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Amazing gameSuch a fun game - so many positive points. Main one has to be the pay to play vs free play features. So many games like this only let you play for a limited time before you have to wait so long to continue, or just pay. This one you can play for hours without the need to pay - but it also gives you the option if that’s what you want. So fun, the online battles are great, the game itself looks incredible and there’s soooo much to do! Even after finishing the story you want to keep collecting characters, upgrading, doing quests and events (which are regularly updated, giving something new constantly) - for a mobile game it offers so much, and I absolutely love it..Version: 1.39.0

Loving game, just one thing..Hey, so i have been playing this for 5 months and i have got like 41 sparking hero’s or something, still, I hate how you only get 10 chrono crystals on a daily log-in, to me, it’s useless, and if you could bump it up to 30, that would be more useful, and in fact, it takes me a hour to get 1k from hard story missions, and some of those summons turn to a waste, the summon I did yesterday only gave me hero’s or extremes, not a single chance of sparking, so I have basically wasted a hour grinding and got useless things in return, I am not having a go, I am just saying, and overall, this is the best dragon ball game. (Until Dragon ball Z kakarot comes out, and yes, this extra information is my opinion.).Version: 1.38.0

Great Game! But!As a DRAGON BALL Z and DRAGON BALL SUPER fan this game is great! It has both the elements of each and a few more. I love how you added Shallot as the main character since he isn’t an original character in the series it’s nice to switch up a lil other than having like Goku or Vegeta as the main character. I’ve completed Part 1 and 2 so far and I’m on Chapter 3 of Part 3! I have a few suggestions though..For starters the way Ki works should be changed. Like your set of characters in missions and PvP shouldn’t share the same Ki. Also with the stamina system. You shouldn’t be able to use it once then let it re-charge. As you level up and do soul boost you should be able to up your Ki and Stamina. It may seem unfair but most DB games are like this just like the series. Out of all the DB games for Mobile this is probably the best to me. It’s challenging and I like a challenge. Oh and my final suggestion! Continue adding Transformations to Shallot! Maybe even have him do the God Ki Ritual so he can get SSJG and SSB! That would be amazing+Add more clothing options for him!!! Maybe give him the Turtle Hermit Gi from Dragonball Xenoverse or some Saiyan armor such as Bardocks or Raditz. Just some suggestions though. It isn’t like we really need ‘em...But if you add them then you’ll get 5 stars instead of 4. Thank you and I hope you consider these. 😃👋🏽.Version: 1.31.0

This game is pay to winIt’s not that fun with the infinite loops and combos that people can do with the legends limited units, because unless you want to spend £60-£100 on tickets and chrono crystals your not going to get anything good from your summons and also I had a decent account but i deleted the game because of lack of space and when I went back on it I tried to use my game-center account and it kept instantly saying *transfer with Game Center cancelled and I had put in a ton of money into that account and now I have had to start again and grind through the boring and tedious storymode that has you most of the time fighting saibaman or freeza force men!!!!.Version: 2.7.0

Very UnexpectedMy friends told me to download this, and I was a bit unsure whether I should download it because of the pictures used to display the games functions made it seem like it was not that good. The animations for the game are exceptional, buying things for the game is not forced to be able play it without getting destroyed. This game is based on luck and strategy. If I were to change this game I would just make it look better in the pictures to get more people to download it. I have no problems with the game itself, apart from it takes a while for the fights to load, but I don’t think you would be able to fix it so I’m not bothered. Thanks for making a game like this, it’s really fun and compared to other games on the AppStore this is probably the best because all of the other games are copying each other or just terrible. Thank you for making this, make it better, I’m no not sure how but that would be good..Version: 1.32.0

The best db game to exist on iOS and tips for new playersDear people who are seeing this What your currently on is the best db mobile game to exist, because of the graphics story line and it’s characters it makes this the best out there. As getting character it’s very important to save your chrono crystals as they can get you a lot of your favorite db character’s easily. If you want a easy way to get crystals do the story or T.O.P (you must have very good characters before you go in). As of combat wise it is very smooth as you can use many moves to defeat your enemies. Strike card is the melee use this when your enemy is open or use it when you perfect dodge a attack. Speaking of perfect dodge to get it you must dodge a attack at a perfect time (you can still dodge but I will explain what to do in a second). Blast card: is when you use use ki blasts to knock the opponent use this when they are open or when you dodge their attack (perfect vanish or not). Speaking of ki you must conserve ki to use attacks. If you start to run out use the white flashing thing on the character icon in battle that will awaken their special ability. Finally special card: this is used to get advantages such as, protection to blast damage and melee attacks. Also watch the vanish gauge one you vanish you must wait to get it back (battle the opponent to get it back quickly) HAVE FUN AND I HOPE I HELPED YOU.Version: 4.3.0

Make the Game less GrindyThe game in itself is great, but there’s so many steps to getting gems now it’s ridiculous. The Gauntlets for example, are 100 levels every time, but you’ve put in a skip option to get from lvl 1 all the way to lvl 70-80, my question is why? Wouldn’t it just be easier and faster to put, say 50 levels, maybe a skip button to do the first 10-20, then make the next 30 levels harder? It’s the same principle, but saves so much more time and makes so much more sense than to do 100 levels but skip over 70-80 of them. Also why did you take away the gems for PvP missions? I get that you get rewarded now at the end of the season, but you should add back a few gems in the mission section so it feels like your actually getting rewarded for winning a game, right after you win it, not in a couple weeks time..Version: 4.13.0

Dragon Ball Legends is GreatI love Dragon Ball Legends, being a fan of Dragon Ball I love Dragon Ball games but there are not that many official mobile games. So being able to play a good Dragon ball Gacha game is a nice way to spend time. Since DBS hasn’t made any new characters you would think that Dragon Ball games would run out of ideas but Dragon Ball Legends has released tones of hype units and events every two to three weeks. And since the game has been running there have been many updates to quicken loading speeds and make small changes to increase player satisfaction. If someone asked me what’s my favourite anime gacha game at this point in time i would say Dragon ball Legends I really recommend you download the app and try it out..Version: 2.16.0

Worth the hypeIve been waiting awhile for this game to come out and it did not disappoint. Action packed and fluid combat for the most part Yes there are gatcha elements core to the game play. But f2p is just as doable as im mostly free to play and am doing decently. Im am very very excited to see where the game goes next. Please add more features and more events. Recycling older events is fine so long as the rewards for replaying it is worth it. But overall an amazing game and a must have for anyone who is a fan of the dragon ball franchise.Version: 1.23.0

Dragaonball reviewI’m already a fan of dragonball but as soon as I got this game I loved it there’s so much things to do like complete different story modes get different characters by summoning with crhono crystals which you can get by doing story mode or completing challenges you can also do pvp matches against online players such as ranking pvp were you rank up by winning or a classic pvp match were it’s just a training pvp you can also train your characters with bells the training gives the character you selected experience and levels this game is super fun to play so in one week I was already getting my characters at level 5000🎉 not only you still have a chance to beat higher level players than you but you can level u characters quite easily I highly recommend this game for people who want to have fun..Version: 3.5.0

Dragon Ball LegendsThis game is extremely entertaining. At first I thought that it was like all games but in reality I made me want to watch all 3 series because I was intrigued on what was going on and who the characters are. There is so much to do and the game doesn’t end because of all the online players and new events. This game is one of my most favourite games and it is easy enough to learn the basics! I would highly recommend this to age groups for 10+..Version: 2.15.0

ReviewFun game so far, excited to see what's in store for the future.Version: 1.7.0

Love Everything Dragon Ball but PvP is buggyI enjoyed playing this game even if it’s a bit repetitive. The most engaging part of this game is the PvP mode, which is a crap shoot most of the time and it’s very buggy. The frequent lags would drive one bonkers and it would take some tremendous patience to get to the higher ranks. For example, selecting a skill card launches you forward and get suspended mid flight, allowing your opponent to basically know what you’re going to do and dodge your attack. Or you’ve selected cards and nothing happens at first then eventually fire but that has left you vulnerable to another player’s attack. There has been instances too that after selecting cards, nothing happens and they just fall right off. The other gripe about this game is the summoning of characters. This game should allow you to unlock characters of your choosing with your hard earned or store bought chrono crystals. Nothing kills one’s spirit when you’ve spent thousands of crystals and you’re being given Saibamen or Dodoria cards when there’s new SP or even EX characters being released. I don’t think one will stand a chance if your PvP party is made of 7 star Recoome, Mercenary Lao and Raditz against 4 star Super Saiyan Goku, Final Form Freiza and Broly. I still have hopes that they can improve this game..Version: 1.10.1

Great but it can be improved/ App kicks me out before a battleHello there, I just want to say this game is very unique compared to the other games. For example, it’s interesting to go through the storyline and play your characters that you summoned. Further more, I love that how diverse the characters are. So many to get and play as them. I hope in the future more characters will be added. Maybe make it slightly easier to get the special characters to. And also keep adding story’s from the series. However, there something that’s bothering me in this game. I have some problems where the app kicks me out. Not constantly but it does happen whether I summoned characters and having battle. Especially when I battle in pvp matches it kicks me out in the middle of the match and when I return obviously I lost. So hopefully there’s a solution for this. Other than loading and downloading, this game is very addicting. I watch mostly all the episodes from the old dragon ball to the remake of Dragon balls (Dragon Ball z Kai), to the recent series Dragon ball super. Wonder if the creators can add other characters from different universes. Basically having the Tournament of Power again. Don’t get me started on Jerin lol. The events are also intriguing because I like how it single out a part of a series. So that’s all I got to say for now. Thanks for creating this game. After the recent maintenance, the app keeps kicking me out before a battle. Can someone help me?.Version: 1.26.0

BEST APP GAME IVE EVER PLAYEDThis is by far the best app game I’ve ever seen it’s a well balanced, good connection, extremely fun and brilliant mechanics game if I was you I’d hit the install button because this is FIRE I would recommend to all. The only thing I can say is they have now lowered the rate of sparklings which personal was at a pretty good rate before because getting 1000 chrono crystals is harder than it seems youd get a sparkling eventually by using 3k crystals it was fair in my eyes but I currently have used around 9k with only Two sparklings in return and they were both in the same summon one I already had but never the less I’d still recommend it install right after my review seriously! look forward to fighting you hope you bring all you got! P.s Bandai can you make a new game exactly like this one make changes if you want obviously (so basically Re skin this one) but make it so it’s my hero academia themed I’d play that even more than this one and would probably end up getting some in app purchases so can you at-least consider it? Also looking forwards to my hero’s ones justice bye!.Version: 1.14.0

Best mobile game everDragon Ball legends is arguably the best mobile game out right now (if your a fan of dragon ball of course) with its amazing visuals,characters, and fighting system this game is on par or even better the Dokkan battle (another dragon ball mobile game) Dragon Ball legends is a Gacha game (A game were you basically grind out events,missions, and more to get the in game currency to summon for the character you want) and I’ll say the system is pretty luck based you can spend 100$ and get no one or you can spend no money and get everyone you want so if your not into that kinda thing I recommend you don’t play it because that’s the whole root of the game but if your into that kinda thing then you’ll completely love this game I’m free to play and I’ve pulled almost every character in the game (Not bragging just being completely honest) I’ve started playing this game back 2018 I believe and it’s grown and changed so much from the support for free to play to even the Pvp (which is extremely fun unless your fighting someone who’s spent thousands of dollars on the game) this game is extremely rewarding and a great way to waste time it’s one of my favorite games to play as of right now and if your a fan of Dragon Ball I recommend you give it a try.Version: 2.17.0

The game is too much pay to winIt’s too much pay to win, they have pvp which is full of pay to win players who spend loads of money on the game just so they get the new characters. They have recently just added a double LG banner with belly and gogeta but the rates of pulling those characters are really low so you need to invest about 15 thousand crystals to have a good chance at getting either of them and as a free to play player it’s almost impossible, I feel locked behind a wall that I can only get over if I pay my way through , legends really does not care about the players who don’t spend hundreds on the game it’s honestly disappointing..Version: 2.17.0

I love this gameI love this game I’ve been playing for nearly a year and I have a lot of nice characters but for whatever reason (this has started recently) whenever I try to play story it loads up to about 85-90% then crashes, when I log in I try to play again and it lets me go straight in because “the fight didn’t end properly” and once I’ve done that it works fine until I finish it crashes right as I defeat the last enemy and it doesn’t save and it’s constantly doing this. I’ve tried everything, lowing my graphics to minimum and downloading all content just in case that was the issue but nothing is working. I’d imagine I might not be the only one with this issue. And I’m not trying to hate on the game as I said before I love it and I’m desperately after vegito blue but I got blue kaioken Goku so that’s probably out the window. Please try and fix this devs..Version: 2.8.1

There’s no perfect gameI genuinely like this game a lot and I have been playing it daily since it first came out. First things first I can easily admit that for a mobile Dragon Ball game it has a very good gameplay and graphics. You can spend a lot of time on the game’s story or events. Now when it comes to pvp I am quite unhappy because when I encounter an opponent who’s lagging the game punishes me as well. It takes time to respond to your moves and it can really mess you up, but beyond that it can be fun. Another downside of this game would be the summoning percentage. Now when it comes to getting a sparking character it’s obvious that your chances are very low and that can be inevitable considering it wouldn’t be fun if it were that easy to get all of the sparking characters. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about saving as many crystals as possible and still aren’t able to get that specific character they want, and I totally understand that because unfortunately it happens to everyone at some point, but that doesn’t mean that you got 0 chance to get them so just be patient and keep farming. I rate this game 5/5 because even if it has some downsides it doesn’t mean it’s a bad game...it’s just that no game can be 100% perfect..Version: 2.7.0

Best iOS game but..This game is amazing. Haven’t had to make any in-game purchase so far to continue playing, or to beat other players in PVP or to have fun. In game purchases can help you progress, and they are tempting albeit too expensive for my taste. They make it easy enough to gather premium currency without paying so that you needn’t buy any in order to have fun. They also add a fair amount of weekend game bonuses that make gathering characters/limit breaking other powerful characters easy enough. They’re really masterful at getting you to continue playing as the progression/team builds/events/exchanges/powering up/leveling up is all done very well. My ONLY gripe with the game so far is that there is NO in-game chat feature other than preset emotes that you can only use situationally and need to purchase to unlock the majority of them. And while I actually enjoy this in a lot of situations such as PVP to prevent toxicity, I wish you could chat, at the VERY LEAST, with your guild members. Friends would also be nice to chat with so you could link up for hyper dimensional coop more easily, but the guild chat I feel is a must. I have no communication with them, we don’t ever talk, no one knows each other. It’s hard to communicate during battles, or anything really. Other than that, this game is a gem and I’ve been playing for a couple of months and still am hooked..Version: 3.8.1

GO DBL!!!!!!!I know absolute squat on dragon ball but my friends love it so I looked for an easy answer which didn’t dig boringly deep (which I’ve learnt it can’t) but still gave me important facts, before I played this game I actually thought Kefla=Broly not only that but I can always laugh when the destructo disc’s effects Miss, I didn’t learn all I learn from this app but without it I wouldn’t have known anything for my whole life! I love making my opponents easy making Shallot OP and I don’t care that my Krillin is stronger than Goku because I’ve learnt a lot and I thoroughly enjoy it! Akira Toriyama for the win! 🙁😖😫😎(<—Super Emote Sayain).Version: 1.17.0

My favorite mobile game everMan do I LOVE this game. I love how different the combat is compared to other mobile fighting games. It has consistent updates every week which really does add to the fun. The story is great and Shallot is a pretty fun character to follow. I’m mostly free to play, I normally do spend money when a character on a banner I REALLY like comes out (unless it’s just a rehashed character *cough GRN Gogeta cough*) and my account is really good, this shows that if you make the right choices and save up your crystals you won’t have to really open up your wallet to be good at the game. So please Bandai keep making game modes that are difficult but give out some free to play crystals. My biggest gripe is with the adventure system. I understand the developers goal to get us to login everyday. The thing is, they were already doing that just fine. Now they expect us to login 11 times a day every single day if we want to get all of the adventure rewards. That is asking quite a lot if you want people to spend money on your game. Because most people are working or going to school instead of logging into this game 11 times a day everyday. So if you’re reading this review and you play the game, please don’t waste your time trying to get all of the rewards just do how many adventures you want that will keep you happy :). Aside for that and a few other minor issues this game is a gem and I think it will always be my favorite mobile game!.Version: 2.1.0

Chrono crystal issue.The game lags in its potential to let new or old players enjoy current events. I highly suggest that all players when logging in recieve 1000 chrono crystals whenever a banner box pulls out. This would improve both new or old players. Although the games does make it easy to obtain various characters through loot boxes, the game eventually comes to a point where it’s difficult to retain chrono crystals. Whenever you play this game always save chrono crystals amd never use it for any purpose unless you want that playstyle. I have played the same team over and over but its come to a difficult point where build the teams forward regardless of anything leads to a slow dead end. To simply make your whole team a fully functional stratagie i would struggles in the dynamics of star leveling. In the end the game is comprized of many fun a nice characters for many people to play. It would be easier and more popular if regular provision of chrono crystals were given in batches. Thanks for the support on the game. Its gradually becoming better and better and so deserves more..Version: 2.3.0

Characters in the story.Seriously why haven’t we seen vegeta yet in the story, that is actually what pisses me off most even got trunks but no vegeta. You all seem to hate vegeta but love his bloody offspring. He has the best characteristics, story, personality, fighting style and power. Honestly now I’m starting to get very annoyed with your updates to the story. Your lucky to get 8 new episodes in the last act. We all just wait months for such little content. Finish it already and then start adding onto it. There’s no way you made this without an ending so end it already an add more content to the story & more hard modes to the other acts. I’ve had this since it first released. Hard mode seems to be none existent now after the 5th act. The multiplayer is half decent but we cannot live on that as it’s one boring as hell and has no real reason towards it. Just something to waste more time on. The best part of this whole game is the characters but even that’s not brilliant as getting ultras is way harder then getting a LR ON DOKKAN.. You need to be dropping ultras on the regular so everyone can get as many as they can.Version: 4.16.0

This game is VERY GOODNow lets get this review started if your thinking about downloading this game you should Everything in it is cool from the cool summoning videos the events and all kinds of things and even if you stop playing for weeks months you get free stuff from a comeback bonus which can give u up to at least 1500 the rate of you getting an extreme or higher is very high If you play certain events you can get free stuff like Ultra Goku which is one of the highest rarity and you can play with friends its really easy to level up your characters if you need to soul boost to upgrade your characters they got bonus battles which gives u enough to soul boost The game is easy to master all you do is pick cards swipe hold and tap thats all you need to during a fight there isn't no running around the whole place looking for stuff its simple easy and fun so i highly recommend this game its super accurate the characters are good and dont worry this game has a lot a lot of people are fans of Goku but some aren't and if you like saibaman they got that too they have many versions of characters and they dont have any long updates and when they do they always bring something cool to the game. So YES DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!.Version: 4.8.0

Great, but game crashesThe overall game is great, but after around 10 mins or halfway through a match the game will crash. I’ve tried to fix this multiple times but nothing seems to work..Version: 2.2.0

Pls fix frieza!!!!To the people who made the game pls fix the ultra goku super sayain event u guys have made frieza so op and also having challenges that are impossible to do. It’s really annoying how I use spirit bomb goku with 7 red starts and still loose to him. Not to mention He has 7 life’s!!!!! Pls fix this, as a member of the community who really really wants this character so pls make it more easier pls, But besides all of that u guys are doing such a great job with the game I love the characters,Graphics and more so thank you for that But pls do nerf Freiza because he’s really OP - A member of the community.Version: 4.10.0

There’s one problem please get back to meAlright, so I used to really enjoy this game a lot I played it almost every day and I enjoyed the story and all the little events it included, but then you stopped supporting iPhone 6 yet have it available for it to download? I can’t yet buy my new phone and am truly astonished the amount of times this game crashes and lags that it is impossible for me to gain chrono crystals anymore :/ I want you to please support this phone again or at least make it so it wouldn’t crash everyone 4 seconds of entering a level or doing a summon as I’ve invested a lot of time into this game so please fix this some how as I am very disappointed that you can keep it on the AppStore for the iPhone 6, not asking for you to take it off for iPhone 6 please don’t just make it so it won’t crash everyone second.Version: 2.7.0

It’s Dokkan Battle all over again.I’ve been trying to keep my interest in this game, but the only interesting thing about it is its story. Otherwise, I’m almost never on this game anymore because there’s no incentive to go for anything. This game is going to end up the same way as Dokkan, where all the summon banners are gonna end up having a small sprinkle of every unit in the game in that banner, and the odds of you getting something new or what you want are next to none, and eventually you’ll end up spending money on Chrono Crystals which will boost your chances but not even guarantee anything you want. The biggest flaw is that there aren’t enough sources to get Chrono Crystals for a free to play person unless there’s some event going on, and even then, it isn’t much. And once they grind out all the sources of Chrono crystals they are just stuck in a rut until either A.) they crack open their wallets, or B.) they wait and pray that the banner they wanna hit doesn’t go away before they somehow manage to rack up 1000 crystals just to most likely get let down by the trash drop rates. I can’t even get hyped over a Bardock summon animation because I know that even if it technically means “new unit” it’s probably just one of the trashy villains that’s near useless compared to the new Legends Limited or whatever else comes out. This game just isn’t worth it..Version: 2.8.1

Great gameI would like it if there’s a banner called legends come back where you can spend crono crystal and a type of ticket for it and I would like the banner to have all legends limited characters like ssj vegito.Version: 1.40.0

UpdatesEvey update the game befomes more laggy and sometimes stops its been happening every since DBS Gogeta came into the game. I could be playing a ranked match and it just goes off the game and then I cant do ranked for a day or I do a 10x summon and it says downloading in the bottom left corner it gets too 84% and then it sends me off the game and ive lowered my graphics to try and solve this but it still doesnt work, deleting apps on my phone doesnt do anything as well. This is the only thing that is ruining the game for me because I think I was about to get Super Buu or even SSJ3 Gotenks but then it crashed I checked my characters (btw this was another 10x summon) and it didnt show any new characters I also checked for the extreme chracter and it also wasnt there. And I know you wont listen but please ive lost so much Chrono Crystals due too this..Version: 1.32.0

Better than nxbIt’s playable.Version: 4.16.0

OutstandingThis game is amazing, and beautiful, if I was to give feedback, I would say give us, the players, the option to customise the battle cards and give new ones as a reward.Version: 1.6.0

DblFinally a great DB game for phones. Very addicting, you’ve been warned..Version: 1.23.0

Trading systemI really really really like this game I have spent over 24 playing just this week I’m also really enjoying the new update and I can’t wait until the next one, but I was thinking, what if the game had some sort of trading system where player can traded equipment, souls, z-power, tickets or even medals (I don’t think trading character would be fair Because summoning to pull a certain characters wouldn’t make any sense when I can just trade for it, I’m totally against trading characters). I’ve spent most of my time playing this week just trying to get a better team for PvP and I really been focusing on my equipment, I’m aiming for S/Z tier equipment and honestly there’s nothing wrong with A tier but is just not what I want. And I think getting S/Z tier equipment is all luck based. I don’t want to have to upgrade the same equipment 6 times just to get an A tier and I don’t want to consistently remove a slot to get a worse percentage than the one I had. I also don’t want to waste my crystal on removing slots and Is pretty hard getting your hand on some slot removers too. I’m in desperate need to get of this trading system and I hope you guys can hear me out and I think other players would appreciate that too..Version: 2.9.0

Multi dimensional Co-op needs to be fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE“When i try to use the Multi dimensional co op it takes at least 5 or more minutes to find a match using the “Search” button. Then after it takes so long to find a match it says “No matches found. Please wait and try again”. This been going on for more than a week now. I can try it with a friend but i don’t think any of my friends play dragon ball legends. Or i can try it with members from my guild but they always take way too long to accept the match. There also can’t be any way it could be something to do with my wifi or the place i live in because it’s always acting fine. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP Thanks.Version: 2.9.0

Great game but a few bugsThis game is absolutely amazing and addicting. I could play legends pvp mode for hours on end, but something that happens sometimes in pvp is when you’re loading into the game the bar decides to stop around 3/4 of the way through (I know for a fact it isn’t my wifi). The thing that’s the most annoying about it is that when I’m in a rating match you lose rp when it happens and in Legends battle royale when this happens you get banned for the day and also if it happens 3 times then you get permenantly banned from the LBR. This has happened twice now and I only have 1 more chance so can you please fix this quickly before I get permanently banned for this even though I’m doing nothing wrong to deserve the ban..Version: 1.28.0

Amazing GameDragonball legends has provided quite possibly my best dragonball gameing experience as I’ve enjoyed it a lot and for what it is as a mobile game and where it is at development wise it’s fantastic and will most likely replace Dragonball Dokkan Battle upon the following updates introducing more Characters and such and I eagerly await the goku Black and tournament of power sagas and also the main draw of the game to me is how much more of a free to play game it is as you don’t need to buy chrono stones (the summoning currency) to get characters as completing missions will quickly build up your stone meter if your not lazy now I have completed the portion of the game that is available after playing nonstop there is still more things to do and the game is yet to go stale in anyway and with the updates that will arrive soon I’m sure it will most likely be one of the most downloaded Dragonball games and I highly suggest this masterpiece of a mobile game.Version: 1.6.0

Great game but pay 2 win elements ruin it for free 2 play playersAmazing game but pay 2 win players and events make it impossible for free 2 players to gain high ranks in pvp I am completely free and spend a lot of time playing the game so I have a few legends limited characters but only to one or two stars or extremely old ll characters to around 5-7 stars I am quite high rank in pvp in a tier and getting into at least platinum every season chrono crystals are impossibly hard to get and take around a month of casual play and around 2 weeks of grinding and even then you may still not even get a good character or even a sparking at all I spend a lot of time grinding and do about 2 to three rotations on every banner but most of the time get nothing where as pay to win players get new characters up to 14 stars resulting in top level pvp being impossible for free to play players I would recommend making a f2p pvp with increased chrono crystals rewards and only for players who have never spent money on the game. Please read and act on this Toshi or your team..Version: 4.11.0

Good gameThis game is very very good, but I do believe that the loading times and the tutorial takes away a lot of time. Still very good. And would recommend to any Dragon Ball fan..Version: 2.4.1

Nerf perfect Cell and fix the no switch bugLet’s start with the no switch bug, there have been times where a switch was available, but it wouldn’t switch for upwards of 7 seconds even if I wasn’t moving or attacking, and neither was the enemy. This has led to me losing so many times and some friends of mine also have this same issue. Next is perfect Cell, I understand the concept of him coming back stronger but the fact that he is given more health on top of a power boost is just too over powered. Personally I would nerf him to still have the power boost but only come back with half health or less. Other than these 2 issues Dragon Ball Legends is a great game that I like to play..Version: 2.13.0

Game improvementI think that DBL is a great game and is one of the only few games I play on mobile but I think the game can improve even more. I believe that the Chrono Crystals can be hard to get for a F2P player like me, other than that, the game is a MASTERPIECE!!.Version: 2.8.1

Dragon ball legendsI think this is a great game. I love how you have your own chance at getting good cards or bad ones and how you can create your own team..Version: 4.16.0

Good Game with A Bit of BugsThis is a really good game whether you are into Dragon Ball or not. There are some problems after downloading the update like how the daily mission where you need to use five energy, whenever I use my energy, it doesn’t register and it is also stuck at 0 preventing me from getting the sparking ticket. For the event mission where you have to inflict 1,000,000 damage with rising rush, it worked but after I completed the entire storyline, I wasn’t able to compete so I went back and when I redid the mission, it doesn’t register any more and it is stuck at 952,490 damage..Version: 1.9.0

ZoomedThis game is absolutely amazing I love it so much it’s a nonstop fight with my favourite character, SSG goku. One thing that would make this game absolutely amazing would be an in battle fusion technique where two of the three chosen characters fuse and if the fusion is KO’d they both are out. This would spice up the game so much and allow for fan favourite fusions to be reborn and new ones to be discovered.Version: 1.36.0

Overall good gameI like Dragon Ball Legends as it is anticipating to see what characters you can get. Also the characters that have been released recently made the game more intriguing as more people started to play the game. However, I feel like in can have some improvements like when we summon, they should be different animations. It would make the game more interesting and exciting to see the different animations like a gogeta animation. Furthermore, they could add more stories to the events and normal stories to get more chronos because I have done everything and like some others, I am unable to play the game due to the fact that I can’t get chronos. I hope the 2nd anniversary brings new characters and new LFs..Version: 2.5.1

Best mobile gameThis game is the best dragon ball game ever.It’s so fun and I love playing it.I can’t go one day without playing this game.I am f2p and Im still an amazing player.I’ve had this game for years and it did not disappoint.Honestly,everything about this game is good.Version: 4.16.0

MidF2P is hard and there’s a review of someone whining about spending 500 dollars with no good characters, that’s your issue. I’m f2p and I have more than 5 LL 5 stars. Just Grind the game after a bit and use your gems wisely.Version: 3.7.0

Good but needs more...(In this review I will be comparing and mentioning dokkan battle a lot because most people want it to be better that dokkan battle)This game is amazing and just plain fun, unlike the previous dbz game (dokkan battle) the gameplay is fun and not repetitive but it needs more modes but obviously that will come...right now it’s kinda stale with the story not that hard to beat and only a pvp and event mode which gives you new characters once beaten...I’m hoping that this game doesn’t fall like dokkan battle has. Don’t get me wrong this game is AMAZING for an iOS game with graphics that are probably some of the best on the iOS system, the gameplay is fun and getting characters and grinding isn’t as tedious as it is in dokkan battle since each quest has different side missions like switch x2 or use a sparkling, stuff like that...I rate this game better than dokkan battle and can’t wait to see this game evolve..Version: 1.6.0

My favorite game on mobileThis game is amazing it’s unique and fun. It is very open for free to play players I have been playing almost since it came out and I have 2 accounts on it. I will say tho sometimes it can get dry for free to play on the crystals but rn I have 4K saved up for 2nd anniversary and they are giving us more crystals through the lead up to it one thing I would want changed is more rising battles they are fun and a big payout. This game is much better in combat term than dokkan but idk about the animations but dokkan seems it was built more for the animation than legends both amazing games but this one came out on top for me and it’s mainly because you can get summons way easier in this game so that makes it exciting and make me feel like I won’t have to ever get money and put it into this game very good game keep it up and it was dry the past month but I’m sure it’s all because of the 2nd anniversary please make it a big one because I’m dying to see what the new characters are ui or gogeta blue or vegeto blue and jiren all that good stuff I feel good about it being ui tho anyway love the game just one more thing is i would like another type of game mode that can get you small amounts of crystals but you can do it over and over non stop and get like 5 crystals every time but make it challenging or people will make thousands anyway thanks for making this amazing game it’s been amazing hope it keeps that way and I’m sure it will..Version: 2.8.0

Not like other mobile games.Other licensed mobile game are usually just cheap cash grabs made for the one sole purpose of cash, but db legends is different. You can tell the people that made this game have a genuine passion for Dragon Ball through the Original story based off of arks from Dbz and Super, The various events you can do which will keep you occupied for hours, the PvP system that feels exciting and keeps you on your toes, and probably the most impressive element of all, all the characters that you can summon for. They all have original dialogue, animations, and they remain faithful to they’re anime counterparts. Oh yeah did I mention that this game is incredibly addictive and always wants you wanting more. I can’t even tell you about how long I’ve played this game for, almost logging in every day for the last 2 years and loving every second of it, yeah you have to summon for new characters and they do give you the option to buy in game currency but it’s a free to play game so it’s reasonable and they don’t shove it in your face and there is always a way to grind to summon. Seriously, if you are a Dragon Ball fan/ action game fan your doing a crime to yourself to not download and give it a shot..Version: 2.18.0

It’s goodI enjoy but it’s heavily pay to win once you’ve finished the story it’s also like they don’t care about balanced teams they buffed up the to best teams right now in one update.Version: 2.7.0

Crashing / new raritySuper fun game but it keeps crashing hopefully you guys will be able to fix that. I also think you guys should make a new rarity for after Sparking rare like burning hot ! I don’t know Please get game fixed thanks !.Version: 2.2.0

This game's combat is so trashIn pvp you can literally keep hitting like 50 millions times until your whole opponents for example you use combat skill moves then use the basic attacks close range it's impossible to get out of that combo and it’s so easy to execute too, this game doesn't get basic combat attacks, it's unfair.Version: 4.6.0

FunI love the game and I play it when I get the chance.Version: 4.17.0

OkCool.Version: 4.16.0

Amazing Game! PvP problemsI love this game and I’m happy to spend time and money on it as you’ve put systems in place that make leveling up and progressing very achievable, how that’s changed a little, as of late my PvP match ups have been more than double my power level almost every time which makes it impossible to beat the opponent no matter my skill level or theirs, this makes it hard to earn adventure tokens which makes it hard to earn training items which makes it hard to level up my characters, there’s also no option of backing out of a PvP fight without it counting as a loss which would be a useful feature when matched with a player who’s power levels are off the charts compare to my own. PLEASE fix this by either changing the PvP match ups to be more fair or by allowing us to back out of an unfair match up without losing the battle, I’m the type of guy to stop playing a game as soon as it gets frustrating and this is starting to get frustrating. Other than that, great game, lots of fun!.Version: 1.8.0

Won’t give know one newI don’t even know why I’m even writing this oh wait I remember your game haven’t give me a new character since 2 weeks ago I swear to god some thing wrong I had like 4000 gems 2 weeks ago then I spended it all no one. last week I got 2000 gems no one. this week I bought so much gems I did the step up 2 times No one I don’t know if it’s bad luck or the game now I just relised that not every one gets new characters but oh well just read this please I could be the game..Version: 2.4.0

What a wasteThey ruined Dragonball franchise name. This game will entertain for few days n let you play pvp well first , then you pay for characters and when you stop paying you will play an automated pvp. No more latest character you will ever get in free summons. Totally Garbage developer and management..Version: 3.12.0

Excellent, Except….I know I had written a review a couple of months ago, and I had said this game was awesome. But after having it for a while a few problems started to arise. Firstly, there is no balancing when it comes to the PVP mode. There needs to be a balancing system where older and more experienced players are matched against each other. Because it seems that every time I would get in a match, the person I would be fighting would have like five legends limited characters. Which brings up my second reason. Now that I have read some of the other reviews, I fully agree that the summoning system has a little kink. When you first start the game usually you get an extreme or even a sparking character after a few summons. But it’s like once you have this game for a month, you don’t get anything but a few hero class characters. Which aren’t to bad, but is really frustrating to fight with when you have to go against people with legends limited characters. It would just make it easier if they made it easier just a little longer for newbies. On the other hand the team that works on this game are very concentrated on making this the best possible dragon ball game experience for everyone. I still love this game and would recommend downloading. I believe with a few minor fixing this game can reach top of the mobile gaming world..Version: 3.8.1

Make the summoning more better and fix cell ASAPCELL SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO RENCARNATE HIMSELF IN PVP MATCHES BECAUSE ITS UNFAIR. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW PLEASE AND THX. Also only 2 fusions should be in a party and they should have better drops so everyone can use fusions so people can have more fun because the game right now is not fun just makes people mad every just plays single player events and story mode because of this. It’s not fair to let a few people have so many fusions and let the majority of the players not. And why is it that when a person buys Chorno crystals they get a better drop and plus why is it that when u get a good summoning animation like bar-dock or vegeta and goku together People get a bad summoning like cmon and when u get the same bad character in a summoning twice or triple in a row. 😡😡😡😡😡🙄and when I wanna do a pvp I always come across a person with all fusions and I have no fusions like cmon. But the game is good but u gotta face the facts and fix the game and the pvp where it’s better and funner like I always come across a person with one or more fusions bro like u have to be the luckiest person ever too have all fusions like I can’t even com across a super sayian god goku at vegeta like cmon. But for real fix the game.Version: 2.14.0

Good game but can’t transferI had deleted db legends for storage and when I redownloaded it when I had enough storage and tried to reconnect my Apple/game Center ID, it wouldn’t do so and now I am enraged and want to become a coder making it able to save the data because I was so far in the game with multiple +*7 characters and even a fully awakened ultra instinct Goku now I am really sad that my Game Center ID couldn’t reconnect and lost months of work I am very disappointed that I lost all this work so please Bandai I know this is an amazing game but make the Apple / Game Center ID’s linkable.Version: 4.8.0

Events and StoryI love this game. I play it every single day and there’s so many fun characters to play with and so many fun events to play. They do a great job keeping up with new events for the players and coming out with new characters. Very easy to play for free but buying characters does help. The only complaint I have for this game is that I don’t play PvP that often and I would love to see the story part of the game be updated more frequently. I would also like to see more playable events at a time instead of just one. I’ve already beaten all the events they put out because it’s so addicting, but the events and story modes is super dry recently. I would love to see the legends developers put out more content more frequently for people who don’t like to play PvP that often. Also they used to put hard and even scream modes on existing events and stories so that we can go through them again and I haven’t seen that done in a while. I’ve been playing for almost 500 days straight and it’s gotten to a point where I just log in to do the daily challenges and the bonus once a day levels on the current events and then log off..Version: 2.7.0

Not enough crystals awardedI have been playing this game for over 1 and a half months and have been playing it every single day since the day I have downloaded it. It is the best game I have ever played and for that reason I award it 5 stars even though I wanted to award it 4 stars, not every game is perfect and there is only one flaw I see with this game, no where near enough or no crystals are awarded for missions completed which makes it almost impossible to be able to get SP characters via summoning If you don’t purchase the crystals which then it’s pretty expensive especially when the chances of getting an SP via even the consecutive summoning is extremely difficult.Version: 1.10.1

My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone..Version: 4.2.0

Love itPerfect game.Version: 4.16.0

Fix the gameSo I really enjoyed the game I play for 322 days now but the problems is that at the beginning of the game when I’m just starting playing the game everything was fine until i started to keep getting kick out of the game over and over again stoping me form playing game what’s made it worse was that I spent money on the game around £30 because I enjoy the game until it happens and I always hope that they fixed this and listen to the people that also have the problems and try everything to make the game stop crashing I clean my Storage and check my WiFi making sure it’s run smoothly but it not even that it the game it self I can say this because their are others people out there that have the same problems so I ask is please fix your game thank you for hearing my out.Version: 2.8.1

Rating MatchesOkay so, I understand that this just may be because I’m trash. However, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX RATING MATCHES. By fixing them I mean instead of letting someone at BR (Battle Rank) 40 fight someone at BR 50. Just make it so that you can only fight people that are the same battle rank as you (excluding friends.) It’s unbelievably annoying to be say battle rank 46 and have to fight a dude who’s spent god knows how much money on the game. Although knowing that this game is backed by a company these words are falling upon deaf ears. I just wanted to at least know that I said this..Version: 3.5.0

Great game. :)So found this by acident and been playing for quite awhile got an awsome roster and havent had to pay all that much, which ive found to be rare in these type of games so thank u to guys who made it, as the in app stuff is fully optional as in u can buy if u wish to support the people but not necessarily needed to get a good team, only real complaints is waiting on the story (nitpicky sorry people xD) and just that multiplayer can be a tad hard to connect as for some reason when i use my best and strongest team it just cant find anyone but when i switch to weaker charcters i get put up agianst guys at the level of my old ones, still overall an amazing game :) and i love the story with shallot wish i had more stuff to custmize though like armour colour but overall happy with him.Version: 1.30.0

So BADPlayers would know that the game has a currency called chrono crystals. One uses this for summons, which give you characters to play with. You can either buy this or earn it. There are ways to earn it, but once you finish those you have no way of getting the crystals, which only leaves one option: buying them. this game might be free to play, but it is pay to win. The party that makes me mad is the summons. The amount of luck you need to pull a sparking character is unbelievable. I haven't pulled a sparking in so long. It just gives me heroes and extremes and it's getting very boring at this point. The game only gives the good characters to those who pay. Unless you're a game whale, then don't play..Version: 1.28.0

Great game but AI cheatsGreat game mostly, pvp is either a good game, a lag fest or a cheater, with more of the latter the higher in rank you go. PvE has a cool story but some of the challenges (such as challenge rush) use AI that abuse instant timing against your own actions and can dodge your attacks when usually the game would not allow it (such as vanishing after using a special or ultimate) which causes frustration as a hard earned win can turn into a frustrating loss..Version: 1.37.1

Great game some bugsGreat game I’ve been playing since it came out almost non stop. The only real issue I have with the game is the dash step in pvp it’s ridiculous and there is nothing fun about watching someone beat on me and switch characters to continue to beat on me without me getting a single turn occasionally I’ll get lucky and land a few hits but 80% of the battles I do I don’t even get to have a turn it needs fo be removed or atleast toned down..Version: 3.10.0

Good but problems PVPI’ve played DBL on a pretty constant basis since 2018 and have enjoyed playing it a lot. My main complaint with the game is the PVP. Once you get to around rank 40 and above all you see is SSGSS Vegitos and SSJ2 Gohan Red at like 7 stars and above. It really takes the fun out of it because it makes players like myself with like max of 2-5 star units almost impossible to win because of their damage output. I would like it if there was an easier way to get better units rather then just spending lots of money if you want a better chance of getting them. I understand it’s a gacha game but surely there’s a point to draw the line and help out F2P players. Apart from that the story is good, the events are challenging but fun. Overall a good game.Version: 2.12.0

FusionI love this game since I got it it has practically been my life I hope you add bits like a super special move for instance if you have Goku Black and zamasu on your team a move that involves you to have both rising rush and 100 energy then a movie pops up and you click it and it fuses the two characters and they stay like that for 2 minutes but there power makes them even stronger than the two unfused plz.Version: 1.26.0

GreatGreat game, any reason why cell games only goes up to battle 30 when theres a reward for battle 50? Will this be added later?.Version: 1.29.0

SOMEONE ADD A TRADE BUTTONI love this game and would really recommend it but.... I have worked so hard to get someone and my friend gets it so I thought if you add a trade button on friends it would make it so much more if you add that and I have a character to send to them as well so I thought here are some rules you could use 1, you can only trade with your friends 2, you can only trade up to five charcters or zenkai souls and what have you 3, if you get a character you do not want you are able to say no and get another chance to trade the character you want In conclusion I think you really need that option if you want me to give it five stars otherwise I would ok..Version: 2.19.0

FANTASTICI love dragon ball but I think there should be a sell thing where you can sell your characters for chrono crystals and the chrono crystals that you get for example for heros you get 10 chrono crystals and then extremes you get 100 chrono crystals then sparkings you get 1000 chronor crystals.Version: 2.4.0

One of greater mobile games, that I adore and love.This game felt really strange to me when I just started playing, because I enjoyed it so much. I was a bit unsure about this game at first since I thought it would just be a cash grab and a p2w game, but I was pleasantly surprised. Characters have beautiful animations and look absolutely gorgeous. Summons are also not hard to get, you can get crystals very easily to get more characters and there is even a daily discounted pack that doesn’t cost much crystals. It does have a store where you can buy crystals, but I have only bought from the store once and I have been playing since February 2019. PvP is super fun in this game, testing out your sweet new sparking characters feels amazing, special abilities look fantastic and you can even have your own customisable character. The events mode in this game can unlock you some extreme or sparking characters, which is very nice. The story mode is fine for me since I always pay attention to the story but I do wish the difficulty for hard mode would be buffed to offer some extra challenges. So this concludes my review for a game I have been playing for months. Great game!.Version: 1.32.0

AmazingThe game is just amazing.Version: 4.16.0

Great game but small bugsThe game is great every thing about the game is great but there comes some times where small bugs annoy me for example if I’m opening a sparking guaranteed pack and the game says error occurred because I’m fairly new to Dragon Ball legends and once I open that pack and that happens I don’t have that many sparking characters and it’s very frustrating because I’m losing A character that I need and letting you people that are reading this just saying this has happened to me 4 times.Version: 1.25.0

My favorite gameEver since I got it, I’ve been addicted to trying to get new characters and trying them in PVP, I always grinned so much for characters like the ultra units, but there is one issue, can you please fix the long loading screens.Version: 3.12.0

Banners and gameFirstly, the game is the best I would recommend it to anyone find a fun and exciting dragon ball game but there is one problem at least for me and surely others. You had to buy the tickets with real money for the 2020 banner event! I’m fine with other banners needing to buy but the 2020 banner? There are people like me who can’t buy stuff all the time but did you have to make the 2020 Banner, a NEW YEAR banner another one you had to buy from the shop? I don’t know if this is a marketing strategy but you have to at least do some single summon and multi summon using chrono crystals.Version: 2.1.0

Amazing 😃😄😁This is by far the most incredible Drangonball Z game for mobile I’ve ever played or seen and I’ve been waiting for a new game that I would actually like to come out in the App Store and finally the ultimate Dragonball Z game is here it’s got absolutely stunning graphics and smooth gameplay and an awesome roster of characters to obtain my only issue with the game is the fact that there’s no offline game mode it would be absolutely fantastic if it had something like an offline verses mode where you have the ability to continue using the characters you’ve already obtained from online play and use other characters that haven’t been obtained yet kind of like a try them before you find them deal, also please make this game compatible with my iPhone 5s before I get a notification telling me I can’t play anymore because I’ve already got one of my favorite characters obtained plus two - three hours of gameplay and it truly blow not being able to play this epic game ever again especially after getting as far as I have with the obtained characters and storyline but seriously please make this compatible with iPhone 5s and create like an offline mode add-on or something please guys I really want to be able to give and show my support for this work of art that is Drangonball Legends..Version: 1.8.0

This is the Best Game on the App Store, trust me.At first I was recommended this game by a friend at my school who said they got an update, so I downloaded it with low expectations because it was a mobile game and I’m a ps4 gamer. I download the game and skip through the tutorial then to find that I have 1,000 crystals. I spend it on summons and I get something I thought was good, but it was garbage. For some reason, I really wanted to play again and give summoning another shot during lunch. I played with my friend helping me and I did the challenges. When I got home I started playing and there it was, I was hooked. The game as an overview has such amazing graphics, not just for a mobile game, but it has amazing graphics compared to the old games I played like 2k and black ops. This game provides a lot of updates, so the devs are very respectable. It give out a lot of free things like amazing login bonuses like no other game does, it makes everything easy, has outstanding custom support and has completely changed my view of gaming. The stories are great, the balance and hyped banners with fighters they add are great. Everything you can imagine, dragon ball fan or not, is right in this game. I have went to using my PS4 for about 8 hours a day, to not using it at all, because this game is so fun. So to the dragon ball legends team, thank you for changing how I view mobile games, how I view dragon ball games, and changing my life. Download this game now. 10/10.Version: 2.15.0

Great game!I love this game and I don’t really have any problems in it the story is great it has you hanging on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next it leaves you questions like will shallot survive can he defeat his enemy and what’s his next form? I love seeing shallot grow from a no good fighter to being able to defeat strong people! Also I love that you have people from the anime and that you go in order with the saga’s you update it every week or so witch is nice I wish you would update the story more I know you guys work your butts off so we can be entertained but on most updates you don’t add to the story but I know it’s hard to think of what are we going to do next that’s the only thing cause I am so excited to see what happens next! PVP is good I like training mode so I can see what my character will be like at maximum power I also love the events and co-op missions you have so many character to play as but I think you should add mastered ultra instinct goku I’d really love to see him other than that this is the best game in the App Store I love it so much I play it all the time it’s so addicting no adds whatsoever it’s not pay to win it’s the perfect game. Thank you guys for working hard for our entertainment good job and I can’t wait to see what comes next..Version: 2.16.0

Add this pleaseI’m sick of wasting my rare metals, crystals and anything I can use to buy souls and boost my units and end up with way to many extra souls but they add a thing so u can trade the soul for little amounts of Zeni when I already have billions and have no need for anymore. One last thing please let me accept all my reward at once instead of me having to accept one reward and having to wait for the stuff to reload and then do it again for 15 different things Did this in a rush so mind the grammer and if my typing didn’t make sense.Version: 3.8.1

Great game but couple of annoyancesI’ve had the game since it’s basically been released and love the story. Love it all really, PVP, training, adventures, even all the characters And don’t really have any complaints with any of it. My annoyances are the crystals, when the events are on it’s fine because you can really work for them however other than that, you don’t really get them (once completing story challenges) but you spend them all so easily on Summoning.. and get very little in return. I’ve spent about 4/5k worth of crystal and only received about 2 new characters only being of the hero status. I wish there was a guarantee of a new character or at least a guarantee of a valuable character. Because I now have nothin to show from all these summoning events. Very disheartening..Version: 1.12.0

Learning from others mistakesThis game takes the card collecting concept of Mk and injustice and combines it with the rock, paper, scissor class system of MCOC all while only using currency as a means to unlock and boost characters from the small roster. The only thing I’ve spent currency on is character cards (you get plenty of currency by logging in daily and completing events etc) and even duplicates feel satisfying since they give characters big stat boosts. My only gripe is that the ‘dynamic’ combat is a bit slow in responsiveness (like transformers forged to fight(input read fails)) and the ai can be super cheap at times, but the card setting aspects and character swapping/evading is really neat and the cinematic finishers and specials really pay homage to the anime. Also the pvp is very laggy but very rewarding as it gives you resources to boost characters and buy resources with. Can’t wait for future character releases and updates, very solid basis thus far..Version: 1.7.0

An honest reviewThis game is outstanding,I ‘ve never seen a game quite like this in.A long time. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, sometimes when I get a sparkling character or in the broly event I was able to get broly, also alot of the characters that I want to level up and play with I ‘m not able to play or see my characters, like for example my final form freiza and other characters. I ‘m only able to play with my final form freiza because of auto select and thats the only one that I can’t see but play with. But thats the only thing that I can see thats wrong with this game. Besides that the game is amazing.Version: 2.0.0

Current state of the gameI actually love the game and it’s really fun to play. The only reason this is a one star is because the current state of the game and p2w features have gone too far. Adventures in this game take too much time and effort to complete for rewards they used to give us for logging into the game everyday. No one likes this grindy bs Bandai, fix it. Another terrible system in this game is zenkai awakenings. It’s a good idea on paper but it got rid of the old way they used to balance old units which was to simply buff them like any normal game and everyone would have access to that character buff. Now you must have the character at 7 stars to actually try to zenkai them and it takes a while to grind. The bad part is that you can’t grind all the levels and instead have to buy awakening z power with crystals on a banner. On average it cost 20k-25k crystals to max a single unit depending on your luck. This is simply ridiculous when you realize after maxing our these characters, they become the best in the game and since this is the new way to buff characters and there is a lot of old units the crystals add up fast. Something needs to change if this game wants to grow and support its player base. Even the p2w whales of the game agree the system is total bs..Version: 2.1.0

A gameThis is a game and you can play it.Version: 4.17.0

This bug will change the gameThe game itself is good don’t get me wrong but I had the hero tapion and I summoned the event again and got him again but it saying I just got him when I been had him 3 stars so he should be at 6 stars but is still at 3. can you plz fix this.Version: 4.6.0

EnjoyableYes. Very.Version: 1.6.0

DblI didn’t expect much because my dad just introduced me to dragon ball, I logged onto the game. It took me a few months to get into it, I was addicted after I got my first legends limited super saiyan 2 gohan. I found my self playing more and more until it was part of my daily routine logging on and playing for hours. The PvP in this game is just awesome there is so many different combos of characters to choose from and the movement is the best you will see in a mobile game. If your new however playing story mode would be your best option to get used to the game. To get better characters you use the in game currency called chrono crystals what you use to summon characters in this game, you can earn them by playing story mode and limited time events. This is a top mobile game and if you love dragon ball this should be your number 1 choice.Version: 4.11.0

This game is awesomeWho ever made this game is amazing at making games like this one the one thing I like about this game is that there are some of the most strongest men who have the power to kill 1,000 people in just with a power punch. The second part I like about this game is that there is pvp battles and you can vr’s computers and people online. If you have the courage to get this game it would be a fun and awesome game that you maybe like a all the people around the world. When you are playing the game it feels like you are in the game maybe you are because you are controlling the person who is in front of you. I would give this game a 4 star because they did a awesome job of making games like this. I wish I would be in the game because it looks cool and you would maybe play like the person who you were controlling. This is a game we’re you can lose or win ether one you can be the best out of your family if they have this game they should have this game if they want to because I prefer this game then the game Among us it is just vote the imposter and kill other people in the area. I love this game I hope you guys make like a game of you play with your friends and battle them. Thank you for this awesome game.<3.Version: 4.10.0

I got a big problem with this game But it still love itEvery this about this game is so cool by the way to play the game to how much of it’s related to the actual anime the characters have the right power level the way the link card so they are more powerful as a team That you have more then one way of getting chrono crystals The storyline is amazing please don’t skip all the story cause I know they put a lot of hard work into it. But the reason I an giving this a 4/5 stars is because those level 50 battles give you 1000 chrono crystals once you completed all 50 battle but all the time for the past 4 banners those have come I was able to do it as it was to hard to complete as I couldn’t get the battle Bonus feature units which give an extra 200% damage inflicted up So the point I am try to get a cross is that is you could increase the chance of getting both feature units by like 2.5% or 5% In the normal banners and in the 5 ticket one by like 5% or 7.5% I know this might be a big ask but you don’t have to do it by those percentages maybe a bit less but please Increase the drop rate if the feature units Thanks for reading my review and if the team at dragon ball legends headquarters are reading this could you please take this into account.Version: 1.40.0

GreatI love this game it’s dbz which is my favriote show but two very minor problems which I know will be fixed no dragon ball super characters so no super sayin blue goku/vegeta or golden frieza this is probably due to the fact that this game is still getting its story done and not focusing that much on characters but there is still a focus and on the topic of the story it is short and only 2 parts as of right now but I assume it will be continued and I love the story deep and engaging you feel for the characters because you see them in the show and you see them now with shallot and the conversations and when shallot goes super sayin that was sick 🐉 when the rest of the story comes out and when the characters are from super then I will rate 5 stars ⭐️.Version: 1.19.0

AWESOME GAME(some problems)The game is good but kinda rigged, you have to add raids and different game modes because it kinda repeats a bit and quite addicting but for the raid it can be 4-6 people. The bugs need to be fixed it is quite frustrating. When I do a consecutive summon I should only be able to get a different character instead of the same one I have. There should be a game mode when about every month we get to pick a sparking character we want more of so that balances everything out a little bit. I have checked people reviews and you need to fix the bugs immediately. But overall, this is a great game!😊.Version: 2.17.0

Character summons is a jokeI have spent thousands of dollars buying chrono crystals trying to get new characters when they hit - yet - all I get is maybe 1 new one out of 230 character summon attempts. In the most recent step up Summons I have gone through the cycle 4 times and got only 1 new character. I get they need to keep us interested and hooked on something- but some of us are just DB tragics and will keep playing regardless. Maybe if they increased the availability of crystals in things like adventures or bonus battles or something????. The latest is you pay for Z power - what a joke. More GT content and characters needed. Especially the ssj 4 Goku and Vegeta. ( if you can land them.) probably will never land them like the ssj3 Goku - legend limited and new ssj Blue Vegeta. Some of us just want to fight with new characters. Instead of offering the same character 3 or 4 different ways..... Only downside and will eventually annoy me enough to stop playing..Version: 2.0.0

Amazing game but drop rates are the best right nowReally good game Been play should since it came about 2 yrs ago so I’ve seen it all from the first transformation cac to the first legends limited but I have realise that the drop rates have gotten a bit worse throughout its life but now where near as bad as naruto blazings drop rates but what I’m really here to talk about is the new mode called legends royal and it is amazing and I recommend it for new player so they can see how strong there fighters can get when they max them out over a all good game but just take your time with the story okay because the last story you released was very small just don’t worry about the impatient players and put some Time and love into the next chapter.Version: 2.11.0

It’s a good game but needs a bit more improvements. Definitely worth downloading and playing thoughOk so I’m a day 1 player and a decent spender, I have most of the big time LF’s and zenkai’s which is pretty good. The gameplay design itself is very fun and the game itself is very addicting and for a new player there are lots to do and loads of in-game currency to grind but my problem is there’s barely anything for the old players. Unfortunately this game is slowly becoming more pay to play then a mixture of free to play and pay to play. I think if the option is there to pay then go for it but there should be more options for people who don’t want to spend money on the game. I only choose to pay because I don’t play many other games but there really does need to be more events or things to grind out crono crystals. I believe the UST Rush should be reset weekly not every 2 weeks and you should be able to get 1k cc from it, the rates/units should be updated for the UST rush ticket banner too. I think LF units should come out every 2-3 months at the least and a raid where you can get another 1k cc every 1-2 weeks.Version: 2.18.0

The Game is A Must Play But Some Thoughts BeforeDragonball Legends has been one of my favorite games period since I first started playing which was I believe back in 2020 or 2019. The game is amazing and the story draws you in, the characters look amazing and sound cool, the battling system is simple but fun. Also the events the developers in Japan spend weeks/days to make also add more fun to the game and give new players a chance to get cool and fun prizes. Now some of the down sides, when doing summons for new characters it’s kind of finicky because, I’ve done some of the summons about 30-40 times and haven’t been able to pull the person I wanted and they were given a better chance of getting, the PVP system for players is flawed because due to chance a beginner could be facing someone who has played the game for a long time and it’s really unfair and down heartening. Also the option to unlink your accounts was changed and it’s kind of complicated so when I wanted to unlink one of my alt accounts from my apple account or google account I can’t because the system is a bit complicated. But at the end of the day the game is a fun, and thrilling game and Shallot being a funny but meat-headed character like Goku makes it all the better.Version: 4.6.0

I don’t get why people are so angry.I’ve been seeing a lot on Twitter about eating this game bad so they’ll give free chrono crystals. The thing about this game is while it’s kind of pay to win. It’s really not. If you work hard enough, play the game enough, and participate in events then it shouldn’t be difficult to save up your chrono crystals to get who you want in the game. I have about everyone I want. All my favorites. All they need to add is corrupted zamasu and mastered ui and if I get both then I’ll have everyone of my favorite characters. My friends don’t play this anymore because They don’t have people that are their favorites. But I do so I enjoy the game greatly. I work hard on it and save my chrono crystals. I don’t waste them. Also if you are new don’t buy a pack unless it’s new and it guarantees a sparking. If it doesn’t guarantee it then don’t spend 1000 chronos on a bad chance. But either way I love this game. It’s way better than dokkan battle(I hate that game like it’s just a bunch of pictures floating around playing candy crush, it’s stupid) the animations are phenomenal. And no it does not get old. If you appreciate hard work enough then you’ll have a fun time playing this game. Thank you..Version: 2.18.0

Why it’s the best and how to playIt’s the best dragon ball mobile game it’s a rpg game and very fun there is a story to it to learn about the main character of the game his name is shallot he is a saiyan that crossed space time and he doesn’t know what happened so he’s in the middle of no were and meets with goku and they became friends. The game is very fun you can unlock all your favorite characters from the anime and battle them in the pvp mode you go against people around the world you can test how good you are and also there’s events there are many events for example you can grind up your characters and items to train them and other events that you fight the same character but they get stronger and stronger. The other events are story so you can play that too. To unlock all your favorite characters you have to go to the summon area and you need to get crystals tho to unlock crystals by doing the story or events once you get enough you can summon characters sparking are the best ones. there is a new mode it’s called co op you and a partner team up against a really strong villain that has lots of health that’s why you need a partner to be able to defeat them when you win you get rewards some of them are credit to spend those go to exchange shop and find the ones you have. You can add your friends in that game too and you can battle them to see who is more stronger or just fight for fun. Well that’s all I have to say goodbye and enjoy dragon ball legends..Version: 2.8.1

Good gameI really like this game even though i haven't watched Dbz. My friend got me hooked on this game and my favourite character by far is Goku black super saiyan Rosé.Version: 4.16.0

Epic as FORK!Great game great animations, and great gameplay. Pay to win obviously, but you should all this by now. Lick some life and bounce some balls. Get wrecked..Version: 4.16.0

Unbelievable!!The graphics of this game is off the charts......!! Being a dragon ball series fan I was just stunned as to how detailed this game was both in terms of gameplay and graphics. The story in this game makes u feel like you are living your anime dream. Don’t think I will ever stop playing this game.I deleted all the games in my cell phone as I stopped playing those when I found this game!! Awesome work guys!!! Would definitely recommend it to everyone!!.Version: 2.16.0

WowTrès bon jeux je recommande.Version: 1.6.0

Dragon ball fanThis is my favorit dragon ball game for mobile.Version: 4.16.0

Great game, some things need to changeGet rid of leaver punishment. Please for the love of god. Its such a pointless system. Before this, pvp was a good place where you’d only occasionally get a cheater who’ll draw the game out, or someone who’ll dc cheat the game and get free points, but now theres none of that, and instead theres just people all over the internet complaining about their ban times and being unable to participate in seasons. Bandai, if you refuse to remove this system, it needs to be changed. You can’t assume everyone who leaves a game is either a cheater or someone toxic who rage quit. Unlike you, its not our jobs to be on your games 24/7. If we gotta dip in a rating match, sometimes we gotta dip in a rating match. And i understand if that receives a penalty of points and a SHORT timer, but removing someone from the possibility of earning pvp rewards when they’re good enough to deserve them? Come on, man. This may just look like some complaint from a random guy, but please. Nobody likes the long timers. Nobody would rather sit through a super long timer than not have to deal with cheaters. Come up with a different system. Please. 2 extra stars for gameplay and character team, keep up the good work in those departments..Version: 1.30.0

Listen..This is a very very fun game, but i had 4 “4 force of saiyans goku” tickets after doing step 1,2 and 3. Step one gives u one ticket, step 2 gives 1 ticket, and step 3 gives 2 tickets. That is 4 tickets right? However one mission asked me to win in co-op 10 times and i would get another “4 force of saiyans goku” ticket so i would have 5 so i could summon. I won in co-op 10 times, i claimed my mission with the ticket, when i went into the summon store to summon, there was only 4 tickets. please help me out.Version: 2.1.0

Very fun but…The game itself is fun, it has well thought out mechanisms. The art on units are just too good as well as the animations and 3D character design. At the start the game is very easy to progress, getting more Chrono Crystals to summon for new units and make your roster stronger, however as you get near to the end of completing story and events, progression slows down a lot. You struggle to earn crystals and not many events/story missions come out to aid this that often. That being said, it’s possible to get a sufficient amount of crystals nearer to finishing story and events, but it slows down significantly compared to starting the game. Newer players also get 3 guaranteed LEGENDS LIMITED character when starting the game which will give a huge boost to progression and fairplay. Goes to show that the developers are thinking about new players. I get it’s hard to roll out a bunch of story missions very often, but at least a more frequent means of getting crystals for older players..Version: 3.12.0

Day one playerGreat game been playing since release and the game gets better and better but they do make mistakes, and the monetisation of the game has become very large and frustrating for a mainly free to play player, tho over the years I have spent over £200 in this game and yet I struggle to keep up when I am faced against a new whale. I hope this trend doesn’t continue to monetise everything in the game if so I will have to stop playing since launch. They have a great thing here they should add in more f2p stuff/events where we can grind for more crystals like how the game originated. The gap between f2p players and whale players keep widening, too soon the gap will be so large the f2p players which are the majority of players will drop off and the game will die. But I’m hopeful for the future. If u Ignoring the Blanton GIMME MONEY of the app it’s a great game..Version: 3.0.0

Too slowThis is a really good game, however with the new update made the game really slow for some reason, for example: if i press any button its would take more than atleast 5 seconds to load and keeps showing ‘connecting’ or ‘loading’ when normally it should be instantaneous. As a result it really slows down my gameplay and its hard to farm gems. The transitions are too slow from one screen to another. And i wouldn’t blame my internet because that works perfectly fine, and I wouldn’t say its my storage either. Furthermore, i suggest the develooers make more shortcuts or backtracking in this game, which also slows me down. Specially when it comes to soul boosting, when i run out of it and go click on a match but try to go back it would take me somewhere other than the soul boost..Version: 2.16.0

Best game i have ever played on mobileI am a dragon ball fan . When i found dragon ball legends i thought it would turn out like a card game card game with bad graphics and high glitch until i got into the game it was realy smooth no lag no hackers its a realy clean game . I love the story line about shallot and zahha they are both realy cool characters . I like how you can get different options for download packs and even the smallest download pack is still pretty good i have been playing this game every day for 95 days and straight and i am addicted to the game . I love how there are lots of different variations of most characters for example there is a namek goku which transforms from base form to super saiyan and there is another version of namek goku where he is only super saiyan or a version of piccolo from the fight with raditz where when you tap on his ability he takes off his weighted armour and gets buffs and does more damage and and his ultimate attack is special beam cannon which pierces through your enemies chest but if your enemy is low enough health to die from that special beam cannon it puts a special animation where goku holds your enemy from behind and sacrifices him self to kill your enemy just like he did for raditz.Version: 2.19.0

Pls don’t do this to us iphone 6 players 🥺🥺🥺Pls can u don’t remove this thing i mean, to support this game forever on iphone 6 pls 🥺🥺 i luv your games and i support you guys forever,and please can you guys fix the crush is so annoying 😖 bcs this game is soo cool it doesn’t need crashes.Version: 2.8.1

Needs some workI absolutely have love for this game no matter how mad it gets me I still come back to it and play because it is so fun. (Tips) you guys should ban the lag switchers because it ruins our fun :( I see big YouTubers playing this game and finding at least one laggy match in a video and it ruins everybody’s fun (please do something about it) I would absolutely recommend you guys gives us more new events so we can get crystals (for f2p) because we barely have any crystals to summon on the new banners and miss out on all the fun except the people that have money to buy the crystals, or you can make it cheaper to buy crystals cause 40 dollars for only 2000 crystals is not fair since we mostly get shafted 😢😢. Please make it so we can send the people our own custom messages in PvP that would be so awesome 😎. Please make like a guild chat so we can chat to our guild members (example) that we need it. We need that because let’s say that someone is not gaining points for the guild and not being very active we can give them a warning or tell them to get more points for the guild and they might get more points instead of automatically kicking them out. For people who like to grind and like dragon ball I really recommend this game!!! Give it a try. lol.Version: 2.14.0

The best game EVERI think it’s a very good game and there are a lot of ups about this game but I have 2 downs one of them being that it’s so hard to get gems in late game like part 5 and up so I can’t really grind anymore so in the story mode make ten gems per Challenge complete and last but not least some characters are to OP for certain events such as LF cooler is Op for the raid boss event so can you please fix them please otherwise it’s such a good game I would give it an 1 million star if I could.Version: 4.9.0

Glow upBefore today feb 23 I was not really playing db legends and focused more on Dokkan but since the huge update today I been grinding crazy so many more events and better pull rates I have been playing all day and I love the style of the game now it’s finally fun again Ty legends for finally recognizing this and making it big and Better plz don’t stop doing stuff like this I’m and OG forever.Version: 4.17.0

My opinionPersonally I’ve really enjoyed the game so far on how it’s progressed throughout the various updates and fixes, I especially love the new combat system they’ve added and how they’ve adjusted the vanish step for more strategic gameplay, however I was really exited for the anniversary especially the new units as the majority of the community was, but super vegito is just far too strong for some characters to compete against and how rare he is, it’s understandable how rare they’ve made him considering how powerful he is but he is far too strong in my opinion, the other new units are reasonably balanced and counteract one other for example golden Frieza is incredible against ssgss goku but ssgss vegeta is amazing against golden Frieza due to the elemental factors but super vegito just destroys anything if I’m begin honest even yellow elements and the only was of defeating him is via rising rush. Again this is my personal opinion but I suggest that he requires some tweaking to him or some other nerf he could revive. Overall everything else is fine I just think he disturbs the balance and enjoyment some players may receive because of this..Version: 1.34.0

Minor problems but other than that its greatVery well made game. But in mid-game the game just crashes and in pvp I get a warning for no reason when my game crashes. Please fix this..Version: 1.37.1

I don’t have a game better than this one!I don’t think I’ve ever played such an addictive fighting game on mobile as it appeals to me in a way that no other fighting games does. I hope they carry on bringing out awesome banners. And also for those of us that don’t use our debit and credits cards on the game, I appreciate that you’re giving us ways to earn Chrono Chrystals to keep up with the rest of the players out there (whales). The only problem I have is when you lose connection during a pvp and you lose the match (which makes you lose up to 150 points which is crucial if your trying to level up) and the lag can sometimes be atrocious, this might be due to bad connection in your area but sometimes it isn’t. And also I’d appreciate it if past round 30 you would keep pitting us against rivals our level instead of people who have maxed out every equipment and character but nonetheless I’m not complaining. Still love the game so keep up the good work!!!.Version: 1.33.0

Legends on phoneI have never rated any app in the app store if i could give beyond a 5 star ⭐️ rating i would. Awesome graphics great game play. Ive been playing for over a year straight it is very addictive and fun. So many ups about the game. I play the game soo much that i finish every story and missions if the developers can kindlyadd updates every 3 days for new story’s add more than 7 missions. And please increase the crystal count. Space time rush should be unlimited or updated every 3 days as its finished in less than an hour or 2. Also 1000 crystals are too much for summons maybe decrease as it takes forever to accumulate gems. Spent thousands of dollars for gems prices could be better and increased in daily one day per limit purchase would be appreciated i support your app and game please look after your customers and users and send daily gifts other than that best game on the app store nothing competes well done dbl team.Version: 2.17.0

Anything less is absurd…Firstly. Absolutely. Phenomenal. Game. Little story, my brother used to play this game along side me and we would just grind nightly for legit months. He passed away, and every time I see this game, the memories pour in. The art style, animations, voice lines, all are outdone. I read a few reviews were they stated people complain over the draw rate and chrono crystal (in game currency) cost. Every story mission you do, is a good assured 10. Each mission, has challenges which generally give up to another 15 ish. They have so so so many challenges no matter what you do, who you use, and or fight, your always raking in the profits. I’d say I’ve been playing this for about 2 months after not playing for a while, and I had to make a new account, and frankly, I have better stuff now, (with less time played) than I did then. I have like 12 LL (legends limited) characters. Which by the way, their super attacks, literally make you feel like a god. As I said, a little bit of time each day, and you could go from brand new, to lvl 114 as I have. And I’m still climbing. To sum it up, you like anime? You like fancy art and a light show when your about to lay the smack down? Then take not only my word, but I’m sure my brother would vouch as strongly if not stronger. To the creators of this game, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!! YOUR AMAZING 🫡.Version: 4.6.0

A great dragon ball gameI’m reading a lot of reviews and i notice some of them are out of date so let me give you the most up to date and informative review I can. This game is great if you’re looking for a more pvp-oriented, dragon ball fighting game with some skill involved and team set ups. If you are familiar with Dokkan Battle the game system is different and the graphics are amazing and does not use an orb system. They fixed a lot of pvp issues with the game like fast Rising Rush and what not. Now the summons are fine and are just like dokkan. I recommend picking teams and choosing what teams you want to run before summoning on banners. Sparking characters are good and so are legends limited but you really want to Zenkai units which are units that were old but have been buffed through zenkai awakening. This game can get P2W but it is F2P. It has one of the best stories i have played a gacha and all the units are amazing in this game. I can’t think of a better pvp dragon ball game out there. I will note this game can get very grindy for souls and materials to boost your characters so watch out for that. If you’re find with that then you should have no problem playing this game especially if you enjoy dragon ball..Version: 3.0.0

Mystery CharactersI was hoping to get Pikkon and sure enough, first time since downloading the app, I got him! Game is fun af to play, Can’t wait to get better and VS other players 😎🇳🇿.Version: 1.7.0

Z+ tier game like the equipment in your gameThis game would be Z+ tier if only I wasn’t waiting 15 minutes to queue for a comp match and still could get a match pls fix I don’t want to lose my battle ranking :(.Version: 4.2.0

It doesn’t work on my iPad?When ever I start the game it always lags and crashes?.Version: 2.18.0

One of the good gacha gamesI personally was not a fan of Dragon Ball so I didn’t expect much when I came into the game, and I got a lot of enjoyment from it. The combat is made so that even if you match against stronger teams you have a chance of winning (if you know how to play). Not only that but I only do the daily discounted singles and have 10,000 gems just sitting there, with a good range of SP characters. Farming to level up characters is made to be so easy that you only need to open the game for seconds to do so. I was able to make the original character lvl 2000 in just 5 days. Not only that but they also give out tickets like candy, from daily login rewards to daily challenges, if you do not want to be the best in the world and seek to just have fun this game is perfect for that, now the pay to win option is there for people who want to get to the top of the leaderboard, but in all honesty you can reach high pvp ranks without using your money. It’s all designed in a fair and balanced way so that everyone can have fun. I personally have faced off against pay to win players and I was able to win with my 7 day old account. This is all that I’ll say in this little review about the game, there is more but just play the game and you’ll understand why I love it. Just don’t expect it to be a PC game..Version: 1.27.0

More chrono crystal sources PleaseSo I read reviews and I thought some of these guys are right and some are wrong. This game Hands down the best IOS fighting game. You can fight other people or with other people. You can do events do guild missions and do a lot of good stuff. There is one problem lack of chrono crystal sources and lack of summon chances. So chrono crystals can be gotten from event or story. But I finished story and everything events have to offer. The prices of summons are ok but still a lack of sources. I ge there is weekend event but getting the character you want is kinda rare. Also there should be a thing once a month where a vote happens and whatever character is mostly voted for gets brought back for one week or however long the developers feel is right. Also summon rates I get it powerful character should get low chances but like not that low. Like for Super masters pack 5 LL Gogeta ssj4 is a 0.050 chance that is absurd. Also certain animations mean sparking but there should be a line. Cause I got goku doing Spirit bomb for summon and all I got was turles sparking. Another one I got whis rewinding time and all I got were sparking characters with no good stats or abilities to them. Other then that it is the best game I ever played on mobile. Keep up the good work and take some advice i said.Version: 4.10.0

AwesomenessThis is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played! I love dragon ball z so much I made my own version of it on Scratch. Any who I really enjoy this game and all I have to say is keep doing absolutely AMAZING!!!! William- age 10.Version: 2.10.0

Idea on New LF unitFirst I have to say this is an amazing game it’s my favorite, but I have an idea on a new LF unit, it’s super sayin 2 Majin Vegeta. His regular Ultimate attack he would Shoot a ki blast then the enemy would doge it grab vegeta by then neck and slam him towards the ground once they reach the floor the enemy will continue to hold him by the neck then out of anger vegeta( while being grabbed around the neck) forces his way to stand up and kneees him and then headbutts him, and that’s the regular one. For the legendary finish he should do everything the exact same except for when he forces his way to stand up, he will still force his way to stand up while his neck is getting grabbed, but instead of kneeing him he will let out a wave of energy that make the enemy lose his grip and pushes the enemy back, then he will get reminded of bulma and trunks(plz find a way to put them on the screen to show that he is thinking of them) he then self explodes, but this time he survives but barely. For the WIN screen plz show him limping and scars and damage all over his body also make his shirt half gone also to show how weak that self explosion made him take him out of super sayin 2 form and to his normal form. I don’t even know if u guys are gonna read this but it’s worth a try. Thx again ur game is great!!!!.Version: 2.8.0

Harsh criticismNow before I start I think that this is probably the best fighting game on the App Store. Great graphics and smooth gameplay but like the tittle implies I do have some things that need to be addressed for future updates of this game. To start things off I would like for y'all to get someone to play test these new hard events to see if it's too hard for the average joe to complete like the "character X can only play this stage" kind of thing. Second thing is that y'all need to change some of the event challenges because I feel that they're too tough on ya like the "can't sustain more than 400,000 damage" challenge and stuff like that. Finally I would love for y'all to have a gem deal where you can buy the featured character of a new summon pull without having to grind X amount of gems to summon a character that you really want but don't get because the RNG wasn't in your favor (I do know that y'all have a newcomer deal but what I'm saying is that we need another deal called the experts deal for the featured character of a new summon pull) other than that I love the game. I do understand if y'all can't do some of the stuff that I'm asking for you to do I just hope that you will be able to at least give us an experts deal in the gem shop..Version: 1.29.0

Good game butThis is a great game I love everything about it I got the game when it first came out I even got all my friends hooked on the game. But the game is slowly becoming more and more pay to win sure u can get good characters by saving your crystals but getting crystals when you have completed the story and the currently running events is tedious and time consuming. I’m not the only person who thinks this all my friends agree that u guys are asking us to spend 40 to do a consecutive summon once RIP OFF. People who want to get into the game expect losing to people in pvp who have better characters than you and not getting the specific character u want unless your really lucky or u have the crystals to spend..Version: 1.30.0

Amazing game but one thing is holding it back..This game in my opinion is amazing and it brought a new style of game to the dbz franchise but imagine this... you grind everyday every second for the new banner in summons you finally have 1000 chrono crystals you do a summon and you get all heroes for your hard work. I propose that we make getting chronos faster and better because people quit the game because of the difficulty level of getting them. I hope to see a improvement in the future 😊😊.Version: 3.6.1

1 enormous issue in an otherwise fun gameThe Story? Great fun and concept. The Events are extremely helpful. Summoning looks cool BUT have terrible rates& the rare medal addition is great. But the one ENORMOUS issue that really drags it down is PVP. Matchmaking is horrible, you’ll match up with people either way weaker or twice your level. Most fights have delays in game and it’s riddled with quitters to the point you hope for bots over actual people which is extremely sad. If you’re not a pvp person you’ll enjoy it. If you are and have played titles like FighterZ and xenoverse expect the same issues..Version: 1.26.0

Things could be better, but it is still good!Alright I think its about time i finally make a review on this app, I've been playing it for 3 years now, and so far I think legends is good at turning things around, the good F2P Gokus are a good beginners welcome gift, and i think that legends should try and make diverse characters that arent already in the game, for example, a character id adore to see is a Goku Black in Zamasus clothing, like how he first looked after switching bodies with goku, and possibly make him a F2P event, I would love that so much, and many others would too considering he is a F2P character, If not him make characters just diverse and not a remastered character, like a 3rd Goku Black or a 4th Hit the assassin, that and more minigames, sort of like the summons, that way besides normal battles and T.O.P mode, we have something new and a little extra to play, sort of like what you jokingly created for April Fools, the Vegeta squid dish game, or just anything else that can apply bonuses to you in a summon for example, like if you get a high score in an ping pong machine of Shallot, you can get like a sparking ticket or something, just more diversity overall is the goal.Version: 3.3.0

Really good gameDefinitely my favourite mobile game ever.Version: 4.17.0

Good game and great potentialThis game started out so well because of its predecessor dokkan battle which many players are familiar with. Many accomplishments and mistakes made in dokkan battle were taken into consideration when making this game. The fact that this game has many downloads even more than dokkan battle means that its off to a great start. This game combines summon characters rates and a one on one pvp. This already can make the game even greater in the future such as a 6 way player battle since characters can be switched like a tag team during game and when tournaments arrive in this game which it will, it will truly be a fun experience. This is all great however there must be balance in the game between those who spend alot of money and free to play players. People who have several dupes of one character because of money should not be playing with a free to play person because it would simply be unfair. Eventually there should be tournaments or modes where there can be an opportunity for players to show their own true skill. This would be being able to select any character and having a true fair match. This game is on a great path but the developers must always understand that there must be balance and equal opportunities for free to play players and those who spend money in game.Version: 1.8.0

Great game, but it has flawsSo lets start with the good stuff. The gameplay is easy to learn and very simplistic, perfect for a mobile game. The graphics also look great and the story so far is really interesting. On top of that, getting characters is easy and straightforward. But now the negatives. After a while, it becomes increasingly difficult to get crystals to summon characters, and right now the roster isn’t that great, though I’m certain that issue will be fixed in time. The biggest issue however is PvP, which really doesn’t work for a game like this. The connection tends to be very choppy at times and it is way too easy for one player to completely dominate the other. Normally the simple solution to this is to just not play the PvP mode, but the game locks so many missions behind PvP that getting Chrono Crystals at a decent rate becomes next to impossible once you complete all the story missions. I would recommend adding additional modes somewhere in the future, like a PvE mode or maybe even some kind of co-op mode if you really want to encourage players playing with each other, though I understand that this may be difficult as it is a mobile game, and therefore what you can do with it is somewhat limited. Overall, it’s a fun game that needs some more work..Version: 1.9.0

Good game but needs refreshingThis game is honestly one of the most fun games I’ve played on iOS. Gameplay, characters, moves and fighting offline or pvp is impressive. However this game has many drawbacks that is hindering its potential. Broly fury is hard to rank up cos supersoul drop rate is ridiculously low. I’m always coming up against him but I can’t rank mine up which is frustrating tbh. Improve drop rates for banners in summon. It’s a bit unfair that people who spend maybe 1-2K crystals through money and get good characters like gogeta blue, but those of us that save up crystals like me, end up getting ones that aren’t useful anymore cos everyone else has the best characters in the game. Have more summon that gives the average player a better chance at pulling a gogeta blue for example. Add more events. This game has been out for a year and the events are fun, but they can be refreshed. If good sparking units were added I’m sure more ppl would do them, because I’m sure ppl don’t want to use weak extreme units for pvp. Other than these, the game is awesome. For nostalgia too, this game is a 4 not a three as DBZ is the best anime ever🙌🏽..Version: 1.30.0

My thoughtsGame is awesome love it but can you make a change where you do a multi summon, you can have a higher chance of getting a sparking because I opened three multis to get super saiyen broly and got no sparking. Please make us get a higher chance.Version: 1.25.0

Change Goku: Youth’s voiceI love this game it is done almost perfectly and I love playing it. I think this game has perfect gameplay but the fact that you can only spend a certain amount of chrono crystals is ridiculous I think allowing the player to spend as much chrono crystals as they want would improve the game. Another down fall is the voice of the kids on the game, you need to change this. Young Goku is one of my favourite characters in the game and the dragon ball franchise and it pains me to hear his voice isn’t even remotely close to what it is in the show. I really liked his voice in the show and I think it suited him, but in this he sound like an annoying little rat baby. PLEASE CHANGE GOKU: YOUTH’S VOICE!!!.Version: 1.25.0

CrashesMy game crashes from time to time and it’s actually getting quite annoying not gonna lie just hope that you can fix it thanks.Version: 2.8.1

ImprovementsThis game has a lot of potential and more to come if they take the story from dragon ball super heroes add those characters and include Shallot in it or add story from movies or something. Where this game lost its star which would have been 5 if not for it is the fact that the MC Shallot is written in to do all this training and unlock super Saipan and what not further down yet as his soul boost card is fully 100% there isn’t any more perks for him to gain so he remains a quick and easy punch bag even on the missions where he is the one with the element advantage one succession of attacks leaves him below half health where as any other character that has been 3 starred up or higher can take a full set of 4 card attacks and remain fairly healthy still so they need to add attributes or something to the gear he is allowed to wear for armor and back pieces or scouters rather than be just basic cosmetics so that shallot can get more health or attack from it they just need to make sure it can be transmog if we wanted so like I said tons of potential but seems to be lacking especially with the MC why I played xenoverse so long was to build my own MC story not live in the life of a known character otherwise what’s point in making shallot able to go god form ??.Version: 2.17.0

.Yes.Version: 4.16.0

Kinda of boringOnce you finish the story which is very short there really isn’t much els to do and no one even plays ranked waste of time if you ask me this game was such a disappointment.Version: 1.6.0

About time !I’ve never written a review on a game/app in the whole 5+ Years I’ve been using the App Store, but this game is just awesome, simple as that, never thought Pokémon Go could be out done but this has out done it, great gameplay, great graphics, great story, events to keep you busy while waiting for the next story to be uploaded, just awesome, the ONLY thing I have to say, and it’s not even exactly a complaint, but I wish there was more characters in the game, I’m sure in the future there will be, Turles, Cooler and a few others just recently got put in the game, but I’d love to see Cell, Metal Cooler, All the Androids (17,18 etc), Teen/Ultimate Gohan and more characters from Dragonball Super, I just love the game so much that I want even more from it lol!, awesome stuff guys, great game.Version: 1.10.1

I played for sooo longBut I will still vote five stars because it is still a good game. My cousin played this game for just a month and I have played for more than half a year but I still don’t have a LF or goku or vegita super sayian 4. He already got a goku super sayian 4 and a super baby. I don’t feel good. This game had made me cry a lot so if you see this message I just want to thank the game and the developers. Hope one day I could be better than my cousin. It’s being a few day and then he got the LF angry goku and I still have nothing... —— Charoel Game name.Version: 2.1.0

DB LegendsI really love this game, but you guys have ruined the fun of it with how fast an opponent gets Rising Rush to be honest. How can I start a battle and an opponent gets to rising rush me under just 15 to 20 secs into the battle ?? The previous version of getting Rising Rush was way better and to an extent, more realistic in a battle sense. Rising Rush is suppose to be more of ultimate attack that gets activated after the battle must have lasted for a while and not just in the start of a battle. People can’t just lose their strongest character in the beginning of combat and have fun playing PvP. I don’t know if it’s possible to currently fix that but a lot of people don’t even play PvP as they use to and I know a couple of people who have personally quit the game because of that. Adding to the fact that lately, the summon Rate is really terrible as well. Please kindly get to fix up how fast opponent gets Rising Rush because I’ve never seen a combat in the original series where Goku and vegeta just starts a battle and use their ultimate move together in just the start of a battle without getting to test the strength of their opponent. I loved the game when i first joined because it was super similar to the original Anime it’s self. But right now, I don’t even know if I see my self still playing this game in the next couple of months if it continues this way..Version: 1.35.1

This game is amazingOk so I rarely right reviews I only do them if the game is a scam or if it’s amazing. Well this might be the funniest game I’ve ever played on mobile it has great graphics fighting in the game just feels good. Also the characters are amazing if u have watched dragon ball since the beginning and want to play a game this is it. The packs in the game aren’t BS either they have great odds. And the tokens that u get to be able to buy these packs aren’t that hard to get they’re not like super easy but it’s not like EA where u have to buy the in game currency to get cool packs. It’s well balanced when getting the tokens. Another thing they really explain how things work. It’s not like most games where ur on ur own when it come to finding things. I wasn’t lost at all when starting off on this game. And one last thing it has an original story with all the og characters. Let me explain while trying not to spoil but ur this guy named shallot who starts a whole new story in dragon ball that I wouldn’t mind being an actual tv show. And about the story it’s long for mobile and some other games and it has online. There was so much effort put into this game and it shows. Great game good pack system good story. HIGHLY recommend downloading..Version: 1.30.0

It’s one of my favorite games but PVP needs to be improvedWhenever I play the game I always enjoy it until I run out of story and events to do so I grind on pvp. I usually always get to rank 50 if I feel like playing that much but I hardly ever play a game that’s not laggy. Almost every player I face has bad connection and their loading screen takes too long to load. Not to mention that, a lot of times the game will just not react. Whenever I use LF Vegeta or super baby 2, they have flaws in them. Sometimes when I try to switch LF Vegeta our because he’s getting rising rushed, the other character doesn’t switch out and I know I’m not trapped so Vegeta just has a problem. Super baby two just has really slow vanishing and he attacks really slow for some reason. Today I played pvp a lot and there were so many time where the game did not react to my side steps or when I pressed a arts card. It was actually extremely frustrating because the players I played weren’t even close to my skill level but were able to either get close to defeating me or actually defeating me. And that’s so annoying. Imagine having a laggy game, none reacting arts cards, and losing to someone that’s way worse than you because pvp is flawed. I’ve also met some hackers on the game where if I landed the last blow I would’ve won but instead the hack the game and force it into a draw somehow. The game is actually really frustrating sometimes and this needs to be changed..Version: 2.6.0

Db legendsThis game is the best. I’ve been grinding it for a few months now and it’s so fun. I love how there is lots of ways to earn crystals to earn more characters and the story and pvp is amazing. I also love the events that come out with each update.☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😂.Version: 1.37.1

Please helpThe raise goku 00s to friendship 3 rank quest doesn’t complete my goku is on friendship 6 please help me i want ultra goku.Version: 3.12.0

Fun game.....with problemsThe game is teal fun to play but I think the worst part of the game is the summons, I was expecting something other than this I was expecting a thing like you get enough crystals to buy a character but that’s not what we got, when I first played the game I was fine with the summons because I thought you got the weak characters at the start now I realise that it’s incredibly hard to get some of the characters you want, I’ve been trying to get final form frieze since the first time I played because he’s the dragon ball character I saw and he is my favourite and I’ve done his own summon and that’s when I realised that trying to get the main character of a certain summon is Near impossible, so I’ve thought of an idea they make special summons that cost 500 crystals and guarantee you the character but it’s only that one character and nothing else maybe make so you can only do it a certain number of times, but other than the summon problem it has a well designed fighting system that makes really fun and it looks great the designs of the characters are some of the best that I’ve ever seen.Version: 1.34.0

Energy refillI love this game and how you get really good characters from summons also the fighting animation is sooooo gooood but my problem is the energy refill it takes so long just to refill and I have to wait a really long time just to play story mode..Version: 2.0.0

PVP Needs FixingLiterally everything about this game is really good. The graphics, combat and characters included make me want to never put it down. One thing that annoys me constantly though is the PVP, specifically rating matches. It’s fair when the opponent it the same power level and rank but often I’ve been getting opponents that are 5 ranks above, with power levels in the millions and their entire team is max lvl 2,000 with maxed out gear and they one shot my saiyans. Coming up against them is an instant loss and it is the only thing making me want to quit this game. Please fix this issue as plenty of others are experiencing this as well. Thanks..Version: 1.25.0

Amazing game… ButThis is the best anime game ever to live but there are some issues starting with why do I have to download 10 things while opening a pack, this isn’t a big deal but it’s kinda annoying when your opening the game and you have to collect your daily gifts and that but it takes so long to do it another problem is that the game has som hackers that just shoulder charge me and I die straight away and I have very strong character but another than that very good game just please fix those issues.Version: 3.11.1

Overall great game but...The game is great and super addicting. Ever since I downloaded it I seriously couldn’t stop playing. There is minor problems though. I think there should be a chance for everybody to get there favorite character like a selector that only happens once so you can have your favorite from the anime and keep getting others. I also think you should recharge energy faster or have a higher cap because I play so much then I have to take a break because I have no energy. Silver bells should be easier to get because it’s hard to get to 1,000 Chrono Crystals and once you do you only get 10 silver bells. There are also things like more transformations for Shallot like Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God. Also you should be able to trade with friends, like if they have you favorite character and you have theirs you can trade and keep upgrading them. You should also look into bringing back characters a few at a time like in the future you can have an event for the transforming Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks. Other than that the game is great and super addicting even to those who don’t watch the anime. The only think I ask is to make things a little more accessible and the game will be 10x more amazing..Version: 1.36.0

Honestly one of the best mobile games I’ve playedGreat game if you like dragon ball Z you need this game ... would note that I’d like more info when it comes to events when you click on the events missions info tab but it doesn’t give you any additional info on that particular mission.Version: 1.10.0

Please fix thisOkay... Tbh, I love this game. I’m addicted to this game and love to grind in this game. However I’m giving this game a 4 star because my game keeps crashing. It always crashes in PVP which is so annoying. I can’t play PVP properly when the game keeps crashing all the time. Please fix this..Version: 1.39.0

Great game butOk remember me uhh complaining about the packs in dragon ball legends well there’s a thing when I side step vanish and do a rising rush and IM SUPPER CLOSE TO THIS DUDE AND HE VANISHES AWAY it’s so annoying please fix it, it annoys me so much oh and also add super sayain 3 and super sayain 2 cabba here’s how it goes they die in cell saga and they train with king kai because he knows them form Goku and when they’re training they find they find out shallot can go super sayain 3 and cabba super sayain 2 and they’re wished back to life by the others to defeat buu and the whole buu saga happens and give them this power when they hear buu is attacking the city and they need to transform to they’re ascended forms to defeat buu or you can have them train with Goku, gohan, and cabba to achieve super sayain 3 and cabba super sayain 2 but don’t give it them it right away give it to them in the middle so they can unlock the power and try to defeat buu and if you want shallot still has his tail let him have control of his ape form and try to defeat buu and when the final battle happens have shallot turn into a golden Ozaru and then turn into a super sayain 4 and have them as form so you can play as and ape as shallot and that will be funny and super sayain 4 you can use and you don’t have to do this with the whole ape thing and super sayain 4 BUT PLEASE DOOO HE HAS HIS TAIL STILL PLEASE DONT HAVE IT CUT OFF ok 👌🏾 great game tho bye.Version: 1.34.0

It pretty awesome if you have enough spaceI have a phone and it’s awesome it’s so good the problem is with your black screens is that you need more storage that’s the only way to get it to work but besides that this is the only good mobile fighting dragon ball game the others are cards and others are redone into a version with little space and only stick figures there good as well but not as good as this this is the only game on mobile that I like of dragon ball I love it’s character transforms and editing if the people that made this game replie then thank you for this game 5 stars😁.Version: 1.37.1

AwsomeAwsome.Version: 4.16.0

PvP power lvl problemsOk I’ll say this I love this game. It’s fun and quite addicting, but I find the pvp and problem. I have four lvl 1000 units and two lvl 600. My total power lvl in 400,000 with a extra 150k agility bonus. But every time I go into a casual or rating match. I always get matched up with people that have characters with 2000 power lvl for all his units and overall power for the hole team at 1mil. This puts me at a huge disadvantage as I always join people who have higher power levelled characters than me. Plz fix this issue. I want to be able to verse someone with the same power level characters that I have. Plz fix this soon. It’s so much harder to lvl up in rating matches and get missions completed.Version: 1.25.0

Great game but too much grindingHonestly for me and my friends this is an amazing game! Quality is great, sfx and music is good, gameplay is cool, pvp is fun and story is interesting but what I find difficult is getting chrono crystals. Chrono crystals are annoying hard to get and how you usually get them is limited to the stories and that is still barely enough. What would happen when we finish all the story? No crystals, which means no summoning. So I ended up restarting my whole game in hopes of striking it big with the newer characters. I think you should have more ways of getting crystals and making the amount you get from them a lot more like maybe 30 for first time clears and challenges 5 or so. If you read this pls put this into consideration in another update..Version: 1.30.0

Laggy players have an advantage that needs to be taken care ofI use yo enjoy this game pvp use to be good but some were down the line lag became a thing and lag is so 1 sided like u opponent would be the one lagging and ur game is delayed theres is fine and that’s literally the only reason some players have the rank they r is bc they take advantage of their lag and u would be delayed their game would be fine and theirs this little gap that keeps u from getting to fight the good pvp players and it’s boring bc the laggy players r legit trash like the only reason they hit me is bc of the delay they cause they would delay my game then I can’t dash out of an attack they land an ultimate and it’s over like they take advantage of it they r legit trash like I mean trash me and my freind tested it and their is just a massive advantage if ur the one lagging bc only u opponent has to deal with it ur game is fine u run 15-30 fps while ur opponent has delay it’s a really annoying advantage and the game gets boring bc ur fighting trash players when ur much better than they r plz fix this a fairly good strategy and compromise is just make the player who is lagging lag and not the other player who is not lagging or if u don’t have good internet then u can’t fight in ranked like to were it lags u as long as it don’t lag no 1 they Ight.Version: 2.16.0

Please increase the drop ratesThis is and amazing game with a lot of potential but I have spent about 6k of chrono crystals on summoning and have a only got 2 sparking’S The drop rate is incredibly high for “hero” rank characters so please could you guys adjust the drop rates for characters.Version: 1.8.0

Y’all need to pay rent or smth 💀Super fun at the start. Awesome characters. But the more you play, the more money you need to pay. Which makes F2P players delete the game. If you want money, 1. Add ads, or 2. Make it F2P and add purchase items..Version: 4.16.0

Almost PerfectEverything about the story, challenges, collection, equipment, art, mechanics is amazing...The PVP however is like every other game on the market, completely and utterly unbalanced in favor of those dropping money, they should not be allowed to even fight against anyone but each other in the past week anytime a Golden Frezia, Super Vegito, or God Ki character appears three stars or more...I have learned to stop even playing just set the phone down and walk away cause you’re most powerful maxed out characters with elemental advantage will be dead in four hits no matter what you do. There needs to be a separation of leagues the whole point of a game like this is to build your dream team and be able to fight with them against others however like every game I have permanently deleted the creators have their favorites and they are the only characters that can do anything in PVP. It’s so sad how out of touch and completely biased these designers can be it’s why I quite online games for over a year they just build you hope with excitement and hope to utterly crush your spirit with reparative Boredom. Of every fight I have initiated this season three of the over hundred were people actually playing with different characters. Something does change soon will delete and never look back I play games for fun not to be told what to do and how to do it..Version: 1.34.1

To you the creators of this gameOn the recent update on making the first ever ultra rarity super Saiyan goku ,the event where one can achieve obtaining him by completing its missions, on battle five of this event it is simply too hard and a cheat. When I am playing this battle my buddy, number one: doesn't use rising rush almost at all, number two, the boss' time for making the move called 'burst' is too short and cancels out rising rush and special moves too often and number three,you should make it easier as new people to the game who have just got the goku you need for this event and have him at three stars or two or just one or even none should be able to deal the necessary damage to the boss other than these problems that I have stated there is one more and that is to make the goku that is needed for this event better and stronger and with this I have nothing else to say apart from that it is a good game but please just try to fix these problems😎.Version: 3.0.0

Fix this bug pleaseI enjoy this game greatly but I tried to do a consecutive summon and it took all my chrono crystals and I got no new characters. Please fix this and can I get my chrono crystals back it was 1,002 chrono crystals. Please help and fix this problem all I wanted was to summon super Saiyan god Goku. I’ve now spent 2,000 chrono crystals all together and I’ve still gotten no characters. Please fix this bug it’s so frustrating and no the filter is not the problem I checked everything and it’s still not showing any characters. Please fix this. Also it’s hard to contact you directly so please fix this bug if your reading this. :(.Version: 1.28.0

IssueI have spent hours playing this game grinding to get stuff and I over and over again get nothing I love the gameplay and the feeling but I just get nothing from summons and when I don’t get new characters it doesn’t motivate me to play the game anymore I feel that other people have this issue and it causes them to stop playing because there is no point and it doesn’t achieve anything by the game not repaying us after spending multiple hours doing quest and missions and not getting anything that isn’t fair on the people and the community and hope that they can fix this issue for me and others that experience this. I would hope that the support team will help me out with this and make the community better and grow..Version: 2.17.0

Great game, but a bit laggyI’ve been playing this for a while now and I’m really enjoying it, especially the story of it, however I do notice that it can get quite laggy, especially in pvp, I also noticed that (warning spoilers) if you turn into super saiyan 3 with Shallot and win, the game will glitch and you’ll be stuck on a screen where his not even there, and you have to redo the fight but you just can’t turn into super saiyan 3, and it seems to be on every mode, and it’s really upsetting that you’re basically not allowed to play as super saiyan 3 shallot, please fix this developer.Version: 3.2.0

Great Game!This game is so awesome and I didn’t expect anyone to release a dbz game on iPhone that’s as cool as this! One thing I hope that is improved is the pvp battle because it lags all the time and is kinda annoying... but everything is excellent and I would 100% recommend this to any iPhone user who is a dbz fan.Version: 1.9.0

Monke boys are goodI just wana say that dbl is such a fun game its just for pvp in the group ranking i was rank 1 but i got home from achool a few hrs later and then u was rank 3 pls make us stay in the same rank.Version: 4.17.0

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Galaga Wars+ Positive Reviews

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Sword Art Online VS Positive Reviews

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