requesting a refund, but alas, their links are not working..Version: 1.12

I hate this gameIs there a way to refun.Version: 1.13

BugsWhen I am playing, a lot of the times I move my finger very slightly the hammer moves very far messing me up when I am going slow, and my sensitivity changed for no reason without me even changing it or going to the menu.Version: 1.13

Waste of moneyFirstly the controls are horrible and are so difficult to use. The game looks cool and is kinda fun but it is way way to frustrating. If the game was free I would defiantly buy it but spending £4.99 on this game for me is 100% not worth it, but if you won’t to waste money than get it like me.😡.Version: 1.12

PLEASE READ THIS!Please add mods! Amazing game but please for iOS we need special mods or that easy - extreme mode Also it would be nice in the future to add a new map or maybe a new game but it was a great addictive and frustrating game!.Version: 1.13

Decent Game, Overpriced Game, Annoying GameJust another one of those overpriced annoying games that aren’t even that fun to play and are made to simply annoy people. The game should be free and have an in-game purchase for $1 to have no ads. There should also be an in-game purchase that makes Benneth Kennedy sound like someone else or just stop talking. Decent game, overpriced game, annoying game..Version: 1.13

RefundIs there a way to refund.Version: 1.12

Poop gameThe poop is cool.Version: 1.13

Simple enjoyable premise - Horrible ControlsThe game itself is ok, like many games before it you will make progress then get frustrated by “nearly” doing a certain part keeping you going back for more. The game isn’t particularly difficult (there’s some tricky parts) but it’s just let down by the controls which make it far too easy to do an unintended action undoing progress. Poor controls and frustration take too much away from this game for me to want to continue to play..Version: 1.11

Not worth itNigh unplayable, just get the pc version..Version: 1.13

UhCan I take a refund?? If yes pls reply.Version: 1.13

There’s a Huge Problem you Need to FixMy game went from running completely smoothly to lagging every two seconds when I got to the shopping cart and didn’t stop until I either fell back down or somehow got up to the asteroid up in space. Also I only managed to win this game because my game crashed and when I reloaded it, I was flung upwards due to my hammer glitching and I reached the end that way. Other than that almost game breaking glitch, I had a lot of fun with this game so until you fix the problem, I can’t give this game a higher rating than three stars. So hopefully you are reading this Bennett Foddy so you can look into this problem and fix it. P.S. Slide Boy is best Character..Version: 1.09

Let down by poor controls and unbelievably stress inducingFirstly, this is a good game. It’s an unbelievable challenge which is why we play games, to be challenged. However, the controls just aren’t great as progress can often be undone by an unintentional swipe. And when I say progress can be undone, I don’t mean by a small amount. You can literally fall all the way to the bottom! Never have I sworn at a game as much as this one and after a while, while the quotes are nice and the odd country number is soothing, when you get the commentary about why the maker created the game all you wanna do is punch him in his self-righteous mouth! Especially after these comments come when you’ve accidentally pushed yourself off the cliff face! Good game let down by poor controls, hence the 3 stars.Version: 1.11

The creator needs helpThe moment you start to think the game is going to be fair and a good challenge, it kicks you all but half way down the mountain just to show you that you really know nothing. The controls are nowhere near as good as they should be for a game of this difficulty, making it feel like it’s less of a challenge, and more just that your losing because you were never really in control to begin with. When the game works it’s because it feels like it. When it doesn’t it just points that you’ve made a mistake. The game is quality, but it struggles with feeling fair. The hammer feels slippery and the pot you’re in just feels like it goes where ever it wants. Sliding off a surface one time and then a minute and a half later, it’s perfectly content with being stuck in that same spot and not letting you move. I enjoy the game when it works, but I quickly become frustrated with the poor controls, rather than genuine complexity of the environment..Version: 1.13

Ending reward and lagThere’s a bit of lag in various parts of the game that needs to be fixed, also when I finish the reward doesn’t appear for me?.Version: 1.11

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