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Color Road! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Color Road! app received 105 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Color Road!? Can you share your negative thoughts about color road!?

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Color Road! for Negative User Reviews

BadThey ask you if you want to consent to sharing privacy. When you don’t select it you can’t continue so you have to then it says if you change your mind go to settings and change it there but when you try to deselect it, it won’t let you close the box.Version: 2.2.0

Ruined a great gameUsed to be one of my favourite apps until some genius decided to make it so you can’t play the game without internet (despite the fact that it’s an entirely offline game) just to force players to have ads shoved in their faces. Deleted.Version: 4.1.1

It's the worstHow are there so many five star reviews? Maybe the devs should spend the time they waste generating false reviews and fix the game, instead. This has got to be the buggiest app I've ever owned in my life, hands down, bar none. It took several seconds to load; and once it got past the title screen, the screen flashed black and white. It's a good thing I'm not epileptic. Then when it "loaded" the game, there were two jumping windows that did nothing but twitch. I heard a sound, then a sign appeared, asking me if I wanted to try again. What? Try WHAT again? Did we just play the game? I have iPhone 5, iOS 10.x. I get that my device and/or iOS version might not be compatible with this app. I get that. But if that's the case, you guys need to figure that out and disable such devices from downloading your app. I'm not epileptic, but someone who is could be in real trouble playing this game. And if their health care stinks, they may not be able to afford the newest updated devices, either. It's a perfect storm waiting to happen..Version: 3.1.2

Slow, too many ads, crashesThis could be a great game. But I barely got to play it for ten minutes because it runs so badly. Ads, constant ads every time you ‘die’ or click something. I’d have put up with those if the game worked properly. But there’s constant, unrelenting lag - which in a game like this that depends on reaction time means that you die. Which means another ad. Some of the ads also crash the game. It’s not even worth buying the ad-free version because it would get rid of the ads, but not the lag! Avoid, there are many games out there which won’t make you want to throw your phone through a window. This isn’t one of them..Version: 3.3

AdsI deleted the game since you can’t play without seeing ads in the middle of the game!!!!.Version: 4.1

Can be improved but overall practically brilliantThis game is amazing and truly addicting ‘cept there is some room for improvement. This game is prone to crashing when you’re playing it has loads of ads. Then the privacy policy thing’s really annoying, because when you’re in the best part of the game it pops up and the game is still playing behind it. I think it is okay to do that, except you should pause it otherwise it will be really annoying..Version: 3.10

It’s Great! Just a few things..I love this app!! It’s so much fun but there is a few things that need some help. You can’t play a single round without getting a 30 second ad. Once I was getting my highest record which was in the 600’s!! But in the middle of a round, I got an ad, and it cut out the whole game. I know it’s just a game but it was still aggravating. Plus, the ads just cause lag!! Way too much lag. If your playing a round, and it was right after an ad you will have lag. Sometimes so much that the ball runs out of your control and it cuts out of the game, or even worse.. THE WHOLE APP!! Either than that though, the app is really fun and challenging!!.Version: 3.6

AdvertisingToo much advertising, like every 5 seconds..Version: 4.2.2

It was so good...I love your game! I used to play it all the time in my iPhone 7. I removed the ads and now the game is so much better and good news! It’s doesn’t freeze anymore! So I would remove the ads. My big problem is that on some of the skins, it says reach race #12 or something. I thought I would get this easily because I did the races all the time. Then I updated the app and poof! The race option disappeared! That skin that I wanted so badly now is impossible to get because THERE IS NO OPTION FOR A RACE. I used to love this game but now I think I’m being fairly generous with three stars. You need to fix your game right now or many people will stop playing because it is impossible to get certain skins. I liked it but now I never play it. FIX THIS GAME!.Version: 3.19.5

ADSToo many ads couldn’t get past first level had the app for 5 mins ……DELETE!!!.Version: 4.2.2

To many problemsTo many glitches but it’s a good game I was wondering if you could fix the problem with glitches The first time I started playing the game I was heading to the red and next to red was yellow and when I was so close to hitting the red ball the balls yellow and red switched places and I hit yellow instead of red The second I played the game the game at least paused for 2 or 3 minutes So that shows a sign that there’s to many glitches 2 days later I wanted to try the game again and I hit the right color but I had to restart anyways I wonder how all those things happened but it’s a pretty cool game but there’s a lot of problems when I play the game Please try to fix all the problems I’ve been thru because I don’t want to delete this game cause it is so cool AND AMASING.Version: 2.2.0

Way too many adsThis game is really fun if it weren’t so glitchy and full of ads! I’ve made it last level 3 but it is so glitchy it means mistakes happen heaps more than they should. Also the ads really subtract the fun from the game because every second time you fail you have to sit through a 15 second ad or two. Please change this! Heaps of other free games don’t have this problem!.Version: 3.1.2

It was fun till the updateListen updates are supposed to be better and I can see that you really tried but unlike the other reviews the game for me never glitched and I had this game for years and it was perfect there was also no ads while I was on the road but now since the update hit everytime I make it to a new road there’s an ad and that is very annoying I liked it when I could just make it to another road and there would be no Ads also it doesn’t even make sense why there would be an add right in the middle of the game and it doesn’t even take that long to make it to another road so basically your just having ads every like 30 seconds and that is EXTREMELY ANNOYING.Version: 4.0

Color Road is doing the most!!I remember having so much fun with it back in 2019-half of 2022 and now all of the sudden y’all want to be like other games and make us require Wi-Fi to play with it!? No I use to play this WITHOUT absolutely any ads and I didn’t have to have Wi-Fi be so fr.😔 and why do y’all all the sudden make a race chart it just now all feels like y’all completely ruined the old experience, and y’all did💔💔. Might be deleting if so, because now if I was in a position where I didn’t have Wi-Fi I could not play my use to be favorite game Color Road.. No hate tho but please get rid of the ads and being required to have Wi-Fi!!!❤️.Version: 4.2.2

Do not get this on iPad it’s so glitchySo first I want to say don’t get this on iPad it’s so buggy/laggy and glitchy. I gave this game one star for multiple reasons. The first being it says that you can get this game on iPad. But there is no point in getting it on iPad it is super glitchy and it’s absolutely no fun at all. The next reason being after you die you have to watch 2 to 3 ads. I mean I get that the app needs and wants to make money but come on do you really have to do that many ads after every turn. Another reason is that there isn’t very many skins or trails and stuff like that and I think that it would be more fun if there where more options for that. The last reason I gave this game one star is because sometimes when you try and open the app it will crash and send you back to your home screen. Sometimes I have to retry at least 3 times to get it to even load the game and not send me back to my home screen. Overall, don’t get this on iPad unless you want to deal with severe glitchy ness. And before downloading this game please take this into consideration..Version: 3.18

Too many adsSeriously an ad after every round…. Cannot play offline.Version: 4.2.2

GlitchThe seems fun, but once I was engaged it just turns off completely. I then have to re enter the game and start from scratch again. It has happened more than 5 times in a row. So I ended up uninstalling it..Version: 3.3

BadThis as to meany ads and the challenges are to hard.Version: 3.19.5

Used to be goodBefore this was one of my favourite games. I think that the new update is really not good I don’t like all the new adds and all the new things popping out when playing it as well at the leaderboard, and the fact u can’t see your score I got to over 1500 once but now I can’t see what I have got. It used to be simple that’s one of thing I liked..Version: 4.1

This game was AMAZING before the update, Voodoo please switch it backThis used to be my all time favorite game, and then for whatever reason I stopped playing for about 3 months. Today I went to go play the game and see if I was as good at it as I was before, to see that there was a HORRIBLE update. Every time I switch roads there’s an ad. So I turned off cellular and Wi-Fi so I could play it without the ads. I opened the app again, and it said I had to have Wi-Fi or cellular turned on! This is ridiculous because I’m a big fan of voodoo games, and they haven’t ever put this many ads. Please voodoo switch it back, don’t put coins in the air when switching roads. I liked the other one better.Version: 4.1

GlitchyIt’s glitchy.Version: 3.7

The worst game I’ve ever owned!When I first played this game it was on my friends phone and I had a lot of fun. Once I got my iPad fixed I knew I had to download the game. I started to play, but as soon as the game loaded it would glitch and go back to the home screen of my iPad. I was extremely disappointed as I was looking forwards to playing it. I tried over and over again but it just did the same thing. I am taking into account that my iPad is an iPad mini but I don’t see how that would affect the game. I also don’t see why this game is getting so many 5 star reviews. If you are looking to get this game I suggest you don’t. I just went and deleted it because I was so frustrated with how it doesn’t work. In conclusion, this game is the worst game I’ve ever owned. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!.Version: 3.9

It’s ok but the ads are annoyingAbout 3 weeks ago I downloaded this app for my kids they loved the app. 4 days later they came up to me saying ‘Mummy you should really get this app it’s so good!’. So I said ‘Alright I’ll download it.’ The next day I woke up and played on the app, the second I died I saw and ad I died again I saw another ad and another and another until I deleted the app I went to delete the app of my kid’s iPad and told them don’t buy it again. A couple of days later, I saw them watching an ad they had bought it again they said they liked it so I let them have it and I bought the non-ad one but it cost £2.19!!! Any way it had no more ads but if you buy the one with the ads it’ll get really annoying so my advise save and buy the one with 0 ads.Version: 2.2.0

Ruined a good gameThis game should to be incredible man, now it’s just cheap and filled with ads. Normally i don’t care about ads at all but you can’t go 10 seconds without ads. Disgusting ruined a great game.Version: 4.1

This is a pride gameThis is a very coulor fulll geme I would love to be gay but my mommy sad no I can’t I spent the money I won in the lowdown poke main rape dogs around the but.Version: 3.28.0

OkThis game is ok because it sometimes works good but most of the time it doesn’t because when I move to the middle it sometimes glitches me to the wrong one. I find it very annoying but I put 3 stars because I am nice and if I had a game like that I would lie more than 1 star so I thought no that you should thank me. PS: if you want 5 stars give me a free game pass or it will be a 1 star and a bad review. 😄👍.Version: 3.6

ImprovementThis game is pretty fun and gotta addicting, it’s a really simple game which I enjoy when I’m bored , I don’t mind the adds that pop up every time I die but what I do mind is the fact that I can use my skin that I have unlocked my red gem counter is at 9999 since I downloaded the game idk if it my phone which I doubt bc it’s a new phone but here must be a glitch in your game if I can’t scroll tap and change my skin that’s really annoying and frustrating knowing that I have to something but I can access it please try to fix this game so loads of fun and I would hate to delete because of issues like that.. please developers try to fix this on ur next update it would be nice to see what kind of cool skins y’all came up with . I’m rating this 2/5 only bc of the fact that I can’t use my skins and the gem count is 9999 and I can scroll nor tap on anything .. overall this game is fun lots of adds but it’s not annoying please fix this.Version: 3.7

It was good, but now it’s bad.In pervious years, I used to play this game with ZERO issues in 2017, 2018, and 2019. I come back 3 years later in 2022 and it’s slow and glitching all the time, also every road you complete, there is a ad and the roads are also very short and there is so many spammed ads in the game, before, there were not many ads and I loved this game before with no issues. The game is also very unusable on my M1 iPad Air with everything freezing and everything is crammed in the screen. Fix it, it was good but now, it’s like all those mobile games now. As a developer, I know you want to make money but if you put too many ads, people will stop playing. Why is there so many darn ads and performance issues. I want my 2017 & 2018 nostalgia back please! Make it a good game again and I’ll play. And the fact that you have to pay $3 to remove ads is very ridiculous! Also, add the tax! Make it at least 99 cents. What a ripoff..Version: 4.2.0

GlitchesIt glitches and has to many adds and some people can’t pay for the “no adds”.Version: 3.6

Really badTerrible app that just takes up space. Will not open no matter if I have wifi or data. Just loads and then takes me back to home screen. I do not recommend this app to anyone..Version: 3.19.5

Great for ad watchingThis game is great if you like watching ads more then playing the actual game! There is an ad between every level / life. There is an option to turn this off, however it wont let you play the game if you do turn it off. Deleting this game!.Version: 2.2.0

Can’t change privacy or data use at all.Tells you that you can, but you can’t. Seems a bit dodgy to me so I’ve deleted it..Version: 2.2.0

Too many addsI personally love this game, it’s very addicting and fun, but what’s with the adds? Y’all show an add every 5 minutes. I’m not a very patient person, and I’m not waiting 35 seconds for an add to go away. Heck, WE KNOW ALL OF YOUR GAMES, VOODOO! If we want to get one of your games, we just look at your apps. There really is no need to show adds, since you’re so popular. And “After 23 tries, I reached level 2” I mean dude, do you have idiots to make the adds?! Anyone could get past that on the first try. “Only 1 percent get past level 1” anyone could get past that. “Only left brained people get past this level” Dude, I’m pretty laid back and barely use my brain except for school. I got past that just fine. Quit clickbaiting your adds and quit making them so freaking long and show less of them. And fix that glitch..Version: 3.10

Boring and extreme adds! 🤬🤮So really I only have two problems, one, the adds pop up during a game not after or before and it’s beyond my belief of why the hell someone would do that! Secondly it’s just so boring and plain, nothing special. This app is DISGUSTING I’m only rating 2 stars cus those are the only problems and it’s not horrible but I do not recommend! If y’all want a good game that’s like this but a hundred times better I say play Dancing Road! It’s basically the same but has pop songs in the background and the colours are much more bright and fun!.Version: 3.19.5

It keeps glitching!When I first played this game, it started to glitch out immediately - when I would swipe to one side it wouldn’t respond and I’d die! It always glitches me out of the app too which is very annoying. Sorry, but I’m not a big fan of the game anyways..Version: 3.2

Irritating and annoyingThis game used to be fun. Once there was an update after every road there is an ad….. SO ANNOYING. This game doesn’t work if you have no internet or have your device on airplane mode. This used to be on of my favourite games my now I’m annoyed with it and deleted it. Very disappointing.Version: 4.2.2

HoiThe first time I downloaded it didn’t even let me play! Great game but hate it at the same time.Version: 3.19.5

BADSOOO BAD after every road you get an AD and after you fail it says the road you have just went on so say if I crashed in road 3 and I go back to the start andI press play it says road 3 but I am in road one. FRUSTRATING CONFUSION AND ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE I don’t know why in the what’s new section it says minors fixed when they made it even worse I am NOT happy with this game😡😩 NOT RECOMMENDED PLEASE NEVER PLAY THIS GAME.Version: 4.1

MehI like the game but I have to play without wifi or the game gets seriously laggy.Version: 2.2.0

Not workingSo I downloaded this app, and everytime I open it, the app crashes at the loading point and crashes back to my home screen. I’ve restarted my phone and even checked if it was capable for my phone and it’s updated to IOS 12.4. If you could tell why this app isn’t working that would be great 👍.Version: 3.19.5

LaggyI love this game but I can hardly play it because it’s so laggy!! I can’t play for more than 2 seconds so I had to delete it.....Version: 3.8

Good but too glitchyA good game but 1. Too glitchy and 2. Way too many ads. I got this game like about 3 mins ago and I have literary been spending my whole 3 mins watching ads. Legit. And then the glitches. They are not as bad as the ads but what I’ve been noticing is that is keep stopping and then going and I always loose because of that reason, and even a few times it glitches out of the app and I have to wait for it to load and get back in the game. So not a very good game and that’s why I rated it a 2. I don’t recommend it. But like I said at the start it’s not bad..Version: 2.5.0

BrickedGame doesnt work, app closes as soon as game opens.Version: 3.29.0

Deleted game , terrible ads ruins everythingThis game was super fun until I had to consent to all my data being shared and a long ad being played between every single game. Ruined it. Your game is fun, but absolutley terrible with so many ads ruining it. DELETED. And sorry no I don’t want to pay $4.49 to turn them off.Version: 3.2

RybhdhvFun but way too glitchy.Version: 1.2.1

Fun/Addictive but LaggggDownloaded this just yesterday as I find this sort of game addictive and to rival friends. Whilst it is fun and has certain unlockable features, when you start getting better it begins to lag uncontrollably. I got to 2500 score and it became unplayable as it would freeze and the next second you hit the wrong ball. I’ve noticed this happens around the 600 mark which also forces a revive. Adverts each death can also be too annoying but I understand why they have their use.Version: 2.0.0

Absolutely terribleLoved this game for a long time except now it won’t play in airplane mode and makes me watch an ad after every level. Absolutely horribly now, I uninstalled it..Version: 4.1

Update is annoyingI don’t ever write reviews but this annoyed me. I know it’s a basic app with little to no influence on the world. The main game is fine but what annoys me is the new update with the “map” options has helped that aren’t physically possible to pass the “get 170 points in 30 seconds” isn’t possible l. Who knows if it’s lazyness or they have put it I. There so people can’t go any further u till they have created more levels, but stuff like that is super annoying.Version: 4.1

UpdatePlease update this my game keeps on crashing.Version: 3.19.5

Useless appDoesn’t seem to work on IPhone 6 , crashes every time I try to open the game. Waste of time downloading this..Version: 3.4

Amazing game but very annoyingI downloaded this game just yesterday and while I have been playing it, I have been completely addicted to it. Until I realised that every time you die a different ad pops up. As soon as I knew that relevant ads will come up everytime I died I was going to delete it because I didn't have the time to sit there and wait for the ad to be over. The ads take over 20 seconds per ad and I find it super annoying. Also, I could just buy the 'non ads' download but it is £2.19 which I find very expensive just to remove ads!! Other than that I really enjoy the app. Second thing is about the challenges. Everytime I get a challenge, it is always very simple and is basically exactly the same as all the other challenges that have just popped up. Once, it said complete 2 roads in 50 seconds. Once I completed that, it said complete 2 roads in 52 seconds which made me curious if the creator of this app couldn't think of any ideas for challenges. Thank you if you do read this because this is just a little thing I noticed about this app. I really enjoy the app but please remove the ads or make the price to remove them a bit lower. Thanks!.Version: 3.19.5

UPDATE ALERT !!!!!!!! # ADSI just got this game today and I already think that it needs an update because whenever I want to direct it to its colour it goes to a different colour and it’s really annoying and I get low mark the highest score that I had was around 50 now that is an absolute rubbish score for me so give it an update and get rid of the ads beacause I don’t wanna play this game if the ads don’t go and gives an update when adding ads it’s good so get rid of ads for life for free and update I rate it 2 for my reason above.Version: 3.3.1

DisappointedGreat game but Frustrating! Game lags and freezes every time making it so hard to enjoy the game. Deleted the app!.Version: 1.2.1

Too many adsWay too many ads. makes the fame horrible to play because every 10 seconds theres an ad..Version: 4.1.1

Option to turn off collecting data from user flawedUnable to turn off “sharing data information” and return back to the game. Please investigate and fix..Version: 2.3.0

Too many adsIt goes way too fast... there’s no “beginner”, “intermediate”, “advanced” build up... it just goes straight to “mission impossible” level which means it’s inevitable you’ll lose quickly, then after every loss you’ll sit through the same 30 second ads over and over for a 20 second game. Lame. Plus it’s very glitchy which again, causes you to lose or just shuts down the game. Deleted..Version: 1.2.5

WHF is wrong with the ads?Wow. Too many ads. Literally, I just downloaded it like 2 mins ago and started playing it thinking ‘oh it’s actually a pretty O K game.’ Yeah well I probably spent 99.9% of that 2 mins watching ads and turning it off and on from the glitches. And to be honest I would rate it 0 but sadly I can’t. All the Voodoo Games are actually full of ads, and not even the good ones that have demo games. This game is sooo crappy and I absolutely HATE it. Not recommended by me. Also u maybe wanna get the app Dune. It’s WAY better. I’m just saying that for no reason, but it’s true..Version: 2.2.0

Deleted after installed due to game wanting to access my persona data.I saw the trailer for this app on Facebook and thought that looks fun to pass time I’ll give it a download. Once downloaded & I loaded the app it straight away asked to access my personal data. To which I straight away deleted the app. I’m not comfortable with an app especially a game app wanting to access my personal data and information on my phone nor do I understand why a game app would need to. Could the developers please answer why a game app needs to access people’s person data and information for game? Until they take that feature off I won’t be re downloading it..Version: 3.2

Completely ruined your good gameGot rid of the base idea of the game by having a finish line at the end of each road. Goes so slow now and got rid of the score no point in continuing playing. All because you want to put in more ads.Version: 4.1

Very PoorThis may be a very addictive game but due to lag and the amounts of adverts are incredibly high therefore I only got to play for 20mins after that I could no longer get onto the game because of lagging issues . When I eventually found a way onto the app, half of the time that I was on the app I was watching ads that didn't interest me in the slightest I down loaded the game to have a free addictive game to play during the outbreak and I am not going to waste my grocerie shopping money on a no ads game. Very disappointing:(.Version: 3.19.4

Had to consent to ads in order to playThe fact that you had to tick the box to say you consent to data being gathered about you in order to customise ads that are shown put me off this game as soon as I downloaded it. It does say you can change the settings later, which I attempted to do, but then it doesn’t allow you to close the message and continue with the game. Immediately deleted it off my phone because of this.Version: 3.1

Great app but need some fixes...I like the normal part with no race or no challenges. I don’t like the challenges because, they go to fast and it’s easy to run into things and they think it’s fun? COME ON! it’s annoying I had my case off my device and said I needed to put it on or I will break it cause it’s so freakin annoying! Pls fix it! 🙏 I don’t really like the races because, they also go to fast and they have balls in the game u have to break and if u are last u don’t get to break any. Do u know something? I want to tell u this: 1 is the worst 2 is the best 3 IS THE ONE IN THE WEDDING DRESS! that is what it is the last is being careful then they get the reward. Come on! Pls fix this too! 🙏 Oh and I don’t like what they do with the revive part cause it makes u glitch on and off and it throws off my concentration and I crash and have to start over. Fix this to pls! 🙏 I dont wanna be so critical but I’m just trying to make it better so u get more people to get it. Pls fix all my problems and then I’ll write another review! (Hopefully a good one).Version: 3.8

GlitchesFun game but glitches a lot which causes you to lose which can be frustrating.Version: 1.2.1

Color heavenThis game is the most amazing game I’ve ever played. It has so many challenges and is amazing for the mind. If I could love it any more than I do now my love would be over the moon. I can’t stop playing i showed all my friends and they loved it to.Version: 3.18

PoopI only gave it a one star because i got mad.Version: 3.26.0

😢I was really excited to try this game. But it won’t even open.Version: 3.19.5

Don’t DownloadI was looking forward to playing, but then it wanted to know everything I do and and address and everything. I immediately deleted and will never download. Very surprised coming from Voodoo.Version: 3.3

Used to be greatI have had this app for many years and used to love it but they’ve ruined it. Now there’s an ad like every 15 seconds in the middle of gameplay. Their ads used to be only between games but now the game gets interrupted constantly for an ad? The interruption also messes with your focus and makes you lose, so besides the fact that it’s less time actually playing, it literally ruins the game when you do actually get around to playing it. I’ll have to delete it now, after many years of playing it :/.Version: 4.1

Way to many addsLove this game like heaps but every time you lose there’s always an add. Really don’t like having to wait between each attempt for a silly ad. Otherwise the game is great maybe just remove the adds between attempts..Version: 3.0.1

Ads and privacyThe amount of ads on this game makes it unplayable. You can pay $5 for a no-ads version but it’s so not worth that. If you don’t consent to your personal data being collected it punishes you with larger ads and a banner saying that you don’t consent. The free version is, honestly, unbearable..Version: 3.2

Won’t let me inI LOVE this game but recently it has not been letting me in the game, it will show that back screen and just log me back out. I tried resetting wifi and other things, please help!!.Version: 3.19.5

I don’t knowListen the game is pretty fun. You need quick fingers and thinking. It is colorful satisfying and cute. But there are a ton of ads and I constantly have to watch them after a few seconds. Plus if you just can’t get past your high score then the game starts getting boring. But the controls aren’t half bad. And it’s always fun to have a challenge. Again the roads are pretty unpredictable. Sometimes they have a lot of balls to collect and, those ones that make your ball get more points. Other times it has very few, you could farther than you ever had but still get very few points. Game is still simple and fun tho. 4 And 5 are overstatements, it’s not like your playing breath of wild or call of duty black ops 4..Version: 3.3

HorribleI tried with and without internet and couldn’t get in once worst game I’ve ever installed.Version: 3.19.4

Good BUTIt is a dry fun game but it has to many glitches I can’t even get far because it pauses then it say I am out when I am in the right lane for like red and it says I hit yellow but I didn’t the glitches did and there are so many ads after one turn ad after next turn ad and on and on! Ads just waist your time and the glitches effected the ads because I tried to get of one and it wouldn’t let me so I had click the home button and get back into the game. Voodoo you need to fix it! If you want to buy this app it is fun to play but annoying with ads and glitches and ads and glitches. So play at your own risk..Version: 2.4.1

Colour switchColour switch is a fantastic and eye sucking game that can have you stuck playing it for our but I very dislike the amount of ads that are on so please think about that because when there is an add people want to turn it off.Version: 2.2.0

Hi I’m AylaSoo I love color road it’s one of my favorites but the only problem is that when I get up to the moving ones it crashes and some times it crashes at the start and glitches me out of the app this is very annoying but it’s a great app just needs a Little more work sorry to be a pain Ayla 😁🤞🏻🤞🏻please FIX IT !!!!!!!!😘🤞🏻.Version: 3.10

IPhone appI thought this game might be thrilling and challenging, but I didn’t have much as I expected because of all the ads that pops up. Also, the screen will suddenly freeze while playing or the app will just close down itself. I’m sure it would be great to play this game without many interruptions..Version: 3.3.1

Wretched, vile, and sickeningI used to play this game often. Sometimes to pass time, or to divert attention or simply just to relax. I would have fun, mindless fun, but fun. Now the only thing I would consider to be “mindless” are the developers, the ones who decided that changing the entire format of the game and flooding it with ad upon ad would be a good idea. Back in June, I turned on my phone, ready and excited to play my favorite game, only to discover that it had been torn to shreds by the money grubbing imbeciles who run the app. I have not played since June, I tried again to day and was left immediately disappointed after just one round. Judging by other reviews, I am not the only one who feels this way. I genuinely did enjoy the game the way it was, and i see no need to “fix” what was never broken..Version: 4.2.2

Absolutely the worst game!!Hey, I'm sorry, I don't actually mean that, I played this on a friends device, and I loved it! But when I went go download it at home, the stupid screen just flashed black and white! I did not even Play the game I couldn't just because I could not even get back over the title screen and it's not just this game, even with your other games swing star every time I just pressed on the app it just threw me out of the game and kick me out back to the homepage horrible anything from voodoo just DOES. NOT. WOOOOORRRRRKKKKKK!!! So I highly DON'T recommend ANYTHING from voodoo, just because of the bugs. Although, paper io. 2 and only paper Io.2 as the only thing that works created by voodoo! I know you guys can do better, you guys are actually a great company, But until you can make these game, DOABLE, I refuse to support voodoo, which really is a shame. From a dissatisfied person, please take my complaints into mind, "Humph!".Version: 3.2

Bad game don’t downloadI downloaded this game and it was so bad It didn’t work it just crashes and it lags and won’t work no matter what I do it lags me out of the game and freezes making me believe something is wrong with my phone when there isn’t DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP please only if you have an iPhone X because it runs smoothly on that but not on any other 0/5 stars.Version: 3.10

It’s okIt’s an OK game because it lags a lot. Or it’s just me having bad internet. But on the bright side this game is really fun but also makes me rage and I like raging because i usually rage for like 1 or 2 minutes. And because this game is really creative and I like the skins too..Version: 2.2.0

TrashThe game is so bad and it has too many ads and revive ads don’t even work for me.Version: 3.2

Absolutely GARBAGE Update!!This game used to be great and fun to play. It had minimal ads, didn’t require internet, and was a great high score oriented game. Until this update. Now they have ADS at the end of every road, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME! So you get an ad about every 15 seconds. It now REQUIRES INTERNET to play at all. The high score feature and the way it got faster and more difficult farther in have been completely REMOVED! Also they have removed the feature to change the road appearance completely which is a minor annoyance. What has been added you ask?? GARBAGE!! Just like every other dumb, lame game by Voodoo, you collect three keys and choose from 9 chests the three random hidden gifts you think are the best. Running with the same theme of cliche, you also do not unlock skins and things by completing achievements anymore. Instead you have to BUY A RANDOM UNLOCK for everything. TLDR: I loved this game until they updated it and ruined the game completely. TOO MANY ADS, NOT A CHALLENGE AT ALL ANYMORE!! Do not get this game, it is a waste of space on your device!.Version: 4.1.1

It’s okThis game is really fun but sometimes when I am playing it it glitches and some of the reviews say the same thing so it isn’t just my phone but sometimes I am so close to Beating my high score and it glitches it goes black and goes back to all of my games so I would download this game but it does sometimes glitch so maybe the people who make this game should see why it glitches thank you for taking your time to read this review..Version: 3.10

Annoying adsGreat game. Addictive only downfall is too much ads. Annoying will be deleting app.Version: 3.1.2

Waaayyyy too many adsLike after each play an add on the home screen adds. And $3 to remove them??? The game is fun and addicting but I wouldn’t pay $3 for it. I look at more adds then at the game, I’ll get annoyed and stop playing before I pay $3 to remove the adds. Watching an add to get a revive totally dig that that’s fine and I’d rather watch an add for a revive than pay for revives. Maybe an ad after a few plays but not. Every. Single. Play. It’s frustrating. Oh you died? Get to watch 30sec if adds now! Mind as well revive, you’ll have to watch an add anyway! Basically this game “we are going to an out the crap out of you with adds until you pay to remove them or start disliking the game because it’s more adds than game!” The game should be called add road....Version: 3.6

It was 10 times better beforeIt was 10 times better before, after about a year I downloaded this game again, to find that after every road there are ads and stuff. The game is NOT continuous due to all the ads and is VERY annoying. I am very disappointed, as this used to be my favourite game.Version: 4.1.1

Great game but keeps laggingDownloaded the game cause it looked really cool and it is really fun to play, that is if I can get past the fourth ball since this my phone gets very laggy using this app and doesn’t lag when I use my phone. Can’t really find a reason for this, but if I manage to get past the first two colours it sort of seems to get a bit less laggy. Very annoying having to restart the game after scoring 4 and having watch an add to start a new game only to score 4 again due to lagging .. :/.Version: 2.5.2

ReviewI was interested in this game but you wanted info I’m not willing to give and don’t give alternative options. Sorry not interested.Version: 3.2

Too much add and video annoyanceIt would be great, but the fact that even when buying the “ad free” package the game gets interrupted asking to watch video to earn more, ruins the fun. Don’t even bother buying the ad free package. Deleting the game..Version: 4.1

Not family friendly. Be aware of the ads.My kids love playing the game, but we found it to have pornographic ads. So we have deleted it off of our devices. These types of ads are inappropriate for a game that could be family friendly. I have emailed the company directly..Version: 3.2

Ok....Ok I got this app like a year ago and at first it worked pretty good. This was on my old IPad BTW. I was playing the game all the time. Then after playing it for a few months it started getting really buggy and it took like forever to load. And in the middle of me playing it would glitch and make me die. I thought it was just my IPad but after seeing a lot of reviews on this game I noticed It wasn’t just my IPad. Then today when I have my new IPad the app works fine. And I bought no adds because the game does have a lot of adds. The game still takes a second to load but compared to a year ago it works pretty good. Over all this app is just okay. I rated it 3 stars because the game is fun but I used to have so much trouble with it. Thanks for reading stay safe and God bless you! 😊.Version: 3.19.5

Needs fixingSecond time getting this app and it’s kicked me out after getting to the 3rd ball at the start of the game, I downloaded it ages ago and i couldn’t even get into the game so thought might be sweet now but no same problems was looking forward to playing it too.Version: 3.10

Color road.Fun and addictive but the Game has problems, it keeps freezing and closing itself down, also has no options/settings menu, it also freezes and closes down when challenges are complete. & I can’t get passed the word challenges and don’t understand it. I tried numerous amounts of ways to spell the words in different colours, one set of letters or them all and every time it still says fail so I really don’t understand?!..Version: 2.2.0

Drains batteryMy phone goes from 80% to 20% battery after playing for 15 minutes.Version: 2.3.0

Keeps glitchingThis is a fun game but it keeps glitching. The ball will just randomly quit moving when I get to higher roads.Version: 3.19.5

GlitchAddicted to the game but now everytime I try play the app just closes.Version: 3.1.2

Horrible but funThis game freezes when I play and i lost like I was about to beat my score and then it freezes and I lose besides that this game is awesome 😎 I don’t like it when it freezes but it’s fun. I love all of the skins you can unlock I really like the cupcakes there cute. But one other thing add more skins! There is hardly no skins. Oh and another thing DO NOT GET THIS GAME ON IPAD it’s horrible it twitches every second 😡 I also want MORE TRAILS it’s horrible you waste your gems on a stupid trail like really this game is fun but a lot of issues. Also to many ads 😐 I think that people could just enjoy a fun game with out ads but no you can’t 🤭 Oh I forgot ADD MORE COLORS omg it’s horrible! Every skin you get red green yellow or blue like come on😦 Sorry this is a long revive but here is one more thing I wish you could get different tracks. Like it is always a regular road👎 So I give this game 3 stars because its good but needs more stuff✋🏻.Version: 3.7

I used to like it but it needs helpAs a kid I really liked this app and it was really good quality with no glitches but this year I decided to download the app again and I couldn’t even play it, it would just kick me off back to my home screen, I would try to delete and re download agin but it still did the same thing, I would really like to play this app again so please fix the bug thanks xx.Version: 3.19.5

As problemIt is a good game but wayyy to many adds.Version: 3.19.5

PRIVACY ISSUEWhilst they tell you can stop sharing your information, you can’t actually DO this. Seems like a breach to me. I wouldn’t download or try this if I were you if you are worried about companies sharing your information with third parties..Version: 2.2.0

GARBAGEI always try to play this game but whenever I go on it the app the app just turns off and won’t let me play it!.Version: 3.19.5

Too many adsIt was a really fun game but after I played it a couple times they started to put 10-30 second long ads in between each turn. I ended up deleting it after a few days because although it was reaaallly fun it had way too many ads for me to handle..Version: 1.2.5

Now the game is atrociousI’ve had the game for a long time, and purchased the no ads setting. It was fantastic - hugely addictive. No longer. Although technically, I guess the game probably complies with the no ad, but they’ve changed the game play such that the race repeatedly stops and you have the “opportunity” to watch ads, which you can decline (if you bought the no ads option). But it still disturbs the flow of the gameplay enormously. I came here to post this review before offloading the app. Maybe I’ll redownload it in 6 months and see if the flood of 1 star reviews convinced them to change the gameplay back to the way it was. Right now, it’s just taking up space that I’ll have to deal with when I upgrade my iPhone..Version: 4.1.1

We know what you are doing.Ok, so I first got this game on my IPad. After five seconds of opening, crash. Same thing happens every time. So I got it on my phone and it works fine. I’m giving it 2 stars because it is pretty fun, especially when you put the game to Gourmet Race music. The reason I didn’t give it 5 was some people reported that the game is buggy/laggy. This is not the game’s fault. ITS THE ADS. The game had banner ads at the bottom of the screen. These ads while loading make the game lag, which 90% of the time makes you watch yet another ad. 80% of the ads are voodoo games, which will make you want to buy it, which makes you watch more ads and they make money. Just avoid voodoo games, and if there are some voodoo games you still want, just use airplane mode. Don’t buy No Ads, that’s what they are trying to get you to do. Voodoo needs to stop making clickbait ads like “1% can’t beat this” and start fixing their games. -Elliot.Version: 3.10

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