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Really helpful for schoolwork!I was looking through the App Store trying to find a decent drawing board app, and eventually found this one! It helps soooo much, especially when I’m doing physics or calculus homework. ☺️ However, an amazing feature you might want to consider: locking the screen in place. I don’t know how many times the screen just zooms in or out or just completely goes somewhere else on the board since I write with my hand laying on the tablet (it’s easier for me to write that way, rather then my hand floating above the tablet as I write). But locking the screen in place would help immensely! 😄.Version: 1.19101281

So far out of the gate seems decent.Just opened it so will see how it performs.Version: 1.1811121

Great appSharing link can be more advanced. It’s good to have more options when it comes to sharing links..Version: 1.19101281

Not the worst, needs to be in MacI’ve used this on the iPad to augment some written submissions. It’s not too basic and has a good amount of functionality. I would love if this supported on the Mac, rather than having to export to a jpg or png file so I could continue working there..Version: 20.10922.1.5451

Why isn’t this five stars?!This app is EXACTLY everything it should be. The perfect digital whiteboard! What did people expect, procreate? This is my new favourite app. I used to use physical whiteboards on a daily basis but they are obviously quite cumbersome. You can collaborate on here. I am so amped about this, thank you so much Microsoft! I am on an iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil. There are no bugs at all, not sure what other reviewers are talking about..Version: 20.10601.1.5253

Great ConceptThis is great for doing quick shared thoughts, but with the Apple Pencil, the palm recognition needs some work as the screen occasionally shifts for no good reason.Version: 21.11212.0.9036

Best free pencil appTried a few apps. This is probably the best free app to use with pencil. With all the features I need.Version: 20.11105.0.5469

Almost perfect2 features would make this a perfect App. One is being able to lock the zoom so accidental touch while writing won’t mess up the zoom or move the content. (Annoying while recording the screen) Second would be changing the position of the toolbar to top, left or right so accidental touch won’t change the tool while writing. Thanks!.Version: 1.1811022.2

Great concept, with bad optimisation.Was great for a while but got super laggy on a friend’s iPad Air 2 (to the point where it was near to impossible to zoom) Another thing is that you can’t zoom in while using a pen tool (like every other whiteboard or note taking app on the AppStore) It would also be helpful for sticky notes be able to be manipulated and when it is sized up for the text to fill the space rather than cutting off. Great app!.Version: 1.19101103

Good features, one flawAs a teacher, I was looking for a whiteboard app to use on my iPad so I can eliminate my dependency on dry erase markers and stick with the Apple Pencil instead. Having used Microsoft apps before and being happy, Microsoft Whiteboard was the first one that I installed. Overall, I like it and find the features useful, but there is one major problem that prevents me from incorporating this into my classroom. When I use my Apple Pencil to draw, there is noticeable latency and the lines I draw are not exactly what I did with my Pencil. If this can be fixed, I will definitely use this app regularly..Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Powerful little productI use this beyond what intended as a tool when carrying out complex investigations. The post it more function us amazing as well as live update on my computer or tablets..Version: 21.10308.0.5635

BEST WHITEBOARD APP EVER!!! HAVE TO DOWNLOAD!!This app has so many features and is super HD. It is also the most fun app to doodle around with and to use for work and fun!!.Version: 20.11214.1.5552

Fix palm rejection pelareThis is so good in simplicity and usability with the pen that it would have been a clear five star and the most used app on my iPad if it hadn’t been for the poor palm rejection. Any note taking app does that part better, so it should not be that hard to fix?? The only other thing I would like to see is a conversion function hand writing to text..Version: 20.11105.0.5469

Fix this issues to make a flow less experience1. I just installed this app on my windows and iphone and i could say I absolutely love it but there are some issues which i prefer to be fix as soon as possible such as: 1.if you wish to select something with lasso you need to take all the object at once but in some apps you could just make a quick circle around a little part of object and it will considered as selected. 2. I really need to change the aspects of sticky notes instead of just keeping it as a big or little square like if I need to make a mind node , i prefer to put a little rectangular 3. I’m Persian so I really wish to see language support (I mean when im using to write at both languages ENG & PER in one line it will be a total mess!!) 4. And some new extra features such as changing the color of your shapes which you just draw , giving some of the shapes a fixed separate background color instead of highlighting it) 5. And please add left hand support , please please please remove stacking highlights!.Version: 20.10420.0.5074

Ok, but needs workThe collaboration and the open whiteboard won’t work.Version: 20.10810.0.5392

The most frustrating collaboration appI have an iPad Pro with pencil. This app would be really useful to be able to exchange thoughts quickly with other colleagues. If it worked. I canT sign in - it hangs after asking me to select my office account from Authenticator. Needs work..Version: 20.10420.2.5136

Just missing a few things!Great app! I did all my sketches on OneNote before which was fine because I like the organization structure and the canvas space is “unlimited”. It’s unlimited however, you can only zoom out so much to view everything you made. That’s why I love this app because you can draw to your hearts content and zoom out all the way to see you creation. All that’s missing is better file organization and the app actually has been crashing quite a bit on my iPad Pro 11 inch (v13.3) and I noticed it when I start doing this at a moderate pace. Work on those two aspects and this app is gold 👊🏾.Version: 19.11125.0

The bestThis app is amazingly awesome. Especially when I'm doing my homework..Version: 20.10810.0.5392

Almost goodI would like this app, but the issue of resizing when I reset my hands in my iPad as I use my pencil needs to be fixed for this to be a great app. I’ve generally given up using it because of the problem, so please fix in the next update..Version: 20.10127.0

Moving ToolbarIs there a way to move the toolbar from the bottom of the screen? Inadvertently, buttons get pressed as you rest your wrist when writing with Apple Pencil. Ideally there would be a way to move the toolbar to the side or top of screen..Version: 1.19101281

Looks promisingMicrosoft have surprised me another little usable app. This is quite an okay whiteboard app but it really needs better palm rejection when using a pen, as it keeps resizing or scrolling inappropriately (maybe these should be lockable as well). Also the resize and rotate handle doesn’t show for all selections, just small simple ones. The line tool seems to always move a bit when lifting my fingers. As for new features, I think more smart shapes like straight lines and Béziers would be a good start. Even more stencils like adjustable French curves, sinusoids, tans, arcs, etc would be useful. A pen to text option would also be fantastic (especially if it supported Greek symbols for maths). Real time broadcasting/collaboration would be the icing on the cake..Version: 19.10909.0

Great for workI like the real-time collaboration but the only bottleneck is that sometimes the pen will simply not work, but I understand that this app is in beta but keep on improving it.Version: 1.1810913

There could be some more featuresThere should be a feature where you can fill the section that you outlined.Version: 20.10922.1.5451

Useful appNice simple app without never ending ads! Easy to use and you can even invite friends to help! It can be used for study, remembering something or just for a bit of fun! Amazing app!.Version: 19.11007.1

Good lightweight app. But needs improvement.This app is pretty good. My drawings and sketches get easily synced and uploaded to my Microsoft account and accessible from my pc. It is fairly lightweight and easy to use. However, the app needs to integrate apple pencil well. It needs to include double tap gesture to change to eraser and back to pen. Also it needs to have gestures for quick undos and redos..Version: 22.10208.0.9044

Brilliant. Just what I needed.This is absolutely fantastic. You can copy and paste into this app and then annotate over the top of the images you’ve pasted. It’s also so easy to take screenshots using my PC and then annotate using my iPad. My apple stylus works great with it. It’s looks really basic but there are so many hidden features. It’s so great to have such a simple whiteboard application that syncs quickly..Version: 21.10628.0.5709

Great App!Agree with the other reviewer on the lag bit. Use it on iphone to ipad- bit laggy and crash when people join the session. Great effort though!.Version: 19.10617.0.3

Useful. Needs workI’ve wanted something like this for a decade. There have been others, but they’ve not been very good. This has potential. At the moment it’s a bit clumsy, and a few things (like pasting) work sometimes but nor others. Despite this I’m sticking with it as will become so useful as it improves. Needed: To be added to the ‘share’ menu so it’s easier to get thing on and off A Mac version (or at least a web version I can access). More colours for stickies..Version: 1.1810913

Great functionality, poor performanceThis app does everything I want it to do but it’s super slow on my iPad 6, if Microsoft added the ruler to OneNote I would probably ditch this app in favor of OneNote because the performance is so much better. Once they fix the performance issues this would be a 5 star app for me..Version: 20.10824.0.5403

It’s so good you get to make creations and also learnThanks for the app I get to use it in class now.Version: 1.19104223

Great app but stylus doesn’t workI think the app has potential to be a more simple OneNote version just for quick ideas/ drawings, but my stylus doesn’t work and I certainly cannot just draw with my finger. Also connecting it to the Surface Hub and it starts glitching. I will just stick to OneNote and other drawing apps.Version: 20.10406.0.5006

Awesome!This app works great for sketching down ideas. • There’s a major bug in the app that I encountered. Once in awhile when I try to draw, the bottom dock menu keeps switching back to where I cannot draw. I tried switching it back so that I could draw, but it keeps switching back to the default menu where the cut & paste is located at. As a result, I cannot draw on the board due to the menu switching..Version: 19.10701.0.3

Excellent app for iPad ProUse this app to capture ideas and thoughts and find the interface intuitive and simple - a great companion to the iPad Pro’s capability. Surprised this app doesn’t feature in more Top 10 lists. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but means I get to focus on the task and don’t waste time trying to navigate an app that tries to do everything..Version: 19.10521.2

Great app but it stopped working!Suddenly stopped working...i tried to reinstall it multiple times but every time i start it there is a blank page with no options and nothing works...it’s weird because it only does that on my iPad. Please, fix it!!!.Version: 20.10630.0.5323

A few bugsDear Microsoft Employe and users, This brand new application from the Microsoft development team is quite a great application, this does still have bugs such as when trying to open or create whiteboards (Especially on Wi-Fi with blocks) can sometimes cause the app to disable all functions. There is a chance it is just my school block which is causing the bug, as it is known to stop certain apps (especially one's that require a log) being it's full potential. - DoctorJackDev (Microsoft User, Xbox Player, Half Decent Game Devolper).Version: 1.1811022.1

Could be betterIt’s really good for drawing together during social isolation but the lines could be smoothers on phone..Version: 20.10309.0

A few bugsLove the app, visuals are great and definitely a good app compared to others, but there’s a 4 things, kind-of-not-really bugs that I wanted to point out. 1) I don’t know whether this is just my iPad being my iPad, but the app is a tad slow. Like, I’ll draw something and the stroke is a little laggy, or I scroll down and it’s choppy. 2) (edited) The stylus thing is working fine now, there was some weird problem with my old iPad and stylus. Anyways, new #2: the app crashes every now and then. Sometimes it takes away some of the notes I was writing. 3) When I zoom in or out, the paper, no matter what background I’m using, turns to graph and it’s kind of discombobulating. 4) The spaces/squares when I use variations of graph paper or dotted always stay the same size even if I zoom in, and it kind of gets rid of the concept of zooming in in those cases. Most of these don’t bother me at all, but if the app crashing problem could be fixed, that would be great..Version: 21.10601.0.5694

Great but laggy at timesI love the app and the idea behind it, but my only issue is that it lags quite noticeably when I use it without collaborators. Hopefully this will get fixed soon because it’s a really great app!.Version: 1.1811121

I’m lovin itOk, first of all it is a good app to take notes and draw when you want to… I can take notes during church and when I’m done I’ll draw anything, and the shape configuring allows me to make things more precise. Here’s the bad thing, it can take forever to load sometimes and you can get a little impatient but most of all, it’s great..Version: 22.10406.0.9050

Really good but...This app is extremely useful and has great features. But there’s a pretty significant lag that occurs at seemingly random times on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil v2. Hope MS releases a fix soon!.Version: 19.10715.0.2

Good, occasionallyI am rating this on an iPad, This app most of the time works wonderfully without any issue,but everyday there are a few bugs. I use Whiteboard almost everyday, around 3 to 4 times, the app just freezes. This is not much of a bug as you can just reopen the app after closing it, but it is enough to lose a star. There is a new update coming to whiteboard very soon, which will be very nice to see and I hope it fixes this bug. When it does work though, it works like a trick..Version: 21.10823.2.5777

The og pogger fortnite scar and double pumpFortnite is the best game because chapter 3 is cracked and mk 7 ar is very good to spray walls down which you won’t stand a chance against and the whiteboard is just trash but idiotic and dumb because it’s laggy aswell and it’s Microsoft because Microsoft is very poor and trash this is all fax.Version: 21.11118.0.9025

First tryVery happy to have this in my iPhone. It works pretty well in my iPhone X. However, I cannot draw any lines in my iPhone 6. I give 3 stars for now. If it is fixed for iPhone 6, I would change it to 5. ———— Not sure what was wrong, by deleting the app and reinstalling it, then it works. Happy user..Version: 1.0

So close to perfectThe best free online whiteboard, but poor palm rejection, no apple pencils 2.0 function, and a bit glitchy when reading others writing (it sometimes doesn’t load fully what they wrote).Version: 20.10224.0

GreatJust a few problems like I have to go back in and out of the app a lot but otherwise it’s a great whiteboard app..Version: 21.10628.0.5709

Good but needs some improvementsThis is probably one of the better whiteboard apps I have used. Improvements: 1) be able to ‘lock’ your whiteboard so no one can make changes or delete it by accident 2) be able to make copies/backups of your whiteboard (there is no trash where you can retrieve it) 3) Extraction of images blurs inserted typed text 4) Make extraction of high quality images easier. You only get SVG which you have to recode the file if you want a good dimensions.Version: 20.10406.1.5042

Awesome product !I have the app installed on iPad and Surface Book Pro and it helped me a lot with the project I was working on. There were some minor things that could be improved but I can’t remember exactly what were they since it’s been a month or three since I worked on it. Anyways very nice!.Version: 21.10111.1.5586

Very goodFantastic, let’s me help students at a distance as I tutor.Version: 1.1811121

EXACTLY What I WantedI draw on my iPad, and I wanted a very simple, yet functional space to keep my references in one place so that I could access them quickly and scribble on them if needed. There’s no ads to ignore, no subscriptions, no micro transactions. If I need to access the same resources on my computer, I can simply pull up the website. Being able to lock the images in place is helpful. My only peeve so far is that when I undo an action, it automatically selects the last image I inserted, which is kind of distracting, but it doesn’t appear to change the locked setting, so it’s not a huge deal. Also, the glitter pens? HUGE plus, lol. They’re so pretty!.Version: 20.10210.0

Enhanced MS Whiteboard is megaAt home in the MS 365 stable the enhanced whiteboard is powerful. I use it in conjunction with the calendar board view. Hybrid and meeting-friendly, fabulous for education thanks.Version: 22.10208.0.9044

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