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Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout Negative Reviews

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Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout app received 54 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout? Can you share your negative thoughts about escapists 2: pocket breakout?

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Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout for Negative User Reviews

Can’t even playI was so excited because I had finally got the game but when it said “escapists 2 pocket breakout” I pressed start and the music went away but I still heard the click click and nothing showed up I waited 40 minutes and still nothing that’s why I gave it 1 star if the glitch was fixed my opinion would DEFINITELY change.Version: 1.0

All is well except MPMultiplayer is not working for me or my friend who has the app as well..Version: 1.11

Still freezes and crashingI’m enjoying the game....... so far... BUT the game still freezes............ not enjoyable when this randomly occurs... Needs fixing....Version: 1.09

Good from what I’ve heard but...I just can’t access it from my iPad!! It gets to the main menu but then it just loads forever plz fix this because it looks like a very good game and I want to play it!.Version: 1.11

Bad gameWhen I got the game I was stuck at waiting I can’t get the game bad game.Version: 1.11

I love it it’s just...It broke my music as I tried to play it. It didn’t work until I delated this app, but it’s still a really great game! I hope that you can get this fixed :D.Version: 1.07

Nice.This game is really good. Just see it for yourself. The reason its a 3 star is because it can get boring after you beat all the levels, especially with the fact the devs don’t carry on adding maps. But it’s still a good game! Other than that, it would of been a 5 star!.Version: 1.11

Not letting me playI love this game, but it doesent let me play it after the last update. I have an iphone SE. And once i go to the screen where it says press anywhere to start. It just stays on that load screen forever. So i cant even get into the main menu. Please fix this, i miss playing this game :(.Version: 1.11

OofSo I played your first one and it worked perfectly fine but when I Play this one The first prison I can’t play it because it crashes so I want you to fix it so I just wasted my money.Version: 1.01

Great but...I’ve played the game on my computer but on the tablet you cannot play multiplayer. Please respond to this! 👎.Version: 1.11

No levels load in properly and cannot move the map to see your charactersNew I phone x fresh out the box downloaded game and not one level works tutorial you just get stuck in your cell nothing to do or move the time on and every other level you get stuck watching the prison entrance able to use all other button and even see character moving on mini map but no visuals.Version: 1.02

Need Help!Played the escapists for a while and it was great! Loads of fun! But unfortunately I log in one time and it’s stuck on the blue screen after the initial login. I left it to load for a while but that didn’t help. I then restarted my device. Unfortunately that didn’t resolve the issue either, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. This still didn’t resolve the problem. Please help!.Version: 1.09

Multiplayer annoyingThe game itself is good if you play singleplayer. In multiplayer, whenever I receive a notification or message like 20% battery left, my friends are kicked out of the game and they have to join again. Please fix this, it’s incredibly annoying..Version: 1.11

Plz fix this gameThis game was going good and running smoothly until I started a new game on the first prison but when ever I try to do it my game starts freezing at the loading screen then it just crashes making this game unplayable. Plz fix this issue. I play on iphone 6 btw..Version: 1.01

Read before payingI can’t get past the loading screen when you enter the game and I’m not the only one with this problem. Please consider downloading it on PC, or Xbox, or play station. DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THE MOBLIE VERSION!!!.Version: 1.11

The game freezes constantlyAs reported years ago, the game freezes randomly on the iPad. Team 17, it’s been a year since the last update. Are you going to sort it, please? Please fix it because then the game deserves 5 Stars!.Version: 1.11

No savingSo it keeps telling me, “This game uses icloud. Sign into YOU Apple account to access related functionality, or continue playing as guest.” So I tried to turn on icloud save in settings. I then went and played the game, finishing central perks and went off the game to check on a different game of mine. When I went back to the game (barely a minute later) it launched the screen and the EXACT SAME MESSAGE popped up. do some reason the icloud save I had so obviously clicked had unchecked itself. And all my character info and the fact I had completed the first prison was gone along with the characters I created. It was as if i hadn’t played at all. So I tried again, went out of the game and YET AGAIN the icloud was unchecked and the message popped up. Not only is this message REALLY annoying, but this is not okay. It’s a big glitch that needs to be fixed..Version: 1.11

Refund pleaseLoved this game on Xbox but I couldn’t see the screen very well so when I came across this game on iPad I was eager to play but I can’t even get the game to load half the time. Completed the tutorial finally only to have it close during the last cut scene and nothing saves. Really disappointed because I didn’t want to have to sit so close to my tv to play on Xbox and I wanted a good local co op to play which I can’t do because everything is so small. Great game otherwise..Version: 1.11

Good Game!, But ...I like this game never been play the first game, but I like the second one game. This is my Feedback; other languages like Spanish. And the Police they could have a range vision, and we could hide the bodies, that would be mad! Im waiting for multiplayer online..24-10-2019.Version: 1.08

Help I can’t playWhen I open the game and it says touch to play I press it and it just freezes but doesn’t kick me out my device is an iPad Air 2 gold if it has anything to do with that please help.Version: 1.09

$11 and doesn’t workThe game is fun and i spent a lot to get it . 7+ months pass and i try to play again but i get stuck on a blue screen and i can’t do anything i tried contacting team 17 but it says i'm miss a csrf token and i don’t know what it means , also tried to find there contact number and i can’t find it so i’m think of contacting apple don’t buy this game.Version: 1.11

StuckThis game is really fun I got to play it a few times till today when I got on it I touched the screen after it said “touch to play”. So I touched the screen and it just wouldn’t load I was stuck on the blue screen for the entire day. Please fix this so I can give you a better rating. Thank you!.Version: 1.11

Can’t get past loading screenI’ve got an iPhone 6 and just spend 7 quid on a game which I can even get past the loading screen. I can only get past the ‘click to start’ page and then it stays on this blue screen with ticking in the background, which is really frustrating.Version: 1.08

I’m stuckWhen it says click to start it’s not loading. FIX IT.Version: 1.11

TO MUCH FREEZING AND CRASHINGI really enjoy playing this game it’s a lot of fun but recently the freezing and crashing while playing is getting absurdly annoying and unplayable, it most of the time can’t even get past the starting screen without it freezing and I’ve seen multiple people complain about this and at first i thought it was my internet but all my other games have worked perfectly fine and no mater how much I messed with the settings and my internet it continues to freeze just hope it’s something that gets fixed because at this point it’s almost unplayable.Version: 1.05

FrustratingI get stuck on the blue screen after pressing start I’ve already tried uninstalling and installing and resetting my phone. Could I get my money back?.Version: 1.11

Wanted it to work, but doesn’tFroze in a green screen with blurred background. iPhone XS Max. 8gb storage space left. Unfortunately have to request for refund..Version: 1.11

The game does won’t loadI had played the escapist 2 before on my friends phone and it loaded fine but my phone which is a newer model won’t let me past the click to start page. Instead I just hear the background noise. It frustrates me that a Game that should work on my phone doesn’t especially as I paid for it. If anyone knows why this is please do tell me. I have cleaned my ram and closed any background pages but it still won’t load..Version: 1.08

Can’t play it (iOS/iPad)Ive just downloaded this game today because it seems like fun with real depth but I cannot get past the home screen, I press start and it just freezes before going into game selection, please sort this out because I’ve just spent money on this and I’m really looking forward to playing it. Please let me know what I can do.Version: 1.10

Crashing as the game goes onI like the idea of the game and have seen the great reviews but I can’t play through a session of more than 30 mins without it beginning to stutter and then freeze up requiring me to shut it down and lose progress. I’m using a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9”.Version: 1.11

I can’t playThe reason I rated it badly is because I can’t play it freezes every time I get to the loading screen pls help.Version: 1.11

I paid for it but it won’t downloadI bought the game two days ago and it still hasn’t downloaded it just says failed to download please try again later.Version: 1.11

Waste of moneyYou get stuck on a screen and can never load in and play.Version: 1.11

Great but big problemI really enjoy this game and the graphics and everything is great, but there is a problem that ruins everything for me;whenever I swipe up my app (because it is a habit) even if I let it use iCloud all my progress is lost and the settings doesn’t say it is allowed to use I iCloud so I have to make my character again and start again to. I do like this game, but the glitch is annoying. (I have it on auto save by the way so I don’t just forget to save.).Version: 1.03

DO ONLINEI mean just can we not have to connect to lan? I think and online multiplayer feature would be AMAZING but the game as a whole issssssss good I’ll give it that it needs some tweaks but at the end of the day it’s really good 3 stars.Version: 1.09

StuckStuck on the blue screen after it says touch to start..Version: 1.03

It keeps on CRASHING!!!I’ve been waiting for ages for this game to come out on mobile and when I saw it I downloaded it straight away. When I started playing it was running really well but then it always crashes when I try to start a new game. Please fix this bug..Version: 1.01

It won’t openI’m on iPad mini 2 and I can load up the game perfectly fine but when I press play on the screen where you can change all the prisoners that will be in the prison with you and I press play and it loads but then kicks me off the game. Please fix this..Version: 1.01

Good but a lot of glitchesThis game is very good but when me and my friend try and play multiplayer it would kick us out of the game so can you please fix that.Version: 1.11

ProblemI already played this game a few months ago and it was really fun. I re downloaded it yesterday and now I am stuck on the blue screen after I play start. I like this game but I can’t play it so could you fix it..Version: 1.11

Great but...I actually enjoy this game and have wtached youtubers in the past playing this on different consoles and stuff. Well i was playing this game and every time i play this game, after every half half an hour my game freezes for 10secs and i carry on playing for another 10sec and then it crashes. It happens everytime i go on. And the most annoying this is this game doesnt save your progress. I would give you 5 stars if you wouldve fixed it becasue i had to redo the same progress 3 times and it was all for nothing. Its really annoying and the saving is so broken in this game. I wait for the autosave/manual save icon to go away every time it saves in game but when it finishes and i go off and later when i come back on, i have to redo the complete thing that took me 20 mins to do. Please fix this because this is one of my favourite games and i really enjoy this. Its just a shame that the progress isnt working. Thank you very much 🙏.Version: 1.09

Game keeps crashing, loosing lots of progressWhenever i get through a day or so, the game will just suddenly freeze up with no warning and crash to the apple homescreen, once i load up the game again and hit continue the save, it will load up at my last manual save, or one of the auto saves a couple in game days ago, even though the game is set to save automatically. (it will just delete progress as if ive never even made it!), even sometimes when i quit back to the games homescreen to force a save, the game will freeze up and not do anything indefinitely (ive let it sit frozen for half an hour before restarting the app) and when i restart the app and load up the save, the game will load up another previous automatic save or manual save so that i will have lost half an hour plus of progress. Despite multiple iphone restarts and app restarts, this has persisted to happen ever since ive passed the ingame tutorial..Version: 1.08

Doesnt workIts not working on my ipad it says tap to start i tap it it goes away then it never loads the loading screen(i know this bc i play on xbox but the gamepass expired.Version: 1.11

Really good game butIt’s a really good game when I played it before and on the pc, but, I decided to come back to this game and when I tap on thwnscreen in the press to start it just freezes, really sad byt a really good game. Hope you would fix this bug..Version: 1.11

CrashingI can get past the pick a character and then it says the opening line and crashes same for multiplayer. Please fix this.Version: 1.01

CRITICAL !!! LAN/MULTIPLAYERMultiplayer doesn’t work i’ve tried playing with my friends multiple times but it doesn’t work from escapists side, we are both updates i tried different devices and it used to work but now ever since the new ios came out it broke the LAN function. please fix it.Version: 1.11

The annoying bugI give this game a 2 star because ,their is a bug that doesn’t let me play the game so I can’t really do much with it . I’m starting to think it’s a scam because now I’m stuck with the escapist 1 .I forgot how much money this game was but it has a bug. do u mind fixing the bug .let me explain it to you so when I downloaded the game I was about to play it but when I taped to play it didn’t work .it just game up in a light clear blue so I can’t do anything. please read this game owner and fix it for me and maybe ill rate this game 5 stars but for now I will wait until it’s fixed.Version: 1.11

Doesn’t loadThe game won’t load.Version: 1.11

Serious problem with settings not savingI adore this game with all my heart, loved the first escapists, and have it as part of my games library on both my computer and my ipad. thing is, my settings on my ipad (ipad pro 12.9, 2017 i think??) for the game do not save at all, neither does my characters name. my characters name is felix, but it shows up as clive whenever i join a game, which gives me a bit of frustration. also, when i try to enable cloud save, it tells me im not signed into icloud, yet i am. and, some prisoner tasks glitch and do not work properly, i had a task to bring an inmate something, i gave it to them and did not get my reward. that frustrated me deeply. please do fix this, i love this game and havent had any issues with crashing so far, but these issues have been annoying me a hell of a lot..Version: 1.03

Frozen$10 on a game that wont even start 90% of the time..Version: 1.11

Love the game, but it crashes and deletes my saves after a few days playing in gameI play on both my iPhone13 and my iPad pro and have the issue across both devices, I get really into playing, but find it lags every few seconds and eventually crashes as soon as I’ve been playing 20-30 mins. I’m going to give it a break for now, let me know when these bugs have been fixed great game aside from these issues.Version: 1.11

Not working even after the updateEven after sending a request to fix it and waiting for the update it still doesn’t work can you please fix it or give me a refund because you are supposed to pay to play this game when I just payed to look at a blank screen. It is not like my device is old it is an iPad Pro so don’t buy this game unless you want to look at a fuzzy screen..Version: 1.04

Good game but glitchesWhenever I finish a level, the game freezes, so I have to restart the game. Once I get back in, the game acts like I just got it and removes all of my saves. Overall, it’s a very good game but needs fixing..Version: 1.09

HorribleKeep losing my data for no reason.Version: 1.11

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